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Chris Brown Wants to Bring Peace to the World!

Chris Brown Wants to Bring Peace to the World!

Chris Brown dons a t-shirt with the words “The Kill” while exiting his orange Lamborghini on Tuesday (November 6) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 23-year-old singer tweeted, “We need hope! Vote today so our future can prosper. I’m encouraging all my fans. VOTE….”

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“I’ve accomplished all I need to accomplish in my life as far as me being able to say I can successfully sing, I can dance onstage with the greatest,” Chris recently shared with E!. “At the end of the day, when I need to be great is when people can say I’ve helped out the world. It first starts here, helping myself, but what I want to do is bring peace to the world.”

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  • RaChEl

    Bring peace by beating women??? JUST SHUT UP!!!

  • packitup

    how? by beating the peace out of women?
    yup, i’m judging you and i have every right to judge you.
    orange lamborghini? the only orange i would like to see you with is you in an orange jumpsuit.

  • Daphne

    He can start by not beating up women and throwing chairs through plate glass windows.

  • Fefe

    my reaction to the title : LOL

  • Sal

    what a douche

  • Not A Fan

    @Daphne: and those are the only things reported! You Know he’s done ALOT of bad things and mostly to women that have gone unnoticed.

    He’s only saying this for public Approval. He wants to come off as a saint because its always about him. Your not selfless chris, your not fooling anyone!

  • az

    ..whats worse is that all his fans are women who think he should be forgiven – i hate to think that those women walk the same planet as my nieces, i sure as sh&t don’t want them thinking abuse is OK!

  • Lo

    Here we go again! yipppppeeeeee

  • Gurl Please

    He is a tacky mess. He not only has to quit abusing women physically but also emotionally. Publicly mentally abusing his last girlfriend gets him no points either. He needs intense therapy and think about getting his life right without distractions. Can’t save the world if he can’t save himself.

  • leslie

    People change.
    He should sell that car and feed the poor if he wants peace in the world. Small actions can do big things.

  • SunnyAutumn

    You people don’t believe in redeeming oneself. Everyone has a family member that has done something and redeemed themselves. Do you not forgive them? Stop being hypocrites. Certain women like to hold onto things til the end and wonder why the divorce rate is up. Of course, if is a recurrent thing, I would see your point.

  • Cin

    Fuc*ing idiot. He has the kind of face you just want to punch.

  • JJ needs to stop

    Just Jared supports domestic violence and abuse of women

  • DB

    Good lord. He’s SO FAKE. He’s an arrogant, unrepentant abuser. He’s the same jerk who freaked out on Good Morning America, storming off stage, breaking things, ripping his shirt off and generally raging. He’s the same guy who tweets stupid, angry crap and dresses like the Taliban for Halloween, not caring who he insults.

    People who buy into this Act he’s putting out there are a disappointing lot.

  • noprobBOB

    @JJ needs to stop: No he posts anything & everything he can find about Celebrities especially the ones who get the most reaction..obviously its working too..even ppl that dislike Chris come here just to post lol

  • Heidi

    seriously? this crackhead again?!


    @SunnyAutumn: I See your point But you have to remember the rihanna Incident wasn’t a one time thing. Just this past year he got in a fight at a night club.

  • Serena

    This clown is vile. He should work on bringing peace to himself, because the world is quite fine without his woman-beating help, thank you very much.

  • Owen

    Action speaks louder than word. Please do something relevant to world peace before saying things like that. Stop driving your Lamborghini around and get a fuel efficient car. Donate more to charities. Not just the one under your name, we all know that’s just for tax break. Cut ties with Rihanna.

  • Mia


  • gracious

    Hey Chris, I’m a white woman and i believe in peace. You have my vote.
    You’re a good person at heart.
    God Bless!

  • Bbii!x

    Listen CB did some bad things but really why all this hate personaly I know riri was part of responsable! But then again she’s the Only one that got beaten up and gets few itw and some buzz while there are milions of womens that aren’t heard? why? just cuz she’s a star she’s more important then other thats some BS!! and jgign buy her cover I bet she’s teh on ewho started everything you just can tell… but again CB was hated for what he did and he deserved it he did he’s time! while riri just showed what a Hoooo sche really is & then after playing the victem she has the nerves to come on tv and care out loud: I LOVE HIM? B* get your shit together ur massed up! i still remeber when she was like i want to be an example:$ srry when are you gonna show us that?

  • Lully

    oh c’mon… you cannot bring peace in the world when you are not even peaceful… give us a break, doosh.

  • gracious

    @JJ needs to stop:

    no he doesn’t.

  • gracious

    @JJ needs to stop: you wrote:
    “Just Jared supports domestic violence and abuse of women”

    you’re posting on a gossip site that attracts women who abuse women. read the threads of other celebs like kristen stewart angelina jolie jennifer aniston just to name a few. then read gerard butler he’s a guy and the women there hate him and all teh girls he goes out with. women at jj are abusing other women.

  • gracious

    jj doesn’t write anything negative. the posters do.

  • Prim

    “Bring peace”? How exactly? By throwing punches at people and beating them to a pulp? Yeah, real smooth, Chris.