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Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' Rehearsals with Suri!

Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' Rehearsals with Suri!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri as they walk to Dead Accounts play rehearsals at the Music Box Theatre on Saturday (November 3) in New York City.

The day before, the 33-year-old actress looked casual chic while heading to rehearsals.

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Due to Hurricane Sandy, Katie and Suri had to evacuate their apartment earlier this week. “Suri and Katie stood it out as long as they could,” one resident shared. “The power abruptly went out around 8:30 P.M. Monday evening, leaving everyone sitting around torchlight or candle light. Most folks stayed in the building over night and most of the next day until the water went out, making it impossible to even flush the toilet. At that point everyone, including Katie and Suri, left.”

FYI: Katie is carrying the Derek Lam Newton camera bag.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri walking to rehearsals…

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katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 01
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 02
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 03
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 04
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 05
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 06
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 07
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 08
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 09
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 10
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 11
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 12
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 13
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 14
katie holmes dead accounts rehearsals with suri 15

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  • Africa

    Shiloh has better life than Suri. At least her family isn’t just her mother.

  • Susie#1

    Isn’t this the same little girl who was able to walk to and from school? Why on earth is she being carried again?

  • Aranka Paul

    I agree with Susie. This is just rediculous. The girl is six years old. My God, when I was six years old, I don’t think I wanted anyone to carry me – I wanted to explore the world on my own. This behavior by Katy Holmes is very unhealthy to say the least. She thinks she is protecting a child, she is actually doing a load of harm to this girl. Does she plan to carry her to her prom?. Oh Lord, the wedding day comes, the groom is in the church all ready to meet his bride – lo and behold, the bride is being carried by her mother to the alter. I would be plain embarresed to carry my six year old like an infant. I think that Katy has issues, she is the insecure one and she uses her daughter as a shield. She is not protecting the girl, she is protecting herself. Tom may have issues, I do believe he is an arrogant person, but you know, it takes two to tango.
    She is just as strange as him if not more so. I feel sorry for the poor girl.

  • Mrs. Phil

    @Aranka Paul: Did you ever think that she is being carried because of the paps? She is terrified of them. Sounds like you need more therapy than Suri.

  • Danae

    One day Kate will finally trip over.
    Carrying a six year old baby is not normal.

  • walkie

    Katie is a courageous mom protecting her child. I dont know why Suri still doesnt piss on her.

  • Aranka Paul

    Mrs. Phil, Suri and I don’t need therapy. Suri’s mother needs therapy. Suri is I think perfectly normal six year old, if not a bit spoiled, her mother needs to let go of her and not treat her as a baby. Suri may not need therapy now, but she will if her mother keeps feeding her a hefty doze of fear and insecurity. Paps have been around this child her entire life, what , all of a sudden she is scared pf them. Please, I have seen photos of other children of famous people. They walk like Ms. Kidman’s little girl Sunday (and I believe she is younger than Suri).

  • rubyz

    Suri’s legs will soon be dragging the ground behind Holmes as she’s being carried. Ridiculous, photographers or not. Holmes has exposed Suri to the press since she was an infant. Perhaps it’s about time she taught her daughter some healthy coping skills.

  • walkie

    If Suri pissed on Katie she would give her a kiss and just say ‘Don’t ever do that again ok?’

  • Sincerely concerned

    Did anyone consider that maybe Katie is still recovering from 6 yrs. of auditing etc., just like a cult, maybe she really needs some serious therapy!!! I don’t think she was so bizarre BEFORE she met Tom Cruise…

  • Sincerely concerned

    I agree though. No excuse for screwing up your kid!!!!

  • http://google californialady1939

    @Susie#1: I cannot tell you how much I agree with you. It’s her parents guilt feelings that has all the sudden replaced her normal maturation and going back into infant-hood. Catering to her whims is terrible for her personality development.
    She’s going to turn out to be a brat, a spoiled brat.

  • tsquared

    Did Katie look in a mirror before she left her apt? Her pants are once again way too tight. They have dirt or stains on them and they are covered with lint. Evidently these awful boots have replaced the beige suede boots. The sweater looks awkward on her body.
    And of course her accessory–a 6-1/2 year old girl that should be walking–isn’t helping the look. Leave her at home with the nanny if she refuses to walk.

  • annie

    Not seen Suri carried in a long time, if you mean carried like for 2 seconds …from the car to the door, but anything to have a whinge.
    I like the outfit, the cardi is cute and looks like a perfect fit to me.
    I don’t see anything bizarre, about Katies behaviour.
    I see someone going about her busines, her work, her life, her child, the only bizarre thing I see are a bunch of paps documenting every second of her life.
    Katie is allowed to live her life the way she wants , just like everybody else, and just like you lot for that matter.
    None of you have kids that’s so obvious!

  • Deanna

    Why would she take her daughter to her rehearsal? Doesn’t she have a nanny or babysitter? I think Katie uses Suri to stay in the limelight.

  • Rita

    They are staying at a hotel because of Sandy; may be she wants to keep the kid close or suri wants to be with her mom. Have we ever seen a sitter with Katie and Suri ??? I’ve seen bodyguards but rarely a nanny. Where is the father, more important issue.

  • DB

    Don’t blame this crap on Scientology and Tom Cruise.

    She was always led around by the nose by her parents, and now that she’s sort of on her own she just doesn’t know what to do, it would seem.

    She is where she is because of the choices she made. She needs to grow up and learn how to be an adult and a parent.

    Too bad Suri has to suffer while mom tries to figure things out.

  • dee dee

    i think tom wants katie back, it would be something if he ditch sci-fi for her really and i hope he does

  • DB

    @Susie#1: Maybe because Katie keeps dragging the poor girl in front of the Paps so mom can get the attention she apparently craves.

  • SC

    Interesting that Katie is back to the limo and bodyguard. Maybe thats what makes Suri feel she has to be carried around like the ‘good old days’ . Im sure Tom Cruise was concerned about their well being during the hurricane. Glad to see Katie can still afford the limo and bodyguards!!!

  • KissThis

    Suri is the most spoiled child in Hollywood, her mother is a helicopter mom, treats her like she’s still 3 years old. This child is going to need loads of therapy when she is older.

  • annie

    Oh my god…listen to you . Why does she do this , why does she do that.?
    Why does she take her daughter with her to rehearsal.?
    Why doesn’t she leave her with a nanny.?
    Why is she carrying Suri?
    If Tom Cruise was a ”decent human being” , instead of a” big being ” they probably might still be a family now, and a little girl would be with both her parents, instead of a father who only communicates through phone calls and whatever else, Anything but be present in his daughters life in a physical sense.

    He wasn’t with his daughter in the storm, why should he be, he was doing what he does best , making movies, surrounded by his fawning entourage, and his scie lawyer.
    What happened to The National Enquirer lawsuit… did it go ahead, or is there too much evidence around, to actually go ahead with it.
    And he has how many more projects in the works?
    Actually , when you think about it , the further away from his daughter he is, the better, and the more movies he makes, the better for everybody.
    He’s a very deceitful man, as it’s been proved over the last few months.
    I remember reading an article , about 5 yrs ago. The writer was surprised Katie was still with Tom.
    I still remember what he wrote ”maybe she’s staying in the boat until she learns how to swim’. That’s how he put it.
    How true !
    She’s matured alright , in a way you could never imagine.

  • Hamlet

    She likes to carry her, #2. Who cares?

    Holmes is famous enough and maybe she wants to show her daughter where she works, #15? Mind your own kids.

    What are you babbling on about, #17?

    Or maybe she just likes carry her, #19?

  • Hamlet

    What has been proven, #22? Why are you blaming him entirely for the divorce?

  • Gresham

    @Mrs. Phil:

    NOPE. Mrs. Phil. YOU need therapy by Mr.Phil…who is a joke.

  • Gresham


    What are YOU babbling about Hamlet?

  • Tulip

    Not Katie’s fault. It all depends on Suri’s state of mind. She feels insecure. She’s unhappy because Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher her mighty hero father is playing with other boys instead of protecting his little girl of Hurricane Sandy!

  • annie

    @ Hamlet…..
    What’s been proven Hamlet…..are you serious.
    You know very well that I have said 100 times, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.
    Why am I blaming him?
    Well why don’t you give me a reason not to.
    First why don’t we start with his wife auditioning, and scie arranged relationships.
    No problem, as long as everyone knows the score, and it’s a mutual agreement, on what rules apply.
    Did Katie know the score.?
    Did she get mad at him for posing with those topless models (what was that all about) , and got all jealous.
    He himself gave everyone the impression they didn’t share a bed, so why be surprised if your wife files for divorce.
    His wife files for divorce and he didn’t know they must have had problems, was she the only one aware of them.

    Did Katie file for divorce
    Because she wanted out, she fell out of love, she didn’t like Scie.?
    Was her father whispering in her ear.
    Was she scared for her daughter.
    Was he always working to get away from the problems they had (and still is)
    Was her life becoming restrictive.
    Was it because everyone mocked and criticized her, whatever she did,
    guilty by association.
    So Hamlet , why don’t you give me a reason as to why maybe it’s not his fault, and I will listen.

  • zaan

    oh great god who gives a sh it about them????? and who is this hamlet guy???? cruise family lawyer????? two unimportant human beings!!!! only on earth to entertain people. so go on wifey and brat!!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: mmmmmm

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: yes love is blind and M.H. Probably did a lot. Still hate her insecure, touched expressions and tight pants for a supposed fashionista. God helps those who help themselves, you only reap what you sew. I.e., she’s a mo now and needs to start acting like one!!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    I said needs to be a mom now!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    Ironic: the article says she leaves her baggage at the door as she “carries” Suri in… Am I the only one who wants to barf here???

  • tsquared


    Annie, haven’t you learned by now that Hamlet never gives any facts or reasons. It is the Scientology way. You are suppose to, at least this is the public line, to answer criticisms with a question or a short word or statement. Of course the reality is different–cult members, harass, bribe, blackmail, and sometimes physically assault those who say anything against them or their members. I remember Canadian gossip writer Lainey stating once that she wrote something anti-Cruise after she met him and cult members got her home phone number and she was inundated with calls and emails harassing and threatening her. Hamlet is just following the party line. He denies belonging to the cult, yet his actions are those of the cult. You’ll never get him to give you a fact or opinion. He lives to criticize those that disagree with his world view. It is probably one of his cult jobs.

  • Hamlet is a weirdo

    She goes on other celebrity kids threads just to post that Suri is prettier…she’s mental.

  • hello

    ten years from now:

    Katie Holmes carries her 17-year-old daughter Suri as they walk to Dead Accounts play rehearsals at the Music Box Theatre on Saturday (November 3) in New York City.

    The day before, the 43-year-old actress looked casual chic while heading to rehearsals.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Devil’s advocate: when a child goes through a divorce, supposedly there are supposed to be setbacks or acting out…. Maybe a professional has been counseling K.H. On this and has been told to not fight Suri about the carrying.

  • Sincerely concerned

    PLEASE date or marry someone as tall or taller than you!!!! A professional and possibly a lawyer. Yes your father. …not your FATHER but u know what I mean. Still remember Nicole Kidman’s only response after her divorce was, I get to wear heals again. …..and then she married Kieth Urban. Just speaking from experience (one of 5 girls and raised 2 girls). You REALLY don’t need the little man syndrome!!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @walkie: WOW! U got a +6 for that….

  • Sincerely concerned

    Diva incognito…

  • Sincerely concerned

    @californialady1939: Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!

  • Smit

    How did you expect Tom Cruise to get to Suri during the hurricane time period when all flights to New York were cancelled??? Tom is a good Father, always having fun with his daughter when he can…. Hey. even he needs to work!! Not like us normal people that can go home after a days work or pick up the kid on a weekend courts have decided on after a divorce. Stop judging him, I hope Tom Cruise prevails through all the negative publicity about him, he is one awesome father, and yes, Katie probably can afford bodyguards and limosines thanks to Tom and the child support he pays. I would be happy with just $200 a month from my ex husband for child support it might be enough to feed me too, but, I make sure that my child eats first!!

  • Tantrum