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Gerard Butler: 'Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury' Voice Actor!

Gerard Butler: 'Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury' Voice Actor!

Gerard Butler dons a cap while arriving for a departing flight at JFK Airport on Friday (November 2) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actor stopped to pose for a picture with a fan on his way into the airport.

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It was recently announced that Gerard will be lending his voice in the half-hour animated special Dragons: Gift Of The Night Fury, based on DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon, airing on December 17 on Fox.

In case you missed it, Gerard is set to star as a soccer star in the upcoming flick Dynamo, based on the novel “Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev.”

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  • Out of curosity

    On that I’ll have to disagree, I myself have been judged by others falsely. perhaps thats why I have the perspective that I do. I was always told that when you do a good deed you do it in silence. Many that I know were surprised to find out that I go to church, not because I’m a partier but as one friend said I never talk about it. People make judgements of others based on their perception, which I stated earlier is usually self based on their own beliefs and actions.Perhaps someday someone will mis-judge you and you will know that feeling.

  • *

    “I’m so excited for tonight 😁 I’m going to the O’neil Fashion Show in SF!!
    Gerard Butler is going to be there too! Plus other celebrities from the upcoming movie Chasing Mavericks!! “

  • LAX
  • the storm

  • the storm

    @food 4 thought:
    i think you’re being a little unfair. I won’t be helping or contributing to the clean up because i hate cleaning. if it were me, i wouldn’t even want to go back there. i’d just leave everything behind.

    you can’t dictate to people what they have to do charity-wise. its up to them to pick and choose.
    i’m sure gerry is thinking what a lucky escape he had but also about death. he looks a little dazed to be quite honest.
    leo and gerry are not the only ones who went out partying after the storm

    -young people did too. older people. everyone deals with it in their own way.

    -there were lots of reports of people stocking up on wine and drinking for the sandy storm or going out to bars to hunker down.

    -and honestly, no one was getting back in anyway for the days they did party.

    -sometimes you have to stay out of the way, which is actually the case at first.

  • the storm

    i think you are wrong to make moral judgements and i think your judgements are off.

  • Question

    Why is there a telethon to help the richest city in the world? NY has more than enough money to sort out the crisis. Why beg for handouts? if NY really wants more money, why not get it from the billionaire MFers on wall street, instead of wringing it out of the workers on main-street.

  • O’Neill

    Other than this tweet I don’t see any mention of him appearing at this show tonight, but it’s a Teen Vogue fashion show, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s there, lol. Scantily clad teens, how could he resist?

  • exfantiredofallthebs

    @Out of curosity: oh I’m sure I’ve been unfavourably judged by many, sometime justified and sometimes not. I don’t really care.
    But my point is that Gerry does. He has openly stated he only went into acting for the fame. His very livelihood depends in what others think of him. He doesn’t live a life most of us would think of as normal, he has a past most of us haven’t experienced, and his motivation for fame is not therefore that of the normal man in the street. So I simply cant see him acting altruistically without recognition.
    Turning to religion, it would appear that you are now mentioning it so you can influence my perception of you as a good person, otherwise why do so? That’s ok, even Jesus was into self publicity to suit his purpose.

  • Out of curosity

    Apparently you have an alterior motive for everything you do, because thats what you assume of others. Your a stranger to me, what do i care what you think of me. Thats arrogant that you think your opinion matters to anyone but yourself. I mention relegion because thats what i base my life on. I take it you don’t? I work with several athests so it doesn’t offend me, not that you would care. i just find it strange that you would assume I want you to think I’m a good person? Think about that for a minute. You don’t care about what others think of you? Then why mention it?
    I never heard gerry ever say in any article or video that I’ve seen, that he was into the acting profession for fame. I remember an interview where its the only think he was truly motivated by and interested in. He only went to Law school to please his mom. His livelyhood depends on his acting abilities and what types of roles he gets. i use to think Viggo mortensen was such a great guy until i found out that he had an affair and broke up the marriage with an actress who had 2 young children. One of which had just been born right before they met. His LOTR fame brought him alot of adoring female fans ( both famous and unfamous) but apparently the love of his life was the wife of the directotrs brother who was also in the movie with him. He doubts about human kindness but he doesn’t even practice it except superficially. Even the devil can smile at you but that doesn’t make him good and he still gets acting roles. My point is that things aren’t always how they appear and neither are people.

  • cupcake

    Hi girls. Just driving to get gas is s pain in my arse. It is what it is we all need to be patient. Hope all are having a good day. Please east coasters stay safe and warm. We will all get are power back.

  • Creep

    What is it with Gerard Butler and girls everyone has seen naked or mostly naked?
    Nicole Trufino, Madalina Ghenea, Martina Rajic, Brandi-Go-Braless.
    Does he have something against classy women who make something of themselves with their brains instead of their boobs?
    At least Brandi was over 25 when he shagged her. His preference for girls he could have diapered in his 20s is creepy from creepy old man creepsville.

  • angelsrock


    Maybe Trump will take that 5 mill he so easily waved in Obama’s face and put it to use for his own fellow New Yorkers.

    And on another note. During Katrina we had some communities near by that were a mess. Authorities told everyone to stay away. Sometimes people that want to help really just get in the way. The best way to help is with a nice donation.

  • Whatshedonenow

    Oh dear he looks old and haggard. Why does he wear his trainers like a teenage boy. It looks so stupid. He’s not 16, he’s 43 years old, for goodness sake.  He has the face of a drunken sun burnt old hobo but carries himself like a stupid teenager. What an awful combination.

  • O’Neill

    @Creep: Funny how you get positive thumbs for that, and when I said something similar I get thumbed down. Odd place today.

  • to creep

    you’re not classy because you used the word ‘boob’….classy people don’t talk like you. classy people don’t trash other people like you just did for example.

  • to creep

    you’re just a snob with ‘boobs’, not classy at all.

  • angelsrock


    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most interviews and I never heard him say, “I got into acting for the fame”.

    He did say that he was supposed to meet with Alan who thought Gerry had potential. Gerry thought it was a long shot, skipped the meeting, and went home instead. Alan pursued him and convinced him he had what it takes. I don’t think Gerry ever imagined he would be a HW movie star.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3

  • to creep

    classy people also don’t say ‘shag’

  • to creep

    i suppose you think you are classy enough for gerard to be with. but he went out with women who don’t wear clothes sometimes….something you would have to do at some point if you were married to him. i really don’t think he would accept a snob with boobs.

  • from gerard

    Dear Snob with Boobs,

    thank you for your interest but i am interested in more feminine women. you are too errrr manly for me. if you know what i mean.


  • it’s a pity


    Come on. Put a little more effort into it. You can do better than this. Off day for you? You couldn’t wait to get up and search for the newest Gerry photos and news. I really hope just for your sake that you never meet Gerry and discover that he is truly a nice fella. It would really ruin your life mission of Gerry bashing. It really is getting old, dear. You should move on to that special someone who turns you on, not turns you off. There’s something kind of weird about that.

  • SMW


    Sorry not been on for a while… what were the tweets about?

  • SMW

    Why the thumbs down for asking a simple question?
    You know what forget it!! I have better things to do,,, & if this is what all your lives revolve around, then you ought to get a fkng life!!
    You are not rght in the heed!! Are you all Americans by any chance? if so that would make sense
    You’d also think with what has went on in the last few days you would have more important things to worry about…. instead of rushing to be the 1st person to thumbs down a comment try going out to help people!!!!

  • fto SMW

    if its not info about gb or madalina it gets thumbed. nothing personal.

  • yeah but

    gb bashing does not get thumbed though….
    its obviously a hate club and if you’re not a member you get thumbed.

  • yeah but

    too bad the thumbers didn’t get washed out to sea

  • Camilla Belle

    I couldn’t help but notice that Camilla Belle, above, is just G’s type, although her skin is a little light. She’s a stunner, not plastic-looking or tranny-like in the least. But she’s a virgin…sigh…and I doubt he’d have the patience with a good girl.

  • Wacky doodle

    Are you asking about the posts from THE ENFORCER, Southernbelle and Me? Not sure why but apparently THE ENFORCER was prohibiting anyone from talking to Southernbelle. I was trying to defend her.

    As far as the grouchy people on this thread, go look at the Jennifer Aniston’s thread. Wow those people are just downrite hateful even worse than any of them here.

  • Rebecca

    @Camilla Belle And what makes you so qualifiied to say whose his type and whose not? I am guessing you have no qualifications other than jealousy.

  • Hobbes

    That makes no sense??????

  • @ Rebecca

    Anybody who follows him knows what his type is. He even talks about his type. He’s very faithful (LOL) to his type, anyway.

  • Totally Useless Information

    GB stated in an old interview that he used to dream of being famous and he hoped people would think he was sexy when he walked down the street. He should have been careful of what he wished for.

    He missed the meeting set up by Alan because he was out partying. He said he didn’t think it would work out for him if he went a day or two later, so he went home.

    So many creepy men in HW going after very young girls. Johnny Depp is the latest.

  • Uncovered Truth

    OMG, I totally agree with you! Gerard is such a creepy, perverted man. That’s why I think he would love Leo’s now ex-gf Erin Heatherton. She has the face of a 14 year old! I remember reading an old interview with from around the time when POTO was released and GB said that he was drawn and fascinated by the ‘older guy that was in love with much younger woman’ theme of the script. I remember thinking how creepy it sounded when he said that. The thing is, we think Gerry prefers women in their early 20′s but the fact is that if he could have it the way he really likes it, he wants them even younger. I know it’s gross but it is unfortunately true. I know for a FACT that he slept with 16 year old girl while filming The Game of Their Lives in St Louis. I spoke to one of the guys that worked on set with the electricity and he told me that Gerard, Gavin Rossdale and some other guy had been hooking up with local high school girls. One of Gerry’s hookups was this guys best friend’s younger sister. She was barely 16 when she had sex with Gerry (v/a/ginal and o/r/al!). I know I will get a lot of thumbs down for saying this but this is the truth. I know Gerry’s fans love him to death but they have to realize that Gerry Butler is no saint. Far from it.

  • Can you say

    @Totally Useless Information: midlife crisis. Why do women not go through this?? Instead we go through menopause which makes us miserable?

  • littlebirdie

    @Out of curosity:

    I agree. I learned at an early age that if you have the good fortune to have talent or other things people desire, you become the object of jealousy and nasty gossip. When lies are told about you and others believe them it is very painful. I found that when people believe those lies it’s often because they themselves would do those things or because it makes them feel they are superior. Some of the rumors that had been told about me I didn’t even know about until years after the fact and I was horrified. It’s painful to think that you are nothing like the lies told about you. People who have experienced that kind of pain would never be so quick to believe the worst about others like some here do about Gerry. Unfortunately. if what you love doing puts you in the public eye it means putting yourself on the firing line. AND there are those who seem to live just for shooting people down. Sad but true.

  • @@ Rebecca

    ok smarty pants, what is his type, according to your extensive research?

  • milli

    @@@ Rebecca:
    I’m not Rebecca but from what I’ve heard GB say his type is: dark hair, dark eyes, tall. He could’ve said something else too but that is what I remember that he definitely said.

  • milli

    Oh I forgot, he said “sexy” and “sensual” too. It’s GB after all. ;)

  • @@ Rebecca

    is this recent history or continuous history?

  • exfantiredofallthebs

    @Out of curosity: I certainky don’t think my impression of you is important to anyone. But its somewhat strange of you to bring up your faith whilst stating that you keep it private, unless you had a motive to mention it?
    As someone else has said there is a old interview, Cant remember which one, where Gerry specifically said he went into acting for the fame but then found the acting surprisingly satisfying. As his acting career is on the slide, and he’s slipping into a romcom/action/biopic pigeonhole, its not unreasonable to speculate what his motivation to keep going now is.

    He’s also never said he studied law to please his mum. He said she was proud that he was training to be a lawyer, which is different. He has admitted that as he was bright his school put him off acting and suggested law or medicine as suitable careers. He thought he would kill people as a doctor and so defaulted to law, as directed by his school.

  • :[

    @@@ Rebecca: Why don’t you just google his old girlfriends and look at the pics yourself, troll. They all look identical. Do your own homework.

  • exfantiredofallthebs

    @littlebirdie: whilst I haven’t experienced what you describe and so can’t take issue with it, there is one thing you’re wrong about. Not everyone is being ‘quick’ to jump to conclusions about Gerry. Many are disillusioned after years of seeing his repeated behaviours, and have taken a long time to reach their sad conclusions.

  • Anonymous



  • @:[

    since they are all speculation gf’s they don’t count.

  • @:[

    what were his exact words? speculation and movie tie-ins don’t count.

  • Ibelieveyou

    @Uncovered Truth:Based on the amount of blinds, tweets, and blog posts reporting this attraction to, and attempted pickup of, young girls, imo there must be some truth to it. There’s just been way too many people saying the same thing for years.

  • Well…

    …Bianca Christians was definitely his real girlfriend, as well as Jeannia Robinette. He also dated someone called Christina Martin (?) while making The Phantom of the Opera in London. I think she works with musicians on tours or something like that.

  • Well…

    There are pics of CM on or Can’t remember which.