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Kristen Stewart Jets Out of Japan!

Kristen Stewart Jets Out of Japan!

Kristen Stewart makes her way through Narita International Airport on Thursday afternoon (October 25) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 22-year-old actress carried her bag through the airport which had her initials on it: “KS” – cute!

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Kristen was in town to promote her upcoming film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“As a woman, I think it’s really important not to discredit feelings,” Kristen explained about her characters’ Twilight love interests. “There weren’t too many difficulties with the whole love triangle thing at a recent fan event. I mean, she needs Jacob in her life.”

FYI: Kristen is carrying a Fjallraven Foldsack backpack.

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  • Ann

    I find it rather odd that Kristen has been looking rather comfortable in her own skin after her selfish, sneaky indiscretion with a married douchebag/man with children. That tells me, she could not care less. In fact, she has been trying to “sexify” her look on the red carpet ever since.

    I trust that Rob and her are only pictured together for the Twilight. He deserves so much better.

  • Liddle

    youz a h0e!

  • bria

    These so-called quiet types are the worst type. They will stab you in the back, all they while they are smiling in your face.

  • carla

    All of a sudden she claims to “looooooooooooove” Rob. Sure, you do. She probably guilt him to talk her again by citing depression or something.

  • wow

    this b!tch has shown no remorse whatsoever! But then again when your a homewecking slutty cheater who cheated on your BF and got away with it why would you show any remorse? You did what you wanted and got away with it….ROB. please wakee upp!! This girl has treated you like dirt!

  • gilmore

    Selfish!!! She tries to hide her deceiving ways behind a hat or fake smile, but I know better.

  • ariel

    No remorse whatsoever. She has used her cheating ways to create a personality for herself, seeing as she is so bland.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Japan must be like “bye bitch” right now… ;)

  • LA

    Not again. Rob can do so much better. I bet she is now stressing him to put a ring on it. No, Rob. She is not worthy to be the mother of your children. When she cheated with a married loser whom she knew the children and wife. Talk about shady.

  • dina

    Cheaters are only sorry when they get caught. Just ask the loser she cheated with. He is only sorry because he got caught to. If it were not for that they would be continuing their nasty, shameless, classless tryst!

  • Fran

    i love!!!

  • Kye

    I agree. She really shows no remorse…im in shock…this girl is such a poser and a liar it’s unbelievable..she has no respect or feelings since she obviously already showed that by having an affair with someones husband..nw I hope Rob realizes he is worth so much more and is so deserving of someones real love..not a cheater

  • kenny

    cute bag!

  • SUe

    Cute. love the hat and the bag with KS.

  • belle

    a smile does not prove that she has no remorse,people hide behind a smile all the time but they have deeper issues they need to deal with underneath it all

  • Lauren

    Where’s her bodyguard that’s getting talked about they are fooling around? Her quotes are disgusting and what you expect from her.

  • whatever

    “As a woman, I think it’s really important not to discredit feelings.

    Whatever, Kristen. you sure discredited the feelings of the wife and children, not to mention Rob, with your affair. The irony. Save the lies.

  • marie

    Very colorful. i love it

  • Cierra

    Fake as they come. For the girls out there, do not emulate her. All you have is your reputation. Your actions will speak louder than words ever will.

    Good luck to Rob. You are a handsome man and you seem like a good guy. You can do better.

  • Carrie

    What about Liberty Ross’s feelings? What about Rob’s? Is she for real?

  • maria

    yup, she sure holds her head really high up these days.

    Shameless. What a shame. By the way, I’m not buying that quote either. pure bs.

  • katie


  • former twilight fan

    I guess Kristen has amnesia already. Did she forget the people who’s feelings she dismissed for that douchebag.

    Ruined the movie for me!

  • lala

    Run Rob! Please run. She is playing mind games with you.

  • HotMessInAWalmartDress

    I thought the Tabs were wrong about a nose job, but from the side it does look a little different to me!

  • Jennifer

    SO VERY obvious that USWeekly chose that part of Kristen’s interview because of her real-life affair. I mean, their tackiness shows no bounds.

    She said so many things in Japan about Bella’s strength of character and “innate trust”, yet they run a story about a love triangle that ended in the 3rd Twilight Saga book.
    Big fat whatever.

  • T

    i really don’t get the hate and negative comments on post bout kristen, the more people comment (positive or negative) on them the more posts they write about her so if people wish that JJ would stop talking about her then don’t comment on the posts

  • mac

    omg, people are talking like they know her. calm down. geez.

  • MSC

    How do you have any idea what sort of “remorse” she’s shown? Are you in their relationship? No, you’re a pathetic little person on the internet spewing your opinion about things which you nothing. Sit down and shut up.

  • edana

    There weren’t too many difficulties with the whole love triangle thing at a recent fan event. I mean, she needs Jacob in her life.”

    I bet it was not too difficult for you to have a real life tramp triangle either. She sure knows how to say things.

  • sithabiles

    You all need to chill the F*** UP geez. leave her alone.
    cute bag

  • Kho

    oh Rupert
    come get my love triangle

  • not a fan of cheaters.

    Hide your husbands. Here comes Bella. But if your husband is a dog like Rupert, well, they probably deserve each other.

  • http://so so

    stop your shit she say that when she attends a screening of “Snow White and The Huntsman” on May 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, not yesterday in tokyo and she probably change her mind even if not she was talking about bella not about her.
    there is nothing that she can say or do you will hate just because she bang mr pattinson


    People are talking like they were in the relationship and they know everything that happened. People just keep talking, that’s ALL they do. Hypocrites if you ask me.

  • former fan

    I cannot believe I used to think she was cool and unpretentious.

    Kristen is an absolute pretender. She is the very thing she claims not be. She is also selfish and self-absorbed.

  • james

    I think she’s cute. No matter how many people talk trash about her…you guys are but a grain of sand in the beach of Kristen Stewart lovers.

  • Weird

    JJ always has a quote on the post that will stir people up! HELL, even just posting a picture of KS stirs people up. At least you guys are giving her the attention that she wants. I don’t like Twilight. But I think this girl is one finnneeeee piece of A

  • lily

    Kristen really disappointed me. I had her photo on my wall. I took it down months ago. I did not want to believe it at first. After seeing Rob’s face several times on interviews and random pictures and subtle comments, I could just tell it was true that she cheated and that he was heartbroken.

  • joschmoooo


  • What’s In The Bag?

    Liberty’s voodoo doll, Rob’s?

  • ariel

    I’m a Twilight Fan, but I even have to admit what she did was dirty and wrong. She could have at least thought about the children.

  • pan

    I like the colors

  • ozzie

    and yet again the commenters here show how classless and shallow people they are … she made a mistake … move on … no one is as perfect as you are (in your little fantasy world)

  • NumBA1stunna

    HATE TWILIGHT…but I love me some Kristen Stewart. Chyiiiiii

  • queenBeez

    uhhhh all this hate…but seriously though, she’s made a mistake and moved on. everyone should too. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. tell me you guys are truly perfect?!

  • mika

    Not really a big fan, but I think people are being a bit harsh. I’m sure she knows what she did was wrong. She got a lot of crap for it. (even until now) But even we can move on with our lives. So why can’t she? Rob took her back, that’s his problem.

  • Donna

    People who perceive auras claim that they can see energy vampires actually vaccuum others energy away changing the color, and leaving their victims with a dull and less vibrant aura.
    Take a look at Rob these days
    now look at Kristen


    JustJared should just disable the comments when he posts about kristen stewart.

    don’t you think?!!

  • ugh!!!

    ……………….ugh with all these comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kristen is really pretty…let’s B honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!