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Diane Kruger Walks with Her Tissue Box

Diane Kruger Walks with Her Tissue Box

Diane Kruger leaves a Rite-Aid pharmacy holding an open box of tissues on Monday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actress seems to be getting over a case of the sniffles and made sure she had her tissues nearby.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Diane‘s longtime love Joshua Jackson was spotted that same afternoon filming scenes for his hit series Fringe up in Vancouver.

If you live in France or Belgium, make sure to go check out Diane‘s new flick Un Plan Parfait, which is in theaters now!

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116 Responses to “Diane Kruger Walks with Her Tissue Box”

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  1. 26
    Danni Says:

    She’s so ugly, I don’t get it.
    Plus, she’s a terrible actress

  2. 27
    guevveee Says:

    Mediocre is an amazing description for her acting skills…you really held back here…she is awful, fake, terrible, painful to watch!!! And she doesn’t even look that bright!!! But unfortunately she has become some kind of a “fashion icon”.

  3. 28
    lukk Says:

    jeez, she’s a crappy actress

  4. 29
    Peg Says:

    *Cucumber*, she’s so nasty.

  5. 30
    Hugo Says:

    For the love of things good and holy can we STOP TRYING to make Kruger happen? She’s talentless, not pretty She was awful in all her movies So completely wooden, I have no idea how she became an actress.

  6. 31
    Hugo Says:

    @Lice:Oh my God, you’re right, it’s like a billboard!

  7. 32
    Gustavo Says:

    she has the SAME facial expressions, the SAME tone of voice, she is a one dimensional actor and a one dimensional person. Very boring, and have no idea why she keeps getting cast because people are very sick of seeing her.

  8. 33
    COLLY Says:

    Holy crap, is the woman balding or what? Her skin is really oily or else there is an extreme glare from the flash on her very exposed forehead. As for the comment about showing her age, I agree. We don’t see her smiling as much as we used to, I’m sure it shows her age when she does.

  9. 34
    flora Says:

    I will never understand why people who claim to hate Diane Kruger apparently (1) go see all of her movies in order to judge that she is horrible in all of her roles, (2) seek out gossip about her on the Internet, or (3) are the first to comment on her on this site, almost as if they’ve been tracking her or something. So weird. And that goes for any celebrity. I don’t like any of the Kardashians so I don’t watch their shows or read about them and my life is happier.

    I’ll take the dedicated little troll who posts a million times about someone she clearly likes over a handful of haters who continue to willingly expose themselves to someone they hate. Stans over masochists any day, AFAIC.

  10. 35
    Agatha Says:

    @flora: For me it’s not hate but rather absurd confusion as to why she keeps working when she has little or no talent (probably none at all)

  11. 36
    Nndi Says:

    She is ugly and boring, talentless.

  12. 37
    Megan Says:


    If you don’t like what we have to say, maybe you should go back to your little Josh fan forum site and wax all your love for her over there. Let’s get real, most of you over at fan forum (all 5 of you) have more to say about her than Josh.

  13. 38
    flora Says:

    @Megan: I’ve never posted at fan forum, but nice try. And I’m happy to stay here and point out the craziness of waxing on ad nauseum about someone you don’t even like.

    @agatha- She continues to work because talent or lack thereof is a subjective entity and as long as someone in Hollywood or Europe considers her skills worthy enough for a role, she’ll continue to be successful. If you don’t like her work, why bother watching it? There’s only so little of this life to enjoy, I can’t fathom spending my time subjecting myself to people I don’t like when I don’t have to. It just makes no sense.

  14. 39
    naty. Says:

    Casting directors need to stop thinking with their boners. Hopefully she’ll go away soon.

  15. 40
    bb Says:

    the reasons why she gets hired neither of them is for her acting.

  16. 41
    Jo Says:


    Nice reply Flora. Honestly I agree with you. If people dislike her fine, but I don’t understand why people seek her out, by following items about her on the net, if they dislike her so much. However, they do and it’s weird. I think they are in denial. They do actually like her but just don’t want to admit it. LOL. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  17. 42
    flora Says:

    Oh now we’ve moved on to straight up misogyny and sexism. My favorites! And coming from other women, no less. That’s always the best.

  18. 43
    flora Says:

    @Jo: Thanks, and you’ll notice that none of the people who’ve maligned her on this thread have even tried to answer my question about why they choose to seek out information about someone they claim to dislike. Seriously, people, why? Once I pointed out their weirdness, they automatically reverted to the easiest, laziest, most tired insult ever thrown towards women: she’s only successful because she’s a dirty, dirty w-h-o-r-e! Can’t we be more creative by now? That one’s been used since the 50s and it was equally boring then.

  19. 44
    BB Says:

    this is a gossip site nobody cares about her beyond of the fans his trolls that makes her a hit in that site, everyone is entitled to express your opinion most of the comments here are about her acting , which by the way is horrible

  20. 45
    flora Says:

    @BB: Yeah, that’s my point exactly. It’s a gossip site that you can easily avoid. People here have repeatedly said, “Ugh, I wish she would go away” or “When is she gonna stop appearing on here?” If they stop clicking on posts about her, guess what? As far as they’re concerned, she’s gone away! Hooray! And I would never knock someone for having a dissenting opinion to mine. Heck, have at it! The world is more interesting that way. But my question, which remains unanswered, is why her haters continue to seek out information about her when they claim that they don’t want to be exposed to her any longer. I mean, there is a really solution to that self created problem, you know?

  21. 46
    gold Says:

    I can’t wait for her next projects. Wonderful actress

  22. 47
    Doc Says:

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  23. 48
    Elinor Says:

    @naty.: May be it’s all of you need to stop writing these stupid things?
    Haters, you are so nasty and boring.

  24. 49
    felicity Says:

    She looks very pretty I lover her interviews Such a great, smart woman

  25. 50
    dean Says:


    The hate began, when Joshua started on fringe.
    The hate comes frome the anna torv trolls who are jealous that nobody cares about anna.
    Anna is on a low rated show, has been single for years, has done almost nothing (check imdb-list) and the old hag is almost 38 years. Anna can speak only one language and even that she manages to srew up. Her interviews show that anna is very dumb. She doesnt even know what her own show is about. And she has no fashion sense at all.

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