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Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler heads down an escalator at LAX Airport on Monday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor was joined by a female who carried a large piece of luggage down to the bottom floor.

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Last week, Gerard was spotted heading through JFK Airport in New York City, taking a flight out of town.

Gerard‘s surfing flick, Chasing Mavericks, is currently playing in theaters around the country. Be sure to check it out while it’s still out!

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  • re romney

    wrong Romney never ran a business. he ran a financial company whose sole purpose is to be concerned with the value of stock. all he cares about is stock. he never ran an actual business. most business people can figure this out. you didn’t study business or work in management so you don’t know any better.
    also he proved he can’t read a balance sheet and income statement when he wanted money to spend on war.

  • re romney

    then the fact that he lacked political experience to manage the presidency and congress. he should feel proud of how close he won but he didn’t deserve the job and wasn’t qualified. america deserves better. and obama is better for the time being.

  • oy

    Why is the bag so large? Don’t they sell condoms in the Middle East?

  • twitter

    @dipeshdepala and @the_qode with Gerard Butler @roger_ dubuis. The party is going to be great!

  • politics

    sexually speaking…libertarians are more evil than democrats. just saying. tom leykis explains your dating values and hate.

  • politics

    does he say women are hags on air?

  • jamie

    In the first interview I ever read with Gerry, the reporter asked him:
    ‘So what kind of kid were you?’
    G: ‘I was a sexy kid.’

    I knew something wasn’t right about him the moment I read that. No one says they were sexy as children. Effing weird if you ask me. Actually, saying the word child/kid and sexy in the same sentence is all kinds of wrong. It says something about him and that is that in his eyes someone can be a sexy child. *shudder, shudder*

  • Kace

    @jamie: Did he say that seriously or was it…. shock horror…. a joke? If you know anything at all about Gerard Butler and interviews, you would know how often he is joking around in them. I lost count of the number of times he would say something followed by “No!! I’m just kidding, don’t put that in!”

  • jamie

    @Kace: Doesn’t matter. It’s inappropriate even as a joke. And even if he was, he never said he was joking.

  • Kace

    @jamie: I dunno, I can let that go. What I can’t let go of, however, is his attitude towards sex and women. It’s totally none of my business though, so it doesn’t matter what I can or cannot let go of :) Just don’t think a little joking is so harmful, that’s all.

  • **


    Lighten up. He was joking.

  • Photo in Dubai
  • Photo in Dubai
  • Newland

    So I guess GB was “joking” when he said that he prefers women who says yes to sex on the first night, as well? Yup, everything can be explained and defended as a joke. When it concerns GB, that is.

  • :o)

    The Daily Mail is calling Gerry out on making his assistant carry his bag….

  • theory

    The reality is many times there is more truth in so called joking than what people actually say. It is always easy to realize you said something inappropriate and cover it up by saying oh I was just joking particularly if the reaction to what you said communicates that you said the wrong thing. Everyone does this, we reveal sometimes more about what we joke because we think we can get away with it unless you get paid to tell jokes and given the huge reaction to some jokes by some comedians a lot of people don’t seem to believe that either. However I think the sexy kid remark was more because he was in fact a rather gangly awkward looking kid and he doesn’t like to really remember that time in his life so his joke shuts down that line of questioning doesn’t it.

  • Dhuh

    @OMG: Ya you can tell from your posts how “nice” you are. lmfao!!

  • Poor Gerry

    @Photo in Dubai: He had to sit down. Poor guy was exhausted from watching Amy schlep his bag all the way to Dubai. He needs to rest up for the party!

  • twitter

    “This is ‘Sparta’” says always witty Gerard Butler in mock tones, wielding the sword.

  • twitter

    Here are Gerard Butler and Kajol in Dubai at the opening of the Roger Dubuis store in Emirates Towers right now!

  • twitter

    Check it out! Hollywood star Gerard Butler and Bollywood superstar Kajol are at Emirates Towers this evening!

  • vs

    Just saw a preview for PFK during “The View”. It was a different trailer than the original one.

  • Where’s ger

    What’s everyone’s guess as to where he’ll go for the next three weeks? Vacay? London for continuation of shag tour? Back to NY?

  • Scarey stupid people!

    @TaxHikesAhead: “Those seniors who voted this chump back in will rue the day they lost all their good medical care. No Medicare and “oops, so sorry, you’re too old for us to fix that broken hip. No nursing homes, either. We won’t pay. Tuff chit.”
    I should have known the multitude of idiots and morons that would flood this site after Obama won the election. Talk about misinformed stupidity! I’ll start with this stupid statement first.
    I don’t know what ignorant source you’re getting your info from but since Obamacare has been put in place, seniors now get free wellness check ups, which had to paid for previously. Medicare originally never paid for everything and you had to buy a supplement (plan B) soon the “donut hole” will be closed allowing seniors to get their meds free as well.

    And as far as nursing homes, again you know nothing. The majority of nursing homes are private, run by wealthy investors, which means they are “for profit”. The government doesn’t run any of them for the exception of medicaid funded ones, which is government subsidised. If you wanted to put your elderly parent in one who needs more care then you can provide yourself in a home environment and they are not terminal and qualify for Hospice care, the only homes available to you are private which will cost YOU and your parent out of pocket. Medicare does not pay ther nursing home fee, just medical care up to a point. Currently, a good perpetual care residential nurshing facility would run you about $4000 a month out of pocket UNLESS your parent qualified for the government funded medicaid program, then it would be $10 per month, unless this has changed in the last ten years. But the way the system has been, your parent would have to be destitute owning no assets like a home or property and have no children that could pay either or have what is called “long term care” insurance which just got implemented since the aging baby boomers. Obama is going to fix that if you give him a chance. We need socialized health care in this country like most other developed countries have like Canada, Europe and most of South America. Your health care is free in those countries so if you get sick or injured, you’re covered. Ask any of our regulars here who live in those countries. In this country, if you don’t have insurance that will pay or you’re wealthy, and that’s the other thing Obamacare has fixed, many insurance companies will pick and choose what they will pay, or you have the money to pay for good health care, you are basically SOL. My SIL died from breast cancer because her health insurance wouldn’t pay for life saving bone marrow transplant. It would cost her over $40,000 which the only alternative they had was to sell their house. This is a sham!

    And insurance companies could drop you if you got what is called a “catastrophic” illness, such as heart disease or cancer, diabetes, etc., which you would need life time care for. Then trying to get another company you would fall under the “pre-existing illness” clauses and be underwritten and your premiums would be unaffordable.

    Women used to pay for birth control pills which can be quite expensive per month. Preventive care will all be covered under Obamacare. You need to get better informed before you spout off about things you don’t know. The only doctors that don’t approve of these changes are the ones who get rich off of people being sick. They are healers, not rock stars and they need to act like it and quit going in to medical practice to get wealthy. I know because I’ve known quite a few like that, not all but a few. They’ll be the ones left out in the cold if they close their practice off to the majority of people under the new plans because there won’t be enough wealthy people to keep their practices going.

    Republicans fight higher taxes because they are aimed at the wealthy and they lead YOU to believe when they say “no higher taxes” that means for you. Again, you are misinformed.

    Many doctors fear the controls put on insurance companies because they can no longer “milk” them. Currently, it would cost you about $22,000 out of your pocket for a simple emergency appendectomy if you don’t have health insurance. This is a fifteen minute procedure unless peritonitis sets in, just for the surgery, not hospital.

    Get informed before you make statements you know little to nothing about.

    I live in a rural area where many of the people here are very ignorant and uneducated many not even graduating highschool. Not everyone but mostly. They are the ones Republicans target because they know they’re ignorant and probably don’t understand the way the system works. They’re easily swayed by fast talk and promises. Again, it’s about getting intelligent information and being informed. I suggest you stop listening to other people whine and read up on the facts.

  • Scarey stupid people!

    @Manny: “You really don’t know anything about the profession. Let alone what a nurse makes in the ER. ”
    Emergency medicine/triage IS a specialty, especially if you are a nurse manager or head nurse. The pay is pretty good. My ex DIL is a psych nurse earning around $80 grand a year to start, part time. Not too shabby really. Another reason our health insurance is so high.

  • Scarey stupid people!

    @DocP: :When i was in undergraduate school i worked in the Med school. We had one physician who was know for his tyrades. He threw a scalpel across the room once because the nurse gave him the wrong type of cotton pad. Doctors can be the most arrogant, even worse than most actors you know.”
    We used to have a “code white” when a doc got out of hand in the OR. What you say is true, of some, not all. Many suffer from God complexes, just like many actors do.

  • Pumpkin Pie with Wip Creme

    @Scarey stupid people!:

    And who do you think is going to pay for all those wonderful things that you say Obamacare is going to provide. Taxpayers—–Oh no wait—-we will just borrow the money from China for 5+% interest compounded daily.

  • Scarey stupid people!

    @LOL: “They deserve the government they get. I have no sympathy for this country”
    Then why don’t you move out of it! I’m sure you won’t be missed!

  • twitter
  • Scarey stupid people!

    @Pumpkin Pie with Wip Creme: I’d rather pay a bit higher taxes and get better health care then $1200 PER MONTH for health insurance with a $5000 deductable on it! You’re missing the whole point. The taxes that are increased on the wealthy will help cover it along with other revenues like cig taxes, gambling, etc. Right now, there are so many loop holes in the tax laws for the wealthy that they pay less then the middle class.

    Either you have insurance through an employer or you are covered by your parents plan and haven’t a clue what’s going on! Oh and that’s another thing Obama implemented. Now kids can be covered by their parent’s plan up to the age of 26 if living at home and full time student. You’re a silly, stupid person and it’s “whip” not wip.

  • twitter

    Butler’s b’day plan: “I wanted to be in India to celebrate, went to get visa in Dubai. They were excited to see me but didn’t give visa.”

  • twitter
  • TaxHikesAhead

    @Scarey stupid people!: But you aren’t GETTING BETTER CARE! Obamacare is a program that provides substandard care especially to seniors like yourself who don’t know any better. He created this mess so that he could buy off the bums and illegals’ votes.

    It’s so hard dealing with ignorant leftists. You aren’t smart enough to know you’ve been used for your vote. Now that he’s back in power for another term, he’ll dump on you, too. Good luck!

  • hahahaha!

    “Gerard has to carry that giant bag around so he can pay Madalina Ghenea’s allowance. God forbid that he not keep her on the hook with publicity and favors and she move on to Jude Law the way that she moved on to him after being cut off by Leo DiCaprio and Adrien Brody! Would be a shame if the bloke had to hook yet another girl young enough to be his daughter.”

  • twitter

    Hanging out with Gerard Butler of a Wednesday in Dubai.

  • twitter

    I FINALLY met Gerard Butler!!!!!! #dream

  • twitter

    Gerard Butler and Kajol dancing Indian style # changingthelightbulb at @ RogerDubuis party – SG

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” – Matthew 7:3-5

  • ugh

    LMAO, so this guy is doing celeb endorsing for a buck now?Nooooooo.

    what the hel/l happenned?

    I bet he is leasing his homes in LA and NY to cash flow his lifesyle,and I suppose he could always sell his watches too.WSome of those are worth well over 100 grand.

    Someone mentioned he needs to get out of his diva mode and start working as something other than a leading man. As a former phannie I couldn’t agree more. Look for good scripts and good actors to work with.

    Better to be in a great film as a supporting actor than a flop as a leading man.

  • Rapscallion

    @ugh: Couldn’t agree more. You made a good point about his homes, also. I’ve been thinking that he must be renting them out for quite awhile now, because even when he’s in town he appears to be staying in hotels. He could get a good chunk if he’s leasing them as vacation rentals.

  • Susie


    With all due respect, you really don’t know what is going on in Gerard’s personal life! Also, do you think he is the only movie star that does endorsements for products around the world? Ah, there’s Brad Pitt and George Clooney for starters. They do it all the time. As far as his career goes, I’m sure Gerry and his team are working all the time behind the scenes on reading scripts, meeting with people in the business and doing whatever actors do to get film roles and/or produce movies. People around here need to get off their high horses and quit bashing him constantly.

  • Turkey and Dressing

    Can some of you international travelers tell me why he would be denied a Visa to India.

  • just guessing

    @Turkey and Dressing: Perhaps he’s unable to show a good reason to go there. Maybe he misbehaved in some way the last time he was there? And maybe he is just saying that because Bollywood people were in Dubai. He does tell people what he thinks they want to hear.

  • *
  • Really?


    Says a legitimate rape supporter.

  • Traveler

    @Turkey and Dressing: Could be something as simple as the person who reviewed the application being in a bad mood that day. It could be a previous overstay, an occupational issue (if they think he might work while there when he’s supposed to be vacationing), his UK/US “permanent address” issue, and on and on. Or they may not even tell you the reason. Frankly, I agree with “just guessing” and think he was bs’ing to impress some Bollywoodians at the party (at least that was my first gut reaction). I wish he was going, because three weeks in a retreat/ashram would do him a world of good, imo.

  • Scout

    Gerry is going to be over the moon – Celtic just beat Barcelona, considered the best team in the world – major upset in The Champions League.

  • #332

    Looking very handsome Mr. Butler.

  • Crystal

    She’s his PA. She should be carrying it. She gets paid for it.

  • littlebirdie

    @Scarey stupid people!:

    This is not the place for a political debate but you are entitled to your opinion even if it is wrong. Time will prove if you are as smart as you think you are.