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Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Iced Coffees To Go!

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Iced Coffees To Go!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis leave a friend’s house holding plastic cups full of iced coffee on Saturday afternoon (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor was a gentleman and opened the car door for his 29-year-old girlfriend as they got into his Lexus and drove off.

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Mila‘s summer blockbuster Ted will be hitting stores on Blu-ray and DVD on December 11. Make sure to pick up a copy!

20+ pictures inside of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis leaving a friend’s house…

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ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 01
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 02
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 03
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 04
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 05
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 06
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 07
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 08
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 09
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 10
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 11
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 12
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 13
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 14
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 15
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 16
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 17
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 18
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 19
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 20
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 21
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 22
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 23
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 24
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 25
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 26
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 27
ashton kutcher mila kunis iced coffees to go 28

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • nyob

    Maybe it is just the camera playing tricks, but she looks pregnant.

  • Tiana

    @nyob: I was going to say the same thing, she does looks pregnant i wish it was a side picture, i wouldn’t be shocked though, Ashton has always wanted to be a father. That is going to be a one good looking baby if she’s pregnant.

  • Sesaon

    Ehm ok. Either she has a flabby fat belly or she is pregnant.

  • LooseLipz

    Pregnant ? doubt it, but maybe it’s the accumulation of all the coffees these two have been seen drinking the last few days…what’s the fascination with this couple?

  • miss infamous

    where the hell did that baby bump come from?!?! lol

  • sookie

    she looks pregnant.. lol

  • madmax

    omg she’s fat
    omg she looks preggo

    ….horizontal stripes don’t look good and are unflattering on everyone. relax, people.

  • jen

    These two look perfect . Just like they are so relaxed and in sync with each other.

  • traisy

    She doesn’t look as good since she has been with him. If I got World’s Sexiest Woman by a major publication, I would be sure to be looking hot at all times for atleast the year. lol

  • txr

    oh please, she does not look pregnant, the last two photos when you get a side view you can see how flat her stomach is. Just a hot couple on a walk.

  • naiy

    he has gained some weight too when people are in love the pack a few pounds

  • jesse

    @jen: They look too comfortable with each other. No spark.

  • notamilafanbut love Ashton

    Mila looks rough in the face while Ashton looks fresh faced. She looks too old for him.

  • boo!

    @txr: The side shots are really what made me think she was. Her shirt looks relatively loose except around her breasts and stomach. She’s even walking like a pregnant woman. They’d make cute babies! If she is, Demi is gonna lose her natural mind.

  • txr

    @boo!: She looks like she is walking like a pregnant woman? LOL, I have seen other recent photos of her with Kutcher and she didn’t look pregnant there either, she doesn’t look pregnant to me, and to me in the side shot, where there is not a distortion that can happen with a stripe shirt from the front, her stomach looks flat to me.

  • marie

    He is a cheater that doesn´t have any respect for women and she is a fool to be with him.

  • Nick

    what’s with her face? how come she has jowls or something in so many recent photos?

  • LenLT

    Omg is she pregnant? Her hands and legs don’t look fat but her face and belly look bloated. I see most women who are in their 1st trimester have this kinda problem. Or she’s on her period. Who knows

  • Revenge This

    Huge Mila fan. Not only is she a hot looking women, but she’s talented and smart too boot. It’s not everyday you see a total package. And I certainly don’t think she’s pregnant. There were pictures of her just yesterday coming out of a gym with a flat and toned tummy. The “bump” in this pic could be from A.) Bad camera angle. or B.) A hearty meal. Hey, it happens no matter how fit or skinny you are!

  • preggers

    100%, without a doubt….preggers

  • AD

    Uhhhh, what is up with that belly? Do people intentionally make themselves look pregnant every now and then for the news? Lately, there is this fat talk but she is fit all around… just with a preggo belly.

  • Bernie wall

    Looks pregnant. Otherwise, she must have had a huge lunch.

  • CF

    She is COMPLETELY pregnant!!!!

  • csa

    she has a bull dog face in these pictures and she looks pregnant but it must be all these iced coffees she is drinking all the time!!! that is the sexiest woman alive!!!

  • Tatiana

    OMG I hope she is pregnant so I can get a job as their nanny. I am certain Ashton will go the way of some male celebrities who fell for the nanny.

  • riri

    @csa: woof woof

  • 日本手話 看板 サイン のれん 日本語の看板

    Notice they never talk with each other in all these photos together. I wonder why. I guess they have nothing to talk about then.

  • ted

    Mila will probably get pregnant so Ashton will marry her. Get a prenup man!

  • kate

    @日本手話 看板 サイン they never walk together only when they see the paps when they arent theyre they hold hands and hug

  • titanic clit

    And how exactly do you know that?

  • madmax

    @csa @notamilafanbut love Ashton you two need to get a life outside of the internet instead of visiting every last Mila post to say she’s pug-faced, OMG HEY PR!!!, she’s not sexy how did she win?, etc. Get a life.

  • Eat My Kunis

    @madmax: Right? Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe these people. They literally post on all the Mila threads and are usually one of the first to comment. How sad and lonely can your life be if you’re waiting by your computer every second of the day for news or pictures on Mila – and you claim to not even like her? Their comments are repetitive and redundant. It’s got to be something personal. Otherwise, there’s no logical, rational, SANE explanation for their unhealthy level of hate. If she bothers you that much….STAY AWAY FROM HER POSTS! Simple. But I guess it’s too much to ask from uneducated morons.

  • you’re a bore

    @Eat My Kunis:
    *YAWN* just made the longest comment here and the most irrelevant of them all. How about focusing on the positive if that’s what you want then? Nearly all of them are positive so what more do you want? All the people to be the same?

  • madmax

    @Eat My Kunis: There are certain celebrities I severely dislike, i.e. megan fox, natalie portman, jgl all for one reason or another so i scroll past any posts about them anywhere on the internet. too much effort and too much patheticness for me to just click into each post i see of those celebs and bash away like those two sad, lonely souls do. i’m all for opinions and judgment but at least provide reason for hating person ______. there is no logic.

  • notamilafanbutloveAshton

    @madmax: Who said anything about hate? Not a fan means just that and nothing more. You must visit all the sites to think you know what people are writing on the blogs. It is also rather sad that you take this all so personally.

  • notamilafanbutloveAshton

    @Eat My Kunis: What a disgusting tag ‘eat my Kunis’. If you want to defend Mila then defend her. Your tag sounds derogatory to Mila in a sexual way. Rather pervy.

  • csa

    i` m posting about Mila and some people keep posting about me! that` s crazy!!! it` s a website , guys, relax! you can` t read only positive comments about Mila…there are people who don` t like her…it doesn` t mean i dont` have a life! you visit this board as many times as i do! it` s just that you don` t like to read negative comments about her but please grow up!!! she is famous, she ` s been public and i can say whatever i want about her! and i PERSONALLY believe she is overrated!!!!

  • nick

    @csa: And you certainly make sure every post isn’t positve, as all you do is post nasty snarky comments over and over and over,post after post. Your obsession with her is obvious….your dislike is irrelevant, everybody has an opinion, but nobody is as obsessive as you are, positive or negative, to repeat the same comments over and over again.

  • ace

    If Mila is pregnant I shudder.

  • Nicky

    Mila fans say dreadful and mean things about Demi. Is there something about Mila that attracts such cruel people?

  • see

    haha, is this the only website not mentioning her belly? this is why he left demi, to be with a young woman who has his baby growing beneath that bump

  • Some ppl really need2gettalife

    I think it’s safe to say we’re ALL sick and tired of the same three negative posters (csa, notamilafanbutloveAshton aka PR Stinks, Nono) coming into every Mila thread; as if it’s their holy obligation to pollute us with their stinky donkeyball comments, and repeating the same things over and over. They are like the losers who come to a party uninvited and don’t take the hint that nobody wants them there. Do yourself, and your dignity a favor and just L-E-A-V-E. Do what most of us NORMAL people do when we don’t like something, IGNORE IT. Now, back to Mila, that definitely isn’t a baby bump. She was just photographed a couple of days ago coming out of a gym looking fit. I call that “bump” lunch. Otherwise I’m pregnant after every dinner, too. And then unpregnant the next morning. :)

  • Uh huh

    am i the only person that likes this couple? I mean he was the first guy she ever kissed and they have known each other for years. This may turn out to be a long term stable thing… but then again its Hollywood and that almost never happens lol

  • XX

    She’s pregnant folks! I’m so happy for them! They make a great couple together!!

  • Lexi

    @Uh huh: Nope. Not just you. They acutally have a lot of people who love them and support them for the same reasons you just stated. It’s uber sweet that they’ve had crushes on each other and remained friends for 15 years, only to hook up later. He’s her first kiss! Ashton once did an interview with Rosie O’Donnell where he told her Danny Masterson (Hyde) dared him to “tongue” Mila during one of their on-screen kisses, and he really did it lol! Kinda gross if you think about it. She was only 14 and he was 20 O_O. But sweet now that they’re older.

  • matahari

    If she is not pregnant, then her metabolism really sucks!!!!

  • ted

    @see: Typical Mila fan saying mean things about Demi not able to have children. Ashton didn’t have to marry her.

  • brittney
  • cece

    @Some ppl really need2gettalife: Well said, it won’t stop the haters, but you nailed it.

  • PR stinks

    ..nailed my a$$. The douche is dumb enough not to notice PR stinks and ..loveAshton..whatever have completely different styles=not the same person. Don’t love Kutcher at all, zero talent, self-obsessed low-life & cheater. Do like Mila, don’t like her PR which dumbs her down to make her more popular and appealing to maggotheads like you..
    I bet ‘mike’ would agree d(-_-)b