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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have reportedly gone their separate ways, Us Weekly reports.

“They quietly parted ways a while ago,” a source told the mag of the 22-year-old country singer and 18-year-old high school student’s relationship. “It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They’re fine.”

The two were first spotted together this past July holding hands at his family’s compound in Massachusetts.

They were last seen together in late August, leaving a private residence together.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy reportedly broke up?

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138 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?”

  1. 1
    biker mike Says:

    How long till the song comes out about him? :)

  2. 2
    Robsten_Fan Says:

    Poor her.,.
    All her relationships are falling apart so fast… :(
    She really has a man problem… (:

  3. 3
    siennagold Says:

    I wonder why her relationships end up in just a few months.

  4. 4
    Anabelle Says:

    Waiting for the ”You Were Too Young” song.

  5. 5
    leelee Says:

    Are there going to be gay rumors about him too.

  6. 6
    jan Says:

    That girl has issues, not all the men can be bad now, can they?
    Won’t be surprised if she announces a new album coming out VERY SOON ;-)

  7. 7
    Jessie Says:

    I guess she got her song out of the relationship. If anyone thinks this ‘girl’s’ relationship with these people are ssexual, they need a head check. She is not having ssex with these guys, she’s just getting inspiration for songs.

  8. 8
    Delphine Says:

    Oh no, another long, serious, deep relationship has ended for Tay Tay. How much heartbreak can this poor girl take? I’m crying over how tragic this split is..TRAGIC.

  9. 9
    amanda Says:

    she obviously gets way too serious too fast and scares guys off….here comes the inevitable breakup song that she probably had written before they were done

  10. 10
    rachel Says:

    She dates people so she can sell music

  11. 11
    creep Says:

    Guess she’ll star writing her album earlier than she expected, then…

  12. 12
    Bettie Says:

    She doesn’t need much time to know all these guys. Doesn’t she? She seems to be obsessive-compulsive about relationships. She needs help.

  13. 13
    creed Says:

    She got mad at him because he wouldn’t match his Tie to her Dress at homecoming.

  14. 14
    What's next? Says:

    Great! …New album in progress! Good Taylor!

  15. 15
    creed Says:

    He looks like Frodo in that picture.

  16. 16
    ... Says:

    He probably didn’t like being referred to as a “little kid” in the begin again song lol

  17. 17
    creed Says:

    I thought I was part of the family!!!
    -xoxo StalkerSwift

  18. 18
    lily Says:

    And now she’ll trash the guy in a song… She should just realize that if you have THAT many relationship and they all end badly, she must be doing something wrong… I mean, it’s pretty easy to blame the guy, but I don’t think the guy (or guys, in taylor case) are really the bad person here…

  19. 19
    sayer Says:


  20. 20
    mel Says:


  21. 21
    andy Says:

    she cant keep a guy can she ?

  22. 22
    lala Says:

    at 22, she has had more relationships than an average 40 year old woman…

  23. 23
    Kim Says:

    She should be happy she didn’t end up dead, or addicted to something, considering the family she was associting with

  24. 24
    Jade Says:

    She finally realized her pedophile issues.

  25. 25
    linds Says:

    When your a popular megastar always on tour and writing music it is hard to maintain a relationship. I think could this be a rumor because we haven’t seem them in a while together so they assume they ”broken up” oh well, she can write a song out of it.

  26. 26
    anne Says:


    Agree that she’s probably not sleeping with all these people, but it seems like she’s taking advantage of all the dating opportunities that she’s lucky enough to have access to. I mean I wouldn’t mind dating a Kennedy for 2 months either (who’s around my age though). I would also date Bradley Cooper, Matthew Goode, Jim Sturgess, etc. in a heartbeat if I could.

  27. 27
    LeeSeol Says:

    Unimaginably predictable.
    If bets were placed we’d all be millionaires.
    But no one would’ve taken our bets.
    That’s how sure a thing this was.

  28. 28
    LucyRicardo Says:


    She falls in love with all her dates/boyfriends. Hope she’s not thinking marriage with anyone any time soon.

  29. 29
    SissBoomBah Says:

    The more I read, or see these interviews, the more I realize, it isn’t just some silly marketing gimmick to talk about guys you dated who walked away from you and now you’re upset.

    The more she talks about it, the more I realize she is just not a very nice person. She is meanspirited and cruel. She is THAT PERSON she wrote about in Mean.

    Except for Jon Mayer who has a bad reputation as a lady’s man, every other guy she has ever been seen in public with, ever other guy she allegedly went out with, all of them have a reputation for being good guys. Nice people. I am over her. She needs to check herself.

  30. 30
    tururú Says:

    Well, well, well… We are going to have a song very soon!!! Anyway, i’m starting to realize maybe the guys (she has dated) are not the problem, she is….

  31. 31
    Jessie Says:

    anne @ 10/25/2012 at 1:45 pm
    I agree, there is nothing wrong with dating these people, but the public, a lot of times, think because she’s ‘dating’ them that they are having ssex. She is not with these people long enough to have a meaningful relationship or to really get to know them. I don’t think she wants that anyway. It’s all very casual. I admire tremendously how hard she worked to get her career going and to maintain it, although I really think her writing and singing is just a lot of fluff. But, no one handed her success, she went out and got it by hard work.

  32. 32
    samanthadarko Says:

    Sorry, but there is no way I can feel sorry for a girl who always writes about her disappointments and complains in her music that stuff doesn’t go her way. She has had a lot more chances to hook up with cool guys then anyone in the world, and she has mountains of success and money and she always writes all this negative cr@p. Ugh!
    I think she is a huge fake.

  33. 33
    Guest Says:

    Bhahahah, give a break!

  34. 34
    Kim Says:

    @Jessie: How do you know she is not having ssex with the guys she dates? I mean, she sure has a prude vibe going on, but it is hollywood, and we all know how hollywood works, everybody is having it with everybody… Annnnd, she “dated” John Mayer, do you really think he would be in a relatioship with sex was not involved? I don’t think she abstains.

  35. 35
    LucyRicardo Says:


    Yep! Just what I thought! And I’ll bet they had a hand in “convincing” her to give it up!

  36. 36
    not Swift Says:

    Like …we’re neverr neverr neverr getting back togetherr….unless I need publicity

  37. 37
    Kim Says:

    @Kim: *in which sex was not involved
    my bad

  38. 38
    anne Says:


    Agreed. She did admit she dramatizes and exaggerates stuff in her songs, otherwise they would be boring songs. Just because it sounds like heartbreak doesn’t mean she was really heartbroken about it. It’s just to make the songs sound better, more romantic and compelling. Can’t really hate on that. And yes, for her to accomplish this level of success on an a small, independent label is very impressive.

  39. 39
    jade Says:

    she has too many boyfriends. she’s slept and been with half the world probably. geez

  40. 40
    stan Says:

    Yes! Thank God! About time she came to her senses! She can do much better!

  41. 41
    ladyb Says:

    Okay, the distance excuse is getting old. Celebrity couples know they are going to be in a long distance relationship b4 they get into them. The same excuse Mark Sanchez and Eva L. used. Ouch! She just bought a house in the Kennedy Compound.

  42. 42
    ladyb Says:

    I doubt she will write a song about a Kennedy and live to hear it.

  43. 43
    AK Says:

    her heart looks like a HOTEL

    NO way she’s fall in love with all these men !!!

    what a heart !

  44. 44
    anne Says:


    I know she uses the word “relationship”, but I don’t know if most of these are even relationships. They’re like a few weeks, a month or two. She writes songs for meeting a guy and having a 5 minute conversation with them. I heard the Dear John song, Mayer supposedly played a lot of mind games with her. I can picture him doing that for his enjoyment and not sleeping with her, and they probably only hung out for like a week or two because there was nothing about it in the tabloids til her album came out

  45. 45
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    when is she ever going to grow up? why is she trying so hard to be the good girl? sooo sugary sweet until its gives you a toothache!!! she serlously have issues!! better hide your bunny!!! ‘I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!”

  46. 46
    Sarah. Says:

    Didn’t thought it was last anyway. But I thought it would last a little longer. Especially since she allegedly bought a house close to his en hearing his family talking good things about her.

  47. 47
    sotiredofthis Says:

    I saw a photo of Taylor with her whole body pressed in between Conor’s legs so don’t try to paint her as innocent. She isn’t and she proved it by dating John Mayer. Now what will she do with that Mansion she bought next door to the Kennedy’s. Awkward.

  48. 48
    pickles Says:


  49. 49
    S Says:

    I’m sad. They looked cute together and I hope it’s just a rumor.

  50. 50
    Amy Says:

    @biker mike: That’s all she write about falling in love and break ups. Why not write about something imporant you dumb asss. Little girls looks up to her, anything better than that red neck Cyrus trash

  51. 51
    Amy Says:

    I mean something must be wrong with her if she can’t even have a relationship that last a little over a year. >:D

  52. 52
    biker mike Says:

    maybe she is, never gonna get it, till ya put a ring on it,,,,,,

  53. 53
    cordelia Says:


    I’ve done that with guys I dated but never slept with. As for Mayer, I can doubt he slept with her. We would’ve at least gotten one pic of them together. That seems to be his pattern, he usually lets himself get photographed a lot with every hot babe he sleeps with, to you know, let everyone know he’s added the girl to his list of conquests. And I mean a pic of them obviously on a date, not in an event. Look at how many pics there are of him and Katy Perry right now.

  54. 54
    biker mike Says:

    Man I love this girl! She turns pleasure into business!

  55. 55
    Tired of this Says:

    I ALWAYS knew it wasnt going to last… He isnt a good guy. But i think there’s sth wrong with her. Why in the world do her relationships end in a few months?? The problem isnt always from the guys. Maybe it’s her fault! Anyway, i think we’re gonna hear a new break up song soon! If the rumor is true! I really wanna know who’s the source! Maybe Ethel Kennedy!!!!!

  56. 56
    sotiredofthis Says:

    Mayer says that song she wrote was about him and he’s insulted. So he was with her. You don’t write songs about casual dates unless you are a bit nutty.

  57. 57
    Lola Says:


    And I’m sure she is.

  58. 58
    sorrybut Says:

    Connor was demented ok?

  59. 59
    Kim Says:

    I guess she finally realized maybe dating a high school KID wasn’t the best idea? You know with him most likely having a curfew and stuff.

    Sorry but this girl needs HELP.

    Also the fact that these guys she’s dated have then gone on to have longer relationships with OTHER girls I think she’s SHE’S the problem in the relationship.

  60. 60
    Anna Says:

    She split? When he put his huge dick in?

  61. 61
    cordelia Says:


    Well ya, the song was about him and he should be humiliated. She was pretty blunt about him mindf**ing her. But he didn’t say anything about sleeping with her. And we all know he has no problem talking about that.

  62. 62
    Ellie Says:

    we are never ever ever getting back together

  63. 63
    blah Says:

    we are never ever ever ever
    getting baaaaack together.


    just please don’t write a fu c kin * g song about it !!!!

  64. 64
    woohoo Says:

    she just dates guys so she can break up with them to write songs about. Her shipped has sailed a long time ago & it has docked on many ports

  65. 65
    CeCe Says:

    it’s called being a s. l. u. t

  66. 66
    Lucas Says:

    New song ALERT!!!!!!!

  67. 67
    Jovi92 Says:


    (…and not serious about it)

  68. 68
    B Says:

    I’m surprised… NOT. When is she going to grow up? I bet the issue in her relationships is her, not the men she dates. The only person she never trash talked is Taylor Lautner.

  69. 69
    anne Says:

    Remember that crazy chick from Boy Meets World who wrote the song about Eric, then came back when she ran out of inspiration and tried to get him to yell at her again? Totally Taylor Swift.

  70. 70
    stacy k Says:

    It may only be 4 years but 18 and 22. Come on. There are pictures of them together where she’s in heels and he’s in board shorts.

  71. 71
    Ashley Says:

    This isn’t true it’s UsWeekly. She mentioned Connor two weeks ago in England on Jonathan Ross’ show. Ignore it.

  72. 72
    chels Says:

    IS OBVIOUS that came out to promote her album “RED”

    As he saw that it worked very well the role “GIRLFRIEND victim”, THAT IS DEDICATED to break up with their boyfriends to write music about them.


    And it worked great 1 million copies in the first week, you owe it to their interviews in TV AND MAGAZINES TALKING YOUR EX crap


  73. 73
    rosie Says:

    @B: umm yeah back in december was about taylor

  74. 74
    Lola Says:


    And probably only because that was the only relationship SHE ended.

  75. 75
    Aurora Says:

    “It was just a distance thing.”

    CrazySwifty bought a mansion right across the street how much distance could there really be? On the other hand, I bet she’s equipped that house with binoculars, telescopes, voodoo dolls, etc. for Connor and whoever happens to be the next girl he brings around.

  76. 76
    anon Says:

    People say the Kennedy’s are cursed and it definitely looks like that right about now. Bet they’ve never had to deal with anyone as psychotic as Taylor.

  77. 77
    Reese Says:

    She’s been with older men and she has been with younger men so maybe it is time to try men her own age.

  78. 78
    trendeh Says:

    New Song!

  79. 79
    Kim Says:

    @rosie: Yeah but in it she doesn’t trash talk him. She admits in that song SHE was the one in the wrong, thats the only time she’s admitted it.

  80. 80
    teddy Says:

    I was hoping them lasted to her own good. I don’t hate her, but this girl clearly has issues.
    Joe Jonas dated Camila Belle (btw she even wrote a song-harassment for Camila, for God’s sake) and Ashley Greene for over a year, Taylor Lautner dated Lily Collins for months until they became public, Jake Gyllenhaal dated Reese Witherspoon for two years before Taylor and John Mayer may have a bad reputation but he still going strong with Katy Perry.
    Each relationship is different, i get it. But why she can’t make hers last? I’m sorry but relationships hardly end because only one side, as she likes to imply in her songs. We only have her side of the story. Maybe someday all her “exes” assemble and write their point of view. I bet she will love it.

  81. 81
    Kim Says:

    @teddy: I agree. I’m SO sick of this girl playing the victim all the time and trying to act like she’s all sweet and innocent. You can NOT be that innocent at 22 years old, in Hollywood AND have dated as many guys as this girl has. I just don’t understand how she has been able to pull the wool over so many peoples eyes for so long. You’ve got a point. 99% of the guys she’s dated have then gone on to have relationships with with other girls that last WAY longer (sometimes even years). That right there has to tell you SHE is the problem. Sorry but at 22 (almost 23) years old, she should be able to make a relationship last for at least a darn year. It isn’t like she’s 16 anymore. I think she meets a guy and because they give her attention she falls madly in love with them after like 3 dates and understandably so that freaks the guys out and they try for the hills. I GET that she’s 22 and a grown adult, but her parents REALLY should sit her down and tell her this isn’t how its done. Tell her HOW to have a good relationship. One that will last more then 3 months. I’d also REALLY like to know what her parents think of this revolving door of guys she has. Her parents just about meet a guy and get to know him and their daughter is broke up with him and already on to her next victim. She has a younger brother also, right? Like 19-20 years old or something like that. I wonder if he also has the same problem as Taylor.

  82. 82
    DB Says:

    Bye, Bye miss Physco Pie, drove the boyfriends to the levy and they ran for the sky…

    You are just one not-so-stable seeming chick.

  83. 83
    Jessica Says:

    So pretty much she’ll write a song and try and paint this KID as the one who broke her heart, right?

    I can picture it now. Her writing a song about how he broke her heart because he wouldn’t take her to his school prom, and she waited in her sparkly princess gown all night and he never showed up because all along he had his eye on the blonde from algebra class.

  84. 84
    charlotte Says:

    seriously???? u go from dating sex bombs like john mayer then to this loser fugly immature high school kid? what is wrong with you come one get a grip

  85. 85
    Claire Mélusine Says:

    No, no JJ I’m not surprised, now brace yourselves for the next song about Conor

  86. 86
    sookie Says:

    maybe she should date a girl instead..

  87. 87
    Jessica Says:

    I kinda feel bad for this kid. Yes he comes from a famous family, but he isn’t “in” Hollywood like the other guys were. He seems like a normal kid who just has a famous last name. Poor kid is now going to have a stupid song written about him all most likely because at just barely 18 years old his scary ex girlfriend wanted to marry his @ss. He’s going to have to go to school knowing everyone there know’s a song was written about him. Poor kid.

  88. 88
    Isha Says:

    So today’s lesson, never buy a home in the same neighborhood of someone you’ve only been dating a couple of months. She seems to try too hard and scare guys away. Taylor is an adult, but she could use a good mentor or parent to advise her.

  89. 89
    jen Says:

    She writes about emotions connected to dating and relationships….all of you who are hating on her need to respect her for one thing..she work her ass off …do you?

  90. 90
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    Knew it was going to be short lived. Now does she sell the newly bought house.. All strange to me!!!

  91. 91
    LooseLipz Says:

    She’s just young and a hopeless romantic….
    That said, I think she was planning on being a Kennedy…or as close to it as possible…
    He’s just a kid…why should he settle down at his age?
    She really needs someone 5-10 year older….

    Lastly, it’s never a good idea to buy a house next to the guy you’re dating…it’s stalker territory…

    She’s harmless and seems genuine and sweet….she’ll find someone who deserves her..

  92. 92
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Duh! The girl only dates for material! Did anyone really expect it to last until prom?! I’m more intrigued with who’s next. I think it would be a blast if she and Robert Pattison hooked up. The world would go CRAZY! We know who it won’t be though…….anybody who ain’t white.

  93. 93
    cordelia Says:


    Kim, I read your comments on this post and you don’t seem to hate her but really confused about her dating history. I’m not targeting you because a lot of people agree with you, but it’s disturbing reading all these complaints because she hasn’t been in a long-term relationship. Have you guys ever thought that compared to her career, relationships come in 2nd? Yes, she’s boy-crazy, but if she’s really busy and has to choose, I’m pretty sure she’ll always choose music. I think it’s kind of anti-feminist to rag on a girl because she’s not in a long-term relationship. I can relate cuz I worked my a** off to graduate college and when I started working full-time, I found it impossible to devote the time and energy to make a relationship work since my profession entails a lot of overtime. So I decided not to stress myself out with trying to be in a long-term relationship unless I met a guy who was worth it. And I’m not saying it’s always like this, but most of the girls I know who are in long-term relationships don’t work and are dependent on their partner, while most of the independent, working girls I know are single. I hate it when people make me feel like my top priority should be being in a long-term relationship.

  94. 94
    justsayN Says:

    Nobody would comment on Taylor’s dating life if she wasn’t making a living off trashing every guy that breaks up with her. She’s getting rich off of putting her private life on display to sell CDs.

  95. 95
    a Says:

    TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL I think we all saw this coming.

  96. 96
    Sean Says:

    Quit opening yours legs every other month

  97. 97
    JustK Says:

    I hope for her sake she doesn’t get married anytime soon. I could see her breaking Elizabeth Taylor’s record.

  98. 98
    Dd Says:

    If she doesn’t date and break up she will not have an album. That’s her she puts her self out there.

  99. 99
    rachelinabbabuiiii Says:

    conor’s a gay

  100. 100
    Teri Says:

    Taylor is so phony, she puts on this little girl act and people fall for it. she is 6 ft tall.

  101. 101
    Kim Says:


    First of all thank you for not going all off on me or anyone else like a lot of fans do. You’re right, I don’t hate her but I’m not a fan either. My problem is NOT with the fact that she isn’t in a long term relationship. I’m sorry if I offended you or you thought that. What I simply meant was she is a grown adult, you would think by now she’d be able to and would be mature enough to be in a long term relationship. You have to be mature to be in that kinda relationship and I don’t at all believe Taylor is mature enough. THAT is what I mean. When it comes to love/relationships she seems VERY immature and almost like she thinks her relationship/love life is a fairy tale when she first meets these guys then soon realizes there’s guys are just normal guys and aren’t prince charming. I get the feeling she has unrealistic expectations for these guys and they don’t live up to everything she wants therefore it ends and she acts heartbroken and writes a song about them. With the exception of John Mayer I don’t believe these guys are as “bad” as she likes to make them out to be. She’s given these guys a bad rap and most of them have all gone onto dating other girls for a long time.

    Also, there are many other young people in Hollywood that are exactly like her and are able to balance work/touring/and a relationship. As much as I HATE to use them as an example even Justin/Selena have been able to do it and both of them are younger then her. If she is never going to be able to balance work/personal stuff she’s either never going to have a lasting relationship/marriage or if she does she’ll have to stop working. I also think someone needs to tell her to cool it off with falling for these guys so fast. By now you’d think she’d realize this might be the reason all these guys are scared off and none of the relationships last for her. Even if she is an adult now, her parents really should give her some advice on how to make a relationship work and how to make a relationship LAST.

    So yeah, THAT is what I was trying to get across, not that she had to be committed to someone and should put her career on the back burner, not at all what I mean, sorry you took it that way.

  102. 102
    Kim Says:

    @cordelia: I’d also like to add that serial dating any attractive, single guy under the age of 40 in Hollywood and then writing rude songs about them because they didn’t fall madly in love with you after like 2 months of dating isn’t attractive or something for little girls to look up to. Taylor gives off the impression she thinks she’s perfect and NEVER does ANYTHING wrong in these relationships she’s had. No, its always the guy who has done something wrong all while she’s little miss perfect who got her heart broken. Sorry but I don’t believe that is the type of person parents should have their young girls looking up to.

  103. 103
    Prim Says:

    @rachel: She does not! Leave her alone. She can write about whatever inspires her. In this case, it’s love. Would you rather Taylor write about drugs, sex and what have you? If she wants to write about love, then let her!

  104. 104
    chelsea Says:

    @biker mike: her entire album is about him (the good songs)

  105. 105
    chelsea Says:

    @Jade: pedophile?? he’s 18 and she’s 22! That’s only 4 years and he’s perfectly legal.

  106. 106
    KassyClem Says:

    She’s got “karma” with men, and I suspect she’s just too immature to know what it’s like to cultivate a long term relationship. I’m worried about all the millions she recently spent impulsively buying a house next door to him. Well, I’m sure her favorite realtor will find a buyer soon enough

    Keep on trucking, Tay Tay, and some day you’ll grow out of this thing you’ve got going with music and men!


  107. 107
    blue Says:

    @Robsten_Fan: she’s too old for him. And she’s too young to be a Kennedy.

  108. 108
    cordelia Says:


    Kim, no need to apologize. I wasn’t offended, just frustrated, although for opposite reasons. You have a right to your opinion, and should always state it whenever you want. But I’m still perplexed by the hate. I’m a fan, but I’m not pretending she’s perfect or innocent. I don’t understand why people think her fans are being duped that she’s a goody goody. I couldn’t care less about her dating life, I just wanna hear her songs, yet people who aren’t fans of her keep analyzing her love life like crazy? It’s bizarre. It actually ruins it for me. I just wanna listen to the songs, but everybody keeps trying to figure out who it’s about, so you end up wondering too. Except for Mayer and Jonas, I’m not sure how she’s giving anybody a bad rap. Every song of hers can be about anyone, and she’s not saying who each song is about. It’s everybody else speculating it’s this guy or that.

    One of the big reasons her songs are good is because of her ability to capture an emotion. She exaggerates stuff for dramatic effect. People are reading too much into it, taking things literally, then complaining about it. She’ll sing about being heartbroken, was she really? Probably not, she just did it for a better dramatic effect. So you think her expectations were probably too high, that’s why she was so disappointed. No, she just dramatized it on purpose for effect.

    As for expecting her to be in a long-term relationship, she doesn’t seem interested in one. Everyone’s different, you can’t look at other girls like Selena or whoever and say they’re exactly like her. Their priorities, goals and relationship standards will differ, depending on the person. And I wanna point out that some people always need to be in a relationship b/c they’re afraid to be alone, can’t handle it. And some people stay with someone because they’re comfortable in the relationship and are afraid of the unknown. Everyone has issues and some can be easier to hide, but people like to unnecessarily zero in on this girl’s.

  109. 109
    Dave Franco Says:

    Jared, state your facts… you were wrong about Franco/Bensen. You are really grating my nerves.

  110. 110
    market Says:

  111. 111
    cordelia Says:


    I doubt little girls are analyzing Taylor Swift deeply, they just like her songs because they’re catchy. My niece was singing a Pussycat Dolls song before and I was shocked, but she had no idea what she was singing about. And little girls like Taylor’s image because it’s pretty, girly, and fairytale-y. I’d rather they see that image than Rihanna crotch dancing all over the place. Not all of her songs are I hate you songs though. Only like 20% per album, I would say. She’s disappointed by love a lot on her songs, but I’d say that’s pretty d*** realistic. Life’s not a fairytale, 50% of marriages end in divorce.

  112. 112
    observer Says:

    she is still too young and famous to be steady so relationship goes and comes.. so let her enjoy the journey to discover true love eventually :)

  113. 113
    moontec Says:

    @Anabelle: @Anabelle:

  114. 114
    m Says:

    when is her bullsh<t image going to be blown?
    I predict her next "boyfriend/inspiration for a nauseated album" will be that tool bag patrick schwarzenegger

  115. 115
    lis Says:

    @chelsea: but it’s still perfectly creepy. Is he still in high school?

  116. 116
    KissThis Says:

    I’m sorry, but I just have to laugh everytime someone dumps her. What is wrong with her that she can’t keep a stable healthy relationship? It makes you wonder if maybe she’s not really that nice or maybe she’s super annoying. Funniest part is, she looks extremely stupid because within 3 weeks of knowing this kid, she bought a house next to his!! If that doesn’t scream that something is off about this girl I don’t know what does!

  117. 117
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Yep, Ol Swifty needed one more song to complete her new album.

  118. 118
    gwin Says:

    Much ado about nothing. I know plenty of young girls who date plenty. By now every boy/man who dates her know that they will have a song written about them…they aren’t worried…why you should be? Just a sweet girl who puts into words what millions of other girls experience, nothing wrong with her…

  119. 119
    Adeline Says:

    It’s not a surprise to hear this. Look forward to her next album!

  120. 120
    Sally Says:

    song,song,song – chanted the crowd,oh well, whatever^)

  121. 121
    Tasha Cohen Says:

    Taylor should date Ashton Kutcher. Mila is too old for him. Sweet Taylor would be perfect.

  122. 122
    susan Says:

    @cordelia: I will have to disagree. You said she doesn’t seem interested in a long-term relationship, sorry but in my world if you introduce the guy to your parents, meet his family, flew to his city just to spend the weekend with him, buy a house near his and these kind of things you seem VERY interested in a long-term relationship to me. Clearly it’s not just a fling. Her quote: “You have to make it work by prioritizing it, and by falling in love really fast, without thinking too hard.”
    I don’t want to be mean, but she has to scare them in some way or do something wrong, because I doubt that amount of failed relationships was always the guys’ fault.
    And she’s famous, people will comment about her personal life, especially if she changes boyfriend every six months.

  123. 123
    Macy Says:

    sick and tired of her

  124. 124
    ariel Says:

    no way, no way.
    Taylor is very beautiful talented kind girl!

  125. 125
    anne Says:

    I know plenty of decent people who only have short-term relationships for various reasons. And most of the people I know who are in long-term relationships are miserable. I know someone who recently married but was crying and wishing for someone else. A lot of the marriages I personally know aren’t good, hence the divorce rate. Love is complicated, don’t act like you guys got it all figured out, like your love lives are perfect. If it was that easy, the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high.

  126. 126
    Tiffany Says:

    She’s 22, that’s why her relationships don’t last long. She’s still young. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  127. 127
    lol Says:

    lol :D

  128. 128
    ozzie Says:

    She is running out of closeted young hollywood to date.

  129. 129
    lol Says:

    there were 3-4 songs conor in Red.

  130. 130
    sotiredofthis Says:

    Ozzie, you think all her relationships end because the guy must be gay? No…. She just creeps these guys out with her clingy behavior.

  131. 131
    Kim Says:

    @cordelia: People talk about her love life because that is the ONLY thing her songs are about. There really is no way around it. If she sang about something else instead of the dozen guys she dated and “fell in love with” fans/non fans would have something else to talk about.

  132. 132
    notamilafanbutloveashton Says:

    @Jade: Dont be absurd. It would not rate a mention if situation reversed. He is 18 .

  133. 133
    Maria Says:

    I think she keeps dating just to get material for her songs!

  134. 134
    sophia Says:


    Gawd, I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous complaint. 90% of the songs I hear are about love. What do you want, songs like Gangnam Style? She does have songs about other things….”Mean”- about bullies, “Best Day”- to show appreciation for her mom, etc. Can we just agree that she rubs you and others the wrong way? If her songs were sung and delivered by Pink, would you have a problem with it? It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Taylor just annoys you. Just accept that and move on. Why obsess over someone you don’t even like?

  135. 135
    notamilafanbutloveashton Says:

    @Tasha Cohen: I love this idea. Taylor is sweet and pretty and young. Just what Ashton needs. Mila is nearly 30 and getting jowls..

  136. 136
    Rouge Says:

    I really don’t get why she still has that “good girl” image, she can’t hold a relationship for more than 4 months and she changes boyfriend like almost every season, also i think ti’s low the fact that she over-uses every relation break-up as a joke for a song, and ends up being #1. Where’s the COUNTRY girl that once had meaningful songs?

  137. 137
    Chelsea Says:

    Bah. You guys aren’t paying any attention are you? They broke up because of a distance issue and that there were no bad feelings at all. It happens. Quit insulting her-especially when you don’t even know her or have all the information. Breaking up doesn’t necessarily mean it ends badly.

  138. 138
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    At 22, she is just living and enjoying life. Knew it was just a fling. I admire her keen eye for the simple life….

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