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LeAnn Rimes: Katie Couric '20/20' Interview Airs Tonight

LeAnn Rimes: Katie Couric '20/20' Interview Airs Tonight

LeAnn Rimes leaves her hotel in style on Friday (October 26) in New York City.

“My favorite Italian restaurant Babbo is open for lunch. This I did not know til now :)” the 30-year-old entertainer tweeted that same day – maybe she will eat there today!!!

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“I’m so ready for Halloween & Trick-or-Treating!” she added on Twitter.

Be sure to tune into 20/20 tonight to catch LeAnn‘s interview with Katie Couric, where she speaks about entering a treatment program, among other topics.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes leaving her hotel in NYC..

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  • reptileface

    stfu leann. must u share ur “pain” publicly? it’s so obvious u’re doing it for attention and sympathy. get over urself already! u have no clue what real pain is, some people have actual struggles that are beyond ur control. ur only concern is that not everyone loves u. so damn needy. keep ur self-pity to urself, will ya?

  • dobbi

    While you’re at Babbo, Eddie is bangin a waitress in Aspen.Cheers!

  • Parking Wars

    I really wish Leanne had someone in her life to tell her what not to say and do. It’s constant self humiliation IMO. So I hear Leanne is suing more than 2 people now. WTF? More money is needed for the defense fund to, I think? Who exactly is being sued and where do we send the money?

  • nomorerimes

    Who REALLY cares????

  • safireskeye

    Why does she look Asian? She should really cool it on the plastic surgery.

  • kizbit

    Maybe if she’d stop posting her every move on Twitter people wouldn’t judge her so much and then she could “heal”.

  • CeCe Fan

    Maybe if not even one person tunes in to watch it she will realize no one cares about her story.

  • eyewideopen

    Maybe if she drops her nuisance lawsuit and quits the staging of photo ops and bikini modeling, people can get forget her abhorrent behavior after her affair and toward her husband’s ex and remember that she used to be know for her talent. Sadly, I doubt that a person who seems as self pitying and vindictive as her would ever have the foresight to see that she is damaging her reputation even more. She seems to want to punish anyone who doesn’t crumble under her manipulative ways. I’ve actually been very complementary towards her in the past and defended her against other’s accusations., Turns out, jokes on me. She really is a narcissist. Watching her interview and then seeing the amazing Will i am and the family of little Ronan who suffered so much in his short life and yet was so brave, really drove the point home. Reading that she is suing the Mother of 4 adopted special need kids, after calling and abusing said Mother is unforgivable. She is just angry because her horrendous behavior was exposed.

  • Holly

    I pray every day that LeAnn is doing well and that she is able to shake the dust from her feet (Matthew 10:14) when dealing with those who do nothing but put down her every move. (bowing my head).

    God bless you and her always!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn).

  • Ding Ding

    Holly, are you bowing your head to suck Eddie’s tiny d*ck?

  • Sam

    no one believes this chick and her poor me, woe is me, i didn’t have a childhood– lies. i wonder how much she had to pay jj to repost this pointless story twice in one week.

  • Libby

    of course eddie is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.. if his wife was really ‘starting over’ you’d think he would want to be there with/for her. but instead he’s out with the guys?

  • Dorra

    blockbylean hears ANONYMOUS bits but cant disclose themmm

  • Madonnais

    Lib he IS with her in NY LOLOLOLOLL

  • betty

    Leann eyes are red from crying because she whined and cried for him to join her.The fact she had to twitter it shows how desperate she is,That woman has no pride.He might be with her but rather be some where else. Nothing worse then being with a man that’s wants to be elsewhere.

  • nomorerimes

    Got to give the skank credit–she can act. Trying to blink back tears–wow! Just remember she said she could cry whenever she wanted to. All lies.And just remember she begged ABC to be on the show. Nothing like going where you are really not wanted.
    I doubt EC is with her otherwise she would have had pics of them together just to prove how much he LovEs her! What a pathetic joke–her and her supposedly being loved.

  • betty

    Nomorerimes Her staging photos prove nothing. They been doing it since they’ve been together all for show and tell.. Eddie is an actor and just doing a job he’s getting paid for by Leann. I bet Eddie is biding his time and sick of Leann being needy and clingy. Eddie likes attention himself and the women that will provide him with it.. Leann knows this Brandi did state in an interview with Vanity Fair that Eddie confessed to her he had a problem when it came to women.and that has not changed.

  • Jim

    She looks smoking HOT!

  • Lynda

    Not everyone started off non-fans where Leann Rimes is concerned. I remember when she started out, being very impressed with her voice, especially given her young age. Today however, her fame is more about being a home wrecker, and exhibitionist for the paparazzi, and someone who engages in twitter wars, due to her obsession over her public image. I rarely hear anyone talk about her music anymore. And if she has had any hit records in recent years, I haven’t heard them, or even heard about them.

  • Sal

    Smoking hot mess

  • DAwn

    BB KRISTI sez Eddie will run from Le 3 months TOPS!!! She said 6 months past and 9 months!!!! She keep pushing back dates!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLZ Le bargain basement broke nn hires high price lawyer LOLOLOLLLZ

  • Libby

    @betty-she HAD to tweet it cause the interwebs have been saying for weeks that eddie has been mia..especially for the interview..why wasn’t he there for her first ever tv interview after entering rehab-katie called it rehab. (colorado)
    and this is how you know leann is still reading the gossip blog comments about her– she’s still going to twitter to defend her situation and prove people wrong. and don’t forget she had to put in ‘the babies’ dig.

  • Backfire

    @Holly: Why don’t you pray for the special needs children, whose Mother she is suing? Or are your prayers saved for vindictive, adulterous sociopaths?

  • Green

    I have to laugh at the LeAnn PR full stories that refer to people who don’t like LeAnn as internet trolls. People have very specific reasons for why they don’t like her and aren’t trolling. Just because a comment isn’t positive about her doesn’t mean it was an internet troll posting it. They are the posters who go on every thread, writing things to stir the pot. LeAnn just keeps doing things to make it worse for herself. There are something like 4000 comments about her on a certain search engine and about 99 percent of them are very negative. It is the same all over the web. She has and continues to lose public favor through her behavior and “poor me” attitude. She had been off of most people’s radar for years before she created this train wreck of a public image for herself and now is only know for her bikini tweeting and “Borrowed” man and children. She was very out of place on the 20.20 special because she was there to whine and the others featured have hot careers and public respect. She is her own worse enemy and constantly referring to those who don’t like her as trolls shows that she is truly deluded about her public image.

  • Green

    It doesn’t help much that the pro-Leann comments seem oddly similar to Leann’s own writing style, or are written as though the commenters are illiterate, or by Holly, whose apparent full time activity is praying for Leann with her head bowed. Anyone who has time to pray that much might want to try for world peace, the end of animal cruelty, for the people who are being affected by Hurricane Sandy or the Pakistani girl Malala who was shot by the Taliban for speaking out about education for girls. Wasting constant prayer on a spoiled, entitled, immature brat like Leann is bordering on moronic,

  • nomorerimes

    I urge people to call their local country music radio stations and ask them to NOT play any Rimes music. If her new single is to be “What have I done”, can you imagine Dean hearing that over and over? It would be like Leann twisting the knife she stuck in his back by cheating on him. Same if the single is “Borrowed”–for Brandi! I urge people also to NOT buy any of her CD’s and especially her new one that has been delayed in coming out over and over again! Is Curb that embarrassed about bringing it out? Bet they are glad this is her last CD with them!
    Time to act–boycott anything Rimes!

  • betty

    Dawn It’s not a matter of when Eddie leaves Leann it obvious it going to happen. The marriage is rocky and had no foundation in the beginning. You can’t build a foundation when there was none. Leann is desperately trying to hold on but it was just too many lies deceit and no trust. What happened to the bliss and happiness she always tweeted about. Appearances are hard to keep up especially when your mate has lost interest..When you keep your affairs private no one will know until you announce it.

  • Micheline

    Kristi lies!!!!
    ” I don’t know about u, but I cldn’t live w/myself watching her try 2destroy a family’s livelihood w/her money”

    She sez on CB Lemann BROKE. WHICH is it?? cra cra

  • Micheline

    Betty cheating rumours made by Kristi are fantasy!! They made stuff up!!

  • betty

    Micheline OH Really!!! The same thing was said when Leann and Eddie were cheating they are just rumors. Where there is smoke there is fire.!! Leann knows the truth like Brandi said she knew about Eddie regardless of all his lies.

  • gwen

    Another what is wrong with picture moment?

    1) Leann wasn’t even supposed to be apart of Katie’s 20/20 All Access Nashville special evidenced by the fact that her name doesn’t appear anywhere in the artcle. So as usual Leann forced herself into this special just like she actively pursued Eddie.

    2) Leann isn’t leaving her hotel, it looks like she is posing. This is a staged photo-op. How did this pap agency find Leann in NY when they couldn’t even find her in “rehab”?

    3) “My favorite Italian restaurant Babbo is open for lunch. This I did not know til now :)”

    Is this also like how didn’t have the tools to know that it was wrong to sleep with a married man? She knew it was open, hence why we are seeing photos of her coming out of the hotel.

    4) “the 30-year-old entertainer tweeted that same day – maybe she will eat there today!!!”

    Well she does have deals with sites to write nice things about her, so who better what know about what staged photo-op she has set up next than one of the sites she pays to write about her?

    5) “I’m so ready for Halloween & Trick-or-Treating!” she added on Twitter.

    So she is already advertising the planned staged photo-op she has set up for next week with Brandi’s kids. So will JJ get those “candid” photos first or did she arrange for People magazine to do them?

    6) Leann didn’t enter treatment, unless of course by treatment you mean plastic surgery. How come the media isn’t questioning why Leann’s face looks so wierd after her stint in “rehab”?

    7) For someone who says that she is starting over, why are we still seeing he do the same things that she did before she entered rehab? Why is she still requesting that Eddie be on tour with her and then tweeting up a storm about how he is with her? That shows a relapse.

    8) Someone said that this agency hasn’t photographed Leann since June. So how odd that they start this back up. Which means Leann called them and this was a staged photo-op.

    9) So what staged photo-op does Leann have planned next, we know that it’s going to involve her all over Eddie because she has to prove to everyone that he isn’t cheating on her.

    10) Did anyone notice how Leann had to clarify that Eddie was with his “babies”? Why would she need to do that if she has started over and moved on? She has been reading people’s tweets and saw the posts about how Eddie was hanging out with his boys in Colorado. How sad that she is having this major relapse and these media outlets continue to write nonsense.

  • gwen


    But your actions speak otherwise. We know that there is truth in what they are saying about Eddie cheating on Leann because for 3 days straight you have been here posting using 20 different names. Why are you using the name Micheline, as in Micheline Tires? Seriously, why are you using the name of a tire company to make the same posts about Kristi and the BBs that you made in the previous thread when your name was mortica, Dorra, leah, dawn, and meggie?

    @DAWN: Based on your actions alone we know that Eddie must already be gone. When she said 3 months she was being generious because Eddie has already left Leann, they are just keeping up a united front because Leann promised to give Eddie a portion of whatever she won from the lawsuit if he stayed with her. Once again you hurt your own case when you use all these different names.

    @Madonnais: Of course he is with her in NY. The question is what did she have to give him to make him go to NY with her? Was that why he was in Aspen with his “boys”(aka mistress)? Leann allows him to have a weekend with his mistress and in return he has to go on tour with her?

    @Jim: You are astroturfing, so Leann must be getting slammed for her appearance.

    @Dorra: But you confirm them for us. Why are you using so many different names to make the same post about the BBs and Brandi over and over? Seriously, it’s obvious who you are because in addition to stalking BBL on twitter you also stalk Betty. So thanks again for making it obvious that you are Anditfeelslikex.

    Why does the format for post 1 look like the same format that ANON uses to make posts?

  • anon

    gwen is sure spinning. Whats the matter K? Can’t remember what the truth is anymore?

  • Mona

    Kristi is cra!! She sez “I know for a FACT Le is flat broke” NOT TRUE is it with high priced lawyer? LOLOL sad face

  • betty

    Anon why do you keep coming back with all these fake names, You can’t run or hide from the truth that is Leann problem she hides and denies what is factual. That tape showed her true character and that is why she is angry because it went public. She can sue all she likes but it is not changing her public image. That’s why her pity party isn’t working she has been outed.

  • anon

    Not me, loony betty. Why do you think everyone on earth who doesn’t agree with you is me? Makes you rather stupid, like your alter ego, gwen. You know by now my work schedule, right?

    OH…I KNOW WHY!, you have no twitter to harrass LeAnn with since it was suspended!
    If you weren’t such a d*ck head it wouldn’t have been suspended. Right?

    I guess that is why you keep coming back to old Leann stories. You can’t get enough, can you? You can’t attack her on twitter, so you just keep going to old stories and attacking.

    Pathetic betty.

  • betty

    Anon FYI My twitter was suspended for tweeting one of Leann cronies not Leann and it reported me. Twitter isn’t the only social media. Leann has pity party stories all over the net and is getting 98% negative comments so I am not alone in my opinion of her behavior. Why should MY opinion matter since I am a party of ONE. Like I tweeted most people can see through BS and it is obvious Leann has proved her happiness and bliss is nothing but BS. Always the blame game never taking responsibility for her actions. Happy individuals don’t need therapy or rehab only insecure ones that can’t cope with their problems.and blame other factors for their behavior.

  • Q

    @betty: So you can’t tweet Leann’s twitter bud but they can tweet about Brandi Glanville’s private parts and their accounts are still up and running?. Something seems off. She may have a small die hard base but that is pretty much it as evidenced on the evidence on the web, her poor album sales, the fact her fan clubs have so few members etc, etc, etc, I don’t know why anon keeps insisting that you and a couple of others are Leann’s only detractors. She isn’t beloved by the Nashville community either and that says a lot. I hope that Eddie does love her and is good to her. He should, he’s her husband and she pays his way. He should be appreciative of that. Also, it is better for the boys to not have even more disruption in their little lives. Unfortunately, Eddie doesn’t have a great history of respecting marriage, something that likely hasn’t changed. Leann’s constant need to reinforce the idea that they are so blissfully happy seems to speak volumes otherwise. Perception is reality and most people perceive that relationship and those two as individuals. in an extremely negative light.

  • anoneemouse!

    @betty: So you DO attack her friends! Lower than low betty beaver. That is classic stalking and hopefully someone will care enough to have you charged soon!.
    You can spread your petty little lies “q” but I don’t think you know anything at all about Nashville or the people there. We do love LeAnn. Since she was little. You need to read more Nashville news, dearest dear!

    But thanks betty for admititng you have been stalking all of LeAnns friends all along, on twitter and otherwise.

  • betty

    Anon Why not keep the same name no ones fooled. What friends Leann has no FRIENDS she has to bribe people to be her friend and pay others and I said ONE of her cronies and that crony didn’t like my responses to his lies and the more he lied the more he got called out. For all I know you are probably the one and same person.and @Q must be right because Leann has had two albums that flopped and she has not been asked to participate in any Country shows lately. So much for her popularity among country fans.That’s why she keeps having these pity parties hoping it will help her image when she releases her new single. single

  • anoneemouse!

    So you I attack her friends! Lower than low Leann’s beaver. That is classic stalking and hopefully someone will care enough to have me charged soon!.

    I can spread my petty little lies using another different name but I don’t think I know anything at all about Nashville or the people there. We don’t love LeAnn. Since she was little. I need to read more Nashville news, dearest dear!

    But thanks for admititng I have been stalking all of Brandi’s friends all along, on twitter and otherwise.

    How come I keep changing my name? You can always tell just how bad things are for LeAnn by the number of times I have to change my name in the day. Yes ANONEEMOUSE=ANON, I am writing the same “beaver” posts that I wrote when I posted as ANON and the “haaaa” posters. BTW, did you know that Eddie calls LeAnn a beaver? That is why she was REALLY in rehab.

  • anon

    I sure am spinning. Whats the matter K? That’s right, when I can’t come up with anything to counter the truth about me, I change my name and argue that gwen is Kristi. I can’t remember what the truth is anymore. It’s why I have to falsely report people all the time.

    It was me, loony me. Why do I think everyone on earth who doesn’t agree with me is gwen or betty? Makes me rather stupid, like my alter ego, “haaaaa” poster and now anoneemouse. You know by now my work schedule, right? Of course you all do, it’s been documented and put into a report about me.

    OH…I KNOW WHY!, I have no twitter to harrass Brandi with since I falsely reported betty and got her falsely suspended!

    If I weren’t such a d*ck head and didn’t constantly report people it wouldn’t have been suspended. Right?

    I guess that is why I keep coming back to old Leann stories. I can’t get enough, can I? I can’t attack on twitter, so I just keep going to old stories and attacking. And I use 10 different names everytime I do it. I am going nuts today, did you see how I have been posting.

    Pathetic me.

  • anon


    This is one example of me changing my name because someone called me out for using the Micheline Tire company as a name to obvious over Kristi. Now that is cra. Why do I change my name when I get caught in the lies? Like today I introducted a new name. Anoneemouse. It’s one that I use on Celebrity Bitchy when I post. Do you know where I got the name MONA from?

    Think hard. I am not very bright, so I use names that are very familiar to me. Like anon is the name I stole from the old threads on US Weekly.

  • Brittnilea

    @anon: @anoneemouse!:

    So let me guess, Leann is about to release a staged airport photo-op of her and Eddie at the airport or a very negative article about Leann is about to hit the internet. You are going crazy.

  • betty

    anon/anoneemouse Getting me suspended from twitter didn’t stop my posting or that of of the other hundreds that posted or gave Leann negative comments.I know Andiffeelsx got me suspended but It still has not stop others from criticizing her. Who cares how many names you post it still has not stop the backlash against Leann.and won’t stop it.

  • anon

    @betty: Clearly you care betty. I enjoy watching you spin. Is it me or isn’t it?? Hahahahaha!

    Please keep posting, whomever is using my name, I don’t care.

  • betty

    Anon No spinning just telling it like it is and I don’t
    use fake names. What old stories? If I was spinning you would not be using different names trying to defend Leann melt downs.

  • anon

    @betty: Having emotions and a heart isn’t a melt down. Apologizing for falling in love with the wrong person makes her a bigger person than you. Is that why you are mad? Because she is and always will be a better person than you?

  • betty

    Anon We can’t help who we fall in love with but we can help how we handle it. You don’t me know well enough to compare me with anyone.Leann was married and had no right to PURSUE another married person.My motto is clean your house before you help destroy another.If a person can be lured away from a relationship once they can be lured again. Most of these type of relationships don’t last.When did Leann apologize? Saying she was sorry IF people got hurt but not sorry how it turned out. A selfish statement if I ever heard one., that’s why she got no sympathy from most for her pity party stories.. Now she feels what Brandi felt but she can’t cope and needs ” rehab”.