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Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin: Family Walk to School!

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin: Family Walk to School!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin walk with their kids Apple and Moses to their school on Friday morning (October 26) in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old actress held hands with Apple, while Moses ran behind, and Chris kept towards the back of the group!

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The day before, Gwyn and Chris gave Apple and Moses a special treat – a trip to the toy store!

10+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin walking with their kids to school…

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gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 01
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 02
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 03
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 04
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 05
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 06
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 07
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 08
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 09
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 10
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 11
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 12
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 13
gwyneth paltrow chris martin family walk to school 14

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52 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin: Family Walk to School!”

  1. 1
    Nancy Drewblood Says:

    Apple looks like a mini Kate Moss!

  2. 2
    amber Says:

    Wow the children look identical to them.

  3. 3
    Rambling Rose Says:

    Beautiful children.
    Beautiful nuclear family.
    Unusual first name for the little girl, but that’s artistic eccentricity I guess.

  4. 4
    n Says:

    I see they are trying to squash those separation rumors.

  5. 5
    AMY Says:

    Wow second picture in two days, this must be a record for them.

  6. 6
    jeeves Says:

    weird looking kids

  7. 7
    skeptic Says:

    Walking the kids to school? Do they live that close to the school?

  8. 8
    The Hardy Boys Says:

    @Nancy Drewblood: More like a mini-Chris Martin.

  9. 9
    Winter Cat Says:

    Moses looks like Gwyneth to me but yep, Apple is her daddy’s girl.

  10. 10
    Coco Says:

    @Nancy Drewblood: Yes, she really does look like Kate Moss! This is what I think whenever I see her pics.

  11. 11
    vids Says:

    @n: Another photo op and paid post.

  12. 12
    Pretty Pics Says:

    I’m not sure who the children look like but I don’t really see either parent in them. They’re some combination maybe and look more like each other than their parents.

  13. 13
    emma Says:

    WTF – more family photos??? Is this PR overdrive to quash any cheating/divorce rumors???

  14. 14
    Magic Says:

    So, they’re going to school in the States now?

  15. 15
    twenty-two Says:

    @skeptic: They are cute but a bit Children of the Corn-ish.

  16. 16
    Diliana von Bork Says:

    They don’t live in England?
    Yes, these children are strange. I always thought Apple could be a beautiful girl, maybe because I always see her hair. Now that I see her face… Her eyes are strange… I saw those pics “a trip to the toy store!” and her eyes looked strange, now I am sure it is really strange.. And the boy.. Sometimes he looks cute, sometimes he looks strange.

  17. 17
    Anne Says:

    Apple is so cute. She looks like her dad.

  18. 18
    Paul Says:

    The mom looks like a dude wearing a blonde wig.

  19. 19
    Who Says:


  20. 20
    kami Says:

    i know they just moved to la, but i think they’ll hate it, having the paps camped outside their house all the time. i give them 6 mos before they head back to london.

  21. 21
    franknbeans Says:

    @Magic: Knowing GP, she rushed to register them wherever the Affleck kids go.

  22. 22
    Lana Says:

    I m a huge fan of chris … I respect his privacy etc … but this overflow of pictures is UNUSUAL , I mean you never see the whole family and bam suddenly 3, 4 pictures really ?

    Anyway I guess that moving to l.a was not such a great idea( paparazzi)
    I really hope this won’t bother them too much :)

  23. 23
    Noa Says:

    Sorry but these kids are not cute.

  24. 24
    mickey Says:

    ugly chick

  25. 25
    Farmer Ted Says:

    She has great legs. Shame about the horse face.

  26. 26
    Jade Says:

    Wow, such nasty comments about a beautiful family.
    Jealous haters.

  27. 27
    Jayden Says:

    It’s amazing how plain Paltrow is without the red carpet glamour. Some actresses look pretty good without makeup. She is not one of them.

  28. 28
    Domino Says:

    I’m sorry but be objective, those kids are ugly as fcuk.

  29. 29
    Rambling Rose Says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow is unusually attractive. Flaxen & pale. So is Chris Martin.
    And their children seem adorable, happy & balanced.
    But there’s more to life than scrutinizing people who have followed the path to become entertainers, hence celebrated for their work.
    Respect & privacy should be afforded to them.
    Get a life, gossips & other losers!

  30. 30
    Perfect Couple Says:

    G.P. is plain. Pale & flaxen. A taller version of Sissy Spacek.
    Chris Martin is average looking at best. And the children, well, all kids are cute by default.

    I don’t get the impression she’s too popular here but unfortunately her publicist seems to have some sort of arrangement with this blog. You don’t see her getting this much coverage on other sites.

    It’s interesting how the paps have already scoped their routine out and are tracking them to toy stores. If they want privacy, Los Angeles is probably not the place to be and they’re going to have to vary their routine and maybe skip the long, public walks to school.

  31. 31
    laura Says:

    Moses is a chris mini-me! He has the same mouth and jaw.. :)
    Cute family, but Apple’s eyes do scare me!

  32. 32
    EL Says:

    Well if they are photographed together only to kill rumors then they are doing it all wrong, they should’ve started years ago, but they never bothered.

  33. 33
    laura Says:

    Actually I think the children are both a combination of their parents: Moses look like Chris in the lower part of his face: mouth and jaw, while Apple looks like him in the upper part (eyes)..
    At the opposite they look like Gwin in the lower part for Apple and in the upper part Moses (eyes, forehead)..

  34. 34
    Juniper Says:

    The kids are adorable both with classic cherubic faces, could have been the model for any classical painting.

  35. 35
    Gwladysof88 Says:

    Chris Marton has drugged face, he’s not classy. But his kids are very cute, like the classy and best americain actress Gwyneth!

  36. 36
    reggie Says:

    cute kids – I hope they are not doing the pap thing now.

  37. 37
    elle Says:

    I like that they are not smiling- they are just walking their kids to chool and some jerk with a camera is following them and taking pictures. Iwould be pissed off too! Good to see those two together I was wondering if they had split. Apple looks cute but I still think that is a bad name. I bet they are good parents though.

  38. 38
    elle Says:

    oh I hadnt realized they were in LA now- paparazzi suck. they are so disrespectful and completely disrupt ppls lives and it is not right. These people deserve privacy too.

  39. 39
    see Says:

    that daughter of hers is the actress of the future, she has the look movie makers look for, for sure she is going to be an acress, and an even more successful one than the women in her family already are

  40. 40
    Special K Says:

    Too bad Gwyneth doesn’t follow her own goop guide. She always looks so sloppy off the red carpet.

  41. 41
    Rambing Rose Says:

    @Special K: well she looked lovely in pastel pink & an elegant chignon when she won a Best Actress Academy Award for Shakespeare In Love..
    Her feigned acceptance speech was a bit over the top but I guess she’s perceived as an ice-maiden & was demonstrating too much emotion.
    I find her to be a prettier version of Tilda Swinton. Unusually attractive…

  42. 42
    Anne Says:

    @Special K: Taste is arguable. I actually find that Gwyneth is usually very well-dressed. Sometimes a bit too clean, I mean she doesn’t risk much in fashion, but still always fashionably and tastefully dressed. Not like Kate Moss though. Kate is the best. I like Gwyneth pants.

  43. 43
    LooseLipz Says:

    If Apple grows to be tall like her mom she will no doubt be a model. She’s really that pretty.
    As for Chris and Gwyn, I never vibes a big love between them…but who am to know what goes on behind closed doors…he always looks miserable and she has a smugness about her that verges on acute snobbery.
    I’m sure they’re here to be close to her Mom.
    I’d like to see less posts about these two bores.

  44. 44
    an opinion Says:

    Why did mr and mrs private buy a home where paps could take pics of their kids going to school? Only thing I can think of is Paltrow wanted to join the alba/affleck “look at me” daily walk

  45. 45
    gigi Says:

    I believe they moved to LA so that Goop can get some attention.
    The kids are cute. The boy is cuter but, the daughter looks like she may grow up to be pretty woman with make-up. Goop is attractive, not beautiful however, Chris is not an attractive man ,he’s not ugly..just taupe… I agree neither kid look like their parents but they look alike.

  46. 46
    jazzy Says:

    @Special K: You’re too generous. Most of the time, GP looks a mess.

  47. 47
    tammy Says:


  48. 48
    tammy Says:

    Leave her already Chris! You are way too sweet and she is way to bossy and spoiled

  49. 49
    Héloïse. Says:

    Come on people don’t be so cruel with children ! They’re only 7 and 5, you can’t judge two little persons like that.. I’m OK with some persons, Apple and Moses are not so beautiful, even if their parents are really beautiful ! But as we saw on the Ellen Degeneres show, Apple has Gwyneth’s face when she was a baby. And Moses looks like his father and him mother..but he has more from Chris. They’re sweet ! What a beautiful family, I’m jealous !

    Sorry for mistakes, I’m french.

  50. 50
    John Renn Says:

    Gwyneth is the ‘Ultimate Austin Powers Schwinger’.,., and ‘Celebrity Cook
    Book Author.., having penned the recent ; ” My Father’s Daughter “.., a
    tribute to the memory and life of her father ‘Bruce’ .., creator of ” ER”.
    .., who died at age 58. Blythe Danner.., Gwyneth’s Mother has her
    ‘Schwinging Blueberry Muffin recipe featured in this well illustrated
    book as well as some family photos shared. Interestingly.., Blythe is
    photographed holding Gwyneth as an infant and she has an unusually
    similarity to her daughter.., identical almost. ” It’s a ‘Schwing’-in’ time at
    the Brentwood Diggs when the Good Food and Moonshine Flow at this
    Hollywood Hootanany !!

  51. 51
    Jessica Says:

    Nice to see them with their kids, I hope they are happy :-)…

  52. 52
    Anna Says:

    Not a big fan of GP but I love Chris Martin. Great guy. And I don’t mind that they’re posting more pictures. I’m glad he wants privacy and doesn’t want to give away details of his personal life. That’s what you should do. Gwyn on the other hand…blegh. Cute kids, though. If their parents and they themselves like their names, we’re not one to criticize. Good luck you guys! Looking great. Chris, loving the new album. I have to say, I’m honestly very jealous of Gwyn. What a great life she has. A very handsome husband, looks, adorable kids, money. Perfect life!

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