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Chris Brown Covers 'Prestige' November 2012

Chris Brown Covers 'Prestige' November 2012

Chris Brown bundles up on the cover of Prestige Hong Kong‘s November 2012 issue.

Here is what the 23-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On his passion for painting: “I’ve been painting secretly since I was a kid. A lot of people didn’t know that it was my hobby. I focused on doing the bad stuff at first with graffiti and vandalizing as a kid. But as you get older, you start studying art books and sketchbooks in the libraries. I started getting better, like maybe three or four years ago… You know, I’m new. But my feet are in the water and that’s all it takes. I don’t think I want to conquer painting. It’s just something I love to do.”

On his organization: “Symphonic Love does programmes in schools, like with my school back home. Musical programmes and helping kids with disabilities. I do a lot of stuff with Best Buddies that coexists with that. The name comes from a tattoo that I’ve got [runs hand across his chest] – something that’s over my heart right now. So my heart is where it’s at. The tattoo “symphonic love” encompasses the positivity of what I’m trying to do – uplifting humanity.”

On what he wants the world to know: “As a 23-year-old young entertainer, I want the world to see my art and hopefully be inspired by it, promote positivity with what I do now – with painting, with fashion, with directing, with creativity as far as videos and cinema. I want to have people admire that and hopefully have people follow in my footsteps.”

FYI: Chris is wearing a Prada jacket and turtleneck and Emporio Armani hat and gloves.

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  • ME

    omg hahahaha wtf is that? he looks stupid. I CANT STOP LAUGHING!

  • remi

    so fuqing ugly and gross

  • sososososo

    after chris hemsworth they pick chris brown for the next month. terrible transition.

  • Ioana

    ” I want the world to see my art and hopefully be inspired by it, promote positivity with what I do now ” No. Just no.

  • Pattycake

    Nothing says “prestige” like grabbing your crotch.

  • laura

    He is gorgeous no matter what

  • bobby-ray

    i’m so grossed out by this guy

  • ShakenNotStirred

    Wow. He looks very gaunt here. I think he’s on drugs.

  • mariaNY

    He is one ugly mtf

  • Ugh

    He has the figure of a girl. Your done Chris Brown.

  • A

    Please make him go away!

  • John Mayer

    Vile douchebag.

  • sr

    Dang, he looks older than hell. Skeletor.

  • de.signed

    the spread looked bad on the teaser months ago and it still looks bad now.

    he’s not a ‘prestige’ of a fashion model. sorry

    good luck to his “street” label. it fits him alot better. ;)

  • Jo

    The cover of all the pics is the ugliest one, crazy

  • Jesusloves799

    My goodness, so much hate for one human being? How do u all live with yourselves everyday with this hate in your lives over someone who doesn’t even know u exist? CHRIS KEEP DOING UR THING, A MILLION SILENT PEOPLE ARE THEIR 2 SUPPORT U OVER THESE 200 EVER PRESENT NAYSAYERS

  • Jesusloves799

    In fact I have not bought a mag for a while but I will be getting this because it is very ARTISTIC, very different from most of the boring mags i have see so far. In fact yours and Rih vogue mags are keepsakes and I can’t wait for the publications to come out.

  • LooseLipz

    That’s one ugly Neanderthal looking idiot. Girlfriend beater jerk.

  • tsquared

    Talk about stereotyping–all he needs is a large ugly car with dice hanging from the rear view mirror and his look would be complete as that of a pimp. Why in God’s name would a magazine dress him up in clothes like this–he looks like a rich pimp!

  • Asha

    dude looks like a crackhead.

  • Mel

    this is fu<king disgusting, on the last chris brown thread all (or most) of the comments were deleted (i assume C.B'S panties were in a bunch) but that pis<ses me off – of course the comments supporting him are still there.

  • Antonia

    Only in US an idiot like Chris Brown can be rewarded for being an idiot. Painting?? Helping kids?? For real he is the biggest clown ever. And by the way he’s so called music is as far away as possible of the word art. Just ewww

  • Sean


  • commonsense

    I hope Rihanna had him tested before she jumped back into bed with him because he looks like he’s got something. I’m not joking or being mean he looks sickly.

  • ozzie

    he is a vile human being and should not be rewarded with all this attention … he also has no talent … he can’t sing … he can’t dance … but music is about marketing and with this guy there is no such thing as bad publicity like the old saying goes.

  • LOL

    Skinny wrists!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Rihanna made him sick

  • Lo

    Put Lenny Kravitz in those clothes, then they would look good.

  • Hmm

    Im not a big Chris Brown fan, but some of the comments here are disgusting… Some of you are critising him in mean ways, yet that just makes you sound worse. When you say nasty things about another person, it just makes you seem like the worse human being. Obviously what he did to Rihanna in 2009 was wrong, but plenty of celebrities have done worse and been involved in more violent incidents, yet they dont get half as much hate for it (aka Charlie Sheen), which is a double standard. Yes Chris probably has issues to work on, but saying crap about him isn’t going to help someone with possible anger or emotional issues. He was 19 when he got involved in that incident, he was a kid who needed help to reform and change his ways… I think he deserves a second chance and if Rihanna has chosen to forgive him then that is up to her because it is her private life. We are not their friends or family so we can’t tell them what to do… As for people saying this guy has no “talent” – well you obviously have not seen him perform live. You don’t have to like his music or him as a person, but there is no denying the fact that he actually van sing and can dance. He also wrote several songs, like Rihanna’s “Disturbia” which was very popular. So he does have talent… And I do think he does have issues to work on as a person, but I dont know him so thats not my business to judge him on a personal level. As for these photos, I dont think it looks like him. Ive seen him look better… He does look skinnier these days though. There were rumours that had had an illness or cancer and I didnt believe it, but now Im starting to question it because he looks ill here.

  • Emma

    Ha he had to go all the way to Hong Kong to get a rando magazine cover. Can this drugged out woman-beater go away now?

  • fkn idiots

    @Hmm: if your child was abused would you forgive him? doubt it. so shut up & go preach somewhere else, as<shole!!

  • Dumbass.

    He is the epitome of stupid, who dresses up as the taliban for Halloween. Stupid wifebeater.

  • Protege

    The content of the comments I have read here to bash one human being are astounding. I’m confused, are you people just angry that he is famous all together or that he made a mistake three years ago that haunts both him and his victim to this day?? In my opinion, based on what I have read, you people are no better than him. At least he has had to come to terms with what he did and learn from it. He moved on, she moved on, it’s time all you haters did too. Grow up! You all need hugs! SMDH, find jesus or a hobby, go play on some train tracks, anything just beat it!

    On to positivity…C. Breezy, the pictures look great man. I’m not a fan of the clothing line but you still doing your thing. Everyone has haters in this world and I’m sure you know you definitely have your share of those. But you know what they say, those who have nothing positive in their own right will draw attention to the negatives of others. That’s people for you I guess, they don’t know how to forgive until they need to be forgiven. As for me, while I don’t forget your past actions, I forgive them. Who are we to judge? We’ve all made mistakes. Fact remains that you’re a great talent who just has a lot of growing up to do. Good luck to you…


  • Marie

    I’m feeling nauseated…

  • njs

    this should have ended with
    FYI: he beats women and ain’t even sorry.

  • SuckerPunch

    Is he wearing O.J. Simpson’s bloody leather gloves?

  • kiki

    he looks so skinny – kinda disgusting!!!

  • Pork my Beans

    he is a pussy

  • as

    Looks like an addict.

  • anna

    ugly little rat feces.