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Kristen Stewart: 'On the Road' AFI Screening!

Kristen Stewart: 'On the Road' AFI Screening!

Kristen Stewart shows off some tummy at the screening of her film On the Road during the 2012 AFI Fest at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Saturday evening (November 3) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière outfit and Christian Louboutin shoes to the fest, presented by Audi.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen recently talked to Moviefone about how she landed her role in the film.

“I was 14 or 15 when I first met [director] Walter Salles. I spoke to him when I was 17, I think I may have shot the first Twilight, I’m not sure – possibly I was about to go do it. At first I was talking about playing another part, so it’s been a long time coming,” Kristen said. “I don’t know how I was able to get around that kind of energy, but to convey that I loved this thing in the way [Walter Salles] does and as soon as you get around that energy it passes between you, nothing really needs to be said. I got the job on the spot, and I drove away just vibrating. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Plus I was very young, I wasn’t quite old enough for the part yet.”

30+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the On the Road screening…

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kristen stewart on the road afi screening 01
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 02
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 03
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 04
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 05
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 06
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 07
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 08
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 09
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 10
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 11
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 12
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 13
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 14
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 15
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 16
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 17
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 18
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 19
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 20
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 21
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 22
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 23
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 24
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 25
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 26
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 27
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 28
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 29
kristen stewart on the road afi screening 30

Credit: Jason Merritt, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Gia

    I think that people should get a life and quit judging. No one’s perfect, and she is young. People make mistakes and learn from them. She is no angel and no where does it say she should be one. She was dumb and irresponsible and has paid for it. It’s none of your damn concern to judge her and spread all this hate, as if she did this directly to you all haters. Get a life. You all aren’t perfect either, hypocrites.

  • Gia


    And you are so perfect to be her judge. You also are self-centered to speak for everyone and expect everyone to live by your own set of morals. Don’t tell me you never made any equally bad mistakes. Don’t tell me you’re perfect and a saint. Life is much more complex than your ideologic ”morals”, and thing is, a crapload of other people have done much worse than her, yet, because she is a celebrity, she has to be scrutinized for this worse than Jesus was. Get off your high horse and be more realistic. People make mistakes, especially in their youth. If anything, it’s her boyfriend Robert who should be judging her, not you.

  • eve

    Hmmm… You don’t know how long the fling lasted. It could be 6 months or it could be a couple of months (most likely).

  • eve

    She looks good. Lovely outfit, good make-up and hairdo.

    And Rob was at the after-party.

  • cece

    I agree, they hate her as if she killed somebody.. I mean, I get cheating is bad, but people do make mistakes, as people grow, and people heal.. She didn’t kill anybody!

  • cece

    Sorry, I meant “people make mistakes, people grow and people heal”..

  • Paula

    Everybody here is a hater! Just look at you people, you only like negative comments and probably mine is going to be “hidden due to a low comment rating”, because all Im saying is the truth.

  • sheiila


    No one knows if that was true!

  • Victoria

    She looks gorgeous as always. Love her outfit

  • ..

    Ok, lately she started dressing like how her self is for real..if you know what i mean..
    anyway i prefer her with less make up. Like she used to be.

  • xxx

    The public would be more inclined to let the cheating incident go if Kristen showed us some sign of remorse. It’s one thing to make a terrible error in judgement , it’s another to be proud of having made that error. When the cheating pics first came to light, both media and the public attacked Kristen. It was so intense we soon saw a backlash and many began to defend her from the public hanging. Public opinion sways like a pendulum. If Kristen isn’t careful, if she continues to flaunt her “momentary indiscretion”, we’ll see another backlash.This time not in her favor.

  • anna

    ella es muy guapa. Y sus ojos muy bonitos para tanto maquillaje.

  • Ali

    Outfit is tragic. The hair is nice tho.

  • annie

    pig with mike and pig with rob

  • Weda

    minka kelly,rachel bilson,freida pinto,vanessa hudgens are terrible actresses just so you guys know. Not a fan of stewert but hey she is not seen running around in in LA shopping all the time unlike those untalented and loser women.

  • http://firty yesgirl

    Do me sexy girl….rob is gay

  • Weda

    and yes I do think stewert is bad but not as bad as those ladies. never heard of this brand called balenciage. robert pattintson got a dior contract, that much better.

  • T

    @xxx: could you explain how she is flaunting the fact that she cheated cos all i see is someone doing their job.

    people need to make up their minds, when she does not smile people call her a miserable b***h etc but when she does smile she is apparently showing no remorse for what she did. she can’t win either way in the eyes of some people

  • ahype

    No offence but Kisrten isn’t that pretty and Sanders cheated on his hot wife with this uattractive and dull girl. Poor wife and kids. They even knew her from what I read about the Snow White filiming. This girl is untalented. Check out Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Aaron Johnson. They are around her age and can act. Heck even Robert is doing better then her. He got himself a Dior endorsement with Jennifer atleast.

  • ellen

    @cami: no cami your just being a bitch

  • F

    @ahype: if she could not act she would not have got any of the roles she has had since she was 11 years old.

  • F

    @ahype: there are better looking models than liberty ross

  • Trinty

    @Rose: Agreed! I don’t not like their clothes.

  • Crisk

    Stunning, this word describes Kristen Stewart, even unintentionally she is wonderful!! A talented actress and interesting!!

  • Barb

    @Intric8: A mistake is when you make a wrong turn on the road; you spell something incorrectly, or call someone by the wrong name. What Kristen did was premeditated; she drove to meet a man who she knew was married with kids. Kristen knew and worked with the man’s wife for GOD sake. Stop saying it was a mistake; it was premeditated therefore planned and executed. It was not a mistake maybe a seriously bad error in judgment by not a mistake.

  • Karih

    You choose to make up or eyes or lips but you can’t have both make up that heavily.. just like men, Kristen, you can’t choose both!

  • F

    @Barb: an error in judgement is a mistake

  • Ceara

    She is such an ugly girl. Never understood the hype. She can’t act, she’s not pretty, has no talent and is a cheating skank to top it all off.

  • ok

    she has a big nose when you see her from the side :s

  • Rob

    @ok: you are right! noticed it too! especially in some pictures you can see it clearly

  • say it…

    talonless trampire

  • taylor

    She is so sexy it’s unbelievable!. No wonder Rupert went down on her in car. No man could help himself!

  • cut the crap

    banged your way to the top

  • Sticky Gooey Energy

    “as soon as you get around that “energy” it passes between you”

  • hello

    she looks – like a high class ho

  • verite

    First, with regards to the outfit, personally, I don’t like the pants. They have a weird silhouette — all pouffy at the top and narrow at the bottom. They remind me of pants people wore in the 80s. To me, they don’t really go with the top. Maybe if she wore a tight pencil skirt I would like that better. But what the heck do I know? I’m no celebrity stylist.

    As for the other stuff, honestly, I don’t like cheaters. I have been cheated upon and it sucks and I don’t trust cheaters as far as I can throw them. I could never trust the guy ever ever again. He lied to me A LOT and especially after he was caught and we were trying to work things out. The lying got even worse then. So, personally, I think Robert is going to regret it if he really does take her back because well, she’s lied before and she’ll lie again. They ALWAYS DO.

    But you know what? Not my problem.

  • man

    ew, and we’re gonna have another full month of her nasty self popping up everywhere

  • green

    I feel sorry for her fans. Somehow her fans blind with her ugly personality and attitude. How come people support cheating and her many ugly attitudes. And the worst part is her fans vilify the victims, Rob and Liberty. What happened with you people?She doesn’t deserve your supports and defense. I hope there will come new actress with good personality and attitude that deserve to be idolised.

  • Almir

    She looks better than ever

  • jinnnny

    She is ugly

  • lisa

    I Love her hairstyle there. She’s had quite a few different looks over the years.

  • Anon

    @Jenny: She let Rupert nibble her cooter in her Mini Cooper.

  • beabi

    Everytime I see her, I want to blurp & f@rt on her nasty & thick face!

  • Hags

    Whhhhhhhy Kristen wwwwhy?First,you have to look so hot and sexy on the red carpet of OTR,then Rob has to be with you after the party too ,wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhyyyy wwwwhy are you so lucky whhhhyyyy?

  • http://hotmail highfive

    Kristen, no matter what you wear, you STINKS – in and out. Your bad odor will stick with you all the way. No good clothes can clean your image, LOL

  • Rob

    Kristen,why do you have to look so edgy and cool all the time,that’s why i love you baby,inside and out.Love is never having to say you’re sorry,i’ll always love you baby,see you at the after party!

  • kingkayski

    Kristen looks so gorgeous as always ,she can rock just about anything.She is so well love too,did you see all her fans screaming her name?I think she’s got more fans now than ever,good for her,after what she’s been through,she deserved all this love,especially from Rob.

  • flynn

    She’s a DEVIL-NO-NEED-TO-DISGUISE by default.

  • auto devis

    She looks good in this outfit

  • notafan

    To all those who support Kristen, and call us delusional haters and yeah, those who think we are jealous, for the record, I used to be a fan of their relationship, so no, most of us aren’t jealous. I , at least used to be happy for them, but this scandal just brought me back to senses and reminded me that no relationship in Hollywood is pure.
    And that he took her back within weeks, and the fact that both are trying their level best to convince us that they aren’t PR…..God, I can’t believe I used to like them as a couple, they seem quite shallow and lack principles