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Jude Law: 'Dom Hemingway' Set with Madalina Ghenea!

Jude Law: 'Dom Hemingway' Set with Madalina Ghenea!

Jude Law flashes a smile as he rocks slicked back hair and big sideburns on the set of his new film Dom Hemingway on Monday (November 5) in London, England.

The 39-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Madalina Ghenea as they began filming the Richard Shepard-directed drama.

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In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Jude‘s upcoming thriller Side Effects also starring Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law and Madalina Ghenea on the set of Dom Hemingway

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jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 01
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 02
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 03
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 04
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 05
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 06
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 07
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 08
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 09
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 10
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 11
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 12
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 13
jude law dom hemingway set with madalina ghenea 14

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  • Ashley

    No offense, but she has such an ugly face…her body is great though…

  • Lou

    You are too hot. Jude, will you marry me? Please?

  • ann

    yep,she is romanian! and she looks very gooodddd

  • hategerardnewgirl

    Watch out, Gerard!

  • The Lady is a Tramp

    Madalina Ghenea is such a terrible example for young women. She’s only known for her modeling in Italy and Romania, and it’s pretty much soft porn modeling at that in nothing but lingerie and bikinis. The only thing she’s known for outside of Italy and Romania is sleeping with Leo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody and now Gerard Butler. But then BOOM! She’s in a movie with Jude Law? When other actresses have been training and paying their dues for such opportunities? Now how did she manage to get to the top of the list over all those other girls, I wonder.
    She should just tattoo “stripping for cameras and trading sex for favors is A-OK” on her forehead. Horrible thing for girls to see.

  • Jes

    @The Lady is a Tramp:
    Finally, someone speaks the truth. And I still can’t believe that in Romania she is worshiped as a God only because she managed to arrive at Hollywood. and sleep with celebrities. She basically spent half of her life in Italy, so why should we care about her? And I hate it so much when people in my country call her “a new Sophia Loren”….

  • Ellen

    looking forward to see emilia clarke in this movie

  • Amy

    @The Lady is a Tramp: I know right?!? I had never heard of her other than being Leo DiCaprio’s shag in Australia but then I read in something about Gerard Butler that she’s with him now less than year later! He says something in the interview about having a good feeling when he met her and inviting her to Iceland. Was the good feeling that he had she’d say yes to going to Iceland with him despite having just met him because she said yes to Australia right after meeting Leo DiCaprio? I googled her after reading that and saw that she somehow fit in Adrien Brody between Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler all in the same year! I don’t care what’s normal in a particular circle. Girls who sleep their way to top may as well send us all to the Dark Ages. It’s so demeaning to women.

  • shame

    @The Lady is a Tramp & @Amy – that kind of behavior makes Madalina Ghenea hideous. The men who go along with it too.
    @Ellen – Love Emilia Clarke! That is what I call an amazing and respectable actress. She’s spent her entire life developing her craft and I’m so happy to see her doing so well. She has earned her success the right way.

  • hohum

    wrong facts again JJ, don’t you check your own archives

    Filming on this movie started 3 weeks ago in St. Tropez., they may have just started filming in London

  • bitly

    @The Lady is a Tramp:

    hi peppatty, why so bitter?

  • Nonsense

    I see Gerard Butler’s “fans” have permeated this thread as they do his with vile comments about his girlfriend.

  • Is she preggers?

    Sure looks it in the second pic

  • bitly


    very sad….

  • Jes

    Trust me, I am not a Gerald Butler fan and I really don’t care who is he dating because I know it won’t last. But I am very upset that she is more famous than, let’s say Anna Kendrick or other actress with potential talent. Maybe other actress with studies and school wanted the role, but didn’t get it because of her…

  • bitly


    yeah right, we believe you

  • ana

    Seriously, why should she lie about that?

  • Jes

    Can’t believe I am arguing here over Madalina Ghenea. Think what you want, I still don’t like her (or Gerald Butler). How do we say in Romania – Pa.

  • food for thought too

    Wonder what the Jude Law fans would say if he was/is her next celebrity boyfriend though? Probably the same as Leo DiCaprio and Butler fans. I think Brody fans missed that plot and he’s openly seen with his current woman. It’s like a fun game of musical girlfriends and boyfriends or is it pass the potato.

  • Sense

    @Nonsense: And I see that the POS troll that tries to sell this broad is trying to permeate this board with it’s bs. Sorry, won’t work.

  • lori

    Is she playing a tranny hooker?

  • Pass the potato

    So is Jude tappin’ it yet? Tick, tock…

  • Jess K.

    Which one is Jude Law?

  • Ben

    She gives good head…that’s why she is where she is…don’t understand why everyone still questions her oh so sudden rise to fame…

  • No wonder

    @Pass the potato: That’s probably why GB looks so miserable lately. He knows what’s comin’. Karmic, really.

  • Pen & Ink

    It’s revolting that she wears fur. Hope that fur jacket isn’t dog fur from China.

  • Eva

    Those who would like to change place with Maddy raise u arm. I would , she is sexy!!!

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………

    I hate to say it but I think Gerry is but a stepping stone for this girl. She knows the real story about her is out. I think she’ll wind up with someone with alot more money and who at least APPEARS more respectable than Gerry. Some Trump like figure. The situation about Gerry moving through his his tawdry circle of “friends” to get to Leo in the 1st place dating his supposedly good buddy adrien between him and Leo and how she got her recent acting parts really doesnt look good at all. Some image consciencious older rich dude will snatch her up as a trophy wife. She’s not gonna settle with Gerry……I just hope he’s prepared.

  • this is a joke

    When you think of all the actresses out there who are trying to be chosen.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………


    Nope.Remember her reputation goes along with it!

  • Tatiana

    Im really suprised she got this role as i remember watching her on dancing with the stars type show and she was annoying as hell couldnt dance for peanuts and used to cry when she was given criticism in her own country people hardly respect her or think shes breath taking gorgeous she milks the situtaion out every famous guys she hooks up with maybe thats her request in exchange for…….

  • legends

    Wow . . . bunch of bitter old hags, today (and, I suspect, more than a few catty old queens). She’s lovely and so is G. Be original and show some class, for a change!

  • casandra

    I used to think Jude Law is sexy..not anymore

  • Madalina Ghenea is NOT Romania

    Madalina Ghenea is not God in Romania! We are not like her! We are not sluts or mail brides or trash. We don’t like that she makes these stories look real. Romanian TV calls her a prostitute because she makes it from rich man to rich man to rich man and that’s her fame. We do not like that image. We are not that image. We hope for someone in Hollywood who changes that image of east European women not makes it real. Men in Romania like others like her for sex and skin she shows. Websites like that. Not women. We don’t like being typed as people think and she makes real.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude’s gotten right into character. looks great as ever…

  • shambolic

    Whoa, this is a different role for Jude! Me likey!

  • italianbabyblue

    @Madalina Ghenea is NOT Romania: i concur! Eastern european women already get a bad enough rep, which is very unfair imo.madalina ghenea does this image no favours at all, she actually propels it even further. she is playing up to every bad stereotype of eastern european women being whor/es and using rich men to get ahead in life, too much plastic surgery and too many lies and extreme dishonesty in referring to herself. it seems most everything about her is fake, breasts, lips even her butt came from nowhere, over night. her face has changed considerably in a few years and she lies about her age. i have more respect for Lindsey lohan tbh and i’m not kidding.

    all the publicity about Romania being in love with her is put out by her pr as Romania seem to be ashamed of her now. Romania have so many talented Actresses it’s a shame a plastic model who bed hops is getting this role. i hope the truth continues to comes out about her and others like her, using sex to get ahead instead of talent and hard work is a bad message to give out.

    she sure isnt very well liked so i assume people are figuring it out. i hope the same happens with other women/men like this.

  • italianbabyblue

    @Jes: It’s an insult to Sophia loren. she is natural beauty and real talent. I do wish actors/models these days would stop being compared with the greats of Hollywood. we want someone unique and incomparable to emerge not copycats like madalina.

  • Eloisa

    Looks a great role for Jude! what a chameleon, transforming role after role. He gets better with age.

    Too bad only pics from the costar model (what a cliche) and not even one with Damien Bichir or Richard E. Grant.

    BTW, funny how many “specialized” sites know the name of tabloids models who became “actress” and in the other hand called Demian Bichir, an academy nominated actor, a friend of Jude…… what a shame.

  • Gerry? I doubt it ………

    @Madalina Ghenea is NOT Romania:

    I’m sure not everyone judges Romanian or all Eastern European women as being like this girl. There are women just like her all over the world unfortunately. Ex Governor of NY Eliot Spitzer’s ex prostitute/mistress Natalie Dupre is now pregnant by a very rich construction tycoon and they are now ‘engaged.’ Whether she marries him or not she’s set for life financially. They ALL learn to wheel and deal dont they?

  • Aussie

    You guys are full of hate! If it wasn’t Madalina it would have been some other girl that would’ve got the role.For ex. a Angelina type of girl,who was born in a rich & famous family and who has great contacts in the film industry because she had the luck to be born in the right family&the right country.I’m not sure you would have been as critical of her as you are in Madalina’s case.Maybe she heard about this movie because of her entourage but i don’t think she would have got the part if she had no acting talent! So,stop being so biting and wait to see,maybe she is a good actress.Stop hating her for dating Leonardo or Gerard !I bet each woman on the planet would have accepted dating them,if these guys would have ever approached her!!!

  • Exactly!

    @Aussie: “If it wasn’t Madalina it would have been some other girl that would’ve got the role.”

    Exactly! Hopefully one who is an actual ACTRESS and not a girl making a name for herself by spreading her legs for men in photos and in bed. The comments saying it’s degrading to women to put her ahead of other actresses when that’s how she’s becoming famous are absolutely right. I hope no girl sees this and decides that this is the kind of thing she has to do to be successful too.

  • Weirdo

    I’m kinda on board with that too. I mean think about it, IS it that hard for these guys to get sex? Seriously Leo and GB can throw a feather and it will hit a woman nearby that will sleep with them.
    These guys are agreeing to be photographed with her sexy self for whatever reason. Someone is promoting her. If she was bangin the entire cast and crew and casting directors, okay then maybe you can call that sleeping to the top. But there is a reason for all of this. I just don’t know what it is.

  • Male Hollywood

    Madalina Ghenea isn’t the only one deserving reproach here. Don’t forget that she can only make a path for herself this way if there are men wiling to give her what it is that she’s seeking in exchange. It’s a shame that there are still blatant chauvinists in Hollywood like Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler who don’t think about how their behavior with regard to women who use these tactics disrespects women in general. You would think that they would be particularly sympathetic given how many actors struggle to make it in the industry.
    Gerard Butler seems to have a serious disregard for the dignity of women. The story in several forums is that the backdrop of him meeting Madalina Ghenea during the shoot for a commercial is completely cooked up, and that they were actually together both before the commercial shoot and before Madalina was cast in the commercial. Actresses cite a SAG casting notice for the part that Madalina got in the commercial that was posted in June after she and Gerard Butler started a sexual relationship. They’re understandably pissed that it appears that Madalina slept her way into that commercial. They’re also pissed because they don’t know how she would be a member of SAG eligible for the part since she had not yet appeared in a US production.
    Even if that’s not all true, the appearance of it is a slap in the face to women and struggling actresses and one would think that someone like Gerard Butler would have enough care for his fellow actors to be sensitive to such things. Especially when he has the audacity to seek good PR by participating in campaigns that appear to contradict his actual behavior, like this:
    Not all currency is cash.

  • Aussie


    What are you talking about?”not a girl making a name for herself by spreading her legs for men in photos and in bed”???
    Almost every celebrity woman has posed in sexy,appealing outfits!!!Why this hate toward Madalina and not the others who had done the same thing?Is it because you see she is desired by great names in Hollywood?Or is it because she is romanian?Or because you’re a Gerard Butler fan who hates anyone he is dating???how about Charlize Theron,Halle Berry,Cameron Diaz,Marilyn Monroe etc????They all starting their career in modelling posing sexy in magazine!!!!

  • Aussie

    *started their career

  • Exactly!

    Yeah, and Marilyn Monroe was treated so well by Hollywood and was so well respected as a result of it right? Over-exposing herself really worked out well for her in the end didn’t it? You pretty much prove our point by suggesting that MM’s story is one that girls should seek to emulate (smh).

    There’s a difference between modeling for fashion magazines and what Madalina Ghenea has done. There’s a reason why Madalina Ghenea’s modeling photos are featured on pornography websites. She models for the prurient interest, not for fashion. But if Charlize Theron and Halle Berry did that kind of modeling I would say the same thing — that’s not the message that women should get about how to be successful.

    Cameron Diaz is actually one of the actresses who understands how degrading this all is to women very well. She made the mistake of taking nude and nearly nude photos that were not fashion photos when she was trying to get a break in the business and has been fighting legal battles to keep them from being released by the photographer who wants to cash in now that she’s famous for YEARS. Diaz realizes how it would make her look if the photos were released and how it sends the wrong message about women being willing to degrade themselves to make it in HW. She’s spoken about those issues openly.

    I support actresses who hone their craft and get ahead by talent, not cheaper means. I had similar thoughts when Brooklyn Decker was cast in Battleship with the mere qualification of having appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I’m sure there are actual actresses who could have and would have been great in that part. But at least BD was famous internationally for that and not who she’s slept with which is the only reason that anyone has heard of Madalina Ghenea.

    I’ve said my part on this. Disagree if you like.

  • Aussie
  • Aussie
  • lol, beetch please.

    If you can’t tell the artful difference of his photo –
    from this photo –
    Then it’s no wonder you don’t understand why some women are put off by how Madalina Ghenea and her ilk go about their careers.