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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'MTV First' Interview!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'MTV First' Interview!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner pose for a photo during their MTV First interview, which aired on Thursday (November 1).

During the interview, Rob and Kristen talked with host Josh Horowitz about attending a Halloween party earlier in the week.

“Oh yes, it looks awesome,” Kristen said when looking at a photo of them at the party (See the picture here). “That’s not fair. That’s actually a really weird [photo].”

“That’s not me,” Rob said. “I chose someone who is just genuinely terrifying. It was a $3 mask from a 7-Eleven.”

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson – “MTV First” Interview

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85 Responses to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'MTV First' Interview!”

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  1. 26
    LoriLori Says:

    RP and KS probably had a good laugh about cheater RS who seems to be getting a free pass for being a bum.his wife was ok with his cheating Kristen outed him,
    her career will survive and so will Rob’

  2. 27
    Moreen Says:


    exactly!!! Summit knew what they were doing.Although many people know that this whole “relationship” is a PR stunt…but they don’t care…as long as they sell tickets and Twillight goes #1 on the box office

  3. 28
    coco Says:

    Seriously, guys, I don’t get where’s your problem?
    Hasn’t nobody on earth ever forgiven someone before? Why shouldn’t Rob get back with Kristen, if he forgave her?
    I mean, forgiving after cheating is one of the hardest things to do, but if they can do it and be happy again, shouldn’t all the fans just be happy as well?

  4. 29
    coco Says:

    *hasn’t anybody

  5. 30
    peach Says:

    @Lauren: i do however believe there is a minor truth to that comment she made, as twilight was rob’s first big movie break after starring in the fourth harry potter film. how many people honestly can say that they would know who he was if he never did twilight ,would he still have got the roles he got after the first film came out????

    loved rob in harry potter although it still sucked that he had to play the character that gets killed in the end

  6. 31
    peach Says:

    @Lauren: when i say first big break I mean the first film he had a lead role in as every other movie he had been before were just supporting roles.

    before people start thinking i’m hating on rob,im not.just looking at the bigger picture

  7. 32
    Robsten= 2 Losers Says:

    when will these two canker sores go away?

  8. 33
    KissThis Says:

    Rob looks miserable. Look at his eyes…

  9. 34
    coco Says:

    Yeah, but what’s the problem with twilight being his breakout movie?
    Honestly I think there’s no point in saying “what if he did!what if he didn’t” or things like that, because no one can tell you how things would have gone. He would have probably found something else.. He would have had his breakout with something else. Or maybe not, but this doesn’t mean he’s not a good actor.. :)
    And he’s not the only one who had this kind of career: think about the Harry Potter actors, Orlando Bloom with the Lord of the Rings, all of the big stars from the small screen.. This things are also a matter of chance, for sure all of these people did have chance, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t also good at what they do..

  10. 35
    peach Says:

    @coco: never said anything bout rob not being a good actor cos i think he is a good actor hence why I watch his films and look forward to going to see him in the projects he has lined up for 2013

  11. 36
    Jupo Says:

    @R: If the movie is good people will go see it regardless of the actors’ personal lives, dummy

  12. 37
    coco Says:

    Yeah yeah, I had understood it, I just wanted to say that in the end there’s no point in this discussion..

  13. 38
    gabriela Says:

    The cheater and the cuckold.Cute couple!

  14. 39
    erica Says:

    Rob looks hot !!

  15. 40
    wendy Says:

    Rob looks good . get rid of the trampire !!

  16. 41
    Xo Says:

    Rob was his normal silly, funny, self but there were a lot of really uncomforable parts like the google question, the halloween pics, the media question, the part where the bring up the hot bodyguard that everyone thinks she’s slept with. And she kept agreeing with everything he said and repeating his little jokes to him. The whole thing seemed kind of off to me.

  17. 42
    yesiam Says:

    @Xo: I agree, There were part where I felt like Kristen was overcompensating, trying to get out of her way to be personable, funny and extra chatty. (For example, when they showed the clip from the MTV Awards in 2008. What the hell was that?!) Even Rob was like “WTF!”.

  18. 43
    Truth Says:

    Pattinson always seems like he is filled with self-loathing which is probably why he stays with this miserable chick after she basically humilated him. Dude needs to finally man up and grow some b alls. They both should be thanking heaven above for Twilight which made them superstars. Without it, not quite sure if either would have gotten the same level of fame. And honestly, I don’t think either one really thinks they deserve this kind of fame, adoration and money which is probably why they are so reluctant and awkward. It will be interesting to see what happens to them five years down the road.

  19. 44
    yesiam Says:

    I’m sorry, but this interview showed that Rob is well aware that his public image is getting trashed by fans. Whether Robsten fans want to admit this side of the equation or not, this has to be taken a toll on him. Even if the topic of what’s been going on for the past three months isn’t an open topic of discussion during interviews, no one can deny that it is still the BIG elephant in the room.

    Regardless of what happen, this must still feel very awkward for him. Maybe now even more so than in August when he did promo for Cosmopolis. Not only does he has to play out that Kristen cheated on him, now he also has to play out the fact that he took her back.

  20. 45
    jenni Says:

    hahahaha …pure publicity….promotion

    She loves Rupert
    just look at the happy face when she’s with Rupert…not hiding is proud to rupert
    Face of unhappiness when this with rob
    always hiding… poor Rob… Kristen always treated him like crap….She wasnt giving him not even the hand
    ROB deserves a better woman….run Rob…Stay away from these wastes

    RUPESTEN…RUPESTEN …RUPESTEN FOREVER….are right for each other

  21. 46
    Chang Says:

    @coco: No. The point is some fans believe that (1) either SHE doesn’t deserve it or (2) that it’s just too damn soon to be acting like nothing happened, forgiveness or not. Fans are allowed to have opinion outside the Happily ever after Twilight fairytale.

  22. 47
    Kim Says:

    I feel bad for Taylor. Poor guy gets pushed into all this and most likely doesn’t know what the heck to do/say. It must be odd for him I bet.

  23. 48
    Trinty Says:

    @yesiam:I agree I noticed that to….did you catch Rob rolling his eyes when Stephanie was asked about a BD3? Rob never really made any real eye contact with Kristen she kept looking at him for support I guess but he never even looked at her. The entire interview was off there was no chemistry between any of them not ever Taylor. They are so over this movie the highly anticipated interview was very lack luster. I like how Kristen tried to take credit for Rob and Taylor’s careers taking off, but did you notice how Rob interjected and said he feels he deserves credit for Kristen’s career? Kristen just gave a nervous laugh. I thought that was very telling.

  24. 49
    Trinty Says:

    @yesiam: Right again…I think you are referring to the part in the interview when Josh ask Rob about all the fans not wanting him to get the part of Edward. (There was a petition the fans started because they thought he was the wrong choice for Edward). Rob responded (paraphrasing – -well we are back where we started because they hate me again. Did you notice Kristen just dropped her head. LOL!

  25. 50
    yesiam Says:

    @Trinty: Yeah, I believe Kristen was trying to be cute and funny with the “taking credit for their careers” comment, but Rob’s comeback was better. lol (He probably just wanted to say “no she doesn’t” …which is truth…fans should take credit for all these 3 careers.) There’s always a hint of truths behind of Rob’s jokes. It’s part of his humor. Which is why I found interesting that he acknowledged that fans seem to have gone back to “hate him again”. lol I agree that Kristen kept trying to go out of her way to engage him throughout the interview. That was impression as well. Rob seemed relaxed, but definitely kept his distance too. Like not wanting to fuel any unnecessary fire.

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