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Kristen Stewart: Four Seasons Arrival

Kristen Stewart: Four Seasons Arrival

Kristen Stewart gives a little backless shirt action as she stops in at the Four Seasons Hotel on Monday afternoon (October 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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The 22-year-old actress will soon star in On The Road, which tells the provocative story of Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), a young writer whose life is shaken and ultimately redefined by the arrival of Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), a free-spirited, fearless, fast talking Westerner and his girl, Marylou (Stewart). The flick was directed by filmmaker Walter Salles and based on the iconic novel by Jack Kerouac. Check out the movie poster below!

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  • rosie

    horrible clothes

  • R

    these feet alwaysl in closed shoes without socks in the heat of LA, ugh! imagine the smell ..

  • gina

    I like how she’s not driving that mini cooper anymore. Lol.

  • pan


  • pan


  • mel

    awwww…Love how casual she is! Love it!

  • Yohji

    What do you mean, “will soon star” in On the Road? She filmed that ages ago. It has even been released here.

  • betterTALL

    I think she’s pretty

  • LoKi

    She’s an LA GIRL! I LIKE it. Shes hawtt

  • pup


  • Xo

    I guess she and Rupert are trying to be a little more discrete

  • Miranda

    of course she can pull off that look and that shirt.

    loving how chill and casual she is even tho she was like the highest paid actress for some point. get it guuurl


    KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!

  • Liz

    @gina: You do know that she drives rentals, right.

  • Para

    Dirty and trashy, the clothes and the girl. Rob doesn’t want to be seen with it.

  • bond girl
  • hanc

    can’t wait for On The Road! TeamKstew


    @hanc: hanc!!!!!!!!!! hi

  • kimby*m

    She totally rocks that outfit :]

  • R

    @bond girl: please! a girl who uses dry-shampoo all the time is going to bother with invisible’s socks?

  • adrianna

    there’s a lot of hate for this girl. but I think it’ll only get better from here. she was at her lowest (i think) and now, she’s going to pull through. im glad to see that she is going about, living her life. like what people should do. make mistakes, learn from them (hopefully) and life goes on. i’ve read On The Road, thought it was a crazy book to keep up with but thought it was wonderful. i can’t wait for the movie.

  • jealous?

    u know how many people don’t wear socks? who cares if she doesnt.

  • :)

    Kristen Stewart = sexy

  • dontjudge

    DAYYYUUMMM…what I WOULD GIVE to tap that a$$

  • DB

    Saddest part about all of this is that it looks like Robert took her back…

    Bad move, Robert. You should have moved on and never looked back.

  • ALLY :@)

    We love you Kristen!! -from your BRAZILIAN fans!

  • bubbaness

    Vile child.

  • moses

    I think KS is a good looking woman!

  • Keeley

    Kristen has finally learned her lesson. She’s now hooking up with Rupert in HOTELS and not on the street.

  • pink

    She dresses like such trash.

  • Ree

    She’s the trashiest young actress in Hollywood right now. We never see Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Shailene Woodly ever acting so trashy.

  • caro

    No wonder married men are willing to cheat with her. She dresses like a drug addicted hooker. Not even a high class hooker but a cheap hooker.


    Trampire lives up to her name.

  • deej

    She’s going to a five star hotel dressed like that? If she has a meeting there, you bet it didn’t go well with her dressed so vile. Why didn’t her parents ever teach her good hygiene? You know, taking showers, shampooing your hair, and wearing appropriate clothes to appropriate events?

  • Irene

    It’s amazing how blnd Rob Pattinson is to not obviously see what a vile low life slvtty chick she is.

  • jojo

    Finally hooking up with Rupert in hotels, I see. Smart.

  • Ali

    How does a millionaire only own 2 shirts?

  • lol

    Her boyfriend has to be the biggest idiot alive. What does he think she’s doing going to a five star hotel dressed like that?

  • Julz

    God you people on here are so vicious when it comes to this girl; wel most of you, poeple need to get over the whole cheating thing, it was months ago and quiet frankly no one knows what happened. Everyone just assuming what happened, not the truth about whether it was a full blown affiar or what is said about it being a minor indiscretion. No body judged Angelina this bad or have people forgotten that she had an affiair with a married man and did more than just kiss him also, as i seem to recall brad was married at that time too to jennifer; so why is kristen being stamped with a red A. Yes what she did was wrong and she should have known better but come on you people would still judge kristen if it was robert that had cheated, you would praise him for finally getting away from kristen because she was unclean or ungreatful or just didnt appreciate her fame by possing for pictures or always having a not interested face when out in public. People would have not not robert like they are kristen because some people just can’t handle the fact that shes so famous and rich and beautiful, most of these kristen hater are in love with the fictional character of robert (edward) and think they have a sy in his personal life. they think they know who he should date and who he shouldn’t and whats good for him and what isn’t, its quite pathetic really. These two are just normal people that have a very publicized life being actors, they make movies for our entertainment not to judge them on there personal lives. There is so much media coverage on these two that it must be so suffocating for them to be able to do anything; if they are together again thats great they made a very nice couple but if they arn’t then fans should still be happy that they are still making movies. And as for the whole phrase ‘once a cheat, always a cheater’ that bullshyt if that was true brad and angelina would have done the dirty several times in there relationship, so i don’t believe that one bit that if they got back together that kristen would cheat again just because she has once, but it is true that she could thats why its all up to robert, to see whether he can trust her again. Thats my two cents, ive read so much shyt about these two that i just needed to have my opinion even thoug many of the peole that will read it will think that its all crap.

  • selma


  • what’s up?

    She always needs to show how s_l_u_t_ty she can dress. As if she needs to announce she’s easy.

    Very unclassy and reflects low self esteem.

    seriously what person in their right mind goes to the four season dressed so unbecoming. You’d never see an actress such as Emma Watson or Carey Mulligan so tacky.

  • ruth

    kristen your a 22 year old young woman, start dressng like one.

  • burp


    absolutely. those studios hire some terrific stylist to clean this dirty rag muffin up to promote their movie. but on her own she looks down right nasty.

    it doesn’t take a genius to see she’s unhygienic.

  • emma

    She went to Four Seasons to meet her lover Rupert Sanders.
    Kristen and Rob are not a couple
    everyone lives by your side……if they appear together is just for the promotion of the film

  • peach

    @Julz: people are also forgetting bout sienna miller who had an affair with a married actor and the pics of that affair are worse than kristen’s cheating scandal pics

  • KateEllen

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  • heeyi

    love her!

  • mel

    @what’s up?: o come on!!!!! how is that dressing slutty??she is only showing her back suddenly everybody is soooo consevative..

  • bo

    How is that dressing trashy? Seriously?? Wow, If that’s dressing trashy then what the hell do most of YOU GUYS wear? HAHA. She’s dressed like her age. Holy sh*t, people still wear jeans, sneakers and shirts. Calm down evertbody!

  • ELLA

    She can dress whatever she wants. Five Star hotel or not, ANYONE can dress however they please…just because she’s a millionaire she’s not allowed to dress casual? HYPOCRITES! Wow, who made you the rule maker? LOL