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Angelina Jolie: Park Playtime with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie: Park Playtime with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie sits in her SUV while her nannies take Knox and Vivienne to play at a local park on Saturday afternoon (October 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress made some calls on her cell phone and watched from her front seat window as Knox and Vivi had fun on the playground with a young female friend.

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It was recently revealed that Angie‘s kids Pax and Zahara will be joining her and Vivienne in the upcoming Disney flick Maleficent!

For more pictures, visit X17!

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie‘s kids at a playground…

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angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 01
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 02
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 03
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 04
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 05
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 06
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 07
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 08
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 09
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 10
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 11
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 12
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 13
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 14
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 15
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 16
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 17
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 18
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 19
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 20
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 21
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 22
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 23

Credit: RS-Campos-Jack; Photos: X17, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • nina

    @boohoo:(: Brad is the best Dad ever! That slupmy man with a stoney face can never father a child!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    The twins are just precious. I love Viv’s smile. Knox is a cutie pie. They are both Angie & Brad. Loves those cheeks.

    I just saw MANiston photos. What’s the fug with her hair. For once, can this woman doing something with her damnn other than in her face. Boy, Midget must be over the moon. Going to Gala and places. He was stupid when he got himself a sugar mama.

  • Mar

    I wish you would not make fun of childless women in general. Some of us fans of the JP have not children either, even if we tried. About JA, she most probably chose to be childless and is playing with the public the idea that she will also be a minivan member. Someday.
    But good fans should not call names, it is not nice.

  • nina

    @Doctors Orders: Gimme a break pal. Isn’t boo boos display at 43+ even worse? – pathetic loser!

  • old manny is a nasty liar

    mar- people don’t mock old manny because she is childless- “it’s all good” as also said upthread. People mock manny because she is a proven LIAR and a hypocrite. She also hanags out with the likes of Chelsea & pervy photogs & the girls gone wild guy. I commend manny for NOT having kids- her actions show show that she would be a bad mother. Manny should just be HONEST about not wanting kids- but truthfulness has away been hard for her.

  • just saying

    Ha! Is she really sitting in the car as her babies play-Well I guess there is no sense faking it, I mean when is the last time there was a sighting of her and The Chanel Queen? Sitting in the limo as YOUR kids play? These are the moments that are supposed to be special, at least her leg could have made an appearance…I see Viv finally grew into her head…oh well…announcement in 5..4…3..2..1

  • Erica

    Brad and Angelina have such a cute family. The kids are just adorable.

  • dawne

    B4 we have ‘car gate’ Angie is a multi-tasker; she is a woman who has so many projects and interests in addition to her family, she has to find ways to do it all. The kids were playing……….she watched and worked; they were well supervised and the kids knew Mommy was there………god, are Brad and Angie the only parents in the celeb world who have to be velcro’d to their kids 24/7?

    So zip it trolls. Don’t bother with your usual tripe. BTW, if anyone has the link to Angie in the car, please post it.


    the homewrecker whore is called jagar to fuccckkkk her again. the word on the street is that those two broods are not stupitt’s. they are for her ex husband that but mockery ad chanel pitt is dumb to know. they both have no friends not even invited to the gala yesterday than to do a PHOTO OPS.

  • Rose

    @dawne: Hi dawn, how are you. Angle is that blue photo. You have to look off angle to see her, but she is sitting in the front seat.

  • Lucian

    I think Angie is in the car is because she doesn’t want to attract papz. Even though papz finds them anyway.

  • fyi12
  • Carly

    I see on another site, Angie was making phone call in the car, probably to Brad.

  • anustin

    i want Heidi Bivens to get married or at least have a baby.

    she is young and beautiful,unlike the manstealingniston very happy of what she has done to her.bless heidi heart.

  • Rose

    @fyi12: #212, Hi FYI, how are you lady? Yes, that the picture. It’s hard to see looking straight on, but that’s the one.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I see trolls pulling s hit out of their asses. It kills them to see this family happy. If you are going to trash this family, why keep changing your name. Oh I know why. They are a bunch of pathetic losers.


    So saw some pictures of Brad grey paramount CEO whom Jen and stupitt formed Plan B with at the film gala lastnight and sat on the same table with jen and justin, was next to justin laughing with him so why brad wasnt invited. stupitt is isolated now and even the few friends he has are shunning him including hollywood. not invited to any event.

    Loons also claimed on celebitchy how diaz and jen are not close anymore yet there are bunch of pictures of them at FF.

    brangelina are a joke in hollywood now with the leg bomb and chanel bomb all in 2012. they have finally been crowned as america’s laughing stock of 2012 on top always toping famous hollywood cheating scandals. poor brandgelina and alot of psychics have predicted they would break up very soon but you what they deserve eachother so i would be sad whenever that happens.

  • omg

    Just see the new Maniston picture, how ugly she is, she looks like Mcstumpy’s mother.

  • awwwww

    how sweet is that!!!

  • anustin

    lol moroniston u dont know diaz and Manstealingniston are birds in the same feather? keep changing men?u dunno?im shocked,NOT!

  • why

    why are you people say dirty things about Jen Aniston?You really care about her?Just enjoy the JPitt`s pics and that`s it

  • Jollie-Pitts neeeds grooming


  • plz

    Brad and Angie never attended this kinda event. They only attend their own movie premieres and awards shows if they are nominated. They are A++ list, only D list insert themselves to every event happening in HW to find a way to ass-kissing the CEOs of studios. Besides Brad said recently, his kids are growing up fast, he is reducing public appearance.

  • anustin

    you want the JPs fans to keep quite ,while manstealingniston ff,deadlisted site coming here spreading der to the fans and children?

  • anustin

    btw.manstealingniston is going to be 44.hehehee with her coke and toke along with her pill for the longest time,hard to get pregnant.but i want her to pop a baby so she doesn’t have to mention someonelse children.

  • lovey dovey

    i love the pictures and i agree, am neutral i love brad, jen and angie but i think brad and angie fans are the reason why they are the most hated celebs in hollywood because they hate and talk crap about jen and if we are not to bring jen name up am sure everyone would respect brangelina. i was a fan of the golden couple 1999-2004 and eventhough brad cheated i still forgive him but sometimes some of his fans annoy me that they have to insult jen. but you gotta know that as of right now and when they spilt the woman is better off and that is the truth and everyone is aware of that. she is engaged to be happy and america is happy for her

  • BW

    plz @ 10/28/2012 at 12:15 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Brad and Angie never attended this kinda event. They only attend their own movie premieres and awards shows if they are nominated. They are A++ list, only D list insert themselves to every event happening in HW to find a way to ass-kissing the CEOs of studios. Besides Brad said recently, his kids are growing up fast, he is reducing public appearance.
    Exactly, for A list stars, the studios come to you. Disney wants Brad for 2000 Leagues Under the Sea, Brad hasn’t committed to it. I understand it, it is going to be a blockbuster movie, but I am not sure Brad is interested in the role like that.

  • an opinion

    So funny the troll is so happy that Ticky paid to have her boy sit next to Brad Grey. Where as Brad Grey pays to have Brad star in his big budget movies. Disney has Angelina star in their big budget movie. BTW LACMA is where Angelina showed her engagement for the first time. Brad and Angelina get private showing of their events. Ticky has to buy a ticket. Get it troll. Difference between A list and C list.

  • plz

    No matter how hard Maniston try to ass-kiss Brad Grey, Grey won’t give her or her midget escort a job.

  • LOL

    I know why Ticky chose to wear the dress that shows her saggy breasts, because she knows Angie and Brad were also invited to that event. Both Brad and Ange are supporters of Lacma.

    Just in case Ange showed up, Ticky wanst to make sure she can upstage her. Lol, no wonder the midget looks uptight, he is too embarrassed by Ticky’s drama.

  • fyi12


    I am fine thanks. I hope everyone on the East Coast is well prepared & Hurricane Sandy passes by without any damage.

    BTW I am still LOL that blog owners don’t even recognize Angie’s assistant Holly; for well over a decade, she is also a producer & travels with the JP’s almost all the time!
    I guess theyall missed that video when Holly’s daughter jumps in to Angie’s arms at the LA KFP2 premiere OR when Holly & her husband were in Vietnam with the JP’s & all the pregnant pictures we have seen both Holly & Angie when they traveled for Angie’s UNHCR work?
    SMH at the tabs & blog owners! LMAO

    This is not the video when her daughter goes to Angie for a hug, but this is the event & you can see Holly as Angie is giving interviews.

  • fyi12

    @an opinion:

    Good point! Also Brad Grey asks Brad to attend his wedding & sells all of his stocks from Plan B to Brad Pitt when he becomes Paramounts CEO NOT Ticky! LMAO

  • Jaye

    Hey, Jp Fans. I hope all is well with you, especially those in the path of the storm. Keep safe.
    Trolls don’t really care about why Jolie is in the car, it’s just another way to make something out of nothing and get attention from the fans. They only care about making the fans angry or otherwise upsetting them. They love that.
    Even if fans say they’re not upset and don’t care what a troll says or think, the fact that they are reading what the troll says or talking about what the troll said, is proof enough to them that the fans do care. We know the trolls have nothing new to say or anything of any importance, but it’s the attention that drives them, the steady stream of talking about what they said.
    Someone asked the trolls why they post here when 75% of the people don’t even read their posts. The answer is because 25% do.
    I think we all make a conscious choice of feeding the troll or not. If we feed it, we can’t expect it not to come back, any stray animal will do that. I know it’s hard not to make a defense against what a troll says, but you don’t have to.
    I stopped giving explanations and making defenses a long time ago. What is there to defend? The why and when of Pitt leaving Aniston. That was almost 8 years ago. That Pitt and Jolie and are happy together and live productive lives? That their kids are happy and healthy and they have great parents? Those things need no defending. It was hard for me to stop talking to trolls, but I found a way that worked for me.
    If I wanted to say something to a troll, I would type it out, either in the comment section or a Word document. I would read it and then delete it. I got out my frustrations without having to resort to talking to the troll of giving it any satisfaction. Over time it became easy not to respond and I no longer felt the urge to even read what they were saying.
    The bottom line is, even if fans say it doesn’t bother them, many of therm are botheres. There’s a saying: Don’t listen to what a person says, watch their actions. It’s frustrating and a losing battle to try to make a troll see the light. They are TROLLS, not Aniston fans or fans of anyone else. Aniston is just a tool they know they can use to push the fans buttons. The two or three trolls who sit here day after day have only one goal and it’s all about getting attention. Who do you think is winning?
    All I’m saying is, if you choose a course and know the consequences and you still do it, you should make peace with your decision to follow that course. If you’re having fun, then, have fun, don’t expect the troll to change, it won’t. We just have to own our choices.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Maybe she’s still thinking about Brad. She wore this dress in case Brad shows up. Didn’t she wear a similar dress like this when she was married to Brad.

  • rachel

    i wish angelina would sue these douchebag about the crap they sell about her. x17 needs to be sued badly for stalking her kids

  • OMG

    You guys should go to Getty’s Images and check out the photo of Aniston and Cameron together! Poor Cameron looks old and Aniston looks worse! This event seem to be a job fair for Aniston. She might as well give it up because in HW when you are out people will fake it and shake with you but no fruit will ever come of it. Favortie tagline to know you’re being blown smoke: Hey we should do something together I got a film coming up that you will be great in, call me and let’s do lunch to talk about it. Next day no return calls, sorry Aniston no one wants to hire you.

  • Wonderbust

    I aboslutely LOVE your post and I too am guilty of responding to trolls sometimes. There is one particular name-changing troll from fuglyfemales that has been on here for ages 24/7 you know who the person is because it uses its name to insult the JPs as Jaye said it is happy when it gets our attention..we dont have to justify Brad Grey etc because at the end of the day trolls go on about how ticky is so well-connected in hollywood yet why is she NEVER in movies with award-winning directors or top notch a-list actors heck Angelina Jolie was working with Sean Connery as early as age 23 and she was the CO-LEAD in a movie with Denzel Washington at age 24 and Denzel still raves about her as one of his top 3 actors he has worked with.

  • Rose

    @fyi12: FYI, you know if she was a stranger seen with angle a few times there would be some snide remarks. But Holly and her daughter were seen and identify with Angie many times and no one knows who she is.
    I am prepared the best I can, and now hoping for the best. I believe NJ will be hit very hard, that’s the info going out now. New York is under a State of Emergency. The subways will be shut down at midnight.
    As someone mention earlier today why JJ never refer to the Jolie Pitts kids as “adorable”? Very interesting observations.

  • Rose

    @Jaye: Hi Jaye, how are you lady? I hear what you say about fans reading trolls comments. There are times fans see a new moniker and read the comments, then thumb them down. There are other times the resident trolls are here daily and fans know their monikers so they are thumbed down automatically. There is one person some fans try to understand exactly if they are fan or troll, so we take a look see. Finally fans cracked this person as a troll.
    I know I made a pledge even if a troll mention me by name, I NEVER answer, that troll.

    There are some comments that do not need defending but saying to a troll to shut up and get a life is really not defending BA just saying to a
    troll, get a life and move on, jmo.

  • busted

    @rose and all the other fans facing the storm. BE SAFE

    I don’t know why Aniston get so excited when she is around real A lister and power players. OH wait that’s because she is not one of them. I think this is what she did with Mayer.. tried to show him all the big names she knows. Squiggy needs more contacts. He can’t live forever off Ben Stiller and the bones he throws his way. Outside those he had nothing else in play. And Jennifer usually doesn’t do these kind of events. but I think it is all because that movie she just filmed has been pushed back until after August. There were some comments I saw on another site saying the early parts were terrible. She needs to be seen and socialize to get jobs. From her own mouth she only gets certain scripts so she has to work hard to get attention. The Brad/Angie thing is past it’s prime and people don’t care about a break up anymore.

    I know her fans cream their panties about her sitting next to Brad Grey.. but have you ever heard Brad Grey say he is dying to work with her, or is sending scripts to her to read. NOPE. Squiggy doesn’t know any Studio heads so she introduced them and probably yammered on about all the stuff he has done but is just waiting to be read. How many times do you think Brad G hears that kind of stuff. She needs to just open her wallet again and fork over the millions to produce his stuff.. And the Aniston fans think a man that can’t get his own material financed can afford a huge ring.

    Yeah logic is not in their path of thinking. Anyway she looked better in that picture with Drew..then I saw the one with Cameron..and ROUGH and HARD looking is the best word I got..

    But enough with her.. Lovely to see the twins and Angie (well kind of)

  • Larissa

    That little friend of Vivienne’s had got cool hair. lol x

  • Rose

    @busted: #240, Hi busted, thanks for your good wishes and the same to you. I remembered when SS took John Mayer to the Oscars and he said he felt like he did not belong there, do you remember that? Now I’m guessing she is taking JT to these functions, I’m hoping he’s feeling comfortable with his inappropriately dressed fiancee.
    Can you believe how big the twin has gotten is such a short time. No wonder Brad is cutting back his schedule to spend more time with his children.

  • just asking

    Where is Maddox? He hasn’t been seen for 6 months.

  • OMG


    Aniston is finished in HW. Her heyday could have been longer if she had not taken the quick way out to be a celebrity and that started with the VF article. If she was a real actress she would have shut her face and proved herself through her work.

    Think about it, Aniston has been smoozing up to Tom Hanks for years now and even he won’t throw her a bone in HW. So her sitting/talking or whatever to any of high powered movie execs don’t mean nothing. Like I said earlier they will give her the famous tagline but she will never receive or get a call returned. She is only good for what she started tabloids and low budget films that everyone else like Cameron, Selma and others have rejected. She gets their rejects and left overs and even then she still has to be paired with a male counterpart whose name is larger to get butts in the seats. So don’t worry about Brad Grey because he is definitely not going to touch Aniston or her man with a 2 ft pole.

  • Wonderbust

    @OMG Tom Hanks would rather work with box office poison Halle Berry than with ticky and her hens want us to believe she has connects in Hollywood, her next film is with Dennis Q LMAO

  • Rose

    I see the resident troll is here thumbing down the fans, why don’t you get a life and move on.

  • JJ’s Ads

    I see JJ has added annoying ads when you refresh!!! It’s bad enough the big ass internet speed stealing promo ads are on the main page along with the unwanted “get the look” pop ups, now you can’t refresh without seeing an ad! Ugh!!!!!

  • SMH

    I think it is sad people didn’t go see Cloud Atlas, it is a daring, changeling and creative movie. and they would rather to see stupid movie like Taken 2. SMH

  • jmo

    @JJ’s Ads: Ad block

  • Love The Shoes

    Just noticed the fake tat on Holly’s daughter’s arm. I love it.