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Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler has just signed on to star in the upcoming film Dynamo, based on the novel “Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev.”

The 42-year-old actor will take on the role of Nikolai Trusevich, the all-star goalie who leads his team and inspires the entire battered city of Kiev, Ukraine.

The film is based on “the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during World War II. To stem a rising tide of resistance and establish Aryan superiority, the Nazi’s set up a match pitting the starving Ukrainians against a ‘super team’ of German players that to this day is still known as ‘The Death Match’.”

Dynamo is scheduled to shoot in Europe next year.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler as a soccer player in Dynamo??

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  • ellen

    another flop

  • Dynamo
  • Yawn


  • DocP

    This will definately stretch his acting abilities. Many here mentioned he needed to challenge himself. I hope he learns Russian, he can’t use his scottish accent and sell this character to the audience. He keeps getting the roles. Doesn’t he also have another movie called Thunderrun that he;s making next year. I know he signed up to play the father again in How to Train your Dragon 2. I know its not a big part but its work.

  • Alina

    I don’t think that this new project “Dinamo” will have any success! Oh! But that’s just my opinion! Good luck, Gerry!

  • Alina

    Again policy! Not a good idea from the start! I fear that the project will be doomed as MGP! Why he subscribes to such projects? Sad!

  • kelly

    yeah a new thread i am excited to see gerry in anything super excited that hes working .My prayers to everyone on the east coast hang in there……keep faith.

  • Nadine

    I’m not a big fan of G’s film choices lately and I’m not a sports person, but I have to say this film sounds really, really good. I hope they get a good director on board because this sounds like a story worth telling.
    I hope it doesn’t go the way of MGP. Also a great story but suffered from a poorly written script and a director who failed the material, imo. I hope “Dynamo” has better luck because it sounds like it could be a quality drama, rather than the rom/com or action movie cr/ap Gerry chooses too often. I think he’s made a good choice here.

  • Susan

    Gerard Butler, please don’t make this movie.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Gerry’s upcoming project sounds great and I hope it is a huge success. In general, I’m not a fan of sports films but some like Breaking Away, Eight Men Out and Raging Bull have been successful at the box office.

  • twitter

    Just walked past Gerard Butler in Central Park. He’s walking around alone. WTF

  • Alina

    I’m confident that the film will be immediately banned in many European countries! I think that Ukraine will also go down in this number! I think that it’s better not to do, Gerry! Just saying!

  • Manny

    Wow another soccer film. So he traded in his American The Game of Their Lives goalie kit for a Russian goalie kit. We just need Catherine Zeta Jones playing an impoverished soccer mom cheering in the bleachers to make his soccer trilogy complete…
    WTF dude.
    Question, doesn’t this sound a lot like the Stallone’s Victory where POWs played the Nazi super team???

  • I think

    Maybe this movie would work if they portrayed the politics and ruthlessness of the regime and not so much on the sport. If the players are starving wouldn’t he have to loose a lot of weight? I don’t know about this one. Oh–well.
    I think CM may have done about $1mil more last weekend if it wasn’t for the storm.
    Isn’t he about due for a s/x fix? He can’t go for long.

  • I think

    —I’d like to see him do a good mystery/ suspense movie.

  • Michelle

    I hope he takes some accent coaching. The brogue IS impossible hard to get rid of. But he can do it if applies himself. he really is the Scottish version of matthew mcconaughey. Damn irish. Too good looking for the, no MY good….

  • Twitter
  • soccer

    this movie will do good but i think he might be too tall to play a soccer player. soccer players are short. right? or am i wrong?

  • TNT

    @twitter: Alone this afternoon in the park. No party? No flight out? Of course he is alone. It was not his plan to be in NY. He is not a NewYorker. He is only in this city one month out of the whole year normally. He really lives in L.A. and movie sets where he is doted on.

  • Twitter
  • I think

    —–would there really be many people out at a club in NY tonight?

  • soccer

    i agree with what someone else said that it could cause problems by reopening old wounds. it depends on how the story is told. you know how men are.

  • DocP

    Couldn’t he have caught a flight out of JFK on Sunday ? I didn’t think the storm hit NYC until Monday? Plus he could have driven further inland like Philadelphia and flew out some time on Sunday?
    Thats a cool looking club, i think they may have one in Vegas to.

  • TNT

    @Twitter: At a club again.

    @DocP: No. Flights were ceased on Sunday in Ny, nj, and pa. He can get out on Wednesday earliest.

  • For Manny

    “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

  • BWhatUR

    @Twitter: Clubs, Red Carpet N movie sets R the same thing to Butler. For Mo PTY.

  • Alanis

    MG’s latest FB comment – Monday

    I wrote a few weeks ago that “are the happiest in the world” … just received confirmation, after several tests, I’ll play in the movie Dom Hemingway … I wanted to share with you, perhaps the most important moment in my career. Today after 3 weeks of shooting in southern France Londra.Vreau we move on to thank you for your presence in a number so big! We passed 50,000! …!
    Share with you how often can my feelings and emotions …
    I wish I had time to answer all … for those who doubt the authenticity of this page will announce that remains the only way I can talk about me.
    Romania again fight me and caress me, but I always remember with pleasure, for my only issue home where Michael thought and courtesy of Anna Burz, I could introduce myself netrunchiat, to all of you …

    Yours, Madalina.

  • so predictable

    @BWhatUR: If there is a club still standing after Frankenstorm, he would be the one to find it. And per the earlier twitter, he’s got his flirt on.

  • translation

    Just tidying up your translation a bit ….
    MG wrote, “Today after 3 weeks of shooting in southern France we move to London. I want to thank you for your presence in a number so big!”

  • Alanis


    Thanks – never know what you’re gonna get with Google Translate. There had been discussion about whether her posting that she was the happiest woman in the world had to do with GB or her career. I was trying to confirm that she was happy because she had found out that she got the part, not that she and GB had gotten engaged, married, pregnant, whatever.

  • Alina

    Why do some of you keep coming back to MG?!?!?!? You get paid for it! Who cares here? Stop talking about it! If you’re a fan of her, go to her website! She does not belong here! Go away!

  • Alanis

    @Alina: Sorry, Alina. I didn’t plan to make any more posts about her.

  • Alina


  • Hint for JJ
    Perhaps G B will stay in NYC till it’s time to fly out for Dubai. Hope there are plenty of pictures of those dignitaries and stars. No doubt Roger Dubuis will pull out all the stops for this one. Grattis Dubuis!

    Nothing like seeing that man in a tux….or a yellow towel.

  • BWhatUR

    He is heading east quick. More than one reason.

  • Totally Useless Information

    Am I to understand GB was spotted walking around Central Park, alone, at night? Is that safe?

    Whatever, I guess. I think the new movie could be a good one. Many movies coming out of Europe the past few years have been about WW II and are well received at film festivals and award shows.

  • Oh Crap

    I posted the “hint for JJ” and really need to watch what I write. When I said that comment : Nothing like seeing that man in a tux….or a yellow towel.
    I was talking about Gerry not R. Dubuis. So sorry about that. Oh crap oh crap……

  • Let me see…

    He does have a talent to pick a loser. Gerry pleeeeeease stay away from movie based on real events or people. These stories always controversial and you lose half of the people as your potential audience automatically without even trying.

  • exfantiredbyallthebs

    @Manny: descent to stallone type projects. Oh Dear!

    Looking at pictures of the devastation in the US, and wishing you all safe and the spirit and resolve to recover.

    So many gas guzzlers wrecked. Perhaps we should all now take global warming seriously. Such extreme weather is all of our responsibility, wherever in the world we live. The time to stick our heads in the sand and maintain our over privileged lifestyles has surely passed?

  • twitter

    Heard that Leonardo Di Caprio, Gerald Butler, and Hermione(?) are at @ LavoNY French Tuesday party right now.
    46 min ago

  • twitter

    Dining at Lavo Leonardo DiCaprio in front of me and behind Gerard Butler

  • twitter

    Decaprio, Gerard Butler I gta go out on a Tuesday more often
    Haha Amanda Bynes wondering around like a drunk hahaha

  • Alina

    @twitter: “Dining at Lavo Leonardo DiCaprio and behind Gerard Butler”…..????
    This is very strange! Maybe Hermione = Emma Watson?

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Let me see…: Beg to differ with you. The movie 300 was GB’s biggest movie and was denounced by Iran’s pres. because of the depiction of the Persians as monstrous and barbaric. He did just fine, better than fine. GB has done a lot of movies depicting real people: Attilla, Frank Borghi, Sam Childers…. and then of course the most controversial was Stoick The Vast, the Phantom, Dracula and Beowulf….only kidding about the last few.
    I don’t know why, but I think that these stories need to be told as well, so much time has gone by and past atrocities should not be celebrated, but neither forgotton. Perhaps the history lessons should be preserved in our minds.
    I do understand that concern to “keep it safe”, but I think, for example, that MGP was a story that GB wanted the world to know about and he did it and probably would have been sorry if he hadn’t if not for accolades, but for his own sake.
    I haven’t been here for a while, but heard about the new movie. Wishing him all the best and trust that it will be all that he expects. No doubt in my mind that he will do his very best to tell the story for us. Ducky

  • casandra

    God..this man loves his parties.Will he still be partying when /if he has kids or family?I cant see him staying away for too long, which is quite awkward for his age.

  • AustinCityLimits

    Maybe he took on this role to be closer to MG, since she is from that part of the world. I can’t imagine why else he would take this on, as it has disaster written all over it for him again. He must be either getting desperate for work as it doesn’t appear that any American or otherwise reputable studios are knocking down his door for parts, or he’s doing this to be close to MG. Maybe she will sign on for the movie with him, to play his wife or his girlfriend. This movie has disaster written all over it, another monumental flop for Butler. What is he and those people backing him thinking?

  • exfantiredbyallthebs

    @Totally Useless Information: why the concern for this so called ‘man’? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was strolling in central park to see the damage, and not to trawl for young flesh as he’s been filmed doing in the past. He can’t be staying in his chelsea pad as it would be a long walk to the park.
    But clubbing, partying??? Any decent affluent human being in his situation eould be donating to, and physically helping the clear up and relief operation instead of satsfying his own pampered ego!!!

    Its incredible he has any loyal fans left. They must see only what they have been PR’d into believing..

  • TeaCakes

    Not buying any of these bogus tweets. It’s possible he’s already left NY. He hasn’t been physically seen since he went to Sat night party. Also not buying that people in NY are wandering around looking for celebrities. They’re looking for food and stores that may be open and looking for transportation.

    Cellphones were reported out yesterday in NY so how are all these people texting? LMAO.

  • bleah

    “ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler as a soccer player in Dynamo??”

    Absolutely Not!
    which,… just makes me think a its real pretext to stay in Europe,(especially now …) in ‘ vicinity’ of…
    Ah…poor devil … what make you do

  • casandra

    Why all the negativity? seems no matter what he does or what movie role he takes on some of you here only say bad things. That is really insensitive..maybe you say all those things because you know somebody from his pr team are reading here and maybe he knows about whats being said here, which is really mean in itself.
    I think Chasing Mavericks seems like quite a good movie and I’ll probably go see it when it premieres here in Europe. As for this new project”Dynamo” it really looks interesting..besides, I love historical movies and for Gerard would be something different.
    Wish him all the best.