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Erin Heatherton: Dance4life Cocktail Party with Doutzen Kroes!

Erin Heatherton: Dance4life Cocktail Party with Doutzen Kroes!

Erin Heatherton shows off her pearly whites at the Dance4life cocktail party held at Milk Studios on Saturday (October 27) in New York City.

The 23-year-old model was joined at the event by fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes.

“So excited to launch @dance4LifeUSA in NY and to dance at @SensationUSA later,” Doutzen tweeted earlier in the evening. “You will not understand if you don’t experience! @SensationUSA was amazing!” she added later, along with a pic of the amazing venue!

Also pictured inside: Erin arriving to the event earlier that same night.

10+ pictures inside of Erin Heatherton and Doutzen Kroes at the dance4life party

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erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 01
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 02
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 03
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 04
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 05
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 06
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 07
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 08
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 09
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 10
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 11
erin heatherton dance4life coctail party with doutzen kroes 12

Credit: Ivan Nikolov, Alberto Reyes; Photos: Wenn
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  • Ryan Lochte

    Love the VS Angels.
    Can’t wait till you guys strut your stuff
    USA! USA!

  • Klara

    Doutzen is gorgeous.

  • Dieter

    Erins = best Angel ever !!!!

  • Dieter

    Dance4life is a project of Doutzens and her husband’s. Like all other Angels, Doutzens love’s Erin so much – because Erin like to help !!!

  • Wizzer

    I hope this year’s show rocks!
    Rihanna should pump it with her new single.
    Erin is pretty, girl next door pretty.
    Doutzen is just supernaturally beautiful. Girl had 4 Vogue covers this year alone. 2012 better deliver, NOT feeling Ale wearing the fantasy bra.
    2006 was a fanf8ckingtastaic show. I miss Gisele!

  • Rambling Rose

    Doutzen is indeed beautiful. Ethereal looking. Such a sweet face. And very feminine for a tall woman.
    Erin (never heard of her before) is pretty cute too but no comparison to Doutzen.
    Lithe, willowy tall women can be very elegant. Others come across as broad-shouldered, big boned giants, too butch & menacing no matter how thin they become. Can’t downsize the skeletal frame…LOL..LOL…

  • milla

    Douzen is stunning while Erin is… Erin

  • ^^

    @Dieter(#4) –
    it’s not that much that Erin likes to help, but rather that she is so available and has so much free time on her hands.

  • stop

    Doutzen used to be unique, as well as gorgeous.
    Now she looks like every other skinny model.
    She doesn’t set a very good example for young women. Instead of being proud of her strong body, she has buckled under the pressure to lose weight. Are high fashion covers really worth risking her health?
    Such a shame.

  • Fan of models

    Have you noticed how Erin lost weight recently?

  • Please

    …. the girl can’t help, she has to blow kisses. How degrading.

  • Dieter

    Erin has been losing weight because she’s preparing for the show where Leo will attend !!!!!!

  • @Dieter

    Sure he will attend! He is known for supporting his girlfriends in public! LOL! Whatever feeds your fantasies, Dieter! You are getting more and more hilarious with every comment you leave!

  • Dieter

    We will see then. Leo found his soulmate in Erin and he will attend !!!!

  • @9

    They both look pretty.
    I don’t think Doutzen buckled under pressure, just after the birth of her first child she lost a tonne of weight. But this actually happen to a quite a few women, the thyroid reacts to child birth by over working for 2. The most famous example I can think of is Posh spice was never that skinny look at early Spice Girls videos. After the birth of her first son Brooklyn was when she became mad thin.

  • LOL

    @Dieter, thanks for the laugh.

  • Dieter

    I also used to love the full rouns ass of Doutzens !!!!

  • TBF

    One thing I like about these Angels is that they genuinely seem to be friends and support each other. Candice, Rosie, Erin, Doutzen, Laias all seem to have each other’s back. (Apart from Candice and Adriana LOL)
    Gisele and Karolina were pals am not sure about the others. Less of the glamour true, but also less of divisions of the past.

  • Anna

    Doutzen is just stunning…this Erin girl…I don’t even know where to begin with…well, let’s just say out of all the models Leo’s dated, she’s by far the plainest…

  • Dieter

    At VS they have the rule that the angels must be friend and stick together and that’s what they are and do !!!!

  • kellyLove

    They both look stunning :):)

  • zurichgirl

    doutzen looks stunning! what a lovely face.

  • What?

    do they sign a contract to attend all events together and pretend they are so close and chummy, chummy? How humiliating . The girls have to lose their personality totally under this company.

  • @Dieter

    Sure, Dieter! His soulmate but they weren` seen together in public for 2 months! What a relationship! LOL! Keep dreaming!

  • ali

    Doutzen is stunning !!! :)

  • rollwithit

    That’s only your BS and wishful thinking hater.
    The girls are likely friends cause they want to be and not because they have been enslaved by the company. Stay pressed

  • Yeah!

    I don`t think you can be sure about these friendships. These two girls are not seen together a lot unless it`s some VS or other promo thing. But I think Erin is good friends with Lily, Rosie and Candice. I doubt these are contract friendships but some of if might just be for public appearances.
    Doutzen is gorgeous. She looks effortless and chic.

  • Sunshine

    If its Douzens charity, why was Erin tagged first? Pays to date Leo and generate press. Too bad he dumped her JJ, so you don’t need to post about her anymore. No one cares about her “modeling career”.

  • IKR

    google translate must not working well for the two busy trolls

  • @Yeah

    Well put. It was definitley bitchier in the past with tensions between the Brazilian bombshells and the EU group. I believe the friendships there are genuine this time. They all tend to follow the same runway schedule, promo tours, are the same age e.t.c
    I would LOVE a bitchfest though! snigger ( word is Adriana and Candice don’t get on, they are the only 2 that don’t follow each other on twitter.)

  • Erin…

    is a cutie.
    Very girl next door Apple Pie America

  • Dieter

    Adriana and Candice are best friends !!!!

  • Necklace

    No dog collar.

  • guess who

    Erin looks pretty here but I really doubt she is still seeing Leo. He has been in the same damn city for two months and they were not seen together. I bet she finally she realized what he was about and they had a fight and that was it.

    He won’t go to the show, he sometimes goes to the afterparties to pick a new one up like he did with Erin in the first place. I doubt this time he’ll be there.

    The question is since he’s basically wrecked himself with the VS girls who will he go to next?

  • Rob V.

    I agree. It is kind of strange and confusing to put it like that. The text even says Erin was ‘joined by Doutzen’. (??)

  • Director

    she’s Team Jacob, lol

  • stella

    except that none of them is friends with Miranda Kerr. Even her supposed bestie Lily chose Erin as godmother for her child.

  • Dieter

    MIranda has the highest IQ of all the Angels. Together with Adriana !!!

  • Doutzen is really gorgeuos,like 1 in a million,Erin is pretty also,but isn’t Doutzen older than Erin,cause Erin’s skin looks far more older in these pics. Stop tanning.

  • Rob V.

    @Dieter: You probably mean if you add them up, their IQ’s. I don’t know how you can be that sure. But I’ll take your word for it. It’s about time they show it to the world. Like Doutzen does. :)

  • Rob V.

    My impression is that Doutzen is probably the least bitchy of all the Angels. She’s not calculating and jealous. She’s spontaneous, easy-going and seems to get along with every Angel really well. Yet, she isn’t superficiel and she really brings out her personality in a positive way. She’s natural, I think. No hidden agenda.

  • Lauren

    Adriana and doutzen are good friends, they’re always tweeting each other and go on nights out to watch doutzen’s husband DJ. Alessandra only invited doutzen and adriana to her follow the sun party. Erin has joined adriana for a workout with Michael olajide and adriana has invited candice too. Adriana and lily seem to get along we’ll too. It’s only miranda they don’t seem to get along with. I don’t think miranda has any friends, despite getting papped every day she’s never seen with friends, only Flynn Orlando or her mother. That’s really weird for her to never be seen with friends. She’s so dull though her only topics of conversation are; breast milk, labour, drugged up babies, ‘I don’t drink’, her alkaline blood type organic gluten free raw low cal low carb diet, her seclude with Orlando, answering the door wearing knickers, her beauty regimen, etc. She is so fake, no wonder she hasn’t got any friends.

  • Lauren

    @Dieter: miranda does not have a 160iq, that’s just adriana!!!

  • Melanie

    They’re both stunning. Let’s face it, we’re just jealous as hell of Erin because she bagged Leo….

  • Beautiful girls

    Both girls look beautiful. Erin really shines here, she looks so fit and healthy and has a great tan in October, wow! I’m happy to see both of them supporting charitable causes. Great role models.

  • erin

    Erin looks weird when she smiles.

  • @46

    She has a beautiful smile and beautiful teeth.