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Alex O'Loughlin Welcomes Baby Boy with Girlfriend Malia Jones!

Alex O'Loughlin Welcomes Baby Boy with Girlfriend Malia Jones!

Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin and his girlfriend Malia Jones have welcomed a newborn baby boy, a rep confirms to!

The 36-year-old actor and his surfer/model gal brought the new baby into the world on Thursday (October 25).

No word yet on the little guy’s name.

Alex has one son from a previous relationship, Saxon, while Malia has a son Spike. This is the first child for the couple.

Currently, Alex is in Hawaii filming the third season of Hawaii Five-0.

Congratulations to Alex and Malia on the happy news!

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Credit: Lisa Maree Williams; Photos: Getty
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  • Jess

    Will his new son be named Anglo? #Britishhistoryhumour

  • DB

    Dude’s a stud. I like Kono on the show best maybe, but the interplay between Steve and Danno is awesome. In fact, all the main characters are pretty cool.

    Yeah, the plots are nuts, but the show is fun.

    Congrats on him.

  • gi

    @DB: a sutd? he’s a pig who left his pregnant girlfriend in australia to become an actor, hasn’t acknowledged her or the baby since.


    @gi: Has always been in touch with his son and visited and has been living with his dad since December last year

  • anne

    His teenage son Saxon is now living with him in Hawaii and had often visited his father before joining him in Hawaii.

  • gi

    @LIZZIE: lol – you his PR team leader? he’s disgusting. who leaves their baby for a career? – as)sholes do.. it was on blind so i’m not the only one who knows.

  • salso

    @gi Pig!!?? His son (his name is Saxon and he is 15, by the way) lives with him in Hawaii so that is hardly “not acknowledging him”. The whole world knows that. And try doing some research (like reading interviews and stuff). He was there 15 years ago, when his first son was born. But haters will hate … Luckily, FANS will not.

  • gi

    @salso: LOL! thanks for the laugh.. his team is doing their job well.. and “haters”? are you 12? go read blind item, maybe you can convince them he’s a decent person. I
    f a woman left her baby for a career she’d be crucified.

  • anne

    @salso: Amen to that

  • anne

    I meant Amen to Salso’s comment. Certainly not gi’s one.


    @gi: Arze you jealous and want it to be you?

  • salso

    @LIZZIE: Who’s 12 now?

  • Mary

    @salso LOVE ur answer!!!!

    I would like to know, why these people came here to comment when they say that they don’t like him!!! When I don’t like someone I don’t comment… I just ignore!!!

    I only have one thing to say: GET A LIFE!!!!

  • salso

    @Mary: Couldn’t say it better myself!

  • gi

    @Mary: because it’s a gossip site & we’re all entitled to have an opinion so get over it :)
    and you have nothing better to do but respond to it so get off your high horse

  • Mary

    @gi poor u!!! ya i don’t have nothing better to do but respond to ur stupid comment… Ya, it’s a gossip site but like i said (and I repeat that to u, for u READ AGAIN) when I don’t like someone I just ignore… Do the same, it’s better for u!!! U (and many people who comment here) have to learn TO RESPECT people… Learn that and talk to me again, ok? Muah

  • isabelle

    @gi:Not truth, saxon lives with Alex in Hawaii

  • isabelle

    Congrats…Now they have 3 boys,Saxon (his son), Spike(hers) and the new baby boy! Dont need stupid comment(gi) from ignorant people.

  • Jessi

    Well I am happy only for Alex and Saxon. But I feel for Alex he is involved in a big mess now. I hope he get out of that relationship as soon as he humanly possible can as it is said the lady has a record.

    Lets see: Guy met girl, guy dates girl for about 5 months and then guy ask girl to move in with him (in hope things will go serious) and girl also bring girls son from previous relationship to also move in with her new beau. Girl and girl’s little son also share the house with the son of the guy who is also from a previous relationship.

    Then guy introduces to the press and media thta he is dating someone and 2 months after this annoucement, the girl get pregnant with her beau kid. Then the circumstances on the way that baby was conceived are odd. Like I said what a mess Alex got himself into. At least Alex should have consulted with his son first, if he was ok with him bringing his gf and the gf son to live with them.

  • Laura

    Have you seen Alex new photo with Director Larry Teng after wrapping up Ep. 10? Ohh poor him he looks exhausted!! Sleepless nites already or maybe he was shooting very late that day? I hope he feels better in days to come.

  • Alyssa

    Well, it is not right to have a son with a woman that is still married with another man. Great example he is giving his son. Alex always looks exhausted because he has aged badly since his drug addiction.

  • Nora

    @Alyssa: Who says Malia is still married to Luke Stedman? Is there a confirmed fact they are still married? I mean I know they are separated but there could be already divorced but they do not share it to the press or media, is not our business.

    I do not think Alex is that dumb to fall in love and have a baby with a woman who still is married. Some say she got pregnnat during his health issue and he was not thinking clearly and that is why she got advantage of his state. I do not believe that happen.

  • BareFacts


    You sure hold lots of hate for someone you do not know – Must have happened to you….

  • The Obvious

    Her marital status doesn’t matter, her ex left her high and dry for another woman while she was pregnant. Plenty of people have left their spouses for other people while married, it happens everyday, people we think of as being very moral and loyal do it…….the heart wants what the hearts wants. and her heart wants a semi-famous actor with a nice home, and a steady income, obviously his painkiller problem wasn’t a deal breaker for her, as it seems they were together during his entire downward spiral (enable much?) I guess she liked it when he was needy and high, and stupid enough to get her pregnant. Any woman with half a brain would have taken her small child out of that situation, instead this winner brought another child into the picture.

  • Laura

    @The Obvious:

    So u think that Malia wanted to look for a man who was semi famous and semi popular who was financially stable? But if she was tehre while his treatment and allthe way it says like she was ther for support, other ladies would have left him dry but she was there. Of course the bad part was that Alex was needy and she took advantage of that so she got pregnant in the time of his pain killer problem

  • Mary

    Man! Listen yourselves!!! You judge people without know the truth and the reality!! I only can say… Poor you!!!!

  • Topoyiyo

    Lion Kahano O Loughlin?? That is funny!! Poor kid when he grows up

  • tricia


  • tracey

    @Jessi: hi jessi I agree with you 110% I also hope you knows what he has got himself into and the other thing I am trying to get around is why would he not get to really know his own son saxon 1st before banging someone like her

  • thankyou

    it will not last she is too hungry