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Beyonce Joins Instagram, Supports Barack Obama in First Pic

Beyonce Joins Instagram, Supports Barack Obama in First Pic

Beyonce has joined the world of Instagram and has given her support to President Barack Obama in her first picture!

The 31-year-old entertainer sent out her first photo on the social network on election day, Tuesday (November 6). The photo featured Bey wearing a Texans for Obama shirt. She later sent out a photo that read “Take that Mitches!” Follow her now on Instagram at @baddiebey!

Later that night, Barack Obama was reelected to serve a second term as the President of the United States. Read reactions from celebrities who voiced their opinions on Twitter!

Also pictured: A photo Beyonce posted on her Tumblr of herself wearing her famed Obama earrings.

In case you missed them, check out pictures of Beyonce casting her vote for Obama on her absentee ballot and read her letter to the president.

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  • Karen

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jasmine

    Yes Beyonce you still get to sleep at the white house, call the president of the united states and still get to get richer. Wonder how man people who don’t have jobs, house, food, etc get to call the president and sleep at the white house?



  • Dina

    tasteless campaigning through celebrity endorsements.

  • Go Obama

    I am Very happy for Obama but seriously this Beyonce has becoming really really annoying now……….GRRRRRRRRR

  • Romney Supporter

    Desperate hag!

  • rachel

    obama is great but beyonce is a complete fool.

  • Yessi

    Last I checked Texas went to Romney.

  • Obama Supporter

    We get it Beyonce you voted for Obama, so did I. I just hope that you will be this blatant with your support in 2016 for the next Democratic presidential candidate!

  • Lydia

    Just because she’s a celebrity and has money, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the constitutional right to express her opinion just like any other person. You can disagree with her political views, but that doesn’t mean her opinion shouldn’t be valid just because of who she is. This goes for all celebrities who speak freely about politics. Republican supporters, as well.


  • Romney supporter

    Pay her no attention. She’s just the typical uneducated hoodlum.

    FYI, Romney won Texas jackass.

  • chris

    Ugly loser. Wonder why she picked Obomba.

  • M

    A lot of black people vote for Obama simply because he’s….black. That is so wrong.

  • derrick

    Obama won. Beyonce is great. You’re all losing haters. lol. Go back to your party of hate. Hate of blacks, latinos, women, gays, foriegners, muslims, religious freedom. You lost. You’re hate lost. Swallow it.

  • LOL!

    Let me guess……you’re a black muslim, aren’t you??

    And I think it’s time to remind people that your “black” president is only HALF black! He’s just as much white!!! You still have a half WHITE president! TRUTH.

  • virgule

    Why has she become so attention seeking lately? And I am not talking about Obama endorsement only. Her private life is on public display now. I remember not long ago she was all about privacy.

  • amy

    beyonce looks beautiful, she does not look like she has had a baby she looks greeeeat

  • My thoughts

    Yup, and a lot of white people did not vote for Obama because he’s black!!!!!!

  • joey

    @M: your clearly a media whore and cant make up your own mind just listen to whatever you hear on faux news, blacks americans have historically voted democrats for decades now its always been in the nineties percentage, look it up and stop following what people say latinos voted 75% for obama and he got most of the jews too
    all together he got 80% of the minority vote and there is a big reason for that so the repubs clearly go alot of soul searching to do with alot of people

  • Stacy

    ugh, I use to LOVE her but lately everything she does just seems like shes trying to hard.
    I love that shes supporting Obama thats great but she doesn’t have to publish everything, and I hope Obama stops hanging out with these celebrities and maybe more with common people or normal successful peoples, like the CNN heros who make a real difference to the world.
    Celebrities entertain people,which is great, gives us a nice break and enjoyment for awhile but its not a difference.

  • stacy

    @Romney supporter: yeah a hoodlum who will make more money in two days then you and your uneducated family would make in your lifetime ahhahaha

  • chris

    Act your age old woman.

  • booboo

    still sexy as hell

  • Sal

    Hey Bey, you are the 1% you idiot.

  • lola

    Why do so many celebrities feel this weird need to tell the world who they’re voting for? Vote for anyone you like, it’s your right, but please don’t bother me with stupid pictures. I don’t care. Hopefully her fans were not voting for Obama only because she was.

  • Sean

    We get it Beyonce. You love Obama. Quit shilling for the man already. And does this moron even know Texas is a Rep. state. Is she even aware that’s Bush state?

  • riot

    let be real she is the only celbrity that can get away with anything…… if it was anyone that said something like “take that mitches” the carrrer would have been over in 2 seconds. I AM NOT A BEYONCE FAN but lets be real the bitch is the only singer alive today that can do anything and people will bow down.

  • kiskis

    My best friend, she just has announced her wedding with old biker! They meet via [ mōtōdɑting ]a hot biker club. It is worth a try!erfdf

  • Anonymousse

    She looks great for having given birth to a pillow!! Very impressive, a role model for all the women in America

  • Lizzy

    why are y’all mad?? lmaooo

  • ladyb

    This is just overkill. Posting her voting form, wearing Obama earrings now some shirt. Go away.

  • Kim

    Beyonce lives in New York. She is NOT a Texan and Texas went for Romney. Personally, I didn’t vote for Romney or Obama…I voted for Stein!

  • Sheila

    I don’t mind her songs on the radio, but can’t stand to see her otherwise, best to just listened to her music only because whenever she opens her mouth in real life, she’s annoying. I try and try and to like Beyonce, but just don’t, ugh, she’s one of the most annoying, obnoxious, full of herself singers out there. She is so in love with herself and herself only.

  • pffff


    Are you f…ing kidding me? As much as i don’t like beyonce, calling her “old” just shows that you’re an immature child.
    She’s only 31 and that’s still young. Maybe you will understand that when you grow up kid.

  • jellojiggler

    @Lydia: Rarely do any celebrities show support for a Republican canidate because they get harrassed and threatened. But that seems to be ok with everyone. BTW, I do not support either “party”.

  • http://@thelewiseffect Yolanda

    She has a right to express her opinion people. Give Bey a break! She wasn’t the only celeb backing President Obama.

  • Shane

    Go away Beyonce, and why are you trying to look like a white woman with blonde hair??????

    Sit the F- down.

  • Caroline Brooks

    Grow up. I hate people “pompus” like you – GO AWAY

  • jo

    why does she think she has a right to call me a b—h? Does she think she is smart because she can rhyme? How low class.

  • Jess

    Haters!!! lol. Aww the smell of VICTORY hahaha. I was for Obama and yes, I love Beyonce. Personally, I think that she’s the best performer of my generation. So what if she posted this pick this is a free country she can do what ever the hell she wants. How is she putting her private life on display? The only “private” information that Beyonce has ever really announced to the public was her about pregnancy. Other than that that’s it. Her life is and has always been private and pretty boring. Which is why I lover her she lets her talent speak for its self. Plus, she’s gorgeous.

  • Jess

    @Kim: Actually she is a Texan. She was born and raisedin Houston… just saying(:

  • Anna Rose Pratty

    Just making Obama glamorous really shows how media has an effect on “sheople”. Most of these celebrities probably have no real education or have taken a government class in their lifetime. They have no connection with average Americans since they are still rich with their heavy taxed income.
    …and she probably gave Obama a crayon drawling with her letter.

  • chris


    She’s acting like a teenager. And she sure do look strange now. Must be all that plastic surgery.

  • Lena

    Everyone KNOWLES shes an immature BEYOtch.

  • Brian

    Now I’m not saying this for all obama voters, but when obama came out to give his victory speech, it looked like all the black people were like worshipping him. They hold him way to high, he’s not a god, he’s not even a king or whatever. And all these celebrities that come down on people who voted for mitt romney, I mean come on! “Mitches”?? How immature can you get. Lena was right shes an immature BEYOtch. I feel sorry for Jay-z.

  • Shay

    Ha! I agree with that person that said the majority of black people voted for obama cause hes part black, and they SAY they are democrats, But I wanna see some black guy run for the republicans next and see them magically switch to republican haha!

  • MJ
  • peterg101

    @Karen: and didn’t she support republican first election? She is a dumb bandwagoner.