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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'MTV First' Interview!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'MTV First' Interview!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner pose for a photo during their MTV First interview, which aired on Thursday (November 1).

During the interview, Rob and Kristen talked with host Josh Horowitz about attending a Halloween party earlier in the week.

“Oh yes, it looks awesome,” Kristen said when looking at a photo of them at the party (See the picture here). “That’s not fair. That’s actually a really weird [photo].”

“That’s not me,” Rob said. “I chose someone who is just genuinely terrifying. It was a $3 mask from a 7-Eleven.”

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson – “MTV First” Interview

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New “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ Clip
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  • Kendra

    Kristen is going to have another project soon and here I thought the talentless coward was going to do HW and the rest of the world a favor and disappear!

  • R

    @Jupo: but that’s the big point genius! the movies are horrible, the plot, the acting, the make up, the direction, “robsten” is THE thing who sell the movie!

  • R

    @Jupo, my comment was off context, sorry. i mean, the film must be really good and has to have rave reviews to encourage me to go see it even if I do not like the lead actor, I think a lot of the public feels the same.

  • yesiam

    @R: @Jupo: Most reviews say “fans will love it” or something along those lines. The general public goes because of the hype surrounding the movies, not because the movie “is good”. The Twilight movies has always been specifically targeted toward the fan base.

  • uh huh

    Not a ounce of talent between these three “actors”.

  • uh huh

    @R: Finally, someone who gets it! This whole relationship, the affair.. its all a PR move to get attention for the movies and the people involved with it. I question the IQ of everyone who believed this whole thing. I never once paid to see the movies. I bought the book when it first came out out of curiosity and promptly donated it to Goodwill when I was finished with it. One of the worst books I have ever read.

  • I can’t even…

    So this is what I learned from this interview Kristen was Natalie Portman in Closer for Halloween… If she was NP, Rob must be Jude Law. Rupert Saunders would be Clive Owen and Liberty Ross would be Julia Roberts because their characters were married in the movie… Kristen played a stripper in a movie once I guess that how she relates to NP’s stripper character. That’s it she cheated because she wants to live the plot to Closer. That totally makes sense… SMH…

  • http://yahoo avk

    Rob is the only talented one in this lot , I feel he has a lot of promise as an actor . he seems to be a good person as well . the only thing i cant understand is his taking KS back . besides that i like him .

  • http://yahoo avk

    I really liked Rob giving it back to KS for taking credit for his career on Josh’s show . he said instead he takes credit for her and Taylors career . I loved that . hopefully he will actually kick her to the curb !! i am waiting for that .

  • http://yahoo ashley

    I actually really like Rob and feel for him . The s*** does not deserve him and God knows what stories she fed him to take her back . hope he ditches her .

  • lolita

    I really like Rob, i like his sense of humour and I feel like he HATES the Twilight saga, wich makes him even more cool in my book. Too bad he took KStew back (I cant stand her) I believe he has low self esteem, he seems to be a complex guy

  • Joanna

    They are back together only for PR.
    OR the split up was only for PR

  • A

    @I can’t even…: I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how she thinks in RL..she is a truly messed up chick.In other words train wreck waiting to happen,lets hope she doesn’t drag Rob down with her.

  • Smh

    I personally don’t think Taylor gives a sh*t about the circus these two are involved in. It’s just sad that his promo for HIS movie as well goes unnoticed because of the selfish circus to the left.

  • Julie

    The best part of this interview was Kstew trying to warm up to Rob and Rob refusing to fall for her shit.Even during photo ops the guy was not ready to touch her unless it was absolutely necessary.See this pic for example,KS has her arm around her while he has both his hands in his pocket

    Kristen was trying so hard to be cheery and giddy trying to get his attention whereas Rob was non receptive.It seems like he still has some self respect left that’s telling me to ditch this poisonous hoe.

  • Julie

    @Julie: oops *telling him to ditch this poisonous hoe.

  • green

    Rob seems like a good person and has a lot more talent than kstew. Although sometimes it looks like he has low self esteem, I’m sure the reconciliation only for PR stunt. He has no other choice, the studio control him for the film’s benefit. kristen PR team, friends or family also pushed him into that fake reconciliation to save kstew image. And I’m sure kstew affair’s real. Look at those 50 pictures again, kristen n rupig interview & SWATH promo; and read october british vogue. It’s obvious that the affair is real and it went on for months. I hope rob n kristen relationship from the beginning is not real. I can’t imagine the hurt & humiliation rob has to endure because of the immature, selfish kslut if the relationship’s real. Sorry for my grammar, english is not my first language.

  • jinnnny

    I lost my respect for him. I though he had more self respect than that. I thought he was a man but now shows he is just a coward and pure stupid.

  • ali

    i cannot believe rob can sit there with her and that all 3 of them are acting like nothing’s changed. i thought rob had morals and values, DISGUSTING! for him to stand there and smile next to that **** who let the whole world see what a home wrecker she is just blows me away! kristen i can only hope that whatever other lies you have hidden don’t break robs heart again…he is too good for you

  • Martere

    Rob was obliged to do the promo no matter what his personal situation is. It would be childish to turn down the interview due to his moral values or whatever. The movie is going to be released and it should be properly promoted no matter what Rob feels about it.
    The more pathetic thing is their public appearances like at Halloween’s party or Prince concert. But they are actually never alone, pr team is always there as well, so you can easily see it as part of their work too.

  • green

    @martere: I’m agree with you. I hope this franchise will end soon so that rob can ditch that immature selfish homewrecker

  • coco

    And who are you to say what he should or shouldn’t do?
    We know just a little part of it, what do you know about what they talked about and everything that’s involved in this story?

  • coco

    Again, whatever your (and mine) opinion is, he has all the right to do what he wants with his life.
    And about the interview, it’s his job: are you really so stupid to think that he should breach his contract because of his personal problems?

  • Chang

    @coco: I’m allowed to have an opinion, just as you obviously have one. Whoa re you to tell me what I should be thinking or saying? Also, I would appreciate if you don’t put words on my mouth. I never said I know “what they talked about and everything that’s involved in this story”. For the record, neither do you. So stop fighting other people’s battles. It doesn’t concern you what I and other people may or not think about these celebrities.

  • http://yahoo Amber

    till the time Rob stays with her ….she will keep drilling in the fact that she made him ……her PR will keep drilling into him the fact that he needs her to survive in HW . it is sad …….does he know people like him , his fan base is much much bigger than hers . most people cant stand her . The hits on her are all negative where as he is still getting positive hits …and most of his negative hits are becoz of her .
    does he know …taking her back make him look like a weak man , first she made him a fool by cheating on him , then he made himself a even bigger fool by taking her back . hope he believes in himself …..has the confidence in his abilitities to strike out on his own . his stint in HW is just beginning , he is so talented he can do it ….more over he is such a wonderful human being . may God give him the confidence and courage to leave her .

  • http://yahoo carol

    Rob only needs the confidence , it is unbelievable that a man like him gorgeous , talented could lack the hope and confidence that he could not do better than her .

  • green

    @Amber: well said. From the first twilight promo tour it was obvious that kristen didn’t like that Robert has got a lot more attention than her, and the fact that Rob has a lot more fans than her.She is a famew***e. A couple of times, she didn’t respect Rob infront of many people and seem tried to make Rob look bad. I feel sorry for her fans. Somehow her fans blind with her ugly personality and attitude. How come people support cheating and her many ugly attitudes. I hope there will come new actress with good personality and attitude that deserve to be idolised.

  • amber

    @ green
    You are right . Rob is so talented and such a lovely person , he will be one of the biggest movie stars in HW !!

  • amber

    just adore Rob , hope he gets rid of her !!

  • apsara

    Rob looks hot !! Love his interviews …..always make me laugh and never fail to give me a positive feeling !!

  • apsara

    Rob is the only talented one in this lot …his future is going to be the brightest !! very excited about his upcoming projects !!

  • green

    @ amber & apsara : I agree 100 % with you two :)

  • http://yahoo carol

    luv you Rob looking forward to BD2 , just for you and all your new projects .

  • http://yahoo carol

    looking forward to all your new projects , they are very exciting and different !!

  • avk

    Rob is talented and gorgeous , love that he is joking around and smiling all the time .