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Bar Refaeli: Berlin Shopping Spree!

Bar Refaeli: Berlin Shopping Spree!

Bar Refaeli gets her shopping on at The Corner shop on Friday afternoon (October 26) in Berlin, Germany.

The 27-year-old model was spotted shopping with some pals, who laughed and joked during their time in the various shops.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

Later in the day, Bar looked gorgeous while attending the GQ Man of the Year Awards with her brother.

Earlier in the week, Bar rocked a leather dress at the Versace Soho store opening.

FYI: Bar is wearing Pas Pour Toi by Dodo Baror at the awards.

20+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli going on a Berlin shopping spree with some pals…

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bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 01
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 02
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 03
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 04
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 05
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 06
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 07
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 08
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 09
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 10
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 11
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 12
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 13
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 14
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 15
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 16
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 17
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 18
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 19
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 20
bar refaeli berlin shopping spree 21

Credit: Wenn; Photos: INFdaily, Getty
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  • Fan of Models

    Bar is getting more and more gorgeous with the years. Actually, she is stunning!

  • Sarah

    beautiful girl and the most beautiful Leo has ever dated. thanks jared.

  • Ho

    Solo fan spammer of the D-lister on the alert.
    Unlike other Leo exes who have moved on to and don’t need his name attached to them.
    Single, Desperate, Shameless
    Bar Refaeli poses with Xavi Hernandez
    Photo: Twitter: @BarRefaeli
    The model Bar Refaeli has become the object of the wrath of some of the wives and girlfriends of Barcelona players. The top model walks around Camp Nou very often and is a declared Barcelona fan. She even posts her photos with the players on Twitter. The image posing with Xavi Hernandez is the last one she has posted.
    After the rumor that Refaeli was dating defender Dani Alves, the Brazilian was quick to dismiss the gossip about a relationship with the Israeli model, but her constant walks around Camp Nou have created discomfort in some of the Barcelona players’ significant others.
    Cesc Fabregas girlfriend, Lebanese model Daniella Semaan posted a tweet that was clearly directed to Refaeli. It translated: “The obsession of some models with certain players is becoming ridiculous. A little respect, please! “. The comment was retweeted by Julia Vigas, Thiago Alcantara’s girlfriend.
    Refaeli had previously posted photos with Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas and both players were quickly to deny any involvement with Refaeli.

  • dixie

    Bar, why have you been hiding this brother of yours so long? this family has the most healthy and perfect genes ever.

  • clock

    Bar is not a name for a girl. It’s a place where you get drunk.
    She should make a Facebook group & invite Apple Martin & Blue Ivy.

  • K

    Bar posts are like Diane Kruger posts.
    Two fan- conversationalist talking repetitive gibberish.
    Odd if she had so many fans, bigger blogs like People and US weekly would tag her and write about her

  • Yuk

    Muscular squatty legs. No wonder runway never beckoned.

  • no name

    her brother is definitely a cutie:)

  • @3&6

    Obsessed much?

  • @9

    Poor stan. #6 stated a fact

  • @10

    If you say so! lol

  • rikki

    @Yuk: seriously? her legs look so slim here. i think they do have some muscle but that looks way better. she doesn’t have that awkward, gangly look like those starved/laxative-addicted runway models have.

  • @12

    Shocking to hear but some girls are naturally slim, even everyday ones. Ergo not all models are “starved/laxative addicted” because they conquered runway. Stay pressed

  • tye :)

    shes irreverent though.

  • NOV 6


  • @#15

    i sure will.

    Bar has the best body and the most natural one of the whole industry.

  • guess who

    Bar, they know what you are.

    This foreign born A list model was at an event recently. She has dated some big names in the past and is one of those rare models who people know the name of. Anyway, at this event she was approached by a handler for an A+ list R&B singer. The handler said that _______ would love for the model to come sit next to him and have a drink. The model said, “Sorry, but I don’t like being around black people very much and there is no way I would date one or have people think I date one. So, thanks, but no thanks,” and walked away.

    Read the responses. And no I am none of the posters. The word is out.

  • guess who

    @dixie: There is no such thing as “perfect ” or “healthy” genes, racist pig. Her brothers are average just like her.

  • #18

    @guess who:
    ‘A’ List model??? Ha!

  • Pathetic poster

    @guess who –
    you need help…… or a cage

  • Tinkerbell

    What a naturally beautiful and stunning model! Perfect! No way the blind item is about her! It’s the jealous haters who try to make her look bad!

  • To Guess Who

    you belong in a mental hospital…. or a cage. get yourself some help, kiddo. your comments are pathetic.

  • sissi

    She has a great body and is considered gorgeous but can´t find anyone to date her.Every man linked to her by gossip sites quickly dismiss the news.I wonder why…….

  • @sissi

    maybe she is not interested in dating anyone…. for now.

  • LooseLipz

    She’s a pretty girl, but if its true that she’s all over the married players she needs to knock that off….

  • lik

    is she wearing sydney ewan love ring?? it was leo”s gift

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    She can’t get a (non-paying) man and needs to go with her brother? Rough.

  • @26

    @lik: 7
    The ring was not Leo’s gift. It was from a girlfriend.
    She has been wearing that ring for ages, since 2010.
    The man has moved on. Can’t Bar fans move on either?.

  • Dieter

    she has a beautiful ass

  • Miss Ellie

    the Love ring is encrusted with diamonds and it is likely a gift from Leo.
    I think having her brother with her shows she has family values and she is single:)
    I have rarely seen Bar looking so gorgeous and glowing.

  • @30

    @Miss Ellie:
    If you insist. lol lol
    Its almost 2 years and her 2 stans still HAVE to attach her to Leo anyway they can.

  • Stunning

    Pretty woman

  • guess who

    @Miss Ellie: The comments aren’t even my comments…they are other folks in the know. Nice try but people know what you are.

  • guess who

    @Sarah: Nah, it really goes like this, I’ll do the “boinked a few times” and then the long terms.

    Most beautiful lays:

    1.Natasha Henstridge(my opinion)
    2.Helena Christensen
    3. Naomi Cambpell
    4. Alicia Silverstone
    5. Demi Moore
    6. Kristen Zang

    just my opinion folks, I am going on what i think of as truly pretty/attractive, not modelling careers.

    Of the long term horseface/butterfaces he seems to prefer:

    1.Gisele Bundchen
    2. Kristen Zang
    3. Erin Heatherton
    4. Blake Lively.
    5. Bar

    If Bar was a nice person I’d put her about Lively in looks but she isnt, and personality DOES contribute to overall appeal.

  • guess who

    @@#15: except for the implants, rhinoplasty and collagen.

  • guess who

    @Tinkerbell: Not the real tinkerbell, but of course you knew that. Now THAT is pathetic.

  • guess who

    @To Guess Who: For what?Posting an uncomplimentary link about Barfie?

    Enty, the moderator for CDAN posted that.
    Random people, not myself, think it is Bar based on rep.

    I think Bar has a problem here, don’t you?

  • guess who

    @sissi: I think it is because Leo truly is a hard act to follow, but I’d like to think it’s because her rep as a golddigger has preceded her, that it is out in the model community for one—a lot of the WAGS are models too. THe head WAG, Irina Shayk picked up a lot of Bar’s contracts this year too.

    Also I think that there is a minimum income level for her that she won’t go below. And they are not biting anymore. I am glad people are finally realizing her for what she is.Took a while.

  • guess who

    @Miss Ellie: It’s probably cubic zirconia and came from a gumball machine.

    You guys are so easy to get back at !

  • guess who

    @lik: then she should have given it back. Or maybe she’ll pawn it when things get tough.

  • haha

    Poor, poor desperate tinkerbelle cant wait to get out of her lonely bed in the morning to get on her computer and read about bar refeali! the woman thrives on bitterness and never ending hatred. Anyone notice she has the same jacket as Leo’s latest girl! awk much?

  • IKR

    @haha: Agree, wouldn’t any normal sane person ignore those they dislike? not seek them out, I just dont understand.

  • guess who

    @haha: The same jacket what the hell are you talking about?

    Some people are fun to hate. Or why did you think reality tv is popular?
    Some people like train wrecks. And the bed aint lonely but believe what you want honey. The one with the lonely bed is bar because you have to be A. White B. Minimum net worth 100 million. Or an athlete because that will get her name in the papers at least temporarily.

    I bet she does the paper bag test with possible dates…you have to be lighter than a paper bag which rules out Latinos, Middle Easterners, Blacks, and a lot of Asian and some Mediterranean men as well.

    It is just fun to watch her eff up. CDAN yesterday for example.

  • @haha

    Ya she has the same jacket on. :/

  • haha

    @guess who: Well, it seems you dont have much fun in life if you have to rely on bar to supply it!

  • Bar etc.

    This outfit, not the best choice. The pants look OK but matched with an unflattering top/jacket for her body type.
    If it was her that said that on CDAN, WOW, a simple “no thanks” would suffice. It shows she really is all-consumed with what people think about her, when no one cares. A nice person would have either graciously declined or would have gone over, said hello, had a cocktail and mingled and then departed. She doesn’t even realize that by not being kind she is not making things any better for herself. You can’t live your life wondering what the public thinks. What about what these famous people think that she was rude enough to say those things? They have more influence over celebrity-ism than the one or two people who read about her in the tabloids.
    Also, how convenient that she allowed herself to get papped in France having lunch with KimYe. I guess that black person was OK to be seen with.

  • sobe

    @Bar etc.: Hey Guesswho/Tinkerbell?!? Talking to yourself again!?!? mike?!?!

  • @47

    Too funny. Bar etc. is not Tinkerbell. Hard to believe Bar has less than one detractor? Believe it.

  • beauthentik

    Looks like she had people following her around while shopping.

    Shop Berlin Boutiques

    Maybe Bar had a chance to see a few of the quirky boutiques Berlin has to offer.