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Kristen Stewart: 'Focus' with Ben Affleck?

Kristen Stewart: 'Focus' with Ben Affleck?

Kristen Stewart is currently in talks to star in the upcoming film Focus.

The 22-year-old actress would star opposite Ben Affleck.

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Focus centers on “a veteran con-man (Affleck) who becomes romantically involved with a newcomer (Stewart) and finds the relationship challenged by their illegal activities. When they meet again down the line, the complications have long-lasting effects.”

The flick will be directed by Crazy, Stupid, Love helmers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

Last month, it was announced that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone would not be starring together in the film.

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91 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: 'Focus' with Ben Affleck?”

  1. 1
    Uh, oh! Says:

    I bet Jennifer Garner will try and talk Ben out of this one!

  2. 2
    Anne Says:

    I think she would be a great choice. Give the girl a chance!

  3. 3
    uh oh Says:

    Jennifer Garner !!!!! Don’t trust your husband with this trampire. She’s going to go after Ben and he will no doubt cheat on you! This girl has no morals!

  4. 4
    hmmm Says:

    Stewart is 24 and Affleck is 40. She plays his love interest…this is a set up for Ben to tap this hoe.

  5. 5
    Jenna Says:

    A bit of an odd combination no?

  6. 6
    jen Says:

    But she can’t act and ben’s talents are more with directing than acting (he’s not too bad at acting). But kstew cannot acttttt why?!!
    There are so many young actors out there with real talent and they’re not getting the roles/attn they deserve!!

  7. 7
    hmmm Says:

    hmmm I stand corrected…she’s 22 and he’s 40…that’s way beyond weird. There’s no more mature talented actresses in Hollywood near 30. Or is that too old in HW?? What audience are they thinking want to see those two and believe they were lovers? Creepy old guys.

  8. 8
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    Uh-oh TWO directors? Just who will she screw (first, that is)?

  9. 9
    sweetness Says:

    Wow what a letdown. This movie could have been with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (Great actors)…now they go for these two?!! Both of them are the weakest actors ever..He mumbles and she’s got one deadpan expression with gaping mouth….Is this a joke?

  10. 10
    lainey Says:

    What a mess is gonna be.KS who has a thing for married man, BA who has wandering eyes, JG going to visit him all the time on the set because she doesn´t trust him.It´s gonna be funny and amusing and we are going to have a lot to gossip about.Can´t wait!!!!

  11. 11
    creed Says:

    I think she is prettier than the fat Donkey-face Jennifer Lawrence!

  12. 12
    LaCroix Says:

    this is just a rumor.

  13. 13
    Asha Says:

    So is Kristen going to attempt to homewreck another family this time? Jen Garner, you better guard you man.

  14. 14
    april Says:

    i saw this headline an was really excited because i love both these actors(who’s personal lives are none of business) and see all these
    comments and am now thinking to myself some people are really sad….hope you all remember karma always comes around

  15. 15
    ken Says:

    man some people suck….we all need to get lives

  16. 16
    creed Says:

    @ken: ikr I cant wait till yall are gonna comment on MY life. Ima get so many Oscars AND marry Leonardo Dicaprio

  17. 17
    sunny Says:

    Kristen Stewart keeps adding to her millions.

  18. 18
    lara Says:

    yeah i dont think jen has anything to worry about. ben is a real man, unlike rupert(disgusting pig) saunders so he wont have to sell out his family to get jobs…pathetic!!

  19. 19
    LooseLipz Says:

    Ben has an amazing woman who really can’t be beat on all levels..Why would he risk his marriage with this no good nothing chick?
    I hope she doesn’t get the part.

  20. 20
    nina Says:

    @lara: like he’s not selling his family to get an Oscar? Please little twilight fan, you’re way out of your leaugue!

  21. 21
    nina Says:

    @LaCroix: let’s face it, she got the part.. :( I hope Ben drops out after she’s cast in, it would be very entertaining!

  22. 22
    April Says:

    @lara: I agree and Kristen didn’t go after Rupert, he more than likely approached her. Ben and Rupert are obviously two different men. Ben has daughters who he wants to proud of him and would no more approach this kid if they ever worked together. Why do people have such a low opinion of Ben (who btw has never been proven guilty of any wrong doing) and yet have such high regard for Brad PItt (Angelina even admitted that they fell in love on set of M/M Smith) who is looking like a model stand-up guy? Go figure.

  23. 23
    RupertSanders Says:

    Ben is smart…he knows how not to get caught cheating

  24. 24
    lara Says:

    @nina< an oscar?! really…i doubt it… i was talking about jobs you know that would other then tv commercials

  25. 25
    Emma Says:

    Sounds like Jennifer Garner might need to go Alias on this girl if this actually happens.

  26. 26
    Carol Says:

    What a shame when there are so many great actresses out there, Jennifer Lawrence for one.

  27. 27
    April Says:

    @RupertSanders: A cheater only cheats himself and feels regret for his actions. People who don’t honor vows are the only losers and always face fear of detection. No way to live and never really know real happiness. Rupert is still out in the cold. His wife and kids will never give him the kind of respect a real husband and father enjoys. His loss. I hope it was worth it. I’m afraid he is no Ben Affleck.

  28. 28
    tara Says:

    Emma Stone and Ryan are a better combination than Ben and Kristen. Hopefully, Ben will save the movie.

  29. 29
    Maddie Says:

    Are we sure Emma Stone isn’t still in talks for this movie? She had lunch with Affleck last week.

  30. 30
    Liz Says:

    Good for her!

  31. 31
    Jenny Says:


  32. 32
    R Says:

    this girl must be THE pro in the casting couch, otherwise I can not understand how she can have a career, how??

  33. 33
    R Says:

    @April: little twihards, your Stew Your Stew is not convincing in the role of the innocent damsel in this story, just like any other role, in fact, iif she f * Rupert it’s because she wanted to.

  34. 34
    A Says:

    I hope Jen Garner is ready to make a lot of surprise set visits.

  35. 35
    Hags Says:

    Why, whhhhhhhy Kristen keeps getting roles,wwwwwhy?She’s got our Rob still and now she’ s got awesome roles ,why is this girl so lucky ,wwwwwwhhhhhhyyyyy?lol!

  36. 36
    Trudy Says:

    @Hags: She keeps getting role because her auditions are done on casting couch lol

  37. 37
    Finanas Says:

    Are you all crazy stupid jealous teen girls or what ? “huuuuh i’m so mad ! she’s still with Rob and she still plays in movies! that’s so unfair” bla bla bla… GET OVER IT GIRLS. And don’t blame the girl for eternity, she didn’t murder anyone.

  38. 38
    Julie Says:

    Ben is supposedly one of the biggest womanizers in Hollywood.I don’t know how true this is but if its true then I guess its safe to say that Kristen is in good company and if/when they hook up she will do everything in her power to ensure that they don’t get caught.

  39. 39
    eve Says:

    Should Jennifer Garner be worried?

  40. 40
    * Says:

    she’s got a lot of eye makeup in this photo!

  41. 41
    R Says:

    @Finanas: just coz she’s a toxic untalented ***** with a fan-base of hystérical morons, .

  42. 42
    green Says:

    @Hags: I agree with Trudy. About kristen still got Rob: I’m sure Rob & kslut reconciliation is PR stunt. Rob had no choice except to play the fake reconciliation. Summit n kristen’s PR team pushed rob into that PR stunt. And I’m sure the affair is real. Maybe kristen PR team spread the rumour that the affair was PR stunt to save kristen image.

  43. 43
    aquarius64 Says:

    If the studio is smart, they put in a morals clause in Kristen’s contract to protect its interests. No doubt Summit shelled out a ton of money for damage control because of the Mini-Cooper Makeout. Make sure she’s pays for her lack of judgment with her wallet, a “fling fine” if you will. And K-Stew fans, no matter how many times you cry for everyone to move on, her cheating will be with her for the rest of her life. It’s part of her Wikipedia entry now. It’s NEVER going to go away; she will never completely live it down. And Rob will forever have the horns of a cuckold on him. No doubts tabloids will run stories about Kristen & Ben hooking up to sell the idea she’s a serial cheat. He will have to put up with the whispers in Hollywood. Since he supposedly took her back, he has to deal with the consequences of that choice.

  44. 44
    bwn Says:

    @R: yah the thing is its totally one sided its like you a forget that it was ruperts choice too…why cant kristen get a job and us be happy about i?!t..ruperts it talks to do more movies! shes not the only one who’s going to need a moral clause

  45. 45
    cole Says:

    @bwn: @bwn:at least his wife wouldn’t have to worry about him although she seems to love this attention! i’m sure you all saw her camel toe…disgusting

  46. 46
    annie Says:

    always a bummer when the untalented keep getting work. i don’t care about this chick’s personal life, but she can’t act worth crap.

  47. 47
    rachel Says:

    ben afleck cant act either

  48. 48
    A Says:

    Oh god! I just realized one thing – Since Kristen’s character in this movie in romantically involved with an older guy she will be compelled to talk about falling for someone much older than her LOL The promo junket for this movie will be really really interesting ;) Way to go,Kristen!

  49. 49
    Prim Says:

    @creed: “Fat Donkey face?” Woooow. Such an awful insult. Really immature. Jen is an amazing actress with a genuine personality who would NEVER betray anyone’s trust. I may not know her but I know enough not to call someone a, and I quote, “Fat Donkey Face”.

  50. 50
    Pip Says:

    @Prim: What koolade are you drinking?
    Jennifer that dumped her first husband, to date her co-worker Vartan, then dumped him for Ben.
    So Jennifer is not the little hausfrau, that she is playing, so she is a match for Ben in the cheating department.

  51. 51
    S Says:


  52. 52
    peach Says:

    its hollywood,people probably cheat a lot but just do not get caught.good luck to her if she does get it

  53. 53
    niagirl Says:

    Isn’t Ben suppose to direct the movie? He has been getting great reviews for Argo and he did give Blake Lively a chance in The Town when people said the same thing about her. The Blake was a cheater and too young to be his love interest. He has never done a real strong love scene. If she wants her career back someone has to take a chance on her.

  54. 54
    evan Says:

    @cole: really cole?…i love camel toes…ahha ….but your right that costume was totally inappropriate to wear out with her kids

  55. 55
    evan Says:

    @cole: really cole?! i love camel toes!!…but that was a totally inappropriate costume to wear out with her kids

  56. 56
    lol Says:

    yes,agree with all,Ben is looking for nookie

  57. 57
    jen Says:

    @evan: yah i feel really bad for there kids, what role models their parents are a cheater & someone milking his cheating scandal it the max.

  58. 58
    Lori Says:

    Khoe is honerable, she will first take the kids out for ice cream before she homewrecks.

  59. 59
    xoxoxo Says:


  60. 60
    peach Says:

    @Lori:there is no proof that she took the kids for ice cream

  61. 61
    peach Says:

    @uh oh: so basically your saying that ben ain’t trustworthy around other women if you think he would cheat

  62. 62
    ! Says:

    Ok Jen you really have to do something!!!!!

  63. 63
    Rose Says:

    Free Affleck… Don’t give her this role!

  64. 64
    Katherine Says:


    Ben Affleck has been rumored to cheat on his wife numerous times, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Also have you read his comments about his family???

  65. 65
    burp Says:

    Stewart’s cooch is itching to be scratched by an OLDER married man. Rob must be freaking out in his mind. He knows he’s no match against Affleck. Affleck is a handsome Man, Oscar winner, award nominated director ..what is Rob a pansy vampire. LOL!!

  66. 66
    yo Says:

    Watch out J. Garner!

  67. 67
    looolz Says:

    So Ben Affleck want to get boink on a very small car in broad daylight huh?!

  68. 68
    andi Says:

    we all know how she gets her roles….she will do anything ben wants…she’s not pretty enough for ben to sleep with…so don’t think this will go anywhere…

  69. 69
    geez Says:

    if this is not proof for people that the casting couch is the way for success in HW then people are complete DA’s…she’s willing to do her directors so she gets offered a lead role with Ben Affleck!!

  70. 70
    Marie Says:

    PFFF as if every meeting with a woman and man is ending up with having sex.
    Wake up people. They are just doing their job.
    Are you sleeping with every one of your colleages?

  71. 71
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Marie: Unfortunately that’s Kristen’s image and reputation now thanks to the Mini-Coopering seen around the world. Outside her fanbase she’s perceived as a woman who will push up on any man, regardless of his or her relationship at the time. Despite the damage control deployed to keep Breaking Dawn 2′s box office from hemorrhaging, she will still be seen as a “trampire” in too many quarters, even when the Twilight Saga has left the theaters for good. I would not be surprised if there are some wives in Hollywood that would not trust Kristen around their husbands; especially if the hubby has crappy issues himself. The internet pictures show she will not respect marrigage, despite fans claiming she was a victim. (If she were a victim she should of complain to a head honcho at Universal or have gone to the cops.) She was the more powerful of the pair and people in authority would have taken her word. If she looks for a role she better make sure the guy doing the hiring is not asking for her because he thinks she’s an easy lay and has a boyfriend that won’t challenge him.

  72. 72
    Sarah Says:

    Talk about bullying!! Don’t be so mean it’s really not worth it… Bad energy and all that crap

  73. 73
    T Says:

    @aquarius64: i would say rupert is more at fault in the whole situation, he is the one that is married and should have the self control to say no and keep his distance and sever all ties with kristen thus avoiding the whole situation in the first place.

    if a 41 year old married man with children has no self restraint then he serious has some issues to work on

  74. 74
    aquarius64 Says:

    @T: @T: Kristen is EQUALLY responsible, she made the choice to get involved with Rupert. She had a boyfriend she disrespected in front of the whole world. Unless you have hard evidence that shows Rupert threatened Kristen’s life if she didn’t hook up with him, you have nothing. Her age doesn’t excuse what she did either; she’s old enough to know right from wrong. The age “defense” implies she’s stupid and incapable of making sound judgments.

  75. 75
    T Says:

    @aquarius64: kristen made the mistake of going to meet up with him,i did not mention anything about her age as an excuse. the point was that as a married man,you would think if he was happy to cheat on his wife, have the common not do it in broad daylight were someone is bound to see you. i do not condone cheating but kristen is the one that is getting the most hate for what happened.

    people make stupid judgements at any age

  76. 76
    T Says:

    @T: *common sense

  77. 77
    bah Says:

    the two most wooden actors in Hollywood acting together? No thank you.

  78. 78
    gabriela Says:


    Agree with all of your comments!Very well said!!

  79. 79
    jen Says:

    I think they would be good together in a film!

  80. 80
    Lillian Says:

    i think she would be perfect. she isvery talented and if anyone should be replaced is Ben. He is too old for her unless the script call for a relationship with a younger woman. You people. leave K-stew alone. She is a good actress and is only going to get better as she matures.

  81. 81
    gabriela Says:

    Yeah when she matures she will improve the art of cheating.

  82. 82
    dani Says:

    OOOO people get a life, really crazy all of you.

  83. 83
    dani Says:

    @uh oh: you are crazy girl, get a life

  84. 84
    Flowers Says:

    Well….Rupert Sanders is 45 or 46…just saying….

  85. 85
    zalina Says:

    kristen is one of my top 5 favourite actresses from hollywood right now..she is not like any other actresses from hollywood who are always putting up a front for the fans…she is true to herself and she doesn’t act like she knows everything…being akward sometimes makes her an interesting person to watch……by the way, i’m an asian..if i can appreciate her, why can’t the americans or whoever you are that are giving all those negative comments appreciate her

  86. 86
    xxx Says:

    The problem is Kristen has a reputation. She has one with the public now, but she had one behind the scenes previous to the Sanders affair. She’s had that rep since WTTR with Jake Scott. Remember that Jake and Rupert have been friends since Jake directed a Dior commercial with Liberty several years ago. Men talk about these things. Rupert got the heads up that Kristen was willing. Some actresses are, some aren’t. Rupert just had the misfortune of being caught. He’s an amateur cheater. Ben’s a pro. Lucky for Jen, Ben isn’t Kristen’s type.

  87. 87
    xxx Says:

    @April: This is true. Kristen’s fan complain that Rupert escaped without reprisal. He did not. Look at the Halloween pics. Notice the distance between him and his children. Notice how they avoid him and stick close by their mom. Now compare those pics with the Jamba Juice pics from last August. His kids know what happened with Kristen now. It will be a long time, if ever, before Rupert can repair that break in trust. In a very real sense, he’s lost them. Goes without saying he’s lost Liberty.

  88. 88
    Its better now Says:

    I think Ben will be save. She is just fu… with directors. As long as Ben isn´t directing this movie, Jen can sleep well. And we don´t tell anyone, that he is a director too.

  89. 89
    Its better now Says:

    @ ***: She is passed on directors. Uh – if you aren´t blessed with talent you have to come up with other ideas.

  90. 90
    Aranka Paul Says:

    Neither she nor Ben strike me as a very romantic people. In fact, Rob was the more sensitive and romantic one in the trilogy. For a 22 year old, she has been given some mature roles. She is not a bad acctress, she is evolving as she is very young. I do think that they should pair Ben with a different age group acctress, a bit more experienced one. I also think that Kristen is too young to fully appreciate her own success. She is most likely so overwhelmed, she doesn’t know what to do – too much too soom syndrome.

    Anyhow, even if she and Ben star in this movie, dear God, it can’t turn up worse than that movie he made with Jennifer Lopez (was it Gigli) or something like that, that was so awful it nearly cost him his reputation and career. Some people just don’t learn the lesson.

  91. 91
    efry Says:

    chool bngt

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