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Zac Efron: L.A. Lakers Season Opener!

Zac Efron: L.A. Lakers Season Opener!

Zac Efron flashes a grin while watching the season opener of the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Dallas Mavericks held at the Staples Center Tuesday (October 30) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actor was joined by a pal for the game, which went to the Mavericks 99-91.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

In case you’re a sports fan – the Lakers have a game tonight as well versus the Portland Trail Blazers. Check it out if you can, maybe Zac will be in attendance!

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  • mimi

    omg !!!!!! hfytyutygggjh go back to vanessa please!!

  • R U sure

    WOW What a smile ! Sexy zac !!!!

  • imene

    hot hot hot imagine vanessa besides him ! !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarra

    he look like dylan here!

  • Selma

    It’s been a while Zac ! @imene: I was thinking about that too :)

  • wonderwall

    please don’t change Zac.

  • mayeth

    your a great smile, hope zac you still love vanessa, pls. come back to her. i hope and wish will be together again. love you zanessa.

  • mayeth

    wish and hope, you will have a movie to vanessa, a romantic love story a never ending story. first you met her until you marry her and have a happy family.

  • Lucy

    Why so pale?

  • rachel

    thunder is going to beat laker ass again

  • Sharona

    So NICE to enjoy new photos of beautiful Zac with my morning cup of coffee!

  • lana

    He looks good. In before Vanessa fans who are 12 year old immature brats who have no life to come over and b.itch about how he is gay and give thumbs down on every positive comment.

    @Selma: Last time I checked you hate Zac. Why wasting time here?

  • Diana

    I love see new picture about Zac! ♥ nothing is more better than breakfast with news about this hot man!! Love uuu!!

  • krish

    I love you Zac, I really do. But why do you think it’s alright to wear ‘Toms’ with socks. Why? I can’t… just can’t.

    Good seeing him enjoying himself though!

  • lelu

    he’s fat

  • My 2 Cents

    Missed his handsome face. It’s nice to see him, love that smile.

  • http://justjared sarah

    @>sookie: u r so jealous your probably butt-ugly don’t have a life … leave him alone…… u make fun of other people so u can feel better about yourself thats pathetic… u think any one thats hot is gay… r u stupid it doesn’t matter what he looks like GOSH!!! how would u like it if someone did that to u….. oh DID HE/SHE COME OUT YET? how do u like it.. GET OVER IT HES NOT GAY>>>> YOU ARE!!!

  • R U sure

    @sookie Yes he did, he came out to the Laker game. Can’t you read?

  • kelly martineau

    Its about time Zac comes out of his’s house. He needs to stop wearing that hat. Nice to see him at a lakers game. Maybe one of these times Vanessa and zac will be at a game on the same night.

  • Guest

    Why would he want to go back to Vanessa. She’s a total bore and has that weird mouth that makes her look like a duck. Yuk…….just no.

  • http://justjared sarah

    @>Guest: i agree don’t know why she does that weird thing with her lips it looks retarded.. no offense . maybe he will find the right girl for him sooner or later… hope the best for him… I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE AT ANY PRICE it looks really good :)

  • chris

    eeew. Fat and ugly.

  • florence2

    And why would Vanessa want to go back to him he is all about bragging about his sex scenes in his movies like he’s the only actor to ever have done scenes like that, winking his stupid winking that he does, the list is endless so Vanessa would no sooner take him back than he would ask her to he’s got his millionaire playboy lifestyle and friends with boats to hang out with that seem to supply a endless string of girl’s which is what efron like’s, he loves the title sex symbol even though he won’t admit it.

    They have both moved on and it’s for the best.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @kelly martineau: Why don’t you finally shut up. He does NOT want her back, why should he? There are a lot of girls out there who are way better than her. He’s hiding his private life because he doesn’t want that the public and media turn this little piece of his life upside down. Vanessa turned in the complete opposite. The whole time they have been together you’ve never seen them make out in public, there were no PDA pics about them, because Zac didn’t want that. She in the meantime loves to show people that, and you can be sure people are getting sick of it.
    It’s over between them. She has her new boy and he’s climbing the job ladder.

    He has signed for 3 movies, is in talking for the next 2 one and has his own company. He has everything he wants and needs right now. His career is the most important thing at the moment, everything else comes behind.


    I missed him so much!! I know he’s not a publicity whore (very wise of him), but I do like to know he’s still alive every once in awhile.

  • lauren

    stop coming off as you know what happen between them.
    go away.

  • Derpina

    @florence2: Oh please, this is becoming tired and old…

  • florence2

    I have never said I know what happened between them my point is that his fan’s are getting what they want for him Vanessa no longer in his life in any shape or form yet they still attack her.

  • Dallas Mavs

    Oh Zef, you’re not looking as hot these days but you are still completely bangable. You and Vanessa should be making sweet love together. You two were so hot together. I mean really.

  • Amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • R U sure

    @florence2 I see you still can’t get him offf your mind Sex scenes and winks now is it. Give up he doesn’t want you. How about this instead of criticizing Zac , and lok to your girl. Stripper Poles, girl on girl make out in a pool. This is alright with me , but how is it any different.

  • florence2

    @R U sure: And I don’t and would’nt want him so you are more than welcome to him seeings as you obvioulsy want him so bad good luck with that. Her pole part that you put is for a film role but yet again double standards are being shown efron can parade around in his underwear and it’s called sexy and show’s what a great actor he is even though it’s no different to Vanessa using a pole for a film role.

    Yet the only wards he wins for his acting are from the teen choice ce awards funny the way some of his fan’s go on you’d think he’d won or even been nominated for a dozen Oscar’s or even higher awards instead of just teen magazine’s.

    And he is the one who always brings up or implies sexual content whenever he is promoting a film but if someone call’s his behaviour up on it then fan’s like you always seem to think that every female is desperate for him well some maybe but not me.

  • Dallas Mavs

    @florence2: Florence, does Zef remind you of someone from your past? You hate the poor guy with a passion!

  • Derpina


    “Her pole part that you put is for a film role” duuuuuh, Zac is being “sexualized” for FILM ROLES too, you don’t know that?? No one tell you?

    “but yet again double standards are being shown efron can parade around in his underwear and it’s called sexy and show’s what a great actor he is even though it’s no different to Vanessa using a pole for a film role.” What DOUBLE STANDARDS??? What you understand for “This is alright with me ” from R U Sure?? She’s just presenting a situation, she is showing how Vanessa is EXACTLY like Zac in this point… it’s you the one to JUDGE

    Well, frst of all, it’s not we that start this complaint about how Vanessa is being a “hooker” in her movies, is you the first one to complain about Zac in underwears and blinking…

    The thing is: How you can complain about how is this different from Zac if it’s not we that are bringing this information, IT’S YOU!?

    If Vanessa wants to get NAKED in movies, and do explicit sex, get into the porn business, well, I don’t have ANY PROBLEM with that, we just require that you don’t try to look so moralistic when your own idol do the SAME THINGS that you complain about Zac..

    Vanessa is sexualized in “Spring Breakers”, “The Frozen Ground” “Sucker Punch” and probably “Machete Kills” confirm the same thing as well

    But I think it will be useless to argue, how can you mock that Zac “will not win an Oscar” if only “win teen awards” if your idol Vanessa Hudgens is in the same ligth too?

    Girl, go cry with all fans of Pudgens because she was not hired for Sin City 2 and probably never will as you dreamed, Rodrigues only hired her to be an extra whore in a trash movie

  • Truth

    @R U sure: R U Sure you sunk to the level of the Florence. I’m really surprised I thought you liked them both . Guess I was wrong. You and Florence continue your war and keep that Hate festering. There are so many Haters , here that attack Zac and I usually get your defense of him . This isn’t a war between Zac and Vanessa I actually hate that they talk about her here.
    Two separate people, two separate careers and different sexes.
    Haters grow up.

  • LOVE25

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: You need to check it out youtube about Zac and Vanessa, a lot of PDA there between both of them!

  • Rachel

    WOW! I sure missed him!
    The guy has got a beautiful smile and those eyes? I could probably drown in em!

  • Rachel

    I read that he’s rumored to star in a movie called ‘you belong to me’. Not confirmed yet, though. If he does, he’ll work with Harrison Ford! And the plot seems intriguing.

  • Elory

    @Rachel: If it happens, Zac will be the “bad guy” in a movie from the same director of “Misery”, sounds like a GREAT opportunity to him, no? =D

  • http://justjared sarah

    @0″>chris)>>Don’t say hes ugly everybody has there bad days we all don’t look good sometimes……. he will probably be back to his normal self………… soon… and i would like him anyway even if he was ugly

  • Rachel


    It does! I hope the movie happens and he has the role!

  • R U sure

    @Truth I do love both of them. I see nothing wrong in Zac in his underwear. I was wondering how they would work the dance in the rain scene in. It fit in perfect. I loved this movie. As for Vanessa that was a dig at Florence2. I can’t wait to see this movie. I know she is playing a character and I’m just as sure the scene will fit right in.

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone with the Pole Dance remark.

    @Florence2 Protest all you want , but you always talk about his body and love scenes.. Dam.n right I want him , but at least I admit it and I admit it will never happen.

  • mayeth

    your amazing smile zac. hope someday your not alone, hope someday your watching nba together with vanessa, and you could be together again. love you guys……

  • Deb

    I saw The Paperboy tonight. WOW! What a good (yet disturbing) movie. It’s too bad it didn’t get wider distribution. Zac really did do a great job. One of his best so far.

  • d