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Barack Obama Wins Presidential Election 2012!

Barack Obama Wins Presidential Election 2012!

Barack Obama has defeated Mitt Romney and is projected to be elected to serve a second term as the President of the United States!

The 51-year-old incumbent president’s success in the election came with winning many of the swing states, including Iowa, Ohio, and New Hampshire.

The Obamas celebrated the win in his home state of Illinois and he is expected to give his victory speech later tonight in Chicago. Check back for the official results and President Obama‘s speech.

ARE YOU HAPPY that President Obama will serve a second term?

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156 Responses to “Barack Obama Wins Presidential Election 2012!”

  1. 1


  2. 2
    Karen Says:

    umm, congrats? i guess

  3. 3
    t Says:

    My uterus and I are screaming: HALLELUJAH

  4. 4
    cami Says:


  5. 5
    gina Says:

    HELL YEAH!! And he got Ohio AND Florida!!!! So happy! Women everywhere should be celebrating!

  6. 6
    I called it! Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m VERY pleased :P

  7. 7
    Me3 Says:

    The economy isn’t bad enough. Lets make it worse. 4 more years. UGH!

  8. 8
    nguyen tran gia linh Says:

    Yes OBAMA Is The BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    Heather Says:

    yeah obama

  10. 10
    eric Says:


  11. 11
    Me3 Says:


    But that murdered baby isnt quite so happy.

  12. 12
    gina Says:

    Hey, Mitt Romney it was God purpose for you to LOSE! So funny how his party [ republican ] said it was Gods intention for women to be raped! ERKK boo!!!!!!

  13. 13
    cudo Says:

    im not even american and im crying! ahah Good work America!

  14. 14
    bdj Says:

    Alright Obama re-elected. USA, USA USA

  15. 15
    Count! Says:

    It’s a premature call..they are even saying so themselves…he hasn’t won yet

  16. 16
    Me3 Says:

    Stupid people. So depressing.

  17. 17
    Sara Says:

    FUUUUCK YES!!!!!!!

  18. 18
    Mamadukes Says:

    We have been saved! VIVA OBAMA!

  19. 19
    Steph Says:

    Americans are soooo stupid. They only get what they deserve

  20. 20
    Farrah Says:

    FUUUCCCKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to breathe!!!!!

  21. 21
    Me3 Says:

    Saved? Um. He has been in for 4 painful years. We are doomed. Economy sucks. Will only get worse.

  22. 22
    jake Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all of the immature comments on here. Congrats on the win. I didn’t vote for him simply because of his economic record, so he damn well better change something.

  23. 23
    Preeti Says:

    Yay!! I’m not American but I am soooo happy!!!

  24. 24
    Noway Says:

    He will only make things worse. The country is going down the drain. Thanks liberals.

  25. 25
    Yesssssassasz Says:

    Today women showed that they do, in fact, RUN THE WORLD!!!

  26. 26 Says:


  27. 27
    Sal Says:

    Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  28. 28
    Congrats!!!! Says:

    As a Canadian, I am beyond thrilled!!! President Barack Obama believes in equality and treats people with R-E-S-P-E-CT regardless of who you are or what you believe!

  29. 29
    Obama! Obama! Obama! Says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Thank You America for not allowing the Republicans to bully you into voting for Romney. They were depending on the theory that “Americans have a short memory” and it back fired! We haven’t forgotten who got the USA in this mess and we know it don’t take 4 years to clean up a 8 year mess that pushed into decades of debt! Now let’s hope the Republicans in the House and Senate will see that America means busiiness and work with the Democrats and our President on behalf of the people who voted for them.

  30. 30
    angeline Says:

    USA USA USA. The right candidate won.

  31. 31
    Noway Says:

    Just wait. The bad economy will trickle down to you too. Matter of time. Then we all will live off the government. But nobody will be paying taxes.

  32. 32
    amanda Says:

    you people didn’t honestly think he could fix the economy in 4 years did you? every economist has stated that it would take 10-12 years to dig out of the hole we are….get real, Obama put us on the right track, but even the next president will be fighting an uphill battle…..pick up a book once in a while

  33. 33
    Sarah Says:

    I am so sick I want to throw up. But on the bright side- I get to get me some free birth control. Since I’m a woman, I should be happy because all that matters is my uterus.

  34. 34
    aabi Says:

    yessss extremily happppy

  35. 35
    Noway Says:

    A book? Many will tell you that big government does not work. Watch the stock market. Watch unmployment get worse. Watch reality.

  36. 36
    jmho Says:


  37. 37
    aabi Says:

    extremily hppppppy yeaghhh

  38. 38
    vulgar & obscene Says:

    let us all have a thought for Beyonce creaming her pants somewhere at this very moment and Katy Perry getting a special golden shower of the victory oh yeaaaah USA USA!!!

  39. 39
    pup Says:

    Wow. Beyond disappointed in my fellow americans. What short term memories you have. Benghazi, unemployment, the economy, higher taxes ring a bell? Canada, here I come!

  40. 40
    Stupidliberals Says:

    Im going to sleep because i need to get up and look for a job. Two years of looking. Companies will not respond well to this. Im screwed. No hope. College educated with experience, but no hope. I hate this! But oh, i can kill a baby if i want. Yippee.

  41. 41
    Kk Says:

    Yes…Barack Obama. Very good. And I aint even American. That other guy was friggin’ creepy.

  42. 42
    Halli Says:

    WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!
    The WORLD breathes a sigh of relief. Good going America!

    Love from Canada :)

  43. 43
    Xo Says:

    Voted for the first time today for him! Soooo happy!

  44. 44
    jasmine Says:

    Oprah, Jayz, beyounce, and the celebs, the filthy rich celebs are happy. After all they get invited to the white house. How many of you leaving comments been invited. This prez does like to be and hang with celebs.

  45. 45
    Romney Supporter Says:

    This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy. Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before. Obama is the anti-Christ.

    Homosexuals stop living in sin!

  46. 46
    Kathy Says:

    Jobs are more important than anything and obama fails. Bad news.

  47. 47
    HAPPY!!!!! Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    Lou Says:

    YESSSSSS :D!!!!

  49. 49
    Demet Says:

    i’m not even american and i’m crying, i’m so happy! GO OBAMA!!!

  50. 50
    LooseLipz Says:

    The tribe has spoken…Obama yeah!
    Mitt can go back to his cave now.

  51. 51
    Guest Says:

    @Noway: You’re a douche. Stop trying to rain down on our parade and take your loss with class. Then again, that’s too much to ask from a Republican. Romney doesn’t even want to step up to the podium. He only prepared a victory speech LOL!!!

  52. 52
    Susan Says:

    How can America be this stupid? I am shocked and disgusted. We should split the country in half and let the liberals ruin their own country. I will choose the side with the better economy that doesn’t punish success. They’ll wise up eventually and come begging to be let in.

  53. 53
    Romney = Joke Says:

    Good result today! Your tears are delicious Romney supporters. DELICIOUS!

  54. 54
    Heather Says:

    His win is our loss. We will all lose. Some have. More will follow. Relly stupid choice.

  55. 55
    Anna Says:

    From a 22 year old British woman who has graduated University and is about to start making her way in the world with a job offer in America, i say thank you to the American people. You have shown the whole world what a truly amazing country you are. I really cannot wait to start my adult life in the great US of A !

  56. 56
    Karl Rove Says:

    Not so fast…….

  57. 57
    Heather Says:


    That would be amazing. Let them have whatever half they want. I will stay far away.

  58. 58
    Guy Says:

    I’m going to keep my mind open, I think Republican or Democrat we have to do that. Instead of focusing on what divides us why not try focusing on what unites us? You hear, “conservatives are this…” Liberals are that…” But when it all comes down to it, not one person and not one way of government will aid all, there needs to be more communication and less unproductive activity such as name calling and berating of others for having an opinion. Obama got 4 more years, we can’t change that, what we can do however is adapt by making sure we become active in raising the morale of American citizens and encouraging them to think about EVERYONE and not just whats best for them. Forgive me for getting preachy but I hate the fighting, it solves absolutely nothing. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and no one is weaker in intelligence, morality, finance, or faith because of what party they lean to. Remember it starts with the people, if we see it fit, we need to stand up against what’s not the best for this country and rigt now, what really isn’t best is all the arguing. Don’t focus on what we can’t change, focus on what we can for the future.

  59. 59
    Sal Says:


  60. 60
    Poilk Says:

    America is too dumb to know what high unemployment really means.

  61. 61
    Nojobs Says:

    Whats good for this country is more jobs. If you hurt corporations, you will not get more jobs. Not rocket science.

  62. 62
    Whatever Says:

    Let them celebrate. In 2 years, they will regret thir stupidity.

  63. 63
    amanda Says:

    @susan…yea cause the republicans didn’t do anything to put us in an economic hole right? (that’s sarcasm in case it doesnt show through since im on a computer)

  64. 64
    Cabbie Says:

    I’M SO HAPPY. #Forward.
    Americans are happy. This is why I love America.

  65. 65
    Dab Says:

    Good luck trying o get a job now.

  66. 66
    reggie Says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!

  67. 67
    Macy Says:

    i’m not American and i’m so happy, won someone who respects every single person, thank you!

  68. 68
    ex nihilo Says:

    whooooooooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fade into obscurity Romney, and take Eddie Munster w/you!


  69. 69
    Kaya Says:

    The world is breathing a sigh of relief. Four more years.

  70. 70
    ex nihilo Says:

    Thank God Obama will get to continue to build on his accomplishments!! Go forward, USA!!

    1. Passed Health Care Reform: After five presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance, signed the Affordable Care Act (2010). It covers 32 million uninsured Americans beginning in 2014 and mandates a suite of experimental measures to cut health care cost growth, the number one cause of America’s long-term fiscal problems.

    2. Passed the Stimulus: Signed $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid greatest recession since the Great Depression. Weeks after stimulus went into effect, unemployment claims began to subside. Twelve months later, the private sector began producing more jobs than it was losing, and it has continued to do so for twenty-three straight months, creating in excess of 3.7 million new private-sector jobs.

    3. Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the financial sector after its practices caused the Great Recession. The new law tightens capital requirements on large banks and other financial institutions, requires derivatives to be sold on clearinghouses and exchanges, mandates that large banks provide “living wills” to avoid chaotic bankruptcies, limits their ability to trade with customers’ money for their own profit, and creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (now headed by Richard Cordray) to crack down on abusive lending products and companies.

    4. Ended the War in Iraq: Ordered all U.S. military forces out of the country. Last troops left on December 18, 2011.

    5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: From a peak of 101,000 troops in June 2011, U.S. forces are now down to 91,000, with 23,000 slated to leave by the end of summer 2012. According to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the combat mission there will be over by next year.

    6. Eliminated Osama bin laden: In 2011, ordered special forces raid of secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in which the terrorist leader was killed and a trove of al-Qaeda documents was discovered.

    7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry: In 2009, injected $62 billion in federal money (on top of $13.4 billion in loans from the Bush administration)
    into ailing GM and Chrysler in return for equity stakes and agreements for massive restructuring. Since bottoming out in 2009, the auto industry has added more than 100,000 jobs.
    In 2011, the Big Three automakers all gained market share for the first time in two decades. The government expects to lose $16 billion of its investment, less if the price of the
    GM stock it still owns increases.

    8. Recapitalized Banks: In the midst of financial crisis, approved controversial Treasury Department plan to lure private capital into the country’s largest banks via “stress tests” of their balance sheets and a public-private fund to buy their “toxic” assets. Got banks back on their feet at essentially zero cost to the government.

    9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Ended 1990s-era restriction and formalized new policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military for the first time.

    10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi: In March 2011, joined a coalition of European and Arab governments in military action, including air power and naval blockade, against Gaddafi regime to defend Libyan civilians and support rebel troops. Gaddafi’s forty-two-year rule ended when the dictator was overthrown and killed by rebels on October 20, 2011. No American lives were lost.

    11. Told Mubarak to Go: On February 1, 2011, publicly called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to accept reform or step down, thus weakening the dictator’s position and putting America on the right side of the Arab Spring. Mubarak ended thirty-year rule when overthrown on February 11.

  71. 71
    OBAMA Says:

    ——–New president! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSS!

  72. 72
    Congratulations Says:

    ¨°º¤ø„ BARACK „ø¤º°¨
    ¸„ø¤º°¨OBAMA “°º¤ø„¸

  73. 73
    Isha Says:

    @Xo: I remember the first time I voted! So proud of you Xo, you are our hope and future!!! OBAMA-OBAMA-OBAMA…

  74. 74
    Athena Women Toys Says:

    Yes, The Economy is improving and we will be better off now at AthenaToysDotCom

  75. 75

    Some democratic system.

  76. 76
    Dana Says:

    Congrats to the USA for the right decision. A president the world is willing to support.

  77. 77
    Isha Says:


  78. 78
    Putin Says:

    I’m so happy now…

  79. 79
    sorry day Says:

    @gina: i”m a woman and I sure am not celebrating. If you had a son or daughter in the military, you would not be celebrating either.

  80. 80
    porquenon Says:


    Perhaps you’d have better luck finding a job if you improved your grammar and spelling skills. Obama has lowered interest rates on student loans – take advantage.

  81. 81
    Isha Says:


  82. 82
    oh well Says:

    horrible horrible horrible horrible. Put your savings in a shoe box under the bed or obama willl come for it to fund more giveaways.

  83. 83
    lucy Says:

    To Count

    President Obama has 303 Electoral College votes; he only need 270 to win. Any questions?

  84. 84
    lucy Says:

    to Noway,

    Think of this as payback for inflicting George W. Bush on America.

  85. 85
    mary Says:

    To Romney supporter @ 11/06/2012 at 11:48 pm

    You and your friends are the reason I voted against Mitt Romney and for President Obama.

  86. 86
    bleh Says:

    meh Osama> Obama or Romney, same **** different smell.

    America is officially doomed now, good luck with your free rights now haha

    Dumb ass yanks, ah I forgot the only good thing you got out of this is a Obama phone!

  87. 87
    mary Says:

    sorry day,

    I have to brothers serving in the military; one is an officer on a ship and the second is an army officer who is not in the United States. For reasons that should be obvious, I am more than celebrating.

  88. 88
    chris Says:

    Four more boring years with this twerp.

  89. 89
    lucy Says:

    To Count

    You are listening to Mitt Romney’s concession speech now?

  90. 90
    LOL Says:

    @porquenon: “Perhaps you’d have better luck finding a job if you improved your grammar and spelling skills. Obama has lowered interest rates on student loans – take advantage.” LMAO!!!!! Good one!!

  91. 91
    Love the Democrats Says:


  92. 92

    Go ahead and celebrate the high gas prices, no jobs and the high taxes that will come from Obama care. You fools just destroyed America. I predict Obama will have to answer for the cover up in Bengazi and the Americans who were killed. Its not over and Obama will be impeached. He lied to the American people. I’m afraid of what else he is lying about. The gas prices were at 1.98 when Bush left office and its now close to 4.00. Fools

  93. 93
    tina Says:

    @sorry day: I was in the military and I’m celebrating.

  94. 94
    Isha Says:

    Singing… It’s all over— call it a day— The 47% + have sent Romney and his camp home for 4 more years.

  95. 95

    @LOL Do you hear how stupid you sound. You just said take advantage of lower student loans, how is this going to help you when you can not find a job to even pay for your student loans because Obama has no plans on how to create jobs. This obamacare is not free. You stupid idiots. We are going to be taxed for it and paying for other peoples welfare. We could have elected a man who was going to create jobs and build the economy. You believed the crap Obama said about the rich paying more taxes. I have news for you stupid people, its not that many rich people in America to cover this debt. Obama is going to come out with his real plan and that is to tax the middle class to pay for his welfare programs and for people sitting on their butts doing nothing with their lives. America is crying now.

  96. 96
    on concession speech Says:


    shoulda come up with a better choice than romney. i’m republican and even i voted for obama

  97. 97
    Isha Says:

    @OBAMA WILL BE IMPEACHED: You Republican will never learn. The old days and ways of Karl Rove are a thing of the past. The scare tactics and excessive lying no longer works… Obama will not get impeached, you are just angry and hoping for the worst since Romney did not win. Get over it… OBAMA 4 More Years !!!

  98. 98
    lucy Says:

    OBAMA WILL BE IMPEACHED@ 11/07/2012 at 1:08 am

    Only in your right wing dreams. Democrats still control the Senate. Now, take a page out of Mitt Romney’s playbook and accept defeat graciously.

  99. 99
    on concession speech Says:

    you better come with a good choice for 2020 because you don’t have my vote in 2016 either.

  100. 100
    Truth wins Says:

    Yayyyyeee…. no Mormon Yoke on this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. 101
    on concession speech Says:

    i directed #99 to bitter republicans. i’m republican and i am not happy with the party. they better come up with better choices in candidates come 2020.

  102. 102
    Natty Says:

    get ready for fema concentration camps..

  103. 103
    crazy statements Says:

    O@tina: OH yeah, celebrate lack of funding for simple needs and equipment and celebrate the lowering of esteem around the world. If you are intimating that under obam there won’t be military maneuvers for real, OK. But then what a sad, sad, sad, day for this nation. A bunch of girlie soldiers, heaving a sigh of relief that what they signed on for won’t have to be faced. No protecting their nation. Hide under the covers, now, sweetie. Boo. You deserve what you’ll get.

  104. 104

    @lucy: Obama will have to answer for what happened in Libya. It’s not over. Don’t celebrate to fast and I’m not right wing, I’m a democrat. He will be impeached. Obama knew in real time this was a terrorist attack not a fake protest from a made up 15 minute movie. He who laughs first does not get the laugh last.

  105. 105
    Dave Franco Says:

    He WON Ohio and Florida. That is huge. Obama has still a lot of work to do but I have faith.

  106. 106
    ko Says:

    why are people so excited? he didn’t have competition, i really wish a strong republican was up against him to make him respond instead of just hitting romney with witty comebacks.

    well.. good luck america

  107. 107
    Dave Franco Says:

    @exnihilo Great post.

    @KO Ron Paul would have given a good run.

  108. 108
    Isha Says:

    @OBAMA WILL BE IMPEACHED: No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop the celebration!!!

  109. 109
    on concession speech Says:


    ding the tea partier.

  110. 110
    on concession speech Says:

    hey natty,
    I think you got kool aid in your tea pot
    throw it out!

  111. 111
    ko Says:

    @Dave Franco: yeah i thought that, too. I’ve heard him speak live and he makes other republicans sh<t themselves

  112. 112
    on concession speech Says:

    natty, if a military president gets in there would be fema concentration camps but obama won.
    your tea party is the war party.
    not interested.

  113. 113
    Putin Says:

    He promised he would have more flexibility with me after the election…I’m taking him up on his offer and giving him a congratulatory call ;)

  114. 114
    on concession speech Says:

    consider kool aid dumped for half of america. get out of the tea party if you value your life.

  115. 115
    Martial Law Says:


  116. 116
    on concession speech Says:

    i actually like putin. the real one.

  117. 117
    ally Says:

    @pup first of all, Canada’s policies are similar to Obama’s. secondly, stay the hell away, no one wants horrible people like you.

  118. 118
    lucy Says:


    Just as GW Bush was impeached for lying about WMD in Iraq? You needed PO to come out and tell you that the attack was real! tell me, were you also upset that he didn’t contact you first before taking out OBL as well. PO is not required to tell YOU everything he knows. Get real and join the rest of us.

  119. 119
    to Martial law Says:

    only if a warmonger president won would there be martial law. because in case you didn’t get the message. we ain’t having it. so f-ck off militariy ar$$ehole!

  120. 120
    to lucy Says:

    i have a question:
    what does PO stand for?

  121. 121
    lucy Says:

    To 120

    PO stands for President Obama.

  122. 122
    Isha Says:

    @lucy: OBAMA WILL BE IMPEACHED is staring at him or herself in the mirror right now, facing his double standards. I guess he/she will have to come up with some other baseless theory… but we are used to the republican rhetoric.

  123. 123
    tina Says:

    @crazy statements you have the right name because none of what you said made a bit of sense.

  124. 124
    Romney Supporter Says:


    Good…so you can start scre_ _ _ ing around starting tomorrow.
    The gov’t will even pay for your abortions, dimwit

  125. 125
    oy Says:

    If he wants to make us like him, his first act should be to place a tax on anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. We could clear up the deficit by Thanksgiving.

  126. 126
    @#39 Says:

    @pup: I’m Canadian and I say you stay right the h.e.l.l. where you are. Keep that hate on your own damn soil. Canada doesn’t need that. We are a peaceful country that focuses on governing an entire nation as a whole, not just a religion. Religion needs to stay out of politics, IMO. The purpose of government is to work for/with the people. Unite them, not divde them. Respect all and learn to live together. You have no choice so suck it up.

  127. 127
    JL Says:

    Good Job BARRY ! :)
    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  128. 128
    laura27 Says:

    well done, obama! but now you have to remove the embargo on cuba!

  129. 129
    Sean Says:

    Great. 4 more years of absolutely nothing again. Can’t wait!!

  130. 130
    I SUPPORT! Says:


  131. 131
    kiskis Says:

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  132. 132
    Mindy Says:

    I’m not American but I am so happy that Obama WINS presidential election!!!Congratulation!!!

  133. 133
    notafan Says:

    Congrats Obama. I anyways never thought Romney would win

  134. 134
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    I have always wanted to live in a third world country and now that Obama has been reelected, my wish has come true!

  135. 135
    Whatever Says:

    The welfare recipients are happy. The women who want the right to murder their baby are happy. The rest of us are screwed. Yay.

  136. 136
    Wendy Says:

    Non Americans are happy because this will further weaken this country.

  137. 137
    Bill Says:

    To the cluless poster who suggests taking advantage of student loans, there are many people with college degrees and huge loans that cannot get a job. Are you out of touch with reality? A college degree does nothing when companies arent hiring. Nobody is retiring. Too afraid. This is bad.

  138. 138
    anymouse Says:

    You all cannot complain when it gets worse, after all you elected him.

  139. 139
    SandyFeet Says:

    If you celebrated last night and have a huge hangover this morning…well it is going to get really ugly real fast. Good luck America, you will needed.

  140. 140
    NitaLita Says:

    The world feels relief right now. It would have been a disaster for world peace if Romney had been elected president. Now Obama can continue all the good work he started, just imagine how many more people will get healthcare now. American women must feel so much safer now. Sexual assault is always the offenders fault, never the other way around. I am very happy for you!!! Love from Norway! :-)

  141. 141
    az Says:

    @anymouse: thinking the same thing – as an australian looking in i just don’t think there is going to be much of a change. but i hope so.. i mean we went to war because their last president ‘said so’ just hope this one knows when to stop it. i mean they’re still sending drones over the middle east so im going to say it isn’t going to end any time soon – believe it or not america, your president is still killing innocent ppl !!

  142. 142
    Mary Says:

    I thought the election would drag on and on and turn off the TV. I found out Pres. Obama won from Just Jared !!

  143. 143
    Seana Says:

    I’m an Australian who grew up in SEA and I tell you that the killing of innocent people using drones is NOTHING compared with carpet bombing, napalm and agent orange used in IndoChina 40 years ago.
    I don’t know about you but I’m not happy about Aussies going into Iraq thanks to George W Bush. However, there is a conflict going on between the Western world and Al Queada and the Taliban. It’s a real conflict. Lest you’ve forgotten many Aussies were killed in Bali by the islamists trained in Afghanistan and pakistan. So, sorry to be brutal about it but in any violent conflict, there’s collateral damage. Just be thankful that those innocent killed don’t number in the hundreds of thousands and that our loved ones are safe.
    Let’s not just blame american drones. What on earth were Islamists doing in Bali bombing innocent people?

  144. 144
    az Says:

    @Seana: yes but if you remember we didn’t start a war because of bali.

    And i’ll never think war is the answer, supporting soldiers is one thing but supporting a war is a whole different situation. And george bush said there were weapons of M.D and THERE WEREN’T. it was about oil.. you think killing innocent muslims is the answer? i don’t and i never will

    and i didn’t say i wasn’t happy it’s obama because romney isn’t what anyone needs but i dont think there will be a huge change in america.

  145. 145
    Ray Says:

    I think POTUS has to than Biden and Clintons A LOT !!! Couldn’t have done it without them, in my honest opinion.

  146. 146
    Ray Says:

    I mean “thank”

  147. 147
    belle Says:

    not even an american but happy obama got re elected

  148. 148
    June Carter Says:

    Good choice! Greetings from Germany :)

  149. 149
    Dirkstar Says:


  150. 150
    wow Says:

    “We were in this together, and then you were gone. Now this evil… rises. The Batman has to come back.”

    The middle class is screwed with Obama. So congrats, you votes who voted for him have officially dug your own grave. And this will come back to haunt you. And its our generation that is going to suffer for it.

  151. 151
    jilly Says:

    Huge Victory for AMERICA! We did not want a creepy old Romney to come in and ruin everybody’s life. THANK YOU GOD!

  152. 152
    jilly Says:

    LOOOOSSSSEERRRSSS should give it a rest. 2 years of yapping and losing, not too sweet, sorry people. Your candidate ruined everything all on his own and LOST. Hating Latinos and gays and women and Jews, not going to work in this country that’s build on immigrants. Go retire Redneck and enjoy your $250mil. but don’t forget to pay your HIGHER TAX next year, hahahahaha

  153. 153
    Bill Says:

    You cannot vote for a president because you think he is cool. Its about economic stability. Obama will never reach that. This will hurt all of us.

  154. 154
    Really? Says:


    Says a legitimate rape supporter.

  155. 155
    Lauren Says:

    Doesn’t matter…He won anyway! Hahahahaahahaaha

  156. 156
    Nathan Says:

    HELL YESS! and for all thoes sayn stuff about him Shut Da F**k up Obama is the best!!!

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