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Halle Berry & Nahla: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch Pair!

Halle Berry & Nahla: Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch Pair!

Halle Berry hits Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch with her adorable daughter Nahla on Tuesday (October 30) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 46-year-old actress was cute and casual while out and about in L.A.

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On the same day, Halle appeared on Chelsea Lately to talk about reincarnation in Cloud Atlas. Check out the clip below!

On Thursday, Halle will discuss movies, family, and beauty on her Wendy Williams Show appearance.

Earlier in the week, Nahla enjoyed herself at Giggles N’ Hugs with her dad, Gabriel.

Halle Berry – Chelsea Lately

FYI: Halle is wearing a Lindsay Jackson dress on Chelsea Lately.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry spending time with Nahla at the pumpkin patch…

Just Jared on Facebook
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 01
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 02
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 03
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 04
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 05
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 06
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 07
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 08
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 09
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 10
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 11
halle berry nahla pumpkin patch pair 12

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  • Jared_Fan

    Ha-Ha-Ha, I barely recognized little Nahla

  • matahari


  • Jill23

    So let me get this straight, Halle wants to take her daughter to France and away from her own father to escape the paps and protect her right?

    But here she is taking her willingly to the most pap filled place in LA right now! All celebs know this particular pumpkin patch is full of paps, it is the Ivy of patches. What a hypocrite!

  • Carrie

    @ Jill23, Halle is cray cray and a liar. She will use the press when she wants to. Don’t forget to see Cloud Atlas in theatres now!

  • matahari

    i dislike that bitch!!!!

  • vansssa

    @Carrie: uhm you don’t know her.just focus on the movies and not her personal life its never that serious

  • Diliana von Bork

    I can’t believe it! I saw the pic and then I read the headline… I thought.. THAT Pumpkin Patch? Now she wants to pose for the paps too? I don’t know why children want to go there, it looks sooo boring.
    “All celebs know this particular pumpkin patch is full of paps”… Not only the celebs, WE know about it too.
    Are you desperate, Halle Berry? I can understand people like Alessandra Ambrosio going there (more than one time), but you?

  • mh

    @Carrie: you’re weird making comments like that about someone you don’t know.

  • BallBond

    just as James replied I cant believe that a stay at home mom able to profit $8230 in four weeks on the internet. have you read this(Click on menu Home more information)

  • Greenieweenie

    She bugs me. She always talks about how her mother helped her see herself as the world would–as black. Yay for her. That generation is gone. She’s so into her daughter being black and it’s like, why don’t you let your kid figure it out for herself? She also said she believes in the “one drop” theory…the most racist BS ever propagated against biracial ppl. She just irritates me to no end. She needs to get over her blackness. Your race isn’t the most interesting thing about you–never was, never will be.

  • sdf

    She’s going to be drop dead gorgeous when she gets older.

  • an opinion

    @Jill23: This is the 3rd time Halle has taken her daughter to this punpkin patch. Jared has posted all 3 trips. She wants the attention for that weird movie I guess.

  • taz

    when halle berry started talking about her daughter on chelsea lately i just didn’t buy it – it felt so forced and awkward & now she’s pimping her kid out @ that stupid pumpkin patch where paparazzi seem to be camping out. How can she (or any celebrity) be OK with their child being photographed by s&x offenders (which a lot of them are). I don’t get it, but whatever keeps them ‘famous’ i guess

    But side note: that kids Halloween costume is cool. Kind of wish we did Halloween in Sydney!

  • Carrie

    How do you know I don’t know her? Hmmm?

  • Sarena

    Of course cyber ugly stalkers know best what is good for Halle’s daughter.

  • Miss Jones

    She clearly went there for a photo op !!! For someone who claims that paparazzi are a constant issue she goes and parade her daughter with her fancy make-up at the one place where all celebs know they will have their pictures taken. Such a hypocrite it’s unbelievable !!!!!!

  • W

    I’m not a Halle fan but some of you guys even scare me and creep ME out with your angry comments, sheesh, I can feel your anger all the way here. Calm down, none of us know her.

  • blah

    @W: no one gives a sh*t about her-we’re concerned for her kid.. and this is a gossip blog.. people are leaving their opinions.. dont like it dont read.. that easy

  • Mixup

    that women needed to stop being so full of herself and grow, It is not about her it is what good for Nahla

  • W

    @blah: @Mixup: That’s even creepier imo. “We don’t care about her, we care about her kid”.
    That’s creepy…stay away from her child. I hope Halle has good security guards because you guys sound like peddos with your faux concern.

  • W

    @blah: @Mixup: That’s even creepier imo. “We don’t care about her, we care about her kid”. That’s just creepy…stay away from her child. You sound like p*dd*s with your faux concern. I hope Halle has good security guards because you sound seriously dangerous.

  • what

    To W: You are mistaken saying we don’t know her. I don’t know you and you don’t me, it is a fact. But we definitely know her, due to numerous magazines, interviews, photos, and so on and so forth. I am making my opinion about her on what she is saying or doing and I am entitled to it.
    This woman screwed up her relationships with the whites and blacks, her fans pool is diminishing…no surprise why the movie is down.

  • justsaying

    @W you are one very sick person and you needed to stay off just jared because you are going to put ideas in some real sick person head and if any thing happen to Nahla GOD FORBID it will be your responsible for it. what you said about these two people is just so sick

  • Mixup

    W are YOU for real? we are talking about halle saying the PAPS is taking picture of Nahla yet she go to where their take picture of child. are you halle ugly man who don’t know english? JUST SHUTUP!!!!!

  • Nothing But Love

    Beautiful costume.

  • W

    @justsaying: WTF? I am sick when I am saying to back off a child that isn’t yours!? You’re the one who is sick.
    I am only defending her child and telling you that you are creepy for stalking and talking about her child like that.
    Just back off or I will report your comments to the authorities ( I-P is traceable).

  • W

    @Mixup: Same goes for you.
    Back off.
    You are taking this too far by talking about a child like that.. Halle is the celebrity here, not her child so leave her alone.

  • Disney Vllainess

    Nahla’s a beauty!!

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Cute kid

  • Mixup

    @W go right ahead you fool let me sue it go both way

  • Mixup

    W@ you didnot see write any thing bad about nahla I just SAID she needed to put her child first

  • Fan

    Am I the only one disturbed that she allowed her daughter to wear white-face for Halloween? Seriously just wrong.

  • mm

    why was this put up as a header on JJ? no one was even on this thread. halle berry must be paying big for it

  • martha

    Love her costume. Cutie pie.

    Ps. Dad work is international. He isn’t fixed to one place.

  • A

    @Fan: Oh shut up. You’re just looking for a reason to hate. Btw, Nahla is mostly white. Her father is 100% white and her mother is 50% white.

  • kayla

    It is really sickening that the paps prey on children! I’m no Halle Berry fan either but I have to say I’m with her 100% when it comes to stalking children for money!

  • Weel

    Nahla maybe 75% white, but she does not look like white, maybe her children from 100% white man will look like white. Black genes are strong. One black person and than you need 3 white generations (preferably blonds) to bleach it to the white again. Whites will diminish very soon.

  • rrob

    I believe Mrs Berry as others- just want photographers to keep a distance– The fame is what makes us watch their movies- She got issues just like you and me