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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Halloween Party Pair!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Halloween Party Pair!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hold hands as they head inside the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Halloween Party on Wednesday night (October 31) in Hollywood.

The Twilight co-stars were spotted in clear masks with bushy eyebrows at the beginning of the night. As the evening went on, Kristen was spotted in a short wig and sunglasses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Meanwhile, the final installment of Twilight, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks on November 16.

FYI: Rob is wearing Levi’s Vintage Clothing jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson celebrating Halloween together…

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  • Rue

    To be honest if I saw one of them, I would probably scream i love you then run away because i hate masks, especially the ones they are wearing.

  • Jupo

    Wow, it makes me sad to see so many idiots in this site who have never been in a relationship (which doesn’t surprise me). I dont get how taking her back makes him a insecure loser when you can’t UNLOVE someone so quickly after being with the person for 3 years and even living together. She did a shitt* thing and was forgiven, that doesn’t mean he has no self respect, he likes her and is trying to working things out again. You fools can’t even comprehend that.

  • http://yahoo Amber

    why is Rob so stupid and weak , dont know what lies this ho has been feeding him and he is believing it …..didnt think he is such a fool . It is so frustrating to watch him with her , dont know how his family is taking it .

  • michelle

    i cant wait til they break up again. once a cheater always a cheater

  • what

    forgiveness is a wonderful thing
    really great fake you pulled off with the married couple
    SO MUCH free press for all your endeavours
    honest decent people, oh yeah

  • Kelly

    hey Juno you don’t comprehend he is a liar he hates cheating but forgives her and acts like her doormat that’s the point

  • A

    Rob should have dressed up as a joker and Kristen should have dressed up a hoe….oh wait

  • Dahlia1947

    I was in Hollywood in August and i wish i could have run into these 2!

  • notafan

    They have apparently been together for how long…3 years right? Not one time did we see them in halloween costumes, but we get a bunch of very obvious pics 2 weeks before the movie comes out? How come…what a coincidence..(heavy sarcasm)

  • http://jenmayacic Jennifer

    Where are the pictures of other hollywood couples out and about on Halloween? Why is it these two can’t enjoy a night out without cameras in their faces and criticism in their wake? Bad publicity is still publicity people, and you that spew your hatefulness are buying into it more than anyone else! Get a life!

  • R

    awnnnn, the trampire walks her puppy, so cute! :)

  • R

    @bella: either you’re lying or you twihards have the shittiest taste.

  • notafan

    He couldn’t do what Demi Moore did. She just showed Ashton the door after he revealed the sleazeball that he is, she has self respect

  • http://yahoo lena

    People really liked and respected Rob , he came across as a good standup guy but after he has taken her back , he comes across as a very weak man .
    she made him look like a fool in front of the whole world …
    she stopped the affair after she was caught , had she not been caught she would have still continued with it . how the hell can he still take her back . where is his pride and man card ? ?

  • REALly

    At the end of the day… It’s Their life. I’m sure you know someone in your life, both MALE & FEMALE. Who have taken someone back who was unfaithful.
    Even though a lot of people online would like us to believe otherwise. You have or will be cheated on. We also are humans and make mistakes. When you grow up, you realize the art of forgiveness, and moving on.
    Will Kristen & Rob be together forever? maybe,.. maybe not.
    But it’s their right to experience, hurt, pain, forgiveness, love, crazy experiences in LIFE. Without being called weak. Its life. Get of the net and experience it. You will be surprised not all of your life experiences will be a fairy tale…and thats OK.

  • uh huh

    This whole relationship is a PR move for the Twilight movies. Its sad people buy into it because all of this just screams fake.

  • uh huh

    @Rue: You’re sad..

  • Seriously…

    Lame, so sick of them I love twilight and they’ve both made it seem like such a drag to be a part of it, I’m so sick of the ‘I don’t want attention’. Lame he’s with some one who has no morals and she makes I look like she’s done nothing wrong that’s what annoys me the most! Excited for the film but no about them.

  • Jen

    You know I agree with you, it’s their life. Forgiveness, standing by someone and working on a relationship takes more guts, character and heart. He could just easily give up, move on and live like a single guy because that IS the easy way out, that’s what most spineless guys would do. As a woman and a mother I could only wish someone like him for my daughter, a man who does not run away on the 1st sign of adversity. I’m sorry but to all those people saying nasty things about these 2, life is not perfect, shitty things happen but if you are with a man/woman who will work it out through the bad, the ugly and not just the easy times.., then you are in a good relationship that is worth fighting for. And before anyone says I have no clue on what I’m saying… married almost 16yrs and been together for almost 20 so I kinda have a good grasp on the topic.

  • ella

    I really don’t understand why people are SO into THEIR lives.
    You like them as celebrities: GOOD, not: life goes on, they doesn’t care AT ALL.
    Conclusion: people love argue.

  • OMG

    @Summer: Agreed!!
    Tbh I’m a twilight fan and I kinda feel that bells cheated on Edward. They never look happy when they were in a good relationship and now I feel like its very put on for cameras because they had a set back in there relationship, for two people who want to keep something private and don’t like attention there not doing a great job but good look to him…. I mean them

  • notafan

    I do agree with you. But after she mistreated him in public for the whole world to see, on the streets, its not the same thing. Life is definitely not perfect, but this is too big a hit to someone’s ego, and in such situations there should be some self respect. If they became friends again, if they were cordial and friendly with each other, I would have respected him. Getting back together within one month of such a huge scandal, …very very unnatural

  • Tracy

    @bella: Please it is because of Rob and Kristen’s relationship. People liked the 1st book that is why they went to see the movie. Then all the fans wanted Rob and Kristen to be together they started bashing Kristen’s bf at the time Michael and anyone that looked at Rob other then Kristen. This is why they get so much hate from people.

  • Tracy

    @Dis: I’m with you when they break up again…mark my words they will…I wil not feel sorry for Rob or Kristen. Especially Rob want a lame fool he has turned out to be.

  • Xo

    Poor Rob :(

  • Dallas Mavs

    Don’t care if they stay together or break up but let’s face it. He seems weak and she seems devoid of any personality. I don’t think they will have much staying power beyond the franchise of Twilight.

  • Vicki

    @Jupo: That is just it… we have all been there and Rob taken her back makes no freaking sense. It makes him look like a spinless doormat. It really makes him look bad. You don’t know them either but you think they should be together forever? They are not Edward and Bella that is just the characters they play in the movie series. You guys were screaming Rob should stick up for Kristen… he should take her back after she so publically cheated on him (believe me it was more then kissing and it wasn’t the first time), and were calling him names when he was the victim and seeming to moving on. Now all of a sudden you want to defend them as a couple. You have to be really young, this is not how relationships work this is not healthy. I would be more forgiving if they were older and married with kids but this is just plain dumb. Kristen is only 22 she will do something again. Who is Rob talking too I know it is not his family and close friends they are not happy. If you notice none of Rob’s friends are with them only the same people claiming to be Kristen’s friends…she is probably paying them to be there.

  • http://yahoo lena

    yeah you are right ….Rob is not talking to his family and friends , he is always with kristen’s friends . NO family or friend would ever tell him to take her back .

  • Moola

    I hope Breaking Dawn 2 breaks wind really BAD and sucks. No one should pay these two anymore money to see them act. What a bunch of losers.

  • notafan

    These two…Rob and Kristen…they are jokes which aren’t even funny

  • just wait

    we all know they are done after the new year, after the buzz of this horrible film dies down.

  • nikki

    First time I visit this site and I’m stunned by the tone of the comments here. I’ve nothing against people stating their opinion, but rudeness and namecalling say so much more about the posters than it says about the persons they criticize. Why should we have the right to judge a couple from whom we know nothing about, apart from what papps show us? Why abuse the freedom of speech to write so harshly and at the same time lack selfreflection to see how pathetic you are yourselves? These comments do come over as very pathetic to the average visitor. The boards should be ment for fun, not?
    People can say of Pattinson what they want but at least he has the strength to lead his life the way he wants without asking the “approval” of the world. Are his decisions good or bad? They are his’ and he’ll carry the consequences of it, that’s called having a personality. Frank Sinatra has once made a nice song about it.
    And I’ll take it as a compliment if my comment gets so many dislikes that it’ll be hidden :))

  • *

    Weirdest couple…

  • bobbi

    He has lost a lot of his appeal by taking this hooker back.

  • disa

    their life,their business !

  • Becky

    @nikki: It is not strength it is weakness. Rob is very weak, where were you when Rob was being bashed when it seemed he was leaving Kristen behind? He was being called all kind of names. People here un-like some sites are not drinking the Kristen cool-aid and Rob getting back with her makes him a laughing stock of Holloywood. This is what he choose so he has to deal with it. Most people don’t find them to be the best couple ever.

  • Alexa

    I cant even imagine what the paps are yelling at those two.. Props to K-ho for walking out in front of them

  • Robsten= 2 Losers

    This site reflects a more honest opinion than IMdb. People can write what they really think about these losers. IMdb is just a kiss _azz board with freaks who are obsessed with these stink bombs.

  • miserablecuntakaKStew

    She’s so pathetic! God can’t stand her anymore! -_____- #Kslut

  • miserablecuntakaKStew

    LOL the doormat and the sluuuuuuut hahaha #losers

  • Mik

    @assuri: Rupert Saunders is not officially back with Liberty. The married couple is taking things slower than these two fools who rushed back together and act as if nothing happened. As far as we know, RS and LB are still living semi-separate lives and undergoing therapy. Neither of them was wearing their wedding bands when they were last.

  • vica2012

    Hope Rob will never visit this site. your comments are ugly.

  • Chang

    @Jupo: No one can pretend for feelings to disappear in a second, especially if the person isn’t willing to take a break, give himself some space from the relationship, and willing to move on. Feelings change, but one has to be open for that change. He obviously wasn’t, even after all the public spectacle he was subjected to. He is setting himself up for his feeling NOT to change, and a lot of people don’t think KS is worth it. That’s why people are reacting so negatively towards him.

  • nepenthes

    Wow, they really spent a lot of time to prepare their costumes, lol. Can they even breathe with these masks on? :p
    Aside from this, Robert looks good!

  • peach

    @Mik: rob and krisen are taking things slowly,they haven’t started living together again. they are simply out at a halloween party with friends which is what most people do on halloween

  • Sean

    @Jennifer: Because most of the other Hollywood couple or celebrities that might have been at that party haven’t been involved in a very PUBLIC cheating scandal over the past few months. Rob and KS know the media eyes are on them. They have two choices: deal with it or keep themselves hidden. They choose to go out. They know what’s going to happen. They brought upon themselves this time…or, at least, Kristen did. No one to blame but herself.

  • Mik

    @peach: Wow, so “not living together” is your idea of taking things slow after cheating? I disagree. Neither you nor I know the details, but at least in public, they act pretty normal, like nothing happened. Their behavior for the past weeks speaks volumes. I’m pretty sure there’s still underlying issues in their relationship because I don’t think they gave themselves enough time on their own to sort them through. I wouldn’t even consider getting back together until those issues were resolved, but that’s just me. Hopefully they are JUST dating know. But even then, I think they are rushing it and I think it’s not going to work in the long run because of it.

  • yesiam

    Rob’s quote on Breaking Dawn’s LA Press Conference: “If I had a little bit more control over my public image, I guess, that would be nice.” LMAO! Good luck with that.

  • peach

    @Mik: so what do you want them to do:-not talk to each other,ignore each other and stay indoors until the whole thing dies down which would be pretty pathetic if they did and people would still be complaining. its been almost 4 months since the whole scandal, hanging out with each other does not mean they are acting as if nothing happened,they have a film to promote together which would be very awkward if they couldn’t bear to be in the same room together.

  • Elena

    Meh, even if neither of them wants to admit it this relationship is on the countdown clock. When two people get back together after something like this it’s incredibly difficult to make it work, and impossible if neither of them have changed their behavior or outlook on life. When people get back together very quickly after one of them cheated it’s not out of love, it’s out of habit. I really doubt this relationship will have much more longevity (especially after the Twilight shenanigans are over and they aren’t forced to be together all the time for work).