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Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler heads down an escalator at LAX Airport on Monday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor was joined by a female who carried a large piece of luggage down to the bottom floor.

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Last week, Gerard was spotted heading through JFK Airport in New York City, taking a flight out of town.

Gerard‘s surfing flick, Chasing Mavericks, is currently playing in theaters around the country. Be sure to check it out while it’s still out!

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  • @ diana Guminski

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  • @ Diana Guminski

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  • @ Diana Guminski

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  • Gerard Butler is Method.

    People just don’t understand method acting.
    Gerry has burdened Amy with juggling his luggage and texting, and everything else he needs to make it down the perils of an automated escalator that requires him to do nothing to move, because he’s a method actor that has to live the part he’s preparing for.
    Obviously, Gerry has signed on for a film in which he plays a 43 year old actor in the midst of a mid-life crisis, taking roles that he’s way too old to play, and that are really poorly written, and trying to reassure himself of his own conceited celebrity by dating women who are only recently legal, socializing in clubs where people his age are only seen in the business office or when the police need to be called, and relying on a team of assistants and managers who are responsible for him so that he has to assume no responsibility for himself.
    Oh. Wait …..

  • sorry nothing to say but…

    what a complete dou.che this guy turned out to be

  • bonnie

    You just couldn’t pay me enough to carry all your luggage……..
    You want to travel back a bit to the place were you left your manners…..
    If your assistant has insisted in carrying it all then more fool her.
    You bring it all on yourself all the nasty comments you get on here.
    You are better than that ,carry your own bags.

  • just wanna

    wote OBAMA USA…..

  • Russian girl
  • Anon

    @Russian girl: Hahaha, good for them both. At this point, don’t even care anymore.

  • gmad

    That boor!
    And that would be a man?
    I hope he felt slightly embarrassed and annoyed to have been discovered in all its ‘natural’ charme,he will never learn the true good education,tzè .. there is not hope ……

  • gmad

    Perhaps the wristband is an ID tag,

    “if lost (like my film career) return my carcass and my humility to Scotland immediately”


    HAHAHAHAH…Too Funny!

  • Justme

    @Russian girl: I hope that article is false because if not he’s a sad lonely man who will get caught up with this one. Just shows you money doesn’t buy happiness

  • No gentleman

    Mom picked him up from the ball pit.
    Ge’s still wearing his entrance bracelet. ha ha

  • Pumpkin Pie with Wip Creme

    Can someone give me a condensed English version of the article. I can’t grasp what it is trying to say? Thank you.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………

    Isnt it weird that the recent press conveniently leaves out that MG also dated Gerry’s good friend Adrien Brody? Most likely he’s the one who feels bad about the whole thing but they keep on playing up the Leo angle. I nver read that Gerry and Leo were even friends.

  • Paisley

    JJ’s at it again. Nice turn of phrase, wording it so that people jump to the conclusion that Mr. Butler was with some mysterious female companion. The guy can’t even ride a $%^& escalator in peace? Sheesh.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………

    @food 4 thought:

    I just hope he’s paying her a ton $$$$$$$$$$.

  • Aha….

    @Pumpkin Pie with Wip Creme:
    No need to translate. “Собеседник” is
    the yellowest of the yellow russian press.

  • I’ll answer

    @question: You asked what a dollar theater is. In the US we have second-run theaters, where you can see recent films at a greatly reduced price. Not exactly a dollar – in my area the second-run theaters charge $5.50 – half of a first-run theater.

  • wrist band

    @so…………….: Just wondering – at this point would Scotland even WANT him back?

  • *


    Agree. IF there’s any truth to that article, his whining about women only being interested in his “fame”, has seriously come back to bite him on the ar/se with MG. A woman who’s done nothing but use rich and famous men to advance what passes for her “career”. Great “friends” you’ve got, Mr Butler.
    Maybe that’s why he’s looking so sulky in these photos and Friday’s photos – has he finally realised that his “friends” have been playing him for a fool? (yeah, I know! no chance of that ever penetrating his brain).

  • cupcake

    Good morning ladies. Just want to say, that as much as i am a fan of gerry’s he should be carrying that bag. Amy seems to be struggling with it.nnot acting like s gentleman in this case.

  • Gotta say

    Anyone ever consider that the bag and coat might be Amy’s own and she prefers to carry them herself?

    Go ahead. Thumb me down.

  • Even so

    Yes we did consider that. It’s definitely his coat, but even if it’s her bag, any guy that’s half a gentleman would lend a hand. He is carrying nothing, not even his usual man purse. All he is doing is airing out his gym muscles.

  • No gentleman

    Now I know ! He’s got eczema in the armpits.
    Wouldn’t be good to carry bags, when he has to air the foul area.

  • DocP

    @Gotta say:
    I thought that myself but this picture paints him as being callous. If that is the case and she refused his help then he needs to put more distance between each other so at least it doesn’t appear bad.

  • Ugh

    That’s a very large suitcase. He’ll probably stay out of the country now until December. I’m sure copious amounts of stress-relieving activity is in order. I can hear the whining pity-party from here. Oh, and a gentleman would take that coat out of her hands, at the very least, since she’s obviously struggling. There’s no excuse, fawning worshipers.

  • The Pot

    @Manny: You need to quit believing Gerry is like one of his movie characters, especially Gerry Kennedy. No wonder he falls short of your high expectations! At least I associate him with a murderous mad man or a loud mouthed misogynist TV personality! Isn’t that what you accuse his “phannies” of doing all the time??

  • The Pot

    You can always count on the paps to catch you in the moment. I’m not defending him by any means but she is his employee and perhaps after checking bigger bags, she already had the carry on on her and just headed down ahead of him. He’s probably thinking that when he covered his mouth “Oh fck! Now I look like a pig not carrying me own bag! They’ll have a field day with this one!”

  • The Pot

    Contents of Gerry’s bag…

    1. plaid shirt…check
    2. extra pair of khakis…check
    3. clean underwear….check
    4. toiletries…check
    5. condoms…check
    6. wrist watch valued at $200,000 wrapped in clean underwear…check
    7. jammies….check
    8. iphone, ipad and six cell phones……check

    Why six? One for business, one for personal, one for phone number collection, one for Mum, one for special gfs, an extra just in case.

  • Quangena

    @The Pot: Why would he need jammies–I doubt he is in them long enough to even bother putting them on. lol

  • Weirdo

    Any gentleman would insist on carrying the bag even if it is not his. I really can’t believe my eyes. I don’t think I know any man in my life, from brother, father to friends or previous relationships that would ever let me carry a bag when he is holding nothing.
    Wow, this says a lot about him as a person. Celebrities need to remember where they came from, it’s not like his sh+t doesn’t stink.

  • Kettle

    @The Pot: I doubt there’s any jammies.

  • DocP

    @Ugh: I’m sure they checked bags , that looks like a carry on, how do you guys know that’s Gerry’s coat?? It’s just a black coat, I know he has black coats but who’s to say she doesn’t. I have several black coats. I do agree he should have carried the bag for her, that’s what’s considered polite.

  • heheheheheh
  • Tianna

    Simply hate it when celeb men complain they only find women to cash in on their fame its always cause they’re picking them types. I think Gerrys checks lists is :T!ts, A$$, Sult/ty, no morals, values, and shes a winner till her expiry date is over or they move onto something better. I dont think he realises how bad his taste in women actually is as he lacks judgement in that area bigtime. I think girls like MG will stick with him for fame etc he may fund extravagant holidays and lavish meals etc but he certainly doesnt seem the type that would expensive lavish gifts or fund the lifestyle of these girls they will definitely go for someone who will that i can put my money on

  • @138

    There are plenty of beautiful classy ladies out there that a celebrity can date. But if they have no manners, then these ladies wouldn’t go out with them or at least not for long. They end up with with people just like themselves. If they want class they have to be classy.

  • Totally Useless Information

    @@138 I don’t believe that article for a second. He picked little Maddy out of his crowd because of her looks and youth. Gerard is not stupid. He knows there are plenty of decent women in the world who might give him a chance if he looked in the right place—doctors, nurses, teachers, the list goes on and on. He’d have to give up a few things and be a real man if he dated women from those worlds so he sticks with women like little Maddy. He gets what he wants-whatever that may be. He knows the score.

  • http://) HangingChads

    My oh my, I’ve never seen so many thumbs on a comment as I see on one over at the thread about whatshername and JL. Seems JL’s fans are now on the bandwagon as well. I wouldn’t wish her rep on my worst enemy.

  • @140

    You don’t believe what?
    What I’m saying is, men like him get easy because they won’t put up with a real woman that makes demands on their character. I don’t think I am disagreeing with you at all.

  • The Noise in The Walls

    I agree #140..
    He knows the score….and having your assistant carrying the bags etc..while a pap was present….priceless…He shielded his face on that one too as he was going down the steps or escalator……because he knew the score on that one as well…

  • Totally Useless Information

    @@138 So sorry, I misread your comment.

  • Clamsie

    Whoever called him a giant doucccccchebag is right. There’s nothing classy or gentlemanly about this middleaged babyman. I’ve seen no evidence of him being a gentleman ever. No wonder he can’t keep a relationship going. Thank God he hasn’t had kids yet because he’d let them down, too. With children, a father can’t put himself first. The kids are way more important. Gerry would be a terrible and inconsistent father figure.

    I hope Madalina knows what she’s getting, which is essentially nothing. Maybe she should start looking elsewhere and pass on these lame actors who can’t grow up. I suspect she has her reasons for staying with him. Maybe they are in love or just lust. Who knows?

    Dubai is only a few hours’ flight from Rome so he’ll probably head to Europe once his watch gig is up.

  • fancypantts

    MG isn’t as young as she claims. she has been 24 many times so no need for hysteria

  • l’orange

    @fancypantts: I think she’s closer to his age than people think. That, or she’s the oldest looking 24-year old in the history of mankind. She looks at least 38. In some pics, over 40.

  • CNNgetsIT

    CNN poll: 5% of Democrat voters will be voting Republican today. 1% of Republican voters will be voting Democrat.

    CNN trying to suppress this info.

  • twitter

    And like cherry on the top of the cake, Gerard Butler on the flight back to Dubai

  • angelsrock

    @Gotta say:

    There are a multiple of possible scenarios for this photo. But why is he not helping her? He should be carrying that bag. It does not look too heavy, but still………….. Another moment that Gerry needs a good kick in the pants.