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Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!

Alexander Skarsgard shows off his toned arms while exiting Little Dom’s Restaurant on Wednesday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor was seen hugging a gal pal while hanging out at the restaurant.

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Alexander‘s co-star Carrie Preston recently talked about her character for the upcoming sixth season of True Blood.

“Yeah, she has kids, she’s got the whole fourth husband thing. I would really love to see her interact with the vampires. I don’t want a show about the bar — I’d like to be on a show about vampires! So I would really like to see just a little more interaction with that,” Carrie shared. “I mean, I’ve never even done a scene with Alexander Skarsgard or Kristin Bauer! They’re huge, these two huge vampires. I had scenes with Stephen [Moyer], who plays Bill, but that was in Season 1!”

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201 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Embraces Little Dom's!”

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  1. 176
    trish Says:

    There were guys there as well you know… he was probably invited because he knew someone in that circle since they’re all swedish, and 90% of the swedes in LA know each other lol

    And seriously, with all respect, way to blow things out of proportion… a “master manipulator”??? A sleaze and a manwhore??!!!
    It’s quite interesting how the pattern is exactly the same on most of these threads on male actors. Same exact claims made on basically everyone, in many cases without the slightest proof and/or exaggerating things to a comical extent….

  2. 177
    Go away alex skarstrash Says:

    I cannot believe that Charlize would want to take or consider that climbing spoilt rich socialite sleazy sloppy 100th to bed with her god knows where Alex has been……… RUN CHARLIZE ……………….your beautiful don’t do it pleaezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I see rich kid Alex once again is sleazing up with 2 blonde swedes trying to start a jewellery collection LOL LOL………….. another failed attempt and get fame from shagging Alex ughhhhhhh god do we really need more jewellery designers jeez………….
    Alex always picks trash bimbo young women that’s all he can get Lady sitting on his lap at cm in the car early this Yr…………trampie that driver should have there licensed revoked for allowing that, no seat belt, women sitting on his lap accident waiting to happen, if that was you or me disqualified or points off driving license celebs think they are above the law……………
    And what women would take him series as a bf what a joke…………………….

  3. 178
    Macy Says:

    Not your views on Alex per se, but we have differed in intensity of opinion on Bosworth. I’m not inclined to see her as a complete destroyer of the career of others, for example. She sucks for sure, but she’s not the worst person out there IMO. I know you’ve stated before that you think she ruined Ryan what’s his name’s career and Relativity Media, but I don’t see that being entirely her fault. She doesn’t have that much power.
    Anyway, that’s completely not the topic of this thread so I won’t belabor the subject. It’s nothing major, just a difference to note when trolls accuse people of being the same.

  4. 179
    Whycantipost Says:


    Is it like chewing tabacco? (that’s what I thought, please say no! I don’t want to imagine Skars with a mouth full of ashtray xD)

    Long time no see btw everyone, just lurking lately xD

  5. 180
    Whycantipost Says:

    @Disney Villainess: See you are doing the Lafayette-language again, LOVE IT xD Everytime I read your posts I imagine Lala say it xD
    (but prolly said that about a thousand times now)

  6. 181
    Lawd Says:

    @Go away alex skarstrash:
    Jesus christ not one of you people with your OMG ASkars is a manwhore, OMG Charlize is too good for him rant.(how do you even know that could be the other way around) Get a life man and leave the dude alone.

  7. 182
    ladybug Says:

    @Whycantipost: All about snus:

  8. 183
    Whycantipost Says:


    *should have googled it* hahhaa
    Thanks anyways xD

  9. 184
    Roda Monroe Says:

    @175,177 I am so relieved that you both have commented on the truth. A lot of these commenters are wasting their time and energy on this individual. Alex really doesn’t deserve their adulation. I wish more posts would speak the truth. He has spent more time in Nambia than it is being reported. C.T. is dumb enough to be with this jerk. Look at her past relays to know where this is going.C.T. thinks she is in control, but she isn’t. Alex is truly a manipulative sk*nk. Trust.
    C.T. is not the “A-lister” you all think she is. OSCAR has a expiration date. It’s 5 years. I am serious.

  10. 185
    Roda Don'tknow Says:

    @Roda Monroe:
    You know I love it when you haters come in these threads be it Askars or which ever celeb and proclaim stuff and accuse us of being stupid when you come here and says stuff after it is reported. Since you know so much more than we do like he has been going there so many times to see her why have you not pop in and say something BEFORE LAINEY writes stuffs it would your rants much more valid. Now you just sound bitter and mean and b*tch when we don’t bite. I don’t see Alex being any worst than say Butler who is known for doing women in toilets at concerts and all manner of stuff and still get movie deals. Then there is Micheal Bay who is known to abuse his power on women. So why hate on Alex if CT is dumb enough to fall for this don’t blame him blame her. I do agree with Oscar bit though Hilary Swank also won one and look where she is. along with a lot of other women in HW. It’s just that CT is hotter that’s why her name is still in the press and as we have seen lately she has to work harder now to stay in. That means playing the game.

  11. 186
    Donna Says:

    @Roda Monroe:

    Kate Bosworth, is that you? Are you really posting here?

  12. 187
    @184 Says:

    So Alex has spent so much time in naimbia with CT instead of spending time with his family .Yet not ONE pic or sighting in namibia and really no gossip sites have reported or enlarged on the made up story?
    CT has to play the game and work harder to stay in the lime light and if that means linking her to alex and the other way round, then that’s what you have to do.

  13. 188
    Canuck Says:

    Geez, who CARES what he’s doing with his man bits?

    Hands up ladies, if he’s the boyfriend or husband of any of you…

    Looks around… Nobody…? Well, me neither so he can do what he wants with his sex life without it being anybody here’s business.

    And Troll, calling the guy a manwhore is counterproductive if you’re trying to discourage his fans. Easier to get in his pants that way, dontcha know? Good thing he’s not in a monogamous relationship, now that would be a bummer! Lol

  14. 189
    Disney Villainess Says:

    @Whycantipost:#180 Gurrrrl, she spazzed out and called me a b*tch and ~then~ got all Wilmer Valderrama on me and talked about my mama.XD/END SNARK

    For real though, I probably should of never responded, especially in that way, ’cause at the end of the day, it’s not ever that serious……..

    @Canuck: Thank You.

    Also, I feel like there’s a lot of misogyny that gets thrown around a lot on here, and the sad thing is, it’s mostly coming from women. IMO, there’s nothing wrong with a sexually liberated woman(sh*t, it’s ok for the guys, gals should be able to have their fun too) as long as she’s not in any monogamous relationship and is proactive in protecting herself, I don’t see what’s the big deal. Man, society can absolutely let you down at times…………….

  15. 190
    Whycantipost Says:

    @Roda Monroe:

    ”A lot of these commenters are wasting their time and energy on this individual”
    And yet you come here and waste time by talking about him. Pot, meet kettle.

    ”He has spent more time in Nambia than it is being reported”
    I would love to know how you know that, are you an insider?

    ”C.T. is not the “A-lister” you all think she is. OSCAR has a expiration date. It’s 5 years. I am serious.”
    Think she got an Oscar nub (or however you call it) last year or the year before. She is a very good actress and the critics know that. What is your definition of A-list? Lots of people consider Brad Pitt/A.Jolie etc A+ list, but as far as I know Brad doesn’t even have an Oscar and Jolie got hers about 8 years ago.

    Not of my business; just stating my opinion, but I really like CT. If they are really a couple I am glad, because they both seem like nice down to earth people who share the same sense of humor.

  16. 191
    Strange Says:

    Alexander is up for a part in Tarzan . I saw it on IMDB other actors are up for that part too . Henry Cavill , Tom Hardy & Charlie Hunnam on Sons of Anarchy . The director comes from doing the last 4 Harry Potter films . I don’t have the link though .

  17. 192
    just reading Says:

    I found it, hope it works:

  18. 193
    Disappointing :( Says:

    I know Alex has got to earn a living but his choice of projects are disappointing me :( straw dogs, And his name has been tossed in for Tarzan ? Conan? I am loosing Intrest in Alex for projects what happened to the rumored project bullies? That sounded more Intresting
    Conan artical sorry it’s in Swedish No no no

  19. 194
    ladybug Says:

    @Disappointing :(: His name is being mentioned, doesn’t mean he’ll get it. Or even wants it.
    And no SD wasn’t the greatest, but he’d gotten good reviews for WMK and Disconnect. And the Conan stuff is just that person throwing out names, trying to get attention.
    I’d commence with your lamentations over his movie roles if he gets cast, other than I’d not worry about it.

  20. 195
    Roda Monroe Says:

    @185: Bjorn is that you?– “You know I love it when you haters come in these threads be it Askars or which ever celeb and proclaim stuff and accuse us of being stupid when you come here and says stuff after it is reported”–I never posted anything about anyone being stupid or hate. Where did you get that? Read my post carefully next time.
    “Now you just sound bitter and mean and b*tch when we don’t bite.”–
    Now what makes you think that this is what I sound? Really?! But you bit. If you believe this^, then why did you respond? Oh,1 more thing, C.T. is hot. Everybody is “hot” when they are photoshop:)
    @187 That is more of a C.T. gossip thing. Alex was just filler. Alex is not in high demand as let’s just say Bradley C. Just saying.
    The people of Nambia don’t really care about celebs.
    @Whycantipost: You are absolutely right! I did waste my time. So you admit that posting here is a biiiig waste of time. Thanks for the heads up.

  21. 196
    Roda Monroe u said Says:

    Post# 184 He has spent more time in Nambia than it is being reported
    Do you care to share details ? As you seem to know he had spent so much time there and not in Sweden is Alex playing daddy to Jackson now ???and so far nothing new out there ? What’s the prediction will there be a sighting in LA or more in Nambia give us all a heads up and I will believe you if it actually happens.Because so far it’s failing to convince me he was ever in Nambia

  22. 197
    ladybug Says:

    @Disney Villainess: “Gurrrrl, she spazzed out and called me a b*tch and ~then~ got all Wilmer Valderrama on me and talked about my mama.XD/END SNARK

    For real though, I probably should of never responded, especially in that way, ’cause at the end of the day, it’s not ever that serious……..”

  23. 198
    Macy Says:

    @Disappointing :(:
    He’s also being linked to 50 Shades of Crap, but I doubt he’ll actually do that. Lots of times people’s names get attached to projects they aren’t actually considering doing.

  24. 199
    mforman Says:

    @Ugh—-WOW!!!!!!—Did it ever occur to you that he just went on that boat, because some of his friends were going and he had no idea who those girls were. He probably had the day off and got invited to a party, it is too bad that people are so sleazy that they take advantage. The one thing the majority of us here can agree on is that he is not now nor has he ever been known as a sellout. Really, manwhore, sleazeball, come on give the guy a break, he probably thought it was just a party on a boat, on a beautiful day.
    OMG!!!!! Guys, you should know better by now that when certain ideas and scripts are put out there, lots of names are thrown around, and they know just the names to get people commenting and talking; just think how it helps the studio, the writer and the director when fans of certain actors start commenting on gossip sites. Even if they do not have a script yet, just think how a fan base can interest a studio. Then when the actor the studio has wanted all along is signed, it is too late, we have nothing to say about it. One of the best examples of this whole thing and especially when it comes to him, look at what has gone on with 50 Shades, I mean there is no script, no money behind it, no director, etc., I mean they just assigned a writer, but I don’t think she has even started anything, AS hasn’t even read the books, at the beginning of all of this stuff he wasn’t even familiar with it at all. It is amazing what one or two little notices in magazines/newspapers or on gossip sites can start.
    I have stated this many times, but I have been a fan of his for such a long time and he honestly in all the time I have watched and admired his work, has never, ever come across as a sell out. If I recall his first big budget film was “Battleship”, I have always admired his belief in what goes into a script, what is the story about, how will his character be, you have to respect that in an actor nowadays because it is so rare. I my opinion, I have never been disappointed in any of his films choices, believe it or not even Straw Dogs, because his performances are so strong.
    The other thing I am finding so interesting is this CT thing again. There has been nothing and I mean not even a tiny whisper since April (that is a long time ago) and all of a sudden LAINEY of all people (who has made up quite a few things about him, always quoting sources) posts something. If I recall the last time CT was linked to AS she was in the middle of a huge publicity tour for two major film openings; now not only is she experiencing bad publicity, but the film Mad Max, is going through a lot of problems, so guess what, they bring up AS’s name, and I love how they do it, making it seem very natural and of course with absolutely no back up.
    Honestly, if there was even a little flirtation going on, don’t you think we would have seen or heard something since April.

  25. 200
    Whycantipost Says:

    To add: It is also known that Lainey hates Charlize, she started the ice-queen rumor. She does love PoopieGoopie Paltrow though -.-

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