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Miranda Kerr: 'Esquire UK's Sexiest Woman Alive 2012

Miranda Kerr: 'Esquire UK's Sexiest Woman Alive 2012

Miranda Kerr shows off her amazing figure in this new topless feature from Esquire UK‘s December 2012 issue.

The 29-year-old model was named the magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive for 2012!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“I believe in celebrating the female figure and embracing what we’ve been given,” Miranda told the magazine about the honor.

“I got stuck up a tree when I was about seven, and my dad had to come and get the ladder to get me down. I loved to climb all the way up to the top. I must have been a koala in my past life,” she also told the mag.

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Credit: David Slijper/Esquire UK
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  • Melody

    It’s easy to embrace what you’ve been given when all of society does as well. Some people aren’t as fortunate. Not hating, just sayin’.

  • Jess

    “I believe in celebrating the female figure and embracing what we’ve been given.” That seems very hypocritical coming from someone who’s stick-thin and lives in a diet which most people would consider borderline starvation.

  • DB

    How is it possible that THAT body produced a baby and still looks like that?

  • ThankU

    Pfff are you serious? What’s sexy about her? Most women who are skinny are boney like her. I don’t see in her anything especial!! And her high pitched voice isn’t sexy either.

  • XYZ


    what makes u think she ever was pregnant? Do u believe Katie holmes was? Use ur brain a little….

  • TVdream

    I love her!!!! She makes me soooo happy

  • s.

    her butt looks bigger in here!

  • :( She´s baaaaack. More daily pics for the rest of our lifes. We don´t deserve it! Pleaaaaase.

  • :)

    wow!!! I cant see her butt clearly in here!!!

  • mel

    @XYZ: she posed nude when she was pregnant. the big ‘ol baby bump was real with her.

  • lolo


    heh Katie Holmes has stretch marks all over her belly to prove it….or do you think she’s faking them too? LOL

  • Yawn Fest

    Mila Kunis is like a foot shorter than her and still sexier to me..Models look great in the clothes they model, but no one really wants a women who is 5’7 and or taller..I love petite women..5” to 5’5. Sexy little foxes…Who wants to pick up a model while doing the dirty, lanky legs flailing around..looks clumsy.

  • Goss

    Miranda isn’t the brightest or most interesting bulb in the world. However, she does seem like a great mom. If you were in the position, you’d probably just cash in as much as possible while people still tolerate you.

  • Anne

    I don’t think Miranda is as stunning as the top models in the 80/90s but still… she is so much prettier than that boring Alessandra Ambrosio. Miranda dresses much better too.

  • Dieter

    She has a gorgeous ass !!! Instant hard-on !!!!

  • clue

    Miranda is beautiful and sexy

  • Dieter

    She has an IQ of 160 !!!!

  • Dieter

    Her tiny poon PUSHED OUT a 12 pounder !!!!

  • Dieter

    She has pushed out a twelve pounder without any drug’s !!!!

  • sophs

    I think she looks good and don’t understand all the hate going on….

  • WOW!

    She looks AMAZING!
    Orlando is one lucky son of a gun!

  • hmmm………..

    Considering how ugly the people are in the UK, I can see why she was given the title. Not much to choose from.

  • @22

    And you do realize that she was chosen by the readers, who could choose any woman in the world, right?
    Of course, you do.
    But as we know, that never stops a hater from saying something idiotic.
    Such a moron.

  • Laughable

    the fame whore is back along with her shippers – enjoy your fantasy.

  • @24……

    You can’t stand that Miranda’s been voted the sexiest woman alive…..It just proves all the nasty comments you make that she’s “ugly, average, chipmunk face” are all nothing but lies ….jealous much???…

  • Lena

    Do u even know what her diet and portions are? Why is it always assumed thin women are starving? She isn’t stick thin.

  • @25

    They’re just mad that they have been proved wrong AGAIN.
    Must suck to live their lives hating on a total stranger. Spending all of their time spreading lies and false rumors about someone that they have never met, while neglecting real life.
    Day after day, post after post, of nothing but bitterness and self loathing.
    Poor haters.
    If they weren’t so vile, I would pity them.

  • yes!

    She is perfection.

  • chav

    I just love how everyone on tFS and Bellazon now realize that famewhoring is what she does best. Everyone knows that US Esquire is the most relevant edition. So whatever. She can brag about that title all she wants. UK is just a small country

  • sissi

    Yeah, “embracing” said by a VS model sounds a bit ridiculous and hypocrite..
    I mean, usually I love Miranda, but when supermodels like her talk about the problems they have accepting their own body it just pisses me off..

  • silence please

    She is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Embrace and accept your body??? Says the supermodel??? Stick to the modeling Miranda and try to keep your mouth shut. You look smarter when you are not talking to much.

  • @30/31

    What is hypocritical about her being proud of her body? She works hard at staying in shape, and her job relies on her ability to be confident in front of a camera lens.
    You people are just ticked off that she was chosen/
    And @chav
    Are you one of the idiots that claimed that when she appeared on the cover of Vogue Espana, that it was just a minor Vogue and didn’t mean anything? Then she appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia, and you then claimed that a cover on one of the most ‘important’ Vogues didn’t mean anything anyway?
    Yeah, I think that sounds about right.
    UK Esquire means nothing? HA!
    Oh, and BTW, you are showing your ignorance is showing. The UK is not “a country”. Consider the term UNITED. UNITED what? DOH!!!

  • chav

    @@30/31: You are a paranoiac if you think I ever questioned her appearance on the cover of Vogue. Seriously give me a break. Why are you forcing yourself to believe that everyone hates her with a passion? Whether you like it or not, she’s a famewhore haha.
    Lol famewhoring is the next logical step when you know that you’ll never be numero 1 at VS. A la Alessandra Ambrosio
    Oh and you need to go back to school if you think calling UK a country is ignorance

  • @33

    Why is she a “famewh*re” for being chosen for the cover of magazines?
    And Adriana is “Numero 1″ at VS. Ale is no where near the top. It took Ale ten years to FINALLY get the fantasy bra, while Adriana has had it twice.

  • @chav

    Yes, the UK is a small country…but only in size. That one of its magazines gave a beauty title to a model you don’t like shouldn’t be enough to make you forget its influence in the world, its historical relevance…and most of all, that it’s the country that produces the best music.
    I’m not even British but it’s ridiculous to call it “just a small country”.

  • Maila

    Mila is much more sexier to me.

  • Maila

    both have something in common their initial MMK
    MMK for Milena Markovna Kunis and Miranda May Kerr.
    and both were born in the year of 1983, and both of them the months they were born start with an “A”
    A for April an A for August.

  • Ange

    @Jess: How is eating organic food starvation? Did you hear about how big Flynn was when he was born? The baby was giant, showing sign of good nutrition. She clearly takes good care of herself even when she isn’t pregnant.

  • Ange

    @Anne: I love Miranda. BUT Alessandra Ambrosio is hardly boring. Different but equally as stunning.

  • JElly

    @Jess: oh shut up you fatass. You don’t have to starve to be thin, you just need to stop eating elephant size proportions. And the reason her diet would be considered “borderline starvation” for most women is because most women are 200 pound fatasses these days.

  • bla bla

    she pretty i must say but overrated