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Kristen Stewart: 'On the Road' AFI Screening!

Kristen Stewart: 'On the Road' AFI Screening!

Kristen Stewart shows off some tummy at the screening of her film On the Road during the 2012 AFI Fest at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Saturday evening (November 3) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière outfit and Christian Louboutin shoes to the fest, presented by Audi.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen recently talked to Moviefone about how she landed her role in the film.

“I was 14 or 15 when I first met [director] Walter Salles. I spoke to him when I was 17, I think I may have shot the first Twilight, I’m not sure – possibly I was about to go do it. At first I was talking about playing another part, so it’s been a long time coming,” Kristen said. “I don’t know how I was able to get around that kind of energy, but to convey that I loved this thing in the way [Walter Salles] does and as soon as you get around that energy it passes between you, nothing really needs to be said. I got the job on the spot, and I drove away just vibrating. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Plus I was very young, I wasn’t quite old enough for the part yet.”

30+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the On the Road screening…

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kristen stewart on the road afi screening 01
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 02
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 03
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 04
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 05
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 06
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 07
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 08
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 09
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 10
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 11
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 12
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 13
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 14
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 15
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 16
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 17
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 18
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 19
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 20
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 21
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 22
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 23
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 24
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 25
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 26
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 27
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 28
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 29
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 30

Credit: Jason Merritt, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • what’s up?

    she’s a weird stupid grin when she smiles. the eyes are nicely done but her chin and smile look like rumor willis.

  • burp

    OTR is already online for over a month. Not interesting in the least. Her role was minimal at best and most of it she was merely a tool for sex. Her role added nothing to the movie.

  • chris

    Sure got some big ears. Is her mouth stuck. That makeup almost make her look like Frankenstein.

  • intric8

    @A: In the eyes of those who despise Kristen, and they are numerous these days, she can do no right. She dresses simply with jeans and a tshirt and they call her a slob. A nice dress and shes posing as a decent girl. A little risque and she gets nailed as well. If they hate, they do so no matter what.

  • ???

    she’s a no talent ska_nk who sleeps her way through HW. so she’s wearing designer clothes she probably hasn’t bathed. she’s nasty. her true nature was in those pics with that director rubbing up her like a tramp.

  • TackyZacky

    Kristen looks absolutely classy and regal. Kristen couldn’t look ugly if she tried. She looks totally beautiful at any angle.

  • sweetness

    she looks a bit too b*tch-y for a 22 yr old. why does she try so hard? I get for a rock star they need that rocker edge but look at Amy Adams she’s refreshing..Kristen simply looks harsh.

  • hm

    didn’t know they made a film about the book? what a disappointment – but its worse that they put her in it so twilight fans will go see the movie – one of the many reasons movies seem be sucking bal*ls lately.. instead of putting the right person in the movie they put the more famous one aka nepotism at it’s finest!

  • Vic

    I wish she didn’t wear so much make up. She doesn’t need to.

  • rose

    she is quite naturally pretty but red lipstick looks realllly bad on her.

  • Lili

    ugly yellow teeth! so vulgar and untalented, she’is like 5 minutes in this film, most of the time naked while very oddy sreaming during orgasm or completely silent but her stupid fans are shouting histerycally that she’ll have a Oscar nom for it….This shitty twilight saga make people become really stupid and ridiculous.

  • Lili

    is she ogling Garret’s crotch in this pic??

  • olli

    how did this girl come out of the affair smelling like roses?
    I just read the article where someone compared her situation to chris brown’s. Smart & scummy move. Of course women are going 2 sympathize with her after that but i don’t give a sh<t if you're a man or woman, cheating is disgusting!! especially when there is children involved.

  • S

    Ugliest mouth and lips ever!!

  • notafan

    Man, I know, maybe I am really judgemental, but this girl really looks like she’s got no regrets about what she did. She looks like she’s just accomplished something in life, she shows no remorse whatsoever. I don’t think she feels sorry at all, it doesn’t really look like she’s ashamed. I have absolutely no idea why Robert Pattinson took her back! He comes across as a nice guy (don’t know what he’s really like), I really don’t know what made him go back to her. I always thought she was a little indifferent towards him in public, but then I believed she was a good person. Which turned out to be a wrong assumption. She still behaves the same way, she’s still arrogant

  • Jenny


  • coco

    How do you know how she feels?
    She has to do promotion for her movies, it’s in her contracts.. How do you know how she feels inside? It’s obvious that she puts on a brave face, but it doesn’t mean that she’s happy with herself or anything like that.
    In the end she cheated and this was wrong, but now everybody hates her and that’s difficult to bear, especially since it’s all on her, as Rupert Sanders in not half as well known..

  • syxdcfvgbhnj

    I didn’t know that her affairs are your business.

    So many actors and actresses had “secret” affairs. Probably most of them.

  • ugh

    @syxdcfvgbhnj: yeah and it’s fu&cking wrong.
    he has kids that have to live thru this 2 so if you can’t tell right from wrong then you shouldn’t be allowed in public

  • coco

    Well, since it’s him who has two kids and a wife, he should be the one to take all the blame, not Kirsten. I mean, what she did was wrong too, but she was a 21 year old girl, you can’t expect from her that she’s the most mature about things.. Have you never made mistakes in your life?

  • Vic

    Shouldn’t be allowed in public? What effing century is this? What about forgiveness?
    Holy crap. Get a grip people. Also, she’s damned if she doesn’t smile and then damned when she does smile.
    Hater lowlife losers.

  • R

    @coco: she’s too young to be a faithfull person but i bet she’s mature enough to have her doormat of boyfriend’s babies if it’s the case, no? and for the 4567th time, cheat with a married man is a choice, not a mistake !

  • coco

    I know it’s a choice and it’s a mistake, I’m not saying young people have cheating bonuses, BUT:

    1) Rupert Sanders’ responsibility is WAY bigger, because he’s a 40 year old (supposedly mature) married man with two children;

    2) She’s 21, very young: it doesn’t mean that she has no responsibility at all, but you can’t expect her to be the most mature ever, people grow also by making mistakes. Have you always been perfect, haven’t you ever made mistakes?

    3) It’s none of our business and it’s time to move on. I understand the fans’ disappointment, but this girl can’t be crucified her entire life for a mistake she made when she was 21.

  • T

    @cami: WTF,who said it was a six month affair,think you are making S**T up.

    so there is not point saying anything nice about her as it will end up as a hidden comment with a low rating.society is seriously messed up. so glad that people in britain ain’t this judgemental

  • ugh

    @coco: who said he shouldn’t be to blame as(shole? but i was referring to her as this is a thread about K.S. and yes I’ve made mistakes but cheating is not one of them.. and it never will be because i know the difference between right and wrong.. she obviously doesn’t and neither do u.
    whatever defend her but if you were the wife i’d like to see how forgiving you’d be

  • coco

    But- you see?- that’s the point: we are not the wife, so, after the normal disappointment as fans or as people who reads stories, we should just get over it, it’s none of our business..
    And please don’t be so moralistic.
    If I was the wife my grief would be all absorbed in feeling betrayed by my husband, I couldn’t care less for the girl..

  • ugh

    @coco: yeah ok, calm your ti*ts because thats complete bullsh*t – just wait until your married.

  • http://yahoo erica

    why is she wearing a BRA ??

  • Andrea

    Why this unconditional hate?? My god, are any of you Robert? She is free ladies and gentlemens, FREE.

  • emma

    Crazy how EVERY single positive comment is hidden due to low ratings…
    So much hate !!!!
    Sounds like all of you people would crucify her if you were faced with her.
    It gives me the chill.

    She looks gorgeous, love the outfit.

  • laura

    Because she represents the brand that made it and by contract she has to wear their creations in public appearances.
    I don’t think she really has a say in it..

  • R

    @coco: Rupert has likely lost his family, your idol knew very well what she was doing, both are to blame. it is incredible that his fans continue to kiss her ass like that!

  • madonna

    So trashy. Just as long as Rupert loves it!

  • R

    @coco: hey, she’s 22, and she’s a arrogant untalented brat, and her spineless wimp of boyfriend so convenient tolerant is not an alibi

  • Cyn

    Gorgeous look!! Love it!

  • R

    @coco: even if you kwew the girl and had faith on her even less her go out with your children and invite her to dinner? i dont think so.


    Thank you to all the haters whose comments help that EVERY post about Kristen appears on top of JJ´s page :)

    We couldn´t have done it without your hate…well, we could but you make it that much easier to promote Kristen :D

  • R

    @THANK YOU: promote her talent would be classier no?

  • Thats me

    We all know now, how she got her roles. Just f…. the director and you get it. The fatal mistake is, to think you get it because you are a fantastic actress.

  • Its better now

    Not even a nacked Stewart could catch the audience. Nobody wants to spent money for her movie. Hey Directors: If you want to have fun in an mini cooper between the szenes than hire Stewart. If you want to make a good movie – hire an actress.

  • xxx

    She is a terrible actress, why are they promoting that dreadful Movie. She needs to be naked that people talk about her, naked or fooling around with older men. I like to talk about actresses with Talent like Anna Kendrick

  • coco

    Honestly this: doesn’t look like a man who lost his family.
    I’m just saying that a 40 year old with a family has WAY MORE responsibility than a 21-22 year old (I don’t know at what time they had the affair), I didn’t say that cheating when you’re young is fine.
    And if I was the wife I obviously wouldn’t be friend with the girl, but my real problem, what I would really think about, would be my cheating husband, not so much the girl with whom he went.

  • mona


    where are you pulling this 6 month affair thing from? you haters are inane and so stupid. rob was at the afterparty awwwww

  • Dee

    She looks divine. Wowzers <3

  • coco

    And, again, I think it’s time for people to let go.
    I don’t justify cheating by any means, but I also think that anyway the relationship that you have at 18-20-22 year old is not the one that’s going to last forever, you’re too young.. Kristen must have learned her lesson for the future, at 22 you’re still learning..

    One last thing: right now everybody is against her, so even more because of that I feel like sympathizing with her. People cheat every day, at every age and in every place in the world, but nobody receives the publicity that she got, her punishment has been really big.

  • selma


  • Anna

    Kristen is the most hated woman in Hollywood next to LeAnn Rimes. Her fans can defend her all they want, but it will never change what she did. There are certain morals and ethics people hold sacred, and it’s obvious that neither of these women do. It’s very sad how selfish and self centered these 2 women are, because if they had one ounce of human decency and respect they wouldn’t have done it.

  • zurichgirl

    why is she wearing so much make up?

  • R

    @coco: where are the wedding rings?

  • laurita

    Dumbo=Kristen Stewart