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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Great Gatsby actor and the 23-year-old model are going their separate ways after about 10 months of dating.

“They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple told the mag. “There’s no bad blood -– they still care about each other a lot.”

Leo and Erin first stepped out together in December and were last spotted together on a trip to the beach in Malibu in August.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split?

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1,289 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?”

  1. 1
    namers Says:

    Surprised they split? I got lost after Blake Lively.

  2. 2
    sinca Says:

    She probably got too old.

  3. 3
    Oh NOOO Says:


  4. 4
    Interestingly... Says:

    I called it.
    Scarlett and Nate split. Leo and Erin follow.

  5. 5
    Rachel Says:

    Can’t say that l’m surprised.

  6. 6
    LeeSeol Says:

    What happened did she have a birthday recently?
    10 months is longer than I thought.
    Wonder who’s next.
    Break out the VS catalog, open it to random page and see where your finger lands.
    That’s what Leo does.

  7. 7
    jamie Says:

    All I can do is LOL at this point… lol

  8. 8
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I think Tink called this one. Right again, Tinkerbell.
    I don’t have much of an opinion either way, but she seemed like a sweet enough girl.
    I luv me some Leo, but he’s been off for quite awhile now – doesn’t seem happy. You need an equal, m’dear, not a young girl.
    Oh… and NOT Demi Moore (beautiful but troubled).

  9. 9
    Geez Says:

    He hasn’t seemed happy since Australia. The endless roll call and parade of women since then only confirms it.

  10. 10
    Mara Says:

    Please, call the next one…

  11. 11
    LOL Says:

    But she’s not 25 yet????!!!!!

  12. 12
    rrta Says:

    good news!

  13. 13
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Geez: Agreed. He’s been off for sure.
    Does anyone else feel like he’s been playing this media game and it hasn’t been working out for him? The bog photo-op at Cannes ’11, the Blake pictures (which were a bog turn off), the (jump off) relationship with Erin, and now what? What’s next?
    He needs time to get his sh*t together and not start with the stupid dating again. How can you find your centre when you don’t allow yourself to be alone?

  14. 14
    Dieter Says:

    I can’t believe and I can’t understand !!! Erin will be Leo’s future wife and mother of his children !!!

  15. 15
    CanadaGirl Says:

    bog = big
    My hands are cold :)

  16. 16
    katy Says:

    be mine leonardo

  17. 17
    Troll Alert Says:

    Don’t worry folks, he’ll be hooked up with a 21-year old generic, blond Victoria Secret’s model before the year is up. The holidays are coming…ho, ho, ho (pun intended).

  18. 18
    Fan Says:

    Actually the 10 month relationship was filled with on-and-off periods…. but still, it’s always sad to read about an official breakup.

  19. 19
    jayraj Says:

    well NEXT

  20. 20
    Amanda Says:

    Smart girl for not wasting five years on a man who will never marry her. My bet is he starts dating a 19-year old in a few weeks.

  21. 21
    Sarah Says:

    Thanks Jared, but frankly, no one is really surprised with the news. Each time we saw Leo next to her in a picture, he looked so bored, it was embarrassing.

  22. 22
    @20 Says:

    Agreed. Erin go find yourself a jock like fellow models Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton. Don’t get bogged down in on/off sheenanigans

  23. 23
    Dieter Says:

    Erin was together with Bar Leo’s most attractive GF.
    The Blake’s.
    Then Giselle’s !!!

  24. 24
    Yippee Says:

    Two hot peeps are newly single again. I wonder who they will be hooking up with next?

  25. 25
    cloco Says:

    hahahahahah…. sorry…hahahahahah….

  26. 26
    IKR Says:

    He’s actually been low key for a while. JJ and Twitter is about the only place I read about Leo. He’s not splashed all over the tabs for a celebrity of his calibre

  27. 27
    Sunshine Says:

    The only thing I’m surprised by is how long he kept her around

  28. 28
    Lottie Says:

    The new VS catalogue must be out….

  29. 29
    Geez Says:

    Does this mean he already has a replacement?
    I thought Leo peeps did not confirm break ups till a back up was a lock?

  30. 30
    Fan Says:

    It was very obvious it was over on the weekend she gave a speech at the Gobal Citizen and he flew to Vegas to party with his pals eventhough he was working in NY the whole time.

  31. 31
    Journalistic Says:

    On to the next clone

  32. 32
    @Fan Says:

    She’s too good for him anyway. I actually like Erin more now than I like Leo. He’s just gross. Who is going to date him? Ewwwww

  33. 33
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    no, not surprised.
    she is also very pretty.
    good luck to both.

  34. 34
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @IKR: True, for the last little while, but he milks the media when it suits him – Blake and Erin for starters. Hell, if you want to look at this way he used Gisele when he wanted to make a statement about his split from X. Remember that headline? I do. We were all quite surprised.
    I’m curious about how this split will play out.

  35. 35
    Flo Says:

    The last sighting and picture of the two was on Labor Day weekend. No wonder.

  36. 36
    Leo Fan Says:

    Thanks JJ. Even GossipCop is confirming the news.

  37. 37
    lana Says:

    LMFAO oh leo..poor you..NOW BE WITH KATE WINSLET

  38. 38
    CanadaGirl Says:

  39. 39
    CanadaGirl Says:

  40. 40
    ---- Says:

    …the oh-so-cliche “busy schedules” as the reason for their breakup, adding that they’re still “great friends”–which is even more cliche.

  41. 41
    Dasha Says:

    Well no surprise here, another blonde supermodel in his belt, i’s getting old. He needs to settle down with a real woman now and not another leggy airhead.
    Erin and Bar are pratically the same chick it’s freaky lol
    Love you anyaway Leo ♥

  42. 42
    @34 Says:

    I think you’re reading too much into some of it.
    You follow Leo closely but have fallen into Tink’s trap of believeing you know him personally. Leo seemed to me to be living his life and enjoying expressing himself. Not every action is because he;s using someone. JMO. It was a refreshing change from the Leo always acting like Michael Jackson’s twin brother. Agree to disagree and not derail the thread.

  43. 43
    CanadaGirl Says:–Dame-Eileen-Atkins-78-reveals-said-steamy-kiss-Leonardo–regrets-it.html
    Missed her chance.

  44. 44
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @@34: Perhaps you should read before commenting. And FU, I can discuss and comment about what ever I want to. *smiles sweetly*
    Anyways. Tinkerbell… where are you???

  45. 45
    Elena Says:

    Wait… they broke up?!?! I can’t believe it. Seriously, this news and a bulldozer could knock me over.

  46. 46
    Ashleigh Says:

    @Amanda: My bet is he will be dating an amoeba next

  47. 47
    All of a sudden Says:

    Canada Girl is interested in discussing his ‘relationship status.’ Dream on girlie….he ain’t gonna be yours. LOL
    Tink’s power went out days ago, she’s probably holed up in a dingy apartment with a flashlight and a can of beans.

  48. 48
    Oky Doky Says:

    He should just try dating someone his own age because you can’t expect a 20-year old model to have enough life experience to engage in a meaningful conversation about subjects such as politics and the environment. I mean, what exactly could these two talk about? He always looks so bored as does the young girls. It must suck to live in a world where the superficial is the dominant theme. Then again, he is just an actor and not even college educated so how would he fair with a woman who is intellectually confident and has an actual opinion?

  49. 49
    Get with skarsgard Erin Says:

    Erin heatherton needs to hookup up with that Swedish sexy Viking dude Alexander skarsgard from trueblood way better then shady dicaprio

  50. 50
    Yawn Fest Says:

    There must be something seriously wrong with him.

  51. 51
    Kim Says:

    He should date Swift. He goes through just as many woman as she does men so…..

  52. 52
    Dee Says:

    I love him as an actor. You have to respect him as an actor when you go over his resume but his private life mehhhh not so much! I mean it’s his life he can date who he wants but maybe he should try dating a normal girl here and there! Give other ladies under 5’7 a shot Leo! lol

  53. 53
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Oky Doky: Maybe. I see your points, but I know some people who are not University educated that are very intelligent. Where I work five years in University is the minimum and most people, myself included, have a lot more than that. That being said, I also work with some of the most intellectually stunted individuals. they love to pontificate for the sake of hearing their own voices, and elitism abounds.
    There are multiple intelligences. Not all learning needs to take place in a classroom with books and pencils. I would not discount either Leo or Erin’s intelligence as each may possess more than we are aware of. (Leo never really struck me as unintelligent, however.)

  54. 54
    maggy Says:

    @Yawn Fest: He’s following George Clooney’s footsteps ;)

  55. 55
    Bond Says:

    Why cant he ever fall for anybody?

  56. 56
    @Oky Doky Says:

    I have to disagree with the young girl comment. I’m only 22 and have a degree in politics, plus am an environmental activist and writer. So I don’t think it can be boiled down to age. Yes, being a model is completely superficial but so is being an actor and I agree with you that Leo himself probably cannot contribute much to an intellectual conversation.

    The day Leo dates someone with demonstrable intelligence who is actually contributing to betterment of the world will be the day I gain an ounce of respect for him. Until then, I will always see him as nothing more than a misogynist man who plays make believe for a living and spits on the people who see his movies.

  57. 57
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Wow. This was fun. Wish the other Leo-fans were on, but c’est la vie.
    I’m off. Have a good one, folks.

  58. 58
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    some people here are so prideful about thinking they somehow rate better as a woman if they aren’t a model. give it a break. you buy lingerie. duh!

  59. 59
    rachel Says:

    he is very superficial.

  60. 60
    kami Says:

    older men who parade through a succession of young women the way he does have problem. and it’s usually latent homosexuality.

  61. 61
    Lavo Says:

    No one is surprised at this “revelation”. The question is who is next? All of the blondies at VS are taken. Pretty sure Leo isn’t gonna change anytime soon. The occasional bursts of what looked like happiness with Blake were very short lived, but it doesn’t change the fact that Leo has looked and probably been miserable for YEARS. He seems to be a creature of habit. The next one won’t be different and Leo will continue to look miserable, unhappy and bored as he looked at times with Bar and Blake. He seems to have no respect for women, probably none for himself as well.

  62. 62
    Me Says:

    It was about time to report it. Have you noticed how he appeared to be more relaxed and smiling on the last public photos. The guy must be relieved.

  63. 63
    lol Says:

    He suffers a lot.

  64. 64
    pj Says:

    That means he is already shopping around.

  65. 65
    Kim Says:

    Grow up Leo! Find yourself a nice girl.

  66. 66
    sarah Says:

    Now Page Six is confirming:
    Exclusive: Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split

    Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Erin Heatherton have split after dating for nearly a year, Page Six can reveal.

    The actor and the beautiful blonde Victoria’s Secret Angel split last week, sources confirmed to us. They have been dating since December 2011

    Leo is in New York filming “The Wolf of Wall Street” and was seen partying with a gaggle of models on Wednesday night at Cipriani 42nd Street.


  67. 67
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    he reminds me of the actor who played citizen kane.

  68. 68
    Sarah. Says:

    Didn’t knew they were even dating.. and definitely not surprised that they split..

  69. 69
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    orson welles

  70. 70
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    since he is into the environment, he should try to find a girl from the davis area of california or other places that are up and coming in the environmental industry.

  71. 71
    K Says:

    Call Kate Winslet Leo. She’ll drop Ned Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  72. 72
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    being into the environment like that is a major lifestyle choice.
    its kinda like vegetarians and nature lovers such as tree huggers. but he probably doesn’t want a tree hugger because they are wierd.

  73. 73
    Better Luck Next Time, Leo Says:


    Tink was “agnostic.” There were a few stragglers, but most of his diehards were calling it over weeks ago, if not months

    I hope he enjoys his single life and focuses on what he really wants, not his fans, parents, or PR.

  74. 74
    Next Says:


    He was at a table with 15 models not Erin last night. He must have found someone.

  75. 75
    Sana Says:

    LEO IS A DOUCHE i dont get his stupid dates with does talentless blonde chicks…

  76. 76
    Geez Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is gay gay gay. He just doesn’t want to come out of the closet because he thinks it will ruin his career. Does nobody find it creepy, that all the women he picks for his beards look exactly like him? They’re all copies of each other, and of him! He’s a narcissistic gay guy. He needs to come out already.

  77. 77
    Geez Says:

    Comment 76 is NOT me.
    I was #29 and am retiring this moniker.
    Repeat 76 is NOT ME

  78. 78
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    you usually pick someone who looks like your most loved parent.

  79. 79
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    and uh, erin looks nothing like leo.

  80. 80
    Steven Says:

    Some of you are so delusional. Any guy in his position would date a beautiful model. Why not? And this comment is coming from a guy. I know how guys think. If he’s not ready to get married let him date whoever he wants. He’s not harming anyone. Why get married if you’re not ready? So you can end up getting divorce later on. Most of you hating sound like jealous girls who if Leo called you would date him in a second. Don’t lie. It doesn’t make him gay. What @Geez: such an ignorant comment which deserves a face palm.

  81. 81
    Melanie Says:

    Really?! That’s so weird, their relationship seemed SO much different than his others! Lol. It’s kind of sad that I’m 24 years old and I’m pretty sure I’m too old to make the Leonardo dateability cutoff

  82. 82
    efi Says:

    @Geez: Its called having a type. Clooney and Depp used to date women who look the same too.

  83. 83
    Manoush Says:

    I don’t get why people hate leo’s girlfriends so much when he ‘s the one who can have a mature and during relattionship

  84. 84
    comment Says:

    i was going to post something, but in the interests of the battle of the sexes, and my favorite team, i will remain silent.

  85. 85
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    some girls have a political agenda to bash men for dating prettier girls. its somehow shallow, in their minds, to date someone unattractive. but somehow these same girls are so enthralled with leo, who they think is attractive, that they won’t date a regular and/or less attractive guy.


  86. 86
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    somehow in their minds, faulty reasoning by the way, they compute beauty with stupidity. that’s because of the movie shallow hal. ever since then, there has been a kick to paint attractive people as the shallow ones, yet the less attractives who complain about this still want to be with their object of beauty.
    they think we can’t see through their faulty reasoning.

  87. 87
    Anne Says:

    His big love always will be Gisele!!!

  88. 88
    LOL Says:

    Perez Hilton’s words for Erin:

    Both Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively found husbands after breaking up with the 37-year-old movie star, so maybe this will all work out for Erin in the end.
    We hope so!

  89. 89
    raj Says:

    he really needs some therapy…

  90. 90
    Leo Fan Says:

    GossipCop has the confirmation

    “The Inception star and the supermodel are splitting after roughly 10 months together, a source close to DiCaprio confirms to Gossip Cop.”

  91. 91
    Lala Says:

    he’s the male taylor swift

  92. 92
    Geez Says:

    Oh puhleez, everyone in Hollywood knows he’s gay, and that that Kevin Connolly guy was/is his lover.

  93. 93
    LL Says:

    Didn’t Scarlett Johansson just break up with that guy she was seeing? She and Leo seem like the same type of person. They should give it a try. Anyone know if they’re friends?

  94. 94
    Message Says:

    @Geez: C’mon. You have to be more creative than the “Leo is gay” commentary. That is just pure ignorance.
    I’m glad that they confirmed the split so there won’t be any more arguing about them. Until the next model comes along. Kinda makes you wonder why he is so obsessed with models, though. Like, that’s the only female company worth keeping. It is either extreme narcism or blazing insecurity. Either way, it’s not working for him. He hasn’t looked genuinely happy in years.
    P.S. Hi to te real Geez who isn’t a complete tool. I can tell which posts are actually yours!

  95. 95
    Sarah Says:

    the VS fashion show is coming this week. i wonder if Leo will attend one of the after-parties or he will be celebrating his 38th birthday in the company of Danny A. and co along with a brand new gaggle of fresh models.

  96. 96
    tinkerbell Says:

    Called it….yeah after the supposed sighting at Lavo (went by there last night it is all snotty and boring looking rich upper east side 20 young twenty somethings) I was agnostic…but if you go back I was saying done, done done DONE !!!

    She’ll be happily married to someone else in like less than a year. The only one who can’t make that happen is Bar. And the bad news is he will have another drip by New Years.

    Ladies, start your engines ! Oh i I was 25 blonde and stupid I would be stalking him ! Get your Leo on he’s free !

    No, I do not need to know Leo personally. I have very strong instincts and I think most grown women have known a Leo somewhere down the line. The was that soooo attractive and compelling but such a pain in the butt.

    It was filming WOWS. When he blew her off while staying in the same city she knew what time it was.

    Wow, I was actually bummed thinking they might still be together…but ha ha ha the joke is on me. Always darkest before the dawn.

    Leo, my leo. Probably hooked up last night with someone….

  97. 97
    tinkerbell Says:

    by the way I wonder what the real story was….prob he just ignored when he was in town and they had fight. Or he was bored. She got tired waiting around, she is a 23 year old VS model dont tell me she cant get another boyfriend.

    Let the games begin for the next one. I dont even want to watch THAT DERBY.

    Good news, Bar and her team can stop slanging Erin here, but if they start dissing the next one it will show how sad and desperate they really are!

  98. 98
    GucciForEva Says:

    where’s the psychic?!?!?!?!

  99. 99
    Leo.... Says:


  100. 100
    tinkerbell Says:

    :) :) :) :) :)


  101. 101
    shutthefckupTinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: Everbody CALLED it, you’re not special, you were the one that was saying that he was going to keep her till the awards you don’t know shh..t!!You called it after everyone called it! Credit minus…

  102. 102
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Geez: No, the boiler plate gossip is that it is LUKAS HAAS who is his secret lover. That has been around a while. And I dont believe it for one. Pretty aggressive and relentless hetero I think….

    Also, if it is on Gossip Cop that means its his rep. There is no” friend close to him”. They waited until after the hurricane cleared up so he didnt look like an a hole for leaving her by herself during the hurricane. Timing is everything….they were probably going to wait until after WOWS so to not jinx the film…but after the hurricane you kind of have to explain why they werent together in the city and he would look like an a-hole for ignoring her if they were still together….

    Kenny Sunshine is based in NY. He knows what the deal-io.

    Anyway, she’ll be happily married in like a year and pregnant in a year and a half.

  103. 103
    ^^^^ Says:

    @tinkerbell#97 -
    and your unhealthy obsession with Bar is not sad and desperate? Before telling others what to do and how to behave, look at yourself.

  104. 104
    Leo.... Says:

    I hope he’ll find someone that really love him

  105. 105
    tinkerbell Says:

    @shutthefckupTinkerbell: Nah, shut the eff up, I’ve been saying it for weeks and didnt say anything about awards show…just be glad to hear the news and don’t hate a-hole.

    I am very special, my instincts are usually right. And no i am not going to argue myself blue in the face over it I am usually right around here, sorry you are not. Sorry your girl got dissed. But it is a good thing for her…its like the curse of the Bambino…once you break up with Leo you get married or meet your totally great new husband within a year, or less.

    Unless you are Bar Refaeli and are a mean, vindictive, dysfunctional immature wanna be golddigging *****, in which case you will be by your lonesome for quite a while. Not forever because she will meet her rich jewish dentist someday when she has been taken down a couple of pegs.

  106. 106
    maybe... Says:

    jonah hill will be the next?

  107. 107
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: Not that she doesn’t appear to be a nice person, but it looked more like convenience (and saving face) not love. They both seemed up for that though, so I don’t think it’s a loss for either of them.
    Of course they’ll both move on. I hope that Erin finds a really fantastic guy. The nicer of his girlfriends make out pretty well – I want to know what he thinks of ‘that’.
    Ate too much at dinner. Feel ick. It was snowing here today. *sigh* So it begins.
    How’s the flooding, power, etc., Tink?

  108. 108
    tinkerbell Says:

    @^^^^: Hi bar/adi/whomever ! couldn’t resist coming here could ya ! You know how to rise to the bait don’t you.

    I am not obsessed with bar, that would mean she is important, she is just a hag and I like kicking her in her big can once in a while. It is deserved after all the ish on the website and all the things she’s done….she deserves it, believe me.

    Anyways, since we are all laying bets or asking who’s next for leo, how about who is next for Erin? I can’t see her with another big name but maybe a baller….or probably just some quietly super rich guy to look after her…like Uma and Arpad Busan or Cindy and Rande Gerber, or stephanie seymour and peter brandt. she will make a nice boring trophy stepford wife for someone soon.

  109. 109
    Fan of real models Says:

    It was just a question of days before we learned about this very expected news.
    Thanks jj for bringing it here. I knew it was coming. I could have predicted it the weekend Erin flew to Vegas while Leo remained in NY partying with buddies and the week after, he was the one who went to Vegas for 2 days while she was giving an important speech that meant a lot to her.
    Good thing she has her VS model friends with her.

  110. 110
    M. Says:

    Bar is still messing with Shaun White. He’ss been to Israel back and forth to visit her while waiting for the dust to settle on that Nashville Hotel brawl/arrest thing… They were also at the some fundraiser recently.
    Let the girl be.

  111. 111
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl:She’ll be hitched in a year to someone sort of nice and rich, and boring. Don’t cry for her, she’ll be fine.

    I think he probably got gobsmacked by both Gisele and Blake pulled it o in less than a year–she was MARRIED in less than a year from breaking up with him. But he doesn’t really care.

    She was fill in the blanks. sorry, but its true.

    HELL WEEK is officially over. I almost smacked this old lady behind me while I was waiting for the shuttle from Midtown…there is still no electricity so there is no power for the third rail…she kept complaining and blabbing on her phone about how long the line was (around the block twice, but moving fast) and I HATE loud random boring cell phone conversations. I was like look *****, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge both ways one day, some poor girl fainted on me on the cross town bus so I gave her my seat, there was nearly a black/chinese fistfight on the bus, I lost hours/$$ because of the storm but got brownie points for making it in, and had to walk through lower manhattan in the creepy dark for like 2 hours to get to the bridge because the buses stopped running…stop complaining, you are making it worse.

    And some girl was SINGING in line in front of me. I nearly killed her. But the week is over. They had the cops out in force to keep the shuttle bus people from rioting…it was bad.

    But it is mostly over, and I didnt have to go down the back stairs of NYU hospital hand ventiilating a premature infant…hospital evacuations are nightmares.

    In any case we are all over it and probably fairly back to normal Monday. If Coned does not put the power back on I am going to 14th street substation that they are trying to fix and start a riot of my own.

  112. 112
    shutthefckupTinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: no you shut the fck up,go find your own sh..t postings, you said till awards season and you were acting all pompous like you really knew sh..t. Yes you are “special” Everybody was saying they were done when they were no sightings, like DUH! , wow you’re such a genius!! Credit minus But you didnt know for sure cause you’re got a little iffy with the Lavo sighting Credit minus Everyone called it..

  113. 113
    @tinkerbell Says:

    You were right. They’re heeerrreeee!

  114. 114
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Well…. will he sniff around this gal a bit more?
    the VS show is soon, so who knows. She’s taken though? Maybe? Sam Bradford. Rams QB. Probably wouldn’t deter him from trying.

  115. 115
    tinkerbell Says:

    @M.: Please, she is not dating carrot top. Messing with his mind maybe but she doesnt take him seriously. That’s just filler too. I’ll let her be if she promises to never salt Just Jared with her bs one more time…no “Israeli perfection,” no “I think Leo and Bar are going to get married even though he is now on his ninth other girlfriend” no “most beautiful girl on earth” under her own picture.How’s that???

    And yeah if she lied about Leo all the time, she’ll lie about Shaun White standing on her head.Just go away bar or shut up —you dont know how to represent yourself, that has been the problem since the beginning, you and your whole crew dont know how to .that little thing at the Angel Ball and CDAN where you got called a racist….AGAIN last week. Here’s the thing…in public be gracious, you dont have to sleep with someone just have a drink, like someone said. Or you’ll get gossiped about.

  116. 116
    ozzie Says:

    all this banter is pointless … leo needs to come out of his hollywood closet after this many years.

  117. 117
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Karlie, right? She’s a Germanic buttaface so she fits the bill, but I dont think stealing her is is his thing. If she was free, perhaps.

    You know what, I’m burnt, and I dont even want to guess. I think he’ll ho like the abominal snowman for a while, but I dont even want to know with who or care. Sometimes I wish he’d just go back to the posse days and go wild…its more sincere for him, trying to play Jack Dawson in real life doesnt work for him. Or finally buckle down and date someone with an IQ bigger than her bar size…because he can’t really relate to the dumb ones though he tries.

    I dont think Kate Upton is taken…but she might be considered “fat” right? Scar Jo might not be far off…but for short term. She’s free after all.

    Actually, I’d predict a run in with ScarJo for the hell of it. Sooner or later they’ll cross paths.

  118. 118
    @tinkerbell Says:

    They’ve crossed paths several times before.
    And I think Leo’s pal Kevin C used to lust after Scar Jo big time. It’ll be too awkward and unlikely IMO. But great for gossip

  119. 119
    tinkerbell Says:

    @ozzie: He’s not in the “gay” closet but I think he is trying too hard to look A. Normal and B. desirable…he must be desirable himself right if society’s designated “hottest” women will go out with him, right?

  120. 120
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: no sh*t. hey, this is their crowning moment? It’s obvious right, me with my “bar obsession.” That is what they always say. Hey, I dont like her, I have a memory of more than 3 weeks. But I dont go after her clients or her career or anything, she messes that up herself. I just post on a website.ONE website.

    3….2….1 here come the bar reunion rumors. I see that in my crystal ball, do you…. here are some angles…

    1. He broke up with Erin to get back with Bar
    2. He is secretly engaged to Bar….the whole thing with Erin was a publicity stunt (they’ve honestly floated that one before)
    3. During the hurricane he was actually holed up with Bar, and Elvis, and Tupac and Biggie Smalls.
    4. No, he was in ISRAEL with Bar arranging their wedding.
    5. No, that ISNT TRUE, but he secretly “misses” her and the reunion is coming soon.

  121. 121
    tinkerbell Says:

    and !

    6. He’s secretly pregnant with Bar’s child and..

    7. Actually WAS Bar in another life!

  122. 122
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Oh heavens to betsy, I could totally see a hit and run like her thing with Sean Penn. Seriously, they would both like that….hot gossip for her, he seen as the guy who can get anybody….they would both dig it and have a good laugh. Crawley (Kevin) just likes bootie, he doesnt care whose.

    I mean lets face it, LEO HAS FINALLY F*CKED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE !!! It took almost 20 years but finally he has achieved what he set out to do !

  123. 123
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: I dunno… I think that he DOES care. I see a guy falling back into the same scene because that’s all there is. I’m not saying that it doesn’t hold some appeal on a superficial level, but it’s not satisfying, and you can see it on his face. It shows.
    I really don’t think he knows how to be happy.
    Some people work – hard. They get what they want then become bored and dissatisfied with what they’ve accomplished. I think this devil-may-care schtick is all a façade.
    Glad to hear that you weren’t flooded out. No power would definitely suck. We’ve had every type of weather this week. Warm weather and sun (before the storm of course), rain, and snow. You’d think that this was Calgary, but without the chinooks.

  124. 124
    see Says:

    the big holidays are coming
    always makes dicaprio squirm
    any hint from a gf to spend the holidays together or visiting family makes him drop them
    he will spend his holidays on some hot resort looking for a new girlfriend
    hanging out with his large group of pals
    he is such a creep
    dont know why any women get together with him or clooney to be their always temporary girlfriends
    so abusive and immature

  125. 125
    CanadaGirl Says:

    He hasn’t f*cked the entire universe, and there are ‘always’ the up and comers to contend with.
    You KNOW that the reunion rumors will be starting again. *yawn* Ain’t gonna happen, gals. It took a couple years to detach and he said adios. I think he’s a nostalgic guy, but doesn’t move backwards. Forwards and down (in age) for LD.X is aged-out.

  126. 126
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @see: Wrong adjective. There’s been no indications that he’s abusive. Neglectful, yes. Abusive, no.

  127. 127
    tinkerbell Says:

    From HuffPo:

    I recall a saying once related by Roger Ebert. He said having a young mistress is like owning a boat. Your two happiest days are when you first take posession, and when you finally manage to get rid of it.

  128. 128
    tinkerbell Says:

    They are already all over Eonline like a cheap suit…recognize the phrasing anyone? Hey guys! How about we dont start the bs reunion rumors here this time… you can do it elsewhere, just not here.

    He may as well admit defeat and beg Bar Refaeli to take him back.

    Why..3 hours ago+2 reply report …should he beg her? She still can’t get a date after all this time, unlike Gisele and Blake, so she’s obviously not worth much. She would probably have to beg him but I doubt he’s interested!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laura2 hours ago+1 reply report hmmm it never occured to you that Leo might be the reason why she did not want to date anyone? She is still waiting for him. Just a thought.

    @Laura2 hours ago+2 reply report . A guy dumps you after 5 years and almost 2 years later she’s still waiting for him? Then she is either very sad or desperate. Leo best steer clear.

    Natalie2 hours ago reply report uhhhh Maybe she’s just enjoying the single life? And how do you know that she hasn’t gotten a date? Stalk her much? Bar’s life isn’t all over the news like other people.

    Huh1 hour ago reply report Stalking? None of us know about anyone’s lives here. Its called speculation and probability on a gossip board. Are you her Pr or just a Stan? Bar is not all over the news simply cause she’s not that famous. Period. But she ‘s always tweeting stuff so its not like she’s particularly private or trying to avoid attention.

    uhh1 hour ago reply report bar refaeli has a boyfriend, it’s that ginger snow boarder

  129. 129
    Tiggy Says:

    The last few pages of comments are entertaining.

    How ironic that the first time they’re seen together in weeks ends with a break up announcement. No surprise they waited until Friday to dump it.

  130. 130
    Q Says:

    @tinkerbell: is BabyOlive confirmed.

  131. 131
    Sarah Says:

    where did you read that they were seen together? nothing like that was reported or mentioned anywhere.
    It was just tweeted and repeated in Page Six that Leo was holding a court at LAVO on Tuesday night. And on the same night, Erin was partying with her VS friends.
    Nobody reported or tweeted that they were seen together. Never.

  132. 132
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    bar will marry a nice rich jewish guy once he reaches the upper echelons. she’s gonna have to wait a bit longer. it takes to about 40 to reach your zenith in a career, that is if you are climbing the ladder. and i can’t see bar taking someone who isn’t accomplished.
    rich and jewish, but maybe not nice. they aren’t exactly nice sometimes, ya know.

  133. 133
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    also i think she needs someone a little wild who isn’t boring. no one stuffy, that’s for sure.

  134. 134
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Says:

    a little flash. someone who isn’t a jerk. she won’t put up with a jerk. and someone who won’t restrict her activities.

  135. 135
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Q: no but the Cucumber Toddler is definitely a go !

    No, what are you talking about?

    A wishful fantasizer calling me a wishful fantasizer, yesterday.

    @696 @ 11/02/2012 at 1:33 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    That’s cuz Tink always says they’re done. She’s a wishful fantasizer too.

  136. 136
    Tiggy Says:

    I’m sorry, they weren’t seen together, but they were seen in the same room and it was assumed they were together.

  137. 137
    tinkerbell Says:


    Someone who is mostly deaf and has access to valium, a lot of valium. That should help.

  138. 138
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Tiggy: we couldnt tell for sure…I think in retrospect it was sort of accidental. Anything below 34th street was closed. 10ak was closed, I think Avenue is down there. The Darby and Lavo are midtown.

  139. 139
    tinkerbell Says:

    You know team Tel Aviv doesnt really go into effect until 4 am EST…let’s see what happens then.

  140. 140
    cucumber toddler Says:

    my mummy tinkerbell, aka baby olive, is cray cray! help!

    cucumber toddler {no relation to king *******}

  141. 141
    tinkerbell Says:

    @cucumber toddler: yeah call me crazy but I am usually right….sorry if that is “crazy”–its the truth about life you are reacting against, not me.

  142. 142
    tinkerbell Says:

    @hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….: OK, I am tired of this, but it takes til 40 MAYBE in a normal, real career to reach the top..Bar is already over the hill in her “profession” which is not a profession but really kind of a high paying PR scam. She needs to find someone 40ish NOW, because as James Woods said to Heather Graham when she said she didnt want to get married until she was 40, “Who will want you then?” (she dumped him.) You are thinking Bar has a career, and that it will somehow “get better” until 40? I mean the end for her is 30 at the utmost. Who hires a “bikini only” model after 30?Nobody. And she hasnt been able to do the other model after careers—-1. acting presenting 3. designing/personal line of clothing 4.some other entrepreneurish thing.. she failed at all of them…and dont say we all know that is not working out.

    Not to over bang the drum, but BAR needs a 40ISH man to bankroll her…she will do what her mother did and find some non celebrity with some cash who is willing to put up with her…

    as for being stuffy, Bar is not really very original or creative so I think stuffy will be ok as long as there is cash involved. As far as restrict her activities, all she does is shop and tweet nonsense. How is this freedom seeking?

  143. 143
    GossipGal Says:

    I didn’t think it was possible but Erin actually annoyed me more than Blake

  144. 144
    tinkerbell Says:

    @GossipGal: how so???

  145. 145
    lolita Says:

    so he went out with 15 models right after the split ??? I quit!!! the guy is a douche. Erin seems to be a nice girl, she can do better

  146. 146
    Beans Says:

    he uses women but they dumb so they keep taking his bait … idiots

  147. 147


    no, the guy would have to be in his 40′s when most reach their success. not her. guys her age haven’t made it yet unless they are in entertainment like leo. 35 for moderate success.

    i don’t get this post: @tinkerbell:

  148. 148

    she is ahead of the curve success-wise. she is ahead of most other men her age.

  149. 149

    hey lady di, was gorgeous at 38. some women got it and some don’t.

  150. 150

    check out halle barry. there are women in their 40′s who are in great shape. christie brinkley is still a looker.
    i think you are being very short sighted about women and their looks. they last longer than you give them credit for. especially for the ones who eat right and exercise and stay in shape.

  151. 151

    you are cynical and cruel.

  152. 152

    tinker, how did you get jaded at so young an age?

  153. 153

    smoking and drinking speeds up the aging process. so if you want to stay young and beautiful, live a clean life.

  154. 154
    lolita Says:

    I understand Leo, you are famous and you can have any woman in this world so you choose VS models, that´s great (when you are in your 20´s) but if you are a 40 year old man and you still hanging out with a group of 23 year old idiots and still a momma´s boy then there definately something wrong with you!!

  155. 155

    and drop the grouchiness.

  156. 156
    old hag Says:

    @THE ENFORCER: shes an old hag forget about her…as if Leo would touch her with a pitch fork,…shes on JJ 24/7……need I go on? But I love your jokes…

  157. 157

    hey being good looking is not a crime and not an automatic ding on the brainy scale. yes young people do not have as much life experience as older people, but they still have something of worth to offer. you’re not better than people who aren’t supermodels. just saying. and supermodels have more money and opportunities than you do and therefore, more life experience. so discount them.

  158. 158

    that should say: so don’t discount them.

  159. 159

    @old hag:

    to me she sounds young, snobby. show-offy.

  160. 160

    trying to impress with her snobbiness but she comes off cynical and jaded.

  161. 161
    GossipGal Says:

    Here’s the latest from the NY Post about the split, this article sounds like it was directly written by her people….please, Erin one of the most beautiful women in the world…barf, Leo’s done way better before!!!

    Secret out on Leo, Erin split
    Last Updated: 11:53 PM, November 2, 2012
    Posted: 11:50 PM, November 2, 2012
    Leonardo DiCaprio has split with his supermodel girlfriend Erin Heatherton after nearly a year of dating because he “is not ready to settle down,” sources exclusively tell Page Six.

    We are told the actor, who is currently filming “The Wolf of Wall Street” in Manhattan with Martin Scorcese, broke things off with the blond Victoria’s Secret beauty last week.

    One source told us, “Erin wanted things to get more serious between them, but Leo is not ready to settle down.

    “While it would seem amazing that he wouldn’t want to settle down with one of the world’s most beautiful women, Leo leads a charmed life.”

    Leo and Erin started dating in December 2011, and some of his friends thought she would be ‘the one’. The source added, “A few months back it seemed like he was really into Erin. She’s smart, beautiful and, importantly, got on with his mom.” Another source continued, “They are still friends. the timing just wasn’t right for them. They still care about each other and remain friends. “

    Since the split, Leo has been busy partying in New York, despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. He was spotted wearing a mask, surrounded by model types at a Halloween bash at the Top of the Standard before the storm hit last Saturday.

    It is believed Leo was with his co-star Jonah Hill at the Four Seasons Hotel as Sandy hit earlier this week. And on Wednesday, he arrived — wearing the same mask — at yet another Halloween bash with a gaggle of 15 girls.

    Meanwhile Erin, who was evacuated from her downtown apartment ahead of Sandy, has been spending time with her model pal Lily Aldridge, and her husband Caleb Followill, at an uptown hotel.

    Then, on Wednesday, she celebrated Halloween on a “girls night” at Lavo with Aldridge, and fellow Victoria’s Secret models Doutzen Kroes and Candice Swanepoel.

    A rep for DiCaprio declined to comment.

  162. 162
    lolita Says:

    as I see it, he will never be ready to settle down. I believe he will be like Jack Nicholson (an old perv)

  163. 163
    lolita Says:

    hey “The Enforcer” (first of all sorry for my bad english) but have you seen the interviews of those VS models?? I have, and I can tell you they are dumb!! really dumb!! Erin was Ok, actually she seemed nice and I like her but dont tell me she is smart because that is obviously not true.
    and what about Bar Rafaeli?? she is just disgusting, everybody is making fun of her here in Spain because she is stalking a group of soccer players, totally desperate for attention!! that woman was Leo´s girlfriend for 5 years so dont tell me he is different.
    Hell,he even used to hang out with those idiots from Jersey Shore so I guess that´s enough proof. He has issues

  164. 164
    missy Says:

    If they broke up cause they cant spend enough time together, i hope Leo will now wait for a real woman he likes to start a family with. Cause i do think all those models are just cause he doesn’t want to be lonely, but on the other hand cause he knows they will not have many expectations. I love Leo, so this isn’t meant as an insult. But i do think that he chooses young busy models, as he knows they won’t want children or marriage yet. With his schedule he cant either. But i so want Leo to really fall in love, and be really happy with someone who can give him a family. He never looks too happy, except for his work, and he does deserve it!

  165. 165

    no i have not seen the interviews or watched jersey shore. maybe bar thinks soccer players have great legs. maybe she likes athletic men. i don’t know. to each their own. don’t you think ‘stalking’ to describe her attention to soccer players is pushing it? maybe for the average joanna, she would be considered to be stalking star soccer players, but i doubt bar would be looked at in the same way, especially if she is the one being invited to their parties and the average joannas are not.

  166. 166
    Daydreaming Says:

    At the end of the day, I think fans of Leo should just want him to be happy!

  167. 167
    Holly Says:

    I am sure the next couple who will split is RHW/Jason Statham.

  168. 168
    martha Says:

    Erin probably realised she could do so much better than an aging fat actor

  169. 169
    relle Says:

    @Oky Doky:

    Wow, you’re ignorant on so many levels. 1. you think you have to be 40 to be engaged in politics or other topics you find meaningful and 2. you think that just because someone isn’t college educated, they’re not smart. I’m 22, college educated, engaged in meaningful subjects, and I went out with older men as well as guys my own age. It was more or less the same thing. You’re just jealous. And she’s not even 20.

  170. 170
    sel Says:

    He is probably trying to woo back his ex that he called a sloppy 2nd to Gerard Butler and Erin may have had enough.. Who would want to be with him after making a comment like this about a past girlfriend.. He has no class obviously

  171. 171
    Yeah! Says:

    Honestly who didn`t see this coming? Anyone who is surprised by this is delusional. Leo was never into her ( no matter what her publicist sold to Page Six ) and the lack of chemistry was just beyond obvious. That Page Six article is a weak and pathetic effort on her part to make her look good. One of the most beautiful women in the world? Really? Since when?
    The question is: what`s next for Leo? Is there a remote possibility that the next one is going to be any better than Erin, the Boring? I say NO.

  172. 172
    Sarah Says:

    the same cliché after every breakup announcements… lol
    “they have too busy schedules”
    or the best is “he is not ready to settle down”. LOL, LOL.

  173. 173
    @sel Says:

    Predictable BS.
    Am surprised it took this long for someone to whip out that crap theory.

  174. 174
    LOL Says:

    @tinkerbell – every theory you just predicted would be written on here has being written. *snigger*

  175. 175
    Fan Says:

    …broke things off last week..? Certainly not. They might have decided to make it public last week, but the so-called relationship was over way before last week. For the ones who’ve been following Leo, we know better than that. I would say they’ve been over for at least 6 to 7 weeks. When both were seen partying in Vegas on different weekends one without the other.
    ….and frankly “one of the most beautiful women in the world” ??? certainly not.

  176. 176
    Yeah! Says:

    @Fan: Definitely not ( `one of the most beautiful women in the world`). Come on! It`s one thing to try to do some damage control but be realistic!
    This part is priceless: `A few months back it seemed like he was really into Erin.` IT SEEMED LIKE he was into her? LOL! It never seemed like he was even remotely interested in her… It would have been better not to feed this to that magazine. It`s embarrassing!
    I agree it must have been earlier than last week.
    Also I thought Leo stayed at The Mandarin Oriental during the storm and not The Four Seasons.

  177. 177
    jinnnny Says:

    Hahahhahhaha. Omfg. What the heck does he believe?!! He should date women his age or at least over 25 or 30.

  178. 178
    Yeah! Says:

    I keep reading comments and of course the gay motive is back… still no proof though. Also the `he has issues`, `he needs therapy` ones are common, too. I can`t really argue with that!

  179. 179
    Ever Says:

    Erin’s publicist getting a jump on Leo’s in the NY Post. He must not give a damn. When his relationship prior to Erin ended, Us magazine presented a glowing portrait of a mature, domestic Leo and said it was his young girlfriend who wasn’t ready to settle down.

  180. 180
    rosie Says:

    15 models at his table? It was def auditions night.

  181. 181
    Message Says:

    @rosie: You are right about that. He will have a new public model girlfriend soon. Ugh. All these girls fighting for Leo’s attention. I wonder how many of them he let service him first. That’s really what these auditions entail, right? So gross when you think about it. It wouldn’t be so bad if I thought it made him truly happy. But I really don’t think it does….

  182. 182
    @Ever Says:

    Very intersting points you make. I remember that. Thanx
    Why the disparity in post break up synopsis?
    Especially as Leo’s likely to be campaigning for an Oscar this year?

  183. 183
    Philly Says:

    Wow someone wrote a theory on the earlier Leo thread about how Scarlett and Leo were using Erin and Nate to make their respective exes jealous. 2 days after Ryan’s marriage Scarlett announces her split from Nate, and Leo stops pretending Erin is a serious girlfirend, the PR *** bits stop, to eventually confirm an ending. Spooky
    Whoever you are ‘Interestingly’ you hit it out of the park!

  184. 184
    Ryan Lochte Says:

    Leo Come Party With Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. 185
    Sinem Says:

    Off Course..!! She too old for Leonardo Dicaprio

  186. 186
    justwondering Says:

    These girls are not beards are they or is that just a rumour?

  187. 187
    Martin Says:

    Erin is so pretty. She should date Ashton Kutcher. Mila is too old for him. She’s nearly 30.

  188. 188
    Oky Doky Says:

    @relle: Ummm, first I said nothing about a woman being 20 equates to not having an interest in politics and other things that social importance. The problem with Leo is he chooses models who are not exactly bright i.e. Bar and Erin. You actually believe I’m jealous..yeah right. I am working on my Masters thesis as you spout off on your moronic tangents? Stay in will teach you to think critical so you don’t come off as a vapid moron who assumes someone is “jealous” because they have an opinion.

  189. 189
    sooo Says:

    leo is hot

  190. 190
    ava Says:

    leonardo dicaprio get in my bedddd

  191. 191
    Tom Says:

    a college education means nothing Oky Doky listen to all the rubbish pouring out of your mouth hahaha that’s a college education for you.

  192. 192
    Tom Says:

    @Oky Doky you’re working on your Masters thesis and you can’t even spell fare hahahahahhaha

  193. 193
    sare Says:

    at least he can get models lolololol I wonder how many of the ****** negative commenters here could get a model or just a good looking person in general

  194. 194
    stating the obvious Says:

    she wasn’t good enough for him. he was always way out of her league

  195. 195
    al Says:

    leonardo dicaprio is definitely not gay, he likes the poon tang too much

  196. 196
    harvard90 Says:

    leo is single again!!!! lets camp outside his house <33333

  197. 197
    Wings Says:

    Has anyone ever considered that it could be Erin who decided to put an end to their on-and-off relationship?
    I know the Leo fans want to believe he is the king and he is the one who gets rid of his girlfriends, but it’s not necessarily the case.

  198. 198
    mjforlife Says:

    Sight Leo …you know he is going to show up at the VS after party LOL.

  199. 199
    Ari Says:

    Noooooooooooo…!!!they seemed nice together but honestly I knew this day would come though I didn’t want to!!!

  200. 200
    C/G is CanadaGirl Says:

    F*cking moderation…. I hate this site sometimes.

  201. 201
    C/G is CanadaGirl Says:

    My following comments were all one post, but I was moderated out. Sorry for the message spam:
    @Tiggy: Not really ironic that they were seen together and then the split comes. It happened to X too. The difference with Blake was that she got the jump on him and she has good PR. He didn’t like that. Egg on the face doesn’t look good.

  202. 202
    C/G is CanadaGirl Says:

    @THE ENFORCER: In the realm that Tinkerbell is talking about, women in the 30s are obsolete. Hate saying it, but it’s true. In an ‘media’ field, women start drying up in their 30s. Not every career is that of Helen Mirren, Gisele, etc.

  203. 203
    C/G is CanadaGirl Says:

    @GossipGal: Thanks for posting.

  204. 204
    C/G is CanadaGirl Says:

    Listen, if there is a nice spin on this it’s because it has been ‘approved’. When Blake ran for the hills and started her own PR campaign before him that was jarring. He was left scrambling. Leo DiCaprio the world’s most eligible bachelor ditched by a TV actress – not a great headline. Enter Erin. He’s studded up again, hits the headlines – Blake couldn’t have meant that much if she was replaced so quickly, blah, blah – and he continues on. It’s apparent that this break up will be controlled and managed. They’ve learned their lesson. Stick with what’s manageable, what works.
    I would LOVE it if Erin rebelled and gave the good gossip though. Do it Erin. You know you want to. ;)
    If Leo was looking for a little boost in exposure, he got it. As always, his break ups make headlines. J. Edgar did not do as well as expected… curious if that makes him nervous? questions his appeal? I wonder if there’s a ‘more’ real relationship between his dating and his work besides the need to appear dateable and settled – will investors get skittish if Leo is out banging randoms? Having a model girlfriend is about as close as the guy will get to appeasing the min-van majority, which his Titanic fan base is moving into, and backers who want a stable, PR reliable investment.
    I truly do hope that Gatsby is a hit because it would open up a whole new fan base in the same age group as the Titanic era and that will help propel his popularity forward. I still think he should do MACBETH. There hasn’t been a good one done since Polanski in ’71. Leo was smart doing Titanic, but just as smart doing Romeo and Juliet and Gilbert Grape. Any literature tie-in can only help an actor’s career. It wouldn’t be a ‘major’ blockbuster, but Macbeth would have longevity just like Romeo and Juliet. Depending on the release date, there’s the potential to make some good bank in another Shakespeare.

  205. 205
    xXx Says:

    @C/G is CanadaGirl: about his career : I’m not sure Gatsby will be a hit, and I think some others actors like Fassbender would be choose insted of Dicaprio

  206. 206
    C / G Says:

    Wings: “Has anyone ever considered that it could be Erin who decided to put an end to their on-and-off relationship?
    I know the Leo fans want to believe he is the king and he is the one who gets rid of his girlfriends, but it’s not necessarily the case.”
    You’re right, We don’t know. She could have gotten sick of the bullsh*t and said enough. I have the odd feeling that Leo gets dumped a lot more than people may realize. Sure he pulls them in, but he can’t hold them, and that says a lot.
    Blake was an attempt at a real relationship, IMO. It didn’t work out. The fact that she’s loved up and married now is evidence enough that Leo couldn’t perform in the serious relationship forum. Can’t have the cake and Blake (or any other woman) at the same time. Well… unless you’re willing to be a floor mat like some ladies *cough*

  207. 207
    C / G Says:

    Again… sorry for the spam. JJ is ridiculous with moderation. What’s the point of having @reply of you can’t multi-@reply…???
    I’m off. @Tinkerbell: I’m off to your glorious country today for a bit of cross border shopping.

  208. 208
    Philly Says:

    @C/G is CanadaGirl:
    Hi C/G, Good Points
    But I actually DON’T want him to do Macbeth as yet. He really needs to splice it up with something light/funny rather than continously playing the tormented soul with a dead wife.
    Looking forward to Django Unchained, maybe it’ll be an epiphany for Leo a success that will steer his course elsewhere in both his professional and personal life because right now in BOTH these aspects he’s a cliche.
    Hope all you New Yorkers are getting back on your feet!

  209. 209
    THE TURTLE Says:

    She dumped him because he has BO and can’t get it up. When I was 23, a guy like that would have lasted less than 3 weeks.
    Leo needs to stick with foreign born women. An American girl ain’t gonna put up with his shenanigans.

  210. 210
    Cloocloo Says:

    Good for Leo. Objects must be used and discarded for newer models.

  211. 211
    person Says:

    blake lively was just using leonardo dicaprio. good riddance.

  212. 212
    Odd Says:

    No one knows what went down,we can only speculate…..and make jokes!

  213. 213
    person Says:

    @C/G is CanadaGirl: Leo does not date girls for his career. in case you didn’t notice he is one of the best actors ever, period. those girls do nothing for him career-wise. as for him doing Macbeth if you just LISTEN to Leo HIMSELF he chooses movies based on the script. if its not a good script he’s not going to do it, and definitely not because its good for his career. he’s LEONARDO DICAPRIO he wouldn’t need to do a movie for his career anyway

  214. 214
    person Says:

    um no she was actually using him. it is well known within a certain group of people

  215. 215
    @person Says:

    We have a troll “insider” with the facts on Leo’s life and his girlfriends. What took you so long? The ‘Leo is gay gay’ brigaide have already beaten you to the punch with ‘inside info’ and-cough- facts.

  216. 216
    person Says:

    I didn’t say Leo knew

  217. 217
    lol Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need your advise on his career,smart a$$!

  218. 218
    Spin Says:

    that’s impossible, Leo is a great guy

  219. 219
    HW Says:


    The Post says he called it off, but you have a point. They don’t usually consider that the girl left him because they never would. But if she does leave him, it’s because she was a “user”.

  220. 220
    Huh? Says:

    Leo should call Kendall Schuler or Alyce Crawford. They were happy to be two of the many models banging him during Gatsby, they are of appropriate age, and he could add their ages up to make one girlfriend and silence the age cynics, am sure he could fly them over.

  221. 221
    Huh? Says:

    Yep they stick around to be emotionally abused and cheated on they are gold diggers, fame seekers.
    They leave before enduring excess emotional abuse and become cheated on by King ******* and they are users.
    Leo on the other hand is flaw free and blameless.

  222. 222
    person Says:

    and I don’t know anything about Leo’s personal life either, I’m not a’insider’ and I don’t know dicaprio but we all know Blake only dated Leo to make someone jealous and she’s still doing it with Reynolds, she’s just using marriage as the ultimate signifier of unity but if the guy she really liked reciprocated the feelings she’d be out of that marriage in a second. and anyone who knows what I’m talking about is just laughing. stick with Reynolds Blake, he’s never going to love you

  223. 223
    person Says:

    ^^**stick with Ryan Blake cause the guy you really want to be with is never going to love you

  224. 224
    Huh? Says:

    We all know that do we? Alright then. Don’t see how a new Blake/Leo/Ryan conspiracy found its way into this thread but it beats the “Leo is banging the Kevin C” trolls, I guess

  225. 225
    @person Says:

    It actually makes more sense for you to dish out this, repetitive ‘info’ and ‘insider advice’ in a Blake/Ryan thread. No?

  226. 226
    sha Says:

    You don’t know any of these people. You only know what you read and you only read and believe what you want to.

  227. 227
    Model Fan Says:

    I can’t believe Leo’s people would let that article out in the Post. Her team totally wrote it, since when is she one of the most beautiful women in the world? His friends don’t respond when she tweets them, and his Mom always looked miserable around her. They need to let it go that it’s not happening, move on Bleetherton!

  228. 228
    sha Says:


    ‘The guy she really wants’ should read ‘the guy I really want’. You’re projecting yourself onto these people you will never know and who will never want you.

  229. 229
    @sha Says:

    Don’t encourage or feed them!

  230. 230
    @sha Says:

    @sha it must suck being a nobody

  231. 231
    ---- Says:

    you won’t believe it, but some BZ fantasizers are assuming the split might not be definitive. Hilarious, isn’t it. Eventhough GossipCop received a confirmation by Leo’s rep mentioning it’s over, these girls are still living in a fantasy world.

  232. 232
    ....just sayin' Says:

    prolly didn’t hurt it was leonardo dicaprio either..

  233. 233
    Daisha! Says:

    We love youUu Leo! ! :n come to Būdapest!! !!!!!!!!!!

  234. 234
    Piper Says:


    could it be that Leo is mentally and socially stunted and therefore can only handle certain type of girls??? he’s almost 40 and the only girls he can be attracted to are 20 year olds that should say a lot about his brain development. he is not Jack Dawson and he is not “romantic man”. he’s just another dumb guy in Hollywood who gets the hottest ass because he can.

  235. 235
    scallywag Says:

    Broke things off? Hmm is that a code word for Leo had a look at his stop watch and realized that Erin’s time was way up and it was now time to move on to the next eye candy piece?

    Please be courteous and send your application form here ladies. Top models need only apply…

  236. 236
    @huh? Says:

    @Huh?: he n@Huh?: Leo doesn’t emotionally abuse his girlfriends, any girl in the world is lucky to go out with him and yeah when you are as prominent as Leo is you get gold diggers and fame seekers come at you by the dozen. poor guy even dated them. lets hope the next one is genuine or at least equally successful

  237. 237
    Fan Says:

    @scallywag – this is absolutely hilarious but so true. i bet he already has his eyes on a new one (or two).
    @—- – the BZ bloggers have a point because Leo’s pattern with relationships is always the same. He dates for a period of two years, then breakups for a six to twelve month, then goes back to the girl. He’s done that with Kristen, Gisele and Bar. The difference with Blake and Erin is that these two were rather flings than real relationships.

  238. 238
    Huh? Says:

    Leo’s relentless cheating/carousing is well documented, you may not consider that emotional abuse but he clearly does not respect his significant other to do this continously. I personally think his girlfriends are just as venal as he is to tolerate shabby treatment just because Leo makes them famous. A few of his girlfriends have been much younger, some did not even have English as a first language so I doubt he was with them for their stimulating minds and conversation, they are there because daily use of prostitutes is too expensive.. You get what you give, he goes for looks/superficiality first and the women want the association.

  239. 239
    Recall Says:

    @scallywag you say top models need only apply but you either choose to ignore or seem to forget these models only shot to fame when they started dating Leo

  240. 240
    @237 Says:

    Maybe they were flings because the women wanted it that way? Blake and Erin are Americans and don’t need green cards so maybe don’t need to take Leo’s crap as much as the others did? Blake had options and left for greener pastures so did not stick around to endure an actual loving relationship’, Gisele eventually found a husband in a serious relationship too. Only a deluded person can describe some of Leo’s past escapades in the boyfriend sector as a ‘real relationship’.

  241. 241
    @huh Says:

    so because English isn’t their first language they aren’t capable of stimulating minds or conversation. apparently English is your first language and look at the substance of your mind. your well documented cheating is just made up rumors. the only thing Leo is guilty
    of is wanting to spend time with his friends and some girls are too insecure for that or they get as much fame out of him as they wanted already

  242. 242
    - Says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is he’s only dated about five women. it’s not like they are all ex-wives or something. everyone on here apparently has not dated more than five or six people

  243. 243
    Reader Says:

    @huh? get over it. Leo can get the ***** and you can’t.

  244. 244
    @241 Says:

    No mention of the 10+ age differences I see.That’s right all he is guilty of is wanting to spend time with ‘friends’. LMAO. Anyone who can’t hang with the posse should exit stage left.
    New recruit Jonah Hill did the right thing by recently breaking up with his girlfriend too. I guess she’s just not understanding enough though.

  245. 245
    jd Says:

    I feel like Leo’s just not one to settle down, or maybe he just hasn’t found the one. I don’t know why anyone really cares, let him be. Also what’s with all the comments about people like Blake, who he dated for about two months. I feel like that should just be wiped away because it was hardly a relationship, as most of the women he’s been with have been. The longest relationships he’s had were with Gisele and Bar which both ended awhile ago. considering that, he and Erin lasted much longer than I thought they would.

  246. 246
    @huh? Says:

    @241 Jonah hill didn’t start hanging out with Leo until after they broke up with his gf

  247. 247
    sarah Says:

    @jd – I wonder how much of a relationship it was, though. We know the fling he had with Blake lasted the whole summer and there were many different sightings: Europe, NY, LA, Carmel, Sydney, in restaurants, stores… But with Erin, most of the time, they were seen with a group of Leo’s friends and there were periods where we didn’t have any sightings nor pictures. So the “10 month” relationship did not last the whole time, I’m afraid.

  248. 248
    jane Says:

    @sarah all those sightings make it seem like that relationship was complete PR imo

  249. 249
    gigi Says:

    I have to say something is not right with him and George Clooney. George sticks to the early 30′s d-list/waitress girls. I believe their expiration date is no longer than 3 years. At least GC say’s he’s doesnt want marriage or kids. So why doesn’t he just hook-up with an attractive, smarttwoman in her 40′s/50′s not interested in those things as well. Every woman he’s been with eventually makes the mistake by mentioning they want marriage/children.
    Then you have Leo, who’s now approaching 40 years old and still going for the tall/blonde models under 25 years old.
    Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex said that men go for younger women because they are afraid of their own mortality. I believe it’s true… but the same holds true to some women in HW.. look at Madonna, Demi, JLo, Sharon Stone. They are trying to hold to their youth.
    That’s why I admire Helen Mirren/Taylor Hackford so much.. A successful director who married an older actress.

  250. 250
    @231 Says:

    What did you expect? You’re talking about girls who would do anything for the privilege of being his girlfriend. He could wipe his feet on them ten ways to Sunday and the would be begging for more. They truly love and understand him.

  251. 251
    alex Says:


    I thought it was pr until I saw him try to bargain with a papp to get rid of photos of him and some model. I’d never seen him do that before. Please explain.

  252. 252
    ^ Says:

    I don’t know how this of only dating twentysomething models fit with the image of serious actor he wants to project. George Clooney dating a different woman every award season is taken more seriously than Leo. IMO

  253. 253
    @241 Says:

    Don’t bother for an explanation. People make narratives to fit their wish/agenda in life. And its the same with Leo relationships.
    Leo and his girlfriend are spotted together, kissing, smiling , happy – Its PR; Leo and his girlfriend are low key, NOT spotted together – Its over, Proves it was fake blah, blah, blah.
    The same claim for ALL his relationships and will be with the next one
    Predictability from both Star and Stan.

  254. 254
    LOL Says:

    Stars get s8itload of sightings all the time. Depends on the hunger for gossip, where they are at, slow news day. Its NOT exclusive to Leo and his girlfriends. I am not interested in people like JLo, Ben Affleck, Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger but they are regularly papped, tweeted and sighted, obviously I appreciate there is an interest. Does not mean its PR or a conspiracy.

  255. 255
    @253 Says:

    @@241: sure some people want theirs wishes come true but there’s always a little something identical about his relationships that’s why some people (and not only his crazy fans) believe it’s PR from a part

  256. 256
    Normal short woman, 35 yrs Says:

    ok, so just for fun and saturday night boredom i am gonna share my story on here. Leonardo and I met in 1997 on a beautiful, isolated island with a 5 star resort. I worked on the island and mistook him the new poolboy. he played along and called himself a fake name, thomas. after a couple of weeks of hot romance he told me he was not who I thought he was. he was a hollywood actor called leonardo, not thomas. I did not believe him. Cut to 10 years later, we run into each other by accident, litterally bump into each other. my life has changed, I now live in a huge city, had a rich husband and just divorced him. Leo then proceeds to stalk me in disguises and then approaches me several times but always never admitting it’s leo. He gives me his number, I don’t call untila few months later due to the divorce but then when I call I get Bar. Bar then proceeds to harrass and stalk me, since she has my number and knows my name (yes, we chatted as she wanted to know who was calling Leo). Yes, I slept with him a few times during the period he was dating Bar, and then I got pregnant. The whole pregnacy I thought it was Leo’s but thank god it turned out to be another guy’s, who is hotter then Leo, but has no money, but is far more spiritual. Anyway, the moral of the story is Leo does love normal, short women his own age. He is just really careful never to disclose it.

  257. 257
    @256 Says:

    love fanfiction, some are very hardcore… thanks for the laught

  258. 258
    ??? Says:

    @256 – yeah sure. You did not know who the movie star Leo was…LOL! Too funny. And since when Bar answered his cell phone? C’mon who are you trying to fool, you Bar obsessed freak?

  259. 259
    Normal short woman, 35 yrs Says:

    Listen, I know it’s absolutely crazy, which is why I never bought into it, even when it happened to me. I am not a Leo Fan, never was. I follow him now because of the bizarre experience I had with him. I feel really sorry for him. He is completely controlled by his manager, his people, his status as a hollywood a-lister but he craves to be unknown and loved for himself, which is what happened when I met him. I had no idea about his stardom and I feel head over heels for a pool boy. That’s why he wanted to be with me again. sorry to bring you bad news, but when I got pregnant, he thought it was his too and it really had an effect on him. when it turned out the father wasn’t him I think if effected him just as much as me. I really feel for the poor guy and hope one day he finds love and has kids and I know this is what he does want. and sorry he’s not gay, just completely controlled by a lot of powerful hollywood people and the need to keep up his star status by dating “supermodels”.

  260. 260
    Marie Says:

    @Oky Doky: Alot of the women his age are married or have partner. Angelina Jolie, Kate Winselt, Aishwarya Rai ,Marion Cotilliard,etc. I mean they are all stunning and around his age but they are married or with children and partners.

  261. 261
    @??? Says:

    The story is laughable BS but it IS largely about Leo. Where do you get the impression that’s its a ‘Bar obsessed freak’. I think you’re the one freakily obsessed.

  262. 262
    @259 Says:

    @Normal short woman, 35 yrs: If he hates so much that that his life, why he does not stop his career, he can live live in a little town, where he can live a quiet life, start a family, nobody will go to pursue him if he is in an isolated place and what he lives his quiet life with his wife and kid(s)
    Oh, I know why he doesn’t change he likes the power, the money, the fame, the easy women

  263. 263
    253, 54, 55 Says:

    You all make good points.

    Some say not being seen together means a relationship is more serious. You’re secure with each other and have nothing to prove to anyone. Makes sense. If I was famous, I’d rather stay home than go out where everyone was watching me.

    Some say going public with a relationship shows they’re confident in it and want to control how their image is presented. Makes sense. When couples aren’t seen together, the break up rumours start.

    What I don’t get with Leo and Erin is how fast they got together and went public. He was on a short break in NY and a few weeks later she was in Australia and their photos were all over the place. He had gone through a public relationship and breakup not that long before. What was the rush to jump into another? They split because they were too busy, but they weren’t too busy when they were living and working on different continents? Makes no sense.

    Ah well, best of luck to them.

  264. 264
    LOL Says:

    Last time Leo was sc rewing some random woman poster near a dumpster now this. Keep em coming. I mean it. Great for laughs!

  265. 265
    omd Says:

    he becomes single RIGHT IN TIME for victoria’s secret fashion show where he can go and pick a new gf :B

  266. 266
    C'mon Says:

    @263 – the excuse of “being too busy” and “having too busy schedules” or “work too much” is just simply hilarious. All couples go to work and many have different busy schedules. Many have children, they work as doctors and nurses on different shifts, air pilots, flight attendants…. what? these people are too busy to have a relationship?
    It’s always the same record when Leo breaks up with a girlfriend. I hope his rep could come with another reason, for once.

  267. 267
    Normal short woman, 35 yrs Says:

    ok, I am signing out now, but just so you know, when I met Leo we were both very young, I was 19 he was 21, so different to today. He also was not a big star yet, he was going to film titanic after I met him. Anyway, it’s nothing to me except I just wanted people to know he does like normal women. I am short (169cm), brunette, and not a model or famous :), although when i did meet him in 1997 I did have a lot of people telling me I should become a model :). ok, ciao!
    ps. I hate Bar… you have no idea what hell that ***** put me through after the phone call.

  268. 268
    @267 Says:

    @267 – …you hate Bar? No? I couldn’t have said so….

  269. 269
    Lavo Says:

    Lot of good theories being put here, I have my own opinion of blake/leo that will not change for anything and is very different from what is being posed here, so I will keep it to myself. IDK why people are considering him and Erin PR. Except for some obvious photo-ops, everything about her fits. Model, check. Blonde, check. Young, check. Less than stellar career, check. I agree, not everything is PR.

  270. 270
    hey middle aged shorty Says:

    take it to the fake tea stans at lipshi t alley.

  271. 271
    Lavo Says:

    @253, 54, 55: Blake. It all has to do with Blake. He needed to control his image. The breakup with Blake and the time that she was seen visiting Ryan on set was very short. I think like a month. Their breakup was confirmed on October 4, Erin was flown out in mid or early december I can’t remember. All of the lovey dovey pictures that Blake had with Ryan coincided with pictures of Leo out with other women. I can’t remember if the pics on the balcony with that woman was around the time that the paps “found” Ryan and Blake in Utah or if it was the first sighting of Erin and Leo together. Leo is petty and his feelings were most likely hurt. That being said I still don’t think she was PR, but she was a vindictive rebound. I believe he was done before those pictures with her at the marina, she just didn’t know it. Wouldn’t sit next to her, wouldn’t stand next to her in a picture. I hope she dumped him.

  272. 272
    Philly Says:

    To be fair. The ‘busy schedule’ line is used for almost every celeb relationship not just Leo. It’s the same way most divorce decrees stick to ‘irreconcilable differences’. I understand, it cause we don’t have the right to know the intimacies of any ones relationships ups or downs. It’s fun but its theirs to tell. In today’s world of 24 hour media, most probably stick to the safer less controversial options.

  273. 273

    If a woman went through men the way he goes through women, they’d call her a *****.

  274. 274
    ok shorty Says:

    OK, shorty. If I were to believe your story I have to say that nothing of it proves that Leo is different than what he appears to be. Any man is going to go after repeats when bumping into a former lover. You were an easy lay and not going to cause him trouble publicly so he had an opportunity and took it. Doesn’t make him longing for normalcy whatsoever, makes him a hot-blooded man with a dcik. To be fair to Bar, she was a beyootch because also, any woman would be a total b-tch to a woman who was cheating with her man. That doesn’t necessarily make her one in totality. If it was someone else they probably would have given you hell too. You fell for OLD LEO, like you said that was long ago. The current Leo really does think he’s God’s gift to women and king of the world. Skips out on charity commitments, drives his fancy hybrid in the lone streets of NYC like he owns the d@mn place when everyone else is holed up bracing for the big storm, parties every night while normal people are fighting over gas and waiting in line for food rations and water and appears at a big Halloween bash with a harem of girls. I’m not buying the he’s controlled thing. He’s a grown man, already made in his career and can do whatever the hell he wants to do at this point. And he is. And what he’s doing makes him look like a punk-a$$.

  275. 275
    FACT Says:

    No VS model will ever date him again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrote it in the contract. He’s done with that franchise.

  276. 276
    LOL Says:

    That’s some BS. Leo has actually dated only 2 VS models. He may have banged others on the DL sure, but I doubt he’s persona non grata in the franchise. C’mon. I mean why doesn’t SI ban him as well!

  277. 277
    tinkerbell Says:

    NY Post Mortem

    I doubt it’s even that he didnt want to settle down, but in the same city long term it became obvious he wasn’t into it. Girls who got their own careers going don’t need to cling and make him their lives. I feel bad for Erin, I think the feelings/hopes were real but she obviously is sweet girl with pretty traditional values and will be married/preggers soon enough.

    Like the fan fiction ! Pretty good, especially the barfie detail…but I doubt his phone ever goes into anyone else’shands…I could see it happening though. And Bar always seemed in denial that her “man” was a bicycle seat— ridden by everyone.

    Bottom line, don’t date Leo because you want to get MARRIED.
    Date Leo because you want name and brand recognition. No one knew who “Erin Heatheron” was before this…I didnt know her name, for sure, though when I saw her in the VS window I said “Leo will probably date her” and was right. A smart girl could/would…but not forever and I am not saying barfie is smart, (more than anyone this is HER MO) but the ones who can make it on their own take off. Barfie can’t so she was stuck with him.

    Well it will be interesting to see what happens next, because he is plum out of the usual suspects.So there will be derby and a lot of nobodys until the next trophy eff comes along for him. It won’t take long but he’s been through quite a lot of those qualified already. Is it time for a swerve to the left of meaningful?Yes, but dont hold your breath. The shallow is just too easy and fun. Mid life crisis is looming for him though.

    The Post article was a salvo from her team, obviously, so she doesnt look like a cast off. I bet he started blowing her off as soon as WOWS started filming. She was just too close by and wanted more from him. I knew this was going to happen, you can play “give him his space” but ultimately the real feelings are going to come out. I bet Erin is saying she’ll never date for PR again.

  278. 278
    Oscar Says:

    He’s going to win an Oscar for playing Belfort because he’s basically playing himself. A rich narcissistic coked-up white guy who treats women like playthings. Not that much of a stretch to play that part.

  279. 279
    cari Says:

    How does a 37 year old even have a conversation with a 23 year old?? He must be dumb as ****, and half as mature.

  280. 280
    Martin Says:

    @Normal short woman, 35 yrs: Are you having a little fantasy hook up?

  281. 281
    jane Says:

    i forgot that even happened actually. i guess their relationship didn’t mean that much considering he was with someone else.

  282. 282
    TBF Says:

    Am surprised Leo is prepared to let his private life in the frame like this considering he prob wants an Oscar push /promo for Django. Then again maybe its to get it out of the way or due to an ultimatum. Also I thought he did not like being alone for the holidays? Strange.

  283. 283
    ted Says:

    Erin would be great for Ashton Kutcher cause she is super hot

  284. 284
    raven Says:

    Regarding what normal short woman 35 years stated: What I don’t understand, why is it a big deal if he likes shorter women not in the industry? Why does it have to remain such a secret? It really shouldn’t matter. I just don’t see how that would be so bad that it would mess up his image. As long as the girl is hot, it still keeps his image of being able to get pretty women. Seriously there are worse things one could be doing. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  285. 285
    @TBF Says:

    I really do think she broke up with him because she wasn’t getting what she wanted like Tinkerbell said. They agreed to make it sound mutual. Just like with Blake. I totally think Blake dumped him. They decided to wait to air the news during elections so that it would get hosed over by election mania. Just so happens there was this big huge hurricane news too so that just helped bury this ‘news.’

  286. 286
    @raven Says:

    Why are you believing normal short woman ffs?
    That’s the kind of ‘exclusive real Leo BS’ on other sites.

  287. 287
    lauren Says:

    Leonardo, please come out, come out wherever you are……

  288. 288
    spanish Hatcher Says:


    what was the sweetest thing about the models? their pu$$y poses , ugly bodies or dumb faces?

  289. 289
    mali Says:


  290. 290
    Blue blood Says:

    Leopoldo is NOBODY.Just an average actor.

    Rich and spoiled.

  291. 291
    LeO Says:


    Your erin is too old and mature for 23 y.o.

  292. 292
    LeO Says:

    I am too spoiled face for 20-40 yo classy beauties.
    So Mila Kunis may be my hope.

  293. 293
    Daya Says:

    The NY post story some are saying came from her team because it refers to her as “one of the most beautiful women in the world” says he broke it off. Why would she do that if it was mutual? It also makes him sound spoiled rotten.

    It seems like they’ve been over for awhile but just got around to confirming it. They live in the same place but were never seen together, and he was travelling without her.

    He’s not gay, he’s just a creature of habit who forgets he has a girlfriend when she’s not around and he has his work, friends and other women to keep him entertained.

  294. 294
    @293 Says:

    Well said! It is obvious they were over for a while. I would say not too long after Labor Day weekend and a little before her Global Citizen event. But frankly, they don’t appear too sad and unhappy by looking at how Leo was smiling on his movie set and how Erin looked at various NY events lately. I guess there is no heartbreak, as this relationship seemed more like a fling.

  295. 295
    Robinnicole Says:

    “thank God the baby wasn’t leo’s”,….girl please!!

  296. 296
    Vegas Says:

    He’s already off partying in Vegas. Oh, Leo, you’ll never change!

  297. 297
    @296 Says:

    No time wasted!

  298. 298
    Sarah Says:

    @296 & @297 – It only shows how we were right to think they were over for a while. I bet he’s surrounded with a gaggle of models in Vegas, just like he was in NY two days ago.

  299. 299
    @Vegas Says:

    I can’t believe you guys, seriously. Yeah he’s off to Vegas to escape that mass misery that exists on the East Coast right now with people suffering with no power, food or water and people trying to recover from the storm aftermath. But for heaven’s sake no he couldn’t jet off to LA last weekend to attend HIS charity event because he might he called back onto the set of Wolf any day now. Leo’s priorities are Leo, Leo and Leo.
    What about all his fans that lined up around the block all over the NYC and New Jersey area just to catch a glimpse of him filming? Did he even think to maybe help a lending hand to those people who pay 10 bucks to see his movies every time they come out? No of course not. The hurricane is just a convenient time to release his PR sham story so hopefully it goes unnoticed because it is ALL ABOUT HIM.
    I think Leo is effing disgusting the way he has conducted himself during this time of crisis. If they can cancel the d@mn marathon then he can cancel his plans to play poker and hit on chicks half his age. HE’S GROSS.

  300. 300
    Emma Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Womanizer breaks up with model who looks like a million other models.

  301. 301
    VegasIsAnIdiot Says:

    @@Vegas: Self righteous. WTF are you doing to help the victims? So because he went to vegas he’s gross. You sound like a freaking idiot. Such ignorance. How do you know that he hasn’t done anything to help out. Youre not with him 24/7.

  302. 302
    ouch Says:

    I wish identities and snapshots were automatically posted along with comments so we could see all the losers and fugly people that say Leo is gay or gross or anything negative in general. and even if you were average looking Leo is still hotter than you hahaha. comment places are like cesspools I’d love to see you in a popular social circle, oh wait you’re not and never will be hahahahaha. and why am I in commenting if its like a cesspool? because cool people can get away with anything hahahaha even saying cool people.

  303. 303
    @301 Says:

    What is ignorant is people defending a celebrity that skips town for his own comfort and convenience and doesn’t have the decency to lay low, not just for the fact that he broke off a relationship but that local people in his city are suffering. That tells me he has done a damn thing. Can’t handle the truth eh?

  304. 304
    @302 Says:

    Oh yes, because that’s all people of character do, judge people by their looks. Being cool means you’re hot and look cute in some designer clothes. Measuring people by a snapshot and how they look is certainly a way to size up cool factor. Keep doing that, it will get you far in life.

  305. 305
    @@Vegas Says:

    grow up child, he doesn’t owe you anything. no one does as a matter of fact.

  306. 306
    hahaha Says:

    Erin’s fans are angry LOL

  307. 307
    VegasIsAnIdiot Says:

    @ouch: I agree. Most of these people are ugly as hell and take comfort in bringing down the successful. What a bunch of idiots.

    @@301: WTF is he suppose to do. Camp out and hand out food and water. If he was doing that you people would be saying is all for PR. He cant win with you guys. None of you are doing anything to help the victims but you can sit behind your computer and look down at others. So then just starts bashing all the celebrities who are not there right now huh?

  308. 308
    VegasIsAnIdiot Says:

    @@302: LMAO. Hypocrite that’s exactly what you’re doing by criticizing him on this board. You dont even know him but you’re willing to make judgments based on snapshots or appearances he makes.

  309. 309
    CoolKids Says:

    @ouch: Yeah cool people rule!

  310. 310
    @307 Says:

    It’s not a one time thing. It is continued behavior over time. You’re right he doesn’t owe me anything. And he no longer has my respect or fandom based on continued activity OVER TIME. This is just the icing on the cake. I don’t owe him anything either. Which means no more movie tickets for Leo from me. I’m sure his beloved fans in NYC are just pleased as punch that he flaunts his wealth and careless lifestyle in their friggin faces while they search for meals out of dumpsters.

  311. 311
    HUH Says:

    Basketball games weren’t canceled in NY. ALL Those people are GROSS too I guess.

  312. 312
    HUH Says:

    @@307: Then what are you doing commenting on this board if you dont like him. Why waste any of your time or energy thinking about him and typing things about him on JJ? I dont get it. You won’t waste your money for his movies but is okay to spent time on a board that is discussing Leo. Spend your time helping the poor, the hungry in your community, Feed them, Why aren’t you feeding the poor in your community right now? They are searching for food in dumpsters. GO! your wasting precious time.

  313. 313
    @308 Says:

    Yeah I can do whatever I want on this board. It’s a free country. Why are you hell bent on defending him. Do you know him personally? If so, then please share what he has done to help the victims. I would love to be so enlightened.
    You’re no better judging people based on how they look on the outside. Hey it’s fine if someone wants to have fun but this is not the time to do it. He could have shown some modesty but most narcissists don’t have the capacity. Leo appears selfish because that is what he is.

  314. 314
    ouch Says:

    ^comment places are cesspools cause losers can say anything they want. man you must all congregate here or something cause i wondered how so much sh*t could be written about leo. then I realized you must be losers, 304 confirms that. you don’t think being cool is characteristic? hahaha loser and dumb. let me school you: any cute try hard can wear a designer outfit. designer doesn’t mean sh*t if you look like a victim. and being cute or hot means sh*t if you have no personality

  315. 315
    -_- Says:

    @@Vegas stop b1tching

  316. 316
    SNL Says:

    @@308: Then I guess the entire cast of SNL are narcissists? Cause they decided to go on with the show and have fun tonight. They’re not allowed to have fun either correct? How do you judge them?

  317. 317
    @316 Says:

    Uh because that’s their job and they are WORKING? Last time I checked, playing poker in Vegas on a Saturday night was not Leo’s place of employment.

  318. 318
    @314 Says:

    Sorry but a loser is a dumba$$ that comes on here and tries to say that someone with an opinion has no personality. Look it’s obvious people blow smoke up your a$$ all day long if you can’t handle an opposing opinion. Come visit the board more often. Maybe you will get a little truth shined into your world of cute chicks with so-called personality.

  319. 319
    SNL Says:

    @@316: Then I guess everyone is NY isn’t allowed to have fun during this time correct? What should everyone in NY be doing then? Should life just stop? Sadly tragedy happens all over the world. Its a part of life. It will take time to clean up and rebuild the places that were destroyed. Life goes on. You’re a dumba$$.

  320. 320
    Robinnicole Says:

    Why do people get upset over someones opinion of a celebrity,..they all could be doing much more to help the sick and hungry,..they have the means. If you get upset to the point of carrying on an argument, you and your “fanship” needs sometime away from each other,..because that’s crazy!!

  321. 321
    @SNL Says:

    I’m far from dumb and I think you know that. Have fun guys. Tell Leo to win big and whatever he wins he should donate. :)

  322. 322
    Downunder Says:

    The gossip reporter on our today show said that when contacted Leo’s people confirmed the split official line being Leo left her, it was an open relationship, and with him travelling for filming so much he didn’t see the point in continuing it for those 2 reasons.
    I’m just saying thats pretty much verbatim what was reported- if someone wants to try and post the link- my computer won’t allow me to do it on this site. Its the Sunday edition of the Today show Australia- gossip reporters are Richard wilkens and a woman someone malone.
    Just my 2cents- have a good day Leo Fans:)

  323. 323
    dahlia29 Says:

    Pffff. He’s rich and famous, you honestly think he’s going to settle down with anyone? Put him and George Clooney together, they’ll be playboys for life. Better that than some ugly divorce and news of cheating and unfaithfulness.

  324. 324
    @mali Says:

    Tzipi, fat fool. Your’e still stalking Leo. What a random comment.

  325. 325
    Huh? Says:

    I saw this comment on the ***** and thought I should post it here

    DiCaprio doesn’t truly “date” women. He teams up with hot blonds to have sex with. I’ve seen him interacting with two of his blond babes, over the last couple years. There is no conversation, interaction or anything that resembles a human relationship. I’ve seen men be more affectionate to their escort service dates. Clearly, this is a matter of a rich man getting tired of his steady lay, not the sad break up of a romance.

  326. 326
    mjforlife Says:

    13 pages about this? Really? Come on guys …you know he is already sleeping with someone else and he won’t change any time soon …off to the next one…

  327. 327
    Fanny from Paris Says:

    @322 Downunder:
    Thanks for the report. Paris Match also mentions something interesting about the breakup. It says that there was no need to confim the split because despite the pap photos taken of the two over the months, Leo/Erin’s “relationship” was never something official.

  328. 328
    Fan Says:

    So Leo is in Vegas. I read a couple of tweets and he was spotted with Tobey Maguire and probably many other friends who are less known to the general public.
    I wonder if this is the beginning of his birthday celebrations. Don’t forget Leo turns 38 in exactly a week from today.

  329. 329
    Message Says:

    Ahh, yes. The beginning of the birthday celebration. Oh, the debauchery that is sure to take place.

  330. 330
    Philly Says:

    The ‘Down Under’ report and the Paris Match write up only confirms what some said here. Erin was very much rebound. A one up.The fact that the Aussie report allegedly acknowledged it was an ‘open relationship’ all the while means Erin knew what the deal was, was happy with it and it was very likely Leo who saw the charade did not meet its requirements and ended it.

  331. 331
    Boo:( Says:

    Dont break up. SHES PRETTY!

  332. 332
    Yeah! Says:

    @Fan: Read the tweets posted on his bz thread. It was a birthday party for some rich guy with celebs like Leo, Britney Spears…etc. Probably similar to that Mexican birthday party at the beginning of this summer.

  333. 333
    zurichgirl Says:

    i will be 19 next month, means i’m getting old for Leo :(

  334. 334
    C / G Says:

    This is just rehashing what’s already been reported.

  335. 335
    Anon Says:

    I honestly, can’t take DiCaprio seriously. This guy is a serial modelizer cannot have that much depth as a person.

  336. 336
    C / G Says:

    I wish I had the time to go back through old threads and check this, but I am curious how many times that a Gisele thread has been close to a Leo break-up thread? Anyone know?
    Cause this comparison is jarring…
    You know what I mean?

  337. 337
    LaChica Says:

    How can Leo possibly be happy with everyone gossiping about him and insulting everyone he dates. Even if he did like or date a “normal” girl imagine how the media would treat her or how his fans would react? They would bash her at every possible moment ….it would be a disaster. Even the beautiful models he has dated….look how they get insulted and how people say that they’re ugly? ?? WTF – how can they be ugly, boring or dumb – do you even know these girls??? With all this bullying **** going on…. adults don’t realize that they themselves are also bullies with their insults and gossip! And all you Leo fans that supposedly are big fans you are one of the worse gossipers…how about not talking **** about his personal life maybe he would respect you a little more.

  338. 338
    cazzy Says:

    Thanks Downunder and Fanny for those interesting bits of goss. ‘Open relationship’ and ‘never official’? Leo is making no bones about downgrading this relationship. It confirms what many of us thought it was: an arrangement set up by mutual friends for appearances sake and to give Erin’s career a boost. How else to reconcile the pr with his behaviour from the beginning, like taking girls home from clubs when he went back to Sydney to wrap up Gatsby? They finally tired of playing the charade.

  339. 339
    sophie Says:

    I liked all of his girlfriends. Bar lost my support for taking him back so many times. I want him to be happy and if dating younger models makes him happy, so what? What I’m not down with is him treating the girls like playthings, or the girls acting like doormats because he’s Leo DiCaprio. That’s yuck.

  340. 340
    LOL Says:

    I hope this does not sound stupid. But does Leo really know all these millionaires/billionaires he parties with? This Malaysian merchant in Vegas right now or the Arab Prince in Italy this summer? Or do they pay for the services of all these celebs, Leo included, partying with them? Its strange for me to reconcile the man regularly described by his fans as ‘intensely private’ with this jet setting, billionaire yachting behaviour.
    I mean Paris Hilton is also always at these events!

  341. 341
    @LOL Says:

    I think he’s paid, not very glorious…

  342. 342
    - Says:

    Erin heatherton is on here writing all the nasty comments under different usernames because she has nothing to do now that Leo dumped her on her ass

  343. 343
    @@LOL Says:

    It’s some kind of promotional thing because if you notice it’s the same crew of celebs. I can’t take Leo seriously anymore either per # 335. People compare him to Clooney but Clooney comes across as secure in who he is as a man and is unapologetic. For some reason I don’t buy it coming from Leo. Leo does it because he is confused and childish. He’s Paris Hilton only with some talent.

  344. 344
    - Says:

    No one ever wrote nasty comments about Leo before the breakup. Must be Erin.

  345. 345
    tinkerbell Says:

    Leo does get paid to party with these people….a LOT. Brad Pitt turned down a similar offer to go to dubai for one night 5 million dollars–because it was his kids b-day.

    That’s because Brad is Brad, and a lot nicer person….

    It’s party time for Leo….dont expect it to change for a couple of months. You can tune out until we have a new bimbo to diss….or maybe we should just diss HIM for once.

  346. 346
    @#338 Says:

    Cazzy, he downgraded Bar to “not exclusive” status in the pages of Us Weekly when they reunited for the last time. I don’t know if his relationships are ever exclusive, but some seem to get more respect than others.

  347. 347
    @346 Says:

    Yep I remember that The exact words were – ” They aren’t full on monogamous but they are seeing each other again. He has problems with fidelity but she can’t get over him”. I guess he’s honest.

  348. 348
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Hey Tink. Check out some of the remarks since your last post. You called one or two already.

  349. 349
    - Says:

    and you can tell which ones are her too lol. just so you know erin hun, your comments may be aimed at the general public but you’ve forgotten about all the people that aren’t the general public. oops :(

  350. 350
    - Says:

    You’re a fcuking ****** if you think I’m Erin. Oh look it’s all lowercase writing. You must be part of the Israeli perfection group.

  351. 351
    - Says:

    You all flatter yourselves if you think Erin or anyone is gracing their presence on this sh*t for brains blog. Go ahead have Jared look me up. I’m perfectly confident in the fact that I am such a nobody it will make your head spin. I’m not in the movie industry or modeling industry, I don’t live in NYC or LA. I don’t work in journalism or anything related to tv, news or celebrity gossip. And I don’t know these people or anyone friendly or related to these people.
    I worked with a girl that met Leo at a shopping mall in 1999. That’s it.
    Sorry to burst your bubble but if you think Erin is having a hissy fit over Leo on JJ I TRULY HAVE TO LAUGH. Now THAT’s funny.
    She’s probably happy to be done with his sorry a$$ because I’m sorry, the longer she stayed with Leo it would have been worse for her image. NOT BETTER. She’s smart. She got a boost and then got out before being made to look like too much of a fool. Leo looks bad in all this. I’m not a fan of his anymore. He lost me as a fan.

  352. 352
    Robinnicole Says:

    Maybe he’ll meet his so-called non-white “soulmate” at that event.

  353. 353
    @351 Says:


    Who seriously thinks Erin would post here? A troll who’s only capable repeating the same sentence? Doesn’t merit a response, but go ahead and vent. I’m willing to bet most thinking Leo fans agree with you. But be careful with the Israeli perfection nonsense. That superfan IS psycho.

  354. 354
    Robinnicole Says:

    Oh my bad,..maybe he’ll meet his brunett “soulmate” at that event.

  355. 355
    @353 Says:

    Tinkerbell may be a little off but she’s not that far off. She’s been right about a lot of things. She goes after Bar because it’s hard to let go of old habits. If anything I believe the poster above that gave a first-hand account of how Leo treats his ladies. It goes along with another poster that posted a few months back when she personally saw the parade of models in front of Leo at an event in Australia. That person was truly disgusted. It’s a shame that this is what Leo is turning out to be. An empty shell of a person. In some ways I feel sorry for him. In others I think he’s a dink. He’s going the way of MJ and other super celebs that turn into weirdos. I agree with everyone who said he needs therapy. And I agree with CG when she said he needs some alone time. He doesn’t know who he is.

  356. 356
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,…the weirdos are the people/fans that think they have a right to dictate someone elses life. Leo can date as many blonds as he wishes, he can also date non-white woman if thats what he wishes, because I know he does in private. He doesn’t have to ever settle down and get married if that’s not what he wants to do. Fans can be more weird than any celebrity can ever be, just watch the man’s movies, the rest is not your business to dictate.

  357. 357
    1212 Says:

    I’m shocked ; )

  358. 358
    Now who's dictating? Says:

    So you’re telling me I can’t have an opinion and to just ‘go watch his movies.’ I will watch whatever movie I want and spend my time and money where I want thankyouverymuch.

  359. 359
    C / G Says:

    “Leo does not date girls for his career. in case you didn’t notice he is one of the best actors ever, period. those girls do nothing for him career-wise. as for him doing Macbeth if you just LISTEN to Leo HIMSELF he chooses movies based on the script. if its not a good script he’s not going to do it, and definitely not because its good for his career. he’s LEONARDO DICAPRIO he wouldn’t need to do a movie for his career anyway”
    Leo DOES date girls for his career. More and more I am starting to believe that he dates so he can appear settled, stable, and grounded, so that he’s BANKABLE and to make possible investors happy.
    Leo plays both sides of the fence with his image. He’s part Gerard Butler (skeeze who bones randoms) and Clooney (keeps it on the DL and has a publicity girlfriend). Which side of the fence he’s on fluctuates. Right now he’s on the Butler side.
    Hollywood needs leading men right now. There are so few bankable stars that there’s cause for concern. Someone like Butler ‘could have’ been bankable IF he had taken more care of his image. He didn’t and he make goofy rom-coms. The guy is talented enough and used to be quite attractive (did he party his looks away?). Clooney knows what it takes to be a star and keeps his sh*t tight – behaviour, partying, girlfriends, everything; the guy’s a master at the game. Leo…… not so much. I mean…. backtracking… he is good at the game to a degree. During interviews and the publicity push, he looks professional and says all the right things, but away from the camera he’s trying to live the life of a University Frat boy.
    I don’t begrudge the guy living his life, but I’m not sold on the image that is being fed. There are just too many gaps in that narrative.
    As for Macbeth… hon’, it’s a suggestion. AND… not sure of your aware, but the script is SOLID. lol Thanks for the laugh there.
    YES, Leo DOES need to do movies for his career. If he had a few stinkers in a row, do you think that he’d be as big as he is now? He’d no longer be majorly bankable and opportunities would dry up. Actors careers hang on a very precarious, precipitous ledge. One false move and you’re VanDamme, Gooding Jr., Kilmer, or Affleck before the directing resurgence.

  360. 360
    Robinnicole Says:

    Opinions are overrated; most of them don’t need to see the light of day. Opinions have been known to start a bunch ****/ignorance,…that’s not a dictation it’s the natural truth.

  361. 361
    The Weirdo Says:

    Leo’s PR and friends are getting nervous now. You know why? Because what was well-known amongst his die-hard fans and maybe industry insiders is now becoming common knowledge that will trickle down to the fans and make Leo look like a friggin joke.
    Oh yes, the stock in his upcoming three movies is going down and it’s making them shake in their boots.


  362. 362
    ---- Says:

    @the Weirdo – ??? can you translate in English what you just wrote, please?

  363. 363
    grace Says:

    @@Vegas: I completely agree. he has always been that way with fans tho. He completely ignores his fanbase. He should learn from Johnny Depp who is extremely nice to fans and spends hours signing autographs for them

  364. 364
    ali Says:

    no one is good enough for his mother .
    his mother wants to keep him and his money to Herself .

    he is a momas boy . married to his mother

    she will not him marry anyone .

    he will never get married .

    he is married to his career and his mother

  365. 365
    Robinnicole Says:

    Celebrities having to play a game to be liked is why fans are so weird. Them people are human,..not perfect creatures on a planet called “Hollywood”!!

  366. 366
    @@307 Says:


    they’re too busy going through those dumpsters to pay any attention to what leo is doing. why don’t you join in the dumpster diving and give the poor people a hand out instead of the middle class?

  367. 367
    Robinnicole Says:

    Gerald Butler, has been bashed for dating black women, even little Justin “fever”, was bashed for have crushes on Beyonce and Rihanna, all by white woman. Stars become strange when they can’t be themselves, it’s not their fault it’s those crazy ass fans!!! As long as they are not out killing people, I could careless about who they date, that’s how it should be.

  368. 368
    Cleo Says:

    Lipshite Alley in tha house!

  369. 369
    mjforlife Says:

    If you ask me (and this my two cents) he was only serious about Gisele (taking her to The Oscars and all) the others used him and he used them it’s as simple as that!!! Personally I think he won’t change anytime soon and sadly hanging with bimbos won’t do nothing for him in terms of finding a true partner …no decent woman with go near him he has a reputation …

  370. 370
    @- Says:

    i don’t like israeli perfectionists either….how did they fare in the nyc flooding?

  371. 371
    tinkerbell Says:

    @The Weirdo: this would be interesting if it was true. But I think Gatsby is the only one that has lost speed—pushed back release date and so forth. Baz has had some stinkers— I sort of both liked and was embarrassed by “Australia” when I saw it. But I think Django has peaked a lot of interest— both negative and position and WOWS is Scorcese and that’s all you have to say as far as I am concerned. Marty is the living American master of film, period.

    It’s a mixed bag but people are going to go see them, period.

    I dont think Erin is here….I have sensed her and or those close to her before…too much inside info but she’s definitely faded and i think she just wants to put it behind her…like not going to a party where his ex is. Just wants it over. Not pretending to still be here together…

    I havent really sensed Team Tel Aviv either, except for one fake shill comment by “Mali”.

    The whole “short girl” thing is fan fiction but its good fan fiction. If anything, it’sbeen Bar for months writing crap, not Erin. Her mother outed herself like a month ago for crying out loud. Should just let it rest—but you see Leo was Bar’s career and raison d’etre…..she was programmed “marry a movie star” and nothing else.

    Anyway, there will be a torrent of bimbos for a while. Nothing worth watching on TV.

    Yes, tinkerbell is right a lot. Sorry to be so sometimes, but I know people and what they do. Instincts/intuition is strong and if you listen to yours you’ll probably come to the same conclusions.

  372. 372
    @Robinnicole Says:

    @Robinnicole: please cate Blanchett, daniel day Lewis, robert de niro (married with a black woman), al pacino and a lot of talented actors/actresses don’t play the PR game and have a successful carreer and a lot of fans who respect them and their private life.
    There are others professionnals who want to be known as a star who play the PR game and call the paps… When you expose your life to the eyes of the others, it is normal that these people have an opinion

  373. 373
    tinkerbell Says:

    Yes, Erin has been here before..someone tipped us off about the “E” necklace for one thing and it wasnt Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

    But that’s all passed now. She can go to any check cashing place and do EZ gold and get some cash. I would.

  374. 374
    @mjforlife Says:

    so he should stop dating model bimbos and date the jj bimbos instead?

  375. 375
    HAHAHAHA Says:

    Listen up folks! Robinnicole is here because she doesn’t care about his personal life! She doesn’t care but she know Leo is living a lie! She knows he can’t go out in public with the girls he wants because of you! BUT SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE LIKE YOU WEIRDOZ! NO SIR!

  376. 376
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@mjforlife: because we aren’t bimbos. we’re the PhD’s. Piled High and Deep !

  377. 377
    @tinkerbell Says:

    now you’re really delusional. you think his gf’s post here?
    don’t be so sure of your ****** self dear

  378. 378
    @tinkerbell Says:

    oh you’re definitely bimbos….in waiting….and its gonna be a long waitline….you might be dead by the time he remembers you

  379. 379
    The Weirdo Says:

    No one on here with half a brain would date him. Sure he’s good-looking and certainly has charisma and charm. But a douche is a douche is a douche. He’s one with a capital D.

  380. 380
    HAHAHAHA Says:


    Stinkybell’s PhD in BS is piled deep and high!

  381. 381
    me again Says:

    Plus, the inside poster said he doesn’t date. He has eff buddies. He should get an android model sex toy to fulfill his needs so he doesn’t have to talk to them or pretend to hold hands.

  382. 382
    @tinkerbell Says:

    oh you mean the mud and muck
    piled high in sh-it, like pigs
    that’s you alright.

  383. 383
    @tinkerbell Says:

    the closest thing leo will get to a pig is bacon and miss piggy. the rest of you pigs don’t stand a chance. even then, miss piggy would outshine him.

  384. 384
    wake up Says:

    after all this years so many girlfriends and hook ups, but there´s one thing that still there: LUKAS HASS. weird isn´t it?? mmmmmm

  385. 385
    @wake up Says:

    @wake up:

    Especially when we read this :

    comments on ONTD about some pics :

    The one with Lukas Haas, which is at your source, right after the ones you posted.

    The owner of these pictures, some organization called Live Unchained, forced me to take down the pictures. These pictures were all over Tumblr though, I wonder if they’re going around threatening to sue everyone on Tumblr and Leo’s fan sites.

    Read more at ONTD:

  386. 386
    @Robinnicole Says:

    Please take your BS to lips8it alley.The ‘weird’ Leo fans here aren’t gullible enough for your stan wishful fairytales while calling others weird losers.

  387. 387
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,….you think everything comes from Lipstickalley?!!! “Tales” about celebrities are all over the place, even on this site.I don’t give a damn about who any white or black celebrity choses to date, and that’s the way it should be. Whoever he dates, regardless of race won’t be me personally, so wishful thinking is a waste of my time.

  388. 388
    Hmmm Says:

    Sure would have been nice to see Leo at the Sandy telethon that raised 23 million dollars. Good to see some stars with the right priorities.

    “We are incredibly grateful and humbled by this outpouring of support for those who are suffering as a result of Superstorm Sandy,” American Red Cross Chief Marketing Officer Peggy Dyer said in a statement. “Our preliminary results of nearly
    $23 million raised are an extraordinary example of how the American people pull together in times of disaster. Their generous donations will go directly to those in need, and we urge the public to continue to give.”

  389. 389
    @Hmmm Says:

    he can’t sing so why would he go?

  390. 390
    Robinnicole Says:

    It’s funny when fans claim they are not gullible,…failing to realize that all they think they know about a celebrity comes from the media, which will lie in a heartbeat. If it wasn’t for gullible people, the media would be so powerful.

  391. 391
    Oh no.... Says:

    too bad they broke up because I was hoping to see Leo on the red carpet acompanying Erin on the premiere of Adam Sandler’s Grown ups 2 starring Erin as a classy carwasher dressed in a cheerleader outfit wearing a huge padded pushup bra. very disappointed.

  392. 392
    Robinnicole Says:

    It’s funny when fans claim they are not gullible,..failing to realize that all they think they know about a celebrity comes from the media, which will lie in a heartbeat. If it wasn’t for gullible people, the media wouldn’t be so powerful.

  393. 393
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo is married to his friends, leave the man alone.

  394. 394
    @389 Says:

    “featuring performances by Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera” and “Hosted by Today show anchor Matt Lauer, the telethon also featured performances by Billy Joel, Sting, Aerosmith and Mary J. Blige. Kevin Bacon, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Brian Williams and Danny DeVito dropped by to lend support.”

    There were actors and performers there that were not singers.

  395. 395
    has anyone read this? Says:

    This is from wildaboutmovies dot com – list of gay celebrities.

    “However, if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, John Travolta or George Clooney, and 60% of your movie’s revenue comes from overseas, where being gay is still subject to death by stoning, your studio, publicist, manager and hangers-on don’t want you to admit to your sexual proclivities. Why? Because the bottom line is if people in China and other parts of Asia, as well as the Middle East, who make up a significant amount of a movie’s box office, know you’re gay, they most likely won’t go to see your movies, which, in turn, would put a huge dent in the overall gross of said movie!”

    “We’ve coined the term fauxmance for the celebrities whose publicists pay US Weekly to do stories about their ‘straight’ romances; Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Timerblake, among the many, all of whom we know for a fact to be gay.”

    “From the above list, it wouldn’t be shocking to see half, if not 3/4 ‘come out’ before the end of 2015. The only one with anything to ‘lose’ by coming out, if he is gay, Leonardo DiCaprio. His star is so high – worldwide – that coming out publicly would mean, at least for a time, people (gay and straight) would laugh at the site of him kissing a starlet, naked on the beach, on the big screen. Knowing that he prefered the same sex, yet seeing him kissing and copulating on screen with the opposite, would make your head spin. (Really: In some lands it would. And the NON-U.S. movie box office grosses account for the most part – each major release – 60% of any particular movie’s gross).”

    “Why, you ask, did I compile a list of “We’re Confident: YES,” then? Because, for the most part, with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio, (whom many high powered executives in Hollywood confirm, off the record to me, is gay, and his highly public romances with supermodels are for just that, appearances)”

    If this is true he just needs to come out already. I’m tired of being lied to and don’t care if he’s gay. Seriously.

  396. 396
    Atcha! Says:

    To the critics here: just read on Twitter that he donated $ 1,000,000 to the victims of the hurricane. Talk about a selfish guy!

  397. 397
    Fan Says:

    @396 – Leo has his heart at the right place. Thanks for the tweet.

  398. 398
    Sarah Says:

    Leo parties with many other celebrities in Vegas

  399. 399
    Robinnicole Says:

    I doubt that Leo is gay, there’s been plenty of gossip about him that I have actually seen to be true(note,…the excuse for the wishful thinking complaints). The gay gossip has no proof what so ever, but people still claim it’s fact. I’m not say it’s not possible, but the man really seems to be attracted to women, that doesn’t come off as a game, some men are just natural born whores. Rock Hudson was very attractive and hide his gayness for a long time, but he didn’t chase after women like Leo does, I just don’t get it.

  400. 400
    Sean Says:

    Hit it and quit it. On to the next model. Lucky ass Leo. I envy that man

  401. 401
    @396 Says:

    Good. I’m glad he did. That’s wonderful. :)

  402. 402
    @396 Says:

    Do you have the tweet? I can’t find it….

  403. 403
    I found one Says:

    Here is one I found but it says he pledged 10 million, not one million:

    Leonardo DiCaprio Pledges $10,000,000 To Heart Association Hurricane Sandy Relief TheStreet http://www.thestreet.comnull via @TheStreet

    That is very generous!! Awesome

  404. 404
    the inside scoop Says:

    @has anyone read this?:

    if the gay community believes an actor is gay, they are more likely to support his movies.

    on the bit about the middle east and asian box office, sleeping around is not accepted, so i think the logic in the article is faulty. a straight guy sleeping around is not acceptable in their culture so it wouldn’t matter whether leo was gay or straight. but the slide in income would be bigger in that part of the world if he did come out as gay than if he is just photographed with women.

  405. 405
    the inside scoop Says:

    it doesn’t matter if its true or not, as long as that pocket of market share believes he is gay for example, then they are more interested in paying to see his movies. honestly, the gays do it to themselves trying to suggest someone is gay when they are not. wishful thinking on their part mostly, so mostly their own fault.

  406. 406
    ^ Says:


    Leonardo DiCaprio is back on the market and it sounds like it’s because his super sexy girlfriend Erin Heatherton didn’t play her cards right.

    A source close to the 23-year-old Illinois native says things cooled off between the genetically blessed couple in early October—after approximately 10 months of dating.

    “He liked how laid-back she always acted,” says the insider, but the notoriously modelizing “Great Gatsby” actor, “could tell she wanted things to get more serious. That was a problem.”

    While things “didn’t end that badly” between the couple, it’s obvious the Victoria’s Secret model “is upset. Like, ouch.”

    The bombshell was spotted having girl’s night out at Lavo on Tuesday — presumably to ease the pain—with fellow catwalk stunners—Lily Aldridge and Doutzen Kroes.

  407. 407
    tinkerbell Says:

    @^: gee, what did I say would happen? Real feelings always come out. If you have to pretend you’re not interested with the guy you are wasting you time.

  408. 408
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Go back and read a bit of old threads and you’ll see I’m right.

  409. 409
    @tinkerbell Says:

    not necessary. I made up my mind about you already.

  410. 410
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: I am not trying to date HIM or any NON celebrity LIKE HIM. That is why I am not the bimbo, BIMBO

    the closest thing leo will get to a pig is bacon and miss piggy. the rest of you pigs don’t stand a chance. even then, miss piggy would outshine him.

    I define a pig as a woman who dates a man for money and or fame. Hence, I’m not the pig. Guess who I think is the suet?

    Up to 40% of blog posts are paid shills, didnt you know?And also yes these “celebs” or whatever know how to read….although in a couple of cases we arent too sure.

  411. 411
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: actually Leo has rolled with a few pigs I could mention,

    B-A-R R-E-F-A-E-L-I being the lead hog if you ask me, but B-L-A-K-E L-I-V-E-L-Y has has her porcine moments as well. She has traded in her snout and curly tail for a while though.

  412. 412
    C / G Says:

    In not Leo news. For those that follow… here’s a Gisele post, if anyone is interested.

  413. 413
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: what little mind that you have obviously but that’s OK, honey pie I know what is all over the internet. You can believe or not. Doesnt change it.

    I dont believe that leo is gay. Basically, I think yeah some like some liberal artist types I’ve known maybe he experimented but he came out realizing that’s really not for him. I’ve never heard of one credible encounter of him with a guy, and if you were watching, for example the ones with people like Travolta are all over the place. I dont think Clooney is gay and I think Gyllenhall is, or very bi anyway, he beards the most. Seriously I think bearding with anyone is very hard work.

    James Dean did it with Pier Angieli and Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter both got set up by their agents occasionally with women. But that was the 1950s and I think most young gay men dont even bother going in the closet nowadays, things have changed.

    I do think Travolta is gay and Cruise is strongly bi pointing towards men, I think that is why Scientology has both of them by the balls, they promise to “cure” gayness. But the gaydar that I have fails to blip around Leo, he likes poontang simply too much and spends too much energy chasing it to be gay.

    He’s not gay, but a lot of guys who are envious of his success feel comfortable saying so.

    Womanizer, occasional coke head, yeah, I can believe those things. Also very generous as you can tell by today’s donation. A collection of strengths and faults, like everyone.

  414. 414
    C / G Says:

    @tinkerbell: There’s a really good time lapse video of Hurricane Sandy as it comes in.
    Of course, the police and ambulance personnel were hard at work risking their own lives as evidenced by their emergency lights as they race along the highway.

  415. 415
    OK Says:

    OK I take back what I said. If Leo did donate 1 million or 10 million or however much he donated to Sandy Relief then that is very big of him and I’m happy that he did it for the benefit of those who are suffering. That is something little ole me can’t do because I simple do not have that much money. There was only that one tweet so hopefully his own twitter or another press junket will give a release tomorrow so others will know what he did. Even if he is a playboy, like someone said his heart is in the right place. Thanks Leo. :)

  416. 416
    tinkerbell Says:

    @C / G: That’s what I saw too because I had to walk home Wednesday night, the best view was at the top of the Brooklyn where you could see the cut off. I walked in the dark from 57th to Brooklyn, expecting either the Cloverfield monster or a bunch of CHUDs to come get me.

    To quote Homer Simpson “And then I got kidnapped by a CHUD.”

    I’ve seen a couple of CHUDS here and there over the years. I slept almost all day Sat to make up for it, the walking and being out in the cold got me.

    Either that or it was totally I am Legend. Scary. Are the lights back on yet down there? I havent looked……I want a NORMAL damn commute tomorrow. IE stressful but short.

    BTW CG do you care to set some of the nonbelievers up there straight? You dont have to but…..ya know. Expected a bigger counterstrike from Team Tel Aviv but guess we have to wait until the next “girl friend.”

  417. 417
    tinkerbell Says:

    Hey guys you know…..

    the soviet union broke up
    nelson mandela became president of a post apartheid South Africa
    there is a black man in the white house
    there is now a cure for sickle cell anemia

    miracles do happen, leo could date a non bimbo or even a non blonde someday. He does have a way of surprising you…

  418. 418
    @the inside scoop Says:

    So let me get this straight. He’s posturing as gay (or the gays are doing it for him) to appeal to the gays so they will watch his movies. And he postures as straight lucky ******* dating supermodels to appeal to the straights so they will also watch his movies?
    Now that’s one smart guy right there, reel in as many fans as you can for largest profit!!

  419. 419
    Robinnicole Says:

    Lets hope Leo doesn’t surprised them too much, the way some of his fans act over “true” gossip is funny as hell.

  420. 420
    @406 Says:

    I want to believe this article. But after months of lies fed to the tabloids it is nearly impossible to know what really happened based on media fodder.
    Like for example, they need to define “more serious.” Because to his fans, more serious would mean maybe take her out once in a while and not spend nearly all his free time with Jonah. If that’s what Erin wanted then that is what any girl would want. It’s not rocket science.
    She wanted to be treated like a girlfriend should be treated.

  421. 421
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@the inside scoop: nah. He likes girls. Lots of girls. The whole world of girls, and we do means GIRLS not WOMEN. As much as possible.

    Is there anything really juicy out there anywhere? I mean for some reason tonight I really want something to sink my teeth into and this isnt doing it….

    I did hear recently that Pam Anderson is renting herself out in Europe…that rapper Eve might be too, and that the Wayans only date caucasians….but nothing earth shattering. Sign. I guess since the storm is over I need something else….

    On CDAN they talk about a celeb couple where the dude cross dresses and his wife even tells him what underwear to wear…she even told him what underwear to wear on their first dates…I’ve heard this for years from several sources about SJP and Matthew Broderick….

  422. 422
    Robinnicole Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised about Pam or Eve,..and i’ve heard that same thing about the Wayans, but if that’s what they perfer, “to each is own”,..they are still funny sometimes.

  423. 423
    @Robinnicole Says:

    And the way some who read the ‘nonsense’ his ‘weird fans’ write cannot handle people calling them out on their BS. But rest assured ‘she does not care about Leo’ she can’t stop reading what the weirdos write and gets upset when they don’t believe her ‘insider’ knowledege. But others are the losers. Self awareness where art thou?
    Fits that you and Tinkerbell are bat **** crazy soulmates

  424. 424
    @tinkerbell Says:

    tinkerbell, you’re just digging your own grave as far as i’m concerned. or should i say drinking from your own pig trough.

  425. 425
    #424 Says:

    What about her soul sister Robin? They drink the same stuff and promote their hyperventialtive guff. They are obviously close Leo pals (wink) here to ‘school’ the rest of us

  426. 426
    @tinkerbell Says:

    swimming in the mud as frequently as you do increases your chances of eating tapeworm. it might even be too late.

  427. 427
    @tinkerbell Says:

    lol at 425

  428. 428
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: how am digging my own grave? exactly? I am not a celebrity, not even trying to be. I think the whole thing is rather egocentric and gross…dont mind pointing it out sometimes. I post on a website what I find funny, hypocritical or just sad…people like Perez, Jared, Lainey, Entry et al make a living at at….I dont see anything happening to them.

    Call me a “pig” all you like, you must know by now all the names etc I just take as a compliment coming from certain people, because if I am pissing you off I must be doing something right.

  429. 429
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: ever SEEN a tapeworm? Probably looks exactly like you. And I enjoy a little schaedenfreude (look it up) but it is ABSOLUTELY AT THE EXPENSE OF THOSE WHO DESERVE IT.

  430. 430
    @tinkerbell Says:

    i hope i make you cry

  431. 431
    tinkerbell Says:

    @#424: we/I never said we were close to leonardo di caprio. You dont need to be to have an opinion on his actions, there are almost day to day reports everywhere.
    We’ re just actually saying what a lot of world thinks. Sorry if you don’tlike it boo or it doesnt jive with the fantasies you were taught as a girl.

  432. 432
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: you make me LAUGH sugar pie, didnt you know? And why care so much if you have nothing PERSONALLY to do with it? How do I cause you so much agita if you are just a RANDOM POSTER? ha.

    I think I just ruined someone’s PR party. But I’ll give them 48 hours to get the “Leo is still missing Bar Refaeli” stories into Times of India and the other crappy websites…the, whatever.

  433. 433
    C / G Says:

    @tinkerbell: CHUD. lol.
    I can recall many of your posts talking about your experiences walking across that bridge. It has to be both beautiful and at times a scary flight.
    “BTW CG do you care to set some of the nonbelievers up there straight? You dont have to but…..ya know. Expected a bigger counterstrike from Team Tel Aviv but guess we have to wait until the next ‘girl friend.’”
    I’m not reading anything that is jumping out at me atm. Then again, it is the middle of the night (2 a.m.).
    They most certainly post. I found posts on an Israeli site that had the mother’s name and her email address. These were from a couple years back. I was aghast. Hey, you want to post, go right ahead, but don’t be foolish enough to leave a trail…!
    Guaranteed celebs and their reps post on their threads. Celeb*tchy outed Ryan Phillipe’s people a while back. It was the funniest thing I ever read. It made me even more aware of media manipulation, but it also reinforced that blogs and other on-line forms of media (social, news, etc.) are factoring in more dominantly than a lot of traditional modes of transmission; thus, the need to monitor and neutralize……..
    Speaking of neutralize….. interesting that people were starting to complain that Leo ran for the hills after the hurricane, and then MAGICALLY a tweet comes up about his donation. I’m not saying that he didn’t donate, and I’m not saying that I fault him for leaving NY (he is entitled to have his life and he may have had prearranged engagements), but still….
    7 PM…. I’m still in the home office. Argh……… I have to get some time off.

  434. 434
    @tinkerbell Says:

    listen tinkerbell, peter pan loved wendy not tinkerbell
    get a hold of yourself.

  435. 435
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,….the moment when you become more important than the celebrity. I have an impressive fan base on gossip sites, and I have seen from reading other stories about Leo in the past that this “Tinkerbell” person does too. Calm down people, it’s not that serious; these sites can be very entertaining. Everyone should read them,…….lol

  436. 436
    Cardy Says:


    “Didn’t play her cards right”? What card was she supposed to play? Laid back doormat? You can only be yourself and be honest about what you want. Those are the only right cards to play.

  437. 437
    tinkerbell Says:

    thanks CG.

    And to the gals you know where, no, never once have you made ME cry, you aren’t ABLE to.

    And yeah, you get used to the style and realize like 10 posts in a row on every Refaeli post are the same person, repeated under 10 different names, and then you spot the similarities in style between blog posts and a certain person’s twitter, the now verified one and the old ones that were “secret” that she kept opening and closing. People are just not that stupid, you know?

    There WERE some obvious Erin or Erin camp posts early on too, sorry you missed it. The only one I think who doesnt post or even pay attention is Leo himself. He PAYS people WELL to do it and if they have a problem they Gossip Cop it.

    I was wondering if Sayat or West Coast Incogneato would have anything to say about this…the Incog that was rumored to be either Lukas Haas or Leo’s stepmom, but Erin is an east coast girl and there hasn’t been anything really scandalous or hateful about her to come out…they do have a thread running but I dont think there is anything interesting to say about it. They had a fight because he wasnt really paying attention to her and broke up. So what. I also think he got B-O-R-E-D because Erin really was BORING.

  438. 438
    C / G Says:

    Bloggers can certainly see where posters are located in the world UNLESS you hide your IP via a proxy server or VPN. They can track your IP address and the IP of your system too (I believe).
    Even someone who has a personal blog can activate the feature that allows them to see where those who land on their blog are from and can identify if someone is hiding their IP. Bloggers can track what articles were read, what time the person logged in and left. All this data can be tracked, analyzed, blah, blah… you get the picture.
    If posters do have blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. then that gives those that are tracking THEM more info to work with. Don’t forget…. writing style is just like a signature. Something to think about…. so be cautious about what personal data YOU put out there.

  439. 439
    Charity Says:

    I’m sure he donated money to the Red Cross. Leo has never been a the type to get his hands dirty doing charity work. He writes a check and has his people throw out some tweets.

  440. 440
    Obsessing Says:

    Cut it out, tinker. Let it go. CG I love ya, but stop enabling her.

  441. 441
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: exactly, they arent serious. While I think in the long run some of it can be mildly damaging, it usually damage that is deserved. For example the thing that is running on CDAN about Ryan Phillipe is pretty deserved and even sort of a PSA—dont date this man and have him get you pregnant. Same thing with “dont date Bar Refaeli” or”watch out for Wilmer Valderamma he’s a scuz” The stuff that has come out about Mickey Rourke for example…what he did to Carrie Otis…he should be in jail. And as his career has come back he’s trying to be like that again.

    These people don’t get ruined for it….in some ways it even helps and is a natural reaction to so called “celebrity.” The public just doesnt sit there and blindly swallow everything they are spoon fed about the “Famous.” It NEVER did.

    The worst thing that could happen to Leonardo is if suddenly NO ONE CARED. Once when he was young he mentioned being bummed going to a restaurant and no one noticed him. He may claim not to like it but it would be worse for him to not have it.

  442. 442
    Daily News Says:


    So Leo showed up at their girls night out. Great.

  443. 443
    me again Says:

    Tinkerbell, ignore the thumbs down and trolls. I enjoy your posts. If they want warm fuzzies they can go over to Bellazon and post a bunch of smiley faces and go on about how much they love Leo or whoever.

  444. 444
    Robinnicole Says:

    “I hope I make you cry”,….WTH?!!!! If someone cries over comments in a celebrity gossip site, they might has as well dig a grave and bury themselves in it.

  445. 445
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Obsessing: what exactly is she enabling me about? she just has been posting for a while and knows what I am saying is true. So what?I refuse to let a few people cover up their crap? So what. Life goes on for them. And for the rest of us too.

  446. 446
    @tinkerbell Says:

    you do obsess though

  447. 447
    @tinkerbell Says:

    you’re not well

  448. 448
    @tinkerbell Says:

    and, to make matters worse,
    you’re a pig.

  449. 449
    tinkerbell Says:

    @me again: I feel bad sometimes but in general I think there is a sort of pathology with the leo type guy–he’s just pure emotinally unavailable, probably because he did not grow up with a model of a healthy, committed male-female relationship as a child. His parents both remarried happily, but he just has no experience of it. There are lots of men like this out there, rich, poor, famous and infamous. You DONT NEED TO KNOW THEM PERSONALLY to know the type. It’s not the girl or finding “the one and only”-it’s him. He might be very attractive or very successful in some ways but he doesnt have it emotionally to give or need it back particularly either. I am sorry this is the case…..but this happens. You can’t change em either. Leonardo is the PRIME EXAMPLE in the ENTIRE WORLD of the so called TOXIC BACHELOR.

    I really wish it wasnt the case, but I think if you don’t know this you are a flaming dumb a** and we should be teaching our daughters less about the myth of prince charming and more about picking a guy who isnt like this, about identifying and valuing those that can give love and be trusted. The idea that you can be “the one to change him” is the most intoxicating and most dangeous idea that you can get about a man….sorry it is.

  450. 450
    Robinnicole Says:

    Yes, I agree with you; however, I was saying that people shouldn’t get so upset about comments on a gossip site, to the point of insulting each other,..that’s crazy behavior. They can’t take “true” gossip so they deny it as BS and next comes the insults, but they call us crazy. Their reactions are too funny for me to care about non-belief; they should know that it’s not that serious,…but oh well.

  451. 451
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Cardy: another bullshit case of blaming the victim if you ask me….if a guy wants an open relationship etc and is too busy to settle down, take him at his word and move the hell on. You don’t need him either.

    She played laid back but when you do that you play yourself. Here is how the converstaion should go:

    HIM: I’m not interested in a committed relationship right now.

    HER:I am glad you told me so I dont have to waste my time. I’ll just find someone who is. Oh, and thanks for telling me before sleeping with me or so soon after that way I dont have to repeat it. I dont care how cute or rich you are, I’m just not interested.

    BTW, here is the Village Voice so you can find yourself a non comittal escort in the back…most of them are she-males but enjoy yourself. I’d also suggest some nice Jergen’s lotion so you dont get a rash whacking your worm to death….

  452. 452
    C / G Says:

    Last comment about this… recall when there was a lot of the X comments and links to pictures that would go to the X site? I’m sure part of it was to antagonize and, although I can’t be 100% certain, the other part was IP, data collection.
    I’m always wary about clicking links. Not because I worry about a virus as I have an iMac, but because there could be a spybot hidden behind the link that get into your system and track you.
    @Obsessing:Ssorry, hon. Last comment. I mostly find it interesting as a media study. It amazes me how we’re all part of the development of celebrity and the connectedness of modern media in the maintenance of its mythology… cause that’s what it is, everyone. Myth.

  453. 453
    tinkerbell Says:

    @me again: the thumbs down are mostly bar’s rep. Someone actually gets paid to thumb me down ! Makes me feel special. Also they keep going up and then going back down when she catches up.

  454. 454
    #450 Says:

    Preachers of ‘true’ gossip (an ironic phrase if ever there was one) still smarting that the weirdos on the site she can’t stay off don’t but her ‘tea’ on Leo. As you and Tinkerbell have your own truths on Leos secret love why does it matter if other sentient people don’t buy it? Especially because it has been claimed a million times before – he tale is up there with Leo and Lukas being ‘secret lovers’. Save it for your audience they feed on stuff like that for nourishment and desire.

  455. 455
    tinkerbell Says:

    @C / G: to a certain extent, believe it or not, me too. I am interested in Leo as a media archetype as well. I think the dating all the “beautiful” women and loving none of them is part of his mystique.

    Also that he made his bones in HW as Jack Dawson—the beautiful boy that would die for you and in real life he’s the opposite. Fascinates me. His true emotional unavailability in some ways makes him seem more desirable…he is unobtainable by ANYONE, just like Clooney.

    I’ve been asked repeatedly for my email here or a link to a facebook or twitter which I turned down. I know who that was from. But thanks to the tip off about the IP’s—didnt know that. I’ve never once used a real email here or anywhere else I dont post on sites where they require a real one, I could set up a dummy email but I am too damn lazy. That is why I dont really post anywhere else, contrarty to assumptions.

  456. 456
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: What makes me want to cry is the woman in Staten Island who had her two adorable little boys whipped out of her arms by the storm surge…makes me sick thinking about it…they drowned. This helps tune out real life and real things….that story hurts me in my stomach thinking about it.

    The thing is the internet is home to some dreadful honesty. Don’t try to be a “celebrity” if you can’t handle the heat.

  457. 457
    gigi Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know Leo and his pieces were so popular (18 pages). This is the first time I ever posted something on his thread. He’s not really on my radar. I know he dates models and he dated Blake Lively. But I don’t believe he’s gay I just think he’s immature. Still has that frat boy mentality, likes to hang out with his boys. He just gives off a more mature and classier vibe in the very few interviews I’ve watched (usually promoting a movie) than a “Ashton Kutcher”. Will Smith always said that you know you’ve made it or famous once everyone declares you’re Gay.

    John Travolta is the only one I truly believe is gay. Who cares?

  458. 458
    tinkerbell Says:

    @gigi: There is ish all over the place that Wil is gay too. I never really believed, but in his case I dont care.

    And the other thing that is frustrating is that to me being gay is NOT pejorative. I wish the whole world would get their heads out of their bums and NOT care and that HW wasnt so conservative….

    To me saying you are gay is like saying you are left handed or born in the month of May. SOOOOOOOOOO?????

    Gay actors have been playing straights since time began. Ditto straights playing gays, or havent you noticed? Its acting people.

  459. 459
    me again Says:

    @Robin. This is NOTHING LOL. We’re actually having a semi sane discussion right now because either their power is out or the attackers took a vacation after the break-up. They are probably helping Bar pack her suitcases right now so she can come visit NY again.
    @CG. The imagebam links and I think the ushistorians links were infected. If anyone posts a link here and I’m interested I look it up on google on my phone that has some IP address for a backbone site out of Canada.
    @Tinkerbell. I see what you are saying. The flip side of that is, Leo has no girl to chase and men need that challenge to fall in love. The mistake Erin made in the beginning is she flew out to Australia at his beck and call and she should have made him come to her. Something like “I’d love to see you. Next time you’re in NY give me a call.” When a man wants something he WILL go after it. But no, she flew out there and bought a ton of new lingerie for their time together. Yawn. No chase for Leo.
    He needs to date older women. I hope he gets a clue.

  460. 460
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: And I’m RIGHT which is what you really can’t deal with.

    When you say someone is “sick” it reads= knows truths that you are uncomfortable with. That is all I’ve EVER seen it as. That is all I EVER will see it as.

    Why don’t you just have your PR party anywhere and post all the “I think he misses Bar” stuff anyway? I would if I was paid by post. **** I’ll even do it for you. Watch the next couple posts.

  461. 461
    Robinnicole Says:

    Who the hell claimed to have their own truth on Leo’s secret love? The man has been sleeping with random women for years,..what secret “love” are you talking about,..because that is not “love”? His gayness has not been proven, so it’s still a myth, but his whoring ways with blonds, brunetts, black women, and other types of women has. You don’t have to buy any of it, but your over the top annoyed reaction is funny. You can’t be getting upset simply because you don’t but it, what’s really the problem?

  462. 462
    laura rose Says:

    I bet Leo is really wishing he’d stayed with Bar now!

  463. 463
    tal Says:

    Can’t wait for the Leo Bar reunion –wedding 2013!!!

  464. 464
    Tzipi Says:


  465. 465
    Tzipi Says:

    @Robinnicole: Hey Robinnicole; The Bar Refaeli team was outed several times for saying Leo was gay on certain websites (X17online was one) to get back at him for dumping her. That could be it. Even on the old ted casablancas site after it was posted that King ******* (obvioulsy Leo) was cheating on her they came back with some “gay” stuff—and Bar’s mother got in trouble with an Israeli entertainment journo for threatening to out him…he recorded the convo and publicized it.

    They just get mad when you point out he wasnt madly in love with bar and cheated on her all the time…..just filling you in. Believe me they get what they deserve from me and others.

  466. 466
    Leo Fan Says:

    So Leo is all clear for the Django media junkets, TV interviews and magazines. He won’t have to be questioned by idiot and noisy reporters about an eventual future wedding or family….
    He is single and intends to remain this way.

  467. 467
    tinkerbell Says:


    462-465 is me by the way…..they used to post all that crap all the time here.

    Yes, you know who Leo’s secret love is? HIMSELF. Big unveil there,bet you never saw that coming.And no #459—the biggest mistake is getting involved in the game in the first place. She obviously had fun with him and I don’t think she should regret that…but that whole “hard to get” crap never works either. Either they are open to a real relationship or they are not. No need or possibility of changing them. She’s 23 and this helped her career and now she will go on and find the real guy who will think he is the most lucky man in the world. No real damage done.

    If I was looking, I would say yes, I am looking for something that could get serious, not right away but after the appropriate amount of time. I wont know until I try though. But if that is definitely not in the cards for you, I can respect that and Iet’s not waste our time. If you’re not down neither am I. just dont bother with them. Eventually they will get tired of being shut down and realize that if they want something they have to give something…..dawn will break. But probably not with you so dont effing bother.

    Read “He’s Just Not Into You”—every woman should.

  468. 468
    ally Says:

    why can’t anyone ever just say “that’s too bad, wish them well” and be on with it? why is everyone so obsessed with it — coming up with theories and insane things like that is just ridiculous.

  469. 469
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo Fan: Yeah, and he doesn’t have to drag Heatherton around either and he’ll be too busy to keep up the facade….

    what I meant was there are no cards to play. The “game” is not winnable in the first place so why bother.

  470. 470
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    whose tinkerbell’s secret love?
    me me and me

  471. 471
    tinkerbell Says:

    @ally: basically we are saying exactly that. Erin will be AOK…she doesnt even seem to be hurting now….and Leo what can you do. Its fun to dissect it though. If it is not fun for you dont read 18 pages of the crap…..I admit its crap, but its amusing crap which is why I take part..

  472. 472
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    tinkerbell the twit

  473. 473
    tzipi/bar/adi Says:

    @I have an announcement to make:

    And we never post here! Not ever. Bar is too busy being an IMPORTANT CELEBRITY to do that or post her BMs on Twitter…

  474. 474
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make:

    Tinkerbell the wit!

    Bar Refaeli the bicycle seat because everybody rides her !

  475. 475
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: Nope dearie you I love to make fun of ….I hate women like you. But you see, I dont have to do a damn thing about you…you do it all for me.

  476. 476
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    tinkerbell you’re a pig swimming in mud
    you’re hardly a twit let alone a wit

  477. 477
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    you’re a bimbo

  478. 478
    C / G Says:

    @Leo Fan: I thought you wrote that he had DONE all the junkets. I was like… whhaaattt? I saw none of this…. lol Apparently, I need to get off the computer because my eyes are frying.
    Now they’ll try to ask him roundabout questions about the type of woman he likes, does he find it hard to find a girl being so famous, etc. the same dreck that he’s been hearing for years. Poor guy. it must be so insipid. The same questions being asked multitudinous times in a variety of accents… and he answers them all graciously.
    @ally: It’s fun to speculate and discuss. The board has been a fun place to be. We’d share links and discuss the h*ll out of pictures, analyze like nobody’s business, and chatter.
    I like to come on to procrastinate when I work from home. I was off for awhile, too busy for along time (still am with the job change), but I’d still come on and read comments (the rational ones at least).

  479. 479
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    you’re parents did a lousy job raising you.

  480. 480
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    disney called and they want their symbol back

  481. 481
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    its pretty obvious you like to tear all women down. you’re a nobody. you’re not special and that’s what pisses you off.

  482. 482
    I have an announcement to make Says:


  483. 483
    @ally Says:

    I’m not saying it to be mean. Erin is going to be fine. She’s ready for love and she will find it.
    My point is I do believe Leo needs a challenge. I have a different opinion than Tinkerbell on this and that is fine, I respect her opinion. He’s never going to find love in the parades of models that throw themselves at him. It will need to be someone he respects, either someone he works with professionally like an actress or someone he meets in some other capacity like his charity work.
    It is very easy to get caught up in playing the field eternally but even Jack Nicholson has been quoted saying he wished he had settled done with someone at some point because now he’s old and doesn’t have that companion for life.
    Whether he wants to admit it to himself or not, whether he is incapable of it or not, I don’t know I can only speculate.

  484. 484
    C / G Says:

    I’m off. This was fun.
    Have a good night, Tinkerbell, me again, Robinnicole, message, et. al.

  485. 485
    You Know It Says:

    forever a bachelor leo will be

  486. 486
    Challenger Says:


    Too bad hes doesn’t WANT a challenge and challenges don’t want him, or dump him quickly and move on.

  487. 487
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: hunh?????? whatchoo talking about ? not making sense this time

  488. 488
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: I think the google hebrew to english translator lost something there…you are saying I am Mickey Mouse???

  489. 489
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: Oh I tear all WOMEN down? since when ? Personally I think the “all that matters is fake boobs and blonde hair” atttiude to be the most REPULSIVE CRAP I have ever heard, that is why I enjoy coming here. It’s so FUN to explode.

    Must be dropping bombs somewhere near Hod Hasharon tonight…just like I wanted to do ! You fell right into it hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  490. 490
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    you are the replusive one. look in the mirror and into that ugly black heart of yours

  491. 491
    I have an announcement to make Says:


  492. 492
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    if you’re not parading your crap under the disney banner then are you doing it as paris hilton’s lap dog?
    either way, you don’t come out looking too pretty

  493. 493
    tinkerbell Says:

    Actually, some of the things I have heard coming from Tzipi especially have been farther right than Anita Bryant….and racist as hell. That is why I come back I enjoy sticking a pin in them and watching them go pssssstttttttttttt around the room and deflate.

    Bar’sfake boobs and fake blond hair didnt keep Leo guess what they arent even attracting anybody now…things like being fair, decent, and not an out an out RACIST SIMPLETON do matter. Sorry.

    My parents didnt raise me to be a “mattress backed *****” I’m glad they didnt.

  494. 494
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: my heart is full of joy and love for the right people, you are just not one of them. You represent what is sick and evil in the world to me, but I dont have to do a thing to you. You’ve done it all yourself.

  495. 495
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: ah geee. You just keep getting stupider and stupider. Maybe you should have stayed in school past 16.

  496. 496
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    that’s a crock.
    you’re the one who represents evil in the world.
    you can’t stand it

  497. 497
    Fan Says:

    Please Tinkerbell, go and get yourself some professional help. Your case is very serious. And stop losing your time and energy on Bar. YOur obsession has become pathetic and disturbing.

  498. 498
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: not making sense again. must be the translator again. Tzipi WTF about Disney and Paris Hilton????

  499. 499
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    don’t flatter yourself loser
    you’re not special and it pisses you off
    you’re not pretty or attractive
    you’re a fat troll

  500. 500
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: Oh right, dear. But if it is evil to you that means its the opposite, so goody. You need HELP understanding what racism and sexism are, I am the one who is going to GIVE it to you.

    BTW Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, doesnt look “simian”. The Williams Sisters are not gorillas. Palenstinians arent “animals.” Bar is not drop dead gorgeous. I have been trying to deprogram you for a while but I have got to tell you it’s UP HILL work.

  501. 501
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    maybe this will ring some bells for you


    i don’t care

  502. 502
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    you are so worthless claiming to fight racism when you are racist to the core. you low life pig.

  503. 503
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Fan: that is what you always say and nobody buys it. This however puts me in a GREAT mood. You have no idea how much I like dragging out out the bushes and bashing you, you just feed right into it because you are so damn smart, right?

  504. 504
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    no man wants you
    wanna know why?

  505. 505
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    because you’re a jj bimbo

  506. 506
    OMG WHY? Says:

    Tinkerbell what did you do to become so hated? Oh geez now the thread has gone to hell in a handbasket.
    Look people stop ostracizing someone that has an opinion. It’s called freedom of speech in America. I have to agree with her, if people are lashing out because of something she said, it’s because it hit a nerve and is probably true.
    Otherwise no one would care. You are only making it worse.

  507. 507
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    i have a question and i want you to think long and hard:

    how can a smart ass be so dumb?

    let’s hear it straight from the swine’s mouth

  508. 508
    tinkerbell Says:

    maybe this will ring some bells for you i don’t care

    then why post 12 times in a row? You do care. Because all you got is some fleeting connection to “fame” to feel good about youself and its not fame its infamy.

    you are so worthless claiming to fight racism when you are racist to the core. you low life pig.

    This is just silly coming from you.

    no man wants you
    wanna know why?

    No but I guess I could ask BAR REFAELI because no one is going to date her ass now. Too tainted. Hasnt had a date in over a year.

  509. 509
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    I don’t care

  510. 510
    tinkerbell Says:

    Exactly what this entire website, no, the ENTIRE WORLD has been saying about you since jump. How can someone so stupid think she and her piece of sh*t whelp think they can fool the whole world?

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    don’t flatter yourself loser
    Because it hasnt worked in the long run has it. Money all gone, none coming in. No A list man to the rescue.

    you’re not special and it pisses you off

    You never were in the place. 1 of 13,000 women Warren Beatty effed before he married someone with a brain and actual talent…

    you’re not pretty or attractive

    I’m both, but I have seen you in younger years and all I can say is the standards for modelling in Israel must have been pretty damn low. You were never even pretty.

    you’re a fat troll

    You wish, but really you’re on the internet…read the comments on “Faded Youth.” if you can stand it.

  511. 511
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make:

    Last question, “How does it feel to be an EPIC FAIL? I mean after 10 years of this crap you must have like 10 cents left. Even buying the cover of Maxim couldn’t help this time, could it?”

    “Until you do right all you do will GO WRONG.”- Lauryn Hill

    Pigs are pretty smart in the animal kingdom…and they can find truffles so at least they are useful. Have you ever done anything truly useful to anyone else in your whole useless, vain, self-centered nasty life?

    HAVE YOU????

  512. 512
    Model Fan Says:

    Where is the Psychic?

  513. 513
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I have an announcement to make: Ran out of things to say? I win. You lose, but you have been losing for quite some time.

    Enjoy. You made your bed now lie it in. Between the pig and you I’d take the pig as being smarter, more genuine, and less of a racist, homophobic, sexist piece of ****.

  514. 514
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Model Fan: I dont know, but I could go for that hopeful silliness right now myself.

    A hand folks, for TZIP OR BAR REFAELI. Because that is who it is up there, not a RANDOM poster but the scuzzbots themselves. Congratulations for walking right into the trap, geniuses. This will show up in the search engines too, you know all of it does and that is why you can’t get a date or a job. Sorry but you did it to yourselves. Like usual.

    Leo and Co…arent you glad this one is over and you dont have THEM to watch out for anymore? The only one who will touch her is someone low on the totem pole to not have a publicist….Sean White anyone?

  515. 515
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    ….you’ve really lost it if you think bar rafaeli even posts here.
    i’m refining my original opinion of you as a pig….
    you are a delusional pig.

    oh and i’m not jewish

  516. 516
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    you’ve also been posting too long because you are having a meaningless conversation with yourself. tried a psychiatrist?

  517. 517
    A poster Says:

    Please guys, don’t respond to this psychotic poster….

  518. 518
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    but if it makes you feel any better i was already on to the jewish media…you’re still a bimbo

  519. 519
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    and when i say pig i don’t mean you’re not kosher. i mean you’re dirty.

  520. 520
    lol Says:

    bitter in tel aviv

  521. 521
    ChicagoSunTimes version Says:

    From Chicago SunTimes
    When it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends, they may be endearing, but they’re seldom enduring.

    The latest lovely to exit the superstar’s life is Skokie native and Niles North grad Erin Heatherton — a major supermodel, cover girl and famous Victoria’s Secret “Angel.”
    The duo reportedly have split very amicably — which is almost always the way DiCaprio breaks things off. “With Leo, there rarely is any big drama or ugly scene,” said a longtime friend of the actor Sunday. “Leo is a total gentleman, but when it comes to women, he just gets, well, bored. He’s a very bright guy and so far, with the exception of maybe [ex-girlfriends] Bar [Rafaeli] and Giselle [Bundchen], he often finds he loses interest pretty quickly. You can only keep interested because of the sexual attraction for so long.”

  522. 522
    Loser Leo Says:

    This is why he’s so screwed up. He has friends like the one quoted blowing smoke up his **** 24-7. Earth to Leo: aging playboys like you who look at women as pieces of meat are not that bright nor exciting.

  523. 523
    @521 Sun-Times Says:

    @ChicagoSunTimes version:

    There you have it ladies. He won’t get so bored if you let him cheat on you. What a prize!

  524. 524
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out what you did to become so hated as well. I’m reading your post, but I just don’t get it. Do they hate to hear that Leo is a man-*****, that doesn’t care how blond his girlfriends are, because that’s not going to stop him from sexing random women all over the world? I am amazed at the reactions on this site, and they wonder why we keep posting here,…too funny!!!! Leo is a *****, get over it,..but he can act his ass off though!

  525. 525
    He's a pig Says:

    @Loser Leo:

    You’ve got it. Did it ever occur to Leo or his friend that the problem is him? He looks at women as objects there to entertain him. He’s a spoiled pig. Grow up, Leo. Your act is beyond old.

  526. 526
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    if you think leo di caprio reads your rants here, you’re insane.

  527. 527
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    i’m a sad troll. i love tinkerbell. i need someone to talk to. she understands me.

  528. 528
    tinkerbell Says:

    oh just a quick update….The chicago times is now claiming someone close to leo said he just got bored…big surprise, and you can only take physical attraction so far (really?????) and effing Livia Bistceanu is on US weekly talking about God…..Attention Galahad Security—Livia must be out again.

  529. 529
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    tinkerbell only loves herself. its a serious personality disorder.
    you’ve been warned.
    she’s a bimbo for real.

    ps: i was just kidding when i said i love tinkerbell, so tinkerbell, don’t get too excited.

  530. 530
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    Leo just sent me a memo
    he said he doesn’t love you either

  531. 531
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    i wasn’t kidding about being a sad troll. tinkerbell understands me. we make sweet troll love.

  532. 532
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    tinkerbell is delusional and i take advantage of her.

  533. 533
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    i lie to her and tell her i have truffles in my underpants and she believes me….she goes digging of course.

  534. 534
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    leo sent me another memo.
    he said he loves me and is jealous of tinkerbell.
    sorry, leo. tinkerbell is the only one for me.

  535. 535
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    because that’s what pigs do

  536. 536
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    just kidding leo
    we both know tinkerbell is a bimbo

  537. 537
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    truffles. the truth is i messed my underpants. again. tinkerbell cleans up after me. i told you she understands me.

  538. 538
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    all she understands is ****.

  539. 539
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    because she’s a pig

  540. 540
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    a delusional one
    no truffles.

  541. 541
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    leo and i love calling girls bimbos. it makes us feel smart. or maybe it’s the voices in my head.

  542. 542
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    i’m not really a nice person. i am tinkerbell the bimbo and i am a pig.

  543. 543
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    leo sent me another memo
    “i’m not a nice person either. i’m a himbo pig. i like calling girls bimbos. we’re perfect for each other. meet me in vegas”
    bye bye, tinkerbell. i know you will understand.

  544. 544
    Elena Says:

    Jesus, if the announcement is let’s go crazy, well then message well received.

  545. 545
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    leo and i are so close and buddy buddy that i don’t mind him calling me a bimbo or a pig


  546. 546
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    make that delusional tinkerbell
    peter, wait for me!

  547. 547
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    my name is really pinocchio and i am here in vegas with leo with all the lost boys and girls. we are having tons of fun watching the little old ladies lose their money in the slot machines. depressing really. has anyone seen my father geppetto or my goldfish cleo….we all nearly died in a flood but managed to hitch a ride on monstro the whale. somehow we got separated and i ended up back in vegas with the big bad wolf.

  548. 548
    I have an announcement to make Says:

    stay tuned for the next episode of once upon a time.

  549. 549
    wake up Says:

    @Loser Leo: you are absolutely correct!!! he is a loser, a 40 year old loser. NEXT

  550. 550
    go away Says:

    I don’t think erin realizes no one believes a word she says. It Is strange to watch someone self destruct, and compelling. erin you are over in this town.

  551. 551
    Sun Times Says:

    Wow, Leo and his “pals” sure are working overtime to try to explain away the behavior of a gem of a womanizer. And planting that sh*t in her city to make her look bad is beyond sleazy. I guess listening to fat Jonah crack jokes over drinks was more exciting than making doe eyes with Erin at dinner. Have fun with your new relationship Leo…..with Jonah…while that lasts.

  552. 552
    auto devis Says:

    It is really hard to be in relationship in Hollywood.

  553. 553
    haha Says:

    @tinkerbell: Have a conversation with your ‘boyfriend’ instead of trawling the internet for gossip .

  554. 554
    Pop Blend #1 Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio has added another beautiful woman to his long list of ex-girlfriends. The actor and his girlfriend Erin Heatheron have decided to go their separate ways, and while neither has commented publically on the split, rumors are pointing toward conflicting schedules as the primary reason.

    According to E! Online, DiCaprio has been extremely busy over the last year between working on Great Gatsby in Australia and working on Django Unchained in New Orleans. The two tried to give it a go amidst those circumstances, even taking a trip to Mexico with his mom, but in the end, the distance was apparently just too much. They went their separate ways a few weeks back without any friction or animosity, but maybe after each settles down sometime in the future, they’ll give it another go.

    There are some Hollywood actors who remain single so they can canoodle with a long stream of random women. DiCaprio is not among them. He dated model Bar Refaeli for four years, then almost immediately gave it a go with Blake Lively and then moved on to Heatheron late last year. He would clearly rather find someone special than go on alone forever. Luckily, with his looks, bank account, personality and willingness, he should have plenty of more swings at bat. Chances are one of those contacts will work out.

  555. 555
    Pop Blend #2 Says:

    There are bachelors in Hollywood who seem destined to remain single for the rest of their lives. Whether by choice or by compulsive behavior, they aren’t the type to stick out long-term relationships or make a good impression on someone’s mother. Luckily for the single women out there, there are other bachelors in Hollywood who just don’t seem to have found the right woman, Leonardo DiCaprio among them.

    After more than a year of exclusive dating, the beloved actor recently said goodbye to his most recent beautiful, kind girlfriend, Erin Heatheron. He and the Victoria’s Secret model supposedly got along great during their relationship. She even accompanied him on a trip to Mexico with his mother, but thanks to their crazy work schedules, both parties decided breaking up was probably the best call.

    Handsome, talented, rich and by all accounts nice, DiCaprio is more than capable of finding a woman, a certain kind of woman that would be okay with him going on work shoots for months on end. At thirty-seven, he still has time to find the right one, but he doesn’t exactly have decades to screw around with if he wants to start a family.

    So, the question is, now that he’s back at square one, how many years do you think it’ll be before he walks down the aisle? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

  556. 556
    @Pop Blend #2 Says:

    @Pop Blend #2: it looks like a lonely hearts ad “Handsome, talented, rich and by all accounts nice”

  557. 557
    Susan Says:

    When I read all the different same “old excuses” giving for this official breakup (too busy schedules, too much travelling for the careers), and then, no bad blood they still care very much about each other… blah, blah, we can only realize that it is finally the Sun TImes that has the real reason: Leo was bored. It doesn’t take a profound analysis to find out how on most of the pap photos we’ve seen of the two, he seemed so not into her.

  558. 558
    Cecilia Says:

    why is it that Leo ALWAYS has to travel with his mom?? I mean, I understand that he loves her and everything but common!! he is almost 40. If I was his girlfriend I wouldnt put up with his mom going with us everywhere (sorry for my english)

  559. 559
    Cecilia Says:

    @Susan: the problem is that Leo looks bored with all his girfriendss. Remember his pictures with Bar?? he always looked miserable with her too. I believe he was truly happy with Giselle but after they broke up he just looks sad and bored all the time

  560. 560
    lik Says:

    he will get back bar!!! but will she???

  561. 561
    Fan Says:

    @Cecilia .- When they went on vacation in Mexico, it was not only his mom who was there but also many of his friends.
    I don’t recall having seen Leo go some place with Erin without a bunch of friends.
    And I don’t agree. There were pictures of Leo with Bar where he was smiling and looked happy…. but again, his friends and family were with them.
    He is the most happy when surrounded by his buddies.

  562. 562
    Huh? Says:

    I actually think that Sun Times article was unecessary bitchy and low. His pals did not have to comment. I now WISH Erin would kiss and tell. LOL
    Erin’ll find love again, probably with a handsome successful guy Gisele and Blake did.

  563. 563
    Mrs Lochte Says:

    Look at Gisele up there.
    The richest supermodel on the planet, rivalling Kate Moss for covers and expecting her second child with her gorgeous quarterback hubby.
    Leo you missed the boat with Gis!!!

  564. 564
    team erin Says:

    Oh dear. What a fiasco. I’ve always been a supporter of Erin and Leo so I’m surprised and disappointed by this news. The sun times article rings true because the truth hurts. Ouch. Low blow indeed. The pop blend fluff is just hollywood trying to paint Leo as a nice guy looking for love so fangirls will watch his movies. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    While I didn’t believe everything written about these two, I did think they had something more than a fling or hollywood arrangement. This whole episode is an Epic Fail on the part of PR to manufacture a serious relationship between these two. Don’t publish stories about Leo liking her because she’s into basketball, that Erin will do anything to keep him because he’s ‘the one’ or that Leo was having deep thoughts because he saw Matthew and Camila with their kids. I get it, hollywood wants to sell movies and VS wants to sell some underwear. But all this does is leave fans with a pile of lies and a bad taste in their mouths.

    I don’t think Erin was ever on here, not even about the necklace. The person posting about necklaces was probably selling necklaces. Someone is always selling something. She hasn’t done anything to make Leo look bad. Leo and Co. would be hard pressed to find another 23 year old that has her act together like Erin. The worst thing people can say about her is she is boring. Look at the other 20 something people in the limelight that are basically weekly train wrecks. Lindsay Lohan anyone?

    This whole thing is just really sad. I hope both Erin and Leo find whatever it is they are looking for. And I REALLY hope the publicists etc. learn from this. They are the train wreck here. What a disaster.

  565. 565
    @team erin Says:

    Relax team erin I was simply responding to a post. ‘another tennis volley match’? It was not a personal attack and I did not realise I had a previous volley match with anyone. I’ll leave it because your way more invested than I can handle.

  566. 566
    Robinnicole Says:

    Why does Leo owe the media an explanation for why he is not with Erin anymore,…stuff like that is ridiculous. When Tiger Woods made a public apology about his sluty ways I laughed my butt off; only his wife and children deserved an explanation and his sorrow. I guess I would be one broke ass celebrity, because there is no way I would live my life explaining to the whole damn world about why I don’t want to be with a person anymore, or making public apologies to people I did nothing to. If people would just stop worshipping celebrities, to find out that they are just as human as you, wouldn’t be do dramatic.

  567. 567
    americano Says:

    @@565 & 566:

    This model looks like a career hypocrite with no morals.So why you like her?I dont find her attractive even with all her moral and plastic surgery

  568. 568
    Poppy Says:

    What is Pop Blend and why does its sound like it was written by his pr team?

    He behaved the same in the “long relationships” as the short ones. He looks happy in the beginning. He gets bored after a few months. He hangs out at clubs with his posse and acts like a single guy. They break up. “Busy schedules” are blamed. The door is left open for a reunion. “They still care about each other.”

    If they get back together, they look happy at the start. Then he gets bored again and the cycle repeats. He’s like a child who needs constant stimulation and new toys. The more he has, the more spoiled and jaded he gets.

    I’m not an Erin fan, but she should count her blessings and move on. He’s surrounded by too many distractions and friends making excuses for him while they catch the run off. He’s not going to change. He will only try to change you to accomodate his lifestyle.

  569. 569
    Lady Says:

    Lol. Have read many comments here, but 23 pages?

    I have one question for you all: if Erin is so hurt and Leo is such a pig – like you are saying here – and she is a victim why she continues to follow him on twitter? Not that this is indicative of anything serious but if my boyfriend treats me like **** (as many of you are suggesting here and I DON’T BELIEVE IT) I’d give him a big UNFOLLOW and stay away of everything that could remind me of his existence, because as far as I understand the social networks are for people who want to have contact.

    My thougths: they will get back together (it’s the pattern), not now, but it’s so right as the rain falls or the sun sets. Nobody knows what really happened we can only speculate and magazines and bloggers are doing their job making gossip. To be honest I don’t give a damn who he will be dating next, the only thing I know is that I can not wait to watch his new films: Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby and The Wolf Of Wall Street. And you are wrong if you feel like he has not FANS anymore. I am with him, I believe he is an incredible human being, he does so much for the enviroment and helps other humanitarian causes. But sometimes – for people without personality and opinion – it’s easier to believe in everything they read. Take a rest. You spent the weekend here commenting while he was having fun in Vegas. I love that man!!!!!

  570. 570
    correction Says:

    Looks like the posts moved around. My @565 & 566 are now 570 and 571. Sorry for the confusion.

  571. 571
    'Poppy' Says:

    watch me try to salvage my name now after months of moulding the jj comment board so when I finished using Leo and a break-up emerged I could drag his name through the dirt and emerge as THE erin heatherton

  572. 572
    @566 Says:

    They don’t owe an explanation, but if they’re going to play the game and have PR and friends feeding stories, the public has a right to comment on them. There are lots of actors just as famous as Leo who handle it differently.

  573. 573
    What's next? Says:

    Why suddenly Erin is the victim?? Her fans try to put her as the innocent little girl who didn’t know about the wolf’s old trick. What decent woman travels to Sydney to stay with guy she just met? This was an arrangement from the beginning. Never was sign of affection between them. He always looked bored next her. A girl at Erin’s age should be able to notice when someone is not interested, but she decided to stay. She is not a victim. She knew very well in what she was getting into. At the end BOTH got what they wanted. She became little more famous, that was what VS wanted from this arrangement and he looked at least for a while as a steady boyfriend.

    The articles giving details on their breakup are distasteful, but that happens in all the breakups in Hollywood. Not exclusively with Erin and Leo.

  574. 574
    @team erin Says:

    I think you’re being slightly dramatic here.
    A disaster is probably Hurricane Sandy. A fling ended like many do is not. For reasons already mentioned here the relationship was sold for more than what it was, right from last year with gushes of how Irmelin adored Erin e.t.c. Amusing yep, but its not a personal tragedy. They’ll both be fine I’m sure.

  575. 575
    @team erin Says:

    Oh and there are A LOT of 20 something year olds in the limelight (including VS Angels) who are NOT trainwrecks. There are other young women in film, TV, fashion other than Lindsay Lohan. Erin is not that rare.

  576. 576
    @565 & 566 Says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    Sorry I do not think publishing blatant lies is amusing.

    Yes, there may be but if one of those girls were to date Leo you probably wouldn’t like her either.

    Listen I’m not going to get into another tennis volley match with you.

    I am a fan of Leos and never would have even known Erin existed if it wasn’t for their ‘relationship.’ I like Erin. Is that so wrong? I personally, and this is just my own personal opinion, think she is a step above a lot of other young celebrities that are out there. I wish her the best and Leo too.

  577. 577
    Robinnicole Says:

    If they are playing a game and having PR and friends feeding stories,…it make more sense to say “the public has a right to play along with the game, but they do not have the right to know the truth”,…Leo is an enigma indeed!

  578. 578
    truthy Says:

    be truthful or don’t bother.

  579. 579
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,….this site is so funny,…some of the comments that are getting the thumbs down, make alot more sense than the ones people like. What should we be saying,…Dear God Leo, please grow up and stop being a womanizer. We want to see you settle down with Cinderalla and when you do so, we will be the most happiest Leo fans in the world. The games, PR, and your friends feeding stories is destroying our perception of you and love for your work. I know you don’t owe us an explanation of why your such a ****, but since we know for an “unknown fact”, that this is a game you’re playing, we deserve the right to tell you what your next move should be. :-)

  580. 580
    truthy Says:

    HAHAHAHA. Now you block my comments? Hmmm, someone must have gotten a call from Hollyweird. Movie mafia on the way!! Just like Tinkerbell, this means I must be saying something true or YOU wouldn’t bother.

  581. 581
    Robinnicole Says:

    Technically, he only has to be truthful to those his motives personally effects. Celebrities feed the media bullshit, because the media is nosey about business that is not there’s. Media “itself” has a bad habit of not being truthful, but they bother all the time.

  582. 582
    The Weirdo Says:

    Careful Robin. You tell too many truths on here and they won’t post your comments. Just sayin’

  583. 583
    The Weirdo Says:

    I’m recording all my comments you are not posting and will post them on another forum and let them know ‘what happened.’ I’m sure people will be very interested…..what’s Leo got to hide? Hmmmmm?

  584. 584
    Robinnicole Says:

    “wouldn’t be so dramatic”,..I meant.

  585. 585
    Message Says:

    Wow. People feel really strongly about this breakup. What’s the difference between this ex and the next model he dates? He treats them all the same…

  586. 586
    Robinnicole Says:

    @The Weirdo:
    I know you’re right because I’ve already had a few comments blocked; that is a very strange thing to happen on a “gossip” site. The media tells you what to see and how to see it, but they ain’t fooling me. The only game Leo is playing, is who can bang the most models and random women of different races on the side.

  587. 587
    Grace Says:

    @The Weirdo: WTF is going on. Please do tell ;)

  588. 588
    @Robinnicole Says:

    You’re right. Instead of censoring the public maybe they should try censoring the celeb from doing damage to their public image. Leo has a lot of movies coming out. Something tells me this breakup was unexpected. I think when they both ended up at Lavo (since hardly any other places were open because of the storm) and they weren’t together together, people noticed and they had to make an official announcement.

  589. 589
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo can live his entire left out as a never ending kissing booth and I would still be a fan of his acting. Fans become creepy when they care too much about Leo jumping from sexbot to sexbot. However,….the media does censor certain celebrities, Leo has been seen with other types of women, but most media only shows the blonds. They want the public to believe he only beds a certain type of woman, but that is far from the truth. Leo is more of a womanizer than the public thinks,…he's a mess with hisself.

  590. 590
    @#579 Says:

    Straw man argument. It’s not that difficult to give answers to media queries about his personal life that bear some semblance to reality, if he chooses to respond at all. It’s not that hard to say “They’re casually dating” and leave it at that. Instead he feeds the media stories promoting a great romance that doesn’t exist. He doesn’t look like a cool enigma, he simply looks foolish and hypocritical.

  591. 591
    @589 Says:

    You need therapy. Can’t you just join some spurned jump off of Leo club and stop turning this thread into Leo’s problems because of his unspoken desire that will destroy him once the public knows. Its boring and predictable. If everyone knowing has apparently ‘destroyed’ Gerard Butler (and not because Ger is a boozehound with a one note talent in flop after flop but because he has ‘forbidden love fever’). You and Tinkerbell need to start a club to save Leo from his blonde hos. Its clearly tormenting you from your repeated posts. And don’t pretend your above it.

  592. 592
    Agree Says:

    It draws more attention to his personal life, not less, and the supports the notion that he has something to hide. I’m all for celebs sharing what they want to share, when they want to share it. It’s their lives and we are not entitled to know anything. But don’t sell fantasy and reap the benefits of it, and then turn around act indignant when people pay attention and notice all the cracks.

  593. 593
    Lips8ite Alley Says:

    in da house homies! you beta recognise! y’all blonde beey otches we’re his twu love. dem fair skinned na zis aint she yat. dey only der for Leo to win Oscar.
    Sean Penn cin beat his wife, Christian Bale can ass hole everyone around town. Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson can be sex crazed druggie boozehounds and win Oscars but apparently Leo ain’t winning cos he gotta secret lovah. you beta recognise. he gotta hide it cos dey won kill im. Obama 4ever

  594. 594
    Robinnicole Says:

    Who said anything about a “cool” enigma? As for the Media, celebrities don’t care about it not being difficult to give answers, when the media is too nosey, it becomes annoying. Not to mention that the media has been known to twist up the facts,..the people that buy into the media are foolish, not the celebrities.

  595. 595
    Philly Says:

    The regulars appear to be gone. Analysis and idiosyncrasies of Leo’s love life clearly affects people more deeply than I thought. I’m off.
    Waves @ Canada Girl, Geez, epk, Lavo, Message.

  596. 596
    Robinnicole Says:

    “save Leo from his blond hos”,…LMAO,….oh deary, blonds are not the only sexbots that need saving from Leo, evidently the man has a problem that is not that damn secret.

  597. 597
    Agree Says:

    He can’t control the media. I don’t believe he has anything terrible to hide. He likes to fool around. So do a lot of men in his position. He doesn’t have to say that, but he doesn’t have to sell fantasy about his personal life either. Save the fantasy for the movies.

  598. 598
    mellow Says:

    wtf @ my comment awaiting moderation. this site is moderated?
    anyways, my comment was that y’all are dumb if you think his love life will affect his career. The only thing that will affect it is his film choices, and even then, he still has his production company to fall back on. Leo makes hollywood a lot of money and they like money so he will not fade away anytime soon.

  599. 599
    Robinnicole Says:

    @Lips8ite Alley:
    Hahahaha,…so that’s the reason he can’t win an oscar? Does Brad Pitt have a secret lovah too? Geez,..some people are like sooooo touchy,..oh,,…god,..

  600. 600
    LouUK Says:

    OMG what a massive shock! I never guessed that he would break up with this girl. He has split up with this model almost a generation younger than him who he has NOTHING in common with, and who was probably paid to date him.

    I wonder how much younger the next generic dull bland-looking deadhead will be? This is BORING Leo. Get a grip. Either get a REAL relationship with a REAL woman, or ‘come out.’ This constant model-dating is getting pathetic and laughable now. And their relationship has not ‘broken up’ because it was never a real one in the first place!

  601. 601
    haha Says:

    question is, are they gonna do this on-off thing like bar and gisele?

  602. 602
    Robinnicole Says:

    The media thrives off selling fantasy even without personal help from the celebrities they talk about. Leo doesn’t seem to have a problem jumping from woman to woman, so how exactly is he selling a fantasy about his personal life in plain site? You’re right, he doesn’t have to say it, his actions speak loudly for him.

  603. 603
    mellow Says:

    I think I’ve realized why people get so butthurt about leo’s love life. They still think of him as jack from titanic. That’s why they find his dating trend so offensive. The bottom line is, leo has never done anything shady. Dating models is not a crime. The only reason you guys are mad is because it ruins the image of perfect jack dawson for you.

  604. 604
    Robinnicole Says:


  605. 605
    mellow Says:

    @Agree: when has he ever sold ‘fantasy’? the dude openly shuns attention. he took a 2 year hiatus when he was at the peak of his popularity because he hated the attention. he doesn’t go on any talkshows despite it being beneficial for his awards chances. he isn’t the one writing tabloid articles about himself.

  606. 606
    RussianWoman Says:

    @Sarah: American women are so funny. I thought you all were too independent to WANT to marry?!?! Im being serious.

  607. 607
    The Weirdo Says:

    I don’t even think anyone cares what he does, whether he likes to chase girls, guys, or both or whatever. It’s just this media sham came falling down like a house of cards. I don’t think they will be able to pull this off again. Blake and now this with Erin? He will have to just be Leo, whatever that means, otherwise his credibility is going to go down or maybe it already has.
    Look at what happened to Lance Armstrong? He was a sports icon and I don’t think there was a single person on the planet that didn’t have the utmost respect for him. I’m not accusing him of anything but when truths came to light about possible foul play, he lost all credibility and everything he earned was taken away from him.
    The public does not like being lied to. Own your truth and people will respect you so much more for it. Even if that means you just want to date random women your whole life. Who cares!!

  608. 608
    RussianWoman Says:

    @Message: You dont know how he treats them.

  609. 609
    Robinnicole Says:

    @The Weirdo:
    Well said,..but Leo isn’t really living a lie, people just chose to ignore the truth.

  610. 610
    @Robinnicole Says:

    One thing we talked about a lot on this site is the fact that Leo’s PR quickly denies false tabloid stories about Leo on GossipCop. However, they never denied any of the crazy stories that were published about Erin. So we were all kinda wondering why not?
    They may not have contributed to the frenzy but they perpetuated it by being silent. I think they need to do a better job of protecting his reputation in this regard if they aren’t really going along with it.

  611. 611
    mellow Says:

    @The Weirdo: did you really compare leo’s love life with lance armstrong cheating in a sport? what kind of comparison is that? even if he was “gay”.. how is that a negative thing like taking performance enhancing drugs. lol the dumbness of people in this post is astounding

  612. 612
    #611 Says:

    IKR. “foul play”. “fall down like a pack of cards”. An unmarried bachelor dating consenting adults. Quelle Horror!
    Most people like Leo for his movies. The Departed brought even the guys on side, some are bemused/amused at his love life. 4 to 5 kooks on the blogosphere are not representative of the world at large. If so Vanessa Hudgens should be the biggest star in the world by now. I doubt everyone obsesses over every nuance of his dating like some to predict armagedeon if he does not ‘own the truth’ whatever the hell that means. He owes no one nothing. Don’t read on him if it you believe this gives you some authority on his life’s choices. It IS clear that Leo still attracts weirdos that’s for sure.

  613. 613
    --- Says:

    Robin going from defending him selling fantasy because it’s what his public demands to ‘Fantasy? Wot fantasy?’

    This relationship started off with a bang of pr. Odd since Erin is not that well known. It was their creation from the start.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d be surprised if any of the diehards still harboured illusions of Jack Dawson. I think the movie is overrated and it’s far from his best performance.

  614. 614
    @mellow Says:

    Do you really think the regular posters here are buying your drivel?

    Looks like the Leo damage control crowd has appeared to ‘school’ us again.

    The point I was trying to make was about misleading people and loss of credibility. If Leo was not really serious with Erin then don’t mislead people by publishing crappy nonsense to sell magazines. It’s a bunch of BS and you are being called out on it and apparently YOU DONT LIKE IT.


  615. 615
    --- Says:

    I hope your counting yourself among the ‘weirdos’ following his every move and defending.

  616. 616
    @IKR Says:

    Yeah well what is also evident is that Leo pays some people to massage his image as well which is exactly what is happening here isn’t it?

    Don’t try to discredit me as some weird fan. Of course I like Leo for his movies. What I don’t like it the false advertising on his love life to boost perceptions and profits. It is BACKFIRING on him and making him look like a damn fool. If that’s what you want for him then keep on trucking folks. Nothing to see here. Go post your drivel somewhere else if you don’t like it.

  617. 617
    Robinnicole Says:

    When did “Robin” do that?! Just because a celebrity doesn’t give the media the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, doesn’t mean they are trying to sell a damn fantasy,..maybe they are hip to the fact that their direct personal business is actually theirs. It’s not the celebrities fault if the media turns a celebrities image into a fantasy, and they have been very guilty of doing that. As far as I can see, Leo has been straight up about the type of man he is, he has never sold the public a dream, unless it was in a movie.

  618. 618
    haha Says:

    Just another of my two cents here but……not everything is PR!

  619. 619
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo likes to have main girls and sex random women,. that’s what he shows the world. He doesn’t directly say that to the media, but why should he have to?!!! I remember him saying he doesn’t know if he’ll ever marry, looks like he was being honest about himself, but people still claim he’s living a lie,…strange.

  620. 620
    #616 Says:

    So anyone who states a truth that not everyone – in fact most people above 25 I’m sure – is invested / hysterical on Leo’s love/sex life is ‘part of his paid team’? lmao. You’re truly out there. Don’t worry about help for Leo, seek some for yourself.

  621. 621
    harryp Says:

    How did she become a model? She looks like a basset hound. This relationship was about a real as Pamela anderson’s boobs. Next he will date a 20 yr old blonde model.booorrrrrrrrrinnng!

  622. 622
    @619 Says:

    Robin, I agree with you. The fact is, Leo’s PR readily denies wild stories in the tabloids but make no comment on his ‘relationships.’ The mere fact of that alone shows that they are in on it to some extent.
    I have no reason to believe otherwise.
    Why they are doing it I don’t know. But if they are so hellbent on truths, so to speak, then don’t they need to be consistent all around? The only thing they confirmed publicly was the break-up.
    They are either in on it or allow rumors about his love life to propagate no matter what is being said.

  623. 623
    #620 Says:

    Yes it is very easy to attack someone personally and say they are ‘weird’ or needing ‘mental’ help. Uh huh. Why don’t we stick with the facts which is what I presented #610 and #622 instead of worrying about my mental condition?
    Trying to discredit me is only making you look like a big fat PR troll who doesn’t like the truth. That only works in politics my friend, it’s not gonna work here.

  624. 624
    harryp Says:

    @Lips8ite Alley: now can you repost that in English please?

  625. 625
    now what Says:

    wonder what you all think, is there gonna be a reunion, or did leo dump her for good?

  626. 626
    Robinnicole Says:

    They can deny “wild” stories, but they can’t deny everything. Leo is also a club hopper, he meets women in those clubs and they can’t deny stuff that comes out about all of Leo’s behavior, because there is too much proof on it, he actually would be living a lie if they did that. Leo or no one else is ever going to confirm that he likes to cheat on his girlfriends, why would they do that? Some of those rumors about random women are true and have been witnessed,…the media just doesn’t make public headlines on them. In some cases, the media helps the images of celebrities, but it’s the media that is a liar in those cases.

  627. 627
    now what Says:

    haha I get a thumbs down for asking a question? lol

  628. 628
    #623 Says:

    OK. I’m a big fat PR troll. I am the walrus. I am sent from camp Leo
    You know the truth. You have exposed all. And your ‘facts’ prove you’re insane.

  629. 629
    #628 Says:

    Yep, more spin from the spin miester. Still not willing to discuss what I brought forth. Why is that?

  630. 630
    @Robin Says:

    No I’m talking about the ones about Leo and Erin specifically, not rumors of him cheating or whatever. The ones that talk about them wanting kids, getting married, moving in together, stuff like that.
    If what they had was just a casual relationship, they certainly allowed to the media to pass it off like they were on the fast track to getting married. It’s total BS.

  631. 631
    dum de dum dum Says:

    its not rocket science, the tabloids say this about every celebrity. that’s how they make money. you are just the ripe old age for this kind of thing. look back in history, every star celebrity has appeal to a certain age group and that age group is the money maker. the subject is the star of the era that appeals to that youth group. the stories are always the same even if they are not true becasue it feeds on the insecurities hopes and fears of the target audience…population: YOU

    leo is reaching the age where this will become less and less of a problem. as his target audience grows and matures, marries finally etc.

    how are the rules girls doing tonight?

  632. 632
    Robinnicole Says:

    Yea,….rumors like that are certainly strange coming from just a casual relationship. I doubt they are coming from Leo, he’s made his statement on what he thinks about marriage, atleast for the moment. People have to understand that the media will sells their own lies, they do it all the time. Leo talked about what he thinks of marriage right now, maybe he feels that’s enough, so he just ignores the rumors on his love life. He doesn’t change his actions, so he may even be saying, “now who are going to believe?”, without actually having to directly deny any of the lies.

  633. 633
    Just a comment Says:

    It is possible for celebrities to build a strong lasting relationship. There are many we never heard of seem to have found happiness. One of Leo’s costars, Mark Walhberg has been with the same girlfriend, model Rhea Durham. The couple has 4 children and seems happy.
    But Mark and Rhea have 7 years of age difference.
    I think at a certain point in a life, age does matter.

  634. 634
    LOL Says:

    Suggestion from a Washington Post’s columnist:
    Let’s to kick off a new season of Leo’s own personal reality show:
    “America’s Next Top Model Who Dates Leonardo DiCaprio.”
    Good idea!

  635. 635
    Robinnicole Says:

    @Just a comment:
    If a celebrity doesn’t want a long lasting relationship, it doesn’t matter how young or old their girl/boy friends are. That’s also how things go with people that are not famous.

  636. 636
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,…..yea, that is Leo’s real life reality show,…great suggestion!

  637. 637
    tinkerbell Says:

    @mellow: somebody who regularly PAYS MONEY t o this site to get her picutre posted made a phone call to Jared that stuff was heating up here, and that is why you are getting moderated. RobinNicole, someone hint hint makesa call and we all get moderated….happened many times before.

    I decided i really want to let it rest,but just so you know it happens.

    Also Robin, FYI someone spilled some not nice tea about Mr. Dicaprio on IMDB about two weeks ago and it was snapped off. He sues. It is not him here though.

  638. 638
    OK people Says:

    I have my own opinion about this and I’m not buying it so much. But whatever.
    Women want romance and guys want to bone. Leo is the king of conquests and trying to portray him as mr. romantic is pretty ridiculous and it’s obviously not working.
    You know, Tom Cruise lost his star appeal for me because he appeared ridiculous to me as an individual. I cannot remember the last time I went to see any of his movies in the theater or rented them for that matter.
    I predict the same will be true for Leo. He’s already being made fun of for modelizing and now even legitimate news outlets like the washington post are suggesting The Bachelor type shows. (rolls eyes)
    The thing is….Leo cannot afford this. His star power banks on the success of Titanic and how that launched him into the stratosphere. He has some very memorable performances but other performances have been OK not stellar and there are A LOT of great actors out there right now who could very easily step into Leo’s shoes. I don’t think he can afford to look like a dink because of shabbily marketing these false ‘relationships.’
    The “media” is all-inclusive here it’s not like they write this crap without a little assistance.
    Another thing is, what may have worked before does not work now in the day and age of tweeting, the internet and vasts amounts of shared information. Trying to pretend he’s committed when he’s tweeted about, photographed and talked about on a daily basis – it’s like impossible to lie in a situation like that.
    The story we were being fed was like a COMPLETE and total fabrication based on the fact that they weren’t even spending time together, LOL. If he wants to keep up fake appearances then he’s gonna have to create some fake dates. He’s an actor. I think he can do it.
    Then the ‘official’ story is they were TOO BUSY?? Oh please, they were finally in the same city. How convenient is that? I don’t even think their apartments are that far away from each other.
    It’s time to change the PR brigade because they are using old tricks in a new world. In my opinion, it’s failing miserably.

  639. 639
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: robin if you like gossip, go back and read bar/leo threads staring in 2009 or so. You will understand who is doing it and why I dont like them and they dont like me.

    But I want to let it rest now. Their names dont hurt me.

  640. 640
    tinkerbell Says:

    @lol: no ****. Can’t let it go or even realize she has to. But I’m a let it rest for now.

  641. 641
    tinkerbell Says:

    About now I would imagine it is tough for Miss Heatherton to go out in public…not that she has done a damn thing wrong, but the spin out on this must be annoying, especially since Chicago is her home town with that Chicago Sun piece—is that real Chi newspaper? I mean that is nasty. I would be pissed right about now if she was calm or being mellow or neutral I would best she is pissed. And frankly yeah he’smaking it obvious her used her for poontang…she is nice enough no one should be dissing her. Boring yeh, but someone has to be….I bet she really despises him right now and all the VS girls are going to gang up and turn against him…

  642. 642
    @641 Says:

    Guys are usually a-holes when they do the dumping. But yeah, he didn’t do her any favors. Guess it wasn’t such an ‘amicable’ breakup. LOL.
    He might as well have just said the sex was bad. Cruel.

  643. 643
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’ve heard that there are VS models that have turned him down, his reputation is bad because of his womanizing ways.

  644. 644
    Robinnicole Says:

    Was the tea that damaging that he threatened to sue?

  645. 645
    leo calls jonah a pri-k Says:

  646. 646
    Me Says:

    I bet Erin didn’t expect that Leo give her the kick as soon, as quickly and as publicly as he did. Probably she was expecting third reconciliation between them when she and her friends saw him at Lavo with her replacement.

  647. 647
    Sarah Says:

    @lol#634 -
    I love it, I love it:

    A great idea for a new reality show “America’s Next Top Model Who Dates Leonardo DiCaprio.” Way to go!

  648. 648
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: @Robinnicole: yup and SI girls too.

  649. 649
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: midtown bartender (prob lavo or darby) said he was quote a nightmare—coked up all night and demanded the place comp him for thousands in food and drink and threatened that he would never come back if not compted. (who needs him right if he doesnt pay? But coked up people feel omnipotent. Removed quickly from website

    I believe it however . there were other postings from down under that he was an a hole….from ozzie actor on tmz

  650. 650
    -_- Says:

    some Leo fans who have special account deleted troll posts at imdb
    if someone created false story trying to damage his reputation,of course it has to be deleted
    but JJ poster will believe bad stories about him and deny the good ones

  651. 651
    Model Fan Says:

    NY Post is reporting Margot Robbie was with Leo in Vegas this weekend. No wonder he was so quick to announce the breakup and distance himself from Erin, he had already found her replacement!

  652. 652
    Yeah! Says:

    @Model Fan: Really? Because the NY Post also mentioned sources saying they are not involved. Which is not hard to believe since Leo has never been involved with his costars before and he was seen with a bunch of models ( also according to the Post ) just days before Vegas…

  653. 653
    @Model Fan Says:

    If that’s true then sounds like the psychic was right….the psychic did say the new girl would be an actress.

  654. 654
    Erin's fan twitter.Run by Erin Says:

    and the tumblr

    and who wants to guess who Amandine is on that tumblr? One guess!!

  655. 655
    ah yes Says:

    Leo is actually gay and has a secret lover and goes coked up to restaurants and demands comped meals, doesn’t sound like a jilted lover wrote that at all. JILTEDDD

  656. 656
    Also Says:

    When was the last time Leo and Margot were see publicly together? Besides filming? I don’t think they have ever been sighted ‘hanging out.’ Leo is such a bad boy. OMG. If I were Erin I would want to crawl under a rug and disappear right now. So embarrassing!!

  657. 657
    @654 Says:

    OMG, Erin’s a bigger famewh0re than I thought!!

  658. 658
    @655 Says:

    What’s true? There is no one of knowing by reading celebrity spin.
    Plus, given his track record there are bound to be MANY jilted lovers LOL.

  659. 659
    1 + 1 = ? Says:

    erin has gained weight this past year and the VS fashion show is a month away. Who can guess how she will drop the weight in time?

  660. 660
    @657 Says:

    Could you guys be more transparent? Sounds like a bunch of wannabe models who think they are prettier and better than Erin congregate on here to bash her and deny that Leo is seen with ANYONE else because they want to date him themselves. DREAMERS.
    Not only that, get the memo, dating Leo is a joke. Haha. Why even bother?

  661. 661
    Yeah! Says:

    The VS fashion show is not one month away. Maybe airing on TV is but I think the show itself is this weekend in NYC.

  662. 662
    wannabe modelllsss Says:

    once you have browsed that tumblr it’s so easy to tell which comments are written by erin on jj comment boards. and if you want a little extra her BZ usernames are fashiondream and BarbieErin and obviously erinheathertonangelwings. BZ link

  663. 663
    1 + 1 = ? Says:

    @661 oh yeah!! well from viewing photos at her most recent event I wondered why she was dropping weight so early. gotta love photos, cold hard evidence

  664. 664
    Yeah! Says:

    @Also: Another good point. They weren`t seen together in public off set and now they are involved? Just days after he was entertaining a bunch of models? He tends to be ( good ) friends with his costars but not involved with them.

  665. 665
    wannabe a rockstar Says:

    Boy you guys don’t let up. Well, I guess if people bashed Bar for 2 years after the break-up then Erin will be no exception. I’ve been called ‘Erin’ on JJ comment boards many times and everyone has been so wrong, LOL.
    So I have to disagree with you, I don’t think it is that easy to tell. People write like they speak and since we are both Americans then maybe our English writing style is the same. I’m not saying she hasn’t but by counting the number of times I’ve been accused of being Erin, I’m willing to bet you are reading into things that are not there.
    But anyway give it up guys. Looks like Leo found a new plaything,

  666. 666
    @Yeah! Says:

    Yeah I don’t think they are involved but to be honest. I refuse to believe anything from the tabloids regarding Leo. That’s going to make my life a lot simpler LOL

  667. 667
    Yeah! Says:

    @665: A new plaything? Who?
    About Erin… I never liked her and I never liked Bar. But after the breakups I just stopped bothering about them. Why focus on someone who you don`t like more than necessary? I don`t care who runs those thing or whether she posts here or on BZ. I just don`t care about her and I don`t understand why some people still talk about her if it`s not necessary…

  668. 668
    Yeah! Says:

    @666: I see your point about tabloids and I agree. Especially when it comes to the Post. Days ago it was a bunch of models now they try to start it with him being involved with his costar and denying it in the same article. I don`t think they are an item.
    Margot would be his type but I have never seen him being involved with his female costars. That is not his MO.

  669. 669
    @Yeah! Says:

    I was kidding. I meant Margot was the new plaything.

    No he seems too professional to do that. Still I would like to see him date an actress. I personally think he liked Blake and part of the reason was because they had acting in common. If you think about it though, Erin and Leo pretty strong up until what? Labor Day? When did they go to Nantucket? I can’t remember.

    Anyway, when Erin was seen with Lukaas at the iheart music festival in Vegas and Leo was filming with Margot in NYC, I kinda got the feeling he stayed behind to spend more time with her (Margot).

    Now they have the official break-up and she is in Vegas (not NYC mind you) with Leo at a party. From the sound of it that party was sick so I bet anyone invited would want to go but still…..things seem a tad bit suspicious if you ask me.

  670. 670
    @Yeah! Says:

    Also, the official break-up was on Friday and they were spotted together socially for the first time on Saturday? Considering that is his MO, have the new girl ready for debut after an official breakup, it all seems to be coming together. How many true female friends does Leo have besides Kate?
    And Margot is not his only female co-star, so where are the other female co-stars? Why isn’t he hanging out with them?
    Leo looks more and more like the biggest celebrity douche out there. It’s not as bad as Brad Pitt leaving his wife for Angelina but this whole thing is kind of insensitive since the public eye is watching. I don’t think Leo cares. He does whatever he wants and doesn’t care what other people think. I think that’s the way you have to live as a celebrity. But I’m not impressed with him as a person.
    He’s a good actor, yes. But the way he treats women is dismal. It’s unfortunate really. If he has any degree of sensitivity towards the feelings of others, he would have probably thought that being seen with mobs of models and a female co-star was bad form but obviously he doesn’t see it that way.
    To me, he’s just becoming more ICK.

  671. 671
    @Yeah! Says:

    I love this quote from you;” Why focus on someone who you don`t like more than necessary?”
    Yes I did notice that after the breakup you of all people disappeared from the threads. I really don’t know what your angle is but you relentlessly dissed Erin on here and it seems like your entire mission in life was to see that it ended.
    Then when you got confirmation it’s like on to the next one. Any rumors or stories about Margot or anyone will be viciously denied by you as well.
    What is your problem?
    Are you living in a fantasy world where Leo belongs to you and only you and no one else can have him? Well, get real sister. Looks like ANY woman in the world can have him since others have said ‘he’s effed the entire universe.’
    I don’t even know if you realize how hypocritical you sound. You constantly hounded any positive mention of Erin that I ever made. And now you are saying after break-ups you just stop bothering about them? I’m sorry but there is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t mean that in a mean sort of way but I don’t think you are even conscious of what you are doing. It’s like you are compulsively denying any indication of Leo being with any other woman in the world. Well I got news for you. That reality doesn’t exist.
    You are also the master of invalidation. Repeatedly denying anyone else’s reality that does not fit with your own worldview.
    One day Leda your fantasy world is going to come crashing down on you and it isn’t going to be pretty. I seriously suggest you go see someone. I’m being serious. Before you have some kind of mental breakdown.

  672. 672
    @670 Says:

    Correction, the breakup was officially “announced” on Friday….it didn’t occur on Friday, it was announced. I honestly think it happened somewhere between Labor weekend and his filming tender scenes with Margot.

  673. 673
    Yeah! Says:

    ??? I thought he has been hanging out with Jonah Hill quite a lot. Jamie Foxx ( another costar ) was also at this party in Vegas. Kate Winslet is his best friend. Also I honestly wouldn`t call this Vegas party a `debut` for Margot. They were with other people, no indication of them being a couple ( kissing, holding hands…etc ). I think you are a little ahead of yourself. I think this is the first time they were seen spending time in public off set and as I said just days earlier Leo was seen partying with models.
    As it was said Leo is too professional to get involved with his costars.

  674. 674
    @1+1=?659 Says:

    the VS Fashion Show will be taped on Wednesday Nov. 7. It will air on CBS on Dec. 14. So the girls are now getting ready putting on their ridiculous wings and blow kisses with their empty stomachs.

  675. 675
    Yeah! Says:

    @671: The person with the problem is you. Whining and complaining about everything. I did not disappear, genius. Have you heard about Sandy? It was a fcuking big storm that knocked out my power for a week so I couldn`t post. Now what?
    Also what is hypocritical? I never liked Erin, never denied that and I never believed that this was going to last. And yes, I`m happy that it`s over. But not because I want him for myself. I don`t think I ever said that. That`s your theory to explain everything. Guess what? I do not believe that Leo is involved with Margot, another 22 years old girl. I don`t know her but I wish to see Leo with someone his own age. Actress, waitress, real estate agent someone not a model. Because I think he goes for models only for their looks. That`s it.
    But you, sweetie, don`t make sense. I stopped bothering about Erin. In which universe doesn`t that make sense? I didn`t like Erin and now I don`t care about her. It takes a rocket scientist to understand that… lol
    I don`t give a cr*p what you think about me and keep your advice to yourself. You think you have it all figured out, act like you are some wise person telling people what to do. Get over yourself and let others post. I didn`t attack you personally I simply said since they are over why is it important what Erin does or doesn`t do. Now we have another hissy fit from the drama queen.

  676. 676
    @672 Says:

    Right it probably did. Well it’s a matter of time before he’s seen with a new girl. No doubt right around the corner.

  677. 677
    @673 Says:

    I wouldn’t hold out for public displays of affection from Leo as evidence of anything. He rarely seem to do that.

  678. 678
    d. Says:


    You and your life is already too simple. Did you notice it?

  679. 679
    Sarah Says:

    I guess we all noticed how these two seemed to get along on the set

  680. 680
    Yeah! Says:

    I`m sorry but people say I deny Leo`s involvement with women. Ok, whatever ( some ) believe. But clearly some people here are already convinced that Leo is dating Margot even though it was pointed out in the article that they are not involved. Filming tender scenes with Margot? Filming is reality now? Wasn`t he filming tender scenes with previous costars?
    I would wait for something more to decide whether Leo is involved again with a 22 years old blonde or not…

  681. 681
    @675 Says:

    It’s too bad your power came back on.

    Leo is never going to settle down with anyone. I’ve dated guys like Leo and know how they operate. Especially in big cities, men have the girl they want at home waiting for them while they go out and party with the guys and go clubbing on the weekends. That girl is the one they introduce to their families and take to weddings and official gatherings. And meanwhile they are out ho’ing around and ******** every ska nk and sl ut they can find. Leo is like that with women only on a celebrity scale. If he wasn’t rich and famous he would just be called a gigilo.

    I would give up the fantasy that he’s gonna find some normal person to settle down with and make babies. It’s not going to happen. He will always have a high status partner for show and chicks on the side. Just like Clooney. He will never get married. If he did, he would still be the same and cheat on his wife too.

    He’s set in his womanizing ways at this point in his life. He’s not going to change. Believe what you want but I’ve experienced it myself. Men who are capable of real love and emotions bond with the woman they love and don’t want to cheat on them or do anything to hurt them. Men like Leo use woman as a means to fulfill sexual and egotistical needs.

    It would be nice to see him with someone he’s more compatible with like an actress but that’s not going to change his nature of being a man wh ore.

  682. 682
    Yeah! Says:

    * By saying `Ok, whatever ( some ) believe` I don`t agree to it. Just for the record.
    @Sarah: Is that photo from filming a scene playing a couple or in between takes?

  683. 683
    @680 Says:

    … i believe they were filming more than “tender scenes”… she plays Nadine and I think it’s with her that he’s having very hot sexual scenes. I can’t wait.
    I’m not saying they’re involved as a couple (Margot and Leo)… but let’s say, they probably really enjoy each other’s company and have lots of personal chemistry together. Lucky girl!

  684. 684
    Sarah Says:

    @Yeah – it’s between takes.

  685. 685
    @Yeah! Says:

    I never said he was dating Margot. I said it was pretty interesting that he is seen with her in public after the official breakup. Oh well, Leo will be Leo.

  686. 686
    Yeah! Says:

    @681: Aren`t you a b*tch? Yes, you are… You can`t handle some comments and you make nasty remarks like that. Too bad that elderly people on our street now have power just because the drama queen can`t handle different opinion.
    I hate to admit that this comment of yours actually makes sense. Unlike that other blabbing about someone you don`t know acting like some wise a** person who is above everyone.
    Leo is never going to settle down. Agreed.
    He is never going to settle with anyone normal. Agreed but not you, not anyone else can keep me from hoping that. I don`t know Margot other than I wasn`t impressed by her acting on PanAm. But she is another 22 years old girl and I do wanna see Leo with someone his own age.
    Being with an actress would give them common ground but at the same time maybe it would be too much in common as well. He once said dating an actress ( or costar I can`t remember ) would be like taking your work home. He said a lot of things in interviews but so far this seems like something he actually meant. And this is one reason why I don`t believe his involvement with Margot.
    But again a leopard won`t change its spots. He will never change, he will always be a cheater/womanizer. I did realize that a while ago but I still have a tiny little hope that maybe one day…

  687. 687
    @Yeah! Says:

    No I’m happy for the elderly people. Just not you. :) OK relax it’s just a joke.

    Well, like the other poster said if they were filming some hot an heavy scenes and they had actual real chemistry between them, which it didn’t look like he had with Erin, then it is a very real possibility. We’ll see.

  688. 688
    Yeah! Says:

    I don`t get it… This is not the first time he shot heavy scenes with costars and had chemistry. I guess I don`t necessarily see the logic or previous pattern ( no involvement with costars ) but we will see… But if they are on Leo is quite a player frolicking around with models while dating his costars. What a catch, right?

  689. 689
    Yeah! Says:

    PS: Your joke is not that funny. If I had the same sense of humor I would wish a storm like Sandy on you…

  690. 690
    @688 Says:

    Look I just think it’s amusing that this story came out. It just goes to show how the media wants to portray Leo as this guy who has it all when it comes to women. That he can just toss aside a VS model and then have the nerve to show up at a party with a hot blonde like Margot. It’s laughable.

    I do like the fact that his rep did deny anything because at least they are taking an active role in keeping the rumors down. Yes, it’s probably just co-stars. They had some kinky scenes and have probably seen each other naked. But if the rep says they are not an item then they are not. Plus she has to go back home soon anyway.

  691. 691
    Yeah! Says:

    What I found amusing was that the article started out with the chemistry and bonding sighting and then in the same article it was shut down. Immediately! Clearly for a reason. And this is the part when it comes to him being professional ( in spite of everything in his private life that #681 pointed out very well ) Leo takes his work seriously. I don`t think he ( or his team ) wants that kind of attention around a movie ( and that was the reason why I don`t believe he will go full frontal in the kinky scenes ). He wants to be taken seriously as an actor and he does want that Oscar. I think his work is definitely above everything in his life. Don`t you think maybe that`s why it was shot down so quickly?

  692. 692
    @691 Says:

    When it comes to other celebrities they shoot down the rumors not just for his sake but for theirs. Notice how quickly the Bar, Demi Moore, Rob etc. rumors were dismissed. It’s because they are talking about Margot who also has a public image to uphold.
    Of course they take his career seriously. The mans upcoming movies and future movie potential equals billions of dollars for Hollywood.
    But they’ve shown themselves to be pretty nasty. Saying he got bored of Erin is pretty vicious. Just goes to show, can’t eff with Leo or the movie mafia will come after you.

  693. 693
    Yeah! Says:

    Yes, some rumors are shut down quickly and some not at all. I think in this case the reason is that they are costars. This rumor involves his work and that`s why I think there was the quick reaction. It`s not just the money but during the years it became clear that now matter what a lousy boyfriend he is as an actor/filmmaker he is very conscious and professional.

  694. 694
    Weirdo Says:

    I guess the damage control group has left the building.

  695. 695
    Sarah Says:

    Margot Robbie: Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend Isn’t A Model!

    I’m not surprised by the timeline. Leonardo DiCaprio’s the hottest actor in Hollywood. You knew he wouldn’t stay single long. I am surprised by the rebound blond. Leonardo likes models – swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret models to be exact. But sources say Leonardo spent A LOT of cozy time with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie over the weekend at a party in Las Vegas so is Leo ready to put the cat-walking behind him?
    Leonardo and Margot were partying to celebrate wealthy businessman Jho Low’s birthday. I have no idea who this person is but he has eclectic tastes in friends. Robert DeNiro, Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper were there along with Kim Kardashian who apparently danced and hugged on Paris Hilton. Britney Spears was supposed to give a mini performance but apparently only could get out Happy Birthday before she freaked out and hid for the rest of the night. I’m not kidding. That actually happened. So… motley crew but that didn’t stop Leo from staying close to Margot although sources are saying we shouldn’t get any ideas since (surprise, surprise) nothing is going on. “They are shooting a movie and are just friends,” an insider explained. “There were a lot of people with them celebrating a birthday. That’s it. They are definitely not an item.”
    Weren’t Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio supposed to be just friends too? We all know what happened there. I’m just saying… Leo doesn’t kiss and tell so this response is expected. But is Margot the type to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend? She’s blond so that’s a start. She’s young and that helps. Leo isn’t so different from Tom Cruise in his preference for young and mold-able And she’s Australian so she probably has a hot body and looks great in a swimsuit. Check. Check. And check. She fits all the requirements. Leo’s not looking for brain surgeons and he isn’t looking for someone to take home to mom. People say Erin Heatherton was asking for too much and looking for some commitment. Poor girl. At least she wisened up sooner rather than later. Maybe she can find a pro quarterback and make some babies like Gisele. Someone’s got to steal Tebow away from Camilla Belle!
    Do you think the Margot Robbie/Leonardo DiCaprio relationship could go somewhere or is Leo just enjoying himself on set? Is he ready to stray from his supermodels or did Blake Lively ruin him for actresses for ALL TIME?

  696. 696
    Yeah! Says:

    @Sarah: Thanks for posting the article but don`t you miss something? Some parts of the original Post article?

  697. 697
    Lainey Says:

    Michael K from Dlisted said it best last week in his coverage of the story:

    “Hand me that Victoria’s Secret catalog, I need to order a new angel”

    A few people asked me over email the other day whether or not I think Leo’s next girlfriend accessory will be an actress this time and not a proper model, breaking his Gisele-Bar-Erin trend, with several more short hookups in between that are too numerous to name. Actors, whatever gender, are high maintenance, insecure, mega-management required. He would know. He is one, and he works with them. Given that he doesn’t exactly seek stimulation above the waist with his romantic choices, I’d expect him to want to keep it simple. No, Gisele was never simple. She became less and less simple the more she matured. Gisele outgrew Leo. And Leo has to keep starting over, at simple. You see the pattern? Pick one of the runway and done.

  698. 698
    Margot Robbie Says:

    Happy Halloween NYC!

  699. 699
    Weirdo Says:

    Well, now he’s predictable. Yawn. Women don’t like that either. He has to keep us guessing to keep us interested. :)

    She’s 22 blonde and hot and will keep him entertained until her work visa runs out and she has to go home. If he couldn’t keep up a ‘relationship’ with a girl who lived down the street then Australia isn’t going to cut it either.

  700. 700
    Weirdo Says:

    Does anyone else think this is just fluff to promote the film? I mean they let it out there and then they denied it but it’s still out there.
    Erin hasn’t tweeted since Tuesday when she went to Lavo. It’s looking like she really did get an October surprise that night. I feel bad for Erin. I know seems ridiculous but she needs to get a date or a boyfriend ASAP.

  701. 701
    Weirdo Says:

    Did anyone else see this picture of Margot?

    It says she’s at Lavo in the backdrop. o m g

    Sorry if I’m behind but I just saw this…..

  702. 702
    Yeah! Says:

    @700: I do think it was over before that NY Post announcement. I do think they broke up weeks earlier as Us Weekly claimed but it was confirmed later. JMO.
    As for the `fluff`. If I think of Leo he is someone who is trying to hide his private life from the public ( as much as he can ) and definitely not mixing business with pleasure. I personally don`t think it`s to promote the movie. And in my opinion ( I hope it`s obvious how much I try to emphasize that this is my opinion and not trying to force anyone to agree with me ) that`s why it was shut down so quickly. So this rumor about a possible romance ( maybe they hook up, have fun while working ) won`t get mixed with business. I think he is conscious about that…

  703. 703
    Weirdo Says:

    Oh my bad, there is a Lavo in Las Vegas too. My bad. That’s probably where the pic is from since the article is talking about Vegas.

  704. 704
    Yeah! Says:

    That photo is from NYE in Vegas.

  705. 705
    @Yeah! Says:

    I agree with what another poster said, that she may have been hoping for a reconciliation or something but when she saw him out it was over.
    She usually tweets more often. I bet she’s pissed.
    As for the Margot, I’m not believing anything written about Leo and women anymore. I make jokes but I really don’t believe any of it.

  706. 706
    Yeah! Says:

    I see your point about the reconciliation. That is definitely possible. And again I absolutely agree with you about the gossip sites. I based my opinion on my previous knowledge of him ( not getting involved with co-stars ) not on Page six or that denial.

  707. 707
    right Says:

    I bet erin knew Leo was going to be at that event at lavo and did everything she could to stalk him there

  708. 708
    Weirdo Says:

    I think it’s smart if he doesn’t get involved with actresses. I mean with models he doesn’t necessarily have to see them or interact with them again after things end. Except he does have to see their photos splashed everywhere like with Giselle.
    But like with Blake, I mean do you even think they could do a movie together? I don’t think so. Or it would be very uncomfortable.

  709. 709
    Weirdo Says:

    @right. Hahaha. I actually thought that too but the fact that she hasn’t tweeted since makes me think otherwise.

  710. 710
    #707 Says:

    I’m sure she’s still stunned at the break up. But why would she go to a nightclub spot with her friends and in the presence of tonnes of beautiful women for competition to stalk Leo?

  711. 711
    Weirdo Says:

    I’m beginning to think he is gay. I never really thought about it before this whole episode but when you do a google search on it TMZ had an article on this is 2008 and it was removed.
    And the fact that when I watch his films, he never seems to have chemistry with any of his female co-stars during sex scenes.
    Plus in the past whenever I saw photos of him with Giselle or Bar they both always looked miserable. He only seemed really relaxed with Blake. With Erin he looked disinterested at best.
    Then when he went to St. Tropez with Lukaas this past summer and didn’t invite Erin, it was kinda like, huh?
    For sure he is sleeping with women because obviously that is well-documented but things aren’t adding up for me. This fake relationship PR with Erin was so obvious that it is disturbing.

  712. 712
    Yeah! Says:

    I think they were over a while ago but the announcement came later. Who knows why? Maybe she tried to reconcile or maybe they just waited with the confirmation…

  713. 713
    Sarah Says:

    @Yeah – I don’t think anyone makes a public announcement of a breakup the day or day after (or even within the week) it happens. These two had already split many, many weeks ago. Just like with Blake. It took a whole month between the weekend she went to visit him in Sydney for her birthday and the reported split news from US Weekly. She was already seeing Ryan R.

  714. 714
    Fan Says:

    There was no sighting and picture reported since Sept. 1st. He was spotted partying, clubbing in NY, traveling to Vegas for more fun…. but always without Erin. There is no need to try to hide that these two were history. But frankly, was there ever a serious relationship between the two? I don’t think so.

  715. 715
    Odd Says:

    Its doubt it was many many weeks before as some are insisting/wishing. True, they were not seen together but she was hanging out with HIS friends not hers in Vegas for that party 2 weeks ago. It IS possible Leo was trying to let her down gently but who knows the truth?

  716. 716
    @713 Says:

    I think it is weird that when he is filming he seems to be ‘off’ the relationship thing. It happened with Blake when he went to Australia and then even though they were supposed to be both in NYC, they seemed very much off when he started filming WOWS. It’s like the girlfriend stories only come up when he has down time and has nothing else going on. But then when he is filming there are sightings with him with other girls etc.
    Anyway, all of it seems very odd. What does he live in two realities where when he is filming he is in a different world and doesn’t have to be in a ‘relationship?’
    Now this story comes out about Margot, who we have never seen him with before socially and all of a sudden there is strong chemistry. Really? Well show us a picture because he never seems to have strong chemistry with any girl.
    I don’t know it is all starting to be rather odd.

  717. 717
    @715 Says:

    Yeo he did the fade. He knew it was off but she had to figure it out.

  718. 718
    Yeah! Says:

    I have just seen this article from the Chicago Times about the breakup. What`s new?
    ‘The duo reportedly have split very amicably — which is almost always the way DiCaprio breaks things off. “With Leo, there rarely is any big drama or ugly scene,” said a longtime friend of the actor Sunday. “Leo is a total gentleman, but when it comes to women, he just gets, well, bored. He’s a very bright guy and so far, with the exception of maybe [ex-girlfriends] Bar [Rafaeli] and Giselle [Bundchen], he often finds he loses interest pretty quickly. You can only keep interested because of the sexual attraction for so long.’

  719. 719
    @716 Says:

    You are right he seems to disengage in relationships when he’s filming. But we were still getting sightings/tweets during WOWS – NY plays, Labour Day, and still being fed tales about how serious they were to various magazine outlets (NEVER denied by Leo’s team). All that stopped once Blake marriage news came out. Interestingly, because most of us had expected a photo op post the nuptial news, instead we got Leo cycling alone, partying lustily and living like a single man.

  720. 720
    @Yeah Says:

    That’s already been posted here. I think posted twice actually

  721. 721
    @Yeah! Says:

    Yeah we saw that when it came out. That’s the one we keep referring to when it says he ‘got bored.’
    Maybe he loses interest because he doesn’t like women? LOL

  722. 722
    Girl Says:

    Erin hasn’t tweeted for 8 days… she’s got an important show tomorrow as VS is taping the annual VS Fashion Show. Her name has appeared on every gossip column for not too flattering reasons. I feel sorry for her.

  723. 723
    @719 Says:

    I think they were just in the same city, she was available more and wanted to do stuff together and he wanted to be free again.

  724. 724
    Weirdo Says:

    @Girl – She probably went into hiding lol. They have those crazy diets they do beforehand right? I feel bad for her too.

  725. 725
    @Girl Says:

    Yep. The timing sucks. I’m a girl and I would be mortified that the cameras would be focusing on me in something like the VS show for all the wrong reasons.

  726. 726
    Yeah! Says:

    Oh, I`m sorry to bother you with that article. Thanks to Sandy I didn`t have power and internet for a week so I joined this thread at like 550-600 comments so I didn`t know it was posted before.

  727. 727
    Weirdo Says:

    She’s going to have to put on her acting chops and fake it. Smiles and all. I will be very interested to see the show when it comes out.

  728. 728
    @Yeah Says:

    F*** you.

  729. 729
    What's next? Says:

    To me Leo was caught in the act that day in Lavo by Erin. Not coincidentally two days later announced the breakup. But I think Leo hoped to keep Erin “waiting” a little longer, maybe for a reconciliation, while he was doing his thing whatever that is, clubbing with models or perhaps an romance with co-star.

  730. 730
    Yeah! Says:

    @728: Gee, what`s your problem?

  731. 731
    @729 Says:

    I think the same thing happened when Blake went to Australia. She caught him and then promptly left and ran into RR’s arms.
    I really hope Erin stays away from him. She will be much better off. Hey there will be guys backstage at the VS show! Leo is most likely NOT invited this year, LOL.

  732. 732
    @728 Says:

    Seriously….why the bad language? That came out of nowhere.

  733. 733
    Yeah! Says:

    I also think he might have wanted to keep her around for company for a little longer ( bday, holidays, award show parties…. etc ). Possible but he got bored and wanted to do whatever he wanted to do.
    Maybe Erin will be like Gisele and Lively. Leo`s `Good Luck Chuck` magic works on her and will end up getting married soon.

  734. 734
    Weirdo Says:

    I tried to post it but got moderated out. LA times says Leo is selling his Malibu rental property for $23 mil.

  735. 735
    From Glamour Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and his latest model-slash-girlfriend, Erin Heatherton, have supposedly just called it quits. Considering what an absolute modelizer he is (before Erin, he dated Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen), it’s only natural that we look to the runway to cast his next love interest.

    We Scour the Runways for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Next Girlfriend

    Rumor has it that Leo and Erin got together at the after-party for last year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show–in fact, sources say he showed up expressly to scout a new model. This year’s show is being held tonight (and they say he’s attending!), so the newly-single Leo will have plenty of gals to choose from. Here’s who we think he should be scoping out:

  736. 736
    @733 Says:

    If you really think about it, Leo really does live in an alternate reality or there is something seriously wrong with this picture.

    Most guys, ANY guy that can score a supermodel is going to try to keep that girl. OK, so let’s say they weren’t compatible, that’s fine. BUT THREE very beautiful model girlfriends escaped him??

    Leo is famous and all but come, DOES HE REALLY HAVE THAT MUCH APPEAL?

    Erin should be with a guy that worships her and doesn’t ‘keep her waiting’ or gives her the slow fade or whatever. I do not think she was clingy, in fact everyone always said she was laid back.

    It’s their business but his dating life is exposing some major issues. Every man in the world is probably like DAMN. I know people on here don’t like her for whatever reason but if he treats a woman like this and he has done it before, then she should kick him to the curb and let him meet him match.

    He should date a Gemini or a Sagittarius next. They are freedom loving and will probably be more skittish than he is.

  737. 737
    hahaha Says:

    Funny how just after the break is confirmed what we already knew. He was never interested in Erin, it was all PR, Erin was selected by VS to be Leo’s new girlfriend. And still he will attend the event? Watch out Karlie Kloss.

  738. 738
    @735 Says:

    Oh dear. It just goes from bad to worse. Yikes!!! Poor Erin.

    If he goes to that I seriously give him the King Douchebag Award.

  739. 739
    Yeah! Says:

    I don`t know but just after the breakup I somehow doubt he will attend the VS show or after party… Talk about awkward!

  740. 740
    Weirdo Says:

    They can’t seriously be going through with this. Who is going to buy it?

    Wow, are they delusional or what? Do they really think someone is going to buy the fact that he picked up a new VS model?

    What is this like leasing a car? When the lease is up, trade it in for a new model (forgive the pun)?

    Please excuse me while I go throw up.

  741. 741
    Yeah! Says:

    @736: The problem with Leo is that he doesn`t have to keep these supermodels, he doesn`t have to make an effort to please them. Because if they walk away he will have 10 just as beautiful ones to replace her… He is spoiled, he has too much money, power and fame. I think it got into his head, he is full of himself. If he indeed goes to the VS party models will throw themselves at him to be seen with him and maybe one gets picked to be his official one…. Not the actual supermodels ( I mean the real supermodels not today`s so called ones ) but the up and coming ones… I think he is superficial so he goes for the arm candy and only for looks not for personality or stuff like that. Lainey said it once that Leo finds women attractive but he doesn`t find them interesting. I think it`s actually true…
    Let`s see if he shows up at the VS thing.

  742. 742
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,…….what you said!

  743. 743
    5436243 Says:

    erin is sh*t

  744. 744
    5436243 Says:

    shut up erin

  745. 745
    5436243 Says:

    everyone hates you

  746. 746
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin – Seriously, I don’t need to know anymore. This just confirms it for me. The man is gay with a capital G. LMAO….omg, I seriously cannot believe that the PR machine thinks this is going to work? What are they thinking?

  747. 747
    Weirdo Says:

    @Yeah! – I see what you are saying. And I’m sure the rest of the world believes that too. That’s fine, whatever they need to do to keep the ‘fantasy’ alive.

  748. 748
    Yeah! Says:

    I`m really curious whether he is going to show up at the VS thing. If yes… just like Weirdo I will go and throw up. It`s like going to the meat market shopping and it is pathetic. Also VS? I mean the bar is lower and lower ( no pun intended ) because today`s VS models are just meh…. Skinny, generic and uninteresting models.

  749. 749
    Yeah! Says:

    @Weirdo: Honestly I never believed that gay rumors. I don`t know if that`s behind it but something is wrong. He can date models, he does date only models, he is having fun, no commitment, no effort to be a decent boyfriend. But how long can you do that without burning out? He looks miserable and far from happy. Something is off with him…

  750. 750
    Me Says:

    Honestly I doubt he attend. Leo usually is in backstage of the show or the after party but we know Erin will be there.

  751. 751
    @Yeah! Says:

    I’m curious now too if he’s gonna show up. I guess they are doing this to sell some panties. Remember how on Oprah’s show whenever she mentioned a product people would run out and buy it? I guess the marketing thing with Leo is working for them and they want to keep that alive. I don’t know I just think it IS FUNNY as hell. Wow.

    Well he is obviously not looking for anything serious, that’s FOR SURE. If they start coming out with she’s the one and fluff PR with the new girl, I won’t believe a damn word they say.

  752. 752
    tinkerbell Says:

    Coupla things.

    1. There is a NATIONAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION GOING ON TODAY PEOPLE. I am seriously worried because lawyers are already getting together on both sides. I had to use a paper ballot at the place i have voted for as a registered voter for years…I am worried we will have a 2000 type brouhaha. I worked a 12 hour say and nearly murdered the morons at the polls. Which was wrong of me because they are all slow, deaf, blind, not very swift senior citizens. I am not worried that Romney will win, but I am worried he or someone else might TRY TO STEAL.

    2. He wont be at the VS. Too awkward. And who is going to go home with him with Erin standing there?

    3. Erin. Peace! Good news, you’ll be practically married by this time next year. Because when you break up with Dicaprio you get somethning better unless you are unmentionable. Then you get natches.

    4. He isnt involved with Margot YET. YET. But in my opinion sheis prettier than any of the girlfriends including GIsele. Gisele is elegant and a great model, but not really pretty to me. Margot is much prettier than Blake (easy) the unmentionable and Erin. But she fits the bill. At least she actually is striking not a buttaface and not a model. I am OK with it. If Scorcese hired her then she is not a desperate Blake Lively nude photo “model”.

    5. Let the games begin.

    6.What Lainey said. Cosign.

    Erin, go out to the show and smile your damn ass off. If asked about Leo just smile at the camera and say “Oh, I’m OVER it.” Best revenge is to make them think you JUST DONT CARE.

    Right now he is all out of models so it will be a while. And he really is too damn old.

    He looked repulsive in the video, that dye job is horrible. But his voice wasnt squeaky so that w as cool.

    Hopefully we will have a new (old) president tomororow,


    but I think it will be a squeaker and we’ll be counting hanging chads forever. Barry has looked not too worried, and he knows more about politics than anybody else alive so I’ll assume he is counting on a win.

  753. 753
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Yeah!: Nah he wont do the VS. He would, but all Erin’s besties are going to be staring holes in them and the new girls won’t dare. Besides Karlie Kloss has somebody. Also this will draw attention to himself in a way he doesnt like. He’ll be up in his hotel room with Margot Robbie or some jump off. Maybe many jump offs.


  754. 754
    @tinkerbell Says:

    go stinkerbell go. get the *** out of here pig! and take your rantings avec tu

  755. 755
    Robinnicole Says:

    You might be right, because you never know, but he chases women too much. He only dates models, but sleeps with random women on the side, so someone is going to have to catch him with his hand in the cookie jar for me to believe he’s actually gay. There is a such thing as a a man-ho, I know a few of them. If anything, he’s BI, the man is attracted to women.

  756. 756
    @tinkerbell Says:

    Yeah they probably just mentioned that he would be there for promotional reasons. Kinda like when they say he is at a club but there are no actual sightings of him being there. I guess just mentioning Leo is good enough.

  757. 757
    @755 - Robin Says:

    There was a comment on another thread from December 2011 (I can’t remember where) but they said there is a difference between being seen with women and seen being with women. That kind of rung true for me. Yes, he is constantly surrounded by models at clubs, other places and publicly ‘dates’ them but when you actually SEE photos of him with them, the body language just seems so off.
    Anyway, I’m pretty sure he is sleeping with women, no doubt. I just don’t know if he’s happy about it!

  758. 758
    Weirdo Says:

    Hmmm, I think someone may have an announcement to make.

  759. 759
    Robinnicole Says:

    @@755 – Robin:
    Well, he doesn’t seem happy, so something must be going on. No one is making him date/sleep with all those women, he can get married and still sleep with men, they do that all the time. Whatever is going on with Leo, it might not be a gay thing, but there is definitely something wrong.

  760. 760
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Oh, I am sorry did something I say bother you?


    Found a man yet? No? Didnt think so. They are on to you. And if they are not I’ll make sure to REMIND THEM. Doesnt it bother you?

    It will.

  761. 761
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Why don’t you take a good look at yourself and describe what you see?
    And do you like it?

    Deep down you KNOW I am right that is what bothers you. You get proof of it everyday.Takes a lot of energy to lie to oneself as much as you do.

  762. 762
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: Yes, but that’s ok. Show me my bombs hit their target.

    Tomorrow: Barack Obama will be president again. His beautiful, Harvard law school educated wife will be first lady for another four years.

    Erin Heatherton will be an Angel.

    Leo will be filming and texting Margot Robbie.

    I will be happy.

    You will be sucking an egg like yesterday and hated in your own country.

    Enjoy !

  763. 763
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: That’s all right, that’s ok

    Because you’ll be working the Chicken Ranch some day.

    Je ne vais pas ailleurs, je serai heureuse vous tortuer un peu comme d’habitude

    Comment ca va en “nowheresville” petit chou?

  764. 764
    @tinkerbell Says:

    stinky inky pookie bell, lust for leo show and tell
    obsess and attack his girlfriends with her nappy hair
    its all she has, she knows leo don’t care
    by hating on his girlfriends and attacking them in
    the lonely ghetto spinster stares at the looney bin,
    her frustration clear. all these years on that she will never ever have him
    poor deranged obsessed stinky.

  765. 765
    Robinnicole Says:

    @@tinkerbell: @@tinkerbell:
    WTF!!,…Ok,.. what grade are you in and why are you up so late on a school night?

  766. 766
    Weirdo Says:

    Robin, I agree, whatever it is something’s not right in la la Leo land. I hope it gets worked out. And scre wing all the models in the world isn’t the answer, we all know that.
    Tinkerbell, it’s seriously like they wait for you to show up. No one posted anything until you came. STRANGE!!
    I don’t think we will know tonight who won the election. It’s looking to be so close!!

  767. 767
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: her nappy hair

    Hi Tzipi ! You stupid *****!

  768. 768
    myself Says:

    The solution for your problems:

    I think Leo should do 2 things for you guys stop to complain about his every step.
    He should stop working and than he should lock himself inside his house until he becames very old, than anyone would have nothing to complain about.
    Isn’t a great idea? All the problems solved.

    Because seriously you are all crazy here.

  769. 769
    WOWS News Says:

    Business Insider has a pretty neat article about the filming going on right now.

    Inside The $725K, 3-Day ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Shoot In A Luxury Manhattan Penthouse
    That’s the title if you want to google it. last time I posted a lot of text from an article it got moderated.

  770. 770
    @myself Says:

    Then why are you here at the #768th post following his every step?

  771. 771
    poor Leo Says:

    @myself, the amount of bashing he get in the internet is crazy
    maybe he is unhappy because people just can’t leave him alone :(

  772. 772
    @771 Says:

    Ha! I doubt he even cares. Go read bellazon threads for all your warm fuzzy needs. Then you can sleep tonight.

  773. 773
    will Says:

    Obama just got reelected.

    I wonder who will Leo bring this time to Washington for the inauguration.

  774. 774
    @myself Says:

    Have to be honest I laughed at what you wrote. The imagery lol

  775. 775
    Fan Says:

    Love this capture of Leo and Margot –

  776. 776
    myself Says:

    No, I don’t need to see all the comments to know you are all crazy, I just read 2 pages and I already knew.

  777. 777
    Fan Says:

    How can she resist?
    I wonder how many takes they had to do :)

    Good question.

  778. 778
    Weirdo Says:

    We don’t click on imagebam links here.

  779. 779
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: “nappy” head in the white house for 4 more years—–your words not mine welcome to the real world not your fetid imagination….electoral vote and popular….the righteous have won again.

    He wont be taking anybody to ANY ball…but yeah I can go for Margot, why not, she’s an actress and independent so she’s good for like 2-3 weeks.

  780. 780
    tinkerbell Says:


    and Margot for the man!

  781. 781
    Robinnicole Says:

    What’s up with the “nappy head” ****, 8 year olds need to go to bed. There is no excuse for such childish behavior unless you are a child.

  782. 782
    Weirdo Says:


    LOL too funny! “she’s an actress and independent so she’s good for like 2-3 weeks.”

    Yeah he won’t have to tolerate a long-tern contract where god forbid he will get ‘bored.’

  783. 783
    a question Says:

    has anyone of you ever thought that Margot Robbie could be the reason for the breakup…a guy can suddenly become infatuated with someone especially when he is so bored with his actual “so-called” girlfriend. we’ve seen this before with many guys.
    Life can be cruel sometimes.

  784. 784
    Sarah Says:

    @will –
    i also wonder who will be Leo’s lucky partner to go to Washington this coming January. Still more than two months ahead and many things can happen till then.

  785. 785
    Sarah Says:

    @a question -
    yes I have. it makes sense.
    so far GossipCop hasn’t denied the rumors. just curious.

  786. 786
    Yeah! Says:

    @Sarah: Maybe they don`t bother to try to figure out what`s going on with Leo and Margot because it was already denied? Just a question…. It seems like people ignore that part of the article.

  787. 787
    @Yeah Says:

    LOL. You’re really really invested in this story being untrue aren’t you?
    Can’t wait to unleash your target on his next girlfriend can you?
    Just a point… are also ignoring the part that info is sometimes fed to the NY Post deliberately. Subsequently denied or not

  788. 788
    ^ Says:

    Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s jumpoff his 22-year-old Aussie costar Margot Robbie?

  789. 789
    Yeah! Says:

    @787: Yes, you have it all figured out. You are so right, I`m soooooo invested in this story that I had the guts to point out the obvious. That Post contacted his people and they denied it. That can mean only what you say. That I`m so invested and I can`t wait to bash his next girlfriend. I don`t see your logic but you have to be right… Clearly you know more about me and my intentions that I do.
    Yes, sometimes stories are fed to the Post and sometimes they aren`t and they are simply sightings. And sometimes these stories are denied. MAYBE that`s why I used the word MAYBE in my comment… No, it can`t be it because you ignored that part so it`s not important.
    MAYBE I don`t see an affair here because other than this one off set sighting there was no indication about them being an item. No sightings, no rumor from the set only Leo partying ( with models ). No, that can`t make sense either in spite of the MAYBE in front of the sentence… Or that I said that Leo has never been ( publicly ) involved with his co-stars and I think it`s because he ( tries to ) keep his private life private and definitely not to mix business and pleasure. No, I bet that`s not it either. It`s all about me bashing the next one… :eyeroll:

  790. 790
    Leonardouche Says:

    I hear there are going to be some hot babes backstage at the VS taping tonight. Need to find me a new ho. What I really want to do is borrow a set of wings so I can fly around the room like the fairy that I am. But no, I will have to settle for picking a girl that looks just like me so I live vicariously through her.

  791. 791
    Weirdo Says:

    Sounds like PR for the film. It’s being played up in Aussie papers too.

    Neighbours babe Margot Robbie is Leonardo DiCaprio’s new model
    The Daily Telegraph November 08, 2012 12:00AM

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie on the ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ movie set in Brooklyn, New York
    The Daily Telegraph

    HE proved he had an eye for the Australian ladies during a fun-filled six months while he was filming The Great Gatsby in Sydney.

    Now US reports suggest that serial model-iser Leonardo DiCaprio may have one of our up-and-coming starlets in his sights after his split from American Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton.

    Former Neighbours babe Margot Robbie has reportedly sparked DiCaprio’s interest.

    The pair are believed to have become “close” on the set of The Wolf Of Wall Street, which they’re shooting in New York.

    Robbie, who plays DiCaprio’s love interest Naomi Lapaglia in the Martin Scorsese-directed movie, was seen cosying up to her leading man at a party in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

    Witnesses told the New York Post that the pair “spent a lot of time at the party together”.

    DiCaprio’s rep later denied there was any romance afoot.

    However, the actor is freshly on the singles market after his split from Heatherton last week.

  792. 792
    same Says:

    @a question: yeah the situation reminds me of what happened with bar/blake. He was obviously interested in blake for months before it was announced that he broke up with bar. I think him and margot probably do have something going on right now but they’re not going to admit to it yet.

  793. 793
    @same #792 Says:

    I want to believe that. I think it’s acceptable to split with the PR gf for something that is genuine because we all want Leo to be happy. However, there are so many lies I’m sticking with Yeah on this one and gonna play the skeptic until more time passes.

  794. 794
    Yeah! Says:

    Well, the slight difference between Leo&Blake and Leo&Margot is that there were sightings and rumors going around when he was pursuing Lively but nothing now. One sighting and a rumor immediately denied by his team. That`s why I am indeed skeptical about this… Also it would surprise me if he was involved with a co-star since a romance would follow this movie post production and during promo. I just don`t see Leo going for that. Also another 22 years old blonde who would profit from this relationship big time? I know what I would like for Leo couldn`t be far from reality but I just wish to see him with someone closer to his age…etc. You know the usual stuff we discussed a million times before and will never happen…

  795. 795
    Nessa Says:

    I hope he doesnt show up at the VS fashion show. If he does I´ll lose respect for him, poor Erin dont humilliate her even more

  796. 796
    @792 Says:

    @same: And maybe like Blake, her team made sure people knew it AFTER the announcement of the break.

  797. 797
    Nessa Says:

    @Yeah!: He just broke up with erin 2 days ago, of course he is denying a new romance

  798. 798
    Philly Says:

    I hope I’m not being stupid but do people actually believe Leo is going to be at the VS show? I’ve never heard of him being there. Dating them, Yes. Going on a scouting expedition, No.
    I assumed the reasons he was there last year were that he had just flown in from Sydney to promote J Edgar mostly in NY, and it was around his multiple birthday celebrations anyway so it was like a party week, and third he needed a replacement girlfriend for one-upmanship stat. I don’t think its the same situation this time. He can’t show up at the show can he? I could be wrong but I don’t see him being there. If I’m wrong I’ll eat crow.

  799. 799
    Yeah! Says:

    Why? After his breakup with Bar he didn`t hide his new romance with Lively. All I`m saying is that I would wait for more info about Leo and Margot being an item. I`m not sold on this one based on a sighting & rumor hat was immediately denied. I think I see this differently than the others because I think that Leo and Margot being co-stars make it different from him dating Lively. I could be proven wrong any minute by some Leo&Margot making out photos but until then I`m skeptical…

  800. 800
    @Philly Says:

    @Philly: Last year he was at the backstage of the show

  801. 801
    Yeah! Says:

    I also don`t think he would show up at the show. He was at the after party last year and after his recent breakup with Erin… I doubt he would do that. Even if he is a sh*tty boyfriend I just don`t think he would go haunting in front of his ex. Also WOWS is filming again after production was delayed for a week due to Sandy. I bet they are working around the clock to catch up so his weekday party plans might change… Just an ideal…

  802. 802
    Philly Says:

    I know. I wrote the reasons why he was there in my post. I assumed it was a one off and mostly due to certain circumstances he was there. I could be wrong, but I’ve never read/heard of him being there on any other occasion. Hip hop stars, Orlando Bloom as regulars, yes.

  803. 803
    same Says:

    he doesn’t go to the shows. The celebs at the shows usually get shown on cam and he probably doesn’t want that. He usually attends the afterparties.

  804. 804
    same Says:

    @Yeah!: they’re working on a movie together though. It’s different to him being spotted with blake. It wouldn’t be weird to see him & margot together. I agree that time will tell but I think it’s strange that she was with him in vegas.. I can’t remember him hanging out with a female costar outside work like that. “who would profit from this relationship big time” anyone he dates will profit from a relationship with him. He’s just too famous for that not to happen.

  805. 805
    Yeah! Says:

    You know we can go on with this forever. How is it similar to Leo&Blake and how it`s not. People see it differently. IF they are involved I bet they meet off set as well or there would be rumors around them. But nothing. There are a million little things you can bring up to explain that they are involved and there are a million things to prove otherwise. This game can go on and on and on and on… I don`t wanna continue it and I`m not trying to force my opinion on anyone. I`m not sold yet and I need more to believe they are an item. JMO. That`s it. I guess we have to wait and see if anything else comes up…

  806. 806
    Weirdo Says:

    Philly, an article came out yesterday in Glamour (I don’t know if you saw it, it was posted in earlier posts) saying Leo was planning to attend, I don’t think the show but afterparties like someone said. It is very possible that there are multiple things going on afterwards so he and Erin can avoid each other. Still, I agree with you….if he does go to anything related to VS, it’s gonna look pretty shady.

  807. 807
    tweet Says:

    Andrea Lopez
    My mom texted me and said she just saw leonardo dicaprio at LAX k cool

    8:16 AM – 7 Nov 12 ·

    Is this coming or going?

  808. 808
    same Says:

    @tweet: leaving. I think he flew back to LA to vote.

  809. 809
    Message Says:

    I don’t feel like getting into an argument about this, but my two cents is that there is something going on between the two costars. Just a hunch. We will probably never know because this is too close to home professionally… And he takes that seriously. I don’t know. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. Leo likes them young, sexy, and available. She probably looks at him with stars in her eyes. Who wouldn’t like that kind of attention.

  810. 810
    lol Says:

    leo is not gonna fly to LA to vote….he probably made an early vote, or mailed in, because nobody would fly a long flight to LA to vote then turn around and fly right back.

  811. 811
    lol Says:

    ANd people please quit linking leo and margot….it has already been denied, and not just denied, but “definitely” denied!

  812. 812
    Don't be naive, please... Says:

    …Do you all honestly think it is a coincidence that Margot was in Vegas last weekend partying with Leo? Do you honestly think she was on the guest list of the Malaysian Prince who celebrated his birthday? C’mon.

  813. 813
    lol Says:

    @812 jonah hill was there too, like jonah was invited to that party? Who cares if he brought margot, he denied the romance, and not only denied it, but said they are “defiantly not” and item. I like margot, but doubt anything is going on…yet anyway.

  814. 814
    @810 Says:

    I was thinking the same thing.

  815. 815
    xXX Says:

    leo, jonah and margot at the same party and no rumour about jonah and margot ….

  816. 816
    Weirdo Says:

    He made have had to go back to LA for a promotional thing for the election? I’m not sure. He property was also listed yesterday so maybe he had to do an in person thing for that? There was also a screening for Django, the director went not sure if Leo did. Does seem like a long flight. He sure does travel a lot!

  817. 817
    Weirdo Says:

    LOL Yeah! was right, we really can go on and on about this. Leo sure does give us a lot to talk about!

  818. 818
    xXX Says:

  819. 819
    Maybe Says:


  820. 820
    Yeah! Says:

    To me it seems like people are really hoping that this Leo and Margot thing is really happening. He just got out of a relationship and maybe he should take time before starting something new with another incredibly young thing. How is Margot different from Erin? She is an actress and Erin is a model but other than that how is it better for him? I see people criticizing him for his choices in his private life ( yeah, me too ) and then hoping for him to do it again… That`s kind of puzzling to me.
    Scooping up some friends in a `dead city` over the weekend to party in Vegas is not that strange since the cast still couldn`t work. Not on the guest list but Dicaprio said he is bringing an entourage is also not a big deal.
    I`m still waiting for something more to convince me that this is happening or it`s not just hooking up ( without becoming public or serious ).

  821. 821
    lol Says:

    @yeah waiting for more proof too, but seriously doubt its happening. The holidays are coming up though and leonardo doesn’t like to be alone during New Years, wonder if he’ll pick erin back up or find a new one by then?

  822. 822
    @Yeah Says:

    No one is ‘hoping’ for him to do anything. People are simply reporting some goss and giving their opinions and your tactic is denial and then sharpening your claws to start your relentless attacking the next girl here and everywhere else till your death.

  823. 823
    lol Says:

    @822 all I know is they are “definitely not an item”..leos own denial. moving on….

  824. 824
    Yeah! Says:

    It`s not a `tactic` it`s an opinion. And I had the feeling that people are hoping and pushing this to happen. That`s how I see it and you don`t have to agree with me at all. But again you have it all figured out. Just like earlier today pushing the same old stuff about what I`m planning to do. Why don`t you use your mind-reading power for something more useful? `relentless attacking` sure whatever you say… or whatever you lie ( as usual ). Have you noticed that in spite of different opinions people are getting along just fine? Then you show up and it`s all gone…

  825. 825
    Weirdo Says:

    I’m done speculating too.
    If they are an item, just another interchangeable blonde (no surprise)
    If not, he’s being professional (no surprise there either)
    Replacement will probably appear sooner rather than later.
    How long has he ever been ‘single’ in the limelight?

  826. 826
    lol Says:

    he was actually single for a long time in 2009, 6 months actually. he dated around a little bit, but he was single. I hope he’s single for a while. though he always has a gf during the holidays and new years, so thats about a month away, is he gonna find someone new by then, or is erin the most convenient to get back with?

  827. 827
    Yeah! Says:

    Yes, he was single while he had a break with Gisele as well ( almost a year ) and then his long breakup with Bar. Last year for a couple of weeks while in Sydney. He should take his time finding someone new otherwise it`s just gonna be a replay again. Jumping into something new so he is not alone during holidays and picking someone only because of profession and looks… Those are not going to last no matter who is the next one. That reminds me of the definition of insanity. Doing something over and over again the same way but expecting different results. Except that I don`t think he expects or wants different outcome.

  828. 828
    Weirdo Says:

    LOL Yeah six months is a LONG time….

  829. 829
    Message Says:

    If he is with Margot, Erin, next interchangeable model… I don’t care. It would just be nice to see him treat a girl, any girl, with some respect. Not sure if he is capable of that, but one can hope! And maybe some genuine happiness from him? I have said this before and I will say it again… Ever since the filming of Gatsby, he hasn’t been the same. As a fan, I just hope he can find a way to be happy. Perhaps he is, but it doesn’t seem that way. The only time he ever truly seems to be enjoying himself is when he is working. He is very good at what he does. And he does respect his work… Always.

  830. 830
    Weirdo Says:

    When was the last time he had a Christmas release? (if ever? I’m not up on Leo movie trivia to that level of detail)
    I think he’s going to be pretty busy promoting his new film this holiday season.

  831. 831
    Weirdo Says:

    OK I checked his filmography on imdb. He has had two Christmas releases: The Aviator and Catch Me If You Can.
    Other titles released in December (but not Christmas day) have been Gangs of New York, Blood Diamond and Titanic.

  832. 832
    Weirdo Says:

    There are some tweets with pics of Erin backstage at the VS fashion show. Girl looks like she’s had a rough week. :(

  833. 833
    Weirdo Says:

    I know this is old news but I thought it was pretty funny how the person wrote it. From the Atlantic Wire:

    Meanwhile in Las Vegas, newly single Leonardo DiCaprio may not be single for long. Now that he’s done with Victoria’s Secret model (really, Leo? That’s about the most unoriginal thing) Erin Heatheron, he’s said to be cozying up to his 22-year-old (oh, Leo) Wolf of Wall Street costar Margot Robbie. He and the Aussie newcomer were spotted talking closely at the Wynn Las Vegas recently, as both were there attending a billionaire’s birthday party. Haha, what? A billionaire’s birthday party? Isn’t basically every a day a birthday party for a billionaire? “Today I want to celebrate all my blessings with my friends somewhere fabulous, like I will tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life barring a few days when some sad things happen and a couple more when I’m feeling lazy.” A billionaire’s birthday party. Ridiculous. And this is the billionaire we’re talking about. I think that dude definitely has a birthday party every day. Sure it would probably be kind of fun, but wouldn’t you also feel a little gross going to a billionaire’s birthday party? It seems awfully decadent to be a billionaire and throw a party for yourself. I mean, do you have to bring a present to a billionaire’s birthday party? Does the billionaire blow out birthday candles on a cake made of diamonds? Does the billionaire get to feel like this is his or her special day? Because pretty much every day is special for a billionaire, I’d think. Sure they have the same common concerns as anyone else — they worry, they poop, hate traffic and feel tired in the morning — but beyond that, their days are a lot more routinely special (oxymoron?) than most people’s. Anyway. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen talking to a 22-year-old blonde girl. Quel shock.

  834. 834
    @Yeah #827 Says:

    A little correction, if you may…. Leo was not totally single during his breakup with Gisele. He started to date Sarah Foster right after his split (May 2002) and it actually lasted at least 6 months.

  835. 835
    @832 Says:

    I wonder how she feels about having her name in mostly every columns for having been dumped by her very famous boyfriend. I guess it is the price to pay if you accept to date a celebrity.

  836. 836
    Weirdo Says:

    @834 – It’s like he gets distracted with a shiny new toy and wants to play with it for a while and then he comes back.
    I don’t think he’s ever really single, it’s just a revolving door of babes.

  837. 837
    Weirdo Says:

    @835 – Do you really wonder? :)
    No one on this thread ever cared about Erin they just bashed her every which way to Sunday because she was dating Leo.
    I expect the public flogging of his new piece to happen just as well.

  838. 838
    weird Says:

    i guess this is about LD but i still can’t believe he was about to propose. they never were together or spent time and he looked bored all the time he was with her so i can’t believe he thought she was “the one”. such a joke.

  839. 839
    tinkerbell Says:

    Someone knows how to pick ‘em.

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Two-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White has reached a deal to settle public intoxication and vandalism charges in Nashville.

    Susan Niland, the Nashville district attorney’s spokeswoman, said White appeared in court Wednesday, a day earlier than scheduled, after he and prosecutors agreed he would seek alcohol treatment, perform 24 hours of community service and pay restitution.

  840. 840
    tinkerbell Says:


    Four more years !!!!!

  841. 841
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Tzipi Refaeli used to come on here and address me as “NAPPY HEAD” (i’m white/Irish) and tell me to get it straightened. REPEATEDLY and in caps. Do you see why I feel the way I do? That is her again. Welcome to the wonderful world of clan Refaeli.

  842. 842
    Fan of real Models Says:

    I just saw pics of Erin without makeup getting ready for the VS Fashion Show….. Ouch!

  843. 843
    Yeah! Says:

    @weird: IF it`s about Leo and Erin ( I highly doubt he was about to propose. I mean, please! ) it`s more like damage control.

  844. 844
    tinkerbell Says:

    @weird: nor do I. He liked the girl but if you are serious about marrying someone you don’[t change your mind because they suddenly want to spend more time with you. does.not.compute.

    That is a cheesy blind gossip site too..

    Links to the Erin pix?

    He’s not involved with Robbie yet…but she’s prettier in the face than all his other “girlfriends.” So give it time. She’s also 22…young enough for a fling. Not old enough to know better.

  845. 845
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Fan of real Models: I feel sorry for her but if I was here to show everyone up I’d go out and smile, smile, smile !!!! If someone asked me about Leo, I’d be like, “WHO???”

  846. 846
    Weirdo Says:

    @weird – two blind items came out like that right at the same time and it was widely believed they were about Leo.
    Yeah, the discrepancy between what they actually were and the media presentation is just too great to ignore.

  847. 847
    Weirdo Says:

    Tink – JJ has a thread going with VS backstage photos. There are also tweets of Erin getting ready if you want to do a twitter search.

  848. 848
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Fan of real Models: Well, if that was what he saw in the morning I can understand…she’s pretty in retouched photos, but she seems like one of those women whose bodies cant way to blast off into cellulite land. She’s thin and in shape now but it just looks the way her body is shaped and how she’s “skinny fat” in some areas…Leo dumped her but she showed her worth/self esteem by moving on….he thinks everyone is going to wait around him and needs him but they don’t…that is why the last two “girlfriends” were relatively short term. No more 5 years of on and off. Girls that can make it on their own dont need him forever, so he is going be changing them like shirts for a while, using em like kleenex. Some will use back though.

    He won’t be at the show, very embarrassing for him.

  849. 849
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: where and what is the second one? Curious. Remember King *******??? Miss Ted but CDAN is now taking up the slack.

  850. 850
    Robinnicole Says:

    Well damn,…..that’s really ignorant behavior, it’s a shame we have to let ignorant people be happily ignorant!

  851. 851
    @tinkerbell Says:

    You realise ‘Fan of real Models’ is one of those 3 wretched Refeali clan posters that spam the posts of Leo’s other more famous girlfriends. The obsessive hags have not let go after almost 2 years like with David Charvet and you’re interacting with them. Just a heads up.

  852. 852
    Weirdo Says:

    Lunching Over Prenup
    same site
    came out two days later:

  853. 853
    tinkerbell Says:

    Mr. Obama you have got a pretty daughter

    No I am not saying super model, but our first daughters are cuties. The prettiest first daughters in the world…we also have the best first lady..she makes all the other ones look frumpy, short, and fat.

  854. 854
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo is bound to run into a “young thang” that will not be ignorant to the game, it’s rare, but it happens. What goes around does come around; Leo may be a gentleman as people have claimed, but it doesn’t always take blunt ass-hole behavior to hurt women. I believe he does let these young girls know how far he’s willing to go with them, but they catch feelings anyway. Margot is young, but something looks different about her, and it does seem like Leo lost interest in Erin all of a sudden. Maybe it’s just me.

  855. 855
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: I know. I drag em out on purpose to bash em all over. I shouldnt but they really piss me off. One of the reasons was calling Michele Obama “simian”–the first first lady we could look up to in a while. Her hair actually moves in the wind and I like her clothes. She is not some square pastel nobody like Laura Bush. Or a victim like Hillary Clinton. I feel strongly about her.

    I also love the Williams Sisters…they got called gorillas. Dont think this doesnt have an effect on people…I love Serena and Venus because they are real American girls…not stick thin blond Europeans that get wiped off the court like Anna Kournikova but get internet attention because she’sblonde. They learned to play on the courts in Compton. And Serena is one of the greatest female athletes of our times. Don’t think this doesnt piss people off..they have fans. I think Venus is the prettier one but Serena came to kick butt and chew bubblegum. Also like their sense of style as well on and offf court.

    You diss people that get real respect from their country women….it’s not a good idea. I RESPECT the Obama ladies and the Williamses…because they have done great things. To come from Compton to Wimbledon….very big deal…and to go to Princeton and Harvard Law and support your husband in his political career all the way to the white house…very big deal again.

    I think Malia might have some political career herself, just the poise with which she stands I see someone who will be making speeches herself, and Sasha is just so cute/adorable but I see her doing something more creative…both will go to Ivy League schools and have very bright futures…

  856. 856
    Huh? Says:

    Those blinds are OLD news.

  857. 857
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: these stories are written and bandied about to get internet traffic, that is it. They are outright lies. I could write them myself blindfolded.If he really met someone for a pre-nup you’d never hear about it. The kind of legal and professional people Leo deals with don’t do business that way..they are not do-it-yourselfers.

  858. 858
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: It’s not everybody’s thing but in my book people who make comments like these deserve to lose jobs, contracts, careers, etc. People who make comments like Mel Gibson does deserve to lose opportunities, public respect, credibility and income. All of their income. I will be happy when that happens.

  859. 859
    @tinkerbell Says:

    I actually disagree. They were definitley planted deliberately IMO. Too much of a coincidence that two versions of the same gist showed up in quick succession. And if ludicrous drug blinds can be made to disappear by Leo peeps why not other blinds?
    When the earlier blinds were posted (check out older Leo posts) someone, who I think was an insider, actually predicted that this would go down this way to get out of the bogus claim. I mean who breaks up with someone you were planning to marry because she suddenly became ‘possesive’ aren’t you supposed to be in tune with all facets of her behaviour before thinking marriage?
    I have my reasons as to the motive of why the blinds were fed to both BI site and The Enquirer in the first place and at that time but I won’t discuss.

  860. 860
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: that is thing

    but they catch feelings anyway

    you start sleeping with somebody and going out with them and you get hopes unless you are a hard ass girl on the way to the top by any means necessary…apparently he is very personable on an one-to-one basis, girls who knew what he was have remarked they caught feelings based on how he was in private–sensitive, smart, articulate, politically left, generous, interested in art, eyada yada yada yada..he just has too much opportunity and doesnt know how to handle it and has become jaded himself. He doesnt know how to look for quality over quantity and substance over appearance. But if he no longer cares I wouldnt be surprised. He had a soul and a heart once like everybody else !

    Apparently Sharon Stone once told him to use his fame as power to avoid heartbreak….he took this way too much to heart, and rather than learning to deal positively and proactively by being a better man he just got another girl. Sharon’s really a beaut in her own way, fooling around with security guards 20 years younger and keeping a boy toy.

    But I think he’s gone now….the soft leo is a hard ass jaded man.

  861. 861
    Robinnicole Says:

    Venus and Serena have talked about how they are treated at some of their matches, it mad me sad at first, but they made me feel better because they straight up don’t let any of the ignorance bother them. I laugh my butt off when they win and do their victory dances, knowing how they are treated and the names they have been called,..they don’t give one F CK about any of that, it makes then stronger!!

  862. 862
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: I could see them being false placements to give the idea that Leo is still marriageable and the fantasy is still true…he still wants to get married eyada yada yada…which I dont believe. This makes him look like he is marriageable..that he could handle it and wouldnt cheat constantly. I dont think he would never get married but I sincerely doubt he would stay that way. It makes Leo look like a nice guy and he’s not just some using cad that used another 23 year old girl for a couple of months. You’d have to be dead not to hear a lot of women out there starting to doubt and there are national jokes about his modelizing..they know it no longer works for him completely.

    All of the girls sign non disclosures…they cant talk about him so they dont. And Bar had an actual dating contract…signed paper with parameters somewhere along the line..supposedly a distant cousin of hers was on his PR team..also her brother knew Danny Avikanzer, that was the hookup. She didnt get paid but the “rules” were apparently laid out.They can’t come out and talk smack about him later….

    But also they reinforce his image as

    A. desirable–if they are models he must be desirable right? Even if they are buttafaces by most people’s sights.

    B. Hetero–because that still plagues his career, as late as last week

    C. Romantic….he made his bones with Jack Dawson so he has too look monogamist….

    A long time ago it was written that early on his people told him to stay with white girls in order not to lose his core fans of silly Titanic weenies….I was not his fan in that era, sorry. So yeah, I think suitable gfs are found and recruited and contracted. And when he gets bored he is still protected.

    These might be placements because he does look like sort of a cad here and of course women are suspicious…..its to play down any negative feedback from this. The way Kenny Sunshine does things is slick…you don’t necessarily address the negative stuff to make it worse and give it attention but blow smoke to make it look like something else. These are the types of girls he likes but I also think they serve very specific purposes.

    There will be marriage rumors about anybody he dates because in the old days that sold papers and now it sells audience or “impressions.”

    As for the removal from IMDB– I totally believed that post. I work within a two block radius of Lavo and Darby—known leo hang outs so it is very possible it was one of those bartenders. Both midtown, next to Central Park. And, yeah, he does blow sometimes and yeah he can be an a-hole to service people, has a history of that. He was reported once on CDAN a long time ago as doing blow with Oliver Stone in the back room of some bar in HW.

    I believe it, I dont really care but cocaine makes you feel omnipotent that you can deal with the heavy demands of a career like his and when you are feeling down it gives you the energy to get by…I dont even care about that, it was the a-holeness and demanding to get comped that was shameful…

    Another time there was a paparazzi picture on a yacht. His swim suit belled out, was probably wet, you know, and it looked like he had a GIANT erection…not necessarily a bad thing but the photo was bought off or threatened off the website in 24 hours, as in gone, not there anymore. Yes, they are watching, that is their job.

    If you dont believe me read the 25 page restraining order his security people wrote up about Livia…they were watching for a long time. This company has behavioral health/threat watchers who try to distinguish the stans from the truly mentally ill…there are tip offs. His security people monitored the internet for real wackos,like people who think Leo is god and they are carrying his baby Jesus….etc. BTW Livia was posting again last week after this breakup, that would scare me. She is not evil, just ill, but she has shown up at his place and she does scare him.

  863. 863
    Weirdo Says:

    @Huh? – yeah I know they are old. I was responding to ‘weird’ because they posted one of them and I said there were two blinds.

  864. 864
    Robinnicole Says:

    Power can be used to avoid heartbreak, until you meet your match. Only pulling boy toys and teeny boppers doesn’t really take that much power, since most of those victims are already clueless. For their plan to fully work, they have to avoid dating a certain type of individual and most times age is a factor. Sharon stone has never looked that happy to me, it’s a damn shame she gives out bad advice.

  865. 865
    Weirdo Says:

    @859 – WHY aren’t we discussing? Discuss, discuss!
    Are you thinking Blake?

  866. 866
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Good. And there is no one stronger than Serena Williams..I am talking physically that woman is POWERFUL. And you know what, people always acted like that was a bad thing, like it was a tea party not an athletic contest. I admired her because she was built for strength and speed and I admire that in female athletes. When she yelled “ooooff” on her serves you were like, damn that ball would hurt if it hit you.

    I was watching a doubles match between the Wililams and Anna Kournikova down in the wall street area at a temp job..they put on the TV during weekend/OT hours. And the men were like Anna Kournikova is the only reason to watch tennis…and I was like, no Serena Williams IS THE ONLY REASON TO WATCH TENNIS, because really I used to watch the US Open to see them play. Anna K was actually wiping her mascara off during the match until Serena wiped her off the court in about five minutes.

    I am glad they feel that way, and that was something their father said, that they had been treated grossly in the tennis establishment, which is very white and very upscale in the US, and I believe it but I also felt it was out and out jealousy. Tennis is not all a power game, it is also strategy but the Willilamses could do both.

    Remember this brouhaha about Gabby. Douglas…. I believe it. But also I am like hold off, she’s AMERICAN, real American, not from the manor born would you just let her flip please? She is someone we can be proud of….and they were dissing her hair on Twitter while she was making history and she got treated bad at one training facility. This stuff does goes deep and in the long run hurts everybody.

    Fuzzy Zoeller (PGA golfer) made the comment about having to have fried chicken at the US Open….bet he felt bad when a 21 year old kicked his old white ass…

  867. 867
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Sharon supposedly has one of the highest IQs in HW but she is dysfunctional. Then again maybe she did really love Bronfman (was that the name) and was hurt by the break up and doesnt want to date 50 year old men. But you should also realize when to take risks with someone…when someone is a good heart, they are good people and you can trust them. You dont always have to play like everyone is a shark.

    Agreed about the young stuff…that is the problem I have with some people here…they are so young and they still believe the hype and the myths around them….I know it hurts to let go but you can find real love if you do.

  868. 868
    @Weirdo Says:

    LOL. I wish there was a way I could PM you. You’re close. When I have time I’ll attach the Leo posts that discussed the 2 original blinds, the timing, (someone’s upcoming wedding ) and predicted how they would turn out. Gotta go

  869. 869
    NOBAMA Says:

    America down the drain! Now a welfare state.

  870. 870
    Robinnicole Says:

    Them(black folk) that were talking about Gabby’s hair was so damn disgraceful. Whites may have been guilty too, but the blacks(and i’m black by the way) is what really angered me. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the ignorance, it was pathetic. But anyhoo, have to let the idiots be idiots.

  871. 871
    tinkerbell Says:

    The strategy could have been around that time Gatsby was pushed back for release…and that says ‘BAD MOVIE, BAAAAAAD MOVIE” to most people. This covers up or DISTRACTS from the fact that Leo might have made a 100 million dollar stinker.

    Also he has three movies in the can right now, total cost $250 million plus or more. If they tank, he goes down, and with it his team, his directors, etc. I predict Django will do well although a lot of people already hate it on subject matter alone. Also, Baz’s last release was a flop–Australia. Big,bad flopperdo.

    Gatsby may be a big BAD flop, but two out of three aint bad.

    WOWS will do ok because it is Scorcese and he has a following and also it will be a good picture most likely.

    But that is a huge investment riding on the public’s liking/acceptance of the star to some extent…and having that much riding on me might make me a cokehead temporarily too. I would be having nightmares about that. If these all flop, so does Leo’s star. he is not untouchable, look at Cruise who has been floundering, look at Travolta with an enormous hit with Saturday Night Fever and then basically disappeared for 20 years because of his open secret gayness in HW. The one thing of those rumors that I lent some credibility of being true is the one about the insomnia…..

    Also wouldnt it be funny if the one about impotence, insomnia, and thinning hair was true? I mean he has great hair, and there is help for that. But suppose drug use and stress and not really liking Erin in the first place led to impotence and staying up all night….I could see that being a relationship killer too. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, does give you insomnia and diminished drive.

    But maybe it was just all enterprising people making up bullshit. I want a job at the National Enquirer because that is all pure fiction writing. It would be fun.

  872. 872
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,…….america now has a welfare state,..which state is that?

  873. 873
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: It’s plain old JEALOUSY. Which knows no particular color. They were sitting at home while she did those perfect stick lands. The girl had the best landings I’ve ever seen. She’s tiny, 4’11 and like 90 pounds, but she made the hardest things look easy.

    If it makes you feel better (it made me feel better) is Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle demonstrated his software’s new capabilities to analyze social media -twitter. He pretended tobe a Lexus brand manager and asked twitter which Olympian should he hire to sell Lexus cars.

    He had his system gather 5 million tweets about the Olympics, and cross referenced those people who had links with cars or had visited car websites, or mentioned Lexus etc…..the Olympian that came up tops was GABBY DOUGLAS. After her was Michael Phelps.

    Why? Because she was the real breakout success story in 2012 London for the US….she was the only one I watched on YouTube because A. I thought she was cute and B. She made history and C. It was really highly placed on Olympic clips because it was popular.

    Michael Phelps was number 2—but his breakout was really China.
    Also, people who like Lexus automobiles are into outward signs of success, upward mobility, etc, excellence, so they identified the most with GABBY. Not any of the others.

    I dont know if it helped her in the sponsorship derby but it was obvious what people thought of her and that Lexus should hire her to sell cars.

  874. 874
    Weirdo Says:

    @868 – OK, I may have missed it. It’s hard to keep up with these threads they get so long. I know I’m guilty of posting a lot so it’s my fault too, I can’t catch every post.

    Tink – damn girl you can type fast!!

  875. 875
    A coincidence? Says:

    I don’t know if it could be another coincidence, but Margot tweeted a photo of her in wearing a mask on the night of Halloween. Wasn’t Leo spotted at a nightclub celebrating with many other celebrities last week?

  876. 876
    tinkerbell Says:

    @NOBAMA: Look at the polls, dumb dumb. New America is happening, the young and multicultural are voting more than ever. The old is going out and the new is coming in….Latino voters, the fastest growing segment of voters in America put Obama in the White House, gave him Florida this time instead of hanging chad nonsense. Nice healthy 30,000 votes…same with Nevada and New Mexico. America is changing. I felt like thanking all the Mexican guys at the bakery I go to every morning.

    look at all the red states….you know why they dont have a lot of electoral votes…because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THERE. No one wants to live in Idaho and Arkansas…most people dont even want to fly over West Virginia and Mississippi. These are places you leave for SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Women vote for Obama, the young and the urban vote for Obama, because we are ON THE RISE. Women vote MORE than men. The white vote is declining and the GOPs got problems…the know it too. The only way that old crap can win is if they STEAL AN ELECTION like 2000…boy were they determined not to let that one go…

    Funny thing is the environment had its say….Stupid Romney wants to get rid of FEMA and then the worst hurricane since Katrina hits…dumb de dumb dumb dumb. Even the GOP hierarchy were blaming Sandy..they should blame their DUMB candidate instead.

    All those old ***** in farm and bible belt are going to die off and the urban centers are going to get bigger because no one wants to live in Idaho. Idaho is where Mark Fuhrman went to live in a gated community and where the White Aryan Resistance hangs out.

    And you know what, if Colorado and Washington (Seattle!) has it way they will soon be the richest agricultural states in American…billion dollar cash crop and tourism industry. With lots of money to spend.

  877. 877
    Weirdo Says:

    @A coincidence?
    Yeah I saw her tweet. Don’t know where she was though. I think everyone that could went out last Wednesday because there was no power for the most part and the cast was off from filming. I wouldn’t want to stay holed up in a hotel room either.

  878. 878
    Cute photo Says:

  879. 879
    Weirdo Says:

    @tinkerbell #876 – We are two countries wrapped into one. Every election is split nearly 50/50 for the past several elections. There were rumors people wanted to riot if Obama lost. Now that Romney lost, the Reps are saying they don’t want to live here anymore. If everyone from the two camps weren’t so geographically dispersed it wouldn’t surprise me if a civil war broke out and we became two countries. People feel so strongly on both sides and it’s becoming more aggressive.
    OK my two cents on the election.

  880. 880
    Robinnicole Says:

    Romney was so dumb, he only wrote an acceptance speech. His persona was so fake when he was speaking last night, but the speech itself was good.

  881. 881
    Robinnicole Says:

    “They don’t want to live here anymore”,…funny!

  882. 882
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: I dont know why you are calling yourself a weirdo when several columnists wrote the same thing…we have two distinct cultures almost. And we dont talk to each other…

    I seriously would have walked downtown and found my local chapter of Occupy Whatever if what’s his name got in. I heard the man did not write a concession speech. Thought he had it and early on it went well..but like I saying no one wants to live in Idaho because of the all the people that already live there. They want to come to NYC which is a town where everyone is from somewhere else.

    I was watching all last night on Google and pressing refresh as the numbers came in…I stayed up to make sure the popular vote was a healthy enough margin and we didnt have to “hang chad” again, and not know who was going to take office for like six months….Florida so close again but the Cubans etc were not buying it.

  883. 883
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: I believe in being positive, but it was like ha ha ha did you actually believe the bs you said? I dont think even they believe it really it is just self serving and wishful thinking.

  884. 884
    tinkerbell Says:


    A. OK with me. Let me know how this works out. But….

    B. Where exactly would you move to??? The former Soviet Union….?You might have to get a job there, like driving a tractor or something.

    C. You could go to China and work for god knows how little-16 hour days in an Ipad factory where people are committing suicide daily….let me know HOW THAT WORKS OUT, keh?

    Let’s see, all of Europe has nationalized health care and you will have to pay for it…in Scandinavia as much as70% of income. But of course all their health stastistics are much better than ours. In certain countries like Denmark and the Netherlands, they are even a lot bigger than us with the average height being 6’1, not 5’9. They have universal health care and dont eat junk food which slows down your metabolism and growth early.

    Would they really be able to use your skills in Sinaloa?

    You could try Italy but they are fairly socialized…..maybe one of the tax shelter countries like Andorra or Monaco, but the cost of living is very high and those are very small places.

    South America is an option if you speak Spanish but watch out for coup d’etats. You might end up in a mass grave somewhere.Africa has a nasty habit of nationalizing gold and diamond mines so you might not be happy there either.


    England? They have nationalized health care and no one ever sees a medical bill. And with the VAT tax a TV costs like $1600 and blue jeans like $70 or more.

    The developing economies where you might actually be able to still rip someone off are the BRIC–Brazil, Russia, India,and China. Brush up your Hindi and Cantonese…but like I said it’s hard out there for a chimp.

  885. 885
    Let's stay on topic... Says:

    Victoria’s Secret Model Erin Heatherton Talks Leonardo DiCaprio Breakup
    Is there really a better way to get over a breakup than to flaunt what your mama gave you while strutting itty-bitty lingerie for millions of people (and possibly your ex) to drool over?

    Other than shamelessly pigging out on ice cream while watching Sex and the City reruns—no.

    So, you can understand why this Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was impeccable timing for Erin Heatherton, who recently split from Leonardo DiCaprio.

    “I having the best time right now, here at the Victoria’s Secret show,” she told E!’s Alicia Quarles. “I couldn’t feel more beautiful with all my friends. It’s wonderful.”

    And her fellow negligee aficionado, Lily Aldridge, doesn’t seem to worry one bit about Heatherton’s love life from here on out.

    “Erin is my girl, she’s my daughter’s godmother, she’s my best friend and just amazing. She is such an angel, such a star. She’s the best,” Aldridge tells us. “I don’t think Erin’s gonna have any problems getting a man. I’m pretty sure there’s a line around New York City waiting for her. Every guy I know is like, ‘Please introduce me to Erin!’”

    So what does the newly single angel find sexy in a guy?

    Heatherton said, “A big heart, sense of humor and just being real, honesty.”


    Don’t you like her answer? Honesty!

  886. 886
    Weirdo Says:

    I know we want to stay on topic but I just want to respond real quick….please? ok thanks.

    @Robin – yes it was evident – they thought for sure Romney was going to win. He only had an acceptance speech prepared. Who does that on a national (if not global) stage? Also, the photo of his family standing on stage that I saw on the net, was priceless. Seriously, they ALL looked completely stunned.

    @tinkerbell – I didn’t know columnists wrote about that. I guess it’s because I’m a registered independent voter so I look at both sides during the elections and I’m seeing these things and it’s scary!! I think when Bush got re-elected 2nd term people were so stunned. They finally realized their vote really does count. They just thought it wasn’t going to happen because he was so unpopular. Well, the GOP supporters know how to get their two feet to the polls on election day. Now I’m seeing droves of people go out to vote. The line I was in this time was the longest line I have ever seen for an election. A Republican president we may never see again if they don’t change their platform. People are mobilized to vote now. No more coach potatoes.

  887. 887
    what Says:

    @Weirdo: LMAO! 12 million less people voted this election than the 08 election.

  888. 888
    Nessa Says:

    @Let’s stay on topic…: good for her.

  889. 889
    On topic Says:

    Jay Lo or Flo or whatever the heck his name is actually contributed money to the production of wolf street. how have yall missed that one in ur margot-leo frenzies?!
    maybe that’s why margot, jonah & the whole team were invited to the party. just a thought xx

  890. 890
    #885 Says:

    Honestly, I’m just happy she showed up! We hadn’t heard a peep from her in over a week.
    What Lily said was so sweet. God Leo is such a tool. I said this in a previous post, any man would kill to have a gf like her and when they catch her they won’t let her go. Erin, good lucky honey, you’ll be just fine without him.

  891. 891
    Crazy Says:

    Man I thought the twilight threads had insane posters but you guys are some crazy b*tch*es. The fact that you all obsess so much about the women he dates is insane to me. So what if he hasn’t gotten married. It doesn’t mean he’s gay. Not everyone is cut out for marriage or maybe he’s not ready. Getting married does not equal happiness. Over 50% of marriages in this country fail. Marriage is not something that is important to me but it doesn’t mean I’m gay. So all of you who are saying Leo is gay are some ignorant tools. I guess all unmarried man in hollywood are gay. Grow up. If this is the way people in the world think, how sad.

  892. 892
    tinkerbell Says:

    @On topic: You mean the Malaysian, yeah could be. But it was a good time for them to hook up and talk socially….just googled her she is so his type. She is a little generic looking, a little bit like Jamie Pressly in some pix but very pretty/natural. Not yet but my guess def not out of the question, and you bet he got her texting address.

  893. 893
    tinkerbell Says:

    @#885: I think Erin is kind of boring and not someone I would be interested in knowing personally. She is too much of a girly-girl but I am sure she is nice enough. Hanging out with women usually bores the crap out of me but if she is happy that is fine. She was dressed in black at the show and looked good, good for her. She’ll have another guy this time of year. I dont think Leo is a tool for breaking up with her…but I think he is a tool for dating the same damn woman over and over while he ages and starts to look like pedophile.

  894. 894
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Crazy: No **** sherlock. But you made it through 36 pages so maybe you are interested.

    There are a lot more issues involved here than Leonardo di Caprio….you’d see if you read into it more. I think it’s the whole man/woman thing, the fame monster, what is pr, what is real, beauty “ideals” why men are so stupid, why women are so stupid, hollywood hypocrisy, film making in general, and we also get to rank on some stupid ******* that totally deserve it. If that is not your cup of tea, fine, but it is about more than who leo dates. We also discuss addiction theory, actors/actresses, directors, and leo’s other crap. Like I said if not your cup of tea, that’s fine.

    I agree with you about RobSten. I tried to read some of those threads and did not know what the hell they were talking about.

    But it is kind of useless to say we are crazy or sad because we are not going to stop. Guilty pleasure that it may be…

  895. 895
    Yeah! Says:

    @On topic: I think we all missed that info. You are the first one mentioning it and thank you for that. :)
    As for that interview. I think it wasn`t nice to ask her that question soon after the announcement. I`m no fan of hers but I thought it was out of line ( regardless when they actually broke up or how it went down ). Lily was a little annoying.

  896. 896
    Crazy Says:

    @tinkerbell: I didnt read all 36 pages. I came in her and CANT believe there is 36 pages. This article came out just last week and this has 36 pages? Who has time to go through 36 pages? Not me. From the two pages I did read, is either bashing the women he dates and calling Leo gay. Calling anyone gay when there is no proof is just ignorant. He dates women. straight men love women( Shocker!). I dont see why its so shocking that he dates models. Most men would if they could. At least most of my male friends who respect Leo as an actor are jealous that he got to be with Bar. Just saying Leo is just being a typical guy.

  897. 897
    Weirdo Says:

    @what – Maybe it’s the state I’m in. In 2008 I just walked right in, no line. This time I’m living in a new state and I was in line forever. I’m just sharing my personal experience sorry if my ‘stats’ are off. No one is using write I write as the golden truth here.

  898. 898
    Weirdo Says:

    @Crazy – The reason I use the handle Weirdo is because of people like you….the ones that think we are ‘weird’ or crazy.
    I literally LOL’ed when I read tink’s line ‘But it is kind of useless to say we are crazy or sad because we are not going to stop. Guilty pleasure that it may be…’
    So true….
    Yeah, we know what Leo is, I don’t think anyone has any delusions. Leo is sampling the endless buffet and yet never seems satisfied. If you follow him at all, you can tell he’s been looking unhappy. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, maybe it’s the fame, maybe this or that, who knows? The gay thing is just a theory….most men Leo’s age that are attractive and modestly successfully play the field and eventually WANT to settle down. It’s a definite choice for them and they are usually very happy when they do it. I don’t know many ‘eternal’ bachelors. That is why some say he might be gay. An endless parade of 22 y/o hotties and can’t ever commit. Even Tiger Woods got married and he was insatiable too! Think about it.

  899. 899
    Weirdo Says:

    @Yeah! – reporters ask those questions to celebrities all the time. I’m not saying Erin is a celebrity but she was in a high-profile relationship so anything goes. The media has no concern for your feelings if it was an hour ago or last month.
    Plus, I think it was kind of a play to make her look good. They put a very nice quote in there from her friend and it’s a boost for Erin. She just got dissed and dismissed from ‘the king of the world.’

  900. 900
    @891 Says:

    Grow up yourself and accept that other people have different opinions. I don’t care if he’s gay, or if he ever wants to gets married. It’s his life and he should do what he wants. I’ve seen enough to know he’s a womaniser who promotes a false image of himself in the media. I don’t have to agree with it. That’s my opinion and I have a right to express it.

  901. 901
    @900 Says:

    I love it when guys come on here and are like ‘he’s just being a dude’ and ‘i’m jealous’ or whatever. Not every man wants to be like Hugh Hefner. Hugh was also married at some point. I know Tiger and Hugh didn’t stay married but the fact they tried says something. Someone who never tries or wants to? I don’t know….seems off.

  902. 902
    @900 Says:

    @@891: Great way to contradict yourself einstein. “Its his life and he should do what he wants” LMAO! Based on comments from you and everyone who posts here, you clearly dont agree with what you just said. He should live his personal life so that it suits you, thats really what all of you want. Its his life not yours. So why keep complaining about who he dates and how he chooses to live his life.

  903. 903
    @900 Says:

    @@900: Great example of marriage by bringing up Tiger Woods. You think he’s ex-wife appreaciate what he did to her. If thats what you guys think marriage is like. How pathetic. Yeah Leo get married and cheat on your wife on the side Then bring kids into a messed up broken home where daddy cheats all the time. I grew up in a home like that and my parents got married because of being pressured by family members. I respect those who actually wait and dont rush into something because we need to follow the status quo.

    So because you tried Tiger deserves an award. WoW! Just because you dont want to, it doesnt mean something is wrong with you. Some people are stuck in the 50s mindset and I thought we were moving forward.

  904. 904
    HAHAHA Says:


    You people are weird.I seriously would like to know what some of you look like. I mean if you’re willing to diss a guy who dates beautiful women tand you equate beauty with stupidity then most of you must be butt ugly. Cause Im pretty sure all of you see yourself as intelligent and above everyone else. HAHAHA. This is your guilty pleasure. Man try watching a lame show on tv, going to see a lame movie.


    Really Tiger Woods? You want Leo to marry and become Tiger woods in his personal life. This would impress you. HAHAHAHAHA.

  905. 905
    @903 Says:

    We can go back and forth on this all evening but I doubt either of us wants to. Everyone has their own way of looking at it. You share from your own experience and I respect that.
    Moving forward…..OK, let’s talk about the French and other cultures. Men have mistresses and it is culturally acceptable to do so. Does that mean they are backwards? Believe it or not, not every person in the whole wide world thinks that a man and woman have to be together and only with each other for their entire lives.
    I agree, people should wait. I don’t think Leo is waiting for anything except the next model he can pick off the runway. He’s emotionally immature and shallow or he has other issues.

  906. 906
    @903@904 Says:


  907. 907
    @902 Says:


    Not a contradiction at all. I get to do what I want too. If I want to express an opinion, I will.

  908. 908
    @905 Says:

    @@903: Yeah they are backwards. If you think its okay to have a mistress on the side your life is pathetic. based on comments from some people on here I guess that’s acceptable in your personal life. How sad. I rather wait a really long time before I get married or not at all then put myself through something like that.

    How do you know that he just hasn’t met the right person? He’s not the only person in hollywood his age who’s not married. Mila Kunis and Cameron Diaz have said marriage isn’t important to them. So I guess their gay too.

  909. 909
    Nice Try Says:


    You contradicted yourself. It obvious that you did. But nice try.

  910. 910
    YOU LOST Says:



  911. 911
    @908 Says:

    Yes, my life is so sad and I’m a terribly ugly pathetic and fat loser. You’re so right. :)
    Leo doesn’t have to get married to prove he’s not gay. Lots of people get married and they are still gay. I’m not trying to marry him off so in my mind I can rest assured he is not gay. I just think he’s gay and I have my reasons. That’s it.

  912. 912
    @911 Says:


    Reasons that pathetic people come up with in their minds. LOL. What proof? Is made up in your pathetic mind. Thanks for confirming youre notthing but a freaking troll.

    I guess I can say things like Hey OBAMA Is gay. We finally have a gay president in office. I just think he’s gay and I have my reasons. That’s it. TROLLS

  913. 913
    @911 Says:


    Where you a loser in high school too? This explains a lot actually.

  914. 914
    @911 Says:

    You must be gay. I guess that’s how you know. Right?

  915. 915
    @912&913 Says:

    What I find so amusing is that we are on here all the time talking about Leo and his girls and movies or whatever. No one bothers us except some paid trolls who can barely speak English.
    The moment someone brings up the gay theory there are all of sudden some new people who are hell bent on counter-pointing everything about it. And usually not very good at it.
    You obviously think he’s a man just doing what all heterosexual men do. That’s fine, keep believing it…..

  916. 916
    OBAMA Says:


    When do you talk about his movies? I dont ever see anyone talk about his movies. Is pretty much all of his girls and Leo and thats it.

  917. 917
    @915 Says:


    Thats funny because you also dont make a good case as to why he’s gay. Is pretty much yeah he’s gay and I have my reasons. LMAO! I can say that about anything. Pretty juvenile.

  918. 918
    @@905 Says:

    @@903: I don’t know who you are, where you live but don’t talk about countries
    about which you know nothing…it’s not culturally acceptable to cheat in Europe except in your imagination. Nobody appreciates
    that we convey stereotypes on the Americans, it’s the same for the other countries

  919. 919
    -_- Says:

    @911 whatever makes you feel better ;)

  920. 920
    916-918 Says:

    @916 – We do talk about his movies. You said yourself you didn’t read all the pages. This thread was about a breakup, so its going to have more relationship talk….there are other threads too.
    @917 – The reason I didn’t get into it with you is because you want to insult me by calling me names and seem to be here to cause an argument. I don’t think you believe it anyway so why get into it? I have my opinion and you have yours and let’s just agree to differ on that.
    @918 – I have been all over the world and have live in 5 different countries outside of the US. So how do you know I know nothing about it? My personal experience is the Americans are particularly narrow minded in this regard. It’s not ‘cheating’ if both parties agree to it. That’s what I meant. Sorry if you took offense.

  921. 921
    @919 Says:

    Yes, I have to tell myself that to make me feel better (roll eyes)
    You don’t to have anything to say……you just want to try to dismiss someone with an opinion.

  922. 922
    same Says:

    the only people who think he’s gay are the weirdos who ship him with lukas haas. I’ve noticed that JJ commentators get very happy when he hangs out with lukas. I guess they don’t know that lukas is a womanizer as well. It just isn’t reported because he isn’t famous.

  923. 923
    @922 Says:

    Those people were only here to diss the current girlfriend. Notice how a lot of the detractors went away? This place was a spam fest for months. I’m sure they will be back when Leo gets another official gf. I don’t think those people really believe it. They only doing it to cause a fight.
    The very same people who say ‘oh they are just co-stars’ him and Margot will lose their sh*t if it looks like they are an item. It’s pretty funny actually. I don’t care what he is or isn’t. I just have an opinion that’s all.

  924. 924
    to whoever posted it Says:

    I went back and saw the comments you were talking about. Wow. Is it to have some kind of show so he doesn’t look like an even bigger loser when the ex is going along swimmingly.
    You know, we (some more than others) rag on you know who a lot but I give her credit for being single and not trying to pretend she has moved on. I think she will be much more emotionally healthy because she probably admits to herself that she lost love and is willing to grieve that loss without a bunch of charades. I know people make jokes that she can’t get a date or whatever, but I do think that she very well could have manufactured something and didn’t.
    If this theory is true, I find it hard to believe that Leo would even go along with something like this. First of all, was Erin even aware? I don’t think so b/c she genuinely appears upset, so you are not only hurting this other person but your fans/public and your own reputation.
    I’m not even going to predict anything about the Margot/Leo tie but the fact that they put it out there and denied it, which they know readers will be like *wink wink* yeah right, just shows how heavily invested they are at keeping Leo’s reputation on top.
    The poster who told us about her so-called love affair was right about one thing, he seems to be controlled by or going along with what I consider to be a bunch of nonsense. I don’t think it will end. The only thing I can say is I never want to be famous, sounds like it sucks.

  925. 925
    the fame monster Says:

    I know I am way tardy to the party but I had to comment on those PR pieces. (Chicago and Popblend)

    Chocago: So leo is bright and gets bored quickly? Um, then choose girlfriends for other criteria than just their sexual attraction, dumbas*! Of course you’re gonna get bored if you pick a girl, whose job is to be a sexual object, and then treat her like a sexual object. What a rocket scientist you are leo!

    Popblend: So lil leo wants to find the right woman and doesn’t want to bang randoms (for the rest of his life)? Um, yeah he sure acts that way. They broke up cuz they were just too busy? But otherwise their relationship was fine? And leo obviously knows how to stick through relationships because he stayed so long with Gisele and bar? Are they including all the times they broke up and got back together? That’s such BS. If Erin (and his exs) were so great and he so wants a longterm relationship, then a busy schedule wouldnt get in his way. Other hollywood couples manage it. He just isnt that into them outside the bedroom.

    Neither one of these made complete sense.

    Who wrote these, high schoolers?
    They must think we are as ‘bright as leo and his conquests. LMAO

  926. 926
    Dawn Taylor Says:

    Half and Half – Their signs are suited – being emotional water, but so was Kristin and Giselle (water, too). They get serious – but he is not at that time – he needs to commit when he is ready, being a fixed Scorpio. Girls need to hang in there ….. but still no guarantees — just be happy to be with him and no worrrying/ questioning his ways ! Dawn

  927. 927
    Dawn Taylor Says:

    Signs suited – being water, but so was Kristin/Giselle. Give Leo time to commit..

  928. 928
    Dawn Taylor Says:

    Leo is a scorpio, water, sexy and fear of commitment – Erin aswell as Giselle and Kristin are water signs too, making them compatible. They are eager for security but he is the control freak and needs time. Girls have to be friendly and mature, no nagging – he’ll go easily, he has had lots of relationships for lengthy durations. Romance and love has to creep up on him without him realizing it…… guarantees but got it?

  929. 929
    Weirdo Says:

    Agreed it’s bad. I guess Leo’s PR is about as mature and sophisticated as he is. Birds of a feather…..

  930. 930
    Weirdo Says:

    @Dawn Taylor: The only sign Leo is compatible with is the Exit sign.

  931. 931
    -_- Says:


    why are you so bitter? do you know Erin?
    I think Erin looks upset because of the media not the break up itself
    they have broken up for weeks and she looked ok until the official announcement

  932. 932
    Yeah! Says:

    Leo was partying in 1 OAK last night and Lukas was in front row at the VS Fashion show. Scouting new talent for his buddy?

  933. 933
    Weirdo Says:

    Oh this is funny.
    Real funny you know why? Because I’ve been here for months and there has been nothing but vitriol, crazy spammers, Erin and Leo bashing galore and I’M BITTER?!!
    I love it!
    Oh, they have been broken up for weeks? Wow. You must know them personally then. I was not aware they broke up until Friday just like the rest of the public.
    Why did you ask me if I know Erin? Why didn’t you ask me if I know Leo? I don’t know any of these people.
    I’m one of the millions of people in the country and possibly the world that read celebrity gossip news. What’s your point?

  934. 934
    lukas Says:

    @Yeah!: more like for himself lol he’s a modelizer too

  935. 935
    Yeah! Says:

    @Weirdo: Some good points. Get used to it though…
    About the breakup. I also think it happened earlier like Us Weekly reported it. I think that way because they weren`t seen together for weeks. Maybe it was because of the VS show. It happened just before it so it could have been timed that way. But that`s just my opinion not a fact.

  936. 936
    Yeah! Says:

    *Maybe it was ANNOUNCED LATER because….`
    @lukas: Maybe but I doubt it… He seems to be a more low key modelizer than going for a VS girl.

  937. 937
    Weirdo Says:

    I guess I didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to be nice now.
    Gee, I wonder why that is?

  938. 938
    Weirdo Says:

    Yeah! I see what you are saying. However, I like to wait for the truth to come out in the printed word, something as reliable as a gossip column, which is much more reliable than my imagination, but not by much.

  939. 939
    Yeah! Says:

    @weirdo: I absolutely agree. That`s exactly why I was and still am skeptical about Leo and Margot. I won`t jump into conclusions based on one sighting. Also Post didn`t have all the info ( the birthday boy is a money man for WOWS so probably that`s why they were all in Vegas ). You have to take what you read online with salt and grain. That was the same about the breakup. I wasn`t convinced about it until it was confirmed. Then one said it happened weeks ago and the other said days ago. Who do you believe?

  940. 940
    Weirdo Says:

    Yeah! I’m not so sure there was a relationship either. So ‘breakup’ is moot at this point. I don’t believe anything these people say. They create more fantasy than the movies they produce. It’s unreal.

  941. 941
    Weirdo Says:

    Yeah I guess I am bitter. Maybe you are right.

    I refuse to go see any of his movies or go with anyone that wants to see them. I will just tell them I already saw it and it sucked and get them to see something else. (Hey if I’m being lied to, why not lie right back? Nothing wrong with that huh?) I’ll make an exception for first showing so I can write informative bad reviews and discourage the public at large from seeing any of his movies. That should be better than my measly 10 dollar ticket loss. Yeah good idea.

    I’ll post on Facebook that I saw it and it sucked. Heck, I will create a fake twitter account just to tweet that his movies suck.

    I won’t support Victoria’s Secret anymore and all the stuff I always buy from them. Besides ‘underwear’ all the clothes, body lotions, sprays and all that girlie stuff. I’ve been shopping there for many years. Always a loyal customer. No more pink gift boxes with VS stuff I give as gifts on Christmas and birthdays, bridal showers, God the list goes on and on how much money I have spent there in the past years. And I’ll be sure to tell everyone to go elsewhere because it’s just not the same, the quality sucks. That the lotions are so cheap, they gave me a rash and now irritate my skin. The fragrances are meh. The makeup will give you acne. The bathing suit bottoms ride and are uncomfortable. The t-shirts fall apart after one washing in the washer. Whatever I can think of.

    And I will be sure to tell everyone I know that Leo is a PHONEY.

    And I’m sure I will find more creative ways to tell the world he’s a PHONEY because I’m good like that. I will find it FUN and EXCITING to see what I can come up with next! The power of word of mouth marketing. Yah!

    I’m out.

  942. 942
    tinkerbell Says:

    where’s team tel aviv…what happened finally gave up and went home? Adi quit or got fired? Just not jealous enough to post naked photos of Erin anymore?


  943. 943
    @Weirdo Says:

    If you have followed Leo and Erin’s whereabouts, sightings and pictures, you would also be convinced that the two have broken up several weeks ago. Many facts confirmed the split.
    So Lukas was spotted at the VS Fashion Show? And according to older tweets he was also partying, drinking and dancing in Vegas in September with Erin, while Leo was clubbing in NY with pals…?
    Would any of you dare to think what I think? Lukas ready to comfort Erin?

  944. 944
    -_- Says:

    because you seems so angry with Leo for breaking up with Erin
    the article said they had broken up for weeks before the announcement
    so are you a fan of Erin?

  945. 945
    -_- Says:

    so you are a hater now
    its not fun to be a hater though
    I rather be a fangirl :)

  946. 946
    leo's fan girl Says:

    Just Say Next.

  947. 947
    the fame monster Says:

    I don’t care if he gets married or even dates models.
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if he dated an actual gorgeous woman who had something else interesting going on about her besides her looks. Just one other thing. That’s all. I dont even think his exs are gorgeous. They could be described as attractive, hot, striking, cute, and after they are all dolled up (and photoshopped) pretty even. I dont think any of them as gorgeous. And they were arrogant, insecure,overcompensating, dull or dim. Just once, ONCE, it would be nice to see him with something different.
    In genereal, I would like to see less women like that in Hollywood. Maybe thats why he dates women like this, because its how 90% of women (guys too) are there.
    it’s obvious that he dates these girls for their bodies and PR and not much else. I know guys like hot bodies. But then don’t go around telling the world that you are a smart, nice, successful guy just looking to settle down. Just admit that you like a good time and thats all you want!

  948. 948
    the fame monster Says:

    Thats why I have no hate for Clooney, because he admits that he wants to cycle through girls. He did the marriage thing and he is done with it.
    And leo isn’t doing the relationship/marriage thing for Osccar, cuz Clooney’s got one despite his disdain for settling down.

  949. 949
    gilly Says:


    Why are you so defensive? Do you know Leo?
    He’s a public figure and this is a gossip site. People are allowed to have opinions and express them. I don’t know Erin and I’m not a fan, but as a woman I can sympathise with her. I’ve had friends who’ve made the mistake of getting involved with middle-aged mummy’s boys and it never ends well.

  950. 950
    @924 Says:

    @to whoever posted it:

    Bar did manufacture something right after Leo dumped her. The guy was rich, but not attractive or famous. She has tried to manufacture something with various footballers and athletes. She probably wants rich, famous and good looking, but the competition is stiff. Catalogue models with big boobs aren’t that hard to find.

  951. 951
    vagabond Says:

    Wow!This thread is huge.Have you guys read the new blind item?How convenient,now I’m really sure that this was planted and or made up.

    [Blind Gossip] He’s been through so many relationships (always with notable women) that it may be hard to picture this famous actor settling down. However, he was ready. He was about to propose to his girlfriend. He liked the fact that she was a little cool and independent, and that she let him live his life as he had before he met her. He sank over $1 million into a huge rock. He was going to propose over the upcoming holidays. She was the one.

    However, she got wind of his plans, and her behavior shifted. She became more demanding and possessive, which completely annoyed him. They fought, and broke up. If she had just remained as aloof as she had been at the beginning of the relationship, she would have had that ring on her finger this year. So close!

    But, as it is, she goes back into the dating pool for some other actor or musician. And him? He has already started trolling the waters for a newer, shinier, model.

  952. 952
    @vagabond Says:

    Thanks for the laugh. But who in the world is writing this type of ridiculous fantasy stories for little naive and gullible girls?

  953. 953
    WerdoIsUnstable Says:


    Why are you bitter? Did he dump you? Lol. Good luck trying to bad mouth Leo about how horrible his movies are. You’re in the minority. Most people consider him one of the best actors of his generation. People in his industry respect him a lot and his movies make tons of money. You’re insane. I guess is true when people say you just cant understand an unstable mind. Good luck with that!

  954. 954
    Robinnicole Says:

    Who’s dissing Leo for dating beautiful women, I thought the opinions were based on his sexum and dropum behavior? Where do people get the idea, that you have to be “butt ugly”, to have a certain opinion? People on here think that beautiful women are stupid,…hmmmm, I must have missed something. I don’t recall anyone coming across like that in their comments, not to mention that some don’t see all of Leo’s buffet of girls as beautiful.

    The Tiger Woods,…..yes, I agree with that part.

  955. 955
    @#951 Says:

    That has to be a made up blind. He’s already had his friend publicly knock Erin as too boring. Would he be so cruel as to twist the knife deeper and plant a story that he intended to marry her but she blew it?

  956. 956
    @#953 Says:

    Why are you so angry and bitter about Weirdy’s comments? Are you his personal protector? Do you think he cares? If she’s in the minority, why do her words she upset you so much? She must have struck a nerve. Be careful who you call unstable. The industry is all about only cares about movies and money. You can be a wretched person, but if you’re a good actor and your films make money they don’t care.

  957. 957
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,…yeah, he’s gay because he only dates models, cheats on them with random women, drops them when they get too clingy, and doesn’t like the idea of marriage. :-/

    He could date a bank teller and still be gay
    He could not constantly cheat on her and still be gay
    He could marry her when she gets too clingy and still be gay
    It is possible that Leo could be gay, because gay men do exist, but his behavior has shows more “possibilites” of him being a man-wh ore. Since when is a man not wanting to be tied down, obviously gay? People may that claim without any real substance,,…..

  958. 958
    Weirdo Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve finally calmed down. Yes, it does seem odd that a total stranger is so caught up in these two. I actually didn’t quite understand it myself. I realize today that I see my younger self in these two, when I was dating my ex-husband. I wanted to believe what they had was real just like I thought what I had was real but it wasn’t.

    I have experience with closeted gays because my ex-husband is one and so is my brother. They are both still in the closet. Leo reminds me of both of them actually in many ways. They are both very attractive, successful and can have all kinds of pretty girls to date. And they do/did. I have always thought my brother was gay. At least for the past 20 years. ALWAYS. The thought always crossed my mind when I was alone around him and I always wanted to ask but I didn’t want to embarrass him. It doesn’t matter because I know he is whether he tells me or not.
    I know this is going to sound weird, but the first night I met my ex-husband my very first thought was ‘this guy is gay!’ but he has a very masculine look and demeanor and he was hot so I dated him and didn’t really think much of it. Looking back, I mean there are always signs, he liked to go shopping with me (haha, I know it sounds so cliche) but I was like wow, this is the first guy I can go clothes shopping with! I was so happy about it. He used to pick out entire outfits for me to wear all the way down to the shoes, tell me how to style my hair and even what color nail polish to put on (lol). I am one of those girls that doesn’t fuss too much over my appearance and I was never better dressed than I was when I was with him. He used to TIE MY SCARF (uh hello?) To this day I cannot tie my scarf as well as he did.

    Anyway, everything was ‘normal’ dating wise and we got married and when I got married I suddenly found myself in a sexless marriage and I didn’t know why. It was weird. Some time passed and one day I found some porn on the computer and I was like, hmmm let me see what he’s looking at. When I opened the photos, I saw he was looking at tranvestites. Here I was, thinking it was going to be blondes with big bo obs or something and he’s looking at men.

    He and my brother got along and I thought ‘wow this is great,’ I liked that he got along well with my family. We used to do stuff together the three of us. Go to dinner or drinks or whatever. They became close enough friends where if I wanted to stay home (which I do because I’m not a partier) I would say ‘Oh, you guys go out’ and they did. I didn’t think anything of it. Even if my brother came over for dinner and we all hung out, I’d go to bed early and they would stay up all night watching movies and playing video games. I couldn’t stay in a sexless marriage forever, seriously, who can do that? So our marriage broke apart. Our very last fight was about him hanging out with my brother. I still didn’t really know what was going on but subconsciously I wanted him to stop it and we got into a huge fight over it. They both told me I was crazy and that I couldn’t tell them what to do. I left and filed for divorce. It’s been five years and guess who is still hanging out with my brother all the time? You got it. Anytime I contact either of them, which is once in a while, they are together hanging out. Neither or them have serious girlfriends now although they still do ‘date’ women.

    I believe we are drawn subconsciously to things and we don’t know why. I’m not some freak fan, I don’t even really care about celebrities at all other than casual interest. But I became obsessed over these too. I really wanted it to work and I wasn’t willing to see the lack of chemistry (reminds me of young me) and the fact that it’s just not there. When they broke-up it was like, I felt like I wanted it to work because I wanted what I had previously to work too.

    Leo is gay everyone. I don’t care if you believe it or not but I know now without a shadow of a doubt. There is no way I would have such an emotional reaction about something like this for no reason. Even if they do get back together and get married or he marries someone else, I still think he is closeted gay, no doubt whatsoever in my mind. And I understand how he can be with women, my ex-husband and my brother both ‘date’ women. But even if you go out with them, they never really hit on women like normal heterosexual guys do. They LIKE women so they like their company or whatever. But because both of them are gay it never goes past dating, and my brother has never been married and he never will. The only ‘eternal’ bachelors I have ever known in life have been gay, whether outed or not.
    This is all completely true. I’m just sharing what happened with you because it was so strange and yet very liberating for me at the same time. Yes, I really do believe now with all my heart that Leo is gay and if Erin were to marry him she would have a similar type of marriage like the one I had. I have to pack my suitcase now for a trip so I have to go. Bye for now.

  959. 959
    Robinnicole Says:

    Yes, is possible that Leo is gay, but it is not definite that he actually is. There are many men that spend their whole entire lives as bachelors; it is untrue to say that a man that nevers marries is gay. I have a friend(use to date) that is a bachelor, he’s 51, never been married, and doesn’t plan on getting married,..he is absolutely not gay. There are women that never get married and don’t plan on it, are they all lebians? Leo could very well be gay, there is no denying that, but his behavior has also been that of straight men, can anyone deny that? With the man you married, you were able to see more clear indicators. Not all men want to get married, and they don’t have to be gay to feel that way. Nature itself didn’t create marriage, it has always been a man-made concept; it isn’t needed for a man to be straight. I’m just saying.

  960. 960
    Sarah Says:

    I wanna laugh at the ones who try to convince people here that Leo is gay because he dumped his latest flavor of the season. C’mon.
    Has Leo disappointed the fantasizers who were so quick on believing the idiot gossip reported about him moving in with Erin?
    I don’t even think he ever met her parents, for God’s Sake. He even spent Easter weekend in NY with Tobey Maguire and his family who just came from Israel.
    He wasn’t around when she spoke at the Global Citizen in NY but prefered to party in Vegas.
    How come some gullible Leo Fans can think he was serious with that girl when over the summer a girl tweeted to her sister (or a friend) that she was in a hotel with Leo?
    He likes to party and he is a well known modelizer. He’s turning 38 in a few days and he enjoys life.
    Besides, Erin doesn’t look sad at all.

  961. 961
    Lavo Says:

    Damn this thread is hella long. What page did the fighting start? LOL, For some reason him and Margot I like together. Hope if they do do something it is after filming is over. Messing with people on the job who you work with is pretty much always messy and it pretty much never ends well. Those pictures of Erin backstage…………….yikes. She really does look rough, but Erin to me has never been too pretty. She looks like she has been through hell and back.

  962. 962
    Robinnicole Says:

    For some reason there’s something about Margot that I like,..Leo may have to be different with this one,….you never know.

  963. 963
    gracious Says:

    i’m just laughing at all the girls here, and women, doing pretzel brain twist trying to figure out leo. the things you come up with to explain…

  964. 964
    -_- Says:

    @weirdo ……………..
    @Lavo I think its started before it reach 10 pages lol

  965. 965
    oooooops! Says:

    Tinkerbell is weirdo, no doubt about it.

  966. 966
    Downunder Says:

    On a quick Side Note delivered with a serious side eye: It was reported down here that he listed his Malibu Beach House for sale for $23million, and that the public record showed he brought in 2010 for $2.5million. That begs the question- what on earth has he done to it in 2 years to make it worth 23mil- or is someone just supposed to pay that cause he owned it?? At end of the day would he actually expect to sell it for that mark up in the current global economy crisis??

  967. 967
    Sarah Says:

    From NYPost:

    …Bieber, 18, may have had limited success because some of the ladies are married with children and came to the party with their significant others, including VS angel Lily Aldridge, who just had a baby, Dixie, with her husband, Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill.

    Lindsay Ellingson was there with her boyfriend, who was overheard telling her how amazing she looked and how proud he was. Jessica Hart, who walked in the show’s Pink collection, hung out with her longtime boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. And though Erin Heatherton is fresh from her breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio, she was “super happy” to hang out with her girlfriends. “She’s totally over Leo,” said a friend. …

  968. 968
    LOL Says:

    I dunno how to attach, but there are pics of both Lukas Haas and Ethan Suplee at the VS show. Maybe on a scouting trip or supporting Erin.
    Still Awkward no?

  969. 969
    Yeah! Says:

    @LOL: Could be both… Scouting is possible even though it would be pretty lame and even more of a cliche but it doesn`t seem like it bothers Leo. Also a lot of his friends remained friends with Gisele after the breakup so it is possible they got invited before breakup and they still went and they are still friends… Why not?

  970. 970
    @Lol Says:

    The place was packed with attendees at the Lexington Avenue Armory for the VS Show, as they probably got invited weeks ago.

    Could there might be something blossoming between Lukas and Erin…?

  971. 971
    lol Says:

    @970 are you for real? lol lukas is leos best friend, and bros before hoes for life for leo and lukas….sorry but no way Lukas and Erin are going out loll

  972. 972
    Yeah! Says:

    I doubt Lukas would go after Erin even if she is not with Leo anymore… Not a chance!

  973. 973
    CandycottonsBack Says:

    Ellen Barkin said many years ago that Leo would go threw pages of Vogue magazines and ask her (Ellen) if she thought the models would have sex with him…..and this was the This Boys Life era.. so Leo already had an idea of what kind of girl he wanted to bed lol!. Pretty shallow when you think about it.. he’s always contridicting himself he’s a scorpion but you have to look at his astro chart in full he has libra moon and libran rising I think this has a tremendous affect on his emotions and insights…he’s always going from. relationship to relationship.. he does not like being alone..he ‘s very indecisive and doest know what he truly wants this is one biggest problems with people who have libra moon ..they prefer light hearted relationships with little emotion unlike scorpion moon ..Leo also has almost no fire signs in his chart mostly air signs. which deal with the mind. instead of the heart.. I think. this is why his relaationship didt work with Giselle she has a scorpio moon which is too overwhelming for someone with libra moon…he needs a balance someone with fire water air and earth in their chart.. he also has almost no earth signs in his chart which give stability.. mostly libra is the dominent sign in his planets .. which can be basically neutral…Kate winslet has libra moon and rising ..this why her and Leo understand each other so well.. and could have a possible enduring romance ..but things would go so well they would get bored of each other…She has a more fire signs in her chart than Leo.. she would always be the one too move things ahead and make the relatoinship lively…she even had to push him to be in Titanic and Revelotionary Road… she’s got more action and push in in her aura.. where Leo would prefer to sit and ponder but romatically she would initially find him too Blake and Bar..who both have a lot of virgo in their charts…

  974. 974
    Geez Says:

    Hi Candycotton,
    Good to see ya around, always enjoy your views u and Canada Girl.
    But Leo and Kate ain’t ever happening. I dunno why people still ship this union after all these years. The funny thing is Kate is similar to Leo in having a tres complicated love life – she dumped her young model lover after her second marriage croaked, to shack up with an even younger man who not only left his 22 year-old wife but actually deliberately changed his birth name to “Rock n Roll”. lmao

  975. 975
    Weirdo Says:

    I really do not think it’s ‘bros and hos’.
    I bet you a million dollars that if the blind item is true (nice that just appeared) that the “demands” that Erin was making had to do with his friends…..
    You guys can think whatever you want about his sexuality. It would be hard for his fans to overcome the denial because they want him to be hetero. You see what you want based on your desires and explain away everything else. I can see Leo clearly for what he is….no one will ever be able to tell me differently.
    And no I’m not Tinkerbell, she lives in NYC and I do not.
    I wrote the comment prior about him selecting another model that looks like him to live vicariously through. It’s the same. My ex-husband got into a relationship with a woman and he used to ‘dress’ me because he subconsciously wanted to be feminine or whatever.
    The fact that Leo goes for VS models or models and his relationships are so high-profile, and constantly fed to the press, it’s clear to me what that is all about. People always say, why does he pick blondes! Well for the show girl, she’s blonde because he subconsciously wants to project that image for himself. It is very obvious to me now.

  976. 976
    Weirdo Says:

    @Sarah – Your comments don’t support your argument at all. In fact, many of them could support that he IS gay.
    **I don’t even think he ever met her parents, for God’s Sake.**
    Right he never met her family or at least we strongly believe he didn’t, why is that?
    **He even spent Easter weekend in NY with Tobey Maguire and his family who just came from Israel.**
    Right he spent a major holiday with one of his friends. Why is that?
    **He wasn’t around when she spoke at the Global Citizen in NY but prefered to party in Vegas.**
    Right-o, skipped out on a major event to go to Vegas with his friends. Perfect time to get away and spend time with his friends. Why is that?
    **Besides, Erin doesn’t look sad at all.**
    She looked pretty sad in the VS backstage photos. At least I thought so.

  977. 977
    Robinnicole Says:

    There is no denial that Leo is gay, becaue there are no clear indicators that he is gay. It’s silly that you seem to want to pust your opinion on his sexuality on others, then when they disagree with you, “we are in denial”. Based off of what we do know about Leo, there is a possiblity that he is actually straight, because OVBIOUSLY,..straight men do behave that way also, and you are in denial of that. If Leo is gay, the world is not going to end, i’ve seen many attractive men that are gay, some of then even slayed Leo in looks, but they are gay. Leo only dating blond women, dumping them, and not wanting to get married, are not clear indicators of him being gay, no matter how much he might be gay. The man might just be a damn man-wh ore, or there could be some other issue, you never know. The blond women are the only women that the media shows, Leo sees women of all kinds, why is there no possiblity that the man could be straight? Why are you in such a denial for what straight men are born to do; Leo isn’t the only one and it is a fact that not all of them are gay?

  978. 978
    Robinnicole Says:

    I need to prof-read more but you should get the picture.

  979. 979
    Weirdo Says:

    Hi Robin,

    The relationship that was/is being marketed is a sham and the marriage would have been a sham too. To cover up the fact that he is gay. They are still trying to push that he was going to propose (lol) when we all know he wasn’t into her. He’s into his friends.
    He might be a man ***** that’s true. But Leo raises suspicion based on his behavior and this sham of a relationship they were trying to push to the public. Hey, believe what you want, I really don’t care. I’m only trying to express my view. It you believe he is straight, then great. Go on with it.

  980. 980
    Robinnicole Says:

    Much of Leo’s behavior could also “support” that’s he’s straight. If a man is no serious about a woman he’s sexin, it’s not surprising for him to skip spending a major holiday with her. Best friends that are guys to sometimes spend the holidays with each other and their families. My boyfriends friends have been with us during major holidays, that’s normal behavior, straight or even gay, it doesn’t matter.

    So he skipped out on Erin to go to Vegas with his friends,….straight men are guilty of such behavior,….sweetheart.
    You don’t have a strong argument either, so I wouldn’t be knocking other’s opinions on whether Leo is gay or not, if I were you. You continue to link behavior that can also be “straight” behavior to only that of gay men,…funny.

  981. 981
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo raises suspicion based on what behavior,….straight behavior? He might be gay,…but I need more than him dating models, cheating on them on random women, not being married at 38, partying and hanging with his friends, to actually believe it. You are frimly stating that the man is gay, based off straight behavior,..not gay behavior. Explain,..why straight men, don’t behave like Leo? I know straight men that do behave that way, so i’m really interested in your explanation? I also know gay men that hide their gayness, the way.

  982. 982
    tinkerbell Says:

    nah I’m not weirdo.I guess we both type fast.

    I like Margot because she is pretty, and not “allegedly”like someone on LSA said, noticeably and she actually works for a living. Enough said.

  983. 983
    Yeah! Says:

    Ok, so Margot `actually works for a living`. So what is Erin or Bar or Gisele doing? Or Blake Lively? I still don`t believe anything is going on but regardless of that I just don`t see the logic there.
    All these years people wanted someone different for him and the descriptions alway include `someone closer to his age`. Then another 22 year old comes along ( if it`s happening ) and it all changes. I think it`s only about personal preference how you feel about his girlfriends not about a `pattern`.
    I stick to what I have said before. I would love to see him with someone closer to his age and not a model/actress. I know very well it won`t happen so it`s pointless to start a conversation about it. No need to convince me that it won`t happen because I know it very well.

  984. 984
    Robinnicole Says:

    I like Margot too, she looks like she won’t be for Leo’s bullshit.

  985. 985
    Fan Says:

    one of the things I like about Margot, is that she is not as tall as a giraffe which makes Leo look more manly, for once.

  986. 986
    Weirdo Says:

    I already said why I am firmly stating. The fact that the relationship was being marketed as way more than it was. I don’t even think he really cared much about her much less wanted to marry her.
    The behavior is constantly choosing his friends over her, I’m sure there are many examples more of that. Easter, St. Tropez, Vegas. Leo reminds me completely of my ex. Mostly only male friends, attractive but not appearing overtly gay. Dresses down, jeans and t-shirt all the time, artistic (my ex was is an artistic profession), sensitive and kind, caring about animals and the environment. And momma’s boy. I can’t even tell you what a huge MOMMA’S BOY my ex was.
    The indifference towards girls in his appearance and demeanor and some other things tell me he is gay but still in the closet. I am convinced of it. I don’t have to give laundry lists and reasons.

  987. 987
    @Weirdo Says:

    in this case, do you think George Clooney might be still in the closet as well?

  988. 988
    to weirdo Says:

    i read teh story about your marriage. i think its possible that you were not getting enough attention and you interpret this as being gay.
    i think its interesting that you thought your brother was gay too and you almost think subconsciously he was having an affair with your ex.

    there is something you may not know but people tend to be attracted to their most loved family member. in your case, sounds like it was your brother. when you were growing up you felt he was gay. why? i don’t get it. is it because he didn’t molest you? ( i am saying that part because i have heard stories of girls being molested by their brothers—you are lucky that didn’t happen. but if you are using that as a marker for him possibly being gay, then i think your picker is warped) subconsciously since you believed your most loved family member was gay it makes sense you picked someone to marry you believed was gay also…because he is so much like your brother and they get on so well. you were bound to make this choice becuase of your love for your brother, not necessarily sexual, but rather because of familiarity. gayness had nothing to do with it. its just a sneakign suspicion on your part. next time you shoudl pick someone who is sexually attractive to you right off the bat. who is also sexually attracted to you. its either there or its not.
    on to erin and leo:
    erin and leo both seem nice. just because two people in a relationship are nice, does not mean they are meant to be together. if two people break up it does not mean something is wrong with one of the parties. it means its not the right fit.
    it doesn’t mean the other person is gay.

  989. 989
    to weirdo Says:

    “but people tend to be attracted to their most loved family member. ”
    this should say people tend to be attracted to people who subconsciously remind them, sometimes even consciously, of their most loved family member…it could be looks, personality, style of interaction. it could be some really little or small such as little mannerisms.

  990. 990
    to weirdo Says:

    i don’t think men have commitment issues. i think it has more to do with finding the right fit.

  991. 991
    Weirdo Says:

    Hard to believe that out of ALL the women Leo has been seen with no one can be right for him.
    Also, I don’t know many straight guys that spend a holiday like Easter with friends over his girlfriend. Easter? Anytime I have been in a relationship, even if the guy hangs out with the boys a lot, Easter is traditionally a relationship thing. Just sayin’

    @988 I appreciate your comments, don’t worry I’ve been in years of therapy already, haha. Btw, my brother was not my most loved family member. He’s older than me and we barely grew up together. We are not that close. We became closer because apparently he liked my husband at the time, lol.

  992. 992
    to weirdo Says:

    i also think its natural and healthy to date around and meet other people. i also think its healthy to hang out with your friends. if you are being ignored all the time that’s not right. but to ban friends and hanging out with friends is not right either. the person might have friends who you just don’t like or get along with mutually….the partner needs to take a step back and be cautious about giving unequal weight to either person in this scenario….because the friend cannot necessarily be trusted but tehn again maybe they can. personality clash should not upend either relationship but we all know it can. so the partner in the middle has to use good judgement and not allow either person to force a choice amongst the two of them.

  993. 993
    to weirdo Says:

    however, if one of those two is being abusive, the abusive one has to go. that’s what i think about it.

  994. 994
    to weirdo Says:

    college age kids with bf’s and gf’s have been known to go away together with their friends on spring break. some the family get together at easter is not as hard and fast rule as you think.

  995. 995
    to weirdo Says:

    no problem. just so you know, it bothered me that my ex-bf talked to my sister on the phone and had her phone number even though she was married and lived in another state. he did this without telling me. that bothers me. ie getting their number and talking on the phone.

  996. 996
    to weirdo Says:

    on leo dating multiple women….women date multiple men too. it starts in high school and continues through college and working life. women like to show off about dating lots of men. just like men do.

  997. 997
    just in general Says:

    some people would rather spend their easter with friends rather than family. especially if they are in college or have graduated already. some people are not family oriented or simply don’t like hanging out with family or feeling obligated to spend the holiday time with family. i am one of those people.

  998. 998
    just in general Says:

    I think Leo dating different women is no biggie really. he’s really only had 2-3 serious relationships. he’s still young. there are people that date just one person all through high school, then split up, date one person all through college then split up. start dating and meeting new people when they start their careers. -
    some people have a five year rule and others have a 4 seasons rule.

  999. 999
    -_- Says:

    If he is gay,why he put so much effort flirting with pretty interviewer
    go watch his interviews,compare it with male interviewer

  1000. 1000
    Yeah! Says:

    @just in general: ` Leo dating different women`. DIFFERENT WOMEN? To me it seems like he has been dating the same one over and over again… lol

  1001. 1001
    its pr for pfk Says:

    but to me
    they ARE different

  1002. 1002
    Robinnicole Says:

    “Easter is a traditional relationship thing”? I’ve never heard of that,,, never coupled up with my boyfriend just because it’s “Easter”,….LOL,…where are you getting this stuff?!!!

  1003. 1003
    Weirdo Says:

    It really doesn’t matter to me what he is. I just believe that he is gay. I think I’ve given enough reasons why. And there are many reasons for arguing that he is not. It still doesn’t change what I think.
    Someone said that I had more supporting evidence from my ex, like the male porn, etc. Well, I’m not in Leo’s life. I can really only base my opinion on celebrity viewing. I’m sure people closer to him that know him personally can say whether I’m right or not. Nobody would say it publicly though.
    Leo’s life is more on display now than ever with all the publicly available information. We can see more about his behavior through photos and by following what he’s doing, etc. I’m sure it was a lot easier to sell stories in the tabloids because there weren’t camera phones, twitter accounts, etc. the public could only go off what they read in the papers or in the tabloids. It will be very hard to keep up appearances in this day and age.
    There is no way any fan of Leo’s that follows him somewhat would ever believe he wanted to marry Erin. No one was shocked when they broke-up (except maybe me). I think people would have been completely shocked if he did propose, he just wasn’t into her at all.
    @Yeah! I agree, same girl over and over. If Margot is next she fits the bill.

  1004. 1004
    d. Says:

    Since when they (models&so called ‘actresses’) are ACTUALLY working for living?

  1005. 1005
    Weirdo Says:

    Interviews – watch the interview with him and Kate recently when they were promoting the new Titanic release. Kate fawned all over him and he looked annoyed. And this is supposedly his best female friend.

  1006. 1006
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOLOLOLOL,…..ok, straight men, can’t dress down in jeans and t-shirts:
    can’t be caring, kind, sensitive
    can’t be artistic
    can’t care about the environment, nature, animals
    can’t be mommas boys
    all of this is gay behavior,..right?
    any man that acts in such a way is definitely gay,…right?

  1007. 1007
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’m not a lesbian, and I have a male friend that is one of my best friends, he fawns all over me sometimes and I get annoyed because i’m not into him like that. I only see him as a friend, not a lover. Why is Leo gay, for his behavior towards Kate?

  1008. 1008
    Weirdo Says:

    Sorry I think it’s revolutionary road, not Titanic.
    @Robin – anything I say you are going to counter-point me to death lol.
    Like I said, if you believe he is straight then keep believing it. I don’t. I am not trying to convince you otherwise.
    Leo reminds me of someone, he has the characteristics of someone who is gay. I have gay friends, gay relatives and gay co-workers. They are all different people.

  1009. 1009
    Robinnicole Says:

    She’s actually very stunning, unlike the models he’s dated. The thumbs down on all the positive comments about Margot are hilarious entertainment.

  1010. 1010
    -_- Says:

    compare with this one

    i use this 2 because both from unscripted
    u can see how different he act

  1011. 1011
    Yeah! Says:

    For me it`s not about the positive things you say about Margot. I don`t know her but I really don`t see how is she any different or any better than his usual girlfriends. I`m not sold on their relationship at all and the Leo&Margot talk is premature.

  1012. 1012
    'Working' for A-living Says:


    Ooh, Workin’ for a livin’
    Ooh, taking what they giving
    Ooh, Workin’ for a livin’
    Ooh, ooh
    Walking on the streets its really all the same
    selling souls, rock n’ roll, any other day

    Workin’ for a livin’ (workin’)
    Workin’ for a livin’ (workin’)
    Workin’ for a livin’, livin’ and workin’
    I’m taking what they giving ’cause I’m working for a livin’.

  1013. 1013
    on gayness Says:

    if you think a guy is gay, then it’ll never work. you need to stick with guys who don’t send whatever that gay vibe is for you.

    me personally i don’t think he is gay but i think in the gilbert grape movie one could think he was.
    i just think when people start accusing someone of being gay, there is some resentment or feelings of rejection going on

  1014. 1014
    on gayness Says:

    but in gilbert grape that’s just him being a kid. he was a kid and he acted like one.
    i didn’t pick up any gayness in aviator for instance. and in wolf of wall street pics here on jj i see MAN. not gay man.

  1015. 1015
    on gayness Says:

    I think he’s grown into maturity when i see these pics of him on jj for wolf of wall street. so i see a grown man, not a gay one.
    to me, he is ripe for the picking.

  1016. 1016
    on marriage Says:

    he won’t be ready until he’s met the right one.

  1017. 1017
    uneducated plant worker Says:


    You know the actress/the human is not only about the ‘stunning’ photos.

  1018. 1018
    Robinnicole Says:

    Would I be able to counter-point you at all if your argument was concrete? Leo has characteristics of someones who’s straight too,’s funny that you seem to be in denial of that. Some men don’t ever find the right one because they have no desire to settle down and be married, it happens.
    I have gay friends, gay relatives and gay co-workers; yes they are all different people with different behaviors. There’s always a possiblity that a man you don’t know personally can be gay, but Leo’s behavior cannot be restricted to only gay men, straight men have been known to behave that way,…that’s all i’m tyring to say.

  1019. 1019
    Weirdo Says:

    People don’t believe things when you tell them. People have accused me of being Erin all the time, then asking if I know Erin or Leo. Even though repeatedly I tell them no, they don’t believe me or they wouldn’t keep asking.

    People don’t believe things unless they come to their own conclusions. I’ve already come to my own conclusions about Leo. I wasn’t attracted to Leo when he was younger because he seemed very effeminate when he was younger. Too pretty. He looks more manly as he has gotten older.

  1020. 1020
    Weirdo Says:

    I wouldn’t click on any links posted here.

  1021. 1021
    -_- Says:

    interview by pretty blonde
    look how happy he is haha
    look at his reaction at the end of the interview when the girl said he is a badass now

    someone commented “just get pretty interviewer to interview him,we will have a fun interview”
    his interview with male interviewer is so boring

  1022. 1022
    -_- Says:

    why not?
    Its just youtube link

  1023. 1023
    Weirdo Says:

    If Leo is one of those guys that doesn’t want to get married and settle down, then blinds about rings, pre-nups and holiday engagements popping up are just plain dumb.
    It would be more believable if he just did his thing and stupid stories about serious girlfriends went away.
    He was with Erin for 10 months and he could not even ACT like he was interested in her, when he is one of our finest actors. I’m not buying this game anymore.

  1024. 1024
    @wierdo Says:

    Quit projecting your anger from your husband (who you haven’t even talked to about it) at Leo.

  1025. 1025
    -_- Says:

    I am trying so hard not to say mean things to her right now ugh..

  1026. 1026
    @wierdo Says:

    She needs to talk to her ex about this ish…

  1027. 1027
    Robinnicole Says:

    “He could not even act like he was interested in her”,……so what! People put too much faith into the media anyway, it lies all the time. Leo has been with more than just blond women, so I don’t but a damn thing the media has to say about him. They can say he’s about to marry the next model he gets with, I won’t believe it until I see HIS lips moving.

  1028. 1028
    Robinnicole Says:

    “You got us at hello”,…..yeah Leo was being a straight man. He was happy as hell in that interview.

  1029. 1029
    another dumb fan Says:


    who cares about his interviews?or you really think he has at least ONE great thought to say?

  1030. 1030
    -_- Says:

    huh?who cares about his unterviews?
    we are arguing whether he is gay or not
    I post the video of him flirting with the interviewer

  1031. 1031
    ^ Says:

    ☯‏@mikexsweat.- 9 Nov 12
    seeing Skyfall with an old friend @LeoDicaprio

  1032. 1032
    @1031 Says:

    It doesn`t seem like a legit tweet. That person is in Philadelphia. This is his birthday weekend so I assume there will be party sightings.

  1033. 1033
    shshsbs Says:

    ern also Oxford25 and katchitup on BZ

  1034. 1034
    Weirdo Says:

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
    I believe he is gay. I’m just one person. What’s the big deal?

  1035. 1035
    Yeah! Says:

    I have seen two tweets indicating that Leo was on WOWS set in a Brooklyn studio working late ( all night ). A guy tweeted about working on the set with Leo getting home early this morning from work.

  1036. 1036
    -_- Says:

    Happy Birthday Leo <3

  1037. 1037
    gay/straight Says:

    sorry to hear about your ex. You were betrayed.
    Something is weird with Leo’s situation. I would agree with you except when you said gays enjoy women’s company (they do, I have several gay male friends and we always have fun).
    But Leo always looks bored around his women. Even with Gisele sometimes.
    Lainey said something like that. There was a great quote last year but I cant find it.Lainey also said he always picks women who don’t stimulate him above the neck and I agree.

  1038. 1038
    Weirdo Says:

    Famous people live sheltered lives. I doubt he meets a lot of people who stimulate him intellectually. Hollywood is phoney and his long-term friends seem pretty shallow.

  1039. 1039
    re Leo Says:

    I think if he’s friends with martin scorsese he has a lot more intellectual input than you give him credit for.

  1040. 1040
    re Leo Says:

    he played howard hughes. you can’t tell me he is not smart. you have to be smart to understand someone like that and to portray him in a movie.

  1041. 1041
    Weirdo Says:

    I never Leo wasn’t smart. Plus, you are using a male friend as an example. The other poster was saying he dates bimbos.

  1042. 1042
    Necklace issue Says:

    So the JM initial necklace was an indicator after all. I did a little reseach, and the last time we’ve seen her wearing it was at the Global Citizen NY concert. She was probably expecting to see him, but he went instead to party with his buds in Vegas.

  1043. 1043
    re Leo Says:

    my point is, is that since you agree he is smart, then the women he chooses are smarter than you give them credit for. somehow people try to translate beauty as stupidity. people who think like that are shallow.

  1044. 1044
    re Leo Says:

    leo is good looking so why bash good looking people as shallow when you yourself want to date one or be one. look who’s shallow.
    that’s not necessarily meant for you wierdo.
    just a general observation.

  1045. 1045
    Weirdo Says:

    His personal life is filled with club hopping and being surrounded by gaggles of models. Not exactly the prime environment for meeting ‘the one.’ Just sayin’
    Professionally he does have his act together and I do think his professional relationships are sound.
    The thing his fans always rag him about is when it comes to work he seems to have it all together but his personal life is a joke. As he gets older, it makes him look worse. But whatever, I don’t care what he does personally. My problem mainly is being lied to, that’s all.

  1046. 1046
    Weirdo Says:

    I have my own opinion about this. He’s not interested in them because he’s gay. But that’s obviously not popular around here.
    They may be smart, good for them, he wasn’t interested for other reasons.

  1047. 1047
    gay/straight Says:

    I agree with weirdo that something is strange, only because his PR and actions don’t add up. I’m not completely convinced he’s gay, onlythat it’s possible. That’s what I meant. He needs some new PR moves.

    @re Leo
    I dont think beauty translates to stupidity. Have you seen his exes talk or read their interviews? They are just not bright. sorry. Shrewd, maybe. Sweet, sometimes.
    I think Natialie Portman is a beauty with brains. Kate Winslet too, maybe thats why people cant let the Kate n Leo thing go.

  1048. 1048
    whatevs Says:

    Weirdo, I’m on board with most of your opinions except the gay. There’s too much evidence he is a womaniser. He’s bright but immature and spoiled. He’s uncomfortable around women who challenge him. He doesn’t know how to be a friend to women he sleeps with. His PR team works to make him appeal to the girls who want him to be a Jack Dawson style romantic. He doesn’t fool me and I have no problem calling him on his games, but I do realise it’s his choice and none of this affects my life.

  1049. 1049
    re Leo Says:

    this may be an unpopular opinion, but kate is not that pretty. i’ve never found her attractive. she’s ok. but that’s it. she’s average to above average looking. but that’s as far as i would go. not ugly. just ok.

  1050. 1050
    re Leo Says:

    Leo didn’t go to college, natalie did and i think she may have gone on to graduate school or gotten a phd. a woman with that background would be hard pressed to agree to be with a guy who didn’t go to college unless he had other success because of pride. i doubt natalie would be attracted to Leo, besides she has a kid now and is married to a jewish costar. she is also jewish. there definitely is no chemistry there, not even for a movie.

  1051. 1051
    re Leo Says:

    regular college girls who didn’t go further in their college education are the ones who would be prideful. but even those who did go to college are pretty prideful because they attack models as being somehow inferior to them….yet the models are more successful than these college graduates.

  1052. 1052
    re Leo Says:

    if you’re not as successful as a model its going to hard for you to meet leo is all i’m saying.

  1053. 1053
    re Leo Says:

    modeling and acting are some of the highest paying careers for women. modeling is a short career though.

  1054. 1054
    re Leo Says:

    modeling is competitive because there is a lot of money to be made and also a lot of opportunities for meeting lots of men and you get to travel. most girls don’t have all these all opportunities at such a young age. so i think the bashing of models is due to financial jealousy, clothing jealousy, travel jealousy, dating jealousy, and looks jealousy.

  1055. 1055
    re Leo Says:

    saying their stupid doesn’t change the fact they are still in a better position than you are if you have a college degree. and when you were a young teenager, you worshipped their looks and the clothes that they wore and you even paid for that. so to say models are stupid says a lot about how stupid you are because you are shelling out the money to be just like them.

  1056. 1056
    on clubhopping Says:


    i met the best boyfriend ever at a dance club. its the hunting grounds for singles. that’s the truth.

  1057. 1057
    on clubhopping Says:

    the best boyfriend i ever had was the one i met at a dance club. the others i met at college and through dating sites.
    for those of us who love to dance, that is where we go for a good time. too bad if you’re a party pooper or have bad social skills. go take a ballroom dance class. even old seniors go out dancing. they are clubbing too. and i find it romantic to watch them.

  1058. 1058
    on clubhopping Says:

    its hard if your single to find someone because you can’t date at work. and you lose track of your friends after college. so clubbing and singles clubs at church are the way to go, but if you’re singles club at church is lacking in social skills you have no other resort but the dance club and other places where they can be found in abundance.
    if you are serious about getting married, clubbing is what you do.

  1059. 1059
    @1054 Says:

    @re Leo:

    who does want to look like them…who is jealous?

    look at succesful karly kloss for you want to look like hell?

  1060. 1060
    neophyte Says:

    I think models are successful because most of them have no moral limits at all. This quality is the most high paid quality in the world we live.

  1061. 1061
    re Viggo Says:

    its kinda of moot since girls sleep with their boyfriends these days. if everyone waited until marriage to have sex it would be a different story, but since so many people have had sex before marriage already, its kind of a dumb argument.

  1062. 1062
    to neophyte Says:

    if you’re a virgin then you have a valid point, but if not, you’re point is meaningless.

  1063. 1063
    to Leo Says:

    i don’t know what any of these models look like. i just know that they are being attacked for being pretty. its very junior high school-ish.
    i kinda don’t like women who are jealous of the pretty ones. that’s just me.

  1064. 1064
    2 Says:

    @re Leo: ia. I don’t think kate winslet is attractive and I don’t like her personality either. She’s always been very judgmental towards other women. Oh and she worked with a child rapist.

  1065. 1065
    2 Says:

    @gay/straight: lol at natalie portman. Have you read her interviews?? she is well known for her word vomit. Being book smart does not mean they are a good person. Natalie “I think the recession is a good time for people” is proof of that.

  1066. 1066
    neophyte Says:

    @to neophyte:

    If something like this is normal for you it doest mean someone who doesn’t accept it is a virgin.

  1067. 1067
    neophyte Says:

    @to Leo:

    It is more like the models are jealous of the pretty ones, not pretty ones are jealous of the models.

  1068. 1068
    re karlie kloss Says:

    sorry but this is a sexy chick. im a chick and i know hot when i see it.×485.jpg

  1069. 1069
    Weirdo Says:

    You seem to be stuck on people model bashing when I really don’t see people doing that here, at least not now. They did it a lot when Erin was with Leo but I think that is more jealous of the relationship, not the model and her looks.
    People can watch interviews and think someone is not too bright without being jealous. It’s just an observation.
    Yeah! said it best, he keeps doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  1070. 1070
    re karlie kloss Says:

    if you look there are tons of men in the audience watching the victoria’s secret fashion show. in suits!

  1071. 1071
    to Weirdo Says:

    leo is getting bashed for dating models. that is model bashing.

  1072. 1072
    Weirdo Says:

    “if you are serious about getting married, clubbing is what you do.”
    You can’t be serious.
    I think Leo clubbing is partly because his fame. There are places he can go that have good security, people are not going to take his picture, and he can have fun dancing and drinking with his friends. I also think it’s partly his friends, they seem to be immature in their thinking and are still clubbing to have a good time, except for Tobey, he seems settled down at this point.
    Leo is turning 38, if they continue to live this lifestyle at some point it gets to be a little ridiculous. If you’ve seen a 45 y/o man hanging out at a nightclub trolling for young girls, you know what I mean.

  1073. 1073
    gay/straight Says:

    @re leo

    I think you made some good points. BUT.
    Just like you don’t think Kate W is pretty, I think most of his gf’s aren’t that pretty.

    Maybe your right in saying that most ppl in Hollywood are shallow. I used Kate and Natalie as an example of women who seem to have something more going on upstairs. If you don’t agree, fine. Still doesnt change the fact that his ex’s sound dumb.

    I can’t speak for other posters, but I am not jealous of models or pretty women. I have never been threatened by prettier girls than me. Also, I WAS a child and teen model, but didn’t go on because I wanted a ‘norma’l life. Not that that makes me any better than girls who choose to go forward and make it. I just wasn’t interested in doing it for the rest of my life. But I think Gisele and Erin are actually good at their jobs.

    I’ve never worshipped models cuz I know it’s just another job. The styles ppl copy and products ppl buy comes from concepts and ideas of the designers and magazine editors, not the models themselves. They are just puppets. And I travel, have money, have great clothes and get plenty of dates. Models aren’t the only ppl who can do that! lol

    And yes, the irony isn’t lost on me that we live in a society where a women’s looks are worth more cash than her brains. Modeling is the only biz where women outearn men. smh

    I know I could be making way more right now if I used my face and body instead of my head, but I am happy with my choice. Money isn’t everything. And choosing to make money off your body shows shrewdness, not intelligence.

    Again, I can’t speak for everyone, but it irks me when ppl say women are jealous of models/pretty girls. I know there are women out there that are, and have had to deal with that. I am just not one of them. Not everyone worships looks and money as the end all and be all.

    My issue with Leo is his PR vs his actions. He says he wants a relationship of substance and then dates bimbos. That is all.

  1074. 1074
    gay/straight Says:

    agree with #1069 (Weirdo)

    It’s just my opinion.

  1075. 1075
    re Leo Says:

    yes, I’m serious. whenever i go out to a club, i always hope to meet someone special. this was even before i met the best boyfriend ever at a dance club. I am sure i am not the only one who thinks like this. I like to dance and I will still have fun even if I don’t meet someone special but i always hope i do. its like when cinderella went to the ball. she went because she wanted to go to a party and have fun and wear nice pretty clothes for once instead of being locked up at home. ..she didn’t expect to meet the hottest ticket in town but she did! the prince! (if her crazy stepsisters ever found out they’d be even meaner to her than they already were.)
    it is the traditional meeting place for making a match. this goes back even to the times of pride and prejudice or anna karenina. it is time worn. if you are single, where else do you expect to meet someone? the grocery store? not. people eat out. fast food and restuarants. church…only and that is ONLY if they have singles ministries. even then its not guaranteed because some of those singles are lacking in social skills or lack organization and fail to provide social outlets like dances movies dinners and other get togethers to allow interaction.
    so where is it you think singles should meet if they want to get married?
    and i have to be honest, the guys i meet there are serious about getting married or maybe i am just lucky but the ones who ask the right questions and want to go on a date and eliminate me in 6 weeks or less are the serious marriageable ones. because each one of them married within the year of meeting me.
    those are definitely hunting grounds.

  1076. 1076
    re Leo Says:

    i never said people in hw are shallow. i was probably responding to someone who was saying that.
    i have been reading messageboards for a few years now and i always tend to believe that when a pretty woman is being attacked its because of her looks. this is tame compared to what i have seen.

    on the pr thing, are you saying tabs are his pr? as in he hired them and sent them copy to to publish stories, even conflicting ones?
    that’s tabs doing it on their own. its not by his direction, not by his pr’s direction. its tabs trying to get your attention and to form your opinions about issues that they make up.

  1077. 1077
    @1070 Says:

    @re karlie kloss:

    exactly. tons of tasteless underdogs.

  1078. 1078
    re Leo Says:

    re karlie kloss…i agree i didn’t see any fine specimens of the male persuasion in that crowd. they were probably all back stage or waiting at the after party after the show. or maybe they couldn’t make it because of the storm.

  1079. 1079
    Weirdo Says:

    @1075 – Well everyone’s experience is different. I have met men at clubs and not a single one turned into something serious. You can meet someone anywhere. I’ve been asked out walking down the street, at the gym, grocery store, library, concert, ballgame, airplane – the list goes on and on. If a man likes what he sees he will make the effort to talk to a girl.
    I think it’s better to meet someone where you get to know them over time, like school or work or places you go regularly where you can get to know a person. Having said that, I don’t date men from work personally, but I do think it is a good place to really get to know a person.

  1080. 1080
    tinkerbell Says:

    Natalie Portman (nee Herschlag) went to Harvard and is so smart she actually published in scientific journals. Also studied Hebrew on the graduate level in Israel. No way in hell would those two like each other-she wouldnt like HIM.

    If he was in a studio in Brooklyn it was proabbly the Steiner studios, its near the navy yard in brooklyn—boardwalk empire is shot there.

  1081. 1081
    tinkerbell Says:

    My comment about Margot working is that as an actress there is actual labor involved, if you are good enough to get Martin Scorcese to hire you then you have some talent/skills/experience. ALso getting to that level takes an effort. It’s not just flashing your behind around. I dont see the models featured here do a lot of what I would call work, just showing up, going to parties and once in a while doing a contracted gig. A lot of self promotion but no actual work…not what I would call work anyway.

    Put it this way, Blake aint working for marty any time soon. I guess just any alternative to the usual brainless sycophant will do. But I have given up on it being someone I like.

    Note too, some girls get ragged on here but the ones that get it the most are pretty damn skeevy in personal and business lives, and say things like Palestinians are animals, Egypt is primitive and dress in black face for Halloween, in other words they get what they deserve.Erin really did nothing to offend me, Blake did the nudie pix.
    If you dont want to be hated by the public dont give them anything to work with.

  1082. 1082
    re Leo Says:

    i won’t let a man talk to me under those conditions. i don’t want to be bothered.

  1083. 1083
    re Leo Says:

    and there’s never been a cute one under those conditions…so
    not interested.

  1084. 1084
    re Leo Says:

    also i have been approached by married men under some of those conditions. its more likely a man is available for a relationship if he’s at a club or a dance.

  1085. 1085
    re Leo Says:

    also all of those situations are too random and not rich with meeting actual singles.

  1086. 1086
    re Leo Says:

    except for school.

  1087. 1087
    gay/straight Says:

    @ re leo

    I have seen the attacks on other celebs and threads so I see what you are talking about. I just wanted to point out that it’s not always the case for everyone.

    I am including tabs (some of them do come from his pr team but I don’t want to argue about it since we wil never know exactly which ones) but even if you take them out of consideration, Leo has straight up said in interviews that he wants to settle down, get married and have kids. And in a foreign mag, said he was looking for the right woman. (From article links that ppl have posted on JJ and other sites).

    So why say that, but then do exactly what hes been doing since he was 19 and unineterested in settling down? That is my question/beef.

  1088. 1088
    Robinnicole Says:

    Thinking that Leo is gay,..would be popular around here, if straight men didn’t also behave like Leo. You seem to think people around here just don’t want to believe that Leo is gay, but Leo is behaving like a sraight man, that’s why others don’t agree with. If you think Leo is gay,..that’s fine, but you can’t be that clueless on the behavior of straight men, you should understand why some of us need more solid evidence. Believe me, you claiming that Leo is gay, is not unpopular around here for the reason you think it is.

  1089. 1089
    Weirdo Says:

    “i won’t let a man talk to me under those conditions. i don’t want to be bothered.”
    Well then keep clubbing then. I’ve never met a married man trying to pick up girls at a club either (roll eyes).
    Do what you need to do girl. If the only guys you are interested in dating go to nightclubs to meet their wives then sounds like that’s going to work out for you.

  1090. 1090
    Weirdo Says:

    Hi Robin,
    I’m not naive to how straight men act. If I believed Leo were truly a straight man playing the field, then I would give him a pass.
    But I don’t. But that’s just me.

  1091. 1091
    re Leo Says:

    lol at @Weirdo:

    i knew you would bring up something about married guys at clubs. lol….but the point i was trying to make is that the percentage of meeting singles is higher at the club than elsewhere. for someone who is serious about finding someone who is available for a relationship…right now that is the best venue. so i don’t fault leo for doing it. which is where i was actually going with all of that.

  1092. 1092
    bored Says:

    @gay/straight: “So why say that, but then do exactly what hes been doing since he was 19 and unineterested in settling down?” are you freaking slow? why does he say that? because he’s trying to appeal to the minivan majority. the traditional americans who think a man should marry and settle down with wife & kids. He doesn’t believe that himself. After what he saw his parents go through, I don’t think he believes in marriage.

  1093. 1093
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,…Oh, and how different would a straight man playing the field act?

  1094. 1094
    Weirdo Says:

    @re Leo

  1095. 1095
    re Leo Says:

    “Leo has straight up said in interviews that he wants to settle down, get married and have kids. And in a foreign mag, said he was looking for the right woman. (From article links that ppl have posted on JJ and other sites).

    So why say that, but then do exactly what hes been doing since he was 19 and unineterested in settling down? That is my question/beef.”

    i haven’t seen the interviews but i will take your word for it. these things were probably stated when he was actually single and available, in between relationships. i think 19 is too young to marry. and that could be what it has been all along…not ready…too young. hasn’t found the right person. the stars have not yet aligned. that kind of thing. its nothing personal against these girls and its ok to be in a relationship for awhile and then move on to someone new. i know its a bummer. but finding the right person to settle down with is a major huge decision. its not be taken lightly. and with the kind of money he has brought in, he has probably promised himself he is not gonna mess that one up. he is also i understand a child of divorce. and that plays into it too. fear of divorce. i think its better to date around rather than commit so soon to exclusivity, but he wanted a relationship or girlfriend. but then you can’t explore either. he’s not unfaithful. he is loyal. right? so his problem is not dating enough different people. he goes exclusive too soon. he should shop around so to speak.

  1096. 1096
    @tinkerbell Says:

    your stupidity knows no bounds
    if these Leo girls are ‘worthless’ ‘not special’ what does that make you that you obsess on them so assiduosly and follow in a deranged fashion the life/loves of a man who would not spit on you if you were on fire.
    you are sad desperate useless and pathetic stinkerbell. worse you have no self awareness whatsoever that your obsessive rants show.
    oh and erin has nude pics too, what are you gonna do about that? nothing. nappy head. stay desperate

  1097. 1097
    Weirdo Says:

    @re Leo
    The point I was trying to make is be friendly. I understand if you don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers. I was in sales for a long time so I feel comfortable talking to anyone.
    You never know, that lady sitting next to you at a play may have a cute son she wants to set you up with.
    Leo’s lifestyle of partying and clubbing a lot is typical of single men who live in big cities. Maybe he should move, LOL.

  1098. 1098
    Weirdo Says:

    We differ in our opinions. I think he is gay and you don’t. I respect that and I’m going to leave it at that. Thanks for playing but I’m not sending the ball back in your court. Think whatever you want.

  1099. 1099
    re Leo Says:


    you’re probably gonna think i’m pathetic now but meeting some guy’s mother before i actually met him would weird me out.
    “You never know, that lady sitting next to you at a play may have a cute son she wants to set you up with.”

    i’d be fine until that topic was broached.

    now that you have brought this up…i think the reason i like the setting of dance clubs and dances is because the boundaries are clear. the setting is already conducive to meeting someone because it sets the right mood so to speak. the transition to a date is easier.

  1100. 1100
    Robinnicole Says:

    Based on all that is shown of Leo, he acts no different than a straight man playing the field, so of course you’re not sending “that” ball back in my court. You should have used your own advice a long time ago,…”think what you want”,..exactly.

  1101. 1101
    re Leo Says:

    probably if she was clever she would not mention it and just ask for my number and invite me to some ladies get together and then later invite me to a party at her home in which her son was also in attendance. but would be unwise move to even mention it to me.

  1102. 1102
    Weirdo Says:

    It’s interesting how Robin and Tinkerbell always show up at the same time isn’t it?

  1103. 1103
    Robinnicole Says:

    Hmmmm,….it’s interesting that you think that’s interesting.

  1104. 1104
    @Weirdo Says:

    Its not surprising.They are soul ‘sistahs’ as obsessed with Leo’s sex life as you are. You three have made this thread monotonous repetitive s*it.

  1105. 1105
    Robinnicole Says:

    Hmmmm,..that’s also interesting, the obsessed pointing out the obsessed.

  1106. 1106
    @1105 Says:

    Nope not obsessed. Just someone who glances at this thread occasionally thinking there would be interesting variant of people – Message, Canada Girl, Lavo, Philly. Only seeing its you three AGAIN discussing the same version of your own Leo ish. Have a good night

  1107. 1107
    gay/straight Says:

    lol brainiac
    Clooney doesn’t say those things and he sells tickets to the minivan majority.

    It was just a question. And if your answer is the correct one, then he should get another PR strategy. jmo

    @re leo
    these interviews were when he was with Bar. fyi

  1108. 1108
    Yeah! Says:

    Ok, I have no idea what`s going on here right now.
    Leo is at a TAG HAUER fund raising event right now looking great in a suit. ( photos: courtesy of his bz thread ). I bet the `real` bday celebration is coming up afterwards…

  1109. 1109
    Robinnicole Says:

    Oh,..not obsessed,….okay
    The media talks about a celebrities love/sex life and the public comments on it, what else would this discussion be about? Evidently, Leo humps them and dumps them, or they dump him for all his bullshit, how knows. Some people thinks he’s gay,..okay? LOL,…, must want more people to be obsessed, besides us three,..very interesting.
    When the justjared post is about the next moon landing, we’ll comment on that.

  1110. 1110
    @1109 Says:

    you really don’t get it do you? U three circling the same thing over and over to the point that the regulars have left is fcuking annoying, – he’s gay! he’s not gay! he screws randoms!. WTF. its obviously not OK to say it in maybe 3 post but keep repeating it over fcuk knows how many pages.Moon landing? I can predict this. Hearing about how you know of the nocturnal habits of the astronauts. You Tinkerbell and Weirdo can argue back and forth over 10 pages if Armstrong and Aldridge were actually getting it on while having side pieces on the side from Jupiter and then concluding with saying its no one’s business all in 20 pages.

  1111. 1111
    Weirdo Says:

    @1106 – Message, Canada Girl, Lavo, Philly they all same the same things over and over again too, only less frequently.
    Why don’t you contribute something new instead of complaining? I don’t see you sharing your ‘original’ thoughts on anything.

  1112. 1112
    Weirdo Says:

    @Yeah! Leo should date Cameron Diaz, a successful model/actress that’s closer to his age and not a bimbo.
    Maybe then we will take him seriously.

  1113. 1113
    @1111 Says:

    Nope , no they don’t. They actually have analysis or new info when they pop in, and. I don’t think its a coincidence they seem to have checked out. Have fun with Robin, in your kabuki dance of ‘Leo is gay’ no ‘Leo is a hound’ – till page 2000.

  1114. 1114
    tinkerbell Says:


    hey, worthless tramp piece of sh*t…

    What’s up beyotch!

  1115. 1115
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,……..oh deary,…what would this discussion be about? Hump them, dump them, is he gay or what, no, I don’t think he’s gay,..what blond model is next? It’s you that doesn’t get it.
    By the way,…you’re glancing through pretty often for someone that is not obsessed. Would you like to go back and forth with that?

  1116. 1116
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: and you know who I think is the most worthless one of all!

    the one that can’t act whose “movies” are unreleasable
    the one that can’t present on tv—her on try was cancelled but then revived by a younger model recently, successfully

    the one that can’t design anything or launch a clothing brand that doesnt flop
    the one that got all her “modelling” jobs taken over by Irina Shaykh…

    the one who makes up romantic rumors about an atletic has been who is now on his way to court appointed rehab because that is all she can get…

    you know who….

    of course “nappy head”is now your signature racist bimbo
    here’s a clue you are now getting exactly what you deserve, finally.

  1117. 1117
    tinkerbell Says:

    that’s all right
    that’s ok
    because you’ll be a high priced ho some day!

    Ask Pam Anderson, Victoria Silvstedt and Tara Reid what the rats are…

  1118. 1118
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’ve read many post on justjared about Leo’s love life,…stop lying, it’s always the same crap, he dumps one blond and gets with the next. The only thing new is the “new blond”; history repeats itself constantly on Leo’s thread, I’ve read nothing new,..nice try,..

  1119. 1119
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Weirdo: that’s what you always try to say, you make the thread boring, etc. Well, we’re enjoying it go post some goo goo gaga crap on bellazon if you dont like it.

    by the way that was what what the “rates” are—since they’re all getting paid for poonanny you might as well know what the best deals are..

  1120. 1120
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo should date any woman closer to his age, but that doesn’t mean he’ll settle down with her.

  1121. 1121
    Weirdo Says:

    She has the poster she likes and repeatedly bashes anyone she doesn’t like. Get all your favorites to start a board together so you can live happily ever after with your deep and meaningful ‘analysis.’

  1122. 1122
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: cam has some bimbo moments, but rumor was they already hit it and split it in London in 2009 when he was “broken up with” (whatever that means) Bar…..same with Anne V who people keep suggesting will be next….he HAS effed almost the entire universe.

    I like Cam but she is looking busted these days…

    PS I am not Robin we dont have anything to do with each other…we’ll “obsess” if we want to and just dont care….and in case you missed the point after all this time…leo is not the kind of guy I want to date…I would spit on him if he was on fire but I wouldnt date him afterwards. As far as I am concerned the only women who will date a known womanizer like him are gold digging wanna be tramps or maybe very young girls like Erin who foolishly think he’ll “change” for them…
    I somehow dont feel very sympathetic though.

  1123. 1123
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin 1120
    Cameron Diaz says she’s not into marriage. Maybe they would be a perfect couple?

  1124. 1124
    tinkerbell Says:

    PS—on second thought it could be “rats”–the men who pay of course, the ones with yacht girls and will pay a lot to take a girl to Vegas with them….

  1125. 1125
    to tinkerbeel Says:

    so the reason you post here is becuase you hate leo and anyone he dates….interesting….you must be his pr coordinator since you are so fixated on that.

  1126. 1126
    Robinnicole Says:

    Oh, that’s what they want,..some goo goo gaga crap,..LOL,..yea BZ is full of that.

  1127. 1127
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@1109: bye!

    write when you get work!!!!!

  1128. 1128
    to tinkerbeel Says:

    a closeted misanthrope and general all around misogynistic feminist. who writes!
    - i think you get the prize for most self absorbed.

  1129. 1129
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: it’s highly moderated and so in love with celebrities…..I’m more interested in their warts…far more interesting “hollywood babylon” and “model:the ugly business of beautiful women” (great book)

    truth being stranger than fiction of course!

  1130. 1130
    Robinnicole Says:

    She’s not, I have wondered why she has never been married,…maybe they would make the perfect couple, if Leo was into women his age.

  1131. 1131
    to weirdo Says:

    yeah they are both from california
    it could work!

  1132. 1132
    Weirdo Says:

    I really think it’s going to be hard for him to find another public girlfriend. Who will want to be linked up with him? Erin fell for it and I think she did like him. I don’t think she knew what she was getting into.

  1133. 1133
    tinkerbell Says:

    @to tinkerbeel: I think you get the prize for worst spelling !

    I’m only misanthropic when I come here, feminist yes, but in the sense that anyone who is not a doormat is a “feminist” these days…misogynist, no, but I dont have a lot of sympathy for the “girls” who want to push everything back to 1950s either. I am not spending my life vacuuming. I have a man to do it for me !

  1134. 1134
    to tinkerbeel Says:

    a misanthrope hates men too. not just women. you don’t like leo or his gf’s. so why are you here?

  1135. 1135
    Weirdo Says:

    I’m guessing Leo and Erin are going to reunite and get ‘married.’
    It will be impossible for him to pull this charade off again without looking like a fool.

  1136. 1136
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: I don’t. It’s easy to be starstruck and say, well, I dont know what is going to happen but I’ ll do it for the fun of it…I’ll go out with him to get my name in the paper. If you do it with the idea that it is for fun not for love and you are young enough not to care, why not ???

    There will be someone along, he is too rich and helps too much with their “careers” did anyone know who erin heatherton was before all of this? I didnt, but I saw her in a VS window and said “she’ll be next”–besides their agents will flat out tell them to go out with him…Bar’s did, he said he could get her work unless she fixed up here thing with leo…no leo, no “modelling jobs”. An insider from her agency posted here…..

    There will be many stupid girls along. They are stupid if they are expecting “love”or “he’ll change for me” but not necessarily if they see it sort of an adventure……

    I am not misogynist for thinking this….telling women that some men are just not good for you and can’t love anybody actually helps in the long run….they go only to the men who are good…and they lysisstrata the bad guys out…….(in the ancient greek play women deny sex to men who want to go to war…we should deny sex to the heels of the world so they learn to reconsider)

    You’re stupid enough to think telling women what is not good for them is misogynist, it isnt.

  1137. 1137
    tinkerbell Says:

    @to tinkerbeel: I love good men and admire strong women…leo is not the first and his chicks arent the second, but the ones who walk away early sort of seem to grow some and get a good guy next…..a la blake lively and her 2 million dollar wedding ring. I enjoy writing about it and you are free to leave anytime…

    it’s therapeutic in the most part to break up with Leo because the next guy seems to be the one for those who do…except for the unmentionable who has a bad rep..

  1138. 1138
    tinkerbell Says:

    @to tinkerbeel: You’ve made the common mistake that this is a fan site. It isnt. Not for any celeb who gets posted here…read some of the clooney, tom cruise or brangelina threads if you doubt it. This is one of the only sites you can post without registering… so it is what people really think about celebs, not bs. The other good ones are LSA, Huff Po and starting to be CDAN…although you have to be registered there. The other sites would be more like this if they were not so scared of lawsuits. This site is moderated but mostly for copyright violations so you can post articles or links so much…

    Even IMBD gets moderated heavily…stuff disappears right off there…no one wants to hear any starry eyed love bs here or anywhere else….

    Actually I think Leo is likeable in many areas, just not this one. The stories about him going through magazine and burning the eyes out of models or asking Ellen Barkin if a particualr woman would go out with him suggests a lot of envy and resentment to women…he might be the REAL misogynist to me…

    someone who was in the same apartment that he had for filming Man in the Iron Mask said there were magazines left around with the model’s eyes burned out with cigarettes…what does that tell you? That was at 17/18 or so….he wants them but doesnt really like em.

  1139. 1139
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: no very possible, but I have certainly given up believing it. The thing is he needs a very desperate girl to keep around for a long time….one that needs to be “famous” more than loved or respected and doesnt have the talent or looks to do it on her own…those that can are like “thanks for the trrips and exposure. See ya !”

  1140. 1140
    tinkerbell Says:

    I think we’ve all gotten used to the bimbo parade…and we’ll just stop caring. IN the time honored tradition of Howard Hughes and the casting couch he’ll bone every blonde pyt for generations to come…it will sort of be “well I boned leo, now do I get the part?”

  1141. 1141
    Fan Says:

    How old is Cameron?

  1142. 1142
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW Miss “Nappy Head” Leo wouldnt piss on you either these days….which is funny. Be his peeps wont even allow you to be in the same room. So it amounts to the same damn thing anyhow.

    Cam is 40ish….she’ll marry a rich businessman or doctor type one day for security sake like Salma Hayek did, or even Sondra Locke—Clint made her life hell but she married an important plastic surgeon that is why she looks so young/good.Gina Davis and Laura Flynn Boyle both married doctors, as did Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Loren…sometimes #2 or #3 works out…Uma just had a baby with Arpad Busan…ya never know.

  1143. 1143
    tinkerbell Says:

    Except no one else will spit on you either, and my man is live-in. So go figure.

  1144. 1144
    Robinnicole Says:

    Leo has been doing this kind of crap for a while, his bullshit should be well known throughout the modeling world and beyond by now. I’ve heard other models have turned him down, but no one mentions that. You may be right, he might have some trouble getting a public girlfriend,..but he is Leonardo dicaprio.

  1145. 1145
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’ll be surprised if he is not done with Erin, he looked the least interested in her than with the others. However; if he isn’t done with her, she should be done with him, I hope she has sense enough to know that.

  1146. 1146
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: No matter what he is good for these hoes careers. When I say hoes, there are some that will do anything to be famous….they are not like you and me who go to school to get skills and work hard in the business world or other careers/professions…there have qualifications and experience does have some affect, but I am not saying its really completely fair either. In modelling/acting/entertainment, your price/wages go up as you are well known…you are seen as being more effective in selling a product. You might not get work at all and get lost in the endless rounds of cattle calls…many do.

    But not if you dating a known blue chip in Hollywood. Your income goes straight up…there will always be up and comers trying to ride his coattails. The more jaded will say thanks and keep on going…the more starry eyed will be disappointed in love but get over it soon enough. He’s pretty resigned to it lately, I think. Looks good at the Tag Heuer event rights he should be married to a cam diaz type…she’s his age after all. Side by side they look like a couple…but you know she is way too old for him.They were in Gangs of New York together by the way…go way back. I’m glad that awful dye job is wearing out.

  1147. 1147
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,…add the random women to the pack of being boned by Leo; the blonds are only the public victims.

    “well i’ve boned Leo, now do I get the part?”,…,….too true, too funny.

  1148. 1148
    to tinkerbeel Says:


    sorry but i doubt he sleeps around. and i don’t think he dates bimbos either.

  1149. 1149
    Weirdo Says:

    “You’re stupid enough to think telling women what is not good for them is misogynist, it isnt.”
    Are you directing this comment at me? I didn’t call you that…..

  1150. 1150
    Weirdo Says:


    “someone who was in the same apartment that he had for filming Man in the Iron Mask said there were magazines left around with the model’s eyes burned out with cigarettes…what does that tell you? That was at 17/18 or so….he wants them but doesnt really like em.”

    WHAT?!! Ohhh boy…this is an interesting tidbit.

  1151. 1151
    Robinnicole Says:

    Oh no,….someone that doubts Mr. Leonardo dicaprio sleeps around,..hmmmm. It’s a well known fact that he sleeps around.

  1152. 1152
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin #1151 – HAHAHA, I was thinking the same thing.

  1153. 1153
    Robinnicole Says:

    Well if that’s true, Leo has some insane issues going on.

  1154. 1154
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin #1145 – I hope she’s done with him. Her career was already decent before they got connected. She got a major boost and is more well-known than before. Like Tink said, she doesn’t ‘need’ him to be relevant.
    The only thing that makes me suspect a reunion are stories coming out now like ‘Does Leo regret breaking up with her’ and the blind about how they were going to get engaged.

  1155. 1155
    Weirdo Says:

    Cameron Diaz is 40. She’s older than Leo. I don’t know, she dated JT and he was younger than her too, could be a believable match, lol.

  1156. 1156
    Robinnicole Says:

    I wonder what makes them think Leo regrets breaking up with her,..where was the substance in their relationship in the first place? The media is a trip with all their obvious fairy tales.

  1157. 1157
    Robinnicole Says:

    Yea, it could be a believable match, but I doubt Leo would go there. I believe he stays away from older women on purpose, the younger ones are easier to lead on.

  1158. 1158
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin #1153 – Definitely issues going on there.
    That’s why I say it’s going to be hard for him to get another public girlfriend. Who wants to go through the disgrace of being second place to his career, his friends, his Mom, etc? Not only that he has a reputation now like you said. Anyone that hooks up with him will clearly be in for all the wrong reasons and she will be taken to town for a beaten. It will probably backfire more than help her career. I seriously doubt he will find another piece that would be willing to go through that.
    Kinda like Tom Cruise. I don’t see him matching up with anyone else anytime soon.

  1159. 1159
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’ve heard on justjared and on other discussion boards that Leo was told to stick to his own race while dating, so he can keep his fan base. I wonder if that plays a part in how he his with the women he dates. Like why would he only burn out the eyes in model photos, that’s strange. I know that some famous people couldn’t handle not being able to be themselves; money doesn’t always make a person truly happy. It’s would be the same way if he really is gay, he can’t be happy if he is forced to live a lie.

  1160. 1160
    @ tINKERBELL Says:

    @tinkerbell I feel that you are making nasty comments to yourself trying to incite hatred towards a certain person, you are that obsessed! get over it.

  1161. 1161
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin – at some point you just gotta throw in the towel and do whatever the hell you want to do. He already has 200 million dollars +, a successful charity presence, fame galore and millions of fans. He also has his own production company that does pretty good. Seriously dating your own race to keep your fanbase? Who cares?
    I think he became so famous as a young man and never really grew into maturity. In some ways, he’s managed much better than other young stars that really go down the tubes. But in other ways, he seems trapped.
    I’ve never really followed a celebrity before. It’s kind of eye-opening. I like being anonymous, I can do and say whatever I want and no one cares in the slightest.
    Who he dates, and what gender, has no bearing on me whatsoever. I want him to do what he wants and be happy. He doesn’t look happy. And it appears he’s not really able to publicly date who he wants. It’s a shame.

  1162. 1162
    dating Says:

    a jew probably told him the bit about dating in his own race. is his manager a jew?

  1163. 1163
    dating Says:

    i think the blind was about selena gomez and justin beiber. not leo/erin.

  1164. 1164
    dating Says:

    he doesn’t sleep around. did he get caught cheating? no. he’s always in a relationship.

  1165. 1165
    dating Says:

    wow so if he doesn’t sleep around he’s gay. you people are messed up.

  1166. 1166
    dating Says:

    cameron is too experienced for leo. but i see from a comment here and jj article that they were both at the tag hauer party.

    he should go out with selena. erin was at justin’s concert. also a jj article.
    -i want to erase that to avoid tab warfare. but i think he should see if he’s interested in her. probably not interested though. next.

  1167. 1167
    dating Says:

    @@ tINKERBELL: good characterization of her behavior. inciting hatred. i noticed that too but you put it into words. thank you. i thought she was cucko.

  1168. 1168
    Robinnicole Says:

    It’s known that he sleeps around, so yes, he has been seen with women that were not his girlfriend when he did actually have one. Men in general have been known to sleep around, Leo proves that he is no exception. You can deny that until you’re blue in the face, his list is a mile long and not all those girls were his girlfriend, not to mention the random women he’s been seen with but the media ignores. You don’t have to believe it for it to be true, there you go.

  1169. 1169
    Robinnicole Says:

    Sadly, people would care, some fans would hate to see their precious sex symbol, be gay or date outside of his race.
    He doesn’t look happy, so there is something going on. Like you said, he wants models but he doesn’t like them, so it sounds like he has something against them,..I wonder what that is? Models are not the only women in the world.

  1170. 1170
    Robinnicole Says:

    “If he doesn’t sleep around he’s gay’,…..where did you get that from? Gay men are not incapable of sleeping around, but I do doubt that Leos gay and not because he actually does sleep around.

  1171. 1171
    ??? Says:

    @Robinnicole: It’s not rocket science why he isn’t happy! he has it all, anything he wants he gets, I think he’s only ever happy when he’s doing his job! sadly,the thrill for a lot of people is in the chase, but he never has to chase does he ?

  1172. 1172
    sarah Says:

    How convenient it was to have the breakup publicly reported exactly one week before his birthday. Perfect timing.

  1173. 1173
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin #1169
    I don’t know what is going on. Leonardo is an idealist. Early in his career they wanted him to change his name for a show name and he refused to do it. That tells me a lot about the kind of person he is. In interviews he refuses to talk about his relationships. People say he doesn’t kiss and tell but I think otherwise, I think it’s because he doesn’t want to lie to people. There are some male celebrities that are man wh ores and I believe that they truly are….John Mayer for example. The list of closeted gays that are on that one website that was posted earlier….if you look at it, a lot of those guys have highly publicized celebrity relationships. Something is going on.

  1174. 1174
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’ve seen many list about whos a closet gay in hollywoon and the music world,….they have damn near every male entertainer all on those list. I don’t believe what doesn’t have clear indicators of a persons sexuality. Some ways are just how straight men act; Leo isn’t the only male that doesn’t kiss and tell. He is still dating model and sexin random women on the side, that can still be seen as lying about who he really is, so he’s lying to the public regardless. I personally, don’t see John Mayor as any different, there’s always a possiblity that he too, can be gay.
    Whatever is going on with Leo, I don’t think it’s because he wants to be with a man “publicly”, he could very well want to be with women, but something else is going on.

  1175. 1175
    Weirdo Says:

    He has other issues he has admitted to, like becoming depressed and anxious when he is alone. I think he talked about this when he was promoting Shutter Island. He likes to be around his friends and family all the time. I think that’s why he has/had his friend living with him and he travels with his mother. He cannot be alone. Also the serial dating thing.
    If you look at the photos at the Tag event, he looks so tense. He has his hand in his pocket and the other hand is clenched up like a fist. He does not look comfortable at ALL. For someone who has been famous for so long, you’d think he’d be a pro at the red carpet thing. I think he has some social anxiety as well. I’ve also read that he suffers from OCD. Of course, everything taken with a grain of salt….I don’t know him personally. All I know is I agree with you, something is going on there.

  1176. 1176
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@ tINKERBELL: You dont know what obsession is. Obsession is when you can’t think of anything else and your whole life is wrapped around it…ive got plenty else on my mind and plenty of other responsibiity.

    I strongly DISLIKE somebody else and I dont mind commenting on it. I am FAR from the only one doing it too….so, you know…..”obsession” is a vast exaggeration and used to make it look like there is something wrong with me when really its the other way around. I dont really care what this person does and honestly if she is as good as she says she is what harm does a little negative posting do? I mean if i was obsessed I’d start letter writing and email campaigns to her clients and ruin her, but I am not. And Id flood every gossip and fashion site but I am not. If I wanted to start all out WAR I could, but that is a waste of time for me. I can get paid good $$$ instead.

    I think they fired the flack though, she hasnt been posting here. Maybe she quite.


  1177. 1177
    tinkerbell Says:

    @to tinkerbeel: you’re kidding right? Just look at the list on who’s dated who…that’s pretty mighty list, and that is far from exclusive. It doesnt inclue the non celebrities.. I dont like to say nobody because nobody is nobody and I know a few private citizens who are certainly far better somebodies that any of his GFs.

    As for bimbos, I don’t see them doing anything I respect for one or anything every requiring a great deal of intellectual or practical skills. I know medical residents that are prettier than some of them too.

  1178. 1178
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: In the old days it was the flat out casting couch. And it still exists even today according to Charlize Theron who slept with the joker who put her through it at the beginning of her career and then later, when she made it got him thrown off a film. That is why she’s so bitter too….there have been other reports of women who sleep with the jerk doing it and then say, “thanks but I really did only it to get the role, it’s business only now you can get lost”—I kind of like those *******.

    But in the old days for example Howard Hughes was notorious-he ran I think RKO studios and had his share. It went both ways though—Clint Eastwood was rumored to be a rent boy back in his salad days as is Tom Cruise–he is rumored to be infertile because of STDs contracted in his early days….also James Dean had some sort of male “sponsor.”

    Instead today of the casting couch, you get set up with someone famous, or to be the beard of someone famous, Taylor Swift has done this a couple of times, (Jake Gyllenhall) Pier Angeli did it in the old days for I think Tab Hunter and James Dean.

    Leo doesnt beard but his girls do get handed contracts–not paid contracts but non disclosures. And people still get set up by their reps…Leo got set up with Angelina at one point but that was not meant to happen…I’ve heard even being in the same room with leo at an event might mean a legal document being signed.

    Axl Rose makes you sign a non disclosure apparently because he is a virulent abuser—extremely violent abusve man, not just a little abusive, put em in the hospital abusive.

  1179. 1179
    Robinnicole Says:

    Yeah, he looks strangely uncomfortable in those photos,.. he may need to seek somekind of mental help,

  1180. 1180
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: Yep, and someone on this thread mentioned the ellen barkin thing…I never heard it before…..he wants to be accepted by them but he resents them as well…very very ambivalent feelings about women. I think his parents splitting up before he was too young to have any memory of them being together is at the root. I dont think Irmelin did anything wrong, but obviously she was the custodial parent and a very strong controlling factor in his life.

    Why do you think he likes germanic buttafaces that look like him and her? I mean Erin kind of doesnt look them but Gisele, Bar, and even Blake kind of do. He is dating his mother over and over but he doesnt really like it and it isnt good for him. He also wants the American stereotype trophy girl, good body but not prettier than him.

    I happen to like Irmelin and think she did the best job she could…but this is what happened. His dad cheated on her and left….his dad was close by in the neighborhood and was involved with him but he is both desirous and resentful of his mom, and the same with anyone he dates…major Oedipal complex, one he can’tsolve unless he takes a leap of faith with someone outside his stereotype.

  1181. 1181
    tinkerbell Says:

    @dating: Yes many times, especially on Bar. He cheated with Julie Henderson and Anne V and other anonymous jump offs. I think probably on Gisele, didnt have time to with Blake or really Erin, but he was without a doubt “King ******* Who Can’t Keep it in his pants” on eoline…he cheated a lot on her, and she knew about it but had to keep seeing him to keep getting modeling jobs she wouldnt get on her own.

    He used to go to the Playboy mansion, pick up a carload of girls and take them home and screw them one after another….according to a Bunny who wrote her memoirs…also screw them in the back yard down near the monkey cages at the mansion…so please, spare use the naivete.

  1182. 1182
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: He does. He goes to a shrink and has been photographed outside of medical suites before….he admitted to Rolling Stone to being in therapy on and off. He is not a happy camper in these pix…wonder what is bothering Gilbert Grape this time….is it the unavoidable gossip about Cameron Diaz or is it getting pilloried in the press about being a womanizer finally hitting home to him? Maybe he read some of the many,many discussion threads out there that think he is a womanizer and is wondering how this will efffect awards season? Maybe just didnt want to go to a contracted Tag Heuer event–he is under multimillion dollar contract with them. Trying to look sad about Erin for the press?Quien sabe?

  1183. 1183
    Robinnicole Says:

    I doubt he’s trying to look sad about Erin. Maybe he really didn’t want to go to that event, I that would be more likely.

  1184. 1184
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: yeah it was before his real party at lavo-I go by that place everyday and I’m like so what? The people in there seem insufferable and obnoxious. But he gets mad loot from Tag.

    otherwise this is a boring leo time

    I hate clubs in new york to be honest…smaller bars and music venues are the best less pretentious and you get comped a lot. No way I am paying $17 for an apple tini when I want a rolling rock or sam adams can actually meet someone you want to talk to in smaller but fun venues….

  1185. 1185
    tinkerbell Says:

    The only night club crowd I see is all young 20somethings or possibly younger…preppy, all white, rich, snotty looking. Very Dalton school looking, and boring as hell. The kind of folks who are way into status and extremely tiresome..if you want to meet people who are possibly nice and actuall DO something go somewhere else.

  1186. 1186
    oh please.... Says:

    so the black anti semite rides again… and this time trying to implant another old gossip stories that the Sun and other tabloids came up with. people who have followed Leo’s career and friends all know very well Leo and Cameron have been friends since their early twenties. they are pals and always were and she once claimed she is like one of the boys.
    don’t try to pretend you know better when it concerns Leo’s life or career… you only track what’s written in the trashy columns.

  1187. 1187
    tinkerbell Says:

    I am not sure who you think the black anti semite is, but the only known black person here is Robin Nicole and I have no idea who the jackass who made the comment about telling leo to date his own race is…however I believe it could have been said, as racist and in bad taste as it is. Robin didnt make that stupid comment…. I think some walk on did..

    However I’ve often though the Refaeli Klan was self hating anti-semites–after all bar refused to do her military service for Israel, refused to pay her taxes and defrauded them about being a non resident citizen- even refused to pay customs on a damn Ipad. And with all their emphasis on how wonderful being Aryan was and having blue eyes and blond hair was ie “I cant wait to see that blonde haired blue eyed baby” I always thought that was straight out of some Nazi eugenics handbook. And the orthodox want her display ads banned too.

    I mean its totally Heil Hitler, come on.

    That with being racist to other groups, arabs and blacks mostly and coming on her going after random people as “nappy heads” and her dressing in black face for Halloween, it kind of fits doesnt it? And refusing to have a drink with Usher—you dont have to like Usher but you know how that reads to people. As in “I dont like black people very much.”

  1188. 1188
    tinkerbell Says:

    And I bet they are really bummed about Romney too. After all they have to see the “simian” Princeton and Harvard Law School educated first lady get inaugurated again. It would be fun to see Bar try to get into Princeton…she barely finished high school. Must of been tough dealing with Serena at the London Olympics too….I remember the Tzipster got upset when I said something negative about Ronald Reagan…the old right wing lizard set the country back 40 years.

    Ketchup isnt a vegetable, sweetheart!
    Trees dont cause air pollution !
    They dont speak Latin in Latin American!

    I am just telling you because I am not sure you know…

  1189. 1189
    tinkerbell Says:

    I am not generally misogynist either but I will say that do hate one kind of women a lot –dumb ones, willfully ignorant and girly ones who think having implants makes you a worthwhile person.Those I have no sympathy’re throwbacks and simpletons, and SELL OUTS. When your life gets screwed up dont come to me crying….you made your bed lie in it. With the rich husband that is trading you in for a younger version….ask Ivana Trump.

  1190. 1190
    you know Says:

    for Leo sake I don’t credit erin for dating him after all she wrote here. good luck to her career after everything she wrote too all the industry that saw this

  1191. 1191
    Here we go Says:

    @tinkerbell: Not obsessed!!! give me a break, you mention her at every opportunity, WE DONT CARE,WE DONT WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE ABOUT BAR FREAKING REFEALI… got it

  1192. 1192
    sarah Says:

    i know there is an hesitation to believe margot might be the reason for the “official announcement” of the breakup, but she was at Leo’s birthday party in NY this weekend.
    remember, when Leo agrees to let his rep “officially” report the breakup with a girl, it is because he has another in the picture.
    except in Blake’s case, because she was the one who had a guy already in her life.

  1193. 1193
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,…tinkerbell, I saw that racist comment last night. Damn near ever Leo board I read has a racist comment or two, Leo is definitely not a racist man so the comments coming from his fans or whoever they are coming from are hilarious. Racist are the most pathetic people on earth ,and they can’t see that they have been outgrown. They should be embarrassed to show such ignorance,..but noooo,…lol. I don’t see how Bar stayed with Leo as long as she did, Leo hung around black people too much, she must has been very uncomfortable,..too funny.

  1194. 1194
    Weirdo Says:

    Oh yeah, Erin is here writing all this (roll eyes)
    Boy you have the IQ of a gnat.

  1195. 1195
    Weirdo Says:

    @sarah – Could be. I don’t believe he is with her because of what others has said, he doesn’t usually date co-stars. But only time will tell.

  1196. 1196
    Weirdo Says:

    Leo is not racist. The poster was saying he was told to publicly date white people to appeal to his fanbase. I don’t know if that is true or not but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  1197. 1197
    Weirdo Says:

    There is no such thing as an anonymous user on the Internet. Every blogger can look up the IP address of any poster and determine location and possible identity. That is how they catch cyber criminals.
    So proving anyone here is Erin would be very easy, but she’s not so give up the idea alright?

  1198. 1198
    Robinnicole Says:

    I believe it’s very true, there are alot of male actors that did date outside of their race, until they became famous, most of them still do it, but not publicly. I wouldn’t date a man that would allow fame to change who they are, but I guess some women don’t mind.
    Leo has also been with brunetts, but it’s always the blonds that the media hype up,.. the man is more of a womanizer than we think.

  1199. 1199
    Robinnicole Says:

    @oh please….:
    Cameron has been ran through by damn near every famous man in hollywood, of course she’s one of the boys.
    It’s seems that some people here get upset when Leo is rumored to have been with certain women. Why care so much about whether or not Cameron has been with Leo? Some of the reactions to certain comments are strange. Unless you know Leo behind closed doors, it doesn’t make sense to appoint yourself as a “gossip cop”.

  1200. 1200
    Weirdo Says:

    @Robin – maybe they do it for the male fans? Because all the women fans seem not to like the fact that he is hyped up with blondes over and over again. Now look, people are trying to link him up with either Cameron or Margot. Both blondes!! Hahaha.
    Also, people get upset about almost everything on here Robin. Since it’s a free for all and people can write what they want, they get all cranky about little things. I’m guilty of it too, LOL, so I really can’t point the finger. I’m just sayin’ welcome to the crazy.

  1201. 1201
    Robinnicole Says:

    Well,..they need to get upset at the media if that’s the case. Leo has been with women that were not blond, so it’s not his fault on how the media portrays his love/sex life. However; I am starting to believe that Leo just might be trying to keep his fan base and that’s why he’s not being himself.

  1202. 1202
    Weirdo Says:

    I don’t think it’s just the media. It seems he has stories fed or leaked to the press regarding his ‘relationships.’ Some of them are just plain made up stories, but the photos together seem like photo ops, not pap pictures and seem staged. Is it any coincidence that both Erin and Candice were photographed frolicking on the beach on July 4th with their boyfriends? Then guess who the two VS models were shooting for VS swimwear later that year….yeah both Erin and Candice. It’s obviously setup. It’s just not that many people are paying close enough attention.
    People glance through magazines at the checkout aisle or read through for fun. No one is really watching that closely so they think they can get away with it. Selling panties is all it is. It’s already bad enough that they are half naked in every photo shoot, now they have to sl ut themselves out to a movie star to sell some underwear. Sounds sleazy to me.

  1203. 1203
    C/G Says:

    Did anyone post this? Sorry if it’s a re-post. I don’t have time to check.
    Oh, God. The. Coat. lol

  1204. 1204
    sarah Says:

    Tell me, guys…. is Margot the one sitting next to Leo on the picture taken from the back during Leo’s birthday?–latest-blonde-Margot-Robbie-clamped-side.html#ixzz2A5hGtMZl

    Just curious.

  1205. 1205
    tinkerbell Says:

    @C/G: ew,not attractive at all. Looking like Jonah’s older thug brother from out on the island, just gross.Pants are really gross too, need to get some not so lose with some support for you know what.

  1206. 1206
    : ) Says:


    and yet you follow him so closely
    you are so pathetic
    I don’t know how you look like but your personality is ugly

  1207. 1207
    tinkerbell Says:

    @you know: erin didnt write anything that bad that I know of..there was just a little too much insider info at the beginning stuff that too personal to be random..

    But right now the barf bot is projecting—-everything that barfie did she is now projecting on others… she is the one who really has to watch her mouth and the outings all over the internet.

    @dating thank you for noticing, they say the same crap over and over hoping to staunch the flow but it wont work.

  1208. 1208
    tinkerbell Says:

    which racist comment…the one calling me a nappy head or the one about leo being told to publicly date only whites when he privately dates anything and as much as he can get ?

    That was posted on Lipstick Alley by a credible incog, (dont know if you read that , I’ll post links to the good leo threads. I believe it but I think it’s gross. He used to have two PR firms, east and west coast but now its only Ken Sunshine, NY. He was chief of staff for David Dinkins, ny’s first and only black mayor,so I doubtit was him.

    Bar’s mother Tzipi used to come on here and yell at me and call me a “nappy”head and tell me to get my hair straightened. I’m 100% Euro,mostly scotch irish but they refuse to believe me. What can I do ? But you see what you are dealing with. Now someone is doing it again here—guess who, this time I think it is bar herself because Tzipi uses ALL CAPS and her flack Adi was much more sophisticated. I think Adi Ronen (read the stuff on shilling the internet and putting up fake positive content) either quit or is vacation or maybe they can’t afford her anymore.

    Adi actually pretended to be african american and indian to defend bar but it was really transparent to anyone who has spent time with real black people or real Indian people. See who the looney tunes is ?

    As for you darling, you will frigging hear about BAR REFAELI until BAR REFAELI IS THROUGH.



  1209. 1209
    Robinnicole Says:

    The one about the nappy head, and I have read that Leo was told to not date out side his race on another jj thread and LSA. He sure dates anybody he wants in private, i’ve seen proof of that. The blonds are being hyped up, Leo just likes women,…period.

  1210. 1210
    : ) Says:


    I dislike Bar but I think she is a better person than you haha

  1211. 1211
    ---- Says:

    what does Bar have to do with this topic…? Please explain.

  1212. 1212
    ---- Says:

    … no forget it. I meant no explanation please. Mental disorders are more current than we think, but I had no idea patients were allowed to use Internet so easily.

    Who said Margot could be the reason for the official breakup announcement? It makes a lot of sense.

  1213. 1213
    Dana Says:

    I would be surprised if Margot was the next one. She doesn’t have all attributes that Leonardo expects of his girlsfriends I guess. She is kinda small 5`6, she is his costar and most of all she has a really normal looking body. I saw some shoots of her in a swimsuit and she is looking good in it but average good not model like. Has some cellulite on her bud and is not as skinny. Her only Leo features are her haircolor and age. If he gets serious with her I would think that he really must feel for her. And for the ppl believing this could not happen because his rep or whoever denied it: Please remember how it was with Blake. He denied a relationship HIMSELF saying in front of a camera they were just friend. We all know that was a lie.

  1214. 1214
    Here we go Says:

    @tinkerbell: You “have nothing to lose here”?? you have already lost your dignity and your mind with continual rants about this woman! Go buy a punch bag with a picture of her and go for it, just to give us a break!!

  1215. 1215
    p Says:

    even though the entire heap of unsuccessful exert to convince us its not her I whiz through babble n read the 100% scot Irish part and say to myself erin is scot irish? LMAO if you don’t get it it s a joke she isnt deceiving anyone

  1216. 1216
    SI Says:

    well I just watched a couple of clips with Margot on Youtube from different shows and she is just the sweetest thing. totally lively, full of fun and energy. Completely the opposite from Erin “Bubley” Heatherton….

  1217. 1217
    tinkerbell Says:

    @p: no tinkerbell is not erin and doesnt want to be.

  1218. 1218
    tinkerbell Says:

    @: ): bye !

  1219. 1219
    tinkerbell Says:

    @: ): says you. it’s not ugly just TRUTHFUL.

  1220. 1220
    tinkerbell Says:

    @: ): bar is a racist *****, golddigging ignorant jackass. Not my fault if this is becoming general knowledge. Obviously the “industry” read:modelling already knows. It’s already out.

  1221. 1221
    tinkerbell Says:

    @: ): you should hire adi back she was better at this.

    Erin is Jewish, real name Bubley, like Esther Bubley the trail blazing early female photojournalist.

  1222. 1222
    tinkerbell Says:

    @—-: nope he was done with erin weeks ago….in the back of his mind he may have had margot as a possible replacement, but i dont think they are together yet.

    My guess, and I would love to know what actually happened, is that she realized he was actually in town and didnt want to spend time with her, they argued, she got pissed and it was over. She realized she just want important period, she cut him slack while filming Django but right in her own resident city was too much. Would love to read a transcript of what happened because I knew it would. Not to be mean to Erin, but you gain nothing by pretending to take it slow or “give him his space” or let him be “too busy” this is all male code for “I’m just not into you.”

  1223. 1223
    tinkerbell Says:

    @SI: anybody with wit or personality is too much for Leo. The more you fade into the wall paper or toe his personal line the better. The more talent and indepdendence and real beauty you have the shorter you last. Maybe a fling for Margot.

  1224. 1224
    @1222 Says:

    …”give him his space”? LOL! Are you kidding? she followed him and his friends like a desperately needy puppy. She made herself available from day 1 and run after him to Sydney right after he winked at her. I don’t think she even tried to pretend to take it slow.
    I hope she got her lesson. she’s young, she will learn from her mistakes.

  1225. 1225
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: I dont like that the blondes are the “public” girlfriends. But I believe too it is the United Nations on the side, even sometimes when he is dating the blondes. I think it is ill.

    the nappy head stuff is strange because I have irish hair, just a loose curl and kind of thick. I was told repeatedly to get “braziliian keratinization” for my “nappy” head….if this aint racist please tell me what is….it’s also misplaced. Call me a mick and we’re in business, I am proud of my harp roots…and it catholic northern ireland too. As irish and as political as it gets. The Scotch is the northern coast, Highlander, Braveheart and Rob Roy territory.

  1226. 1226
    Robinnicole Says:

    LMAO,…”united nations”,….that’s exactly what it is,…everybody ain’t lying on that man, there’s been too many witnesses to his random adventures. I believe he is just selling his “All American White Boy image” to the public. The girls that see him privately should have more respect for themselves.

  1227. 1227
    : ) Says:

    not everything you read from the internet is the truth
    lol I thought you are smarter than that

    maybe Bar is not as horrible as you said
    she is just an attention seeker and opportunist
    the rest is your imagination

    who the hell is Adi
    one of your imaginary characters?

  1228. 1228
    : ) Says:

    the truth is Leo is a great guy who do a lot of charities

  1229. 1229
    Robinnicole Says:

    @: ):
    Everything about Leo was not read on the damn internet, was seen with real life “eyes”. No one said Leo was a horrible man, but there is more truth about him than what you want to believe.

  1230. 1230
    : ) Says:

    was it seen with your “eyes”? or you just read it from the internet from some ppl who don’t even use their real name

    just curious
    are you tinkerbell or her imaginary friend? LOL

  1231. 1231
    Robinnicole Says:

    @: ):
    Does some insane celebrity gossip fan have a gun pointed at your head, demanding you to believe all the comments, posted on Leo? Am I going to have to run around looking for the “holy grail” to save your damn life?
    You don’t have to believe the comments, so it’s highly ignorant to have a debate about them. However, since you have taken on the useless authority of being a major “gossip cop”, i’m going to make sure you can’t write me a ticket, yes, I have seen Leo with a black girl with my own damn eyes.
    I truly hope that doesn’t make you feel any better,..but there are therapist that can help you deal with the stress of being a gossip cop. Keep hope alive, the sun will come out tomorrow, it’s only a day away.

  1232. 1232
    : ) Says:

    okay you seen him with a black girl,thats not a bad thing,proof that he isn’t racist
    tinkerbell believed the crazy story about him( refusing to pay a club owner $1000+ and the story about some guy found cigarette hole on magazine found in his apartment) which she read from internet forum
    don’t worry, I am not stress at all :)

  1233. 1233
    Here we go Says:

    @Robinnicole: you should give your advice to Tinkerbell lol

  1234. 1234
    tinkerbell Says:

    @: ): Adi is Adira Ronen, from She used to post and sign her name here. She is sparkly adi on Bellazon. Try and keep up.

    I dont know Robin but i credit here.

    Yes, I believe the restaurant story. It fits what I see and also I’ve heard similar things before. Also he does look coke bloated sometimes,the veins in your neck contact and the fluid gets stuck about the neck…you can see it on Lindsay Lohan a lot. It’s the curse of musicians and hollywood because it makes you feel omnipotent and you can get in front of people and deal with high stress situations. I don’t know why are you are defending him now. I was not there, only
    it’s very plausible to me especially when CDAN posted a story about him doing coke with Oliver Stone in a HW back room way back when. I believe that it is possible, I hope that it is not.

    As for Barfy girl, the “Egypt is primitive” comment was in the newspapers, it caused a diplomatic incident between Egypt and Israel. The draft dodging, tax and customs dodging as well. The comment “why should i join the army, celebrities have other needs” was also reported in a major Israeli newspaper. the black face halloween costume is not imaginary and it is on MSN Brazil.

    I also believe the cigarette hole is possible and plausible…why would someone make it up? The Ellen Barkin story which was published recently backs it up. I was not there, but I believe it is highly plausible.

    The Dillon boys, Matt and Kevin, used to look through model agency catalogues and make bets as to which girl would do what for them..that is why they are gross.Also A-Rod, also gross, was using the catalogues to “order up” girls to date.. good looking men in power can be gross….and spoiled.

  1235. 1235
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Robin, what do you know/have experienced? I believe he is equal opportunity but the “public girls” to me are all naff and below him in the brain/talent department. It always makes me wonder.

    Are you following what is going on with Gary Dourdan? He also used to be some of my favorite eye candy, but the mighty have fallen. I am not glad about it, but I used to be sort of jealous of his looks and success–not of HIS ever changing arm candy but I would not have minded the CSI money he no longer has. He really screwed that up.

    At one point, around 26 though, he was about the world’s most beautiful man….

    I am not glad about leo’s blemishes either, but I believe they are there. I can forgive him some but not all.

    There have been other anonymous posters–one said Leo was a prik when she was a bartender in Thailand…he was shooting The Beach and he made some obnoxious comment like “do you see my glass is empty?”" also an actor from Australia posted on TMZ he was appalled by the row of 60 women lined up for him to choose to meet him….it was believable. More than the goo goo ga ga we hear here.

  1236. 1236
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: yes, they should organize a boycott and not be backstage booty. I think the whole thing is gross.

  1237. 1237
    Robinnicole Says:

    @: ):
    If she believes that, so what,… is she trying to convert you, with internet gossip scriptures?

  1238. 1238
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: I have never met him, but I know what I think is probable, and plausible, and also impossible.

    Leo looking for “rare yellow diamond” to marry bar or doing “pre nup for erin” is in the category of UFos and werewolves

    Leo “mildly interested in blond costar” or “is involved in recreational cocaine use from time to time.”—plausible. I can’t get in his head…but I really don’t think I need to do you?

  1239. 1239
    tinkerbell Says:

    Robin Nicole—YES EXACTLY

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @: ):
    Does some insane celebrity gossip fan have a gun pointed at your head, demanding you to believe all the comments, posted on Leo? Am I going to have to run around looking for the “holy grail” to save your damn life?


    You don’t have to believe the comments, so it’s highly ignorant to have a debate about them.

    EXACTLY I TAKE THE ATTITUDE SOMETIMES WITH LEO I DO BELIEVE THEM BUT DONT WANT TO OR HOPE ISNT TRUE. This isnt the only case. CDAN is running a story that Hayden Christensen is HIV and infecting people and that is why he can’t get work. I believe the blind is about him and so do others because I have heard this for years, that Rachel is a beard and because of her own sexual abuse history doesnt want a sex relationship, just a best friend. But I don’t think the HIV part is right and I HOPE it is NOT. He has done some AIDS awareness stuff to his credit, but he just doesnt look it and I dont believe it. Jean Claude Van Damme though I could.

    Also enty has been hinting now for years that J.Lo is lips syncing, that she pays someone to sing for her. This would NOT surprise me, nor would I care….so what. Even the fake singing is not all the great. She has a range of like 3 notes.

    It’s just strongly possible.

    However, since you have taken on the useless authority of being a major “gossip cop”, i’m going to make sure you can’t write me a ticket, yes, I have seen Leo with a black girl with my own damn eyes.

    Do let us know more if you can. I dont even care, actually, but someone here thinks “her” brand is tied up with leo’s “brand” and not only is she wrong but spectacularly so and it is pathetic. But that is what I see.On the other hand there is glint of truth because he is the only reason she ever got work in the first place. And yes, she DOES post here all the time. She can’t stand the idea of him with a “nappy head”


    I truly hope that doesn’t make you feel any better,..but there are therapist that can help you deal with the stress of being a gossip cop. Keep hope alive, the sun will come out tomorrow, it’s only a day away.

    No ****, but you see someone believes she has made a “career” for herself through Just Jared and Leo so she has to ardently defend him. In some ways she is right, just comically so. Almost her entire career is media attention and manipulation so she has to “protect” that.


  1240. 1240
    tinkerbell Says:

    @: ): I am sorry but a lot of people close to him DO post. And lots of celebrities post, and lots of their shills and flacks do too.But also “celebrities” dont live in such a rarefied world as you think and they do brush up against more or less “regular” people or non celebrities. All the time. So I can believe Robin Nicole has run up against him or seen him or been at the same clubs or events, she might be an “industry” person of some sort. I like to check these sites because every once in while something good that rings true comes up.

    And yeah she has nothing to do with me and I dont know who she is in real life.

    Robin, spill some tea why don’t you…you dont have to reveal yourself.

  1241. 1241
    tinkerbell Says:


    I believe he is just selling his “All American White Boy image” to the public. T

    if only he realized how little we care and how little we believe it..

  1242. 1242
    Robinnicole Says:

    It seems he picks public women he doesn’t have to settle down with, and, a “have his cake and eat it too”, opportunity. The man is not just into blonds,..but they do help his “all american white boy image”, doesn’t matter how young and dumb they are, as long as they look the part. Leo is hiding something and it has become very obvious,…he might not be gay, but the man has issues. I didn’t by that Aretha Wilson stalker story either,….the story just doesn’t make sense, someone is lying about why that **** really happened.

  1243. 1243
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: exactly, but some people have “manufactured” fame and “importance”and are trying to protect it here. It can be mind blowing so watch out.

    They are more afraid of what other people will believe and a certain person may be denied $$$ for personal appearances or editorial gigs that she does. I’d say modelling/representing brands but she doesnt really do that anymore. If Leo’sstock goes down she thinks hers does too, because that is how she got any attention at all originally.

    She’s lost a lot of brands/contracts this year and no one has seen her pick up anything really. So yeah the word may be out on some of her attitudes that people dont like or approve and that may be hurting. Certainly made it to CDAN with the Usher rumor. But see she had a neg rep already…lost SI because she was vocally nasty about Brooklyn Decker…and people know her story…

  1244. 1244
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: the rumor was that when she was model, they dated or hung out in NYC She is a hot mess, she actually killed somebody in Canada. They were not dating at the time of the party/17 stitches/incident but she knew him. She said something to him and didnt get the reaction she wanted so she gave him 17 stitches with a wine bottle. She did the same thing in Canada but knocked the guy off a balcony and killed him.

    She was never his stalker but it wasn’t random. They knew each other and neither wanted to get into it. He didn’t want her to say how well they did, and she didn’t want him to testify against her in open court. So he gave his written testimony and she got extradicted to Canada. That is always what I figured, there was some sour grape history there. Lawyers handled it.

    She is busted look now but could have been all right back in the day, who knows.

    His stalked is a Romanian schhizophrenic woman, she is white and in her 40s. She is just really and truly mentally ill and it is sad. It was said before the onset of her illness (schizophrenia comes on late teens) she had a boyfriend that looked like leo. now her broken synapses are telling her he’s Jesus and she is still posting on the internet. she is sick more than dangeous.

  1245. 1245
    Robinnicole Says:

    I’m not an industry person, but I did see him leaving the club with a non-blond/white girl. She was petite and very cute, but there’s no way in hell I would date him in the damn dark.

  1246. 1246
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: @reply | Flag This
    # 1242
    Robinnicole @ 11/14/2012 at 5:48 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    It seems he picks public women he doesn’t have to settle down with, and, a “have his cake and eat it too”, opportunity. The man is not just into blonds,..but they do help his “all american white boy image”, doesn’t matter how young and dumb they are, as long as they look the part.

    I think he wants the most traditionally/conservatively high school boy attractive woman he can find, the biggest trophy, the big boobs lingerie model type. I dont find any of them particularly attractive, not even Gisele, although she has a great body and is a great model. He wants the “fantasy girl” although in other parts the fantasty girl is Vida Guerra or Buffy the Body. Or Amber Rose. (i know ;() IT doesnt go past that for him…it’s part of his celebrity “perks” like a gift bag or VIP parking. And these are the girls he “shows” to the public. It’s a real sick way of thinking but it is his funeral.

    I don’t think he is hiding anything except the fact that he is very, very superficial and deep down afraid of committment/women. If he dated one he actually liked for more than superficial reasons he might actually feel something and stress when things arent working out or there is an issue. This is a way of anethetizing himself because he doesnt have to feel anything. There will always be another one along.

    I’ve often thought he is not “bearding” homosexuality but his own mediocrity as a lover–not physically but emotionally. He made his mark in Titanic as the greatest romance of all time…but he’s really a womanizer. Will not play well in Peoria. The “move goer wont like it”- so he appoints a “main girl” every once in a while to make it possible. Or he does have SOME shallow feelings and like most men wants to get laid on a regular basis. The PR cleans up the emotionally unavailable womanizer part…it is the illusion of he possibility of romance with this man, which doesnt really exist in real life NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. Like I said,”say it isn’t so, Hannibal Le-o” I also think they help cancel our the constant gay rumors too which no one believes. He wants a “pretty” (in his opinion, not mine) girl to f**k and that is it, no further. Since girls needs to be lead along emotionally he tells them some bs or gives them a Jennifer Mayer necklace, it helps.

    Leo is hiding something and it has become very obvious,…he might not be gay, but the man has issues. I didn’t by that Aretha Wilson stalker story either,….the story just doesn’t make sense, someone is lying about why that **** really happened.

    It is more what they are not saying…. neither wanted to testify in open court and they didnt.

  1247. 1247
    Robinnicole Says:

    Now that makes more sense, she did complain about Leo, his friends, and his lawyers lying about what happened and why, but I guess they shut her up, with somekind of deal. It was very strange to find out that he didn’t report the incident right after it happened, why wait?!
    She didn’t look thaf bad in the pics that I saw, so she must have been a very pretty model, just not the type Leo sees publicly.

  1248. 1248
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Yes, that was reported in NY…that he had a girl in NYC who was petite and cute, and yeah they were dating and bar got wind of it and threw a fit, afraid that his dating or prefering a “blackie” over her would damage her “supermodel” image. (she did all that her damn self) I don’t doubt what you saw but I am open to what it could mean.

    Was it NYC or LA??? The barfbots dont get up until 4 am est in Israel so we have time to talk uninterrupted.

  1249. 1249
    Robinnicole Says:

    It was NYC. I had heard rumors before that, so when I saw it for myself, I started to look the rumors up. Just maybe after all that time, those people were actually not lying on him. Damn those women for letting him hide them like that.

  1250. 1250
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: She’s older now, close to 40.

    The bottom line is she hit him and gave him 17 stitches. That is documented, and its a felony assault. I dont care what you say to me, I am not going to jail for you, I will tell you off or get the hell out there, as far away as I can but something seems to have short circuited in this chick…she was drinking a lot and also internet gambling, maybe she was losing. She might have said something teasing, and he came back with something not so nice and she snapped. Or there was another tiff of some sort..we will never know.

    The lawyers and handlers did not want to make it looke like a LOVER’S QUARREL. Or that he was involved with her, ever. And that would come out in open court. Even if it was years before…it was said Wilson had known him in his salad days and even had been at his mother’s house…they didnt want to become a test of he-said she-said and him looking like a low life cad who hangs out with low lifes. wasnt the party thrown by Rick Salomon the girls gone wild idiot? I cant remember. But if he said somethign disrespectful or called her “*****” or some other name, like “Aretha why are you being such a ***** tonight?” it would have made HIM look bad.

    I think the deal was, accept the charge and we will let you go back to Toronto to serve it out, she already had time served and maybe family there. She was doing time for the Canadian crime anywyay. And oh, you can’t talk about it or you’ll do the max time in LA. I think that was the deal. Leo won’t dispute it if you plead guilty and go home. They wanted to get rid of her, but the charges were already filed and the wheels were in motion.

    He cried like a baby because his pretty face was messed up. But also, if you got hit that hard I would probably cry because of the pain, shock and blood, you can see the photo of him on the internet, he looks like a busted cyborg. He went straight to the hospital for a plastic surgeon.

    Why wait? First the surgeon thing. Also if you call a cop to the scene, you both might get arrrested and it becomes a he said-she said. She could have come up with the classic—he threatened me and I was defending myself…I think that was mentioned in there somewhere.
    Cops show up and she is going to lie her ass off to them and they are both in trouble and she has to stick to her story to get off.

    He also might have been drunk or stoned when it happened I guess they decided to file charges as a pre-emptive strike of some sort.

    She can’t make up some bs to the media if they charges are rolling…she probably high tailed it to Canada after….she jumped out a balcony and ran that night..I remember. So maybe she WASNT there to arrest anyway. Maybe he wanted to think it over. I would have. If I had a set-to with somebody and then got hurt I would want to think over whether I was liable for charges myself, and TALK TO A LAWYER which YES HE OBVIOUSLY DID…he didnt even report it himself right, his high powered attorney handled it all.

  1251. 1251
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Do you have any idea who she was? Doesnt matter. Was that her picture with the umbrella on LSA?

    Note well, nothing would get rid of Bar faster than dating a black girl…he knows it too. Also had Blake Lively on tap….

    She was very very stickey and the relaysh if you call it was highly codependent and addictive….best way to get rid of her is to have her find out …like Ted C. said. ESPECIALLY a black girl, because you know how she feels about those “nappy heads” and “primitive egyptians” and so forth. I am not saying the girl wasnt cute and he didnt like her, but leo planned his escape well and orchestrated it well…Cannes weekend he is with Blake and Bar was cut off from trying to show up and worm her way back in. He takes off with blake for weeks in Europe…with photo ops…she got the message. And hasnt been back.

    “It will ruin my rep as a super model!” boo hoo.

  1252. 1252
    tinkerbell Says:

    Also her family is extremely vindictive and nasty…when they broke up before they spread “gay” rumors about him…one was on X17online where they got outed…he was at ST TROPEZ as a matter of fact.

    They couldn’t say he was gay if he was shtupping blake ! They could diss Blake but she didnt really care that much,

  1253. 1253
    Robinnicole Says:

    No, it didn’t look like her, but Leo has been known to sex random woman, so he probably has been with more than the one I saw. There’s too much talk on his adventures, it could have been planned, but it seems he goes that way anyway, so he didn’t have to put on an act.

  1254. 1254
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: sex random women? That’s a sign of a hard core sex addict….I wish you hadnt told me that but I believe it. You mean pick up and hit it with immediately, use sexually or sexualize random people…not celebs, not girlfriend, just anyone around. I can see it.

  1255. 1255
    Robinnicole Says:

    I don’t not if it’s that sever, but he has ben seen with women that were not his current girlfriend at the time. He cheats,…period.

  1256. 1256
    whitie Says:

    I can’t get it. why are you all about leo’s black dating stuff?
    I am white and I have never ever been attracted by any other race but white. Does it mean I am a racist? I don’t think so. If you do, check the definition of racism on wiki.
    I don’t think that celebs should date other race to prove they are not racist or to please their black/hispanic/asian fans, it is humiliating for both people.
    Besides, if I were a man I would prefer to date white women too, just because of the fact they are not that sweaty and smelly, just observation.

  1257. 1257
    Robinnicole Says:

    Why must “ignorance” be a part of common knowledge? Me, myself, and I, should not have to know how mind blowingly stupid a human being can be. If it wasn’t for Africans, your white a** wouldn’t exist to make dumbass comments. Yea, Leo has been with black women and any other woman he can get with, with it, that’s life.

  1258. 1258
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: see what you are dealing with? See why I sometimes get militant around here…..

    He never went out with or slept with black women to prove how cool he as, he just thought they were pretty or cool or liked them as individuals. BTW rumors are two of them were Lisa Raye and Rashida Jones bother of whom are stunning and Rashida went to Harvard…plus the girl in NYC, Naomi Campbell and maybe even Aretha wilson when she wasnt so busted. So what. Get over it. Tobey maguire was even engaged to Rashida…we are all human and sometimes just spark….i

    And by the way, miss stinky sweaty up there, your time is ticking. tick tick tick….

  1259. 1259
    Robinnicole Says:

    Yeah,…it’s ridiculous to even think that a white man would only have sex with a non-white woman to prove that they are not racist. Slave owners had sex with the female slaves more than they did their own “white” wives, but it’s evident that they were still racist. Leo is not racist period and it has nothing to do with him sleeping with non-white women, the man is just not a racist.

    Plain and simple,…IGNORANCE is what’s wrong with the world today; it would be a much better place without that mindset.

  1260. 1260
    whitie Says:

    I am 25 and I am confident in my look, don’t worry for me, I believe it is your time is ticking, tick tick, tick.
    You sound pathetic, particularly all your speculations about him dating black girls. I personally have never had crush on other race except mine, which is white, and I don’t understand why you call someone racist only because he prefers to sleep with the girls of his race.
    I am telling you black girls can be as beautiful as white girls but they are more sweaty and as a result smelly, because of their perspiratory glands. At least it was an issue for one of my white male friends. and you can call me thousand times ignorant but you can do nothing with the nature of things.

  1261. 1261
    Robinnicole Says:

    LOL,…the nature of things,… lie, you know that right? White men have been messing with black women since the days of slavery, know that too right? No one race of people are more sweaty, and sweat doesn’t have an odor, so there can be no result of being smelly unless you need to bath, know that also, right? Based on your statements I know you don’t know Sh*t,..but I thought i’d ask anyway.

    What’s really pathetic, is that you don’t mind being called ignorant, and have the ignorance to believe that your imaginary nature of facts are actually the nature of things. Are you a racist comedian or something, because your frame of ignorance is just hilarious, and I see why racism was so easy to learn,…evidently, people don’t care about being ignorant.

    White men even marry black women,..but you go ahead and let your white male friend, teach your 25yr old a** about the facts of life. You big dummy.

  1262. 1262
    Robinnicole Says:

    Also, no one is speculating about Leo,’s truth, but don’t kill yourself,..because you do sound like you need help,…but don’t get help from your white male friend, he’s mislead your brain enough already.

  1263. 1263
    Weirdo Says:

    No one is calling Leo a racist. They are saying he was told by someone to have a white woman as his public, for show girlfriend to appeal to his fanbase.
    Your comment about sweaty and smelly? Oh dear….hard to believe people actually think this way.

  1264. 1264
    Lau Says:

    @whitie: You are 25…. and you are really stupid. Nature of things…

  1265. 1265
    whitie Says:

    You can call me names whatever you want. I don’t give a s**t. I am not going to reply you back in the same way, too pathetic. You can say salt is sweet or s**t smells roses, so what. You can delude yourself, but once again you can not change the nature of things.

  1266. 1266
    Lau Says:

    Yeah, yeah, totally agree. We can’t change stupid, useless women like you. Life is so hard sometimes!

  1267. 1267
    Robinnicole Says:

    White men have been known to date and marry black women, it’s the nature of things. I agree with you 100%; you can’t change the fact that white men date outside of their race.

  1268. 1268
    smh,smh Says:

    @Robinnicole: FYI, Robin, I think this his to do with a post on CDAN about Bar and probably Usher. She attended the Angel Ball in NY and apparently was summoned by his manager to just have a drink with Usher. His manager is known for doing this, and allegedly she said no and said she is not comfortable with black people and doesnt want anyone to think she would date one. Whether she said this or not, I dont know…

    But what I do know is to refuse might make some people think you really do feel that way…I’d have a drink, say hello and be nice. He has achieved a lot in the world, talk to him. YOU DONT HAVE TO SLEEP WITH HIM. .That is not what you have to. Show up at the table, be like, its nice to meet you I always liked this song you did, yada yada…For all you know, a one in the million shot, you might actually like talking t him and he could help you later. Droutzen Kroes, much bigger model, happily married to some trindidadian, not famous but they’re happy and I think have a baby. The implicaiton is not that I am sleeping with you…but in her mind that is what it is because that’s all she has is her vajayajay.

    Absolutely you dont have to date outside your race to prove something, but you should be open minded enough NOT TO CARE. Something beside shallow APPEARANCE/LOOKS and melannin should count…that is why this icky. Whether she said the above I dont know, whether she was dumb enough.But it was implied and yeah people pick up on it.

    What I am thinking about this now before I do my Spanish homework (I’m reteaching myself for practical reasons) is the LSA post where Sayat said Bar called Palestinians “animals”–if you hit the news the top story is that Gaza dumped over 100 rockets on Southern Israel…Tel Aviv is to the South….when you think of people that way they will go out of their way to “confirm” it. Israel needs some serious peace talks/negotiations, Ehud Barak is about to bomb the hell out of Gaza and the whole place will not be safe for months,possibly years.

    If I was her, I’d turn peace activist (there are young people ON BOTH SIDES who are intelligent and want that) and use my ersatz fame for something worthwhile, asking for the damn violence on both side to stop.

    I had friend who was a Serb from Yugoslavia…before the hostilities she was a law student and peace activist trying to avert the conflagration. Her diplomat parents sent her out of the country to save her life, but she continue to advocate for peace, not one side over the other. Ended up working for the New York Times because she has got it like that..

    Interesting that the bulk of the inane posting stopped just as the conflict broke out…too busy running for shelter I guess and no I dont want to see anyone, even my worst enemy killed that way.

  1269. 1269
    tinkerbell Says:

    @whitie: You’re shitting me about the sweat right? Because actually I’m around real black people my whole life with no problem and find some of them to be even more body conscious than whites…they will call you out if you are stank and disturbing them.

    I’m not sitting in Tel Aviv imagining stuff, I’m in Brooklyn and while I am white (I prefer the term Euro American) my life isnt…not where I live, not where I work, not all my family, not all my friends not all my community.

    Feel sorry if you are mono…borrrrrrrrinnnnnggggggg I could move to New Hampshire or Idaho but I dont waaaaaaaaaannn tooo. like being in a blue state…..

    Also, I have to ask you, if the one person who you would most get along with was Korean, or Samoan, or from Senegal, or Lebanon, or China, wouldnt you totally be ******** yourself by not allowing yourself to find them?

  1270. 1270
    tinkerbell Says:


    I am pretty sure this Bar herself by the way, she often posts here, the similarities between the posts and the twitter are too much. Also the use of the words “too pathetic” is her. We are all “pathetic losers” and she is “supermodel” and “beauty queen.” Needs to be deprogrammed that one. I can’t be 100% sure this time, it is more obvious other times, but who else would it be given what smh, smh, said up there…by the way I was aware of it and a lot of people posted on that thread and most guessed Bar Refaeli. This stuff is really starting to get out and about to kick her ass…

    You can say salt is sweet or s**t smells roses, so what. You can delude yourself, but once again you can not change the nature of things

    Which is that “blacks” are smelly, simian gorillas, I have a “nappy” head (even though I don’t) palestinians are animals and egypt is primitive even though it had one the most advanced civilizations on the planet in the ancient world and the art and archictecture will attest it never was that…don’t you think you need a realilty check with so many people call you out your name?? Do you really think this is working for you?

  1271. 1271
    tinkerbell Says:

    @whitie: you’re 27 and that is nice you are confident of your “look”– I am confident of mine as well, you seem to think that is the only thing that counts and you are wrong. I’m fine with me and what I see in the mirror, you are wrong to think that I am not….it’s I dont think looking a particular way makes you fine or not fine or entitled to entitled to anything.

    “when I look in the mirror the only one I see is me
    my face my eyes I’m loving what I see”

    10 points if you know who wrote this but I bet you dont and no googling.

  1272. 1272
    tinkerbell Says:

    by the way, I’d have to shrink my green eyes down to slits, fry my hair, thin out my lips and run my head under a steam roller and flatten my face and lose my cheekbones to look like Bar. I’d have to saw off my perfectly fine nose to look like a plastic surgery victim too. She looks like Sarah Jessica Parker more than anyone and SJP looks like a foot.

    So know, I wouldnt be trading.

  1273. 1273
    tinkerbell Says:

    It’s not about look here anyway, you seem to think you ‘win” because of that when there a plenty of people who would tell you that you dont. For example the managers of Victoria Secret, Sports Illustrated,Rampage, and Bonita de Mas who dont want you anymore.

    It a question of morality, intelligence and ethics and you lost 10 years ago when you dodged the draft and here your country is in the middle of a civil war and you have no leg to stand on or any skills to help anybody…that is your fault.

  1274. 1274
    Robinnicole Says:

    I have to agree that something ain’t right about whoever this “whitie” person is, why would any girl get upset about speculation on a white guy, dating black women. If she was so secure and confident, she would be wasting her time bashing black women, falsely at that. If she’s 25 she’s old enough to know that white men have been with and are infact attracted to black women. It sounds like a reality that she doesn’t want to face, so she uses ignorance to defeat the truth, which doesn’t work, it only makes her look stupid.

  1275. 1275
    Weirdo Says:

    The sad thing is, this person is passing off as fact something that somebody told her. And she believes it and spreads this on the internet. And I thought we were evolving as a species….

  1276. 1276
    Robinnicole Says:

    He only told here that to make her feel better,..because evidently, she has a sick problem with white men, dating black women. In so many words, she has stated the obvious, but she will deny it.

    People have historically passed off as fact, that one race is superiour to the other, so other imaginary facts don’t surprise me, I just wish I didn’t have to know that a “human being” can be that ignorant.

  1277. 1277
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: I know, I know I’ve never been able to understand it. Why does it bother her so much—-because in her mind what makes her “special” (bar’s) is WHO SHE SLEEPS WITH and that is truly sad. I dont know anyone who thinks like this anymore….I dont know if you know the whole deal but her mother slept with Warren Beatty for like a week way back of 13,000 women including royalty her messed with. I am sure he doesnt remember her….but sleeping with a celebrity makes you a celebrity to them…her mother listed her credits as being “THE GIRLFRIEND OF DAVID CHARVET” (now married to Brook Burke with no less than five count em five kids) and Leonardo Di Caprio–over since May 2011….

    So, if someone of a “lesser” race which is how she really thinks about it, would date him, it questions her self worth. Do you see how screwed up this is?

    It was rumored, and I dont know if it is true, they were going to break up anyway but that the final straw was that he was seeing a black girl in NY…the one you might have seen and this would damage her rep as a “supermodel” and her pay rate….supposedly she achieved that with her SI cover she got through Leo.

    No one on my planet would think their profession was in any way endangered because her boyfriend was going with a “lesser” human….if he prefers a black girl to her than she much not be so great, right? No, not right. She never complained when it was common knowledge he was hitting it with white girls…(Jessica Simpson, Julie Henderson, Anne V, and a door girl in LA, also a strong possibility…this woman name Leasi who is Thai/Black and was with Terence Howard for a while) whether it is true or not I dont know, the “given” reason is bs. (they “grew” apart) but that was the inside info. Leasi’s gorg by the way but really doesnt do anything with herself but date famous guys like Michael Fassbender and Terence and Leo.

    She knows her only worth in the market is Leo. She could never have made it as anything but alocal model in Israel or possibly a catalog model here in the US. Even VS said so, they werent going to make her an Angel but the cat was OK. Her entire worth is rolled up in him, and hence the current “protecting” of him rep…she thinks it her rep. Ask Gisele if she thinks that. Her own agent told her he couldnt get her work when they were broken up.

    It’s really interesting they are now “defending”him again when it was bash bash bash before. Really, it’s strange.

    whitie is bar herself….

    look men and women get attracted and hit it, its the way of the world. Goes every which way, no big deal. But I get it hurts a screwed up mind when the man is questions is dating a “monkey” rather than her…..she called Somalians chimp stick figures…

  1278. 1278
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: Apparently most of us are, enough to go into cardiac arrest when some of this stuff gets spit out. My concern is that I want to see it to the end…if Don Imus lost his job for his “nappy” head comments which he deserves, then Bar deserves to lose all her jobs for the same thing.

    The family is really creepy, the mother a known homophobe and dad was supposedly a member of Mossad… if you read LSA someone outed her as a racist round about 2006-2007, no I can’t prove it but I think it was Rashida Jones…someone close to him anyway..

    She doesnt really believe that black women are more sweaty anyway…she is just all out of ammo…nothing left and her back must be against the wall by now because all of this is starting to come out.
    As well it should, the mask is starting to drop. Without Leo’s goodwill to protect her I think she’s on thin ice.

    I haven’t see this beyotch get a real job…a commerical modelling job in six months. I don’t know how much editorial pays, she did get a few of those but the real money is in representing products. I haven’t seen any new ones of those in a while and she spends a lot of money flying around the world trying to make herself look important…so there are expenses involved. Also is it believed she paid cash for the Maxim 100 thing…it’s for sale…..also no one wants to date her, the soccer guys and their girlfriends are all like “please go away” and Shaun White who she was faking have a relationship with just got in trouble legally….

    I dont know. watch how things work out. The underwear line was an obvious flop.

  1279. 1279
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: She’s not ignorant in terms of being isolated or untravelled….she was taught some kind of bizarre aryan thing by her mom where having blonde hair and blue eyes and big tits and being pleasing to men is the most important thing…that is why I protest here. The tits are fake btw, big difference between early pix and now and she’s really a brunette too. The whole thing is bizarre. They like to post how natural she is when plastic surgeons come on and talk about an obvious but moderate rhinoplasty and collagen lips…

  1280. 1280
    Robinnicole Says:

    So you really do think that she is Bar? She is not the only racist woman in the world, so why are you so sure that it’s her? As far as i’ve seen, most of Leo’s girlfriends have been bashed, and they were white, so imagine if he ever got into a serious relationship with a black woman; the bashing could be 10 tens worse.

  1281. 1281
    Weirdo Says:

    Hey ladies, I don’t know who is posting it but it’s absurd. The bashing will continue no matter who he dates. Any girl dating him should stay away from the tabloids altogether!

  1282. 1282
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: Yes, because as was stated her mother used to post here and sign her name, as did her flack Adira Ronen, and even Bar herself a couple of times. And you have to ask, who else would get so involved?

    Bar’s brother posted here as did friends of hers…she got mad at some posters one day on the Superficial, posted and threatened to sue them. Signed her name. The threat was in Hebrew characters. I am sure it is her…..there are just similarities between if you read her twitter and certain posts and you get to know certain themes and expressions…she also used to have twitter accounts and a tumblr but when she got in trouble for them they mysteriously vanished.

    Her flack is also Sparkly Adi on Bellazon and see…particulary the part about crisis management and creating positive content to cover the negative…

    Yes, I know it is her.

  1283. 1283
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Robinnicole: about the bashing…it would definitely be worse form THEM. Depending on who it is, OTHERS MIGHT SING HALLELUAH.

    Just anybody that is original that i could like….yeah I hate to say but I would love it if was someone who looked like Rihanna, but wasnt her…because I think Rihanna is extremely pretty, not necessarily stable but I like her look. Really anybody is something more than superficial.

    ScarJo already got somebody so so much for that. I have actually given up on Leo, and I no longer care who it is as it is more desperate on his part all the time. He really looks like he’s 50, especially next to a 20 year old…I fiended for him around hte time of the Departed and Blood Diamonds but I just cant see it anymore. Never liked Jack Dawson. Or Romeo. I in a way feel bad for him because he is barking up the wrong tree not just with babes but his whole life and his mid life crisis is coming on hard….he is not happy puppy but it not my business to fix.

  1284. 1284
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Weirdo: @Weirdo: First off he should date a woman, no more GIRLS. And I mean people who think like helpless, silly girls that prince charming is coming for them and bat their eyelashes at the world and just dont know what the world is coming too. Look for tweets and rumors though…he’s not going to “appoint”one right now with the awards ceremonies coming on strong He’s going ALONE if he GOES. But you’ll hear reports of civililans…non models non celebrities. It will be interesting. Probably a few…

    what I am now interested in…and I think it was you weirdo who hinted it that bar lost some big contract from her association with Leo, which I find doubtful but that might explain her trying to “rehab” him here…know anything about that? I dont necessarily believe it but it might explain their behavior….

  1285. 1285
    Weirdo Says:

    No I don’t know anything about that. It’s pure speculation. When I think about it, why would anyone go through such great lengths to repeatedly bash the new girlfriend? It’s not about a broken heart and they don’t see it as ‘love.’ They see that another woman got the opportunity to be Leo’s official girl and they will constantly say ‘what’s so great about her?!!” If you think about it, if it is a true loving relationship, it wouldn’t result in behavior like this. If it is a relationship based on a contractual arrangement then that person will always try to beat down the competition.
    No matter what it is, Leo is elusive. No woman will ever be able to say she really caught him because he is unwilling or unable to commit.

  1286. 1286
    Weirdo Says:

    This is for tinkerbell:

    - Even war has a celebrity angle. There is a minor Twitter kerfuffle involving the world’s hottest woman, Bar Refaeli. The actress/model/mythological ex of Leonardo DiCaprio sent out tweets in the first days of the conflict, which surely appeared to be perfectly acceptable, even flag-wavingly patriotic, to her fans around the world.

    “i prey for the safety of the citizens on both sides and for the day we will live in peace and harmony Amen.”

    “unfortunately, there is a war going on in my home land Israel, that has to defend itself from missiles being shot by Hamas on public areas.”

    In Israel, however, she was criticized for her reference to “both sides” suggesting that in wartime, it was her obligation to root for the home team – they apparently didn’t notice her spelling mistakes. Refaeli seems to always get an extra dose of tough reaction in Israel due to the fact that she is considered a draft-dodger, because an early marriage – widely viewed as fictitious – exempted her from compulsory military service. It is worth noting that Noa Tishby (the star of those selfsame tourism ads), who is widely celebrated for her extensive pro-Israel efforts in Hollywood including a recent rally she organized, regularly sends out similar messages from her Twitter account.

    “Wishing the people of #Israel and Palestinians living under TERROR of #Hamas in #Gaza a quick resolution to this operation.”

    “And here is another simple fact. The people of #israel AND the people of #Palestine want PEACE. #Hamas wants the annihilation of Israel.”

    A Twitter war ensued, with many defending the original tweet, saying that the Refaeli critics were going overboard. In any case, it has become clear that even a perfect bikini body doesn’t give you a pass in wartime.

  1287. 1287
    Robinnicole Says:

    Well, if it is her, that one pathetic chick, she’s stalking Leo through gossip. What in the world did he do to make her that sick over him?!!! Hilarious!!

  1288. 1288
    kelly ann Says:

    hes fickle as f…. !

  1289. 1289
    offside Says:

    someone is obviously posting the same identical crap under different usernames. 1200 comments worth of it too. yikes! why would you spend all your time coming up with all this rubbish! Go find a hobby! A real one.