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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Great Gatsby actor and the 23-year-old model are going their separate ways after about 10 months of dating.

“They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple told the mag. “There’s no bad blood -— they still care about each other a lot.”

Leo and Erin first stepped out together in December and were last spotted together on a trip to the beach in Malibu in August.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split?

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  • Kim

    He should date Swift. He goes through just as many woman as she does men so…..

  • Dee

    I love him as an actor. You have to respect him as an actor when you go over his resume but his private life mehhhh not so much! I mean it’s his life he can date who he wants but maybe he should try dating a normal girl here and there! Give other ladies under 5’7 a shot Leo! lol

  • CanadaGirl

    @Oky Doky: Maybe. I see your points, but I know some people who are not University educated that are very intelligent. Where I work five years in University is the minimum and most people, myself included, have a lot more than that. That being said, I also work with some of the most intellectually stunted individuals. they love to pontificate for the sake of hearing their own voices, and elitism abounds.
    There are multiple intelligences. Not all learning needs to take place in a classroom with books and pencils. I would not discount either Leo or Erin’s intelligence as each may possess more than we are aware of. (Leo never really struck me as unintelligent, however.)

  • maggy

    @Yawn Fest: He’s following George Clooney’s footsteps ;)

  • Bond

    Why cant he ever fall for anybody?

  • @Oky Doky

    I have to disagree with the young girl comment. I’m only 22 and have a degree in politics, plus am an environmental activist and writer. So I don’t think it can be boiled down to age. Yes, being a model is completely superficial but so is being an actor and I agree with you that Leo himself probably cannot contribute much to an intellectual conversation.

    The day Leo dates someone with demonstrable intelligence who is actually contributing to betterment of the world will be the day I gain an ounce of respect for him. Until then, I will always see him as nothing more than a misogynist man who plays make believe for a living and spits on the people who see his movies.

  • CanadaGirl

    Wow. This was fun. Wish the other Leo-fans were on, but c’est la vie.
    I’m off. Have a good one, folks.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    some people here are so prideful about thinking they somehow rate better as a woman if they aren’t a model. give it a break. you buy lingerie. duh!

  • rachel

    he is very superficial.

  • kami

    older men who parade through a succession of young women the way he does have problem. and it’s usually latent homosexuality.

  • Lavo

    No one is surprised at this “revelation”. The question is who is next? All of the blondies at VS are taken. Pretty sure Leo isn’t gonna change anytime soon. The occasional bursts of what looked like happiness with Blake were very short lived, but it doesn’t change the fact that Leo has looked and probably been miserable for YEARS. He seems to be a creature of habit. The next one won’t be different and Leo will continue to look miserable, unhappy and bored as he looked at times with Bar and Blake. He seems to have no respect for women, probably none for himself as well.

  • Me

    It was about time to report it. Have you noticed how he appeared to be more relaxed and smiling on the last public photos. The guy must be relieved.

  • lol

    He suffers a lot.

  • pj

    That means he is already shopping around.

  • Kim

    Grow up Leo! Find yourself a nice girl.

  • sarah

    Now Page Six is confirming:
    Exclusive: Leo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split

    Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Erin Heatherton have split after dating for nearly a year, Page Six can reveal.

    The actor and the beautiful blonde Victoria’s Secret Angel split last week, sources confirmed to us. They have been dating since December 2011

    Leo is in New York filming “The Wolf of Wall Street” and was seen partying with a gaggle of models on Wednesday night at Cipriani 42nd Street.


  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    he reminds me of the actor who played citizen kane.

  • Sarah.

    Didn’t knew they were even dating.. and definitely not surprised that they split..

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    orson welles

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    since he is into the environment, he should try to find a girl from the davis area of california or other places that are up and coming in the environmental industry.

  • K

    Call Kate Winslet Leo. She’ll drop Ned Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    being into the environment like that is a major lifestyle choice.
    its kinda like vegetarians and nature lovers such as tree huggers. but he probably doesn’t want a tree hugger because they are wierd.

  • Better Luck Next Time, Leo


    Tink was “agnostic.” There were a few stragglers, but most of his diehards were calling it over weeks ago, if not months

    I hope he enjoys his single life and focuses on what he really wants, not his fans, parents, or PR.

  • Next


    He was at a table with 15 models not Erin last night. He must have found someone.

  • Sana

    LEO IS A DOUCHE i dont get his stupid dates with does talentless blonde chicks…

  • Geez

    Leonardo DiCaprio is gay gay gay. He just doesn’t want to come out of the closet because he thinks it will ruin his career. Does nobody find it creepy, that all the women he picks for his beards look exactly like him? They’re all copies of each other, and of him! He’s a narcissistic gay guy. He needs to come out already.

  • Geez

    Comment 76 is NOT me.
    I was #29 and am retiring this moniker.
    Repeat 76 is NOT ME

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    you usually pick someone who looks like your most loved parent.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    and uh, erin looks nothing like leo.

  • Steven

    Some of you are so delusional. Any guy in his position would date a beautiful model. Why not? And this comment is coming from a guy. I know how guys think. If he’s not ready to get married let him date whoever he wants. He’s not harming anyone. Why get married if you’re not ready? So you can end up getting divorce later on. Most of you hating sound like jealous girls who if Leo called you would date him in a second. Don’t lie. It doesn’t make him gay. What @Geez: such an ignorant comment which deserves a face palm.

  • Melanie

    Really?! That’s so weird, their relationship seemed SO much different than his others! Lol. It’s kind of sad that I’m 24 years old and I’m pretty sure I’m too old to make the Leonardo dateability cutoff

  • efi

    @Geez: Its called having a type. Clooney and Depp used to date women who look the same too.

  • Manoush

    I don’t get why people hate leo’s girlfriends so much when he ‘s the one who can have a mature and during relattionship

  • comment

    i was going to post something, but in the interests of the battle of the sexes, and my favorite team, i will remain silent.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    some girls have a political agenda to bash men for dating prettier girls. its somehow shallow, in their minds, to date someone unattractive. but somehow these same girls are so enthralled with leo, who they think is attractive, that they won’t date a regular and/or less attractive guy.


  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    somehow in their minds, faulty reasoning by the way, they compute beauty with stupidity. that’s because of the movie shallow hal. ever since then, there has been a kick to paint attractive people as the shallow ones, yet the less attractives who complain about this still want to be with their object of beauty.
    they think we can’t see through their faulty reasoning.

  • Anne

    His big love always will be Gisele!!!

  • LOL

    Perez Hilton’s words for Erin:

    Both Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively found husbands after breaking up with the 37-year-old movie star, so maybe this will all work out for Erin in the end.
    We hope so!

  • raj

    he really needs some therapy…

  • Leo Fan

    GossipCop has the confirmation

    “The Inception star and the supermodel are splitting after roughly 10 months together, a source close to DiCaprio confirms to Gossip Cop.”

  • Lala

    he’s the male taylor swift

  • Geez

    Oh puhleez, everyone in Hollywood knows he’s gay, and that that Kevin Connolly guy was/is his lover.

  • LL

    Didn’t Scarlett Johansson just break up with that guy she was seeing? She and Leo seem like the same type of person. They should give it a try. Anyone know if they’re friends?

  • Message

    @Geez: C’mon. You have to be more creative than the “Leo is gay” commentary. That is just pure ignorance.
    I’m glad that they confirmed the split so there won’t be any more arguing about them. Until the next model comes along. Kinda makes you wonder why he is so obsessed with models, though. Like, that’s the only female company worth keeping. It is either extreme narcism or blazing insecurity. Either way, it’s not working for him. He hasn’t looked genuinely happy in years.
    P.S. Hi to te real Geez who isn’t a complete tool. I can tell which posts are actually yours!

  • Sarah

    the VS fashion show is coming this week. i wonder if Leo will attend one of the after-parties or he will be celebrating his 38th birthday in the company of Danny A. and co along with a brand new gaggle of fresh models.

  • tinkerbell

    Called it….yeah after the supposed sighting at Lavo (went by there last night it is all snotty and boring looking rich upper east side 20 young twenty somethings) I was agnostic…but if you go back I was saying done, done done DONE !!!

    She’ll be happily married to someone else in like less than a year. The only one who can’t make that happen is Bar. And the bad news is he will have another drip by New Years.

    Ladies, start your engines ! Oh i I was 25 blonde and stupid I would be stalking him ! Get your Leo on he’s free !

    No, I do not need to know Leo personally. I have very strong instincts and I think most grown women have known a Leo somewhere down the line. The was that soooo attractive and compelling but such a pain in the butt.

    It was filming WOWS. When he blew her off while staying in the same city she knew what time it was.

    Wow, I was actually bummed thinking they might still be together…but ha ha ha the joke is on me. Always darkest before the dawn.

    Leo, my leo. Probably hooked up last night with someone….

  • tinkerbell

    by the way I wonder what the real story was….prob he just ignored when he was in town and they had fight. Or he was bored. She got tired waiting around, she is a 23 year old VS model dont tell me she cant get another boyfriend.

    Let the games begin for the next one. I dont even want to watch THAT DERBY.

    Good news, Bar and her team can stop slanging Erin here, but if they start dissing the next one it will show how sad and desperate they really are!

  • GucciForEva

    where’s the psychic?!?!?!?!

  • http://JOYEZZ Leo….


  • tinkerbell

    :) :) :) :) :)