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Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard shows off his toned arms while exiting Little Dom’s Restaurant on Wednesday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor was seen hugging a gal pal while hanging out at the restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander‘s co-star Carrie Preston recently talked about her character for the upcoming sixth season of True Blood.

“Yeah, she has kids, she’s got the whole fourth husband thing. I would really love to see her interact with the vampires. I don’t want a show about the bar – I’d like to be on a show about vampires! So I would really like to see just a little more interaction with that,” Carrie shared. “I mean, I’ve never even done a scene with Alexander Skarsgard or Kristin Bauer! They’re huge, these two huge vampires. I had scenes with Stephen [Moyer], who plays Bill, but that was in Season 1!”

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  • CeCe Fan

    wow havnt seen pics of him in a while on here

  • Canuck

    Haha for the being way up on her tippy toes to be able to hug a slouching Askars. :)))

  • Hanna

    Can he be any hotter?

  • mightbe

    The girl really looks like Alicia Vikander ;)

  • Canuck

    @mightbe: It does actually. Guess that would put paid to the “they’re dating” rumours we hear from time to time. That’s clearly a friend hug.

  • ladybug

    He’s alive!

    And yes, that does look like AV, but doesn’t look anything more than a friendly hug, as Canuck said.

    He looks all nice and healthy.

    He may be back in town for this saw it yesterday but didn’t see any other confirmation aside from this article:

    American Film Market opens…A vast array of talent is expected to attend the market, with premieres of films featuring the works of, among others, Annette Bening, Helena Bonham Carter, Chow Yun-Fat, Jennifer Connelly, Roman Coppola, Elle Fanning, James Franco, Christina Hendricks, Dustin Hoffman, Kate Hudson, Julianne Moore, Bill Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alexander Skarsgård, Juno Temple, Kristen Wiig and Elijah Wood.

  • Audrey

    the girl has GIANT feet!

  • sinca

    you’d think people who have been dating for 7 months (according to star mag) would be a bit friendlier than that ;) haha

  • fyathyrio

    Whoever she is, she left with someone else. If you checkout the pic below she is seated in the passenger side of the car behind him.

  • Bumblebee

    That does look like AV . That first picture of her , if it is her, on her toes to hug Skars is too cute.

    She is a beautiful girl , but unfortunately has a horrible sense of dressing. Sorry alicia boots and skirts are a strict no-no. I am even reminded of that green dress she wore for the premiere of anna karenina. Made her look so frumpy.
    And that is so sad for someone so naturally beautiful like Alicia.

    And askars, welcome back ! Looking good as always. What a difference from those Hidden days !

  • tall

    He looks good :) … and he still wears the same clothes :)

  • ladybug

    @sinca: LOL! Plus being secretly engaged!

    @Bumblebee, there are only a couple of people I know who can pull off the skirt/dress and boot combo. On most everyone else, it’ is indeed a no-no.

    @tall: bless him, he’s probably got like 3-4 pairs of jeans, 10 t shirts, 3 dress pants and a couple of suites. Plus probably what, five pairs of shoes? I find this endearing.

  • Slinky the Cat

    @Hanna Could he be any hotter? Doubtful – is that even humanly possible? Question is…could I handle it if he were? Seriously doubtful! Justlookithim! *thud*

  • Bumblebee


    Very true . And you forgot the beanie in that list of items! One beanie, just one !

  • Gina


    She is actually very on-trend. The boot skirt comb is incredibly popular right now. It was boot short skirt over the summer and now being “fall” (I’m in LA, it’s still really warm here), the look is now longer a-line shirts. This look will be big into next spring.

    Also – I’m not a fan of her particular outfit.

  • ladybug

    @Bumblebee: I think he has two, actually, don’t ask me why. Perhaps I should go back and look at all the beanie photos, just for research purposes, of course! :)

    @Gina, the boot with skirt/dress combo has never gone away, I’ve always seen it here in my midwestern backwater. So I guess we’re actually trendy now, then.

  • Strange

    Welcome home ASkars !! You are looking good !!

  • Xaty

    Finally some new pics!

  • Macy

    Looks like Alex made it back before the storm hit. He looks good. It’s nice to see some new photos of him for sure. It looks like going home was good for him.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Whenever he got in, once again he got in without being noticed until now.

  • Bumblebee


    I dont stay either in LA or the midwest, so will have to take your word for it. its just one of those trends i guess that you wish had never happened! Uggs anyone? or those god awful shoulder pads! its just not for everyone. Alicia is otherwise an extremely beautiful girl, but this outfit is definitely not for her.

    And on the beanie issue, are you sure he has two. Sorry, cannot take your word ….. have to research all available Askar pictures! Strictly research of course…. just to clear the confusion ….

  • There dating

    So the rumors of him and Alicia are true that is more than a friendly hug bf/ GF hug.

  • ladybug

    @Bumblebee: The boot skirt/dress combo has been around for a very, very, very very long time.

    @There dating: They’re (they are) not there. Smarter trolls, please.

  • Michael Polish

    Once a W*ore always a W*ore. And that is what Alex is and always will be!

  • hmmmmmmm

    So AS resurfaces with my “favorite” once was dark grey pants once again. LOL. Looking good and from the hug me thinks just friends. Oh well.

  • Must be desperate…

    For a beard. They both need this. For her career and for him, it keeeps him in the closet. That’s for sure! As always he prefers them really young.

  • tabbi

    very now and again I look at a post here just for the laughs.
    The trolls’ logic and sense of reality is always impeccable LOL

  • Stewart & pattinson forever

    Is this dude skarshgard so hungryFor a youngster under 25 that is disgusting,, he should be a shamed dating someone half his age. He is desperate, useless, talentless and calls the paps and sleeps his way through holliewood no contribution to the film industry other then getting really young women into to bed go back to Stockholm….. and stay their TRAMPIRE

    I live u Robert pattinson ……….. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Samantha Patterson

    1) Just a question for consideration, because I agree it looks like just a friend hug…do you think they would go to the trouble of planning a hug to look like “just friends” to throw people off?

    2) The green dress she wore for the Anna Karenina premiere was gorgeous, but has anyone else seen the unfortunate up-skirt pic/wardrobe malfunction that occurred while she was wearing it? If not, it’s not hard to Google.

  • sinca

    @Samantha Patterson: Yes, but at least she was wearing really pretty underwear in the upskirt picture.

  • Samantha Patterson

    @sinca: Agreed!

  • ladybug

    @Samantha Patterson: They could, but I really don’t think they’re anything but friends.

    It appears the troll(s) have the day off from school and have hit the Chee-tos and Red Bull.

  • Cafélady

    At least we now know that he currently is not in sweden. LoL

    @ladybug: …the beanie of Invisibility has once again not worked…;) LoL…but nice to see him again in public and obviously with friends! ;) And that the ninja-modus is off – for now.

  • Cafélady

    At least we now know that he currently is not in sweden. LoL

    @ladybug: …the beanie of Invisibility has once again not worked…;) LoL…but nice to see him again in public and obviously with friends! ;) And that the ninja-modus is off – for now.

  • Cafélady

    Sorry for the double post. No clue what happened…*sigh*

  • Cafélady

    Sorry for the double post. No clue what happened…

  • Macy

    Lainey wrote that Alex was in Namibia and spotted with Charleze Theron. Don’t know how true that is, but she was recently connected with a Viking project, so it could be business.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Here we go again. (buckles up)

    At least the troll could stop complaining he only ‘dates’ the really young starlets.

  • sinca

    @Macy: Why would her doing a Viking tv show automatically involve him? Huh?

  • Macy

    Who knows? Maybe she was just getting ideas on history of the area, etc.

  • Macy

    I know. She wrote right in there that there we no reports of PDA, but that they were talking.

  • ladybug

    @sinca: It wouildn’t have to, note she said ‘could’.
    But when there were first rumors about them, there was some speculation/gossip/throwing stuff out there/hoping that perhaps he was talking to her about being involved in Vanguard, his Viking project. Not that they were talking about Vikings at all. Who knows.

  • My

    Alex’s mom My was in Africa filming for SOS maybe he went to visit her and he could have or not flew to see CT who knows these gossip. But it very possible he flew to see his mom first.

    Famous Swedes helps vulnerable children in the SOS mission
    This fall, go SOS Children’s Villages ambassadors Ernst Kirchsteiger, My Skarsgard, Mari Jungstedt with several of the children’s village Tamale in Ghana. For a few weeks, they live and participate in the daily life with the children and staff at the Children’s Village. The SOS mission, viewers take part of Ambassadors’ meeting with the tough and harsh reality that children in Ghana live in and along the ambassadors with the children renovate the recreation center in the village.

  • Rubbish

    What? Namibia no tweets FB sightings of Alex and Charlize walking the streets and never no pics I call CRAP, until I see a more credible source, because so far in the space of months he has been with skydiver lady, Lucy griffiths, Alicia vikander , Anna v etc etc

  • Heather

    Well rumors at it again folks! Alexander was seen with Charlize Theron in Namibia by three sources maybe on the set personnel on Mad Max . That is why he hasn’t been seen in 2 weeks . One night dinner . Next night walking together making sure he is not around the set , and once talking very closely together .No confirmation PDA wise . But he was not noticed out and about for a while . . Well it is on Lainey Gossip sight . Now funny first he seen with someone that looks like AV now Lainey posts this story . Were they waiting for him to get back to town so their stories start ? That is how i see it . Maybe he heard about her project about that Viking show she interested in doing . I forgot the name of it it was mentioned recently . Weird two stories in one day now coming up .

  • buddie

    Sooo…. I don’t know if I believe that reported sighting… even if it’s true, the way it’s worded makes it seem like the usual “creative” gossip, keeping things as vague as possible.

    I mean multiple unnamed “exclusive” sources all informing Lainey, just her and no one else since there’s no other evidence of him being there at all… she must be REALLY well connected to get these super secret info, yet she generally doesn’t appear to have any special insight…

  • tall

    Alex’s mom was in Ghana in September for 12 days so I don’t think that she is still there. She long ago came back home.

  • Finally

    Finally… I was waiting for another dating shoe of some kind to drop. Well, GOOD. It’s dropped. I agree that the pics above don’t look particularly lovey-dovey and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Charlize connection was more/mostly professional. Or maybe those are both wishful thinking on my part! Silly me… ;)

  • ?

    Why are you so protective over who he dates? Or doesnt? You mention it more than the gossip blogs.