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Jennifer Garner Stopped Ben Affleck from Directing 'Homeland'

Jennifer Garner Stopped Ben Affleck from Directing 'Homeland'

Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck grab a cup of coffee together on Friday morning (November 2) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 40-year-old actress later took her son Samuel to meet up with her daughters Violet and Seraphina.

The day before, Jen and the girls went on an afternoon stroll the day before in Santa Monica.

Ben recently said that Jen‘s work schedule caused him to turn down a directing gig on an episode of Homeland.

“I liked the show. I signed on. The guys were ready. I don’t want to blame it on ‘her,’ but my wife and I have an arrangement where when she works, I don’t work and when I work, she doesn’t work,” Ben shared (via Us Weekly). “She said, ‘I have this movie, it’s 10 weeks, it’s in Atlanta.’ I said, ‘Okay, forget it. I’m sure nothing will happen with it anyway.’”

20+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner out and about…

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54 Responses to “Jennifer Garner Stopped Ben Affleck from Directing 'Homeland'”

  1. 1
    Andrea Says:

    Why does he always sounds like an ashole?

  2. 2
    reeven Says:


  3. 3
    shar Says:

    LOL he is blaming his wife…christ. He sounds unhappy.

  4. 4
    shea Says:

    @Andrea Because he is one.

  5. 5
    coco Says:

    Yeah, I usually support them but this is one of those things that you should never say publicly..
    And anyway marriage and family is about making sacrifices to build something together and I’m sure she made a lot of sacrifices too!!

  6. 6
    Becca Says:

    What a jerk.

  7. 7
    DB Says:

    He sounds a bit grumpy about it.

    Maybe he should not have said anything publicly after all.

    No need to feed the rumor mill regarding marital discord.

  8. 8
    gwen Says:

    My god, how can she stand living with this jerk?

  9. 9
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  10. 10
    Kristina Says:

    Eh, he can just get over it.

  11. 11
    jmho Says:

    I guess they don’t have a coffee pot at home?

  12. 12
    Keira Says:

    These people and their kids get photographed every.

  13. 13
    Jill23 Says:

    For Christmas, someone needs to get these 2 a coffee machine!

    Every single day the same thing. You would think by now Jen would try to go to one of the many pap free areas of LA in order to gain some privacy for her kids and stop them from being sooooooooooooo overexposed.

    So many celebs live in LA and go shopping, out to dinner, to the market etc. and are not photographed everyday. Paps are not at EVERY coffee shop, she CHOOSES to go to the ones where they are!

    If Jen did not want to be photographed she wouldn’t be.

  14. 14
    I called it! Says:

    He is so annoying! What can’t he keep his mouth close?

  15. 15
    Jill23 Says:

    Also people like to think Jen is so simple like them, a soccer mom and not into designer things.

    However the other day she was wearing Lanvin boots that cost $1500!

    She wears all the designer names like other celebs, the difference is she has bad taste and buys ugly designer things.{keyword}&CS_003=5630585

  16. 16
    Get over it Says:

    Why did he have to mention her at all? It’s like saying I don’t want to pinch you, but I will anyway. Ugh.

  17. 17
    yesgirl Says:

    Ben is cool, sleeps with co-stars….winner

  18. 18
    gabriela Says:

    Well he does what pleases him no matter what,and don´t care about her at all.And she isn´t a victim here.She is a doormat and i don´t have any sympathy for her at all.She is a hypocrit.

  19. 19
    Marie Says:

    That wasn’t all he said. The rest sounded like he was talking in a sarcastic voice. Ben said overall he was happy he didn’t do it because he loves his wife and kept their agreement.

  20. 20
    Andamentothat Says:

    Jen is getting a lot of face time with Ben, thanks to Argo PR campaign!

  21. 21
    gabriela Says:


    But that´s all she wants.

  22. 22
    lainey Says:

    Pathetic couple.Fake as silicone boobs.

  23. 23
    NumNumms Says:

    Thank goodness he didn’t direct it! It could’ve been so very different. I mean just because Homeland is so awesome now doesn’t mean it would be just as good if HE directed it.
    For all we know, there might not have been a season 2 if he had anything to do with it. Brody’s wife might be in every single scene for no other reason than because Ben was sleeping with the actress……

  24. 24
    uh oh Says:

    if the rumors are true Ben’s planning on starring with Kristen Stewart…then that’s a warning to Jennifer—> know that Stewart is ready to slept with your husband!

  25. 25
    Keila Says:

    He’s a freeking Jerk!! The best thing that happened to Jlo was that split, this jerk is full of himself…

  26. 26
    b Says:

    by this point they’re both to blame.. she’s staying in a marriage where her husband USES their children for publicity, which is fu&cking disgusting, so i don’t have any sympathy for her. She needs to grow a set & let his as(s

  27. 27
    b Says:


  28. 28
    Noah Says:

    @Keila: Oh sure… to finally get married with Marc Anthony and have these ugly twins, right?

  29. 29
    Anne Says:

    What a pretentious douche!

  30. 30
    April Says:

    I am so glad these two found each other and went on to make the most babies (not to mention happy and unaffected by the fame) EVER. What a shame they are so misunderstood and every thing that comes from them is twisted to make them look bad in some way.

    Well to all the jealous fans and media scum, who are trying to paint a negative picture for them because I don’t think it is working. Other sites seems to adore them plus they have a lot of fans (myself included) pulling for them. So GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

    Stay strong Afflecks and may God continue to bless and keep you.

  31. 31
    April Says:

    *GORGEOUS-BEAUTIFUL DELIGHTFUL babies on the planet.

  32. 32
    lainey Says:


    At least she married Marc Anthony before having the twins.Diferent from boring Jen that got pregnant after 3 month dating Ben jerk and so he had to marry her.That´s a trap for sure!!

  33. 33
    April Says:

    Wow, Seraphina actually looks more like Jen than Violet. Same beautiful smile and positive energy. All three kids are gorgeous and a perfect mixture of both parents.
    As much I hate reading all these negative comments, I am so glad that Jen and Ben don’t let the paps keep them from providing a normal life for their children (unlike other high profile celebs). Most celebs make their children prisoners by only going out with boby guards and whole entourage of hired helps. Not so with these very sort after family. Kudos to the Garner-Afflecks.

  34. 34
    gabriela Says:


    Who told you they don´t have bodyguards and nannies?Of course they do!They just dont´show them so people like you actualy believe that crap “down to earth,normal,plain family”.

  35. 35
    April Says:

    @lainey: You failed to mention the number of IVF treatments it took for them to get pregnant. Believe it if JLo could have managed to get pregnant by natural means, we will see P. Diddy kids, Cris Judd kids, Ojana kids and Affleck kids. Lucky for Ben, she never had his kids. Look at how happy his kids with Jen are.

  36. 36
    April Says:

    @gabriela: Never said they don’t have nannies. Who do you think takes care of the kids when they are out without them? Are you playing dumb or just having fun cause Honey, your ignorance is coming across loud and clear.

  37. 37
    lainey Says:

    Yeah problably she would have a lot of kids now@April:

    Yeah problably she would have a lot of beautiful, healthy,interacial kids now.As for Ben i am sure he knows what he missed and regrets that a lot!

  38. 38
    April Says:

    @Jill23: You need to get over your obsession with this woman. Whenever anything on her is posted, there you and all your many names show up. Find someone else to stalk.

  39. 39
    gabriela Says:


    I´m just having a lot of fun teasing you!!

  40. 40
    April Says:

    @gabriela: Really, is your life that pathetic? I feel for you Honey.

    Best thing that ever happened to Ben was ditching JLo and hooking up with Jen. He really lucked out and like he already said, he married UP.

    The man did not get where he is being stupid. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  41. 41
    Noah Says:

    @lainey: The order is irrelevant for the final result, summarized it in two names: Emme, Seraphina.

  42. 42
    Georgia Says:

    @Keila: Oh God, are you saying that Lopez is not full of her self?? Come on…

  43. 43
    they deserve each other Says:

    @gabriela: jennifer garner even talks about her nannies so you’re right — and they have a personal driver/private jet you think they wouldn’t have a bodyguard? all celebrities do — (i’ve seen pics of her bodyguard + nannies on other blogs like popsugar)

    ben knows that he can still direct an episode of homeland.. right? he needs to get the ba*lls out of his mouth and she needs 2 act like an adult & leaaaaaaveeeee

  44. 44
    ginny Says:

    For celebs such as the JP’s, bodyguards are a necessity. If the Afflecks don’t need em, they should count their blessings. But yeah, Ben really sounds like a nimrod sometimes.

  45. 45
    taz Says:

    how does this man not get the sh<t knocked out of him by his friends? i couldn't imagine my dad talking about my mother like that (not because they're 'perfect' but real men don't insult their wives in public or private)

  46. 46
    African Girl Says:

    It sounds more like she begged or guilted him into dropping the gig so she could do hers.
    If they really had that kinda arrangement this would have a none issue because he wouldn’t have taken the offer in the first place after all he would know his wife would be working.
    I would explain why he sounds a little grumpy and borderline resentful.

  47. 47
    !!! Says:

    She should stop him acting from ‘Focus’ with Kristen!!! Not from this..Jenn please DO SOMETHING!!!!

  48. 48
    Spin Says:

    this dimwit should stop acting and commenting on politics, dumb as a rock

  49. 49
    BStill Says:

    Human Beings, loosen up!!! he was trying to be funny !!!He was responding to the cast director’s( Libby Goldstein ) joked.
    Read the entire article, AND the poem wrote by Goldstein regarding the matter.

    It is so amazing how we can hate someone this much, you don’t even know them!!!. Well, the Affleck’s just gave some of you FREE anger therapy session. Hopefully, you feel a lot better about your on self.

    Be safe and enjoy the Holiday’s with your family :).

  50. 50
    BStill Says:

    @Jill23: AWWW I love those boots. Get a hobby something that means to you.

  51. 51
    Jessie Says:

    What a totally misleading headline.

  52. 52
    omd Says:

    i lost my respect for her when she said ‘”snuck” isn’t a word’ to conan lol. and yea she’s basically a doormat and pops out babies for him :x

  53. 53
    omd Says:

    @Jill23: LOL she is so raggedy. she was much hotter in her early alias days

  54. 54
    hm Says:

    @Jessie: yes! it should read “Ben affleck is a tur(d who is trying to find a way out of his marriage by being a pig to his wife.”

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