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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Lakers Game Couple!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Lakers Game Couple!

Adam Levine dons a “Los Angeles” cap while arriving with his lovely girlfriend Behati Prinsloo at the Staples Center on Tuesday (October 30) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman and the 23-year-old model watched Kobe Bryant‘s Los Angeles Lakers lose by eight points against the Dallas Mavericks.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

Soccer star David Beckham was also spotted looking dapper at the basketball game.

Earlier in the day, Adam tweeted, “Sending love to those who need it on the east coast. You are all in our thoughts.”

The next day, the 8th Annual Maroon 5 Halloween Party is happening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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41 Responses to “Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Lakers Game Couple!”

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  1. 1
    Right Says:

    Pfffff…I swear this dude thinks he is the new DiCaprio with the models he’s dated…

  2. 2
    Dana Says:

    Ohh my! David beckham looks hot! Why do we have only one picture of him?

  3. 3
    Heather Says:

    Behati, sweetie, i am sure you are a nice girl, but i just cannot understand your sense of dressing. Sorry. Velvet skirt with boots and that top? No, no, no, just not done .

  4. 4
    Rach Says:

    I don’t get it?

    I like Adam Levine. I really do. And, I understand that he doesn’t want to be alone. And, the position that he is in, being a sexy rock star, tv mentor, and now “turned actor” he doesn’t have to be alone. He can literally look in the VS catalog, and just point to the girl he wants to lie next too at night. And he knows that the girl will follow him around wherever he goes. But, is that what he really wants? Is, to have a girl next to him, who has no identity outside of him? A girl who feeds off of his fame and fortune? Sure, sge is a model. She has her own money. But, this girl has nothing going on besides that, and I know he knows that. Or maybe he just doesn’t care anymore, as long as there is someone beside him, that he can interlock hand with at a function like this Laker game.

    Adam, as hungry as he is to be the center of attention, I don’t feel like he would be happy with her. I can see she makes him laugh with her bubbly personality, willing to smoke weed, among other things, follow him around to wherever he goes. She doesn’t give a damn about the Lakers, (you also don’t wear that at a laker game) her heads down in this photo. She knows she won’t be famous as much as he is. She will be jealous, throw tantrums, get annoyed, fed up once the beginning phase wears off. She’s only 23. He’s 33. Yes, age is nothing but a number, but, time and experience is what Adam has on this girl. She only sees herself, having the luxuries, of being Adam levines girlfriend, building a name, gifts, etc. that’s not a relationship. That’s a business partnership.

    I guess my question is. What does Adam levine want? This? Tons and tons of break ups, with girls he wants to TRY and make it work with, as opposed to finding a girl that’s got it completley together, confident, and no need for the spotlight? I think Adam levine really wants to have that one girl. I can see he is a romantic, despite the jerky moments he has. I do believe he wants to be solid in a relationship. But, maybe this is all Adam knows? Or maybe he is afraid of the real thing, because he can’t control it. Of he is afraid of getting heartbroken, so he goes for the young silly girl, who is just along for the ride.

    I have read the other blogs by @unknown poster. Since this is an Internet message board, you can’t tell what is exactly true and what’s not, but I have to say I believe you. Wherever you are, if you read this.

    Just my two cents.

  5. 5
    Jody Says:

    Yall are dumb, I KNOW this guy is gay. Thats why he is always seen with women. I remember seeing him on stage a few years back, and he just seemed attracted to his bandmates and staring at their crotch. Like you can tell when a person is attracted to another person. He even has feminine traits. Back then he seemed unhappy and out of place allot. But it seemed like he just got over it, and just accepted that he would appeal more if he just was seen as a lady’s man. This guy is NOT straight. Im not an Adam hater, I love Maroon 5, but I ALWAYS felt he was gay. And now he just submerges himself in women, because of two reasons. A he wants to seem straight. B He doesnt accept the fact that he’s gay so he sleeps with women out of boredom. I do not feel they are beards that he refrains from sleeping with. I think he actually does sleep with them because he just doesnt know what to do. I dont think his own bandmates know he’s gay, thats how deep in the closet he is. So he just goes out and gets girls, and slowly but surely, he will feel unhappy again like he did back then. Its just something you notice. I guess in a sense he may be Bi, until he can accept himself for who he is. And again, I LOVE the guy and his music, as well as personality. But I always felt he was gay, now he is seen with women all the time.

  6. 6
    Lona Says:

    go back to Anne V she is A list.

  7. 7
    Leah Says:

    He has bad taste in women

  8. 8
    Joanna Says:

    What the heck is she wearing again….

  9. 9
    K R Says:

    I have seen Getty pictures of them inside watching the match, and other recent pictures. I think he likes her, maybe he even loves her a little but he is definitely not in love with her. Its apparent that she is more into him than he is into her.

    Which is sad because i have seen Behati’s pictures with her previous boyfriend and they both look so very comfortable together. Over the years she has posted so many candids of them on Twitter and FB and in all of them they look like having so much fun TOGETHER, unlike in pictures with Adam. They would tweet each other, post pictures of their cats or vacation pictures. Yes, he was nowhere as famous as Adam, but he was a popular male model.

    Si i think its got to do less with privacy and more with Adam doing a Leo, by controlling the Gf. I remember a video interview of Bar where she was asked if she was single and with a hesitation she said she was not allowed to talk about it. Not “i dont want to”, just not allowed to.

    Adam has self admitted problems with being alone. I think he did not want to be alone and rushed into this relationship but i dont see it going anywhere . I really hope the girl too knows what she is doing because honestly i do feel a bit sorry for her , that she is more into this relationship than he is.
    As a woman, i want her to be happy too.
    no, i dont want him to go back to Anne ! While i am a fan of hers and loved seeing them together, i think that ship has sailed. No point in moving backward.

  10. 10
    unknown Says:

    I am not here for hatred on anyone, I only speak the truth. But judging by these photos and from other sites as well. I am simply saying he has trust issues and its not just from his past experience with Anne. I think in his heart he knows he can’t trust her and it won’t last. Just to much to be said but not going there. She however, is really trying to get closer to him. He seems happy, but this is a man who loves the Lakers and wants to say I’ve moved on. Since they have been together his body language says a dikfferent story. Him crossing his arms in front of his body says he is closing himself off. Him leaning into her is so he can hear what she is saying and nothing more. Her immaturity is one of the many things that may actually ruin their relationship in his eyes. Not necessarily immaturity its when she acts goofy. Like for example, her behavior at the GQ night when its suppose to be about him, not her tilting her head to draw attention. It tells me is wanting it really slow, but she is forcing herself onto him more and more. Which is one of the things I’ve said before. She is very possessive, jealous and now apparently several people are not that impressed with her at all. I came a well known phtographers tweet in response to her, and he put a pic of her from which he apparently took of her and said “over it” which says a lot from a negative stand point.
    A night that your man is being honored for all the good he has done. You don’t make silly faces or pout and have to be center of attention. He likes her but its only to have fun. He better watch it, she isn’t to be trusted and I believe he is aware of it fully. Its not just about my exgf devastated me which I feel wasn’t exactly the whole truth which Adam has admitted that people will never knows what he will say next. I do know this much. He has gone down hill since meeting with Behati and when he opens his eyes and he will. It will be bye bye Behati. So all of those saying negative things about her really need to reevaluate yourself. It shouldn’t matter to you who he dates. However, this is a girl really not being herself.
    One more thing, I will say this, how interesting she made faces and threw the peace sign to the paps when only with Adam. By herself she didn’t acknowledge them and this time she hardly looks up. Looks like a conversation was held. Just sayin

  11. 11
    unknown Says:

    On another note I’ve notice a change in his behavior and the way he seems to care about the way he looks. I get he is a typical guy loves his white shirts and jeans and boots. Which in my opinion is a look not so many men can carry but he happens to be one of them who can and I believe that’s his signature look. But however, wearing a a tshirt that visually has holes in it for the world to see on The Voice while everyone else looks nice and clean. I hate to say this but he looks like he was drugged under neath a bus. His shirt is dingy like it hadn’t been washed and holes and even a bad torn by I guess you would say the collar area. Where they place his mike. I notice that on the sideline if you don’t catch it like someone talked to him. My guess a producer or what not, all the sudden he has a jacket on. He needs to take pride in himself, not saying he has to dress up and so forth but for a man not to care what he is wearing when he knows he is in the public eye especially on tv. Says a lot. Just sayin

  12. 12
    unknown Says:

    I agree as a woman myself I would want every woman on Earth to be happily in love, but I feel the true Behati remains to be seen. I’ve also heard that she is a bragger a lot worse than Anne is and apparently likes to bully certain people. When certain people are making it known that she isn’t as sweet and these are in fact proffessionals that have worked with her numerous times and now speak openly and don’t care who knows. Says a lot. One person and they happen to know one of my sources said that in between takes she googles Adam consitantly. And still gets pissed as hell about Anne being brought up. According my source its also said that Behati actually said something totally uncalled for and very unprofessional about Anne at a shoot. Basically saying I’m an Angel and she is a wanna be and now I’ve got Adam and some other things that are totally on bully type comments. According to my sources, she complains about Gene behind his back. One of things is the fact I know this relationship is a stab back at Anne. Is because everything they do as far as being photgraphed together, Adam and Behati, there is always a swing at Anne. Now I don’t feel Shawn, Adams right hand man, or any of Adams friends or bandmates would stoop that low. Oh and someone needs to tell Behati, when she can become famous for herslef like Alessandra, then she would be able to wear the Special VS bra. She is no where the standards that MIRANDA, alessandra and Adrina are. So for her to say she deserves it more is complete BS! And no its not on twitter its my very reliable sources. People who were once adoring her aren’t so much these days. And some say its Adams fault and so many are now saying its the true blue Behatik. She needs to stop lying about how mean her ex was to Adam and his friends and stop playing the victim in front of them all. I believ e some are def putting it together quicker than others and or all know that she is worse than any of his exs. And don’t want the drama that they went through with Adam like he once was being. Which I can’t blame them. He needs to stop, even in dating and just reflect on himself. Which he is coming along nicely in his phase but he needs to say enough, I’m single for a while. Atleast a year or two. Reflect on himself. Over come his fears of being alone. Take responsibility and truely know the man he needs to be. Because if he continues this pattern he won’t find his true soul mate. He won’t find true happiness. It may surprise Adam who he needs to be with as far as a mate. It may be total opposite of what he thought he wanted or was originally attracted too. He needs to reflect on himself and be the man he will be one day. To listen to his heart is one thing but he needs to have his heart love himself first and not in a egotistical way or the way he feels so many have put on him. He needs to reflect.@K R:

  13. 13
    Ange Says:

    @Rach: May not agree but I do respect your opinion. BUT how do you know that she doesn’t have it together? What you know of her is what the media has portrayed her to be, we as outsiders are only shown the tip of the iceberg that is probably distorted by gossip. We don’t know them on a personal level, we shouldn’t judge. AND all the insults you are firing out is bullying. Just saying.

  14. 14
    Amber Says:


    Thanks for your commentaries, always welcome.
    Of course she will not be like Alessandra, Miranda, Candice, Doutzen or Adriana, ever. Total lack of glamour, she doesn’t fit VS anymore, if she ever did.
    I feel sorry for Adam.

  15. 15
    K R Says:


    I dont know any of them or have any sources that know them personally. So in a way i am guilty , like many of us, who post based on perception and our individual ikes and dislikes.

    I Have said it once before( a long time ago, since i am not a frequent poster) that i Love Anne but i would wish the best for Behati too since i dont have any reasons to not like her. My comments on the relatiionship not going anywhere are just my perception from the pictures. I could be wrong , i could be right. At the end of the day, i would just want them to be happy in the relationship. its just my opinion that one person being too invested in the relationship while the other is not invariably leads to heartache.

    Professionally, i dont know if Bee actually said it, but yes, she is still a long way from the Fantasy bra. She has to break out of that Pink image first.

  16. 16
    Carrie Says:

    For someone who is a working model, I feel like the only work of hers I see is VS.

  17. 17
    Shannon Says:

    The pictures read loud and clear; she’s arm candy to fill the void of loneliness. While it was clear as day that Adam and Anne’s relationship was displayed to the highest degree for all the media to see, it was also clear that they seemed to have strong feelings for one another. Those who were mega-fans of Anne’s and in the blink of an eye hopped on the It’s real love with Behati train are in a nutshell simple-minded and most likely will tab the newest girl that links arms with Adam as the real deal.

    To those who are on twitter talking about unknown not knowing anything and saying she is only posting on JJ because they are hating and jealous of Behati? Get a life. Whoever unknown is clearly knows what she is talking about. She hasn’t been off the mark yet.

  18. 18 Says:


    you got it on point…..smh soo true and sad at the same time.

  19. 19
    unknown Says:

    Thanks Shannon and long time no post LOL

    I do want to add a note to a previous post I had posted. What I was meaning earlier and I hope no one felt I attacked them personally. Was the fact that so many fans are not going to be happy no matter whom he is linked to. What I was meaning is how so many were on the Anne band wagon, then when they split up she was a famewhore. Not my words theirs, and when Behati came along she is the love of his life. Like according, and @shannon I found that blogger you posted a while back. Pretend to be someone of importance and disses Anne still and praises Behati. I I am howveer not a fan of Maroon 5 nor some of these so called super models. In fact I am disappointed iin one of my Brazillian faves and she is A VS Angel. She is someone who stands out but she has never used anyone for fame. I am disappointed for the weight lost she has endured. She will gain it in tim, but last year my mouth flew open and trust me I let it be known. As my sources, well I wasn’t wroong about Anne and that came to light and trust me as many found out then and will find out soon. I am telling the truth about little miss Begati. She plays the good girl but so many that are seeing through the light. As I have known for a while. As far as Bar being Leos lap dog. Why do you think she left him. That’s all I haveto say about that out of respect for both of them.for different reasons than being a model and actor. They are good humanitarians as well. So their personal lives are meaningless. And besides there was alotg more on both parts than just Leos. So unless you know the facts on that relationship. You really shouldn’t call them names the only one who is alap dog as far as being married or going out with a super model. Tom Brady or Mrs. Gissel, aka Gisseles *****. Is the number one. But then again she could scare the crap out of a seriel killer. LOL and I say tha with love for G. No I am not saying I know her personally but I respect someone who is out front and not fake. What you see is what you get. Notf trying to manipulate someones heart by being uintruthful and playing the good girl card when so many no that Behati may hav e wings on the runway, but off the catwalk. She is anything but.

    Also is it me or does those photos at the game look like she was only interested in what Adam was strictly doing and not the game. Wasn’t there, but from what I understood. She was kind of put in her place as a woman. Meaning when men have their talk boy talk. You don’t open your mouth unless you can back it up with facts. She tries to hard to be a different person and its slowly creeping along she isn’t the sweet Aangel that so many saw in the beginning. @Shannon:

  20. 20
    Heather Says:

    hey Unknown

    Does the bloggers name begins with Z??? ohhh man, shes a riot ! I read her blogs when i need a good laugh.. she tries using fancy words, and sounds like she right next to the British Royalty in importance!

  21. 21
    Deb Says:

    she just need to dress a little better and clean herself up! Have some pride! She is a VS model, but she doesnt represent it well. Adam, The tshirt phase is getting old. You make millions, you can certainly afford nice polos or a sports coat.. ugh.

    The blogger is demented.

    As far as Anne, she had class, and style. She was not a fame *****, she was far into fashion before she met Adam.

  22. 22
    unknown Says:

    That would be the one. What gets me is how she will even tweet about Adam and Behati. But what she says is somehing id expect either a psycho or a young girl. Like a teenage. Not a suppose to so called social lite. Like there was an earthquake in LA and she actually posted something like oh it wasn’t an earthquake it was a Love quake from Adam and Behati. I’m like ok therapy or shock treatment time. But I can recall a time when she was all for Anne and yes I agree she does try and make her seem important which I seriously doubt. It just doesn’t seem kosher. I feel she just wants all the suckers, no offense to anyone, but the way I see it like she travels everywhere and is beyound rich. She is posting things that would normally be found on the web and or has friends that may send her things, but over all she iks full of it. It always amusses what people will do for attention. @Heather:

  23. 23
    Shannon Says:

    @Heather: you mean someone by the name of Zara or some other name or do you mean some person by the name of serena. They in fact run together and were the primary Anne lovers back then.

  24. 24
    martha Says:

    Again~ pictures tell all. Behati has to reach all the way to the popcorn bucket. It is just popcorn~share. Take a look at his arrival smile. Doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He looks like he is 50. David~~ omg. Who even notices Adam with that hunky sexy yummy next to him. He is a real man.

  25. 25
    K R Says:

    @unknwon, heather and who all made a comment about the blogger

    I completely agree. I dont know if Z and Serena are together , but i do know that whoever writes under the Z name needs serious help. And just like unknown, i have serious doubts whether she actually does some of the things she tweets.! Shes narcissistic, a know all , and a bragger whos constantly bragging about her wealth!

    Her monumental ego is further boosted by the fact that some new Bee stans refer everything to her, and quote her as if her speech is the gospel truth. And yes, @unknown , you have been discussed extensively on Twitter.
    Again i dont have any issues with B, but her new stans irritate me . She does have some old fans of her modelling. I am not complaining about them becuase theyare geneuine fans. In fact, these new stans know ndothing about her work, and are always questioning her old fans on aspects of her work. And its so sad that Behati is following such fair weather fans on twitter than some of her geneuine fans.

    Ps Adam needs new clothes pronto. Did anyone notice that the jeans he was wearing at the game had tears at the crotch area.

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