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Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler heads down an escalator at LAX Airport on Monday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor was joined by a female who carried a large piece of luggage down to the bottom floor.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Last week, Gerard was spotted heading through JFK Airport in New York City, taking a flight out of town.

Gerard‘s surfing flick, Chasing Mavericks, is currently playing in theaters around the country. Be sure to check it out while it’s still out!

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  1. 3151
    @Eve is the Nasty One Says:

    mashed potatoes and gray is still a thread nazi though

  2. 3152
    TeaCakes Says:

    @casandra: A lot of people can’t stand that he’s in love and publicly admitting it, too. This is really a first for Gerry. Kind of makes you wonder why he’s finally open about his love life compared to how he normally stays hush hush.

    I think it’s gone on long enough for me to believe it’s real. They are in love. With his long track record, I don’t think it will last. He doesn’t seem to have that in him. We’ll see.

  3. 3153
    truthserum Says:

    @TeaCakes: most people don’t care about gb they can’t stand mg because she is a liar and is getting fast tracked in the industry. thats enough for people to detest someone alone. forget the slimy b-lister boyfriend, she’s a plastic fraud

  4. 3154
    fraudsquad Says:

    apparently she was chosen for this award over Robert Pattnson from Twilight. OMG how stupid do they think we are? i think that pretty much proves the award is not worth mentioning. by the looks of the ceremony to collect, it was held in someones living room not much of a fanfare. the panel are clearly demented.

    I’ve seen some clips from the movie and she can’t act. so why didn’t one of her more deserving cast members win the award?

    who ever is behind this really needs to be more subtle. its now soooo obvious.

  5. 3155
    real age Says:

    maybe she isn’t older, she may just have very bad genes. i agree she doesn’t look 24. she could pass for a 34 year old. could that be down to bad genes? altho most commercial/lingerie models lie about there age so its probably both – she is 30 and looks 34 ??

  6. 3156
    she's noone outside of italy Says:

    she is only known in Italy and Romania people, calm down. anyone with a nice pair of tits is famous in Italy and even given respect for it. she is only really mentioned in Romanian and Italian press. other press don’t seem that interested in her on Leo’s or Gerard’s arm or not. i agree she is clearly having an unfair helping hand to get roles and now an award that other actors are way more deserving of but with that help and all the exposure, albeit only exposure because of who she is sleeping with ,not focused on her at all, she should have achieved more by now. she isn’t interesting by herself only when connected with someone. she can’t hold the spotlight. this is fatale in showbiz. let her have her 5 minutes of fame because thats all she’ll ever have

  7. 3157
    missjude Says:

    yep, fame in Italy is different to the US or UK. most huge stars in Italy are completely unknown in US/UK. its important to take this into prospective when evaluating her “achievements” .

  8. 3158
    crazies here Says:

    @@Mashed pototoes: This type of thing is not indicative of the military, it happens everywhere. And you quote two cases with over 52 thousand personnel around. Right here in my little town with no military in hundreds of miles, there is stuff like this in the news weekly. What is your ax to grind with the military? Jerks are everywhere.

  9. 3159
    you're the crazy one Says:

    you crazy

  10. 3160
    you're the crazy one Says:

    @crazies here:

    you’re really uninformed because you don’t have a military base near you and have never interacted with military personnel. you don’t know and i do. they are a…holes undeserving of honor respect and worship.-
    the love affair needs to end.

  11. 3161
    you're the crazy one Says:

    @crazies here:
    it is indicative of the military…and that’s not the only ‘REPORTED’ case I have right now. it was a fox news report so its not like i’m being biased…rotflol… I am no stranger to military a…holes. they have a higher than average rate of domestic violence. they are stupid idiotic jerk/s/s/s who are not deserving of any kind of respect honor or worship whatsoever.
    paula broadwell is another perfect example of an a../h0/e in the military along with her illicit lover and betrayer betrayus.
    please also note the bratty woman she tagged jill kelley milking the situation.

  12. 3162
    Sam Says:

    Everybody, “you’re the crazy one” is the military hating troll who also dumped on MGP, Sam Childers, and Gerry for playing a WW!! Soccer film. Learn the jargon people.

  13. 3163
    Sam Says:

    @Mashed Potatoes and Gravy:
    “Your right—she baited me right in. I was just trying to defend the decent posters here, but I used poor judgement on my approach. ”
    Excellent! you’re starting to figure it out. Eve baits people.
    However.”@Mashed pototoes” is not EVE it’s that awful troll form over the weekend writing all that nasty political garbage. she is anti military, anti american, hates MGP because she is anti religion, hates Sam childers because he’s a minister, hates Gerry calling him a misogynist because her sister married a man who left her or something, take your pick – the woman is messed up.
    Eve has other issues. she fights with Manny and LOL. she hates GFW too. she hates young women and feels that men should only date women older than themselves. she hates men in general and always dump on them. she is one of the most hateful ant-MG posters here. most of the hate thrown at MG was coming form this senior citizen EVE who is in her 60s, no less.
    This EVE is a control freak so if you don’t agree with her she goes crazy and starts bothering everyone on the thread.
    she is also a hypocrite because she tells everyone not to engage the trolls but turns around and does the exact opposite, like most control freaks – their advise is just for you, not them.
    watch out of both of these trolls.

  14. 3164
    SAM=EVE=DocP Says:

    your cover is blown
    you shouldn’t post anymore
    you also socked as Transparent, Modd er Ashun and Totally Useless Information

  15. 3165
    SAM=EVE=DocP Says:

    you also posted as mashed potatoes and gravy and got called out on this thread. odd and not odd caught you. and you are the only one posting on the new thread. its pretty obvious docp is eve the thread nazi

  16. 3166
    cupcake Says:

    The thread has gone political again.

  17. 3167
    @ Says:

    RE US support of the Israel Defense Force, I can help flesh that out a bit. A CRS report indicates that, apart from all other aid sent to Israel from the United States, the IDF budget is 18-22% funded by American taxpayers, and has grown steadinly by about $0.15 billion dollars annually:
    Of course, money is fungible, and other forms of aid sent to Israel relieve budgetary pressures which might make Israel consider arms cuts. However, US intent in this is made clear in Title 2 of the US Naval Vessels Transfer Authority Act of 2008, which seeks to guarantee that Israel maintain a “Qualitative Military Edge over military threats”
    PL 110-429:
    With no credible military threat to Israel from any other organized armed force, the modern IDF is free to concentrate on an area many times smaller than metropolitan New York City which has no organized armed force, and this is what we are all witnessing today.

  18. 3168
    @ Says:

    it is always the same in this conflict…a handful of Israeli casualties leads to truckloads of Palestinian casualties. As long as Israel has US aid and weapons at their disposal it will never be a fair fight. AND the U.S. cannot wash its hands of this conflict yet somehow the press always neglects to include America in this discussion

  19. 3169
    israel murders 10 per day Says:

    How do you explain Israel targeting over 40 locations to hit the Hamas leader?

    By DEFAULT they are targeting 39 locatios they KNOW he will not be at.

    Weird how when people die from Isralie Missles it’s just colleteral damage.

    But when people die from Hamas Missles it’s TERRORISM!!!
    PS – Israel murders 10 Plaestinian Civilians for every 1 Isralie Civilian murdered according to Red Cross

  20. 3170
    Clamsie Says:

    Maddie is now in LA!

  21. 3171
    miami mama Says:

    @Clamsie: sweet you are a MG phannie monitoring her FB…..assuming tnis is how you know not like the US media cares.

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