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Vanessa Hudgens: Hiking with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hiking with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys a sunny afternoon hike on Monday (October 29) at Wilacre Park in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her sister Stella, and the pair hit the gym together after their hike.

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The day before, Vanessa and Stella were spotted hitting the gym together for a Sunday work out.

The sisters enjoyed a spooky weekend by spending some quality time with their pal Ashley Tisdale at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens hiking with Stella

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vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 01
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 02
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 03
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 04
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 05
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 06
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 07
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 08
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 09
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 10
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 11
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 12
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 13
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 14
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 15
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 16
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 17
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 18
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 19
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 20
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 21
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 22
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 23
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 24
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 25
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 26
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 27

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476 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Hiking with Stella!”

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  1. 126
    kate Says:

    @A 1) i will agree on one thing with you….the rebound thing makes her somewhat real… 2)she could support the group not make a specific mention on the singer 3)just as you don’t like Vanessa i don’t like Ashley… and take an advice…if you don’t like Vanessa don’t go commenting on her posts….i think the whole conversation we had about tisdale was ridiculous since it’s not her post…

  2. 127
    A Says:

    When I was making fun of over zealous Vanessa fans I said that complaining about Vanessa meant a person deserved death. The sad thing is I should have been exaggerating but I wasn’t by any means. I’m sure that Hudgens fan truly would be pleased if Bo was swept up in a hurricane. That’s sick, but please continue to tell us how we’re the ones in need of intense psychiatric care. I at least wouldn’t wish death on anyone for not being a Tisdale fan.

  3. 128
    aly Says:

    maybe it is because no one cares about you, lol i wouldn’t mind if I don´t have to read your comments anymore. Believe me, no one’s gonna miss you
    you were calling Ashley a famewh*ore the other day, now you are her fan? lmao

  4. 129
    Karma Says:

    @BO: why would she care if a hurricane is coming SLL’s way ? no one bothers about their PR bfs that way .she would care if one is coming Zac’s way , that’s for sure .
    So, the above comment made by you on page 2 of this thread was made by someone who has the moral to share the grief of people weeping or in the path of this terrible storm. Intriguing, I interpreted that as a comment made by a person with no morals and just as disgusting as the person who wished them harm.

  5. 130
    kate Says:

    Guys don’t wish anyone’s death…That’s really low and stupid…..

  6. 131
    aly Says:

    as you said “this is the internet, i can hate and talk all the shiit i want” i’m using the Tisdale fan logic.

  7. 132
    jj Says:

    @kate having nude photos online is not a mistake that makes a human being better. that ain’t even a real problem to begin with. you clearly never had a hard time in your life. was pudgie that dumb to take pics and sent it to a guy. how classy pudgie must be to do something like that. classy my

    actually my is classier than that rotten pudgie for sure LOL

  8. 133
    Haters Suck! Says:

    heres what just pisses me off, Ashley and zac fans have there own fansites, own posts but thats not good enugh for their fans. They also need to take control of all vanessas posts and fansites and make do everything they can to rip her apart and try and turn vanessa fans into ashley and zac fans.
    you seemed to have no problem when a huricane was headed right towards where austin was.

  9. 134
    aly Says:

    as you said “this is the internet, i can hate and talk all the **** i want” i’m using the Tisdale fan logic.

  10. 135
    tina Says:

    No one thinks Ashley is too good but you A. If you think all the men she’s been with just hold her hand or pat her on the head you’re naive to say the least. Zac and Vanessa were teens in HSM Ashley was already a grown woman. She was 20/21 when she made those statements not a child. When Zac and Vanessa started dating they were at the same place in their careers. Zac even said he tried to talk to her at her movie premiere
    before meeting her at the auditions.
    After working with her didn’t Aly call her a bi tch? Of course she hangs on to Sammy. But when it came time for pictures she is between Kim and Vanessa.

  11. 136
    bella Says:

    @jj Bo A : Shut up!!! This is Vanessa’s message board. We are not interested in them.
    Why do you come here when you don’t like her?
    If you guys want to talk about them, please go to their message boards

  12. 137
    kate Says:

    @jj believe me i had and have a hard time….please don’t comment on my life since you don’t know me…and I NEVER SAID THAT TAKING A NUDE PHOTO IS CLASSY OR RIGHT OR SMART…but we shouldn’t condemn those who did it…because you don’t know if they regretted it or what they are going through… and i consider bullying all these offensive comments people keep making based on that mistake… you can take into consideration that 15yr old girl who killed herself because of the bullying she went through based on a nude photo of her someone posted online…i know it’s a bit too much but this case shows a lot….

  13. 138
    A Says:

    @haters suck! You’re on a gossip site. If you only want to read positive Vanessa comments go to a FAN site. I don’t understand why you guys aren’t there anyway. Is it just really important to you that she remains a “top celeb” on this one particular site. And I’ve already established that I see my presence here as retaliation.

    And I am both an Ashley fan and a Zac fan and I’m going to speak for both fandoms when I say we aren’t trying to convert you because we wouldn’t want you!

    @aly I don’t even remember saying that. Seriously, do you guys just save my comments in a document somewhere and wait for a chance to use them.

  14. 139
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Because they have to. They have to come to Vanessa’s posts and say how great and wonderful their idols are because apperently there’s nowhere else to do it. They need to make Vanessa fans Ashley and zac fans.

  15. 140
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Retaliation for what? Oh right you still think we all go and bash Ashley on her posts which is complete crap. You want to see retaliation wait till the next Ashley post if it be on jj or jjr, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Sorry Tina, Xo and many but I’m going there.

  16. 141
    tina Says:

    @ maria you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as the storm passes your way.

  17. 142
    aly Says:

    @Haters Suck!:
    why on earth would you make her more important? let her with her 5 comments, please, we all are on your side.

  18. 143
    MO Says:

    lets get logical here shall we. pudgens is the biggest famewh.ore here. she’s the one who has naked pics of her posing provocatively. do not tell me she was a kid and didn’t know because she was clearly in her senses when she took them. she was not possesed by kim kardashian or any sort. ashley doesn’t even count in the top 10 of the hollywood famewh.ores list but she is one of the well known ones. but ashley does not have naked pics of her in the internet. we have daily pics of pudgens doing nothing. the last time i checked ashley’s candids was last month or so. just one got posted yesterday. i think ashley realized its better to hang on to pudgens tail than waisting her own money and calling the paps. so now ashley is hanging out with the famewh.oring pudgens to get free publicity. great. i bet they are both happy with it. famewho.res all in the bunch.

  19. 144
    A Says:

    @tina I don’t think Ashley is too anything. Kate is the one who said she seems too good. No, I know that Ashley has sex like every other adult human being living outside of a monastery, thank you. But Ashley’s classy enough not to express her sexuality in trashy ways.

    I never saw anything about Aly saying that, although she did subtweet about Ashley not being okay without Scott which was a b!tchy thing to do. Yet during Hellcats she was all “Ashley’s so sweet, we’re best friends!” So maybe she was the one using Ashley for fame. Who knows what happened there. They tweeted each other for a while after the show ended and then stopped.

    The majority of people who work with Ashley gush over how sweet and down to earth she is. That speaks volumes.

    @kate agreed, the nude photo scandal doesn’t make Vanessa a bad person. But something like that is not something a celebrity needs to have to seem “real” or more human. It’s a negative thing not a positive thing.

  20. 145
    BO Says:

    Austin is dating Stella .That house must have been bought by Pudgens for Stella and SLL .

  21. 146
    Austin is dating Stella Says:

    It just makes sense

  22. 147
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Because I’ve tried being the better person here. Sometimes to beat a monster you must become a monster. They want a fight I’ll give them a fight.

  23. 148
    A Says:

    @Haters suck! You really think you’re Batman when you defend Vanessa don’t you?

  24. 149
    Haters Suck! Says:

    And you’re different when trashing Vanessa and praising Ashley on Vanessas post how? I’ll see u on the next Ashley post. Tina, aly, xo, many i know how you guys feel but ur more than welcome to join me.

  25. 150
    tina Says:

    Never heard as anyone talk about her being sweet but Zac and that’s his standard answer for anyone he’s just friends with. Remember when they asked him about Miley? Same answer. No one is going to say bad things about a co-star while working together. But yes Aly said bad things about her and she tried to pretend like she didn’t know why. On twitter of course so her fans would feel sorry for her.

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