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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Great Gatsby actor and the 23-year-old model are going their separate ways after about 10 months of dating.

“They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple told the mag. “There’s no bad blood -— they still care about each other a lot.”

Leo and Erin first stepped out together in December and were last spotted together on a trip to the beach in Malibu in August.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split?

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  • alex


    I thought it was pr until I saw him try to bargain with a papp to get rid of photos of him and some model. I’d never seen him do that before. Please explain.

  • ^

    I don’t know how this of only dating twentysomething models fit with the image of serious actor he wants to project. George Clooney dating a different woman every award season is taken more seriously than Leo. IMO

  • @241

    Don’t bother for an explanation. People make narratives to fit their wish/agenda in life. And its the same with Leo relationships.
    Leo and his girlfriend are spotted together, kissing, smiling , happy – Its PR; Leo and his girlfriend are low key, NOT spotted together – Its over, Proves it was fake blah, blah, blah.
    The same claim for ALL his relationships and will be with the next one
    Predictability from both Star and Stan.

  • LOL

    Stars get s8itload of sightings all the time. Depends on the hunger for gossip, where they are at, slow news day. Its NOT exclusive to Leo and his girlfriends. I am not interested in people like JLo, Ben Affleck, Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger but they are regularly papped, tweeted and sighted, obviously I appreciate there is an interest. Does not mean its PR or a conspiracy.

  • @253

    @@241: sure some people want theirs wishes come true but there’s always a little something identical about his relationships that’s why some people (and not only his crazy fans) believe it’s PR from a part

  • Normal short woman, 35 yrs

    ok, so just for fun and saturday night boredom i am gonna share my story on here. Leonardo and I met in 1997 on a beautiful, isolated island with a 5 star resort. I worked on the island and mistook him the new poolboy. he played along and called himself a fake name, thomas. after a couple of weeks of hot romance he told me he was not who I thought he was. he was a hollywood actor called leonardo, not thomas. I did not believe him. Cut to 10 years later, we run into each other by accident, litterally bump into each other. my life has changed, I now live in a huge city, had a rich husband and just divorced him. Leo then proceeds to stalk me in disguises and then approaches me several times but always never admitting it’s leo. He gives me his number, I don’t call untila few months later due to the divorce but then when I call I get Bar. Bar then proceeds to harrass and stalk me, since she has my number and knows my name (yes, we chatted as she wanted to know who was calling Leo). Yes, I slept with him a few times during the period he was dating Bar, and then I got pregnant. The whole pregnacy I thought it was Leo’s but thank god it turned out to be another guy’s, who is hotter then Leo, but has no money, but is far more spiritual. Anyway, the moral of the story is Leo does love normal, short women his own age. He is just really careful never to disclose it.

  • @256

    love fanfiction, some are very hardcore… thanks for the laught

  • ???

    @256 – yeah sure. You did not know who the movie star Leo was…LOL! Too funny. And since when Bar answered his cell phone? C’mon who are you trying to fool, you Bar obsessed freak?

  • Normal short woman, 35 yrs

    Listen, I know it’s absolutely crazy, which is why I never bought into it, even when it happened to me. I am not a Leo Fan, never was. I follow him now because of the bizarre experience I had with him. I feel really sorry for him. He is completely controlled by his manager, his people, his status as a hollywood a-lister but he craves to be unknown and loved for himself, which is what happened when I met him. I had no idea about his stardom and I feel head over heels for a pool boy. That’s why he wanted to be with me again. sorry to bring you bad news, but when I got pregnant, he thought it was his too and it really had an effect on him. when it turned out the father wasn’t him I think if effected him just as much as me. I really feel for the poor guy and hope one day he finds love and has kids and I know this is what he does want. and sorry he’s not gay, just completely controlled by a lot of powerful hollywood people and the need to keep up his star status by dating “supermodels”.

  • Marie

    @Oky Doky: Alot of the women his age are married or have partner. Angelina Jolie, Kate Winselt, Aishwarya Rai ,Marion Cotilliard,etc. I mean they are all stunning and around his age but they are married or with children and partners.

  • @???

    The story is laughable BS but it IS largely about Leo. Where do you get the impression that’s its a ‘Bar obsessed freak’. I think you’re the one freakily obsessed.

  • @259

    @Normal short woman, 35 yrs: If he hates so much that that his life, why he does not stop his career, he can live live in a little town, where he can live a quiet life, start a family, nobody will go to pursue him if he is in an isolated place and what he lives his quiet life with his wife and kid(s)
    Oh, I know why he doesn’t change he likes the power, the money, the fame, the easy women

  • 253, 54, 55

    You all make good points.

    Some say not being seen together means a relationship is more serious. You’re secure with each other and have nothing to prove to anyone. Makes sense. If I was famous, I’d rather stay home than go out where everyone was watching me.

    Some say going public with a relationship shows they’re confident in it and want to control how their image is presented. Makes sense. When couples aren’t seen together, the break up rumours start.

    What I don’t get with Leo and Erin is how fast they got together and went public. He was on a short break in NY and a few weeks later she was in Australia and their photos were all over the place. He had gone through a public relationship and breakup not that long before. What was the rush to jump into another? They split because they were too busy, but they weren’t too busy when they were living and working on different continents? Makes no sense.

    Ah well, best of luck to them.

  • LOL

    Last time Leo was sc rewing some random woman poster near a dumpster now this. Keep em coming. I mean it. Great for laughs!

  • omd

    he becomes single RIGHT IN TIME for victoria’s secret fashion show where he can go and pick a new gf :B

  • C’mon

    @263 – the excuse of “being too busy” and “having too busy schedules” or “work too much” is just simply hilarious. All couples go to work and many have different busy schedules. Many have children, they work as doctors and nurses on different shifts, air pilots, flight attendants…. what? these people are too busy to have a relationship?
    It’s always the same record when Leo breaks up with a girlfriend. I hope his rep could come with another reason, for once.

  • Normal short woman, 35 yrs

    ok, I am signing out now, but just so you know, when I met Leo we were both very young, I was 19 he was 21, so different to today. He also was not a big star yet, he was going to film titanic after I met him. Anyway, it’s nothing to me except I just wanted people to know he does like normal women. I am short (169cm), brunette, and not a model or famous :), although when i did meet him in 1997 I did have a lot of people telling me I should become a model :). ok, ciao!
    ps. I hate Bar… you have no idea what hell that bitch put me through after the phone call.

  • @267

    @267 – …you hate Bar? No? I couldn’t have said so….

  • Lavo

    Lot of good theories being put here, I have my own opinion of blake/leo that will not change for anything and is very different from what is being posed here, so I will keep it to myself. IDK why people are considering him and Erin PR. Except for some obvious photo-ops, everything about her fits. Model, check. Blonde, check. Young, check. Less than stellar career, check. I agree, not everything is PR.

  • hey middle aged shorty

    take it to the fake tea stans at lipshi t alley.

  • Lavo

    @253, 54, 55: Blake. It all has to do with Blake. He needed to control his image. The breakup with Blake and the time that she was seen visiting Ryan on set was very short. I think like a month. Their breakup was confirmed on October 4, Erin was flown out in mid or early december I can’t remember. All of the lovey dovey pictures that Blake had with Ryan coincided with pictures of Leo out with other women. I can’t remember if the pics on the balcony with that woman was around the time that the paps “found” Ryan and Blake in Utah or if it was the first sighting of Erin and Leo together. Leo is petty and his feelings were most likely hurt. That being said I still don’t think she was PR, but she was a vindictive rebound. I believe he was done before those pictures with her at the marina, she just didn’t know it. Wouldn’t sit next to her, wouldn’t stand next to her in a picture. I hope she dumped him.

  • Philly

    To be fair. The ‘busy schedule’ line is used for almost every celeb relationship not just Leo. It’s the same way most divorce decrees stick to ‘irreconcilable differences’. I understand, it cause we don’t have the right to know the intimacies of any ones relationships ups or downs. It’s fun but its theirs to tell. In today’s world of 24 hour media, most probably stick to the safer less controversial options.


    If a woman went through men the way he goes through women, they’d call her a whore.

  • ok shorty

    OK, shorty. If I were to believe your story I have to say that nothing of it proves that Leo is different than what he appears to be. Any man is going to go after repeats when bumping into a former lover. You were an easy lay and not going to cause him trouble publicly so he had an opportunity and took it. Doesn’t make him longing for normalcy whatsoever, makes him a hot-blooded man with a dcik. To be fair to Bar, she was a beyootch because also, any woman would be a total b-tch to a woman who was cheating with her man. That doesn’t necessarily make her one in totality. If it was someone else they probably would have given you hell too. You fell for OLD LEO, like you said that was long ago. The current Leo really does think he’s God’s gift to women and king of the world. Skips out on charity commitments, drives his fancy hybrid in the lone streets of NYC like he owns the d@mn place when everyone else is holed up bracing for the big storm, parties every night while normal people are fighting over gas and waiting in line for food rations and water and appears at a big Halloween bash with a harem of girls. I’m not buying the he’s controlled thing. He’s a grown man, already made in his career and can do whatever the hell he wants to do at this point. And he is. And what he’s doing makes him look like a punk-a$$.

  • FACT

    No VS model will ever date him again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrote it in the contract. He’s done with that franchise.

  • LOL

    That’s some BS. Leo has actually dated only 2 VS models. He may have banged others on the DL sure, but I doubt he’s persona non grata in the franchise. C’mon. I mean why doesn’t SI ban him as well!

  • tinkerbell

    NY Post Mortem

    I doubt it’s even that he didnt want to settle down, but in the same city long term it became obvious he wasn’t into it. Girls who got their own careers going don’t need to cling and make him their lives. I feel bad for Erin, I think the feelings/hopes were real but she obviously is sweet girl with pretty traditional values and will be married/preggers soon enough.

    Like the fan fiction ! Pretty good, especially the barfie detail…but I doubt his phone ever goes into anyone else’shands…I could see it happening though. And Bar always seemed in denial that her “man” was a bicycle seat— ridden by everyone.

    Bottom line, don’t date Leo because you want to get MARRIED.
    Date Leo because you want name and brand recognition. No one knew who “Erin Heatheron” was before this…I didnt know her name, for sure, though when I saw her in the VS window I said “Leo will probably date her” and was right. A smart girl could/would…but not forever and I am not saying barfie is smart, (more than anyone this is HER MO) but the ones who can make it on their own take off. Barfie can’t so she was stuck with him.

    Well it will be interesting to see what happens next, because he is plum out of the usual suspects.So there will be derby and a lot of nobodys until the next trophy eff comes along for him. It won’t take long but he’s been through quite a lot of those qualified already. Is it time for a swerve to the left of meaningful?Yes, but dont hold your breath. The shallow is just too easy and fun. Mid life crisis is looming for him though.

    The Post article was a salvo from her team, obviously, so she doesnt look like a cast off. I bet he started blowing her off as soon as WOWS started filming. She was just too close by and wanted more from him. I knew this was going to happen, you can play “give him his space” but ultimately the real feelings are going to come out. I bet Erin is saying she’ll never date for PR again.

  • Oscar

    He’s going to win an Oscar for playing Belfort because he’s basically playing himself. A rich narcissistic coked-up white guy who treats women like playthings. Not that much of a stretch to play that part.

  • cari

    How does a 37 year old even have a conversation with a 23 year old?? He must be dumb as shit, and half as mature.

  • Martin

    @Normal short woman, 35 yrs: Are you having a little fantasy hook up?

  • jane

    i forgot that even happened actually. i guess their relationship didn’t mean that much considering he was with someone else.

  • TBF

    Am surprised Leo is prepared to let his private life in the frame like this considering he prob wants an Oscar push /promo for Django. Then again maybe its to get it out of the way or due to an ultimatum. Also I thought he did not like being alone for the holidays? Strange.

  • ted

    Erin would be great for Ashton Kutcher cause she is super hot

  • raven

    Regarding what normal short woman 35 years stated: What I don’t understand, why is it a big deal if he likes shorter women not in the industry? Why does it have to remain such a secret? It really shouldn’t matter. I just don’t see how that would be so bad that it would mess up his image. As long as the girl is hot, it still keeps his image of being able to get pretty women. Seriously there are worse things one could be doing. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • @TBF

    I really do think she broke up with him because she wasn’t getting what she wanted like Tinkerbell said. They agreed to make it sound mutual. Just like with Blake. I totally think Blake dumped him. They decided to wait to air the news during elections so that it would get hosed over by election mania. Just so happens there was this big huge hurricane news too so that just helped bury this ‘news.’

  • @raven

    Why are you believing normal short woman ffs?
    That’s the kind of ‘exclusive real Leo BS’ on other sites.

  • lauren

    Leonardo, please come out, come out wherever you are……

  • spanish Hatcher


    what was the sweetest thing about the models? their pu$$y poses , ugly bodies or dumb faces?

  • mali


  • Blue blood

    Leopoldo is NOBODY.Just an average actor.

    Rich and spoiled.

  • LeO


    Your erin is too old and mature for 23 y.o.

  • LeO

    I am too spoiled face for 20-40 yo classy beauties.
    So Mila Kunis may be my hope.

  • Daya

    The NY post story some are saying came from her team because it refers to her as “one of the most beautiful women in the world” says he broke it off. Why would she do that if it was mutual? It also makes him sound spoiled rotten.

    It seems like they’ve been over for awhile but just got around to confirming it. They live in the same place but were never seen together, and he was travelling without her.

    He’s not gay, he’s just a creature of habit who forgets he has a girlfriend when she’s not around and he has his work, friends and other women to keep him entertained.

  • @293

    Well said! It is obvious they were over for a while. I would say not too long after Labor Day weekend and a little before her Global Citizen event. But frankly, they don’t appear too sad and unhappy by looking at how Leo was smiling on his movie set and how Erin looked at various NY events lately. I guess there is no heartbreak, as this relationship seemed more like a fling.

  • Robinnicole

    “thank God the baby wasn’t leo’s”,….girl please!!

  • Vegas

    He’s already off partying in Vegas. Oh, Leo, you’ll never change!

  • @296

    No time wasted!

  • Sarah

    @296 & @297 – It only shows how we were right to think they were over for a while. I bet he’s surrounded with a gaggle of models in Vegas, just like he was in NY two days ago.

  • @Vegas

    I can’t believe you guys, seriously. Yeah he’s off to Vegas to escape that mass misery that exists on the East Coast right now with people suffering with no power, food or water and people trying to recover from the storm aftermath. But for heaven’s sake no he couldn’t jet off to LA last weekend to attend HIS charity event because he might he called back onto the set of Wolf any day now. Leo’s priorities are Leo, Leo and Leo.
    What about all his fans that lined up around the block all over the NYC and New Jersey area just to catch a glimpse of him filming? Did he even think to maybe help a lending hand to those people who pay 10 bucks to see his movies every time they come out? No of course not. The hurricane is just a convenient time to release his PR sham story so hopefully it goes unnoticed because it is ALL ABOUT HIM.
    I think Leo is effing disgusting the way he has conducted himself during this time of crisis. If they can cancel the d@mn marathon then he can cancel his plans to play poker and hit on chicks half his age. HE’S GROSS.

  • Emma

    BREAKING NEWS: Womanizer breaks up with model who looks like a million other models.