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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Great Gatsby actor and the 23-year-old model are going their separate ways after about 10 months of dating.

“They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple told the mag. “There’s no bad blood -” they still care about each other a lot.”

Leo and Erin first stepped out together in December and were last spotted together on a trip to the beach in Malibu in August.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split?

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  • VegasIsAnIdiot

    @@Vegas: Self righteous. WTF are you doing to help the victims? So because he went to vegas he’s gross. You sound like a freaking idiot. Such ignorance. How do you know that he hasn’t done anything to help out. Youre not with him 24/7.

  • ouch

    I wish identities and snapshots were automatically posted along with comments so we could see all the losers and fugly people that say Leo is gay or gross or anything negative in general. and even if you were average looking Leo is still hotter than you hahaha. comment places are like cesspools I’d love to see you in a popular social circle, oh wait you’re not and never will be hahahahaha. and why am I in commenting if its like a cesspool? because cool people can get away with anything hahahaha even saying cool people.

  • @301

    What is ignorant is people defending a celebrity that skips town for his own comfort and convenience and doesn’t have the decency to lay low, not just for the fact that he broke off a relationship but that local people in his city are suffering. That tells me he has done a damn thing. Can’t handle the truth eh?

  • @302

    Oh yes, because that’s all people of character do, judge people by their looks. Being cool means you’re hot and look cute in some designer clothes. Measuring people by a snapshot and how they look is certainly a way to size up cool factor. Keep doing that, it will get you far in life.

  • @@Vegas

    grow up child, he doesn’t owe you anything. no one does as a matter of fact.

  • hahaha

    Erin’s fans are angry LOL

  • VegasIsAnIdiot

    @ouch: I agree. Most of these people are ugly as hell and take comfort in bringing down the successful. What a bunch of idiots.

    @@301: WTF is he suppose to do. Camp out and hand out food and water. If he was doing that you people would be saying is all for PR. He cant win with you guys. None of you are doing anything to help the victims but you can sit behind your computer and look down at others. So then just starts bashing all the celebrities who are not there right now huh?

  • VegasIsAnIdiot

    @@302: LMAO. Hypocrite that’s exactly what you’re doing by criticizing him on this board. You dont even know him but you’re willing to make judgments based on snapshots or appearances he makes.

  • CoolKids

    @ouch: Yeah cool people rule!

  • @307

    It’s not a one time thing. It is continued behavior over time. You’re right he doesn’t owe me anything. And he no longer has my respect or fandom based on continued activity OVER TIME. This is just the icing on the cake. I don’t owe him anything either. Which means no more movie tickets for Leo from me. I’m sure his beloved fans in NYC are just pleased as punch that he flaunts his wealth and careless lifestyle in their friggin faces while they search for meals out of dumpsters.

  • HUH

    Basketball games weren’t canceled in NY. ALL Those people are GROSS too I guess.

  • HUH

    @@307: Then what are you doing commenting on this board if you dont like him. Why waste any of your time or energy thinking about him and typing things about him on JJ? I dont get it. You won’t waste your money for his movies but is okay to spent time on a board that is discussing Leo. Spend your time helping the poor, the hungry in your community, Feed them, Why aren’t you feeding the poor in your community right now? They are searching for food in dumpsters. GO! your wasting precious time.

  • @308

    Yeah I can do whatever I want on this board. It’s a free country. Why are you hell bent on defending him. Do you know him personally? If so, then please share what he has done to help the victims. I would love to be so enlightened.
    You’re no better judging people based on how they look on the outside. Hey it’s fine if someone wants to have fun but this is not the time to do it. He could have shown some modesty but most narcissists don’t have the capacity. Leo appears selfish because that is what he is.

  • ouch

    ^comment places are cesspools cause losers can say anything they want. man you must all congregate here or something cause i wondered how so much sh*t could be written about leo. then I realized you must be losers, 304 confirms that. you don’t think being cool is characteristic? hahaha loser and dumb. let me school you: any cute try hard can wear a designer outfit. designer doesn’t mean sh*t if you look like a victim. and being cute or hot means sh*t if you have no personality

  • http://joyezz -_-

    @@Vegas stop b1tching

  • SNL

    @@308: Then I guess the entire cast of SNL are narcissists? Cause they decided to go on with the show and have fun tonight. They’re not allowed to have fun either correct? How do you judge them?

  • @316

    Uh because that’s their job and they are WORKING? Last time I checked, playing poker in Vegas on a Saturday night was not Leo’s place of employment.

  • @314

    Sorry but a loser is a dumba$$ that comes on here and tries to say that someone with an opinion has no personality. Look it’s obvious people blow smoke up your a$$ all day long if you can’t handle an opposing opinion. Come visit the board more often. Maybe you will get a little truth shined into your world of cute chicks with so-called personality.

  • SNL

    @@316: Then I guess everyone is NY isn’t allowed to have fun during this time correct? What should everyone in NY be doing then? Should life just stop? Sadly tragedy happens all over the world. Its a part of life. It will take time to clean up and rebuild the places that were destroyed. Life goes on. You’re a dumba$$.

  • Robinnicole

    Why do people get upset over someones opinion of a celebrity,..they all could be doing much more to help the sick and hungry,..they have the means. If you get upset to the point of carrying on an argument, you and your “fanship” needs sometime away from each other,..because that’s crazy!!

  • @SNL

    I’m far from dumb and I think you know that. Have fun guys. Tell Leo to win big and whatever he wins he should donate. :)

  • Downunder

    The gossip reporter on our today show said that when contacted Leo’s people confirmed the split official line being Leo left her, it was an open relationship, and with him travelling for filming so much he didn’t see the point in continuing it for those 2 reasons.
    I’m just saying thats pretty much verbatim what was reported- if someone wants to try and post the link- my computer won’t allow me to do it on this site. Its the Sunday edition of the Today show Australia- gossip reporters are Richard wilkens and a woman someone malone.
    Just my 2cents- have a good day Leo Fans:)

  • dahlia29

    Pffff. He’s rich and famous, you honestly think he’s going to settle down with anyone? Put him and George Clooney together, they’ll be playboys for life. Better that than some ugly divorce and news of cheating and unfaithfulness.

  • @mali

    Tzipi, fat fool. Your’e still stalking Leo. What a random comment.

  • Huh?

    I saw this comment on the ***** and thought I should post it here

    DiCaprio doesn’t truly “date” women. He teams up with hot blonds to have sex with. I’ve seen him interacting with two of his blond babes, over the last couple years. There is no conversation, interaction or anything that resembles a human relationship. I’ve seen men be more affectionate to their escort service dates. Clearly, this is a matter of a rich man getting tired of his steady lay, not the sad break up of a romance.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    13 pages about this? Really? Come on guys …you know he is already sleeping with someone else and he won’t change any time soon …off to the next one…

  • Fanny from Paris

    @322 Downunder:
    Thanks for the report. Paris Match also mentions something interesting about the breakup. It says that there was no need to confim the split because despite the pap photos taken of the two over the months, Leo/Erin’s “relationship” was never something official.

  • Fan

    So Leo is in Vegas. I read a couple of tweets and he was spotted with Tobey Maguire and probably many other friends who are less known to the general public.
    I wonder if this is the beginning of his birthday celebrations. Don’t forget Leo turns 38 in exactly a week from today.

  • Message

    Ahh, yes. The beginning of the birthday celebration. Oh, the debauchery that is sure to take place.

  • Philly

    The ‘Down Under’ report and the Paris Match write up only confirms what some said here. Erin was very much rebound. A one up.The fact that the Aussie report allegedly acknowledged it was an ‘open relationship’ all the while means Erin knew what the deal was, was happy with it and it was very likely Leo who saw the charade did not meet its requirements and ended it.

  • Boo:(

    Dont break up. SHES PRETTY!

  • Yeah!

    @Fan: Read the tweets posted on his bz thread. It was a birthday party for some rich guy with celebs like Leo, Britney Spears…etc. Probably similar to that Mexican birthday party at the beginning of this summer.

  • zurichgirl

    i will be 19 next month, means i’m getting old for Leo :(

  • C / G
  • Anon

    I honestly, can’t take DiCaprio seriously. This guy is a serial modelizer cannot have that much depth as a person.

  • C / G

    I wish I had the time to go back through old threads and check this, but I am curious how many times that a Gisele thread has been close to a Leo break-up thread? Anyone know?
    Cause this comparison is jarring…
    You know what I mean?

  • LaChica

    How can Leo possibly be happy with everyone gossiping about him and insulting everyone he dates. Even if he did like or date a “normal” girl imagine how the media would treat her or how his fans would react? They would bash her at every possible moment ….it would be a disaster. Even the beautiful models he has dated….look how they get insulted and how people say that they’re ugly? ?? WTF – how can they be ugly, boring or dumb – do you even know these girls??? With all this bullying shit going on…. adults don’t realize that they themselves are also bullies with their insults and gossip! And all you Leo fans that supposedly are big fans you are one of the worse gossipers…how about not talking shit about his personal life maybe he would respect you a little more.

  • cazzy

    Thanks Downunder and Fanny for those interesting bits of goss. ‘Open relationship’ and ‘never official’? Leo is making no bones about downgrading this relationship. It confirms what many of us thought it was: an arrangement set up by mutual friends for appearances sake and to give Erin’s career a boost. How else to reconcile the pr with his behaviour from the beginning, like taking girls home from clubs when he went back to Sydney to wrap up Gatsby? They finally tired of playing the charade.

  • sophie

    I liked all of his girlfriends. Bar lost my support for taking him back so many times. I want him to be happy and if dating younger models makes him happy, so what? What I’m not down with is him treating the girls like playthings, or the girls acting like doormats because he’s Leo DiCaprio. That’s yuck.

  • LOL

    I hope this does not sound stupid. But does Leo really know all these millionaires/billionaires he parties with? This Malaysian merchant in Vegas right now or the Arab Prince in Italy this summer? Or do they pay for the services of all these celebs, Leo included, partying with them? Its strange for me to reconcile the man regularly described by his fans as ‘intensely private’ with this jet setting, billionaire yachting behaviour.
    I mean Paris Hilton is also always at these events!

  • @LOL

    I think he’s paid, not very glorious…

  • -

    Erin heatherton is on here writing all the nasty comments under different usernames because she has nothing to do now that Leo dumped her on her ass

  • @@LOL

    It’s some kind of promotional thing because if you notice it’s the same crew of celebs. I can’t take Leo seriously anymore either per # 335. People compare him to Clooney but Clooney comes across as secure in who he is as a man and is unapologetic. For some reason I don’t buy it coming from Leo. Leo does it because he is confused and childish. He’s Paris Hilton only with some talent.

  • -

    No one ever wrote nasty comments about Leo before the breakup. Must be Erin.

  • tinkerbell

    Leo does get paid to party with these people….a LOT. Brad Pitt turned down a similar offer to go to dubai for one night 5 million dollars–because it was his kids b-day.

    That’s because Brad is Brad, and a lot nicer person….

    It’s party time for Leo….dont expect it to change for a couple of months. You can tune out until we have a new bimbo to diss….or maybe we should just diss HIM for once.

  • @#338

    Cazzy, he downgraded Bar to “not exclusive” status in the pages of Us Weekly when they reunited for the last time. I don’t know if his relationships are ever exclusive, but some seem to get more respect than others.

  • @346

    Yep I remember that The exact words were – ” They aren’t full on monogamous but they are seeing each other again. He has problems with fidelity but she can’t get over him”. I guess he’s honest.

  • @tinkerbell

    Hey Tink. Check out some of the remarks since your last post. You called one or two already.

  • -

    and you can tell which ones are her too lol. just so you know erin hun, your comments may be aimed at the general public but you’ve forgotten about all the people that aren’t the general public. oops :(

  • -

    You’re a fcuking retard if you think I’m Erin. Oh look it’s all lowercase writing. You must be part of the Israeli perfection group.