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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Release Date Revealed!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Release Date Revealed!

Gerard Butler flashes a smile while heading into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday (October 29) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actor was spotted chatting and signing autographs for fans on his way into the show.

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Despite the impending hurricane, the show decided to tape and Gerard braved the weather to appear.

It was recently announced that Gerard‘s upcoming film Olympus Has Fallen has been given a release date for April 5, 2013! We’re so excited!

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gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 01
gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 02
gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 03
gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 04
gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 05
gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 06
gerard butler olympus has fallen release date pushed up 07

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  • Sian

    Can’t believe this bloated douche has fans waiting for him. Ugh.

  • JMO

    OMG, could you have picked a better photo of him? He looks like someone just hit him in the back of the head and he just hasn’t fallen down yet! Glad he got the jump on WHT tho!

  • Michelle


    Like Elmer FUDD just got hit on the back of the head….. He is a ham though. I hope he’s in good spirits.

  • Right?

    @Sian: Me neither

  • exfantiredbyallthebs

    Omg pink swim shorts blubber us back. Wtf happened to hot, fit, pfk Gerry? This one us growing a collection if double chins and a** cheeks.

  • Sophie

    Nice double chin, a/s/s*ole!! I can’t stand this shallow f/cker.

  • huh?

    He taped this show last week and it’s already aired- notice the sunny sky?

  • A.

    @huh?: @Sian: The sad thing is that he really doesn’t care about his fans even though he tries to act like he does. The only reason he has to pretend that he likes them is because of his career. The freakin douch*b*ag even said so himself. “You can’t have a career without fans” or something like that. He really showed his true colors saying that, didn’t he? What’s even more offensive about this guy is that he is much nicer and pays MUCH more attention to fans that are pretty (and young!). He is very shallow. He also seems to be pretty dumb since he isn’t afraid to flirt and be touchy feely with fans that are as young as 13-16. And please don’t say it’s not true, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve no idea why Butler still has so much fans. He is a creepy, creepy man.

  • let it slide

    He just tilted his head back; do look your self in the mirror with the same pose and you’ll the same look.

    With the release date for OHF is only 6 months away, i can assume that they has almost done with shooting. Wonder when did he do this :).

    Hope they don’t choose the bad time to release like CM.

  • Bitter Betty

    Urm, so you are ugly and old and that’s why you are so pissed. Go find an idol of your own ripe age will ya.

  • DocP

    I thought he was on the jon Stewart show last week??
    Ther storm looks really really bad, I just saw footage of the subway underwater!!

  • Sandy

    “A” “You can’t have a career without fans” or something like that. He really showed his true colors saying that. Dah! What the H–ll do you expect? Like he would have a career without fans? What have you been sniffing?
    There are fans from all walks of life that GB has signed for, photos taken etc. Many people, even other stars have said how nice he is to his fans. How many videos have we seen where he starts to leave and goes back to someone wanting one more photo or autograph. Give the guy a break and if you detest him so much, why are you wasting your time here?
    As far as being dumb, I don’t think so if he made it through law school. Oh yeah and radio man is a 16 yr old model. Get a life. At least we know what the “A” stands for.

  • a



  • Bright and Cheerful
  • Hello

    Repeat show tonight on Jon Stewart do to weather related issues.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Stuck in NYC until Wednesday. Not sure if I would call it stuck, love it here so much. Everyone stay safe, including you Gerard B. Go to an Irish Pub and have fun like we are. ;)

  • Hello

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: What is it like? Heard the Battery tunnel was flooding. Fire island heavily damaged and a big fire on Breezy Point. Are you in a safe place uptown? Sounds like it. Guess we are wondering if GB stuck it out or left town after the Halloween party. Obviously you have power, so that’s good. Stay safe girl.

  • Braved the weather

    Wow, someone at JJ is asleep at the wheel. The JS show was filmed and aired LAST WEEK. Gerry didn’t “brave” anything. He’s probably not even in NYC now. How embarrassing, JJ. Well, I guess we have confirmation now that you make up sht.

  • TeaCakes

    Hope everyone affected by Sandy is safe

  • haiku

    Urgent, speedy winds

    snap sheets of rain against house

    storm scours landscape.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Good Morning JJer’s! Hope everyone here on the east coast is okay. My area looks like a war zone and our power is out and it probably will be for quite awhile. What a mess and it’s still pouring rain here! Sandy just won’t go away! The good news is my family is home and safe and begging for eggs and bacon. LOL Gotta love that. Have a great day and wherever you are, please be safe!

  • Alina

    NYC … rain continues …be safe!!!

  • DocP

    I wonder if he went there to watch the show? There were many of the tv talk shows ( letterman, Fallon , and some others) they were saying that they still did their show to a empty audience. maybe he went there to support Jon Stewart knowing he wouldn’t have many people there? Just a thought, either way I hope Gerry was smart enough to get to high crowd. It looked really bad last night on the news and it doesn’t look any better this morning. They stated last night that 4million people are out of power along the eastern coast. Also the Tall ship called the HMS bounty which was used in Mutany on the bounty and one of the Pirates of the Caribean movies sunk yesterday. One crew member is dead and another is missing. They figured it was safer out at sea than on land. This is definately one of the worst storms to hit the US since Katrina.

  • Doubtful

    @DocP: No. I’m sure he left town by Sunday. I don’t think he’s the type that would want to be stranded anywhere, even for a second. Be careful out there, people.

  • Ryan

    This storm is def manufactured…simulated “Sandy” drill in 1997

  • Ryan

    So busted…Obama go away

  • Ryan

    Now OBama really needs to take Trump up on his offer….the millions for charity…much needed money

  • @haiku

    Are you safe?

  • JMO

    @Ryan: Isn’t bribery of an elected official a felony??

  • JMO

    @Ryan: So if “Sandy” is manufactured, perhaps 9/11 was too. Let’s see, who was in office during that time??

  • JMO

    @Doubtful: I think he’s exactly the type who’d want to ride the storm out! Gerry’s not a runner. If he left, it was not because of any storm.

  • dargabriel

    @Braved the weather: I believe you are absolutely right there is no way he stuck around, didnt make any sense, just created a new thread, got to love it. Dargabriel

  • haiku



    Cat on my stomach

    Grandfather clock tic-talking

    the eternal purrrr.

  • Doubtful

    @JMO: You do realize he isn’t really a Spartan, right? If you think he’d stick around, you haven’t been paying any attention to his standard operating procedure.

  • TNT

    @JMO: gb stuck around to brag about being it or he left because he has no loyalty to anything. Whichever is his choice that is why.

  • Pathetic

    @Ryan: Takes a silly type like you to blames someone about mother nature. This type votes for the other guy.

  • Pathetic
  • TNT

    Caring about his fans? He needs to be photographed with pretty and powerful people to stay relevant in his eyes. He is not one to look average like Matt Damon and marry a down to earth girl and get on the cover of People magazine as the sexiest man alive for being natural and grounded. He is going to stick to the good looking people who get ahead for their looks and average brains. No real spiritual path or service except to perpetuate themselves. He has flickers of hope yet he doesn’t capitalizes on it. So shown in his work. So many things are places in front of them but he passes it over.

  • @haiku

    I think I saw a puddy cat.

  • Doubtful

    @TNT: Haven’t seen him around anyone particularly powerful, but he does seem to think youth and looks are more important than anything else. Most people usually know better by the time they’re his age. Classic case of arrested development, imo.

  • dargabriel

    I know my words don’t mean much but I care about gerards fans very much and love all walks of life, but mostly loving real people. I really don’t like fake, but I know in each person lies love in the soul and spirit…. Who knows maybe these people he surrounds himself with do good for him in some way, at least I would want to think. Then I remember going to school and there were goody goodies verses the very good people who have such great hearts, who people, bullies would tease and I would go to them and be their friend, because I love so much, I stood out in the crowd, because usually cute people aren’t always nice to those who are teased and tortured by mean people, so gerard, I wish you would love everyone, sometimes you are so damn shallow, I’m very sad thinking about these people who’ve touched my life, they are the best love. Thank you to all of you here. Love,dargabriel

  • TeaCakes

    OMG I can’t get over how much Alan looks like Kris Jenner!

  • on bullying

    its my observation over the years that bullies are the ones, who are not so attractive, picking on the ones who are.
    these threads should be ample evidence of that.

    the girls who develop first in junior high also got called names on picked on. it stems from jealousy and insecurity.

    –some bullies falsely try to portray the hero-protector and they even switch roles to the victim.

  • on bullying

    i’m not too fond of the uglies who hold up shallow hal movie as their hero, when these uglies are in fact bullying.

  • on bullying

    there are attractive bullies and unattractive ones but most of them are unattractive.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” (John 8:12 NIV)

  • casandra

    @Doubtful: I agree with you…he is smart and sexy and charming, but at this age he should have realised there’s more to a person (especially woman) than the looks.After all, looks fades in time, including his own .Most men in their 30 s come to realize that, but apparently not him.I remember an interview with Bradley Cooper after being named sexiest man alive and him saying he is at an age he doesn’t care about those things(beauty, looks, etc) anymore..and he’s only 36…That says a lot about his maturity. I am not saying that GB should date regular Mary , but when looks is the only criteria , then there’s something wrong.Otherwise he seems like a warm, fun human being.

  • on bullying

    good timing 46

  • twitter
  • twitter

    In NY.

    You know what makes today great? I just talked with Gerard Butler. Heaven.