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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have reportedly gone their separate ways, Us Weekly reports.

“They quietly parted ways a while ago,” a source told the mag of the 22-year-old country singer and 18-year-old high school student’s relationship. “It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They’re fine.”

The two were first spotted together this past July holding hands at his family’s compound in Massachusetts.

They were last seen together in late August, leaving a private residence together.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy reportedly broke up?

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138 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?”

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  1. 76
    anon Says:

    People say the Kennedy’s are cursed and it definitely looks like that right about now. Bet they’ve never had to deal with anyone as psychotic as Taylor.

  2. 77
    Reese Says:

    She’s been with older men and she has been with younger men so maybe it is time to try men her own age.

  3. 78
    trendeh Says:

    New Song!

  4. 79
    Kim Says:

    @rosie: Yeah but in it she doesn’t trash talk him. She admits in that song SHE was the one in the wrong, thats the only time she’s admitted it.

  5. 80
    teddy Says:

    I was hoping them lasted to her own good. I don’t hate her, but this girl clearly has issues.
    Joe Jonas dated Camila Belle (btw she even wrote a song-harassment for Camila, for God’s sake) and Ashley Greene for over a year, Taylor Lautner dated Lily Collins for months until they became public, Jake Gyllenhaal dated Reese Witherspoon for two years before Taylor and John Mayer may have a bad reputation but he still going strong with Katy Perry.
    Each relationship is different, i get it. But why she can’t make hers last? I’m sorry but relationships hardly end because only one side, as she likes to imply in her songs. We only have her side of the story. Maybe someday all her “exes” assemble and write their point of view. I bet she will love it.

  6. 81
    Kim Says:

    @teddy: I agree. I’m SO sick of this girl playing the victim all the time and trying to act like she’s all sweet and innocent. You can NOT be that innocent at 22 years old, in Hollywood AND have dated as many guys as this girl has. I just don’t understand how she has been able to pull the wool over so many peoples eyes for so long. You’ve got a point. 99% of the guys she’s dated have then gone on to have relationships with with other girls that last WAY longer (sometimes even years). That right there has to tell you SHE is the problem. Sorry but at 22 (almost 23) years old, she should be able to make a relationship last for at least a darn year. It isn’t like she’s 16 anymore. I think she meets a guy and because they give her attention she falls madly in love with them after like 3 dates and understandably so that freaks the guys out and they try for the hills. I GET that she’s 22 and a grown adult, but her parents REALLY should sit her down and tell her this isn’t how its done. Tell her HOW to have a good relationship. One that will last more then 3 months. I’d also REALLY like to know what her parents think of this revolving door of guys she has. Her parents just about meet a guy and get to know him and their daughter is broke up with him and already on to her next victim. She has a younger brother also, right? Like 19-20 years old or something like that. I wonder if he also has the same problem as Taylor.

  7. 82
    DB Says:

    Bye, Bye miss Physco Pie, drove the boyfriends to the levy and they ran for the sky…

    You are just one not-so-stable seeming chick.

  8. 83
    Jessica Says:

    So pretty much she’ll write a song and try and paint this KID as the one who broke her heart, right?

    I can picture it now. Her writing a song about how he broke her heart because he wouldn’t take her to his school prom, and she waited in her sparkly princess gown all night and he never showed up because all along he had his eye on the blonde from algebra class.

  9. 84
    charlotte Says:

    seriously???? u go from dating sex bombs like john mayer then to this loser fugly immature high school kid? what is wrong with you come one get a grip

  10. 85
    Claire Mélusine Says:

    No, no JJ I’m not surprised, now brace yourselves for the next song about Conor

  11. 86
    sookie Says:

    maybe she should date a girl instead..

  12. 87
    Jessica Says:

    I kinda feel bad for this kid. Yes he comes from a famous family, but he isn’t “in” Hollywood like the other guys were. He seems like a normal kid who just has a famous last name. Poor kid is now going to have a stupid song written about him all most likely because at just barely 18 years old his scary ex girlfriend wanted to marry his @ss. He’s going to have to go to school knowing everyone there know’s a song was written about him. Poor kid.

  13. 88
    Isha Says:

    So today’s lesson, never buy a home in the same neighborhood of someone you’ve only been dating a couple of months. She seems to try too hard and scare guys away. Taylor is an adult, but she could use a good mentor or parent to advise her.

  14. 89
    jen Says:

    She writes about emotions connected to dating and relationships….all of you who are hating on her need to respect her for one thing..she work her ass off …do you?

  15. 90
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    Knew it was going to be short lived. Now does she sell the newly bought house.. All strange to me!!!

  16. 91
    LooseLipz Says:

    She’s just young and a hopeless romantic….
    That said, I think she was planning on being a Kennedy…or as close to it as possible…
    He’s just a kid…why should he settle down at his age?
    She really needs someone 5-10 year older….

    Lastly, it’s never a good idea to buy a house next to the guy you’re dating…it’s stalker territory…

    She’s harmless and seems genuine and sweet….she’ll find someone who deserves her..

  17. 92
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Duh! The girl only dates for material! Did anyone really expect it to last until prom?! I’m more intrigued with who’s next. I think it would be a blast if she and Robert Pattison hooked up. The world would go CRAZY! We know who it won’t be though…….anybody who ain’t white.

  18. 93
    cordelia Says:


    Kim, I read your comments on this post and you don’t seem to hate her but really confused about her dating history. I’m not targeting you because a lot of people agree with you, but it’s disturbing reading all these complaints because she hasn’t been in a long-term relationship. Have you guys ever thought that compared to her career, relationships come in 2nd? Yes, she’s boy-crazy, but if she’s really busy and has to choose, I’m pretty sure she’ll always choose music. I think it’s kind of anti-feminist to rag on a girl because she’s not in a long-term relationship. I can relate cuz I worked my a** off to graduate college and when I started working full-time, I found it impossible to devote the time and energy to make a relationship work since my profession entails a lot of overtime. So I decided not to stress myself out with trying to be in a long-term relationship unless I met a guy who was worth it. And I’m not saying it’s always like this, but most of the girls I know who are in long-term relationships don’t work and are dependent on their partner, while most of the independent, working girls I know are single. I hate it when people make me feel like my top priority should be being in a long-term relationship.

  19. 94
    justsayN Says:

    Nobody would comment on Taylor’s dating life if she wasn’t making a living off trashing every guy that breaks up with her. She’s getting rich off of putting her private life on display to sell CDs.

  20. 95
    a Says:

    TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL I think we all saw this coming.

  21. 96
    Sean Says:

    Quit opening yours legs every other month

  22. 97
    JustK Says:

    I hope for her sake she doesn’t get married anytime soon. I could see her breaking Elizabeth Taylor’s record.

  23. 98
    Dd Says:

    If she doesn’t date and break up she will not have an album. That’s her she puts her self out there.

  24. 99
    rachelinabbabuiiii Says:

    conor’s a gay

  25. 100
    Teri Says:

    Taylor is so phony, she puts on this little girl act and people fall for it. she is 6 ft tall.

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