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Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard shows off his toned arms while exiting Little Dom’s Restaurant on Wednesday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor was seen hugging a gal pal while hanging out at the restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander‘s co-star Carrie Preston recently talked about her character for the upcoming sixth season of True Blood.

“Yeah, she has kids, she’s got the whole fourth husband thing. I would really love to see her interact with the vampires. I don’t want a show about the bar – I’d like to be on a show about vampires! So I would really like to see just a little more interaction with that,” Carrie shared. “I mean, I’ve never even done a scene with Alexander Skarsgard or Kristin Bauer! They’re huge, these two huge vampires. I had scenes with Stephen [Moyer], who plays Bill, but that was in Season 1!”

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  • Lilly-Rose

    Oh great not the CT and AS rumor I thought this was squashed by CT herself or are both fooling with us and been dating all along?

    However if there together then both are shit as partners because nither have been spotted together since when march ?? Gym bar ? And Alex has only just decided to visit his rumor date all the way in Namibia How long as CT been in namibia ? And Alex could not make any effort when he had some time off to visit CT. Or make any effort for a sighting in LA before she flew out to film or promotional work ??

    Whoever spotted Alex in naimbia was either dreaming, delusional or wishingful thinking because I find it hard to believe that nither set source could confirm if any PDA took place ?? Its simple were they heavenly and looked in love , best buddies , just business?
    and as for CAMERAS, CELL PHONES always seem to be
    broke OR non existent when there is a rumor sighting of AS with a women especially when it comes to CT . And why Waite so long for Alex to get back to LA only to circulate with this new CT and AS naimbia sighting ?
    it all smells like dirty fungal feet to me :)

  • ashley

    That is alicia vikander

  • Macy

    It was squashed by her, and also the ones by Vikander as well. Lainey was incorrect when she reported on it at comic con, as Vikander has a boyfriend and she already knows Alex and his brothers from working on films in Sweden. This reported by Lainey is also vague. No PDA confirmed, but they were talking? So what? That’s what he was doing with Vikander too at Comic Con. Lainey is hit and miss, just like the rest of the gossip rags. Sometimes she’s right and other times she’s dead wrong. I suppose it remains to be seen if she is right or wrong this time.

  • Labal

    God almighty!

  • just sayin

    Well, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz got married and no one knew they even dated. Why are you so denial about the fact he’s a grown a$$, quite worldly man, not a country pumpkin. An atheist as he is, he’s hardly any monk. I’m not saying he’s dating any of these women or not but I find your rage and raves against his possible relationships amusing but creepy. Not everyone is that fool, especially in Europe that they stalk the celebs, take pics or tweets immediately after sightings. You so funnyyyy ;)

  • just sayin


    “it all smells like dirty fungal feet to me” – You should take a bath then. Maybe it would help you calm down and get your own love life or at least a life ;)

  • buddie

    @just sayin: LOL you know what always makes me laugh? When people take time out of their own life to read gossip threads and then tell others to get a life… It’s quite confusing.

  • ladybug

    @buddie:”I mean multiple unnamed “exclusive” sources all informing Lainey, just her and no one else since there’s no other evidence of him being there at all… ”

    Well, she does have ‘sources’, and some seem more believable than others-last year she wrote about her ‘multiple and varied sources’ about how KB was stalking AS. And that seemed believable for a variety of reasons.
    But she hasn’t written about CT since CT’s arrival in Nambia at the end of June. And doesn’t seem to have written anything about the movie. So yes, the question is why would three different sources in Namibia contact Lainey-and not say, People or US, etc-about CT/AS?

    @just sayin: PC and JB never admitted to be a couple, and were able to keep it quiet for some time, but by the time they married they relationship was pretty well known and had been for some time.
    And AS never admitted to dating KB until after the relationship ended, even thought it was obvious that he had been dating her.

  • Dean

    If he loves his privacy so much, then why does he go to these cafes/restaurant pap handouts? So many better places to go. he really needs to drop Robin Braun for PR, this is how she does business.

  • just sayin


    Sry “buddie” aka lily-rose, I obviously hit your sore point. I’m as curious and shallow as the next person on the gossip forums and Skarsy intrigues me to the no end but I find this Skarsgard/True Blood fandom one of the creepiest I’ve ever seen. Just check other threads, seems like normal people there, except in Bosworth threads, but ah, well they are Alex “fans” there too ;)

  • ?

    Those darn thumb trolls huh ladybug??

  • buddie

    Yeah, because in, say, the last year, he’s been papped soooo much, like all the time… right?

    Jesus, there really is a shortage of common sense around lately LOL

  • buddie

    @just sayin:
    LOL sorry but I’m not a troll or in disguise, I never wrote on here before.although I read sometimes…
    Interesting that you find the creepy factor higher than average here.
    In my experience it’s no more or less than in MANY other fandoms, but your mileage may vary of course…

  • ladybug

    @just sayin: If you think the the rest of the JJ site is ‘normal’ you haven’t spent any time on any other threads.

  • just sayin

    Yeah right, of course not lol. Sounds so familiar, like I’ve heard that before here. So you are not only in denial about Alex’s love life but also about creepy fandoms. Just check those other threads on JJ or ANYWHERE you’ll see the difference. I think that even twitards aren’t that creepy ;)

  • just sayin


    Well, they seems normal to me AFTER reading Skarsgård or Bosworth threads. Go figure ;D

  • buddie

    @just sayin: ooooookay then. You’re entitled to your (increasingly trollish) opinion but really, NOTHING is as creepy as the Twilight fandom.
    And yeah, still not convinced of this fandom being, on average, particularly creepy. Honestly you wouldn’t even need extensive research to find out that you’re factually, demonstrably wrong.
    But whatever, it’s obvious you’re just trying to rile people up at this point so…

  • Rumour until proven

    Well someone on another forum said Alex was definitely in Namibia I won’t take any word as truth from a poster until picture or reliable sources come forward.

    The Internet is a powerful tool gossip rumors spread like a rapid flame

  • Macy

    BTW Charlize is actually producing the show, so it would actually make some sense if she was talking to Alex to get ideas/background, etc. She was the one who pitched and sold it to the network so I would assume she’d want a hand in collecting the data to make it more authentic and since Alex has already pitched and sold a movie about Viking it’s a natural fit.

  • Lainey

    hello we are talking about Lainey here who said that he was Bi and have sources on that too just a few short months ago and until now no one has seen him with another man etc. Ted did his best on that and see how that turned out, all this is like rumors are like him and all these women but until now. He was only seen with Lucy video and pictures, of them being friends and same area. Woman at Chateau and now saying bye to Alicia. I wouldn’t take Lainey words for it considering everyone is fishing for something on Alex. Plus he was in Sweden there was pictures of him two sundays ago. How is that exclusive I thought that was reserved for when there are pictures of the two and sh*t. But of course don’t let me spoil the fun. Just wanted to point out Lainey sh*t is way too suspicious and very timely. She was also the one that said he left with Alicia at Con so okay.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Well, they could Skype/email/text for that, he doesn’t have to go to Namibia. If he was in Namibia.
    @Rumour until proven: Indeed, he could have been there, but for that poster to confirm it only after Lainey’s article is … convenient. I could say that those 10 days or so when there no sightings of him that he was definitely in Sweden. Or back in LA. Or back in Barcelona. Or Fiji. Or attending to the Mars Rover.

  • Canuck

    You’d think he’d have picked up a tan if hevwas spending time in Namibia.

  • Gerdie

    @Canuck: @Canuck:
    I thought he was´nt allowed to have a tan because of TB?

  • Gerdie

    I think he is not allowed to have a tan because of the TB show

  • Gerdie


    OOps double post…

  • hmmmmmmm

    If he was in Nambia that was sure must have been some of kind of a booty call. LOL.

    This smells of PR but for what and why? OMG I sound like some of the conspiracy theorists here but it’s a coincidence that Charlize just had some bad press (see Celebitchy) just last week.

    Boy do I need to get a life. :)

  • Canuck

    @Gerdie: He’s not filming TB at the moment, not sure when they start working on the next season.

    At any rate, walking around outside in Namibia, even with 60 or 100 sunblock on, is still going to leave you with a tan.

  • Macy

    They don’t start filming until January, so he wouldn’t have to worry about a tan right now. He’d have plenty of time to get rid of it.

  • Macy

    Possibly I suppose, though he seems like the type to want to do business in person.

  • mforman

    I love how all of a sudden he is seen back in town and Lainey of all people, who has spread more than one rumor about AS, now posts this crap. Lainey herself said it couldn’t be confirmed. So why does she print it, is it just to stir up nonesense for him. It seems she enjoys doing that.
    I think he was just in Sweden, enjoying downtime with his family, because as we all know last year he got really no time back home, so he is making up for it this year.
    I am just glad that he is looking so healthy again.

  • fyathyrio

    @Michael Polish: well what does that make you marrying his throw a way?

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: I had go look up her bad press thing on Celebitchy-Something tells me Radar’s ‘sources’ are as reliable as Lainey’s in this case.

    @Macy, he does seem the type to prefer and in-person business meeting, but it’s a long way to Namibia from Stockholm for something that could be done by other means.

    If something is really going on now between them we’ll find out soon enough. And also if there is nothing going on we’ll also find out.

  • aussiefan

    @ladybug: LMAO…or attending the Mars Rover ..hilarious , very good point too !

    Ah, Alex looks healthy in these pics very well, but not too happy as paps there..

    Gawd, January for TB to start filming again..ages away !

  • Jen

    I thought filming usually starts in November? I remember an interview last year and Alex said filming starts in November. I could be wrong, or maybe with the twinsies they pushed back production to accommodate Anna and Stephen, so now Uncle Alex and everyone else goes back in Jan?

  • tabbi

    yeah usually filming starts in late november, but this year they pushed it to january ’13 because of Anna. Season 6 will also be shorter, 10 episodes instead of the usual 12.

  • ladybug

    @aussiefan: Well, considering how long it would take him to get to Namibia from Stockholm-24+ hours one way-going to Mars doesn’t seem that far fetched or less complicated! So yes, he could have gotten to Namibia, and back, to see her in the time frame that he was NinjaSkars, about 10 days, But whether he did or not (shrugs).

    And it does seem ages away until filming starts. I’m getting impatient, it’s already been two months since S5 ended and probably another 8 months until S6 starts airing.
    Disconnect is still scheduled for an April release, so hopefully that’ll tide us over.

  • Where have I been

    I see he is dating Charlize Theron since when was it confirmed ?

  • Lois

    Charlize is either dating Alex or the guy from Modern Family….ummm, okay….

  • Lois

    Maybe Charlize and Sofia Vagaros could start dating, then add Aex to the mix….it could a fabulous chain dating thing. It would b lovely to look at.

  • Possible it’s on

    I think he and Charlize did date briefly in the spring, but when Jackson came along they cooled it down and I reckon Alex went to naimbia to spend sometime with Charlize which leads to believe it’s back on.

    I mean Alex has not been spotted with any hot chick I assuming he is taken for
    And when she gets back to LA. We shell see if there are sightings of them.
    But did Charlize get some bad press last week? Alex has taken away the focus of the bad press. And the couple focusing begins .

  • chelle

    OK this is getting ridiculous….. just saying….

  • chelle

    Oopses! Hit submit too soon! Anyways, I personally could care less if he was dry humping the rainbow farting unicorn from supernatural…. it’s still nice to see his pretty face! Looks like Mom fed him well too.

  • Encounter CK

    @Possible it’s on:

    No sweetie the couple focus is not going to happen because they are not together. Really Alex in Naimbia just for sex lol lol Either lainey is making shit up or this SOURCE of heres is blowing wind up her a@@ with an early april fools joke. Lainey is the only one with the exclusive . And no other US weekly, NE or gossip cop et. Etc caught this little dirty sexy peace As most sights have pointed out in sweden/ friends family also including that odd trip to barcelona ?Unless they are papped together then speculate ..

  • AC

    Lainey sources? which ones? The same ones that saw Savages in a really advanced screening and exclusively told her Blake Lively was super strong & amaze balls in it. Guess what Savages came out and her performace didn’t make a bleep in the radar. Enjoy the rumor mill but take take her and her “sources” with a grain of salt.
    What i do know is that Alex is probably seeing someone from time to time… or do you think he’s been on a dry spell since he broke up with the one who shall not be named? For all i know he could be hooking up with more than one girl. Why not? he is single and as long as he is honest with them about his intentions and as long as he chose them carefully and doesn’t get involved with someone that will take advantage of him, i’ll say do it! get your fix and have fun! one day he will fal,in love and settle down, it happens to the best of us.

  • Macy

    Someone already explained, but yeah it’s been pushed back to January to help Anna accomodate her new twins, etc.

  • ladybug

    @AC: Hah, I’d forgotten about Lainey’s crush on Blake Lively.

    @chelle, he looks really good here, his arms look like he’s been hitting the gym again (now if we could only get gym shots again).

  • sinca

    And the commenters on JustJared continue to be the worst on the internet. When your company includes youtube and imdb commenters you should start rethinking your life choices.

  • Laura

    Wow you guys are all idiots. Just because Namibia is in Africa doesn’t mean it’s a hot desert all the time. At this time of year it’s like spring, the highs only get to about 70 Fahrenheit.

    Way to show your ignorance idiots.

  • Samantha Patterson

    Is there any way to delete your own posts?

  • ladybug

    @Laura: Where we discussing the temperature? Or are you just randomly insulting people?

    And the temperature in Namibia would depend on where you were, wouldn’t it? the average temp for the capital this time of year is around 86 degrees:

    But then I’ve not seen any details of where MMFR is filming in Namibia, and Namibia’s a big country, they could be filming anywhere and everywhere.