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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have reportedly gone their separate ways, Us Weekly reports.

“They quietly parted ways a while ago,” a source told the mag of the 22-year-old country singer and 18-year-old high school student’s relationship. “It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They’re fine.”

The two were first spotted together this past July holding hands at his family’s compound in Massachusetts.

They were last seen together in late August, leaving a private residence together.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy reportedly broke up?

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138 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?”

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  1. 26
    anne Says:


    Agree that she’s probably not sleeping with all these people, but it seems like she’s taking advantage of all the dating opportunities that she’s lucky enough to have access to. I mean I wouldn’t mind dating a Kennedy for 2 months either (who’s around my age though). I would also date Bradley Cooper, Matthew Goode, Jim Sturgess, etc. in a heartbeat if I could.

  2. 27
    LeeSeol Says:

    Unimaginably predictable.
    If bets were placed we’d all be millionaires.
    But no one would’ve taken our bets.
    That’s how sure a thing this was.

  3. 28
    LucyRicardo Says:


    She falls in love with all her dates/boyfriends. Hope she’s not thinking marriage with anyone any time soon.

  4. 29
    SissBoomBah Says:

    The more I read, or see these interviews, the more I realize, it isn’t just some silly marketing gimmick to talk about guys you dated who walked away from you and now you’re upset.

    The more she talks about it, the more I realize she is just not a very nice person. She is meanspirited and cruel. She is THAT PERSON she wrote about in Mean.

    Except for Jon Mayer who has a bad reputation as a lady’s man, every other guy she has ever been seen in public with, ever other guy she allegedly went out with, all of them have a reputation for being good guys. Nice people. I am over her. She needs to check herself.

  5. 30
    tururú Says:

    Well, well, well… We are going to have a song very soon!!! Anyway, i’m starting to realize maybe the guys (she has dated) are not the problem, she is….

  6. 31
    Jessie Says:

    anne @ 10/25/2012 at 1:45 pm
    I agree, there is nothing wrong with dating these people, but the public, a lot of times, think because she’s ‘dating’ them that they are having ssex. She is not with these people long enough to have a meaningful relationship or to really get to know them. I don’t think she wants that anyway. It’s all very casual. I admire tremendously how hard she worked to get her career going and to maintain it, although I really think her writing and singing is just a lot of fluff. But, no one handed her success, she went out and got it by hard work.

  7. 32
    samanthadarko Says:

    Sorry, but there is no way I can feel sorry for a girl who always writes about her disappointments and complains in her music that stuff doesn’t go her way. She has had a lot more chances to hook up with cool guys then anyone in the world, and she has mountains of success and money and she always writes all this negative cr@p. Ugh!
    I think she is a huge fake.

  8. 33
    Guest Says:

    Bhahahah, give a break!

  9. 34
    Kim Says:

    @Jessie: How do you know she is not having ssex with the guys she dates? I mean, she sure has a prude vibe going on, but it is hollywood, and we all know how hollywood works, everybody is having it with everybody… Annnnd, she “dated” John Mayer, do you really think he would be in a relatioship with sex was not involved? I don’t think she abstains.

  10. 35
    LucyRicardo Says:


    Yep! Just what I thought! And I’ll bet they had a hand in “convincing” her to give it up!

  11. 36
    not Swift Says:

    Like …we’re neverr neverr neverr getting back togetherr….unless I need publicity

  12. 37
    Kim Says:

    @Kim: *in which sex was not involved
    my bad

  13. 38
    anne Says:


    Agreed. She did admit she dramatizes and exaggerates stuff in her songs, otherwise they would be boring songs. Just because it sounds like heartbreak doesn’t mean she was really heartbroken about it. It’s just to make the songs sound better, more romantic and compelling. Can’t really hate on that. And yes, for her to accomplish this level of success on an a small, independent label is very impressive.

  14. 39
    jade Says:

    she has too many boyfriends. she’s slept and been with half the world probably. geez

  15. 40
    stan Says:

    Yes! Thank God! About time she came to her senses! She can do much better!

  16. 41
    ladyb Says:

    Okay, the distance excuse is getting old. Celebrity couples know they are going to be in a long distance relationship b4 they get into them. The same excuse Mark Sanchez and Eva L. used. Ouch! She just bought a house in the Kennedy Compound.

  17. 42
    ladyb Says:

    I doubt she will write a song about a Kennedy and live to hear it.

  18. 43
    AK Says:

    her heart looks like a HOTEL

    NO way she’s fall in love with all these men !!!

    what a heart !

  19. 44
    anne Says:


    I know she uses the word “relationship”, but I don’t know if most of these are even relationships. They’re like a few weeks, a month or two. She writes songs for meeting a guy and having a 5 minute conversation with them. I heard the Dear John song, Mayer supposedly played a lot of mind games with her. I can picture him doing that for his enjoyment and not sleeping with her, and they probably only hung out for like a week or two because there was nothing about it in the tabloids til her album came out

  20. 45
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    when is she ever going to grow up? why is she trying so hard to be the good girl? sooo sugary sweet until its gives you a toothache!!! she serlously have issues!! better hide your bunny!!! ‘I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!”

  21. 46
    Sarah. Says:

    Didn’t thought it was last anyway. But I thought it would last a little longer. Especially since she allegedly bought a house close to his en hearing his family talking good things about her.

  22. 47
    sotiredofthis Says:

    I saw a photo of Taylor with her whole body pressed in between Conor’s legs so don’t try to paint her as innocent. She isn’t and she proved it by dating John Mayer. Now what will she do with that Mansion she bought next door to the Kennedy’s. Awkward.

  23. 48
    pickles Says:


  24. 49
    S Says:

    I’m sad. They looked cute together and I hope it’s just a rumor.

  25. 50
    Amy Says:

    @biker mike: That’s all she write about falling in love and break ups. Why not write about something imporant you dumb asss. Little girls looks up to her, anything better than that red neck Cyrus trash

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