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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: LACMA Gala with Drew Barrymore!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: LACMA Gala with Drew Barrymore!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux meet up with pals Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman inside the 2012 LACMA Art + Film Gala held on Saturday (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The group checked out some pics of Drew and Will‘s newborn daughter Olive on his iPhone. The event marked the couple’s first official appearance since the baby’s birth just one month ago.

At the event, Drew also met up with her BFF and Charlie’s Angels co-star Cameron Diaz, as well as Minka Kelly, who starred on the recent Charlie’s Angels television series.

FYI: Drew is wearing head-to-toe Lanvin. Justin and Jennifer both wore head-to-toe Tom Ford.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore with their men at the 2012 LACMA Art + Film Gala

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jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux lacma gala with drew barrymore 12

Credit: Donato Sardella; John Sciulli, Charley Gallay, ; Photos: Getty
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158 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: LACMA Gala with Drew Barrymore!”

  1. 1
    Livvyloo Says:

    Are we sure drew had her baby? She still is quite puffy! Happy, but puffy.

  2. 2
    cate Says:

    @Livvyloo: yeah because she JUST had a baby seriously

  3. 3
    Beautiful couple J & J Says:

    I love me some Jen and Justin, happy to see some pictures of you guys and robert pattison too

    To the poster above Yeah drew had a baby girl a while ago

  4. 4
    Happy at last Says:

    i love this couple, they are one of the classiest celebs around. good to see drew too,

  5. 5
    just saying Says:

    Jen and Justin must of gotten botox together. But what is really funny is Jen always lets the girls out so you want look at her avg looking face in a room with actually beautiful women. Congrats to Drew. She seems like a nice person.

  6. 6
    old Says:

    The old woman Aniston showing the nipples

  7. 7
    007 Says:

    I like Jen, but GAWD, she’s going to have to stop wearing black.ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME. It looks like she’s still in a state of mourning. She use to wear so many beautiful colors when she was with Brad. Girl, get your ish together!

  8. 8
    007 Says:

    Oh, and do something with that hair. Something DIFFERENT. Don’t become another Demi [Moore].

  9. 9
    Yohji Says:

    @007: There is nothing wrong with black. It’s classic.

  10. 10
    007 Says:

    @Yohji: Not when you wear it all the damn time. It goes from being “classic”, to becoming downright redundant. Like I said, I love Jen, but I never sugarcoat things just because. I’m not biased. At this point, Jen is becoming incredibly predictable. Black dress. Straight dirty blonde hair. Ad nauseum.

  11. 11
    Danae Says:

    She had a baby and looks like an average woman after one month. Not every celebrity in Hollywood has tummy tuck…

  12. 12
    007 Says:

    Black is a symbol of death or sadness. After going through what Jennifer has gone through and being humiliated by your ex-husband, I’d be wearing the most cheerful, happy, brightest colors to ever exist just to tell people, and my self, that I am happy and moving on…gracefully. What makes her wearing black look like a sign of “mourning”, is the simple fact that she use to wear bright and cheery colors prior to the split. Ever since the divorce, she’s been stuck in the same rut. I ignored it at first. Never said anything. But frankly, I’m getting sick of it. Black, ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME! Really?!!

  13. 13
    NickB Says:

    @old: I wish I looked like this when I’m her age!

  14. 14
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Chinnochio and Phinnochio the best couple ever!!!
    One … Short skinny legs with Pointy Nose
    One…. Thunder thighs with Pointy Chin…

  15. 15
    Kriss Says:

    She is just glowing
    Happy people Jennifer and Drew

  16. 16
    Losa Says:

    Drew looks more pregnant now than when she was pregnant.

  17. 17
    Yohji Says:

    @007: Correct me if I’m, but she’s an actress, right? I don’t think she cares what you think. She dresses for herself.

  18. 18
    Jentastic Says:

    They all looks so happy. Love Jen’s dress. And Justin looks handsome in his suit.

  19. 19
    jen jealous of Drew Says:

    I bet Jen must be so jealous of Drew, now that she has her own baby. But then she is an actress, she pretended she is happy for her.

  20. 20
    jen jealous of Drew Says:

    you can see from her eyes, she longs to have her own baby. poor jen!

  21. 21
    after Says:

    Drew looks more pregnant than ever.

  22. 22
    truth Says:

    first the ring and now this dress, jen is more and more trashy
    drew is beautiful, elegant, classy

  23. 23
    More and more Says:

    God, she’s a nice looking woman. Justin and Jen make and attractive couple, and it’s nice to see that Jen has many female girlfriends like Drew.
    Speaking of Drew, she looks fantastic. Congrats on the baby.

  24. 24
    truth Says:

    @More and more: hollywood is fake, no friends just business

  25. 25
    Grandma of Four Says:

    Good to see Jen happy! I do wish she would wear other colors once in a while plus not so many low cut necklines! Wish she would go back to The Rachal cut! Youthful, timeless, and looked great on her! Drew looks so happy! NICE! :~ )

  26. 26
    :) Says:


  27. 27
    TT Says:

    Wooh! Thick arms Ticky’s got!

  28. 28
    sara Says:

    They look realy happy together
    And Jennifer A. just glows!

  29. 29
    rachel Says:

    jen aniston and her boytoy are so greasy looking

  30. 30
    Amory Says:

    I think Jen looks a bit tired and her hair looks pretty flat. She really needs something new to bring a little life back into her face.

    I like the idea of the dress but she needed some support for the sagging.

  31. 31
    joseph jager Says:

    we wanna see photos of HAIFA WEHBE :( she was there too !

  32. 32
    Rebecca Says:

    Nice to everyone looking happy but what on earth was Barrymore wearing. It looks horrible. I know she’s pregnant but she has enough money where she does not have to buy clothes that looks like sheets. I mean she looks like she got a black sheet and put it on.

  33. 33
    Grandma Says:

    Saggy tits are not suitable for this dress, the dead hair, wait I’m sure she is promoting some hair product, guess what the woman said about the hair product is true.
    When she use their straightener it fried her hair, and they told her to buy another of their products to help it.
    Why does Ticky hold on to people so tight, sure some of these women’s men don’t hold them like they’re squeezing the life out of them, is she scared if she don’t hold them that they will not take a picture with her, notice no one ever hold her that way.

  34. 34
    jentheho Says:

    Look at the ho’s face & Salma. Isn’t Salma older than the ho. This woman has the most unfortunate face.

  35. 35
    T Says:

    Gosh, I feel rather disappointed with Jen after seeing these pics. That plunging necklike is just a scream for attention. She is so beautiful and does not need to reveal so much. Honestly, her girls don’t look so wonderful in the dress to begin with.

  36. 36
    jentheho Says:


    Are you sure? You mean you wish you have her body and not her face when you are her age. You can say how young her body looks all you want but age is catching up on her face. Salma is 46 yrs old. Look at Salma’s skin.

  37. 37
    rachel Says:

    she just ugly. granny always need attention for nothing she achieved with her life. fake ass human being with her man face and saggy boobs

  38. 38
    Dirkstar Says:

    The woman in that yellow dress is Cameron Diaz and not Jen!
    217, give me 5, makes 222 !

  39. 39
    Nothing But Love Says:

    Jen look so happy, go girl.

  40. 40
    Dd Says:

    Dress is nice but would have been better if less boobs

  41. 41
    Juju Says:

    What’s with the Minka reference?!! Seriously??!!

  42. 42
    saira Says:

    I can’t comment on Jen’s ugly & inappropriate dress because I can’t take my eyes off of Justin’s shoes. Look at the heels on those babies. They must be from the Prince collection.

  43. 43
    Aniston Trolling For Work Says:

    Give it up Aniston your time is ova!! If Tom Hanks whom you suck up to often hasn’t thrown you a bone by now, no one above you will.

  44. 44
    Aniston Trolling For Work Says:

    Next to Selma, Aniston looks like she should be 50 and goodness sake Jared you should have included the photo of Aniston & Cameron together they both look like two used, abused and dried up old ho’s!

  45. 45
    passby Says:

    godawwful. old and saggy. btw, has she done anything even remotely noteworthy after Friends? one of the most overrated no-talent actress these days.

  46. 46
    Fake Aniston Says:

    How can she be comfortable flaunting her lifestyle after getting someone fired!! She’s out partying while that man has to struggle to feed his family for saying something nice about her!! I guess he learned quickly that she’s not such a nice person afterall. She should be shame! Yet, her people made sure that bit of news didn’t hit the tabloid waves.

  47. 47
    Kate Says:

    Jennifer has a great body. Her chest is especially nice; however, that dress is borderline vulgar.

  48. 48
    rose Says:

    Where are the “Kings of Hollywood”? They should not attend a party as big as this?
    Aquanto time the “Kings of Hollywood” do not appear together in parties or anywhere?
    Can someone answer me, tanks!

  49. 49
    Wowzers Says:

    Minka Kelly…..WOW

  50. 50
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Drews tummy hasn’t gone down yet?! She really didn’t gain that much weight and it’s been enough time since she delivered that it”s odd to see her belly still distended. She looks glowing and pretty.

  51. 51
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Not a Jen fan but she looks finally sincerely content and happy and I wish-hopes that continues for her. Love Cam Diaz but hatting that big bird mini.

  52. 52
    Wowzers Says:

    Now it’s clear why Jen wont stand next to Minka…She’s stunning!!

  53. 53
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Danae: Not average but not rare. It stunned me a bit because usually its gone down a lot more (not total) “normally” within 2-3 wks. Drew (who I love) looks still 3rd trimester! Not rare, but odd for someone who really didn’t blow up UP.

  54. 54
    rachel Says:

    young hollywood dont be like jen aniston or cam diaz later in life. they have money but nothing accomplish with there life.

  55. 55
    ex nihilo Says:

    jen’s summoning all her (feeble) acting skills to pull off that ‘oh, the baby is SO cute’ face when they’re checking out the pic on the phone. oh well tho, not every woman is enthralled w/babies.

  56. 56
    Bloom Says:

    I think Jen is lovely, but I think she tries too hard with her outfits. Just my opinion.

  57. 57
    erin Says:

    jen looks gorgeous sexy classy

  58. 58
    Cris Bonnie Says:

    @007: Did you realized that EVERYBODY was wearing black??? You’re so DAMN stupid. hahaha

  59. 59
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Aniston Trolling For Work: Soooo true!! By Hollywood standards, Aniston is unattractive, average figure. For a woman of 43, who has never had children, she really looks aged. Compare to Salma Hayak- no contest.

  60. 60
    Cris Says:

    By the way, doesn’t Aniston look pregnant? Look at the little belly. Does she used to have this??? I think we found a reason for the rushed wedding.

  61. 61
    ellie' Says:

    Jen & Justin are so happy ..S*xy hot couple in Hollywood, and so in love…Love Jens gown..D*m is she beautiful ..!!!

  62. 62
    Twinkle Says:

    Nice boob job, Jen. It never looked that good. She wore the exact same style to the Troy premiere (never mind the fact that she loves showing her bits) and the cleavage was never that full. Boobs don’t get better with age. They get worse.

    Btw, Justin is gay!

  63. 63
    omd Says:

    dude im sick of her cleaving and nipples. overexposed.

  64. 64
    JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig Says:

    Jen bought Justin a lot of Hair he’s got a Pompadour!! and Lifts
    old gal but extra ontop of her head too pic#10
    47yoa has been should just go away

  65. 65
    Kika Says:

    amazing dress

  66. 66
    soline Says:

    Jen and Justin are so cute together!

  67. 67
    jessie ong Says:

    i love jennifer and justin! am sure glad of their socializing after making public of their engagement.

  68. 68
    jessie ong Says:

    good luck to jennifer and justin

  69. 69
    Marieme Says:

    These photos are such a Maniston cliche! The desperate low plunging dress (gotta show off my t*ts!) and her endless need to seen among big names like the (fake) industry insider she is. Oh and we can’t forget her gaudy ring, so expensive the amount would feed a hungry village. She is incredibly tacky and I guess has found someone who gets off on this kind of living as well.

  70. 70
    Rio Says:

    Dam! Jennifer looks Hot!

  71. 71
    jade Says:

    Love Jen and Justin, they are a beautiful couple and look so happy!
    It is nice to see Drew and Cameron there too.

    Everyone there looks like they are having a great time!

  72. 72
    Me thinks Says:

    @007: You don’t get out much do ya?? at least not to anything formal. Black is the normal attire for dressup events.

  73. 73
    Me thinks Says:

    Why don’t you fake Jen fans to back to your trailer park, the loon dump, we’re on to ya.

  74. 74
    anch Says:

    Dam!! maniston chin is massive!

  75. 75
    Ghost Says:

    Nothing classy about a smelly old sk.ank who looks like she just came in from the Ho stroll. Brains and morality aren’t Jen’s strong suit . I can guarantee that her relationship born out of deception will end as most of them do , very poorly. After her latest movie bombs we will be able to collectively count down the demise of her career (3.2.1…) Last but not least , if Jen is your idol , you are in dire need of a shrink………….Love, The Ghost.

  76. 76
    jade Says:

    Ghost, Ghost,

    There you go again.Do you really believe what you are sayin?

  77. 77
    jade Says:

    ^^^ Sorry saying.

  78. 78
    Whatevah Says:

    ROFL I almost died laughing at the little man’s shoes, bet he and Tommy share the same shoe store (extra lift inside) and that hair, can he teased it any higher? It does gives him the illusion of long head hahaha.

  79. 79
    jade Says:


    Our San Francisco Giant’s just won the World Series:):):)

  80. 80
    me Says:

    Wow,look at those BOOBS.No children, yet looks so saggy and used.

  81. 81
    Minka is a goddess Says:

    There is nothing sexy, nor classy for a 45 yr.old woman exposing her saggy boobs. Guess she knew to stay far away from Minka! Now, she is a goddess. Could you imagine how she would look standing next to the real beauty? She was smart not to leave any evidence of how plain jane she would look if she did take a picture with her. Good move, old lady.

  82. 82
    Pregnant Says:

    I think Jen is pregnant. Her belly is showing like she is 3 months pregnant. Congrats!

  83. 83
    ~lily~ Says:

    orange, leathery, oily face!

  84. 84
    Fading Star Says:

    Justin’s probably thinking ‘what the hell did i get myself into..’

  85. 85

    with that skin straight hair low down dress and that menthol cough drop on her hand what is loser trying to do give mortecia a run for her money

  86. 86


  87. 87


  88. 88
    gilson Says:

    jennifer has stunning boobies I have to say. Drew looks impressive fat.

  89. 89
    the observer Says:

    Now that Jennifer’s movie offers have slowed to a drip, perhaps
    she should seek employment waiting tables at a Hooter’s
    Tittie Bar and Restaurant.

  90. 90
    gigi Says:

    She’s the only one at the event that looks like a” Real housewives of Beverly hills”.. She fits in better with Lisa, Kyle, Brandy, Adrienne, and Camille.. Although I don’t care for Cameron’s dress on her ( it would’ve have looked better on someone like Zoe Sadana)… she always change-up her make-up, hair and fashion. Ticky just looks like she stuck in the 90′s, same hairstyle, same fashion, same ole make-up. She’s getting too old in the face for that straight blond hair w/extensions, parted in the middle do .She always had saggy boobs, even in her 30′s. I bet you she’ll be sporting this same look in her 50′s just like Goldie Hawn.

  91. 91
    rose Says:

    Haters are jealousy beacuse of the body of their idol is sooo unattractive and bizarre
    Jen is sooo beautiful … flawless!

  92. 92
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Humanggus chin with oily greasy face, stringy hair looking like Iggy Pop is Flawless…??? Lol….

  93. 93
    Kris Says:

    JA is a real shorty…can’t be more than 5’4″……..

  94. 94
    NYC Says:

    Jen needs to change that hair style already.
    Same old thing is boring, year after year after year.

  95. 95
    Grandma Says:

    @Pregnant: LOL pregnant and Ticky in the same sentence.
    She is just menopausal, chances of her getting pregnant are slim and none. A smoker, hard alcohol drinker, coke sniffer, using male hormones to stay slim for years.

  96. 96
    Brangloony Says:

    I like her

  97. 97
    Gun Says:

    Happy for you jen

  98. 98
    Gun Says:

    Amazing pic

  99. 99
    Gun Says:

    Justin looks hot

  100. 100
    Gun Says:

    Thanks JJ

  101. 101
    Fading Star Says:

    Justin does not look hot, stop kidding yourselves.

  102. 102
    jilly Says:

    What is wrong with this F**king site! Kiss jolies butt, you don’t deserve me to be here!

  103. 103
    jilly Says:

    Brad is not doing Jolie, that’s what I’m trying to say, thank you!

  104. 104
    jilly Says:

    @rose: you are so right! Jen is in a perfect shape while their idol looks like a long black stick, no curves what so ever. Her arms and legs are repulsive, ugh!

  105. 105
    Gun Says:

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    2. Atlantic City underw…
    3. U.S. sailor found de…
    4. Disney ship hammered
    5. HIV drug
    6. Jennifer Aniston dre…
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    8. Stock futures
    9. Paul on Yoko Ono
    10. Hulk Hogan settles

  106. 106
    Gun Says:

    Brangeloons are scraping bottom of the barrel in order to deflect from Jolie and Pitt being a miserable laughing stock of the world.

  107. 107
    Larry Says:

    Nice to see that stunning lady! Jennifer looks flawless!

  108. 108

    My god even Ashlin Gorse engagement ring looks 50 times more stunning than jen the desperate old cvnt costume one

  109. 109
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    @jilly: Ups I mean Ellie .. JPs own our stinky ass… ths is Chinnochio thread… Why bring miss Jole in the spin…
    Look at every picture at Jolie last thread:
    Every single one of it, is …. Flawless…
    No make up
    AND yet… look … SO… AMAZINGLY ” ELEGANT “

  110. 110
    nani Says:

    Funny because both JA and JT have short arms and legs. Her arms t and his legs are awful!

  111. 111
    ~lily~ Says:

    chiniffer anoseton, can I fry egg at justine forehead?

  112. 112
    Gun Says:–shamelessly-promoting-SmartWater.html

    Love them

  113. 113
    Ann Says:

    So Jennifer and Justin are together in HW, doing normal things like attending events, shopping for their new home, dining with friends.

    Are Jolie and Pitt in HW? Are they even together? Attending any events? Shopping together? Dining with friends? Having any friends?…..

  114. 114
    Me Says:

    Wow ~ Jen & Justin look fabulous!!!! They are purrrfect….Most gorgeous couple in Hollywood….

  115. 115
    Emma Says:

    She looks sexy as always

  116. 116
    Emma Says:

    Nice photos JJ

  117. 117
    Emma Says:

    So Jolie’s stuck in L.A. while finishing the filming of Maleficent.

    Brad is in another continent doing re-shoots for WWZ.

    Yet, one stays “home” with the kids while the other is working. Yea Right.

    Not only that, he was filming The Counselor and Twelve Years a Slave (in New Orleans) at the same time she was filming Maleficent.

    So just another LIE exposed. Right now, both of them have to take any job (re: Chanel ad) that is given to them, because they certainly don’t have any jobs lined up. Whats up next for the dirty duo? Oh yea the U.S. premiere of that international flop KTS. I wonder if the LEG is going to be front and center

  118. 118
    jilly Says:

    @ChelShit: Jolie being flawless could be the JOKE OF THE CENTURY!!! I’m not Ellie, never been, FYI. Jolie has no shape in her body, just a long stick with no curves. Her face is so skinny that you can actually see her bones in her face. She has unusually huge lips that most people hate. On top of her FLAWFUL looks, comes her personality which has none. Her crazy temper and long drug use history. Husband stealing, mother’s BF stealing and all of her other nasty behavier. Thanks!

  119. 119
    truth Says:

    she is low-grade

  120. 120

    well let’s see i buy the man
    i buy the ring
    now all i need to do is buy the baby to make me feel accomplished

  121. 121
    AGA Says:

    JA dress with her tiits hanging out…screams LOOK AT ME PLEASE!!!!
    I know I’ve done crapppy movies for the last 6 yrs,but pls let me stay in the circle,let me get a pic with Drew a REAL A-lister,so all my mini-van fans still think I’m great with a paid for BF.
    It’s time to put them away Jen!

  122. 122
    Mr Jennifer Aniston Says:

    Too much testosterone from Jenipoo. Why is she always wrapping her legs and arms around women she meet? Looks like she is longing, lol.

  123. 123
    AGA Says:

    I guess JA can’t afford that travelling hairdresser now she has Squiggy to support. Because her hair looks awful. Dirty-blond,always the same-Lets get the girls out so no-one will look at my ugly mug!

  124. 124
    JENtheSportFuk Says:

    Yup, Jennifer is cheap. Look at the hooker, what a shame, no imagination, just hang her saggy breasts out. No wonder she gets used, she has no self respect. I bet you she lures the sex offenders on parole outside her car and house. I hope they get her, she deserves it.

  125. 125
    AGA Says:

    @Ann: If Angie & Brad went to lots of openings of envelopes,just to be “SEEN” You Hens would be cluckiny away “Why are’nt they home with there SIX kid” & you know you would.
    When you have kids events like this are for people who need to be seen for some reason and you have absolutely NO interest in going.esp when your life is so full of REAL stuff instead of HW BS!!!!!!

  126. 126
    Emma Says:

    This psychic made her predictions today Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Hoping For The Best But…..Brad Pitt and Angelina Edition

    There seems to be some discord going on here in Brad Pitt and Angelina’s relationship. All I can say for now is that there are a whole lot of secrets and lies about their relationship. I feel like one of them want to live a more care free life and be less of the family “man” or “woman”. While the other wants to tend and be at home. I wonder which ones which? hehe. Anyway, Brad’s and Angelina’s relationship is definitely not in a good place right now.They are fighting. They are suspicious of each other and rightfully so..

    We should see this laying out within the next two weeks

  127. 127
    yep Says:

    nice photo!

  128. 128
    Gun Says:

    Best wishes Jenny

  129. 129
    Wow Says:

    I believe Jennifer wore this dress to distract from the fact that she is pregnant and starting to show.

  130. 130
    Gun Says:

    Glowing pics

  131. 131
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    This thread dated the 28th of October
    130 post
    Angeline Jolie last post dated the 28th of October
    824 post

  132. 132
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    If that face is Glowing, Iggy Pop is miss Universe …. LOL…

  133. 133
    Miller Says:


    Can you hens just face the facts that this middle aged wh ore isnt going to have a baby. You do realize she could have an adult child? Every thread one you hens starts beating yourself off with the thought that this perimenopausal hags eggs are still viable and starts crowing, omagod shes a pregnant. dont want a baby and neither does her bought shrimp. Do you really think a man is going to leave a woman in her thirties and hook up with one in her mid forties, if he really wanted to be a father? Get a grip hen.

  134. 134
    Gun Says:

  135. 135
    Ann Says:

    It gonna be fun this november with this Cinematheque Award event and also an ad for living proof

    Once again Jen is gonna see some of her friends like Shirley MacLaine, Robert Downey Jr, Judd Apatow, Brad Grey, and Owen Wilson

  136. 136
    Andy Says:

    I love my sweet Jenny pie:D

  137. 137
    Millie Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler: That would be because jolie fans are never resting crazy creeps like zombies. :)

  138. 138
    Deana.S. Says:

    I wonder when the happy and beautiful couple are getting married? hope its soon!

  139. 139
    jilly Says:

    Love you Jen!

  140. 140
    Happy Says:

    Pretty couple

  141. 141
    Kikicohen Says:

    Where’s JL?? I know our opinions here differ, but just wanted to be sure you’re ok?? Hopefully, no ill effects from Hurricane Sandy. Just checking.

  142. 142
    Gun Says:


    I hope JL ok . I miss her comments too

  143. 143
    Gun Says:

    I love this song

  144. 144
    Lorna Says:

    Jen looks happy :) great to see these photos!

  145. 145
    Lol Says:

    Great couple !!!

  146. 146
    Ann Says:

    In a new press release for the St. Jude Thanks & Giving campaign (commercial spots will be unveiled on November 16th), Jennifer gave the following quote:

    “I love being a part of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign. It’s a great way for me to help give families the hope and strength they need to help their children fight the battle for their lives” said Jennifer Aniston. “It was so much fun being with my new friends Mae and Bailey to film our commercial this year. These children are such an inspiration to me.”

  147. 147
    Ann Says:

    JENNIFER ANISTON: The actress ventures into Jennifer Lopez territory with this, low, low, low cut silk gown! Tom Ford dressed both Jen and fiancé Justin Theroux for the night. She completed the outfit with a Tom Ford clutch and satin black shoes with crystal heels. Gorgeous couple!

  148. 148
    yep Says:

    Sweet, Drew and Justin were together in Charlie’s Angels and Jen and Drew are friends! Happiness to all!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 149
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Kikicohen: don’t be fooled. JL never left. Just LOSER is here with a different name. JL=Ann=GunHO= desperate MORONISTON

  150. 150
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    JL=Ann=Andy=Gun=all proven to be the same mental patient posting under multiple names talking to its multiple personalities! 2 mental patiens who post as the Hairness biggest supporter…JUST LOSER & Schizo Jilly…Jilly is another one w/multiple names…the infamous Evil Ellie…

  151. 151
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    correction: mental patient#1 Just LOSER mental patient #2 Schizo Jilly..

  152. 152
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Chinnochio fans are indeed Schizo… You only need to see at the JPs Threads to realised how sick and Evils they are… day and esSpecially after midnight whaaaoooo …. and if you want to make your skin crawls.. Go check on FF… mental ward with Pyschos problems overload.. LOL..
    Are you the Elly who wishes for a plane crash… Miscarriages … Death… On the JPs? How’s your daughter the one from Nam, Elly…
    Your Chinnochio are happy now with her bought Phinnochio … They are the best couple EVER…. SO Let it go people… But you can’t… can’t you…. Bcos the JPs OWN YOUR ASSSes….

  153. 153
    no fake nipps? Says:

    just wondering. why is her nipps not showing when she is clearly not wearing bra but when she does just wear t-shirts/regular clothes her nipps are showing. so, is it really true she wears those fake nipps???

  154. 154
    Ms Piggy & Kermit Says:

    Every time I see this Jen Aniston she looks like Miss Piggy and her balding boyfriend looks like Kermit the Frog!!! OMG! She tries to look it but poor thing her chin and 2nd nose with small eyes are meant for a puppet.

  155. 155
    Ugly Jennifer Says:

    Cheap, no elegance or beauty here. Jennifer with her massive chin and saggy breast will always be trash.

  156. 156
    Ugly Jennifer Says:

    HOMEWRECKER!!!! Justin was so happy with Heidi. Now he is greasy and trying hard to be Mr Jennifer Aniston.

  157. 157

    Stylist guru, Tim Gunn, says of Jennifer and her style….SHE IS DESPERATE! lol..

  158. 158
    ellie' Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    Please I am not Jilly…I am ellie’ and don’t forget it…

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