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Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard shows off his toned arms while exiting Little Dom’s Restaurant on Wednesday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor was seen hugging a gal pal while hanging out at the restaurant.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander‘s co-star Carrie Preston recently talked about her character for the upcoming sixth season of True Blood.

“Yeah, she has kids, she’s got the whole fourth husband thing. I would really love to see her interact with the vampires. I don’t want a show about the bar — I’d like to be on a show about vampires! So I would really like to see just a little more interaction with that,” Carrie shared. “I mean, I’ve never even done a scene with Alexander Skarsgard or Kristin Bauer! They’re huge, these two huge vampires. I had scenes with Stephen [Moyer], who plays Bill, but that was in Season 1!”

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201 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!”

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  1. 151
    Heather Says:

    @Disney Villainess:Do you think i give a damn about Dicks being moderated ? You received the message didn’t you they can do what they want with it . I am so scared . You sound so crazy & stupid .. My post went through now . You read it so did everyone else . I do not talk to trash i sweep that right out the door .

  2. 152
    ladybug Says:

    (sprays Trolls-B-Gone)

    (looks at the pretty):

  3. 153
    Disney Villainess Says:

    @Heather: “Do you think i give a damn about Dicks being moderated ?”
    Apparently sarcasm flies right over your head.

    Won’t compute this gibberish:”You received the message didn’t you they can do what they want with it . I am so scared . You sound so crazy & stupid .. My post went through now . You read it so did everyone else .”

    “I do not talk to trash i sweep that right out the door .”
    LOLOL, If I’m trash to you, why do ya keep responding. You’re a simple-minded f*cker, you don’t even follow you own dumbass logic.

    @ladybug: A way better distraction: Skars and Kwanten, YUM!

  4. 154
    ladybug Says:

    @Disney Villainess: Plus photo-bombing by MicMac! I’m sad that Denis O’Hare will not be back, but we’ll still have MicMac on S6.

  5. 155
    § Says:

    Oh Lord, **** just got real up in here. Im pissing myself laughing. This website has got nothing on what US magazine or have: sharp tongues…@ladybug:
    From when is this picture??? and yes it was this picture and another one also with that lady from True Blood (she has red hair). People were going bananas with these shots I remember; Thanks Ladybug

  6. 156
    ladybug Says:

    @§: The Dobrev pic? 2009 ComicCon. The redheaded lady is Carrie Preston, she plays Arlene.

    some shoulder porn:

  7. 157
    Macy Says:

    The photoshopping was pretty extreme. People need flaws, it gives them character. Is he pefect looking? No, but he’s sure not ugly by any standards.

    @@ Heather…:
    You know, when you keep saying the same things under different names you’re doing what you acuse others of. There are several posts that use Askarloons in them, and also a lot that accuse regular posters of being others. It gives you away immediately. So welcome to being guilty of your own accusation.
    For that last time, since you seem to post this under every thread. I am NOT mforman. Get over it already. We’re nothing alike in our tones. I don’t have anything against her, but some of her views are extreme in my opinion. However, she is totally entitled to them. I’m sure we’d all love to see proof of your accusations, but naturally you have none because they’re completely bunk.

  8. 158
    fyathyrio Says:

    @Heather: Calm down and enjoy the beauty that is Alex. We don’t all have to agree on every little thing. Just ignore the things that upset you and focus on the good. Some people like to fight and will keep going forever. Just skip those entries as though they are not even there.

    @ @HEATHER Are you ever going t let TS RIP? The woman is dead. Show some respect and let it go.

  9. 159
    ladybug Says:

    creeper shot of Alex, who apparently only has the one outfit while in LA:

  10. 160
    Disney Villainess Says:

    @ladybug: That video reminded me of how awesome True Blood’s promos used to be……
    “I’m sad that Denis O’Hare will not be back, but we’ll still have MicMac on S6.”
    O’Hare was amazing, but I think Russell had run his course, and I loved that Eric was the one that offed him. It was a disappointing way to die though, I always thought he would meet his death in a spectacular fashion…oh well….What will Steve Newlin do?LOL

    Speaking of:
    McMillz just posted something so fabulous, IMO. IMO:

  11. 161
    Macy Says:

    Blurry, but it does look like him. Talk about creeper photos though, yikes.

  12. 162
    ladybug Says:

    @Disney Villainess: I think the way they killed Russell was good, though. I think I lot of viewers were expecting something completely over the top and , that’s not what happened. I liked it. And Alex looked really, really good doing it. (look at those legs!)

    I saw that tweet, most excellent. As much as I usually enjoy politics, living in a swing state, I’ve had over a year of political advertising and will be glad to see it end for a while.

  13. 163
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: Yeah, it is a little creepy, but I’m just amused that apparently he only has grey pants and shirts.

  14. 164
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @Heather – Whoa hold the phone I am not Texas Swede( who is she now is anyone’s guess) who I may add I have bumped heads with here and Disney Villianess no because believe I enjoy speculating on all aspects of Skarsgard life that it includes dating. But I just don’t dwell on it. I have fun with it and then let it go. Actually, I enjoyed Heather’s post #120. I think it’s nice to speculate once in a while he may have found someone. But alas some are really deep in crush denial about certain aspects of AS life.

    PS. I would be kind of crushed he if did find someone just a little LOL.

  15. 165
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    @ladybug- Man, I really would love for that aqua shirt to make a reapperance one day. I can only hope.

  16. 166
    ladybug Says:

    @hmmmmmmm: Or this shirt:

    And ‘Heather’s’ behavior after comment 120 gives every indication of being a troll-the rapid cycling to name calling and whining about how other posters are being mean and she’s going to tell on us to JJ.

    This thread has been particularly troll-infested.It’ll probably calm down if we go awhile without a new post. Though we’ll probably be reduced to wondering if he’s upgraded his iPhone and iPad

  17. 167
    mforman Says:

    @Macy—#157—- You are so right, we are not one in the same. Both our voices and opinions are completely different. I would truly love to know what views I have expressed that you find “extreme” regarding AS, I find that quite interesting and something you have never expressed before. As you have said and I am sure the majority of us would agree, this is a gossip site and we are all free to express our opinions; it just seems like lately, though the trolls/stans have gone a little over the edge.
    @ladybug–#159—I am sorry this is the one thing I do not understand and it is not just you that has said something like this, why do quite a few of you say this type of comment alot: ” who apparently only has the one outfit while in LA”.
    AS could own a number of grey Tshirts, beanies, etc. He has stated before more than once that he likes to only really shop in Sweden.
    To me he always looks amazing whether it be casual or dressed up. I love the bags under his eyes, the not perfect nose, because they also come with the most amazing shoulders of any actor/man around, and a pair of arms to die for. Maybe I am bias but I seriously cannot help it, I have been a fan too long. I have always thought him to be one of the most gorgeous actors/models that HW/Sweden as to offer.
    I think the one thing we all need to remember is amazing looks aside, he really is a truly amazing actor, who brings something different and interesting to each part he plays; for me honestly that is the real reason I have been such a fan for so long, because I know when I watch a film he is in, I know his performance will be the one to stand out.
    I just cannot figure out why some of you guys think he just washes and wears the same outfit over and over again, I don’t think he is materialistic, I just think he likes a particular cute and color of shirt or hat or jean and buys more than one pair. I don’t know, but that is just my opinion.
    AS is truly one of a kind.

  18. 168
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    One of the first appearances of my beloved AS grey pants. They looked so new and fresh. LOL.

    @mforman- I bet AS would be the first to laugh at our teasing about his wardrobe. Lighten up a bit. It really doesn’t take anything away from his talent or him as a person.

  19. 169
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: @ladybug–#159—I am sorry this is the one thing I do not understand and it is not just you that has said something like this, why do quite a few of you say this type of comment alot: ” who apparently only has the one outfit while in LA”.

    We say it because it’s something we love. I know that he has more than one grey t-shirt or grey pants. This is a running joke in most of the fandom at this point. It’s something we like, the fact that he doesn’t spend hours figuring out what to wear.

  20. 170
    ladybug Says:

    Dress the Askars:

    “GQS: Ashton Kutcher told us in an interview once that he rents a warehouse for his clothes. And every time he needs something he gets sent the new outfit via courier. Do you have something like this as well?

    Alex: I have to disappoint you. I don’t have my own room for my clothes. Only a closet.

    GQS: But you’re a Hollywood star.

    Alex: I’m the one who wears the clothes he likes constantly.

    GQS: You don’t even have a shoe-craze?

    Alex: I own 4 or 5 pairs of sneakers, most of them by Common Projects. Then a few boots and one pair of dress shoes.”

  21. 171
    Disney Villainess Says:

    @ladybug: #162, I guess that’s a good thing as far as giving the audience something unexpected but it just wasn’t satisfying for me, alas.:)And that scene from that picture was total female gaze, and I love every inch of it.:P

    Glad today’s election day(for the national and regional). I’m tired of the debate, and people debating on the debates……….

    @ladybug: Yep that picture is indeed a bit creepy, it’s like he’s never unwatched. Didn’t he mention having social anxiety? I don’t think that ever completely goes away……..

    @hmmmmmmmmm#166: “I really would love for that aqua shirt to make a reapperance one day.”
    Agreed. I personally loved that shirt but that whole outfit was a tragedy,lol, it was sooo eurotrashy.

    @mforman#167:”why do quite a few of you say this type of comment alot: ” who apparently only has the one outfit while in LA”.”

    Well for me, Skars is a repeat offender(especially with those grey pants), lol, ain’t nothing wrong with that, IMO. Of course me may have more than one of the same piece of clothes(which is endearing) but I think it’s fun to joke around about it. As for the suits, yes, he has plenty and wears them very well but even then, he repeats those, which is again, cool. The jokes come from the heart so I personally see no big deal about it.

  22. 172
    § Says:

    Question: in this year’s interview (don’t recall which one) he mentioned that he enjoys taking something called “Snus/Snuts” or something of that effect when he is socializing or partying and that his friends bring it all the way from Sweden. Forgive me for my ignorance but what is Snuts/Snus? is it like a sort of cigarette or something?

  23. 173
    mforman Says:

    @hmmmmmm(#168) and @ladybug(#169)—-Guys, OMG!!!!!!!, I am so sorry if I offended either one of you, because that was totally not my intention in the least; I know this is sort of a running joke among us AS fans and that it is one more reason to completely love this man, the list just grows and grows, but for me I would rather comment on other things about him.
    @hmmmmm—I am sure AS would laugh his a*s off, because the teasing isn’t mean or cruel. I know that the joking takes nothing away from his talent or just the type of person he is, because that would be impossible.
    @ladybug—–I know that you realize he has more clothes than it seems and it is just funny to make those assumptions. The fact that he is not materialistic and hasn’t changed since he first got into show busniess is to me amazing and can be added to the list of all the things to be loved and admired about the man.

  24. 174
    fyathyrio Says:

    @§: Snus is a smokeless tobacco product. Some places here in the states it is referred to as snuff. Common brands here are Skoal and Copenhagen.

  25. 175
    Ugh Says:

    It is so sad that the girls who own that boat Askars was pictured on are your typical blonde swedish bimbos. They’re trying to get a jewelry startup off the ground in LA. They have a facebook for anyone who wants to look. They’re totally ****** and honestly at this point Askars being such a superficial manwhore who always picks the lowest-hanging fruit is getting old. This guy is a sleaze and a master manipulator and he doesn’t deserve the adulation of you guys. Oh and gotta give mad props to whoever calls themselves Disney V -girl you are the verbal smackdown queen. I’ve never seen anyone dish it out as well as you -strong woman be proud. I’m actually serious and not being sarcastic, I respect someone who defends themselves and their opinions vigorously and with colorful, creative language lol. It’s just too bad we disagree about Alex.

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