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Daniel Craig Names His Choice For Next Bond Star

Daniel Craig Names His Choice For Next Bond Star

Daniel Craig poses for a photo call to promote his new film Skyfall on Friday (October 26) at The St. Regis Hotel in Rome, Italy.

The 44-year-old actor was joined at the event by his co-star Naomie Harris, and producer Barbara Broccoli.

Daniel recently said who he thinks would be a great James Bond in the future – soccer player Steven Gerrard!

“Who would I rather be, captain of Liverpool or Bond?” Daniel asked. “Well I don’t think I could keep up any more so Bond will do but Steven Gerrard would make a good Bond.

Also pictured: Daniel carrying his luggage as he leaves the Hotel Georges V and heads to the Le Bourget Airport on Thursday (October 25) in Paris, France.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and others at the Skyfall photo call…

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Credit: Ernesto Ruscio; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, WireImage
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  • Yoki

    His co star has flawless skin. I wish I could be that way.

  • Meg

    That’s Naomie Harris.

  • Rambling Rose

    Daniel Craig is the least attractive James Bond who’s ever been cast in that role. Gross :-P
    Total turn-off!
    Craggy-faced with a tiny pen*is…
    Robotic movements.
    Nothing like SEAN CONNERY or even Pierce Brosnan.

  • Sarah

    Daniel is the BEST BOND EVERRRR!

  • Domino’s Effect

    oh, what an ugly man Daniel Craig really is. I hope EON Productions replace him with someone hot. Even that Gerrard guy would do.

  • Kate

    @Rambling Rose: LOL
    You’re from CraigIsNotBond? Sounds like you’re a broken record!!!!!!!

  • 007

    @Rambling Rose:
    you’re right. Doesn’t even look good in a suit. He even pouts to seems sexy.

  • hahhys

    Naomie is gorrrrrgeous

  • Helen

    Daniel looks so hot! I like his v-neck sweater, dress shirt, tie, and jeans ensemble.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Naomie Harris is GORGEOUS!!! My Word!

  • Naomi Harris is Beautiful


  • Minka

    Daniel looks so damn good it should be a sin. Those eyes!

  • Rambling Rose

    @Kate: no, I’m a genuine, unaffiliated person with an opinion shared by millions. Not part of any PR network with their pay-per-post moronic gnomes with a specific agenda to promote by sycophantic praise.
    IMO, he’s an unattractive man. Many people agree.
    I’m allowed to express it.

  • Alice

    Whewwwwww! He looks regal, stylish, in control and every bit as James Bond that he is.

  • Launa

    I love his long coat. It makes him look smart and elegant.

  • Reds

    Well, SG is cool, but Daniel always has a badass frown in the Bond films!

  • Jess

    However, EON producers will never let him go.
    Skyfall producers hint Daniel Craig could star in more than 2 Bond films

  • Gary

    @Rambling Rose: I look at him & find him VERY, VERY attractive, hot & gorgeous to be exact.

  • Elle

    Daniel is a Liverpool fan, so that’s not suprising.

  • Tom

    Skyfall superb, Daniel Craig definitely the best Bond!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Looks great =) Daniel is too alpha. Naomie is absolutely stunning.

  • jiji

    skyfall later with the dad ! woooooooopp!!!

  • kiss

    daniel craig daniel craig daniel craig daniel craig daniel craig daniel craig<3<3<3

  • Amalia

    My god I love Daniel, hes boss! Will be watching Daniel on the big screen soon :)))))))

    Daniel Craig “can’t wait” to get Rachel Weisz pregnant, hopes it happens soon

  • Guinness

    wholly jezuz.
    ah, wow, I wish I could accidndtally graze my hand acrosst his front pocketsss by accidnet…and howlsy shitballls, how about sitting next ot him and not be able to look down or anythin….or crap. did he paint those? btw: LOVE THE tight jeans—I really hope he makes them come back. ohshite now ai rote come itne hte same sententce. loosing consciousnlessless….
    thank youf DAN!!

    what say you Men-doll?
    and fio– keep me coming back for more–need it. ohcarpediem wrote comeagin here….damnnn…bluddy hellll


    well he should impregnate RW. Ugly people breed too.
    And Chinese men have tiny d*i*c*k*s & look at their population.



  • LOL

    @DANIEL CRAIG IS UGLY: Rachel is an attractive lady. Their kid might look like her.
    @Guinness: too tight. His crown jewels have squeezed into obscurity, tucked under his perineum ….or he does really have a 2″ pinky-sized one.

  • Guinness

    whoa, lets get the troll. don’t you mess with my thumbs!! and there is internet documentation of his sea cucumber being bigger than you can dream of drooling troll. be gone.
    anyway, make sure you read the celebitchy article…laughed out loud a few times!! thanks for posing it whomever did…” imagine watching the conception vid” and helll yes, i would wait for him to come home with all 5 horizons perked for hours of sessions of trying for sperm penetrations….ohhmymymymymymynynyhhdda!!

    —screw the sexxvid these days!!! (ha,ha, get it? screw the se–, nevermnind.)

    anyway, read the comments as usual they are funny…”Dan couldnt keep his hands off her….went to her trailer nekkid to woo her…” damn, Dan, can you write a book on how to woo ur woman? or just star in 50 Shades of Dan Craig’s Body????????!!!!

    wow. i know what imma gettin tonight and it aint candy

  • BB

    @DANIEL CRAIG IS UGLY: Calm down… why are you sooooooooooo upset?

  • Guinness

    yey!!!! Dan is on G. NORTON?!!!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=df8ce7d8506037c&bpcl=35466521&biw=1600&bih=688

    Mendel–you gotta hook me up. TIVO or post iti here ffs!! ‘
    or I can find it….but it has to be good…

    remember the River Dance dance he did in the priests holiday camper? I will never ever forget that episode… “are these my feet?” I asked that after every whiskey shot on tuesday. and chased it with a GUINNESS!! (that shitte tastes like hairspray, but we were celebrating. yes, on a tuesday.)

  • Sam

    @Elle: Is he the Reds? OMG.. He must be patient with others!!!

  • Mike

    Maybe Daniel thinks Gerrard’s situation is analogous to Dan’s. They are both hold a position of great responsibility. While being hoped for and cheered on by a lot of people is encouraging for them, there is probably pressure too. So the two of them were in close sympathy. Anyway, Liverpool must be done about the result something in this season!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    ” 50 Shades of Dan Craig’s Body????????!!!!”

    I’ve just seen 50 Shades of Dan’s body *grin*

    Went to see Skyfall this afternoon (skiving off), and I loved it! Lots of Dan looking rough, very rough, lots of shirtless Dan…oh yes, and a really good plot – in a nutshell: British pluck against a scary modern world :)

    I’d love to say more, but really don’t want to spoil it – best to just see it and enjoy the ride ;)


    Daniel Craig’s is minuscule. Just look ar the retards feet & chin!!

  • Elle

    Robin ‏@ArkadinImage
    @nolanzebra3 I wouldn’t bother. Do you have a ticket for Skyfall, most screening tonight looked like they’d sold out.
    JadeHOLLYWood ‏@yeahsoitsjade
    Oh you think you’ll be able to get a ticket for Skyfall today without prebooking? I don’t think so babe…
    Max Fitzgerald ‏@maxfitzgerald5
    Proper wanna see skyfall but everywhere is sold out, might just have to by the only ticket left and go on my larry
    †ee @TerrelleGraham
    this #Skyfall ting is mad! the Vue website has crashed because so many people are booking tickets!
    Steven George-Hilley @StevenGeorgia
    desperately trying to get #Skyfall tickets — but the ticket site has crashed! #007

  • Why are most English men gay?

    A: Ever seen their women?
    LOL. LOL

  • Kevin Spacey loves Twinks

    @Why are most English men gay?: yeah, I know right!!!
    But Dannie Boy doesn’t register on my gaydar.


    @BB: oh, I’m not upset at all, PR gnome… I’m just antagonizing you predictable pay-per-post idiots who are spinning phony praise here.

  • Elle

    I see the same crap marketed under a different name.

  • Rambling Rose

    He has nice colored eyes (not shape). And I didn’t mind him in Layer Cake….That’s about it.
    But he sure as helll isn’t hot!
    If Ian Fleming imagined David Niven to be James Bond, wonder what he’d think of a brute like Daniel Craggy-Face, huh???!!!

  • Guinness

    skiving off?
    ah, that’s a bluddy hell awesome Brit quip, I dare say fellow female!!! (btw–in the US, anything with “OFF” said after it is automatically an awesome quip) sooo-awesome for you -ya wanker-’we” have to wait a few more days…nah, I am glad you got something before we did…
    “..enjoy the ride” you say? crap, I am really jealous of you right now

    BUT –I got a topper for ya. I got to see the entire SNL–sister TVO’ed it and my fav Dan skit was when he was in the Irish Bar—I gasped when they eluded to the Full Monty and thought he would be a’ stripppppin. He really did a great job the entire night tho. (crap, I would love to say that in diff context…but it wouldnt be great–it would be mind boggling). see it yet? nah, nah

  • Jen

    Naomie must have hired an able stylist. She WAS poor in Turkish press conference.

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “He really did a great job the entire night tho”

    That sums it up :)

    “see it yet? nah, nah”

    Na :(

    Here are a few teasers for you:

    You can’t beat the British bulldog!
    Do not kiss the Bond villain!
    It’s not necessary a young man’s game!

    Also, Skyfall has a really nice cynical view about politics, and especially politicians.

  • Jen

    and Naomie has incredible legs and she knows it. Love this Chanel dress!

  • Mary

    Domino’s Effect

    Daniel Craig is signed on for two more Bond films; more if Barbara Brocolli and others have their way. If this makes you unhappy then you don’t have to watch.

  • Mary

    To Rambling Rose

    David Niven may have had the role of James Bond but he was not Ian Flemings first choice; that was Richard Todd. As for Daniel Craig, i like him as James Bond a lot and yes, Daniel is good looking. He’s more believable, in my opinion, than Pierce Brosnan was. Now I know this will make you less than unhappy but Daniel is signed on for at least two more roles. i remember reading somewhere Daniel saying he would stay as long as he was wanted. So, it looks like he will be Bond for a very long time.

  • Elle
  • Passport Stamps

    Naomie Harris is perfection.