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Stacy Keibler on George Clooney: He's Good At Everything!

Stacy Keibler on George Clooney: He's Good At Everything!

Stacy Keibler has a ball during a taping for her appearance on Access Hollywood on Wednesday (October 25) in New York City.

That same day, the 33-year-old actress was featured on the Rent the Runway Twitter account.

Stacy Keibler looking stunning as always in a lace @nanettelepore! #OurRunway” the account tweeted – check out her pic below!

During her appearance on Access Hollywood, Stacy chatted about her beau George Clooney.

“[George] is good at everything!” she said. “We met at a party three years ago. I’d like to have a better story for you guys – it’s so boring!”

10+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler filming an appearance on Access Hollywood

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stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 01
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 02
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 03
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 04
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 05
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 06
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 07
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 08
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 09
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 10
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 11
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 12
stacy keibler george clooney hes good at everything 13

Photos: AKM-GSI, INFdaily
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  • Amy

    One more year Stacy and it’s on to the next one!

  • sotiredofthis

    She sounds like Katie Holmes. Does she really need to stroke his ego. nobody is good at everything.

  • Lexy


  • Mike

    And she’s probably good in one thing…ehm

  • roby

    Poor also its dignity’starts to falter, with an opportunist with the nerve.

  • katy

    But excuse me three years ago was not with Elisabetta George?? Fool George nice compliments that made you make the fighter …. that intelligence… sade…

  • anna

    While reading Fifty Shades of Grey, my thought run to Clooney and his 2 years lasting partners, it wouldn’t be wired if he makes them sign a similar contract like the one Christian Grey did with his subs….lol


    This is dedicated to Stacy, and all of George’s has beens. Quite fitting indeed! Dipso Calypso has just admitted to the world that her and Clooney were stepping out long beforer Clooney cancelled the contract on Canalis. Thank you Stacy!! Lol!!


    I also love the little story floating around that Sony is using stating they are financially hurting so they need assistance in funding George’s film. A good excuse and ploy to cover up that George’s deal is in name only. After all, it is not a kept secret of their financial woes especially around the time Clooney signed up with them. So why would they sign on George at the amount they reportedly did, and not really have the funds to do it? Well, maybe because Warner had to move him on paper only to cover their a*s*s*e*s*? I do think so. After all, why didn’t Clooney pick an office closer to Sony than Warner? Not to hard to guess on that one. What the idiots do not get is that we are getting all of this from Stacy because SOMEONE is hurting for cash, and it is all an illusion. It has come to the point, that George has overexposed himself, and he makes more money when other people do publicity, and movies that he distance himself from. I am interested to see how much more Stacy is going to spill. By the way, they have been sleeping and knowing each other far longer than three years. No worries, Stacy or one of the idiots will tell in due time. Idiots are hurting for attention, and I just hate not accomodating. Could be worse, someone could be flauting actual pics of George with a gay lover. Lol! Now that would burn Clooney to a crisp now would it? Lol! I am so entertained. She has knobby knees,and trying to dress like Hillary Clinton. Hillary has more class, brains, and style. What do you expect out of a woman who has seen the best it is going to get for her, as long as she bends over for George’s pals? Oh this is good entertainment indeed. The next release should be just as entertaining as well. Lol!


    Hey idiots! You forgot something- If this email does not display correctly, please Click Here to open in a new window
    Get legal help with disability insurance.

    Clooney and Stan is a helluva lot closer for this s*h*i*t* than anyone else. Stupid p*r*i*c*k*s*!

  • amanda

    gotta hand it to her, she’s saying all the right things….this and the i don’t want to be married and have kids thing….exactly what she needs to say to keep george

  • LOL…

    @Timekeeper…. I was trying to keep up with your idiotic rant , when i realize it made no sense !!!! the first thing that came to mind after the first syllable was …. WTF .. was that ! wow the comments are getting worse and worse .. now since any moron can own a computer , laptop/ smartphone etc… you don’t need common sense anymore !

  • jayraj

    hes had 60 years practice darling:) yeah give her one more year and shes out ..She has the best body of anyone he has been with , she has a smokin fit athethlic body , must be awesome to hug that a night. And as an ex diva wrestler …lots of fun..

    Good for you george clooney. Keep it up son :) It will be hard to give up that body and face:) but you are the clooney , and good at everything.

  • jayraj


    Sorry hes only 51 !

    damn i just saw kielbler 2005 stuff magazine pics,
    wooooofff jizzed in my pants a little

  • alexy

    because there is no story at all. as simple as that

  • maggy

    Someone is really doing her homework here. First the whole no marriage/kids thing and now this? I’m impressed. Say the things GC wants to hear so you can get more and more from him :)

  • AMY

    @jayraj: Your really nasty! You prev, get out of your parent’s basement.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    What does it say about you when your career is sleeping with someone? Oh right…

  • Kizbit

    She’s talking too much. He’ll be dumping her in no time!

  • LooseLipz

    Nobody should be named after a cookie…I just can’t take her seriously with that last name!

    The big question is….do you think these two even have sex? George is so a- sexual.
    Stacy must be star struck…I’m sure she never imagined after meeting him at a party syed be his next flavor of the month….the clock is ticking on this one…

  • Anonymous

    She’s an actress?

  • Sissi

    Am I the only one thinking that George is GAY and all those girls are his cover???

  • Danyell

    Except for commitment, Stacy! I’ll give it a year……and a half til he finds the next hot thing.

  • Jo

    Stacy should just keep her mouth shut. She has said the same thing in every interview in the last year. I don’t think she will be around by Christmas. George is already in that “working away” hardly every seeing her mode. Stacy is actually working too so something is up. I can see why she can’t make it as an actress she is so boring and forgetable.

  • Reba

    It would be more convincing if she said something anyone in a normal relationship would say about their partner

    I knew this dipso calypso was doing the distraction game for a reason. Well here it is! I gave you two to fawn over. Rant away LOL…….

  • Comedy Hour

    @Timekeeper – you give new meaning to ‘dumb’.


    @Comedy Hour: Funny, that is exactly what I think about you too. Truth hurts huh?

  • Susan

    Huh, she sounds really dumb and her face is really unattractive.

  • see

    –Stacy Keibler on George Clooney: He’s Good At Everything!–
    except ever being a husband and a father
    she signed up for a waste of time, in a relationship going nowhere

  • Jasons

    Let´s hope she and klooney BOTH disappear into oblivion!!!!!Spare us PLEASE!!

  • qwerty

    He should have some respect for himself. This shizz with trashy hulk hogan lookalike with bad wig is comedy at it´s worst. His become her doormat.

  • Charlotte

    He is HER trophy, too sad, he just doesn’t get it.
    Can’t take him for serious anymore.
    But it is funny to watch this trashy vulgar person pretending to be classy, stylish and sweet, haha.

  • Al’s Marmot

    She’s a homely hooker trying to pull off wearing a conservative suit. Obama’s numbers are not looking good, and the association with hookers isn’t helping, so someone is trying to make Skeezbler look presentable enough to make people forget her lap dancing and soft porn videos. Skeezbler helped George lose the Oscar, and she sure isn’t helping Obama given his association with George, although he has been told otherwise and told that he must not end the fake girlfriend publicity contract until after the presidential election lest it hurt Obama. George is a coward who refuses to take a stand and do what is right. It’s not George’s fault that Skeezbler feels she is owed something after all the b.j.’s she gave to become a d-lister in Hollywood. I still can’t believe that George was allowed to narrate “Half the Sky” when these publicity contracts with trashy hookers perpetuate the objectification and dehumanization of women. How about taking a stand and doing the right thing, George?

  • Al’s Marmot

    @TIMEKEEPER: Once again you are trying to push the lie that Clooney has a real relationship with Skeezbler when he does not. This is strictly a publicity contract. Why on earth would Clooney actually sleep with someone so unattractive? Does he make her wear a bag over her head? Besides the body language shows it all, he wouldn’t even kiss her when he won his Golden Globe. He isn’t even trying to fake it, so it’s like he wants people to know the truth.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @alexy: “because there is no story at all. as simple as that”
    Exactly! This so-called relationship is completely scripted and fake.


    @Al’s Marmot: Diong dong! It is a business relationship is it not?? Helloooooooo!!!!!


    Oh this had me laughing for a very long time. No wonder Stacy has been releasing stupid articles about not interested in marriage with George. Lol!!! Paranoid that she is losing the cash cow so soon, or it is some dim wits idea of stirring up publicity for Clooney. Either way it has played out, and is stale. Someone obviously did not get that memo, did they?!id=0_b4sawdpf