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Katy Perry: Obama Rally in Milwaukee!

Katy Perry: Obama Rally in Milwaukee!

Katy Perry wears Barack Obama‘s campaign slogan on her dress while performing at a rally to support the president’s bid for reelection on Saturday (November 3) at the Delta Center in Milwaukee, Wis.

The 28-year-old singer helped bring out the voters to the event and also urged people to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“Let’s send them some love today,” Katy said (via THR). “We care about America, don’t we. We care about our people. We’re a huge family, a huge family.”

Watch Katy perform “Part of Me” below and click inside for her other performances!

Katy Perry – “Part of Me” at Obama Rally

FYI: Katy is wearing a latex dress by Abigail Greydanus.

20+ pictures inside of Katy Perry and Barack Obama at the rally…

Katy Perry – Obama Rally
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Credit: Chip Somodevilla, Scott Olson; Photos: Getty
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  • Girlfriend please

    Does this cock sucking whore know anything about politics?

  • DB

    Bandwagon jumper.

    To be fair, it would be cool if people supporting conservative candidates did not get slammed for doing so.

    Liberal Hollywood and Entertainment can support people all day long and it’s 100% accepted. But support a conservative, and you are screwed.

    Just don’t seem fair.

  • http://CHRIST CHRIST

    Go Romney

  • SLY

    Go Romney

  • badmonkey

    Love her but can’t stand her politics. Go Romney

  • Dab

    Go Romney!!!

  • hahahah

    romney is going down. what a loser. lmao. OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Wanderlust


    Matter of fact…YOU are the LOSER if you supported Obama and still supports him. LOL …..LOL….LOL


  • Shoji

    Hey Katy why don’t you donate back the millions your fans gave you
    to people of less fortunate…especially those people who are hurting because they supported OBAMA. 1 in 5 in POVERTY….23 million out of work…47% in food stamps….ahh what else.

    Need I say more KATY PERRY…hypocrite

  • Karen

    what if he loses ?
    will they blame Katy for it ? LOL

  • Journalistic

    God, Katy Perry is a f**king idiot.

  • Emma


  • Padraig

    President Obama has done a great job cleaning up the mess left by Dim Son. It took 8 years to dig the hole, give President Obama 8 years to clean up the mess. Romney is a compulsive liar, a draft dodger and a tax cheat. There is no contest. Mitt is not fit to be president. Four more years!

  • Padraig

    @DB: Maybe because conservatives are homophobic racist and the cause of the problems we have in America?

  • sjr

    Good on Katy Perry for thinking enough about her countries future to support Obama, for an outsider it looks pretty obvious the Republicans go on about debt and spending and yet their last three Presidents have run up massive debt increases for the US leaving Democrats to come in and try to fix the mess. Debt went down under Clinton and Obama has slowed the massive growth Bush left.

  • TheDudeAbides

    I mailed my vote for Romney on Halloween…

  • Poito


    If conservatives didn’t behave like such idiots maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. But instead of keeping to what they should be about(less goverment, more freedom) the conservatives have mutated to pathetic religious freaks, sexists and homophpobes. And until this chances they deserve everything they are getting

  • Jan

    Just another bad choice in men for Katy. She married Russell who is known for womanizing and now dating John Mayer who kisses and tells.

  • Ganymede

    I was thinking of voting in favor of more freedom and less Big Government, but , Golly Gee, if Katy Perry thinks Big Government and less freedom is a good idea, maybe I ought to rethink my vote!
    @Poito Even if there ARE people like that calling themselves ‘conservatives’, they’re not imposing those views upon Americans by legislation or, like resident Obama, Executive Fiat!

  • Sam

    a stupid idiot , as though she has good judgement in men… When one President, Obama adding in 4 years , what 43 other Presidents COMBINED in debt added, that this idiot and people are age will pay off, lower standard of living… Why do you think youth 18 to 34 unempyment Greece is 55 % in Spain 50% France , Itay in the high 20%…. Debt = declining nation.

  • Dirkstar


  • jean

    bonne chance au Président Obama!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://unite_and_fight Bret

    She’s probably a very nice, well meaning person, but she’s sickeningly misguided and well meaning or not, it’s people like her that are sending this country to hell in a handbasket and doing it with big smiles on their faces.

    The “he couldn’t possibly clean up Bush’s mistakes that fast” argument is incredibly misinformed for the simple fact that not only hasn’t he cleaned it up, whatever mess he walked into is now drastically worse because of him. That’s really not even debatable. Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minster said it perfectly. “Either Barack Obama is an idiot, or he’s purposely trying to destroy the American economy.”

    After saying that, he endorsed him, because he hates this country. Anyone that hates this country naturally loves what Obama and his supporters are doing to it.
    Most of his supporters are just too blindfolded to see the obvious.

  • Hagar

    @Wanderlust: How’d that turn out for you?