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Gerard Butler: I've Put So Much Work & Love Into My Career

Gerard Butler: I've Put So Much Work & Love Into My Career

Gerard Butler makes his way into the Waldorf Astoria hotel late Wednesday night (October 24) in New York City.

The 42-year-old Chasing Mavericks actor was on his way to have dinner with a pal at the swank Big Apple hotspot.

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“I’ve had fun along the way, but I’ve worked – listen, this was a second career for me,” Gerard recently told USA Today about how he takes his career seriously. “And in my first career I was very unhappy… But what I realize now is if you give me the right thing, I’m like a dog with a bone. I’ve put so much into my career, so much work, so much love.”

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue jacket with Rogue boots.

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gerard butler ive put so much work love into my career 02
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  • Cindy

    Gerard is the best

  • wow

    Well, he sure is pretty. But that kind of depends on his weight at the moment a photo is taken. He’s an absolute stunner when he is on the thinner side. He’s nice looking when he’s bulked up, but he’s just gorgeous when he is thinner.

  • highlands

    I love him. Just wish he’d lose 120 pounds of Romanian weight that’s been attached to him recently.

  • burger

    And we are so proud of you Gerard!!!

  • 3434
  • Queen LaQueefah

    I think thuis guy sis a closeted homosexual. Over 40 and never married. And the womanizer thing is just a cover-up created by his publicist. Gilding the lilly too much, as they say. Never really involved in a relationship with a woman. Hardly ever seen/photographed with a woman. Very odd. Very suspect.

  • Cindy

    @Queen LaQueefah: Wrong. Gerard protects his private life. He is not an attentionwhore. Like he said he takes his career seriously and wants to be known for his work and not whom he dates. Just because someone is never married doesn’t make them a homosexual.

  • DocP

    @Queen LaQueefah:
    Why should anyone care, do we really still live in the dark ages where we persecute and hound others about their sexuality. Which BTW I’m told Queen latifah is gay so why use her name. The guy puts himself out there and some of you just like to give him crap. I like his movies and if it came out that he was gay I could care less. Do people come up to you guys and ask if your gay? Just for the record being married doesn’t guarentee thats hes straight. I have a friend whos husband cheated on her with his gay friend. What matters is whether they truly love you or not. Thats the rarest thing in this world, gay or straight.

  • Alina

    In view of recent events he’s not protects his private life!

  • Sigh…

    @Alina: “Gerry wakes up.” “Gerry puts on shoes.” Please, give it a rest, JJ. And Cindy, he uses his private life for public consumption when it suits his purposes, or there would never have been such a public “makeout” session on the street for all to see. Celebrities do this when they want attention, and then scream “respect my privacy” when they don’t. Absurd behavior.

  • TeaCakes

    Doggietella looks rough. Makes me wonder what kind of conversations she and Gerry could have. How does he keep from laughing hysterically when he sees her tightly stretched face?

  • hmmmmmm

    @TeaCakes: Donatella wasn’t a bad looking woman years ago. Wonder why people do that to themselves?. Maybe G ought to take a better look at her … if MG has any more work done, she may end up like that someday. He could be spending the rest of his life with a mummy.

  • exfantiredbyallthebs

    At this rate jared the few gb fans will need rehab to recover from the drugs needed to keep up with the vacuous threads. I assume you’ll fund it, right?

    And Gerry, you’re a very spoiled, lazy and hollow man if you think 6-9months holiday and endulgence each year us ‘hard work’! Blooming grow up.

  • Alina

    …..”How does he keep from laughing hysterically when he sees her tightly stretched face?”
    And he does not appear hysterical laughter when he looks at lips- botox MG? Jitteriness disgusting! So don’t discuss Donatella Versace, this woman with great dignity and causes only a great respect!

  • Toronto

    In this day and age, to think that someone is gay because they are of certain age and never married, is simply outdated thinking. It isn’t 1952 anymore. Maybe he’s gay, bi (and if so, GOOD for him!) or maybe he’s not. I personally believe he’s straight or bi. What does marriage have to do with it? As a previous poster stated, being married does ensure that someone is straight. (I’m looking at you guys: Travolta, Smith, Cruise, etc.).
    Also, some people, like myself, don’t believe in marriage and will NEVER get married. AND I’M STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW.

  • Toronto

    Sorry! Typo….wish JJ allowed editing. I meant to say being married does NOT ensure that someone is straight.

  • TeaCakes

    @Toronto: Spot on right, Toronto. Rock Hudson, John Travolta, Fran Drescher married for over a decade and had no idea her hubby was gay. Liza Minelli married only gay men and probably didn’t realize it either. I agree that Gerry may be bi.

  • bucket list

    I don’t want to be anything like Frammie, but just once, I’d love to see Gerard up close and personal to see if he is really as good looking in the flesh as he appears in lots of photos, on TV and in movies.I’ve read some quotes from fans that he’s even better looking in person. I wonder……..

  • Fan


    I so totally agree with you. He has never used a relationship like this before, and it’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. How someone who really is a good guy can stoop this low only proves he’s forgotten who he is, where he comes from and has gone totally Hollywood. I will always like him and he is amazingly beautiful in person, but his behavior with MG lately screams old man having a mid-life crisis and using it for PR. I wish he had more respect for himself and his career.

  • It’s a fact!

    @exfantiredbyallthebs: I do agree that many celebs are spoiled, especially the ones like the Kardasians, Hilton, etc., who seem to never work for their fame. But in Gerry’s case, I do think he works very hard. I think anyone who learns to surf for a film rather then use a stunt double, especially in the conditions he was in, is pretty dedicated and hard working. And when you consider that many of their hours filming last from sun up to sundown and beyond, for two or three months straight, they need some time off to unwind. And even during that time, he’s looking at scripts, going to meetings regarding the administrative and financial aspects of the films and doing PR and premieres. It’s a life style that neither YOU nor I could ever understand unless we lived it.

  • The Original Julie

    Love the long coats, Gerry… :)

  • DocP

    @It’s a fact!: I totally agree with you. We all may work 40 hrs /wk or more but he can put in a 12 to 18 hour day for upto 3 months at a time. besides who is it for any of us to judge him or anyone else. We all make our own choices, we have to live with the consequences.

  • Doublespeak

    @Sigh…: ITAWY. From what they stated in the DM article, it sounded like quite the display, and was surprising to passersby. I’m sure. That was the intent. He’s also standing right in front of crowded restaurant’s window. Private person? Um hmm. Wonder who called the paps in advance? Someone did, because they don’t sit outside of every restaurant in the souh of France.

  • World’s smallest violin

    @exfantiredbyallthebs: You are so right! Most people in this world put “so much work and love into their careers” without being paid millions and millions of dollars, having a staff of people to take care of everything, get luxurious perks and work a few months of the year. No, many are single parents struggling to make ends meet and still have time to spend a few minutes each day with their kids. Most people can’t afford vacations and some can barely afford to put a few gifts under the tree at Christmas. This is so gag-worthy I can’t believe my freakin’ eyes.

  • Kali Orexi
  • Trying to figure it out

    @Kali Orexi

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Kali Orexi
    I hope he wasn’t using one of those cheap razors he was advertising!

  • World’s smallest violin

    @Kali Orexi: Oh nasty! Where’s his staff member for cleaning up blood on his neck?

  • food 4 thought

    @Trying to figure it out: Ha Ha good one! Maybe if he shaved his neck more often, he’d get enough practice to avoid accidents. BTW that Donatella looks like a Halloween ghost – can I put her on my porch as a scary decoration?

  • Gerard Butler Overkill

    Jared must owe Gerard in some big way. There weren’t this many threads for MGP and Coriolanus combined. It’s getting a bit irksome. And he is definitely getting some mileage out of the two wave hold-down story and video. OK, we grasp it. He nearly died. We’re glad he didn’t so let’s move on now.

  • Totally Useless Information

    Well, at least he isn’t outright saying the universe is making good things happen for him. If he only knew how arrogant that sounded. I used to just shake my head when he went through that period of BS. It might be true, MIGHT be, but that thought should be kept to yourself because there are plenty of people who deserve as much; people who really make a good mark on the world but never make that million dollar salary–imho.

    “What happens is that the universe conspires,” he says. “Once you make a decision to do something, the universe starts to help you.” said by GB a few years back.

  • DocP

    I wonder if the reason for so many Gerry articles is that he gets so many comments. I was looking at some of the other articles and they don’t seem to have as many remarks. BTW, someone should have said something to him before snapping his pic about the neck cut. That’s common courtesy .

  • Trying to figure it out

    I wonder when he actually got that cut. It isn’t on his neck when he was captured going to the Waldorf Astoria for dinner with his pal, which I would assume was before the DV affair. But is there for the DV event but not in the group shot. Any guesses?

  • mwahahaha

    @Trying to figure it out: Perhaps he was gazing longingly at the lovelies, as usual, and whatshername got mad, whipped out her shiv and stuck him. ;-0

  • 3434

    “Gerard Butler

    Like Farrell, Butler has been touted for leading man status for a decade or so, cropping up in “Reign of Fire,” “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life” and “Timeline” in the early part of the ’00s, and impressing in homegrown picture “Dear Frankie.”

    And while “The Phantom Of The Opera” was something close to a disaster, it looked like he’d actually made it when he toplined surprise smash “300″ in 2006. And unlike some of these actors, Butler does have a legitimate audience, a small but fervent band of female followers who’ll turn up to films like “The Ugly Truth” and “P.S. I Love You” and keep them profitable.

    But they don’t crossover to the fare that’s not directly targeted to them, hence the underperformance of films like “Gamer” and especially “Machine Gun Preacher,” which tried to cement him as a serious actor, but which ended up taking a truly terrible $1.1 million worldwide.

    That most of his films vary between mediocre and terrible is perhaps a more serious concern. Short of the essentially-being-buried “Chasing Mavericks” or the equally undersold “Playing For Keeps” turning out to be hidden gems, the best thing he’s done in recent memory is a vocal turn in “How To Train Your Dragon.” A sequel to that’s on the way, along with a starring role in “Olympus Has Fallen,” but the latter risks looking like the cheaper version of the bigger-budget “White House Down.”

    Butler has talent, but if he doesn’t want those roles to dry up, he needs to start taking more parts like his small but impressive performance in “Coriolanus.”"

  • Hmmm

    Looks like whatshername is back in Romania..judging by the pics on her facebook..unless she has just re-uploaded old stuff.

  • WhoDat
  • justsayin’too

    So a gossip site has started the “sloppy seconds” rumor and has Leonardo and Gerry feuding. Here is the link

    This is why is all seems to be PR! Any publicity is good publicity if your name is out there when a movie comes out.

  • WF
  • Wedding Dress?
  • legends

    @Queen LaQueefah: You’re an idiot . . . seriously, an I.D.I.O.T! Not to mention, you can’t spell.

  • WF

    Do you really believe she would show her wedding dress on facebook before the wedding?!?! No way.

  • mwahahaha

    @WhoDat: Total bs, cuz LD dumped her quick. I would be really concerned about my reputation, if I were her, because even the fake rumor blogs take slams at her. “Connection” indeed. Geeeeez.

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Wedding Dress?
    You thought that too, did you?

    It was only a matter of time before the “sloppy seconds” stories started appearing. Since he hasn’t actually hasn’t announced she is his girlfriend, will this push him to do it now? Or will he ignore it because nobody is going to be surprised by it, we all know. Didn’t she say marriage was very, very, very far away? Maybe the dress is for the PFK premiere.

  • DocP

    I wonder if the dress is from the role she has in that movie. It’s bad luck to show the wedding dress before the ceremony. Plus it almost looks like a dressing room she’s in , why have the flowers where no one can see them?

  • Wedding Dress?

    @Trying to figure it out: This looks like a wedding dress to me.

    What about the pic in church? She´s playing games, she says one thing but her actions say another. Crazy isn´t it?

  • Stop

    @Wedding Dress?: Don’t post links to her fb. Why give her the traffic? She’s just playing games again. Most annoying btch, eva. She wants you all to wonder and talk about her. Don’t.

  • Tiger Beat reader

    @Wedding Dress?: She is responding to all the posts here making fun of her and Gerard being good Catholics. Teenagers are more savvy and on the ball than her. What a joke.

  • Eileen
  • Wedding Dress?

    @DocP: Imo it´s a wedding dress with a train, but you could be right, maybe it´s from the role she plays. Does anyone know who she plays in Dom Hemingway?