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Angelina Jolie: Park Playtime with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie: Park Playtime with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie sits in her SUV while her nannies take Knox and Vivienne to play at a local park on Saturday afternoon (October 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress made some calls on her cell phone and watched from her front seat window as Knox and Vivi had fun on the playground with a young female friend.

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It was recently revealed that Angie‘s kids Pax and Zahara will be joining her and Vivienne in the upcoming Disney flick Maleficent!

For more pictures, visit X17!

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie‘s kids at a playground…

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angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 01
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 02
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 03
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 04
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 05
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 06
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 07
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 08
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 09
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 10
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 11
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 12
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 13
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 14
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 15
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 16
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 17
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 18
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 19
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 20
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 21
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 22
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 23

Credit: RS-Campos-Jack; Photos: X17, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • anustin

    thanks G.C .glad she is talking.

  • carry

    You can see angie very blurry yeah at first i didn’t notice it.

  • reeven


  • Molly

    The girl in the car seems to be so young. Is she really Angelina????

  • Georgina

    Always happy to see Brangelina’s children, but my favorite since always is Shiloh. I really wanna see her again. And Knox is exactly like Shiloh, cutie.

  • carry

    @#! They play with eachother as you can see.

  • tish

    Anustin, do you mind pointing out to me where the car is that Angie is supposed to be in.? ….(maybe?)

    I keep looking and there sure are one heck of alot of pics but on my end there are no pics (not one) of a black tinted car..Or. were you just joshing again? lol feel like an idiot asking you this but i tell ya if there is car there i will eat my shirt.:)

  • carry

    @reeven: I am start to think something is up too. The pretty gene just need to add at least one for sure 4 is older now

  • claire

    at molly
    though it’s blurry, but it’s obvious

  • as it is

    so darn cute kids.

  • Albert

    @Molly: Yes, you can’t see the lips or what?
    Seeing this little girl, I think the biggest one is prettiest.

  • carry

    @Albert: All three jolie-pitt little girls are cute. All with big eyes. I mean what is your point?

  • Ssshhii_baby

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world! was just checking in and what a wonderful surprise! wow! the kiddies have really, knox is one beautiful boy! i think he looks most like his gorgeous mom! look at how precious cutie-patootie Vivi! oh and look trolls…the kiddies have friends other than their siblings! and, yes! angie have friends too! she just doesn’t use them just to win some silly popularity contest. hope they stay in LA for Halloween. it would be super cute overload if we see all the Jolie-Pitt’s in costume! im anticipating my girl Shi’s costume..i love her style so im sure she will rock the best costume! awe…so precious!!!

  • Albert

    @carry:Actually I dont know how many sisters they are, but I saw in a pictures another girl, this one who dresses like a boy, and I think she is prettiest. That´s my point.

  • Dakota

    Thanks for the pictures JJ! They are beautiful kids having fun with Holly’s daughter! Love this family!!

  • Noah

    @Albert: You must been talking about Shiloh. They are three sisters. Zahara, who is adopted, then Shiloh, like you say she dresses like a boy, and finally this one, Vivienne. If you are talking about Shiloh, I must say that, for me, she is the prettiest too. The others are also cute, but Shiloh is like a little doll, just perfect.

  • mrst

    the kids are so adorable…=)

  • goat

    the witch has to stay in the car for halloween so the kids don’t get scared!

  • Charlotte

    I’ve just realized they both are wearing the same shoes. Still plus cute!

  • tish

    The JP’s really enjoy celebrating Halloweeen with their children.

    We have gotten pics before of all or a few in their Hallowean costumes. Usually the pics are from some lucky bugga in the neighborhoood who grabs his camara most times at first unsure if it is the Jolie Pitt kids sometimes with both with mama and papa.Pitt.
    in costume too.

    BINGO…The next day some tabloid has picked the pics up making some poor schoe rich after the delivery of the JP pics..

    I would rather hear and believe that then find out some hounding freeloading pap-azzz grabbed pics/ money..

    Okay You beautiful Family, will be waiting for your 2012 Hallowean Holiday Trick or Treats Pics…soon.

  • Albert
  • Love The Shoes

    @tish: Yep that’s Holly’s daughter. The only reason I know this is because a few years back I saw a photo of her with her mom, the twins and Angelina and thought it was so cool their kids were growing up together. She’s a doll and it’s so cute that she and Viv look like buds.

  • QQQQ

    That AJ pic is from those creeps a x17. Who knows when it was taken. More than likely NOT today. They are good at changing dates and fudging stuff.

  • jean

    Those twins are so cute. Vivvy looks more and more like Angie every time I see her.
    Vivvy’s hair is so long now.

  • Hamlet

    Suri is much prettier.

  • busted

    new pics..

    the twins are super cute. And so is Holly’s daughter. They all see very close. Must have been nice for Angie and Holly to have kids the same age.

    Well now we know that they are in LA.. or that Angie and the kids are.

  • claire

    at goat
    you doesnt need a halloween custome, because your face is enough.. hahaha.

  • gigi

    The photos of them on Zimbio it looks like Holly is with them, That’s her with the black pants and flip/flops behind Knox here..
    Viv is growing up to be such a beauty. I think she looks like Brad and his side of the family. Knox is all Angie, especially the eyes. Gorgeous little boy. Holly’s daughter is so adorable.

  • maggy

    I’m impressed how much Knox looks like his mother. Although they’re twins they dont look alike to me. One of them reminds of Shiloh, but I’m not quite sure which one.

  • cuteness Jollie-Pitt

    It is difficult to judge by pictures but the twins seem Children pleasing personality. Very cute!

  • cuteness Jollie-Pitt

    Se eu tivesse que adivinhar sobre a sua personalidade, eu diria que Knox Vivi, e Mad parece mais calmo e Pax, Zee e Shi parece mais agitado.

  • win2000

    If she’s in the car right next to them, why cant she join her kids? It’s not like her absence will prevent the paps from taking pictures of the little ones anyway.
    If that was Suri in the park and Katie Holmes locked up in her car right next to it, this comment space would be full of judgmental a*******, but because is AJ then nobody judges, everyone’s fine with it. Awful.
    And what is up with the whole pregnancy talk? There is ONE blurry picture of Angelina Jolie’s face. I didn’t know pregnancy could now be detected by looking at a woman’s face.

  • lurker

    STFU sick of the bs trolls bring here,enough already.

  • win2000

    @lurker: STFU 2 u. I’m trolling no ****, I’m simply stating the obvious. People give way too much free passes for the Jolie-Pitts whist giving a hard time to other celebrities’ families. You dont have to agree but no need to insult me.

  • goat

    Whose blood will Angie drink for Halloween?

  • claire

    at win 2000
    what are you arguing about? :)

  • claire

    @ goat..
    oh common.. go ahead drink your blood, and dont forget to look yourself in the mirror it more like a halloween costume

  • win2000

    @claire: Well, I come here to leave a simple and honest opinion not intended to offend the Jolie-Pitts but to criticize the behaviour I frequently see in this site and I got told to STFU. There’s a difference between trolling such as “goat” here is doing and commenting some news, you know?

  • :/

    seriously, too good to play with your kids?? what a pathetic human being

  • miho

    knox is so handsome and vivi is so pretty

  • lurker

    You know these usless bullies trolling the internet are hurting and need help when they whine about a person talking on the phone in the privacy of her car while her children play happily with her friend and their minder.
    my lord we need smart trolls what happen to smart trolls those days are long gone

  • lurker

    bye fans please thumb down fat tick hens have a good evening

  • win2000

    @lurker: You dont need smaller trolls, you need less brangelina lunatic fans

  • Dc

    Beautiful Viv and handsome Knox! They are adorable and so precious. Love seeing them. Love the Jolie-Pitts.

  • win2000

    @win2000: ***smarter

  • zoe

    @ 89 – Jolie’s idea of parenting is stuffing them full of junk food, so what else do you expect from her?

  • Obviously

    If Angelina was out there with them there would be a greater commotion and everyone in the park would be disturbed . It’s her picture the paps want . The kids photos aren’t worth as much and many publications outside the U.S. won’t buy them.. The demand for Kati Holmes picture isn’t anywhere near as great. And if she also stayed away to keep the paps at bay most reasonable people would also understand.

  • claire

    @ zoe
    when you were a kid you beg your mom to bought you junkfoods. look at yourself your obese..


  • ana

    I think angie is hiding something. Is she pregnant? We’ve not seen her in public with brad in all his premiere in KTS and now she’s not even with her children in the park which she usually do when she’s with them. I

  • Kathy

    Knox is Angie, Viv is Brad. they are gorgeous. I think Angie is pregnant.